Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Ji Chang Wook's real personality - Interview with Healer or Park Bong Soo?

Rising actor Ji Chang Wook came in for a personal interview with a common greeting and bow. It was just like meeting the character Park Bong Soo (the character he played in the recent SBS drama- Healer

His big round eyes and bright smile with deep voice- Ji Chang Wook is the new star of the year. After his fame from last year's long costume period drama Empress Ki with Ha Ji Won as Emperor Tae Hwan, he has now unleashed another charm of his to the public. 

First it was heroes such as Super Man, Iron Man and then 'Healer' who captured the hearts of women on screen. Ji Chang Wook took on the role for the KBS2TV drama as a night messenger hiding his real identity and goes by the nickname of 'Healer'. And then he stumbles across the match of his life who is the nosy Reporter Chae Young Shin (played by actress Park Min Young) in this Someday paper. Healer then took the name of Park Bong Soo to work in Someday paper and to protect Young Shin from the baddies. 

Ji Chang Wook has expressed that his real life personality is similar to the character Park Bong Soo. He is no difference when he plays as Bong Soo since it's just him. Healer has served as a hero type drama and on the other hand people will really like Bong Soo. And the usual characteristic of Bong Soo- he fears everything (he laughs). Healer is an action drama with lots of tight ropes swinging, sprinting from one building to another so while filming the entire drama it was quite dangerous and requires lots of attention. And above all safety is the most important aspect in filming this drama.

If one gets hurt, it will stop the entire drama from being broadcasted on time. So everyone was extra careful in handling their tasks. So everyone practise over and over. Healer remains on top spot for the weekly dramas. Thanks to mostly the excellent casts and staffs. Fans were happy to see the transformation of the meek like lamb Park Bong Soo to the giddy dangerous Healer at night. Citing the success of this work, Ji Chang Wook felt it was his responsiblity to work hard and leave the ratings to the audience to judge for themselves.

With the kissing scenes with actress Park Min Young, he'd go and sighed again asking her he has to do these physical contacts such as hugging and kissing her. And of course they are good friends even though Park Min Young is elder than him as in 'Noona'. After this drama, he is still hooked onto this role. He has revealed his aspirations to work on different roles. He accepts criticism which is beneficial for him in improvement and takes to another challenge. 

Jackson and Youngji- a couple on the move?

Shippers and fans of Roommate Season 2 are always wondering if ever the 2 maknae's (youngest) members of the show are bound for each other? GOT7's Jackson and KARA's Youngji were often seen bickering and arguing non stop ever since Episode 1 of season 2. 

And she even introduced herself as Jackson's best friend when his parents were invited for the special Christmas party while comedian Se Ho interupted by saying she is Jackson's korean girlfriend. Immediately his parents nodded and knew about her. LOL! 

In the recent episode of MBC Weekly's Idol featured the usual nossy MC's - Defcon and Coni. The guests were Jackson, Sung Jae and Min Hyuk along with female singer G.Na, So Hyun and Young Ji. While they were testing out the 'truth game' - the main question landed to Jackson who was pestered whether if he sees Youngji as a woman in the season 2 Roommate? Jackson knew whatever he says it's just going to tatter as a lie so he simply sputtered out yes. The lie detector came out with the answer as the Truth! So the rest laugh and continued teasing Jackson. He has mentioned when he first met Youngji on the set, he has that feeling but as time passes, it goes off and she is now his close friend. He asked Sungjae to help him out but no one did so he screamed asking Youngji to help him out. The 2 continue to bicker and argue making the entire crew to say they are having couple fights.

Finally the same question was shot towards Youngji thinking it'd escape from her hands. After all the laughing and teasing, she still listened to her 'best friend's advice and said she has once considered Jackson as a man before. Jackson thinks the machine will spit out as a lie. The detector showed the result as yes. She wasn't lying either. Everyone was puzzled and wondered if these 2 are meant for each other. Stunned as one sighed heavily and another looked so lost.  

I don't think the two are going to ruin each other's career since they are newbies in the entertainment industry.  
Best friends term for these two young people are mainly from this Roommate variety show. Besides Jackson has mentioned before he promised JYP that he will not date according to his contract. For shippers- i think they are just adorable in their own witty ways... good to see them entertain the rest with their honest and straight characters. 

Monday, February 23, 2015

Kang Sora and Seo Kang Jun promotes chicken ad.

From the fame of 'We Got Married' virtual marriage show to Dream High 2 sequel, Doctor Stranger and the latest Misaeng drama- actress Kang So Ra is totally on fire. She gets to act along all the famous and good looking idols.

First she was paired up with Super Junior's leader Lee Teuk in the virtual marriage show. Then she was lined up with the idols such as JB from GOT7 and 2AM's Jin Woon in Dream High 2 sequel (though it wasn't great compared to the first one). Soon she was casted to play a great doctor in Doctor Stranger opposite Lee Jong Suk and Park Hae Jin. Her fame starts to sky rocket when she was invited to play the intelligent and strong headed Ahn Young Yi in Misaeng drama which proves her to be a great talented actress.

Her latest pairing with idols such as ZEA's Im Si Wan and actor Kang Ha Neul has made fans go green in envy. And not long Kang Sora was promoting a chicken advertisement with the good looking rising actor Seo Kang Jun from Surprise group. 
What does that show? She gets to act along all the uprising idols/actors for this round.

Kang Sora has mentioned that she won't be choosing Im Si Wan or Kang Ha Neul as her ideal type but has praised Seo Kang Jun for his best looking light brown colored eyes. What else could we say? Kang Jun has won the hearts of girls and fans from his acting in Cunning Single Lady to What's With the Family? and his roomie GOT7's Jackson in Roommate 2.
Oh...who could resist the dreamy eyes of Seo Kang Jun and the ad he has done with Kang So Ra. That makes me feel like having fried chicken for dinner! LOL!

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Disney's The Lion King musical in Melbourne

On Saturday 21st February 2015, I managed to attend Disney's The Lion King musical at The Regent Theatre in Melbourne- it's at Collins Street- one of the busy streets in Melbourne CBD graced with branded luxurious boutiques. I bought my ticket via Ticketmaster probably in Sept 2014 when tickets were pre-released. I secured myself a good seat Row CC Seat 16 just 4 rows away from the main stage. How good is that!
Price was of course expensive at AU$128.00 and it was an afternoon 2.00pm session.

Crowds were building up at 1.00pm when the doors opened 1 hour prior the show. People were busy buying souvenirs on display, program booklets costing $25.00 and drinks including snacks. The small bottle of slushie with the Lion King logo embossed on it cost $11.50 so everything was very expensive. Kids were asking parents to buy the tee-shirts, key-chains, towels, soft-toys, mugs..etc. It was good way of making money in the musical event. We were all escorted to our seats at 1.45pm and we sat there taking photos of the place. 

The session started a bit late but the opening of the musical was fantastic. The roaring performance from the African lady who plays as the baboon Rafiki was splendid. The costumes and props on stage were real and great. For those of us who were sitting downstairs at the stalls managed to see the other props entered via the aisles and people running around. I must say it was so impressive. Personally I love the animated film so much that I once bought the coloring book and OST. The original OST from Tim Rice was mostly sung throughout the musical. The child actors were a bit stiff but they were still good. 

I give credits to the actor who plays the hornbill Zazu. He's funny and has a queer character. He follows little Simba and little Nala around to the elephant's graveyard where they encountered the mischievious 3 hyenas and his Uncle Scar who is eyeing the throne. When Scar put little Simba on fault after his father Mufasa's death....everything changed in The Priderock. Simba's mother Queen Serabi and her gang have to keep hunting for food while the lazy hyenas take charge along with Scar. 

Haku..Mata..haku mata...Hakuna Matata! It means no worries for the rest of your days...
The cracks and jokes come in with the meerkat Timon and warthog Pumbaa. They rescued little Simba who ran away from home and soon became best buddies. Simba grew into a fine young lion and enjoyed his life to the fullest. That's when he meets his childhood friend Nala again when she was attacking Pumbaa. There was an intermission of 20 minutes where guests were allowed to use the washrooms, stretched their legs, chat and even purchased snacks and drinks. Then again it continued to the end where Simba returned back to Pride Rock and claimed his rightful throne from his evil Uncle Scar. 

Overall I'd give it 5 out of 5 stars. Everyone was blown away with the songs and how the actors perform on stage. Nick Afoa is the main actor for adult Simba. He has pulled his character so well and everyone applauded for him at the very end during the curtain call.
Of course the conductor along with his band of orchestra was fantastic to allow the audience to sing and tap along their feet with those familiar tunes. thing that cracked everyone up was Zazu who was locked up in the cage was requested by Scar to sing him a joyful tune. Instead Zazu started singing Frozen's Let It Go.
It was a hillarious moment.
We were not allowed to take photos or video cameras during the performance. All we could take are photos outside the theatre... 
I do enjoy every bit of the musical... love it! 

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Happy Lunar New Year! 새해 복 많이 받으세요!

In another day we will be ushering the year of the Goat - or you might prefer calling it Ram or Sheep. Whatever it's still the year of Goat/Ram/Sheep for year 2015. And you might be wondering are the sheepie people in the K-pop idols? 

The K-pop idols who are also in the year of the Goat are none other than SISTAR's Hyorin, KARA's Gu Ha Ra, U-Kiss's Ki-Seob, INFINITE's Woo Hyun and Hoya, 2NE1's CL, MBLAQ's Mir, Miss A's Min, 2AM's Jin Woon, B2ST's Dong Woon, EXO-K's leader Suho, EXO-M's Lay and Girl's Generation Seo Hyun

The young idols are born in 1991 while their famous seniors born in 1979 is the sexy singer Lee Hyorin, comedian/singer Haha, H.O.T's Kangta, SHINHWA's Hyesung, Eric Mun, Min Woo and Kim Dong Wan, singer Kim Bum Soo, actress Lee Bo Young, actor Gong Yoo and actress Ha Ji Won.

We would like to wish each and everyone a very HAPPY LUNAR NEW YEAR!
May the year of Goat bring you and your family lots of luck, prosperity and good health!

Stay safe on the roads if you are travelling home for reunion dinners or to visit friends/families

Gong Xi Fa Cai to all K-pop fans! 新年快樂!!

새해 복 많이 받으세요!

JYJ's Junsu new album- FLOWER feat. Tablo

JYJ's member Kim Jun Su is due to release his next 3rd album in March 2015.
The angelic voice Xia @ Junsu is mostly composing the songs in the upcoming album.
In the album- "Flower"  there is a song which will feature Epik High's member Tablo.
Tablo is in charge of mostly the rapping part while Junsu sings the main parts.

The title song and album- "Flower" also features musical actress Jung Sun Ah with Jun Su.
Jung Sun Ah has already collaborated with Jun Su before in the famous musical Dracula.
Tablo has expressed his appreciation to work together with Jun Su this round. I am sure the two have met during their young days when Jun Su was still part of TVXQ. 

Surprise! Actor Yang Dong Geun will also be featured in Junsu's album. 

In addition, Jun Su will start his own concert tour in Osaka on March 3, continuing to Seoul, Shanghai, Thailand, Tokyo, Fukuoka and Nagoya.

                           Pictures courtesy from C-Jes Entertainment & MNet. 

Monday, February 16, 2015

The Witty Images of GOT7's Jackson Wang

Lately SBS PopAsia channel has run its voting polls where which celebrity would the girls want for a boyfriend on Valentine's Day? Rookie group GOT7's member Jackson Wang has taken the 2nd spot for the poll. Due to his popularity in Roommate Season 2, Jackson's straight, blunt and witty character has won many girls' hearts. 

Actor Ryohei Otani, Sunny (Girl's Geneation), Jackson, actress Bae Jong Ok and G.O.D's Joon Hyung

Jackson- born on 28th March 1994 to a pair of rich Hong Kong parents. His father is a fencing coach and mother is an ex-gold medalist gymnast. He comes from a family of atheletics and his elder brother is currently living in Australia. It is been known that Jackson's house in Hong Kong has 4 storeys with an indoor jacuzzi. In reality Hong Kong's properties are super expensive and to be able to stay in landed house with so many storeys, he is definitely a rich kid. 

Originally he was trained in fencing but he decided to pursue his dreams to become a singer. Since young Jackson was educated in American International School in Hong Kong- he is fluent in English, Cantonese and Mandarin. When JYP Ent. scounted Jackson after seeing his photo in the school board, it was a tough decision as his parents were totally against the idea. Eventually in 2011, he trained hard under JYP along with members Bam Bam, Mark and Yugeom so they were all now in the boy band GOT7. He is the rapper of the group. 

In 2014, Jackson was casted as a fixed permanent member in SBS Roommate Season 2 variety program. At first he auditioned for Season 1 but failed to get a spot. However hard work pays oof where now he is roomie with the uprising actor Seo Kang Jun who is a year older than him. Often he is seen hanging out most with G.O.D's rapper Joon Hyung and KARA's newest member Young Ji. Since he isn't a native Korean, he often gets tongue twisted his language and his honest straight forward behaviour has earned him recognition and tons of fans. He even won the SBS Best Newcomer Award. Good for him! 


Jackson has also appeared in several shows on TV such as Happy Together, Hello Foreigner, Star King, Radio Star, Vitamin, Weekly Idol and lately Dating Alone. What the fans find him most memorable is his non stop bickering with same age Young Ji in Roommate. She often teases him and says he's short where he gets pissed off. In one episode when he plays along with her in acting skills against Jo Se Ho, it cracks everyone up when Jackson persistently mentions 'She is my wife' and the entire cast burst into laughter. 
During a Christmas special episode, JYP specially brought in his parents from Hong Kong to surprise Jackson. The tears and laughters brought all of them together again. Again Se Ho pointed out Young Ji is Jackson's Korean girlfriend. Ha ha! 

Veteran actress Bae Jong Ok points out he is often seen wearing a cap/hat hiding his hair and features. She thought he wanted to cover up some complex or ugly parts when he is actually a handsome fella without a cap.

Aww...Jackson...what are we going to do with you? Let's put him inside a pocket and carry him around as he's adorable... we wish him the very best in his future career! Good Luck! 

Butler Lee Seo Jin meets Princess Choi Ji Woo again.

tVN PD Na Young Seok has shot stardom and popularity after directing Grandpa Over Flowers variety program with the leading man- grumpy actor Lee Seo Jin as the servant man in the series porting along with the veteran actors such as Lee Soon Jae, Park Geun Hyung, Baek Il Sub and Shin Goo

Na PD has been very concise and exquisite in casting his main leads in his shows. In Grandpa Over Flowers Season 3, Na PD has casted servant Lee Seo Jin together with his new companion the 'Princess Choi Ji Woo' . She was chosen from a list of beauties due to her Hallyu stardom from her popular dramas. In 2009 when she and actor Bae Yong Joon reprised their roles as voice actors for Winter Sonata Anime, immediately she earned the nickname Ji Woo Hime (In Japanese means Princess Ji Woo). 

On 15th Feb, in the afternoon Choi arrived at the Incheon International Airport with the Grandpa Over Flowers crew as they departed for their upcoming Greek adventure with prickly Lee Seo Jin. After the 4 grandfathers and Seo Jin arrived at the airport, Choi turned up as a surprise guest and caught the attention of the media.

tVN mentions that with Choi appearing this time, she will be the 'charming daughter' of the series. One official said, "This harmonize with the ambience is good at the time he appeared on veteran Lee Soon Jae." In Three Meals, Lee Soon Jae was also invited guest so this round Choi Ji Woo is embarking a new journey with them. 

Choi is expected to bring a lot of warm environment and laughters on set. Lee Seo Jin is unlikely to play the role of a doting son but instead of a porter boy. Ha ha ha!

This is going to be a hell of a roller coaster adventure with the grandfathers, Choi Ji Woo and Lee Seo Jin. 

All pictures from OSEN website 

Gong Hyo Jin is the new face model for cosmetics

On the 16th Feb, Forest Management Agency has revealed the new pictorial beauty image as actress Gong Hyo Jin has been appointed as the new cosmetics face model with hers howing off pure beauty holding a pink lipstick. 

According to the agency, the brand has chosen Gong Hyo Jin as the face model because of her wannabe star image in beauty and fashion industry. In particular, the works of Gong Hyo-jin in terms of Chinese-speaking and boasting a high popularity with a thick fan base. 

In addition, Gong Hyo-jin is the new 2015 model while also showcasing the product chosen containing an autograph. The cosmetics  "is expecting synergy with this actress in the fashion and beauty.

Gong Hyo Jin's famous dramas include Thank You with Jang Hyuk, The Greatest Love with Cha Seung Won, Master's Sun with So Ji Sub and It's Okay to Love with Jo In Sung. She has been paired with all the hot actors and her dramas have all been hit dramas. 

Sunday, February 15, 2015

GOT7's Jackson signed contract - dating not permitted.

Recently GOT7's member Jackson Wang has released out the terms of contract when signing with JYP Agency- that is one rule: No dating.

On JTBC 'Alone in Love' aired not long ago, GOT7's Jackson appeared as a guest and he was asked if he has a girlfriend which he answered bluntly no. Further on the MC Jeon Hyun Moo asked is it due to his current management agency which is owned by JYP (Park Jin Young CEO). 

MC Jang Dong Min asked Jackson what if he meets someone really nice, can he go ahead and date her? Jackson replied he cannot date the person if he really likes her with a decisive manner because of his promise to JYP and contract. I am sure JYP will be proud of his new rookie. 

It was relentless questions thrown by the MCs to the guests and lastly they questioned was it before the contract was signed and the idols are not to date anyone during that period. That day itself Jackson mentioned that he would have given a long thought about it.

Sung Shi Kyung pointed out that Jackson was part of the national fencing team of Hong Kong. He even won medals when he was a kid. Jang Dong Min asked since fencing is a rich man's sport means their lifestyle would be lavish too. Jackson acknowledged indeed fencing is an expensive sport but he's just spending his father's money. LOL! 

In recent episode featuring Girl's Generation Yuri as a fantasy dream girl- it was a 'virtual reality dating' event and the problem was due to the he appropriate behavior of flatulence when the signal arrives. And Jackson replied 'It just came as Bang!'. LOL! He honestly said that everyone was delibrately trying to look good and show their true image. There were multiple scenarios given to GOT7's Jackson, ballad singer Sung Shi Kyung, actor Kim Min Jong and Cross Gene's Shin on how to react on getting their dream girl. 

And then the MCs asked on the contrary what does he think of farting in front of his dream girl? Jackson replied straight that'd be pretty. They continued asking would it be alright if the women heard the farting noise? Would they not mind the smell at all? He said he's ok with it.
And guess what his answered scored him 20 points! At first Jackson was topping the scores but then Shin was the winner of the entire game. And Sung Shi Kyung took the last spot.

GOT7' Jackson and Cross Gene's Shin having a good laugh on set
You got to love this Jackson. This dude is super straight and honest. Love him!

I like his way of thinking and even the questions that he asked have actually popped up in my mind. As in one episode in Roommate, when Youngji heard Seo Kang Jun could make cappucino, latte..etc, she said he's so cool. Immediately Jackson questioned her whether does that make any man look cool or smart just because he can make coffees? 

For those who are unaware- Shin was the rookie actor in the drama 'Big' featuring Lee Min Jung, Suzy and Gong Yoo. He is also from the idol group Cross Gene. Most fans have mentioned he has similar features with L from INFINITE.  

JTBC's "Alone in Love' program is broadcasted at 11:00 pm on the 14th Feb 2015. 
Photos provided by JTBC 'Alone in Love' 

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Lee Joon Hyuk's new KBS2 drama- Bluebird House.

KBS2TV new weekend drama "Blue Bird House" will take place once the popular drama What's with the Family? drama wraps up this weekend. The leading actor for the drama is Lee Joon Hyuk who will be playing as a confident young man Kim Ji Wan who will be expecting to face turmoil and reality upon his stricken family.

On the 13th, photos were published revealing a different atmosphere and sight with Lee dressed in neat suits and clean shaven look. The character he plays will spend most of his time struggle to find jobs, difficult interviews and opportunities. The story is expected to reach out and comfort those young families in a unique strength and for those who are hurt in recession times without giving up any hope.

The other casts include Lee Sang Yeob who starred in Nice Guy opposite Song Joong Ki and Moon Chae Won. The lead actress will be Kyung Soo Jin who recently in Plus Nine Boys and Shark drama and Chae Soo Bin who has just appeared in the drama SPY as an North Korean informer. Veteran actors Chun Ho Jin and Choi Myung Gil will be part of the casts as well. 

Personally I always liked Lee Joon Hyuk in suits- the 'prosecutor' image suits him so well.
Ever since I have watched him in City Hunter, Man from Equator, My Spring Days - I find him these roles are most suitable for him. Looking forward to this new weekend drama!

INFINITE H explosive winnings and performances

It must be a great start year 2015 for sub-unit INFINITE- H (member Hoya & Dong Woo) for their release of new single and album. Their songs were ranking high in charts and been winning number 1 spot on MNET countdown.

Their current hit single 'Pretty "예뻐" are gaining lots of attention from fans and listeners.

Picture courtesty from MNet countdown

With strong contenders such as 4Minute, ZION T & Crush, new girl group Berry Good, Tne Nuts, Mad Clown...etc it was just a winner for one. Hoya and Dong Woo nailed it well and took home the trophy!

Congratulations on the 2 guys for working hard for this hit.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Kang Ho Dong leads new variety- Invisible Man 투명인간

In recent news- OSEN's reporter Jung Yoo Jin has reported that comedian/singer Ha Ha told MC Kang Ho Dong that he can swap his spot for Shin Dong Yup drawing laughters from everyone.

On the 11th Feb 2015 of the broadcast in the afternoon, Ha Ha introduced some guests such as model Park Sung Jin and BtOB member Ok Sung Jae while mentioning the MC can be replaced with Shin Dong Yup.

And then the other cast Jung Tae Ho mentioned he can also turned into comedian Yoo Seh Yoon with a smile breaking all laughters on the set. 'Invisible Man' is a variety show where it has a program for guests working in the company- as in the popular drama Misaeng played by Im Si Wan, Kang So Ra and Lee Sung Min. The guests will be playing different games and visiting companies to get themself a job. 

And it seems actress Ha Ji Won will be the first guest for this show. Singer Kim Bum Soo, MIB's Kangnam will joining the cast as well. 

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

First view of Hogu's Love 호구의 사랑 drama

Another new tVN web drama titled 'Hogu's Love (호구의 사랑) starring After School's UEE and actor Choi Woo Sik. It's a comical drama with the plot of a pair of fraternal twins- Kang Ho Gu and Kang Ho Kyung with different characters. 

The first episode leaves me pondering a bit should I or should I continue watching this drama. First it was the swimmer contestant Do Do Hee (played by UEE) who participated in the Shanghai Asian Games and won the silver medal. She was fed up and didn't utter any nice words in front of the media upon seeing her team mate won the gold medal.

Back in Seoul, there's the main lead- Ho Gu (played by Choi Woo Sik) who goes out for a date with his girlfriend and later appears to be a super loser and idiot. Looks like his date has gone the other way when the girl steps into a posh car driven by a more matured man.
At night Hogu strolls along the streets, stops at the traffic lights and noticed Do Hee standing opposite. He starts snapping photos of her and tries to avoid to be caught when she walked past him.

And Hogu confides with his friends and later on he was helping out in a comic store while bumping into Chief Oh Sang Sik! (cameo appearance by Lee Sung Min) why...hello? Look who is back! Chief Oh was asking if there were copies of the 'Misaeng' manhwa. Muahaha! That is funny...he is searching for his own drama in the store. And the best part when Ho Gu runs through the rental list of comics- Chief Oh has borrowed a stack of series on Jang Geu Rae!  

There is also Ho Gu's sister Ho Kyung (played by Lee Soo Kyung) is a funny character- donned in an ugly lazy tracksuit, no beauty make up and coaching him on love lessons.
Do Hee remembers who Ho Gu was as they were previously in the same high school. This episode leaves us hanging whether Do Hee is pregnant? Uhm...not too sure.. ? Who is it?

2AM's member Im Seul Ong will be participating in this drama as a lawyer. 
A drama full of K-pop idols....not too sure if it's my cup of tea but will see how it goes with the next coming episode.

INFINITE's Sunggyu stars in a web drama

The spotlight is back on INFINITE's leader- Sunggyu as he has landed with a main role in an online web drama titled- "Celebrity Detective Sherlock K". 

It would be a first time for Sunggyu playing in dramas as he appears mostly in music programs and variety though he is a leader and main vocalist of the group. As all would know his other fellow members- L @ Myungsoo is already a seasoned actor on screen as we're not forgetting Hoya, Woo Hyun and Sung Yeol who have been in popular dramas as well.

In this new web drama- 
Celebrity Detective Sherlock K, Sunggyu plays as a rich playboy character 'chaebol' so it'd be a real challenge for him. Sunggyu has mentioned before he is never cheated in his life so this will be a step up for him. He has to start displaying a playboy image and how to woo women's hearts. I have some doubts on how Sunggyu is going to portray that look as he's been always the dominant and un-romantic character after seeing his appearances on shows. He needs to get some tips from L or Hoya for this character.

Meanwhile Girl's Day member- Yura will be joining the cast as well. 

This web drama will start its premiere in March. For Infinite fans- please look forward to it!

Running Man Episode 233 with Hidden 'Idols' Gemstones

The recent episode 233 of Running Man features the RM cast at Incheon with special guests. The theme of the episode was rather unique as the PD invited idol members whom RM cast expected but turns out to be complete opposite.The production first played the hit song of the group and the RM cast guessed which member will appear out from the stairs. First up was Ryeo Wook from Super Junior group. 2nd to appear was 4Minute's So Hyun followed by B2ST's Dong Woon. Later came was INFINTE's Dong Woo solo singer Eric Nam, Girl's Day So Jin, BTOB's Min Hyuk, Teen Top's Niel and lastly was VIXX's N. 

Jae Suk starts to see the trend of these idol members appearing for they are the least popular members or should I say the ones who are were not noticed much from their group.
Jong Gook starts humming out the tune of 'Some'. RM cast start pointing out in Super Junior, it's either Siwon, leader Teukie or Hee Chul who are the mains. Meanwhile for 4Minute girl group it's always HyunA X4! Ha ha! For BS2T, Kikwang or Do Joon are the popular ones so Dong Woon is getting ambitious. In the case of INFINITE, it's always Sungkyu/ L/ ...Sungkyu/ L. Surprisingly Niel from Teen Top is already a leader and main vocalist so he doesn't need the attention but he's here to promote his group.Nobody has ever heard of Eric Nam's songs despite he joins the competition but they knew he's always promoting Korea with foreigners in Arirang TV. When it comes to age, So Jin is the oldest at 30 yet has a baby face. Girl's Day members Min Ah and Hyeri were the popular ones.The joke was BTOB's Min Hyuk is the most atheletic among all but you only get to see him twice a year in Idol Championships that is during New Year and Thanksgiving. VIXX's leader N is the main vocalist, dancer and also acts in the drama The Family is Coming along with Girl's Day So Jin.

The idols have chosen their preferred games so they were all taken to the first location- mudflats on a cold winter morning! It was Min Hyuk's idea and some were struggling. First mission was 4 members catch the pants and fit into it. The first to reach the mat wins gold bars. Lucky for Jong Kook, Ji Hyo, Min Hyuk and Ryeo Wook who won first. Blue team consists of Kwang Soo, Suk Jin, Eric and Niel were far behind. They started ditching mud on Niel's face as he was the cleanest of all. Again the teams were given mission to clean up and the first to wash up will win another gold bar. Turns out N was very fast and rushed out together with Gary. But then Blue team wins the 2nd bar of gold as all members managed to sit inside the car clean and squeaky. Next mission is tag elimination chosen by Dong Woo, Dong Woon, Min Hyuk and Niel. 3 members were picked to go against either Jae Suk, Jong Gook, Kwang Soo or Gary. The fastest to eliminate the tags were the blue team as well.
Ryeo Wook turns out to be a scaredy cat when he stands far away from everyone.

The teams headed to the SBS station where they were to locate the missing gold bars and drop it into their respective tube to weigh up to 10kg. The first team to weigh the 10kg gold bar will win the final mission. The members and idols run around snatching or stealing each others' gold bars. As expected Min Hyuk dodges and runs very fast with his atheletic skills. So Jin starts screaming 'pervert' when Kwangsoo tries to steal the gold bar she is hiding under her tracksuit. But at last it turns out the pink team- Gary, Haha, So Jin and N were the fastest to discover all the gold bars and win the mission.

Some teams were looking sour as they didn't win any gold bars but Jong Gook commented that they should come out more often and they will definitely get a chance to win. LOL!
These hidden 'gemstones' in these idol groups deserve an equal chance to shine and appear more on TV or variety programs. 

Monday, February 9, 2015

Jackson, Seo Kang Jun, Young Ji turn into barristas.

Roommate Season 2 members-  singer Jackson Wang (GOT7), actor Seo Kang Jun and singer Heo Young Ji (KARA) turned into barristas at Cafe Alba- which is owned by Young Ji's parents for the past 2 years. In the Christmas special episode featuring JYP CEO, Young Ji has specially made the Dutch coffee for him to drink and it was a mega-hit. 

The 3 young idols have become part-timers working at Cafe Alba making and serving coffee to customers. On the 9th Feb, on the SBS 'roommate' official Twitter mentioned - 1 day at Cafe Alba challenge where idol Jackson versus veteran Kang Jun as barristas. See you tomorrow at 11.15am! 

These 3 are the youngest members in Roommate- ranging from 21 to 22 years of age.
Kang Jun being the oldest among 3 appears to be more matured although he's a bit of 'choding' in his character wherelse Jackson and Young Ji- the same age group bickers non stop with arguments and small fights. Cute! 

Photos were published where Jackson and Kang Jun were cuddling each other dressed in apron for the magazine. Meanwhile Young Ji was also part of the team smiling and working happily with the 2 boys. Kang Jun has previously worked 8 months as a barrista before his debut acting so he has actually turned into a 'coffee prince' while serving the customers.

Jackson and Young Ji partner up to sell sweet roasted potatoes in the middle of the winter and getting lots of attention from street buyers and fans. 

Meanwhile Ryohei brought Joon Hyung and Nana to his friend's mother in law's beef tribe soup restaurant to voluntarily work for a day.

This special episode will be broadcasted at 10:15 on Tuesdays at 11.

Photos courtesy from SBS Roommate Official Twitter.

Seo Kang Jun's fashion in What's with the Family? drama

The recent episode 51 of KBS2 drama- What's with the Family? spotted actor Seo Kang Jun wearing a bright red, navy white knitwear. He was noted for his stylish looks and fashion whenever he appears in the drama as the character Yoon Eun Ho. 

He caught the viewer's attention with the navy, red and white color scheme is in harmony knit wear bringing in a bright atmosphere, combined with black pants and a black and white coat.

What's with the Family is scheduled to end this week and the new drama 'Bluebird House' is replacing the slot on February 21st. 

Seo wears Tommy Hilfiger denim in the photos . :) 

To be honest- whatever this boy wears will look good. It doesn't need to be branded or anything, it's just his figure and features stand up so well. Darn! What an eye catcher! 

Another photo features Seo Kang Jun with co-actor Kim Sang Kyung who played as his step-brother Mun Tae Joo in the drama - What's with the Family? 

A bright chirpy smile from both actors shows a typical 'bromance' in Episode 51 as Eun Ho is beginning to accept his new family and even calls Tae Joo as hyung and his step father as father too.

Say cheese!!! Director Moon is finally tying the knot with Secretary Cha Kang Shim (played by Kim Hyun Joo) in the final episode. 

Kim Soo Hyun graces the Hong Kong national newspaper

Hallyu star, Kim Soo Hyun has graced the full main page ad on Hong Kong's national newspaper. On the 26th Jan 2015, the young man's face was published on the main page of a full advertisement on the national paper from a personal fan.

Cecilia- a fan's name was posted on the main ad cheering and wishing all the best for the Hallyu star for the upcoming 50th Baeksang Awards in Seoul. The personal message was: 

Dear Soo Hyun, love and support you forever! I wish Soo-hyun get awards on the 50th Baeksang Arts Awards. -Cecilia-,” both written in Korean and English. 

The paper did not disclose the fan's identity, but Yonhap News reported that Cecila is said to be the wife of a Hong Kong business tycoon. WOW! 

Kim was nominated for 4 categories in the 50th Baeksang Awards- "Best TV Actor, Popular TV Actor, Rookie Film Actor and Popular Film Actor based from his movie- “Secretly Greatly” and drama "My Love from another Star". 

Apparently the ad was published to provide great strength and support for the actor.
From time to time, some fan clubs do save up money to post ads to show their love and support for their respected idols.

However this is one of a million cases where an individual has actually placed a full-page ad on a major newspaper. The ad allegedly cost around KRW$40 million won.  

Keyeast Agent official mentioned they were amazed to see what the fan has done for their actor.

With Kim's popularity sky-rocketed from the drama he acted alongside with actress Jeon Ji Hyun, there is no wonder all fans were so into him that this particular fan chooses to advertise a full page to support him. 

Alright- Do Min Joon, not only you have your actress Cheon Song Yi as a pillar of strength but you have fans who are willing to put their support through papers... LOL! :)

Infinite Challenge donates $2.7billion in total

Within 4 years, MBC's variety program 'INFINITE CHALLENGE' has generously donated KRW$2.7 billion in total. 

Future Creation Science Information Communication Congress Committee Representative Jeon Byeong Heon (New Politics Democratic Union) on the 11th Jan, he has received submissions from broadcast Cultural Association  for the last four years (from 2010 to 2014- within the 9 months period) between MBC donation status, popularity, according to data of the MBC entertainment program'Ininite Challenge 'amount donated over the past 4 years per  calendar, such as proceeds from the sale amounted to ₩ 2.73577 billion. This amount equal to 60% of the total contributions over the past four years MBC ₩ 4.5883 billion.

In the annual contributions from 2010 is ₩ 493.306 million in 2011 to ₩ 402,024,718
In 2012 ₩ 770,441,877 and in 2013, ₩ 870 million, in September 2014 the current ₩ 200 million has been confirmed.

'Infinite Challenge' donations proceeds to the full from the end of the year, while sales of 'Infinity Challenge calendar', for ₩ 870 million in 2013 with the largest ever calendar sales of highest amount donated. This year hhas also marked donation of ₩ 200 million won through the 'Racing program' featured.

The 400th episode of Infinite Challenge is featured next week. 

Representative Jeon Byeong Heon sees it is very good best practices for public arts program for the past 9 years. 

Kim Hyun Joong to enlist in army early next year

According to the advertising officials on the 14th Feb, it was said singer/actor Kim Hyun Joong will be enlisting into compulsory army in March 2016. He will participate actively in his duties as a service soldier.

Keyeast Entertainment Agency official said, "For next year enlistment is definitely correct, but there is no specific dates when Kim will be entering military camp as we speak," he said.

Kim had already delayed enlistment date since his world tour last August due to overseas schedule.

Recently his former girl friend speculated that she was assaulted by him and resulted into controversial issue. And it was said he would enlist in the army dispersed the end of the year, which was found to be not true.

Last August, Kim Hyun Joong was also sued for alleged police assault endangerment and injury from ex-girlfriend. After completing successfully his Kim Hyun Joong 2014 World Tour in Nagoya, Japan, he is currently taking a break.

Updates: News broke out that his ex-girlfriend has confirmed pregnancy and Kim is the father to the baby. Oh dear lord...what has gone into these people lately? First was assault, then sue, then reconcile and then a baby pops out of nowhere? How messed up~! Will he marry a woman whom he once abused? His career is totally over now... good gracious he is due to enlist in military to shut away from the public. And to think of how nice & patient he was as "Ji Hoo sunbae in "Boys Over Flowers"- it was just a fantasy. 

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Saga continues with SM and former EXO-K's members- Kris & Luhan

As expected the legal saga continues with SM Entertainment with their former members of group EXO-K - Kris and Luhan. It seems that this company is having lots of trouble with their group idols. First it was Super Junior's member Han Kyung, then JYJ's members, Girl's Generation Jessica with again with EXO-K members.

What does that show? It shows the company fails to manage their pop groups properly and accordingly. Members were either not given fair salaries, over-worked to the extent they fall sick and been ditched aside when they demand for their equal share.
No surprise as we can see why the rest left the group happily without looking back to their previous agency. The pale and bitter memories they had with their agency remains a scar in their career and their lives. 

This round SM is filing a case against the companies who have been using Kris and Luhan as models in adverts in China. SM has heavily invested and created EXO turning them into one of the biggest and most successful K-pop boy band in Asia. EXO has practically swapped all the music awards in every ceremony. They have broken the records by TVXQ and Super Junior. Apparently SM mentioned that Kris and Luhan abandoned the group when they hit fame and success so they trying to bind them back legally. 

Indeed SM has created all the best girl groups and boy bands in South Korea. However the company has too many board of directors to handle and large pop groups to feed and is that possible to get a fair share for each member? If you do notice that smaller groups are easier to handle and other companies do not have such problems.
YG Ent and JYP Co. are manage groups such as 2PM, 2AM, GOT7, Big Bang, Miss A, 2NE1 are good as ever. They don't encounter problems as what SM Ent. is facing.
Even Woolim Ent. who handles INFINITE do not face such cases.

With this never ending saga....all we can do is sit behind and watch how the court case goes.
Good luck to Kris and Luhan with the court case...

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Brown Eyed Soul's new MV feat. Yoo Seung Ho

SPECIAL: Naul's together with you- At the same time with you (같은 시간 속의 너)

Brown Eyed Soul's member Naul begins his single project. Jung Yub, Naul, Yeong Jun, Seung Hun- the 4 people have start their songwriting  and subsequently the first player was Naul.
Do you still remember the single hit sung by Naul entitled Memories of the Wind (바람기억)?
This round Naul's new single is packed full of deep sorrow reminiscent of the 'Memories of the Wind'. Naul mentioned he felt there is something bursting inside him and by working with actor Yoo Seung Ho to embelish the music video just purely just expressing the sorrow and sadness. The song- In another place at the same time 같은 시간, 다른 공간 is a heartbreaking song.

Let's see below the sketch and MV of the shooting of Naul's new single feat. Yoo Seung Ho.

In 2008, actor Yoo Seung Ho was Brown Eyed Soul's leading actor in the MV 'Don't Go, Don't Go (가지마 가지마) . And now Yoo is back again participating as the lead role in Naul's single. After being discharged from compulsory military for all men in South Korea, Yoo was offered to feature in Naul's MV. It has been revealed Yoo was happily participating in the new MV. The lyrics have captured the heartache of separation. Living thing goes away at the same time drawing a growing destination in another room, accepting no relationship can be turned back on. Good luck to all of them!