Monday, October 31, 2016

Everland Resort trip 2016

It was meant to a JSA-DMZ Trip for us. However JSA tours were fully booked so we decided to go to Everland Theme Resort. There was slight drizzle and cold. However we booked the trip to Everland with Daesung Tour where the bus transport was included and the fee. There were many tourist buses and people were preparing to celebrate Halloween and capture the pumpkin sceneries!

Everywhere was pumpkins, ghostly souls decors, witches and parades were all so cute!

The ticket and transport from Daesung Tour is KRW$48,000 per person.
Pick up and drop off is at Myeongdong area. (Prince Hotel and Sejong Hotel area)
Other rides in Everland was excluded in the trip. You can bring your own sandwiches and lunch to the resort. However you can find fast food and hot drinks at the place.
Churros were kind of a trendy thing - KRW$3000 per piece.

My 6th trip to Seoul 2016.

It's my 6th time to South Korea. Well, I didn't hit the record as my mom would be her 10th time to Seoul. And the reason why we keep going back? It's because it's our favorite country to visit- the food, the people, environment and shopping keeps attracting us back all the time.

We started off our first day at Namdaemun Market on our arrival. It was too early to check into our Ekonomy Hotel Myeongdong Premier. The budgeted stay was clean and small though but location was great! It's beside the big LINE Friends flagship store in Myeongdong. Our stomachs were grumbling when we started buying dried products in Namdaemun. We headed towards the food alley to satisfy our hunger with Janchi guksu. Mom started buying dried big red dates, dried squid, vege chips and even some medicated plasters from the pharmacy. However wherever we go, the locals thought we were Chinese tourists and kept speaking Mandarin to us. The cosmetics shops in Myeongdong were practically catered for the bunch of China tourists. They come to sweep in bulk and in luggage especially in duty free as if buying groceries.

At times I wonder to myself how do they get themselves rich- U can say I am bias against them but there were news and stories that most of the Chinese do money laundering in foreign countries especially in real estates and business enterprises. As for dinner, we had our kalguksu and steamed dumplings for dinner at Myeongdong Gyoja
restaurant. Food was great and satisfying. We started to top up our skincare and cosmetic products for the entire year by shopping at The Face Shop and Nature Republic. The sales assistants were standing everywhere luring potential customers to buy more and even giving free face masks. 

For the first day I've started purchasing the whole set of Bee Venom series from Nature Republic since I am prone to redness and blemishes all the time due to sensitive skin.

Mom bought Face Shop's Therapy products meant for aging skin. It was a quite tiring day since we had the overnight flight and didn't get enough sleep. For the first day itself, we have spend hundred thousands of won... ha ha! LINE Friends store is super packed with tourists taking photos of the big Brown bear at the very front. We had to crash in the hotel room as we were too sleepy. 

Night time was lovely in Myeongdong though it's always packed with tourists, hawker stalls selling different kinds of food. We tried the chicken skewers, pomegranate fresh juice, grilled lobster tail, grilled meat balls, sausages, ice cream, egg bread, potatoes..etc.

Most of the shops are Global Tax Free refund. Cosmetic stores immediately refund the tax to customers when you show them your passport. It so happens October is the month of Korea Grand Festa Sale 2016. We had coupons for the sale so we managed to secure 10-15% discount. 

Basically you can see Song Joong Ki and Park Bo Gum are then main leading famous actors in Korea. Meanwhile Miss A's Suzy and AOA's Seolhyun are the famous female celebs. You can see their faces advertising for cosmetics, beer and clothes.

Tune in for the next part when I review on VPROVE Daily Dermatology grand opening stores in Myeongdong. We managed to catch with the rising budding actor- Park Bo Gum! Excited? He heh! I was excited too when I saw the renovation of the two stores knowing he'd turn up to open the stores since he's endorsing the brand. 

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Dinner at Foong Wei Restaurant, Penang.

Managed to book a table for dinner at 6.00 pm for 5 people at Foong Wei Restaurant in Sri Bahari Road. It was Grandma's treat for a nice lovely dinner. We ordered several signature dishes such as the Pampus argenteus (White silver promfret) cooked in two different ways- the bones and fins are deep fried while the flesh is stir fried with ginger, celery, carrot, mushrooms and scallions. 

And there's my favorite dish crispy taro ring with kong pou chicken. The outer ring of the taro is decorated with deep fried vermicelli which looked like a bird nest. Of course to start of the dinner, we had a big bowl of thick fresh seafood soup filled with dried scallops and crab meat.

The final dish we had was the restaurant's fried rice which has bits of chicken meat, egg decorated with green scallions and dried shallots. We were served with either hot tea or water.

The bill came up to RM191 inclusive of GST and service charge.
We were accidentally charged RM6.00 for 5 bowls of white rice when we didn't order at all.
After requesting back for the overcharge, the cashier returned the money back to us.

The restaurant gets really packed with hungry diners after 6.00 pm. It's advisable to ring or walk in to reserve a table in advance. During the wedding months, it is harder to secure a table for dinner. It's easier to get a table during lunch hour.

Price: 3.5/5 stars
Ambiance: 3/5 stars
Service: 3/5 stars
Quality of food: 4/5 stars

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Sweet Stranger and Me- Soo Ae's childhood dream as a flight attendant.

"We are not pressured for the viewers ratings. We will do the best we can. I believe there is something for the viewers to learn and see."

Sweet Stranger and Me has now taken over the KBS2 Mon-Tue prime time from the ever popular drama Moonlight Drawn By Clouds. The new drama will be predecessor from Park Bo Gum's Moonlight series. Sweet Stranger and Me stars Soo Ae as a flight attendant.

Soo Ae's drama Queen of Ambition takes the record of 25.8%, A Thousand Days of Promise with 19.8%, The Mask 13.6% ratings. She was mostly portraying the darker ambitious roles. This round Soo Ae takes the role as Hong Na Ri - a brighter and livelier character. 

Sweet Stranger and Me is a romantic comedy based on webtoon novel.Na Ri returns to her hometown to visit her late mother's graveyard. She stumbles across a young stranger Go Nan Gil who then introduces himself as her 'father'. Go Nan Gil role is played by Kim Young Kwang. 

Supporting roles are played by Lee Soo Hyuk and Jo Bo-Ah

Sweet ending and memories with Moonlight drawn by Clouds.

The last 2 finale episodes of KBS popular drama Moonlight Drawn By Clouds have brought the viewers to suspense, thrilling scenes and most of all what we wanted- happy ending. :D

Byung Yeon was severely injured and was at brink of his death when he tried protecting Ra On and Lee Young during the coup at the palace. Head Eunuch Han sacrificed himself to ensure Hong Gyeong Rae and Ra On escaped safely. However Young was in tears and worried the most for Ra On and Byung Yeon. Teacher Dasan Jang nursed Byung Yeon back to good health with his great medical skills. 

King Sunjo gets pressured by the ministers in the palace to dethrone the Crown Prince since Young has been spending most of his time out of the palace at courtesan and gambling houses. However Young was not there for fun, he was investigating the real truth behind the attack of at his quarters and the culprit was none other than the two evil Ministers who are with PM. The PM gets agitated and plans to overthrow Young by sending medicine concoction containing poison laced around the bowl. 

Dasan Jang and Ra On rushed quickly to Young's aid to look after him during the crucial times. Young quickly got back onto his feet while Lady Ha Yeon noticed Ra On is back in the palace even though she disguised as a nurse. Ra On even secured an evidence letter left behind by the late Queen Yoon whereby she was actually poisoned by the PM's clan. By all means, Young started his little plan to trap the PM and Queen Kim who were behind all these events. Meanwhile the PM sends assassins to kill Ra On however Yoon Sung came to save her and was injured badly. 

Ra On was in tears seeing Yoon Sung died for her and even said the nicest things to her before he fades away. What a sad scene... Upon hearing his grandson had died during the attack, the PM was in despair. He even committed suicide by shooting himself with a gun in Yoon Sung's working room. Queen Kim was expelled out and 1 year later Young took over the throne as the new King. He assembled all the best ministers in his court to work for the citizens. Lady Ha Yeon eventually left the palace and the Crown Princess position as she knew Young never loved her. 

All happy ending for everyone as it was a new era and Ra On was free from all the charges. She led her new happy life and this time she could wear freely on her hanbok as a woman.
The very final scene showed Young and Ra On walked happily on a field of beautiful pink flowers. 
The final episode recorded at 22.9% ratings. Well done to the cast and production staff!

Not forgetting, on 19th October 2016- the 4 main leads held a fan-sign meeting at Gyeongbokgung where hundreds of fans turned up to catch a glimpse of them. However the lucky 200 fans managed to see them up close and personal. 

Monday, October 17, 2016

Park Bo Gum records OST for his drama happily.

While actor Park Bo Gum is busy wrapping up his drama Moonlight Drawn by Clouds, he is also known as been very understanding, hardworking and expressive when he records the song for the drama OST. The latest syndrome of Crown Prince has drawn the nation to it... Bogum's Magic has attracted the viewers' ratings and one of the main reason is the new single he has recorded for the soundtrack.

Park Bo Gum with his loyal Eunuch Jang (played by Lee Jun Hyuk)

내 사람 (My Person)
is the latest single added to the drama OST sung by Park. The drama OST is well known for veteran singers contributing to it such as Sung Shi Kyung, K.Will, Gummy, Baek Ji Young, Lee Juck and Beige. The drama OST Producer Kang Dong Yun has mentioned that when he saw Park recorded the song for the drama, he was looking extremely happy. Usually it takes around an hour to finish the recording. 
But Park is very diligent on whatever he does, he even requests to do it again. 

Since he was a kid, Park always dream to become a singer. However he enrolled into Myungji University under movies, musicals and arts program. Somehow he ended up in the acting industry. Though he has hosted Music Bank program for some time, he was more well known for his acting skills. 

Music producer Kang and B1A4 Sandeul
This year KBS station is in the spotlight with two big dramas such as Descendants of the Sun and now with Moonlight drawn by Clouds. Music producer Kang is part of the Descendants of the Sun OST, Secret OST, Punch OST, Dream High OST and My Daughter Geum Sa Wol OST. He mentioned for producing great OST, it needs the drama story to be good and touching. In that way it is easier to produce great music background.
His most memorable works are Rosy Life drama OST with the late actress Choi Jin Shil. He still remembers that the music is sad and yet beautiful. 

With Moonlight drawn by Clouds, it's a 
fusion historical drama set in Joseon dynasty where the Crown Prince Hyomyeong is the era's hero lead. The OST needs a contemporary feel, expression of love between the youthful men and women..etc. 

With B1A4's Sandeul recording the soundtrack of the song, it has definitely pump up the characters, experiences and opened up everyone's mind and ears. 

Combating global poverty talk with Yoon Shi Yoon.

On 17th October, actor Yoon Shi Yoon was present at Seocho, Seoul National University of Education giving a talk on his voluntary missionary experience in Kenya. Rural poverty in Kenya is very common. Rural poverty in Kenya is mostly related to poor water management, soil erosion, declining soil fertility and land degradation.

Se7en's slapstick comedy dance in Happy Together S3.

Singer Se7en (real name Choi Dong Wook- aged 31) returns to singing industry after been away for 4-5 years. He was also involved in a scandal and AWOL incident while he was in army. He has apologized in public and even laid low for quite sometime but now he's back to conquer the music industry again. And even more recently he was snapped in photographs dating fellow actress Lee Da Hae. He came out clean on his scandal and to be honest with the public and his fans.

In the recent episode of KBS Happy Together Season 3, Se7en along with Noel's vocalist Kang Kyun Sung, rapper Sleepy, Cosmic Girl's Cheng Xiao and Astro's Cha Eun Woo appeared as guests. It was rather hilarious when Eun Woo mentioned he knew who Se7en was while he was in pre-school! 

Time flies when Se7en was just a young talented teenager when he debut as a singer. And look at him right now...he's a senior among the new idol group singers. He also confirmed he was still in good terms with YG's CEO Yang Hyun Suk. Myung Soo retorted how did Se7en survive without a job for so many years to where Sae Ho shot him down with a statement- his fortune is probably double the amount what Myung Soo has right now. LOL! Being first time in variety program after being hiatus for many years, Se7en appeared nervous and his gf has warned him about Myung Soo's remarks. 


Se7en once modeled for the famous Heelys Inc skate shoes and even danced with it. The Heely's diamond studded sports shoes were specially made for Se7en during his performance. MC Yoo Jae Suk was rather worried if Se7en would fall back since it has been ages he danced in that pair of skate shoes. It started off nicely for the dance, however as soon as he started to roll on the pair of shoes, he tripped and fell over flat. Immediately Jae Suk bounced up from his sofa seat, Eun Woo and Hyun Gyeong quickly got up to help Se7en up back to his feet. Sleepy, Hyun Moo and Kyun Sung laughed as they couldn't imagine Se7en who was once the legendary dance king in his teens did a slapstick dance comedy! Everyone cracked up wondered was that part of the dance or part of the script?

Jae Suk joked that Da Hae must be at home laughing away and enjoying it much to Se7en's big embarrassment but it was entertaining to see him back and tripping over. Poor him! Nevertheless he showed his trademark dance and still had the grooves. Not forgetting Kyun Sung's new hair cut made him look better and boyish! Being part of the Noel group, Kyun Sung always had that signature long hair with endorsements. However he knew he couldn't get a girlfriend or marry in future with that look! He even gives lessons how to do imitation, how to sing on high notes. 

Loved Kyun Sung did his version of Blackpink's new song Whistle. He is all round entertainer and he made everyone laughed with his great imitation of the girls singing the chorus part. Sleepy's failure of imitating G-Dragon singing Gee and Tablo's talking was total disaster. For today's episode my bias is on Se7en. His dancing is still great despite he's in his 30's. He is here to promote his new single 'Give it to Me'

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Sageuk dramas is the latest trend.

Fantasy and periodic dramas (sageuk) are the hottest trend for K-drama addicts.

With the KBS sageuk dramas lined up on Mon-Tue night slots- Moonlight drawn by Clouds has certainly attracted many viewers and fans. After much love from the KBS mega hit war drama Descendants of the Sun in the first half of the year, Moonlight drawn by Clouds is taking by the storm for the second half of the year. 

Actor Park Bo Gum who plays the romantic Crown Prince Lee Young in Moonlight drawn by Clouds has worked his 'magic' on the viewers. Entertainer Defconn has once mentioned this is 'Bogum's Magic'- indeed once you see him, you can never take your eyes off him. His charming looks, ways of talking with somehow intrigue people into believing him and following him to the end. 

With his co-partner sageuk queen child actress Kim Yoo Jung has heat up the screens with the romantic love story on a crown prince falling in love with a girl disguised as a eunuch in the palace. Within few episodes of the drama screened on TV, the viewers ratings has surpassed 20%. It is no joke the popularity of the leads are all over the place.

KBS is no different in broadcasting the Taiwan remake version of Scarlet Heart- Moon Lovers where a modern girl Hae Soo was accidentally transported to the Goryeo dynasty. Main leads Lee Jun Ki, IU and Kang Ha Neul are also on their way in the stardom. However with the strong rival Moonlight Drawn by Clouds in front of them, it is difficult to beat them in ratings. 

Coming up more sageuk dramas are Hwarang: The BeginningSaimdang, the Her story and The King Loves. Saimdang has big guns starring such as Lee Young Ae and Song Seung Hun. A bunch of idols are part of the cast of Hwarang- an elite flower boy warriors during the Shilla kingdom. Meanwhile Joo Won is part of the remake of the My Sassy Girlfriend drama in Joseon dynasty. 

Sageuk dramas have become a trend lately for fans are eager to watch traditional period backgrounds than modern dramas. Ever since actors Yeo Jin Goo and Kim Soo Hyun who have both played the Crown Prince to becoming a King in the dramas Moon Embraces the Sun have skyrocketed their popularity with 40% viewers ratings. Now Park Bo Gum who has taken over the lead in Moonlight. 

The role of 'Crown Prince' seems to be an envy and important role in sageuk dramas. 
They have yet to become the ruler of the nation and still young. Therefore the Crown Prince roles are more vulnerable, romantic where it has doubled the interest of the audience. 

Yoo Hae Jin's Luck Key hit 1 million viewers- best rated comedy.

Actor Yoo Hae Jin's new comedy movie 'Luck Key' directed by Lee Gye Byeok has surpassed 1 million viewers after opening 3 days ago in the local cinemas in South Korea.
This has proven to be one of the fastest moving comedy film in terms of audience viewing.

According to the film council, on 16th October the movie Luck Key has accumulative attendance of 630,000 people and slowly gaining another 100,000 viewers and soon it hit the mark of 1 million viewers with 67.4% revenue share.

The movie is a remake of the 2012 Japanese film "Key of Life." It also stars Lee Joon, Im Ji Yeon, Joo Yoon Hee, Jeon Hye Bin and Lee Dong Hwi.

Actor Yoo is comfortable in playing the comedic role and it's such a heart warming story that one can enjoy casually in the cinema watching it.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Yoo Seung Ho returns to drama land with Ruler: Owner of the Mask.

Actor Yoo Seung Ho (23) is scheduled to start working on his upcoming drama 'Ruler: Owner of the Mask' 군주-가면의 주인 by MBC TV station. Drama is written by Park Hye Jin. It is just over a year since Yoo starred in SBS TV drama: Remember- Son of War. 

Ruler: Owner of the Mask is set during the Joseon dynasty year of 1700 about a righteous prince fighting with the actual presence of the organization "Sa Yoo Hwa"  whereby its gaining a strong wealth and power to own the shipbuilding business with those factions to make it privatized. 

Yoo will be playing the role of the Joseon Crown Prince Lee Sun where he is the hope for the suffering citizens. He is the key to the monarch and is prepared to march in for the sacrifice of the woman he loves. The heroine character 'Ga Eun' has yet to be determined to be played by a leading actress. 

The production company has determined Yoo Seung Ho to play the main role because of his rich acting skills in sageuk dramas even he's in his twenties. He was acting in periodic dramas such as The King and I (2007), The Legend of First 4 Gods (2007), Queen Seondeok (2009), Warrior Baek Dong Soo (2011), Arang and Magistrate (2012) and recently he was in 2 periodic films- Joseon Magician (2015) and Seondal: The Man Who Sells the River (2016).

Ruler: Owner of the Mask is scheduled to start filming in December after the casting program wraps up. 

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

BTS's "Wings" tops the iTunes Top Albums chart.

Group BTS 방탄소년단 is successful not just in their motherland but also in United States with their 2nd album release.

According to the agency, Big Hit Entertainment- BTS's new album 'Wings' took the first place on the US iTunes Top Albums Chart. 

It's the first time a K-pop group/singer ranked as number one for albums in the music chart.

Looks like BTS is the first to make history for its country to rank in that position.

This time their hit single' Blood, sweat and tears' official music video has surpassed the 10 million viewers from the public after been revealed for two days. 

Congratulations to the boys for their massive success and popularity.

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Musical 'Bodyguard' female lead casts- Jeong Sun Ah, Yangpa and Son Seung Yeon.

Musical stars Jeong Sun Ah, singer Lee Eun Jin (Yangpa) and Son Seung Yeon are confirmed for the female lead for the big hit musical premiere of The Bodyguard.
According to the Musical Publisher CJ E & M, musical actress Jeong Sun Ah will be resuming the best contemporary singer Rachel Marron, which will premier in 15th December at Yeoksam-dong, Seoul LG Arts Center.

Meanwhile the cool charismatic bodyguard Frank Farmer will be played by actors Park Sun Woong and Lee Jun Hyuk. In 1992, the Bodyguard film brought so much fame to female vocalist Whitney Houston and actor Kevin Costner. 

The popular hit song 'I Will Always Love You' sung by Whitney Houston enjoyed massive fame around the world. Besides that, Whitney's other single 'I Have Nothing' were also part of the musical. Son Seung Yeon and Yang Pa will be taking the baton for the musical as Rachel Marron's role. With their wide powerful vocals, emotional feelings- this could be a masterpiece that is not to be missed for musical fans.

I have no doubt for Son Seung Yeon's voice as she sang Whitney's songs beautifully in some variety music programs. She even appeared in Duet Song Festival program which she sung so well with her co-partner.

Jeong Sun Ah is famous for her works in Wicked, Death Note's Misa and Dracula's Mina.

She is well known for a musical diva actress.

Review on Korea-Chinese movie Bounty Hunters.

On the weekend, I managed to catch up some time on some Korean films. Bounty Hunters was one of my movies in my bucket wish list. Though it's an action packed film but it boosts some comical scenes and ridiculous parts too. Chun Hon Leung plays as Ah Yo in the film as one of the hired bodyguards. His partner in crime Lee San (Lee Min Ho) who practically dozes off during his work time. He is care-free and doesn't bother about anything. One day the two were hired by a reporter to carry out a mission only to realize it was a trap. The two were framed for being murderers and they had to run for their lives.

They stumbled across the big sister boss Cat played by Tiffany Tang, her whiz geek Swan played by Karena Ng and bulky bodyguard Bo Bo played by Louis Fan. The trio are on their mission to find the real instigator, Tommy behind the bombings of the chain hotels. 

Cat started out as a tough fiesty boss who wants to take control of everything. Since she is rich and has everything she wanted, she had no problem in getting her hands on guns, weapons, transportation and accommodation. San and Yo are always ahead of them and doing their own things which gets Cat very angry. 

There are many comical scenes with Yo getting involved with the triads, driving the car and even been electrocuted at the elevator. He's the joker of the group. For fans who are aiming for hard core romance, the love line falls for San and Cat. The film is dubbed in Cantonese language so it very awkward to see Lee Min Ho speaking in Cantonese! High probability he learned a few words but the way of his mouth movements, he's definitely speaking in Korean. Tiffany Tang is a China actress so her Mandarin speaking would be dubbed in Cantonese. The only native Cantonese speakers are Karena Ng and Louis Fan.

Overall, I would rate it 7 out of 10 stars.
The film directed by PD Shin Tae Ra who was previously directing some films such as Runaway Cop, My Girlfriend is an Agent and Black House.

I must say the view at Jeju-do is beautiful especially from the hotel's balcony.
It has reminded me so much of the SBS drama All In. 

tVN10 awards nailed its dramas and Park Bo Gum sends his video through.

With strings of CFs under his belt and multiple awards coming to his door, actor Park Bo Gum won the Asia Award under the tVN10 Awards. 

On 9th October, the glittering event was held at Gyeonggi Ilsan KINTEX exhibition for its 10th year anniversary of cable channel tVN.

On this day, Park was awarded the tVN Asia Award but due to his busy schedule of filming the KBS drama, he could not personally attend the event. Instead he sends a video call to the event via the emcees- Shin Dong Yup and Jeon Hyun Moo. Fans and guests went frenzy upon seeing seeing his smiley face on the big screen. 

Park thanked the organizers, directors and staff for the award given to him, unfortunately he couldn't attend the event but he was very grateful for everything. He was honored to accept the award due to the popularity from the tVN series Reply 1988. 

Also the casts of Reply 1988 were present at the event, immediately Park was looking for his co-partner Girl's Day Hyeri who played Deok Sun as his wife in the drama. She waved to him and he said she looked pretty which everyone was going ooo-aaah. Hyeri then responded- 'Taek ah...congratulations!'. Choi Taek was Park's character in Reply 1988. 

Only that Taek-ie is no longer the Baduk chess player but he's the romantic Crown Prince Lee Young in the drama Moonlight drawn by Clouds. As for the winner list for the event, here it is as per below:

Dae-Sang (Grand Prize): Three Meals A Day, Reply 1988
Drama Excellence Award: Jo Jin Woong (Signal)
Variety Excellence Award: Lee Seo Jin (Three Meals a Day, Grandpa over Flowers)
Best Actor: Lee Sung Min (Misaeng)\
tVN drama award: Seo Hyun Jin (Another Oh Hae Young), Seo In Guk (Reply 1997)
Best Kiss Award: Jung Eun Ji and Seo In Guk (Reply 1997)
tVN Asia Award: Park Bo Gum (Reply 1988)
Special Award: Sung Dong Il (Reply series)
Trend Awards: Hyeri, Ryu Jun Yeol (Reply 1988)
2 Star Award: Jo Jung Suk (Oh!My Ghostess)
Best Comedies: Yang Se Hyung, Ahn Young Mi 

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Park Bo Gum sheds off the hanbok and suits up in ALLET.

The nation's romantic Crown Prince has taken off his royal blue garb (hanbok) and instead he is wearing a pin striped suit.

On 6th October, the mobile media Allets 알레츠는 has unveiled the official photographs of Park Bo Gum in a variety of pictorial suits. His confident look and expressions boasts the complete interview suit look for any career man out there.

Also the photos has some captivating mischievous smile Park has shown to the audience.

Park Bo Gum is currently starring in the popular KBS drama 'Moonlight drawn by Clouds' adapted from a webtoon novel. His overnight classy sleek suit transformation from the royal gar Crown Prince Hyo has worn all these months in the drama has definitely display a different side of the actor. 

Photos are all courtesy from ALLETS digital media. 

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

1 Night 2 Days casts spending lonely night in Muuido Island

The previous week of 1 Night 2 Days featured the farming activities at Seosan Island. However unlucky member Cha Tae Hyun was picked to spend his lonely night at a deserted Muuido Island at  Chungcheongnam-do as he lost in the mission of throwing rice bowl into the squid bibimbap.

PD Jo who is the youngest production casts had to follow Tae Hyun to the deserted island. In fact the real mission is 'Survival with the three things' they have listed in the questionnaire for their free travel easy tour weeks ago. Tae Hyun has written he needs instant noodles, a sleeping tent and phone. Back in the main island, PD Yu tells them the game is not finished. They have to play the soldier drill game. Whoever turns incorrect to the ordering sergeant, will be punished and send out to join Tae Hyun in the island. At first everyone was on the spot paying attention to the drill. Shi Yoon mentioned this is even worst than in the real army camp. Nobody wants to do more farming missions! Everyone wants to win and relax.

However Defconn lost in the mission as he didn't turn 180 degrees properly and ended up in the wrong direction. He adjourns to the mini labor train carrying him to the nearby port. Innocently PD Jo informs Tae Hyun that Defconn will be joining him for the rest of the night only to realize he's not supposed to say so. Hah! Tae Hyun strikes a deal for pretending not to know except PD Jo needs to set up his tent for him. Meanie...As the rest of the casts start to relax after their lunches, PD Yu shocks them again by stating another member will join Defconn and Tae Hyun in the card game. An elderly woman walked up with a stack of flower cards (where one plays Go-Stop) and reckons she is a fortune teller...NOT! The game is easy whoever picks the card- the highest score wins. The lowest loses and off Shi Yoon joins the losing team to the deserted island. They laughed as now everyone is equal when it comes to farming missions. Jong Min couldn't understand how Shi Yoon could still look so joyful after losing a game. The 3 remaining winners are Jong Min, Jun Ho and Jun Young smiling brightly while eating ice creams.

The losing team struggles with what they have received for the questionnaire. Poor Shi Yoon looked deflated as he wrote knife, fire and fabric if he was stranded in an island. Tae Hyun jokes how could he survive with those things. Winning team laughs off imagining Shi Yoon had to sleep without a tent at night. Defconn received his instant noodles and spare underwear. Now the scariest mission is picking the writer and PD to remain at the island with the losing team. Shi Yoon picked a card whereby Tae Hyun laughed out seeing the name. The card contains the phone number of the PD or Writer. The phones were all laid on the table. The phone that rings will have to spend the night at the island. PD Jo was confident that he won't be spending the night with them. However Shi Yoon picked his name! What a surprise coincidence! PD Yu laughed and the writers squealed worrying next. It turns out Defconn picked the card containing the main writer Jeong whose face darkens as she has to join PD Jo and the losing team. Ha ha! The little boat departs ferrying main writer to the deserted island and took the other staffs back to the main island. 

It's time for survival mission, Shi Yoon uses his fabric as gloves to protect their hands from gathering fire wood to make fire. Lucky he has written fire- so he gets a lighter. They managed to start boiling water and cooking their instant noodles for late dinner. Tae Hyun orders the main writer to start helping out rather than standing around. Even PD Jo has to work too. The Heli-cam used by the production team could video what's happening in the island. PD Yu informs the 3 winners it will be bokbulbok for dinner game. They have to teach the 60-80 veterans in the community center to sing the cute "Gwiyomi" song with cheesy gestures which are meant more for kids. Oh gawd! Imagine that the look and elders' reaction when they saw the 3 stooges teaching them the song. Jong Min's partner happens to the village chief's wife and she forgotten her cute gesture causing him to skip dinner. So the final winners are Jun Ho and Jun Young who gets to enjoy gourd and fish soup along with various side dishes. 

Defconn complains he has never eaten only 1 packet of ramyun for dinner especially for his size. Now he has to share his noodles with Tae Hyun and Shi Yoon in the deserted island. PD Yu brings winning team to see the latest edition of the flying heli-cam which can carry up to 1.5 kg of goodies in a basket. It will be used to ferry over things required by the losing team. Losing team starts putting in their request for more things to survive for the night. 

Han Dong Geun aiming for his streaks of win in Duet Song Festival.

Male vocalist Han Dong Geun seems to be enjoying new stardom in his career. At the age of 23, he has been conquering many wins in the MBC Duet Song Festival 듀엣가요제 . Duet Song Festival is hosted by singer Sung Shi Kyung, queen ballad Baek Ji Young and gagman Yoo Se Yoon

Each episode features singers who are on a mission to find their best suitable singing duet partner. The singer and new duet partner will practice their songs to perform in front of 500 audience. Votes are counted in and the winner retains the throne, audience are given the chance to vote again for the pair they wanted to see perform again the next round.

Sandeul (B1A4) and his duet partner Jo Seon-young has been winning 5 times grabbing the Duet Micro title. Now the new title might be handed over to Han Dong Geun and his duet partner Choi Hyo-In. Originally Han was not in the program however when Leesang's Jung In was pregnant, she had to withdraw from the activities, Han was invited to continue her role.

Han has proven to the audience his strong low vocal skills and selection of beautiful ballads.
Together with Hyo-In who has a boyish charm and lovely voice, the two made great harmonies in every song they sung on stage.

Han and Hyo In sang first the Twenty Five, Twenty One by Jaurim gathering 452 votes from the audience. Following week, the pair gained 444 votes for their song selection Lie Lie Lie by Lee Juck. The 3rd week, the pair continued to sing powerfully winning the audience hearts with the song The Wind Blows by Lee So Ra- 436 votes.

For once SG Wannabe's Lee Seok Hoon and partner Kim Chang Soo prevented them from winning fourth time in a row with the song If You're Like Me by singer Kim Jang Hoon.
But the recent episode after the Chuseok holidays, Han and Hyo-In came back stronger with a healing theme Song of the Wind by Jo Young Pil winning the top spot of 854 points for two rounds. Lee Seok Hoon's team and Son Seung Yeon's team were also voted by audience for the coming episodes. 

Han Dong Geun's song Making a new ending for this story made history into the music charts as number one. He even started shedding weight and impressed his new fans with his brand new selection of songs. I have no doubt Han is a great male vocalist. He was also featured in MBC's The Mask King Singer as the postal vote identity. He wowed the guests panelists and audience. His famous trademark is his distinctive low goofy laugh. 
He's pretty comical at times when he talks as well. We wish Han all the best in his career!

Kang Ta's first solo concert after 8 years.

Group H.O.T member Kang Ta is finally holding his solo concert in the country after 8 years.

According to his agency, S.M Entertainment has advised that Kang ta will be expanding his solo concert from Nov 4th to Nov 6th entitled 'Coming Home' at the COEX SM Town in Samseong-dong in Seoul.

The last concert was held in Korea was in 2008 with his album 'Eternity'. 

H.O.T has debuted in 1996 and it has been 20 years anniversary since coming out as the first generation idol group.

Kim Myung Min, Byun Yo Han's One Day filming wraps up.

Actors Kim Myung Min and Byun Yo Han has wrapped up their final filming for the upcoming movie to be released 'One Day 하루' directed by PD Jo Sun Ho.

On 5th October, CGV Art House who is distributing the movie flicks mentioned 'One Day' filming has ended up its very last scene at Incheon Bridge. One Day is about a man who lost his daughter in an accident and he's trying to revive the secrets about his daughter's work. 

Looks like the 'two dragons' from the famed SBS drama 'Six Flying Dragons' are reunited from the drama to film. Previously Kim played as the strategist Jeon Do Jeon and Byun was his bodyguard Lee Bang Ji in the 50-episodes period drama. 

In the new film, Kim Myung Min plays the doting father 'Jun Young' who has witnessed his daughter's death. Jun Young is a global thoracic surgeon but a nonchalant man. He's one person desperately trying to buy back the day after the death of his daughter.

Byun Yo Han plays as the ambulance driver, Min Chul who is tracing the secret of the accident to help Jun Young however he gets himself entangled with more problems. Actress Shin Hye Sun plays the role as Mi Gyeong as Min Chul's wife. 

The hot summer weather was definitely unpleasant to film movies or dramas. However Kim mentioned everything was done perfectly, safely without any casualties. He thanked the production staffs and crew for their hard work. Byun also said that till the last day of filming, the casts did all their best and he's looking forward to the release of the movie.

One Day will be released in the cinemas next year.

BTS maintains no#1 spot in Japan's music charts.

Group BTS 방탄소년단 has proven their hot popularity in Japan.

According to their agency, Big Hit Entertainment - the Tower Records in Japan has accounted that the overall album charts for the month of September winner is BTS group. Their second album 'Youth' tops the music charts.

BTS grabbed the first place for the monthly chart under Tower Records in Japan after their official debut for the first time in 2014. Tower Records is the largest music retailer in Japan. Their album 'Youth' won the weekly music chart and also ranked no#1 after been released on the same day last month.

Big Hit Entertainment also boasted that the boys are seizing the opportunity to stay on Oricon Chart as an international hip hop artists for the monthly charts in the first week. Their massive popularity in Japan is no joke.

BTS enjoyed great fame in South Korea after their hit singles such as I Need You, Run including the Japanese single- Wishing on a Star was released.

Meanwhile the boys are also releasing their upcoming single entitled 'Wings'.

Infinite Challenge casts head to west Russia for astronaut training.

MBC TV Entertainment program 'Infinite Challenge' will be having their latest challenge- spaceflight!

According to MBC officials, on 5th October the casts consists of Yoo Jae Suk, Park Myung Soo, Jung Jun Ha, Ha Ha and Kwang Hee are expected to leave for their 'special training astronaut experience' episode to Russia's space station- Gagarin Research & Test Cosmonaut Training Center.

In regards to this, the official also mentioned that the original departure date is on 19th October however due to international aspects, it is rather difficult to determine the exact date and there might be slight changes to it.

Infinite Challenge team is reportedly to undergo the training of flying as an astronaut in the Gagarin Center. PD Kim Tae Ho has mentioned early this year there will be special universe trailer whereby this is what has been revealed- the casts are going to receive astronaut training skills. 

Good luck to the Infinite Challenge team as 'future astronauts'! LOL!