Thursday, July 30, 2015

INFINITE does their "Mission Impossible" with Tom Cruise.

Hollywood megastar Tom Cruise is back in South Korea as part of promoting his new movie- Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation. Lucky for some people in Seoul for those who are able to meet the superstar himself. Tiffany from Girls' Generation gets to interview him and also idol group INFINITE were over the moon meeting the actor in real person.

The actor was swarmed with tons of Korean fans when he landed in country. He certainly has made the female fans swoon happily while taking selfie shots with them. Lucky women!
Cruise attended the press conference at Grand Intercontinental Seoul Hotel with the director to promote the 5th installment to this series. And he's also confirmed to appear for the 6th. many are you going to act, Cruise? Still hot as ever...he always remained on my no.#1 spot when he was in the movie Top Gun with Val Kilmer. Mmmmm....

In terms of communicating well with the actor himself, I doubt any of the members of INFINITE could speak fluent English to him. Haha! Anyway the boys did had a good time to catch up and perform with the Hollywood star at Lotte World Mall. Must be a dream come true for the guys! Mmm...'BAD' song must be theme song for Mission Impossible!

True enough Cruise made his good impression in South Korea as he obliged to sign autographs for his fans who have waited for him. Despite the big rowdy crowd and press media, he smiles, waves and kindly took photos with the fans. Very nice of him!

Anyway Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation opens this week at theatres worldwide.

Chaebol heiress Kim Tae Hee in new drama Yongpal 용팔이.

Top star Kim Tae Hee is trying to overcome her acting controversy in the upcoming drama "Yongpal" 용팔이  as she has been keeping the sweet image for over the past 10 years in the entertainment industry.

Kim Tae Hee looking really petite against the tall Joo Won

Kim mentions that this work is very important to her at the drama press conference held on 30th July. She will take it as an evaluation and expression of interest. She has admitted she played many characters before without proper preparation and had many loop holes along the way. As time goes by she is prepared to break out from the shell and work harder.

This drama, Kim will be playing as Hanshin Group's heiress, Han Yeo Jin who fell into a coma after been betrayed by her brother, Han Do Jun who tries to take over her assets. She then realised she has been rescued by a talented surgeon, Kim Tae Hyun who is doing all the medical work in the underground world.

Actor/model Joo Won will be playing as Kim Tae Hyun who has received a stack of money managed to save the damsel in distress. Playing the baddie role will be Jo Hyun Jae while Chae Jung Ahn plays as Do Jun's wife. 

Yongpal will be replacing the time slot for Mask under the Wed-Thurs evening drama.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

BTOB's Sungjae contributes to Scholar Who Walks The Night OST

From 30th July onwards, everyone gets to listen to Part 3 of the OST to the drama Scholar Who Walks The Night starring Lee Jun Ki, Lee Yu Bi, Kim So Eun and Lee So Hyuk.
As much as I am so bloody addicted after reading its manhwa online, I do hear the OST songs ringing inside my ears. 

The Part 3 of the OST is 또사랑하고만다 whereby idol group BTOB's member Ok Sung Jae is lending his voice for this particular song. The song delivers a sad mellowful tune to where we can note vampire scholar Kim Sung Yul has to choose between his love for Yang Sun and revenge for the late Crown Prince Junghyun. 

Sungjae is so far the only male singer for the OST of this drama. The first two songs were contributed by female soloists Jang Jae In (Secret Paradise) and Eun Ga Eun (Sad Wind). Jae In's Secret Paradise is a more bubbly secretive melody compared to Ga Eun's Sad Wind which was a revamp song originally sung by Haha's wife singer- Byul. 

The lyrics were changed in the new version but the melody is similiar.
For some who are unfamiliar- Sungjae has also appeared in the popular music program The Mask King whereby professional singers sing behind the mask while viewers vote for the best to crown the title. Sungjae lost in last round to Ailee but he was still good for an idol singer. 

BTOB's Sungjae has also contributed for the OST for the drama Who Are You?School 2015. Though his voice isn't that powerful as other leads, still it hasn't disappointed those who love listening to sad mellow songs. 또사랑하고만다 is composed by the same person who has done for Boys Over Flowers OST, The Master's Sun OST, The King's Face OST and Fated to Love You OST. This round Sungjae is able to prove that he's good enough to revive back the image of idol and also an OST singer.

가슴이 말하는데
두 눈이 말하는데
난 다시 또 거짓말을 해
눈물만 남길까 봐
니가 더 아플까 봐
널 찾는 숨겨둔 내 맘 위에
그리움만 덧칠을 해
이 비가 되어
네 곁에 내리고 싶어
그치지 않는 내 맘만큼
너를 채울수록
난 무너지겠지만
또 널 사랑하고 만다
스치듯 너를 보던
무심한 듯 널 듣던
너의 뒤 그림자를 아니
보이지 않을 만큼
들리지 않을 만큼
멀어지는 너의 뒷모습에
난 슬픈 입맞춤을 해
이 비가 되어
네 곁에 내리고 싶어
그치지 않는 내 맘만큼
너를 채울수록
난 무너지겠지만
또 널 사랑하고 만다
바라만 봐도 눈물이 나는 널
시리도록 아픈 널
단 하루만 단 한 번만이라도
내 품에 안고 싶어
사랑해 널 사랑해
가슴이 멈춰도
그치지 않을 내 맘만큼
너를 채울수록
난 무너지겠지만
또 널 사랑하고 만다
또 사랑하고 만다

Kim Hee Ae takes off as a detective in new SBS drama- Mrs. Cop

Last year actress Kim Hee Ae (48) returned to the small screen with jTBC's melo-drama Secret Love Affair with the younger actor Yoo Ah In. This year she has been casted in the new SBS drama Mrs.Cop 미세스 캅  also co-starring Kim Min Jong, Lee Da Hee, Sohn Ho Jun, Shin So Yul and BS2ST's Lee Kikwang

Kim Hee Ae will be playing as leading senior detective Choi Young Jin of the criminal unit. Her longtime partner in crime, Park Jung Ho will be played by Kim Min Jong. Well the rest, they are all in the same squad. 

On 29th July during the press conference in Seoul's Mokdong SBS station, PD Yoo In Sik has mentioned Kim Hee Ae presents an elegance impression and is able to show it well in this drama. She left a lasting impression from the drama Secret Love Affair as an elder career woman in love with a younger inspiring pianist. Then she was the bubbly sister in tVN's variety program 'Sister Over Flowers- 꽃보다 누나. 

I will give it a pass for this drama seeing it's just another typical cop drama and cases.
But if there's nothing else really to watch I will start watching the first 2 episodes
Mrs. Cop will take over the time slot for the recent popular drama High Society that ended in high ratings. 

1 Night 2 Days Episode 404- Luxurious 'Bali' Trip at Busan

Episode 404 of 1 Night 2 Days have shown the viewers the most exciting place in South Korea which is Haeundae Beach- their so called Korea's Waikiki Beach (as in Hawaii). This place in Summer is packed like no other places. The beach is famous for beach goers and summer party people. Hotels are all lined up near the Haeundae beach but our 1N2D members were gathered at the day where news mentioned typhoon is on its way! LOL!

Taehyun grumbled that there was nothing nice for them whenever they come around. Either the weather sucks or something else happens. PD Ho Jin starts telling them the team has arranged a 'so-called luxurious Bali' trip for the members. Excited as they were, first they have to play beach volley ball with 2 National Team female players who have more than 10 year of experience. 1N2D team have to win at least 2 points against the National Players to win the game. Whoever wins the game gets to wear summer wear and the losers will have to wear black diving suits with weird headgear. It was tough as OB (Old Boy) and YB (Young Boy) team faces each other at the finals. However OB team has Juhyuk who was the ace player so they won easily. Taehyun, Juhyuk and Junho were dressed in hawaii summer clothes and shorts while Defconn, Junyoung and Jongmin were looking more like 3 awful rats in an akward position. PD tells them to head to the hotel lobby to have some snacks and drinks. Junyoung looked lost and ashamed in his suit while walking into the lobby with tons of people laughing and looking at them. That's the punishment for losers.

After having some mango pat bingsu and cool drinks, they headed to their resort- Bali resort which everyone would imagined- 5 star hotels, luxury bedrooms, excellent customer service, beautiful people, delicious food...etc. To their shock they arrived in a village greeted by elders playing pansori songs and drums. Nevertheless they joined in happily not knowing what is waiting for them. PD tells them the village is actually called 'Bali' in Korean too. An old folk showed them his national ID Card which shows 발리 - just that they are not in Indonesia. They were given garlic necklaces that stank instead of sea shells necklaces! LOL!

Now it's lunch time and bukbolbok game. Junho grabbed a tomato juice which turned out to be spicy so it was his bad luck. So he has to skip lunch. The rest were to pick and select the correct juices- either pear extracts or Blue Bali cocktails correctly. Taehyun, Junyoung and Junho were seated aside having their bananas for lunch while the rest were enjoying stew, bulgogi, fresh vegetables, hand cut noodles..etc. Juhyuk gives them a chance to taste the BBQ provided they must come up with something which is not funny. However Junho is a typical gagman so whatever he says is always funny. Lunch was over. They then head off to a spa which everyone is waiting for- but it turns out to be a typical jimjilbang (public sauna) in that village. Happy as they were, the grown up men started splashing cold water on each other like kids. PD tells them the next mission is how to get out from the sauna. Everyone has to sit inside the sauna which has 40 degrees of temperature- HOT and humid. They were to play metal tray karaoke (memorising the lyrics and singing in a relay marathon). It used to be a hit thing during those days when Yoo Jae Suk and Kim Jae Dong were hosting Happy Together program in 80-90s. This time 1N2D team are to have hot tub karaoke session. If they fail every time they don't remember the lyrics, they will turn the tub hotter!

Turns out Jongmin was the black hole as he can't remember the lyrics and everytime he
forgets everything. Whenever they spray them with a hose of cold water, everyone rushes to get splashed with cold water due to the hot water temperature they are sitting in! They have 10 chances card to listen again to the song they were supposed to memorize. The guys started blaming the singer with bad pronounciation..blah..etc. Defconn was excellent in delivering his card chances - he dished his face in a soap water without blinking his eyes for 5 seconds, drinking 5 Yoghurt drinks within 20 seconds..etc.

After failing for 9 times, they were getting steamy and tired. At last the very 10th time attempt was successful so they ran out of the hot tub! They started dancing and pouncing in the cold water like a bunch of swimming dolphins in the ocean. A whole bunch of summer fruits consisting of graps and watermelons are waiting for them with iced coffee, shaved ice red beans and iced sikhye. After showering and refreshened up, the guys were sitting enjoying their cold summer snacks and drinks. Juhyuk came out last but then he still got his iced coffee and red bean iced. Junho was typical clown showing them how he eats the bunch of grapes like a ruggard man! He's such a cracker!

Tune in next week for their continuing trip of Busan trip.... 

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Highest Grossing Films in South Korea.

As we looked back at the history of South Korean dramas to where it has brought us to, we cannot forget about their Korean films too. The first ever Korean film I've watched was My Sassy Girl 엽기적인 그녀which was released in year 2001. Funny as ever and it brought fame to actor Cha Tae Hyun and actress Jeon Ji Hyun. And then I watched My Tutor Friend 동갑내기 과외하기  (2003) starring Kwon Sang Woo and Kim Ha Neul which was another blast of comedy.

And how can we forget the world and amazement of plastic surgery in 200 Pounds Beauty (2006) starring Kim Ah Joong and Jo Jin Mo. Next was Man from Nowhere 아저씨 -2010 starring megastar Won Bin and child actor Kim Sae Ron. These were the movies that have topped the domestic film admission ranking in South Korea itself. And of course there was the movie Tazza, JSA, Shiri, Marathon, Werewolf Boy, Secretly Greatly, Marrying the Mafia, Speedy Scandal..etc. 

But most of all I could never forget is buying a ticket in 2005 to watch a Korean film in Melbourne Chinatown cinema for the movie- The King and The Clown 왕의 남자 that propelled new actor Lee Jun Ki's fame and became an instant Hallyu star. The movie was far to what I've expected whereby it shows the homosexuality issues set during the Joseon dynasty. I have my fair share of swooning over him and Lee Dong Wook in SBS's drama My Girl at that time. No doubt Gam Woo Seong was a brilliant actor along with veteran actor Jung Jin Young as the tyrant King Yeonsan. But audience were so drawn to the feminine jester, Gong-gil portrayed so well by Lee Jun Ki who has to learn serious tight rope walking, horse riding yet he looked so beautiful. He he! :)


The top 10 highest grossing films in South Korea are:

  1. The Admiral: Roaring Currents
  2. Ode to My Father
  3. The Host
  4. The Thieves 
  5. Miracle in Cell No. 7
  6. Masquerade 
  7. King and the Clown
  8. Taegukgi (Brotherwood of War)
  9. Haeundae (tsunami)
  10. The Attorney 
The top 2 films were released in 2014 depicting war times. Roaring Currents was set during the Joseon dynasty on the life depict on the great Admiral Lee Sun Shin who is the national hero for defending Korea against Japanese invaders. 


Come to think of it, I have only watched a number of the films listed. The Thieves, Masquerade, King and Cown, Taegukgi and Haeundae are the movies I have watched.
I have to admit I was far impressed with the movie The Face Reader by Song Kang Ho, Lee Jong Suk, Jo Jong Suk and Lee Jung Jae. Haeundae was not to my liking as it didn't look that realistic. But Man from Nowhere caught my attention after all it was Wonbin as the main hero saves the day. 

I have yet to watch The Attorney starring Song Kang Ho, Im Si Wan and Kim Young Ae.
Song Kang Ho been a popular actor in movies seeing that he has done a few movies such as Snowpiercer, The Host, The Good The Bad and The Weird and this year he's back in the new film The Throne (Sado) the famous portrayal of the life-death of Crown Prince Sado- together starring with him is Yoo Ah In, Moon Geun Yeung and Kim Hae Sook. 

When you do get some time, try having a popcorn and some drinks in front of your tele while you enjoy a real nice Korean movie. 

VIXX's N, A-Pink's Eunji, Ricky Kim joins JTBC's Let's Go To School.

The recent episode featured new casts joining Kang Nam, Kim Jeong Hoon in JTBC's Let's Go to School 학교다녀오겠습니다  program. Idol group members- VIXX's N and A-Pink's Jang Eun Ji along with the Korean-American actor Ricky Kim, actor Go Joo Won, model Kang Sung Yeon were the new casts. Photos were published where Vixx's N and A-Pink's Eunji were dressed in uniforms which suited them nicely due to their young age. Vixx's N even started teaching the students choreography on dancing resulting Kim Jeong Hoon starts grumbling and having sore thighs. Kang Nam was clearly worried for his senior's ability in dancing.

And it was time for Kendo (Japanese fencing). So the sensei started teaching the students how to attack and how to defend. Kang Nam boldy starting hitting Ricky's head with the bamboo sword (shinai) ignoring seniority. Ricky was getting annoyed and even defended well. It was laughters when Ricky started his full force gear to start attacking back at Kang Nam resulting him hiding behind the teacher! Sung Yeon was laughing her head off at them.

The female students marvelled at how Ricky was dashing the way he started hitting back at Kang Nam. During Japanese lessons, VIXX's N was fluent in his Japanese skills. And when it comes to English lesson, Kang Nam was poor as expected while Sung Yeon and Ricky did their introductions well. Visual started appearing on Ricky's face where he's like Captain America when he announced he's born in US. Hahah! They started doing a model walk in the class to where the students swooned happily. Sung Yeon even pranked back at Kang Nam by getting him to wear a skirt into the class. Hahah!

While Kim Jeong Hoon and Go Joo Won shared the same dormitory, the two men have proved to be the "brain" of their casts. They attended the Ulsan Hyundai Chungwoon prestigious high school and were determined to excel in their classes. 

Song Il Guk confirms for KBS new drama- Jang Young Shil.

Actor Song Il Guk is all smiles confirmed for the new KBS sageuk drama- Jang Young Shil 장영실

On 28th July, KBS officials mentioned, "Song Il Guk will be appearing at the main protagonist in the sageuk  drama of Jang Young Shil after the current drama 'Jing Bi Rok' finishes on 2nd August. 

Jang Young Shil is a drama produced first time in the history of science under KBS station. In real life history Jang Young Shil is a Korean scientist and astronomer during the Joseon dynasty. Though he wasn't from a noble or any great family background, but due to his excellent academics during King Sejong's reign, he was allowed to take part in the national exams and earned him a spot to work with the royal family.

Jang was the first and only scientist to create the famous celestial globe to measure astronomical objects. He even invented the self strike water clocks serving as a main indicator of time. The famous sundial is also Jang's invention and currently on display as Gyeongbukgong Palace in Seoul. A 24-part of the series will be broadcasted in January 2016.

Meanwhile, Song Il Guk debuted in 1998. Since then he has appeared in various KBS dramas such as Emperor of the Sea (Haeshin), Terms of Endearment, Crime Squad, MBC's period drama Jumong which earned him a Dae-sang Award.  He was also in the drama A Man Called God, SBS' Lobbyists and in the film The Art of Seduction.

Ever since his marriage to a lady judge in 2008, he has kept a very low profile. He has a strong influential background from his grandfather being a Korean freedom fighter and anarchist. His mother is a politician and Member of Parliament under the Song-pa district. 

The actor is currently filming the famous variety program- The Return of Superman with his triplet sons- Dae Han, Min Guk and Man Se.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Girl group T-Ara's comeback- Total Madness.

It seems lately many girl groups and boy bands are back into the music industry after been away for a year or so. Girl group T-Ara is getting ready for their new come-back with the song Total Madness 완전 미쳤네.

On 27th July, according to their agency Kay Entertainment- the girl members reveal their new song - Total Madness.

The song was composed by Brave Brothers. Fellow member Hyomin has her debut song 'Nice Body' was also composed by the same people. This round the title song- 완전 미쳤네 is focussing on the 6 members.

Brass sound that can be heard is in the chorus for this hot summer season with an impressive funky dance song.

This will be T-Ara's first time since its debut comeback showcase whereby new songs are released on the day.

B1A4 is back in musicland after 1 year and a month.

5 member idol group- B1A4 is back into the music industry after been away for 1 year and a month. The boy group is back with with their 6th mini album entitled 'Sweet Girl 스윗 걸 '. 

On 27th July, their agency WM Entertainment unveils the news that the 6th Mini Album will be released on 10th August 2015.

Leader Jinyoung has set the title of the song.
B1A4 members have been directly in charge of producing every title in the album. 

WM Entertainment has announced that this album is going to be put intact with the hidden charms of the B1A4 members.

In the teaser photo has been released by the day prior to the album release- B1A4 members expressed their dreamy charms.

Actor Jeong Woo Sung attended SONY's flagship store.

Actor Jeong Woo Sung attended the latest SONY flagship store at Sogong-dong, Jung-gu on the 27th July 2015.

The latest product launched by SONY is their latest mirrorless cameras! The event was held at Westin Chosun Hotel. 

The handsome actor is already in his early 40s and is famous for his works such as Daisy, Restless, The Good The Bad and The Weird, Cold Eyes, Scarlet Innocence.

The latest film he appeared was with Kim Ha Neul entitled Don't Forget Me 나를 잊지 말아요.

Jeong hasn't been appearing on TV dramas since the last one he acted alongside Han Ji Min called Padam Padam. 

In real life Jeong is best buddies with fellow actor Lee Jung Jae. The two actors ventured in some business partnerships. He has shortly dated actress Lee Ji Ah whom he met on the set drama Athena Goddess of War. However their relationship was called off after the scandal news surfaced on Lee's past broken marriage.

Hallyu star Bae Yong Jun finally ties the knot.

Hallyu star Bae Yong Jun (aged 43) has finally ended his bachelor single free days. He is now a married man. For 'Yonsama' fans, it was a heartbreak for them but for most of us- we just lived with it. Heck! Anyway he's already on the age line to get married with weird rumors circulating ages back.

His new wife, actress Park Soo Jin (aged 30) beamed happily to be married to the most influential and famous Korean actor who brought so much fame to the first few K-dramas that hit across South East Asia and America. 

The couple held their private wedding ceremony at Seoul's Sheraton Grande Walkerhill Hotel is famous for hosting big event and top celebrities weddings. Even JYJ's Kim Jaejoong held his parents' anniversary event at this top notch area. Lately celebrities are holding their weddings privately only for close friends and family members to avoid the big media and fans.

However for Bae Yong Jun, his faithful loyal Japanese fans who nicknamed him Yonsama has flew all the way to Seoul to catch a glimpse of him on his big wedding day. Though he is no longer a single bachelor guy, he is still no#1. in their heart when it comes to dramaland such as Winter Sonata. 

To most of his fans, it seemed like a sudden and shocking wedding annoucement after dating for 5 months, most were speculating if Park Soo Jin was pregnant. The actress denied any pregnancy news. The two met on a mutal good relationship since both were in the same agency. In fact Keyeast Co. is owned by Bae himself. Many close actors and actresses attended the wedding and congratulated the couple. 

Apparently Jeong Hye Bin, Park Ji Yoon, Kim Soo Hyun, Lee Hyun Woo were among the star studded guests attended the wedding. Singer/CEO JY Park sang at the wedding ceremony.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

tVN's drama Oh My Ghostess exceeded its highest ratings 4%

Cable channel tVN's drama Oh My Ghostess is exceeding its highest ratings of all times- 4% and over. The drama starring Park Bo Young and Jo Jong Suk is garnering lots of attention from viewers on TV and online. It has recorded 4.9% highest rating among all dramas aired so far. 

The latest episode 8 broadcasted on last weekend showed Chef Sun Woo (played by Jo Jong Suk) is finally falling in love with the perky Na Bong Sun (played by Park Bo Young).
When Bong Sun ended up trapped in a cold storage room during their MT meeting, Sun Woo ran like mad to find her whereabouts. He was seriously worried for her safety. His first love So Hyung (played by Park Jeong Ah) is trying hard to gain back his favour and attention but all he could think of is Bong Sun despite her weird attitude since she has been possessed by the virgin ghost Soon Ae (played by Kim Seul Gi).

Bong Sun gave permission for Soon Ae to possess her body with one condition that is to make Sun Woo hers forever. She couldn't stand how So Hyung is playing hard and trying to win back Sun Woo. Soon Ae agrees and became best friends with Bong Sun to solve her grudge and hang onto Sun Woo as much as they could. In this episode audience were drawn to the mysterious behaviour of Sun Woo's brother in law- Sun Jae who is the policeman who acts nice and goody two shoes in front of everyone but behind he is a real monster. He is also the culprit behind the hit and run accident that causes Sun Woo's sister to be crippled to the wheelchair.

And how will Soon Ae find out the reason she died and what happened after that...
I am sure the audience is happy to see the naive and innocent Bong Sun has her dreams come true after Sun Woo confirms his love for her. 
The swoop in kisses from Sun Woo to Bong Sun is realistic and makes everyone flutter.
Now do we feel bad for singer Gummy since in real life she is dating actor Jo Jong Suk? Nah...!!!
The two look cute together on screen... Love it!

Running Man Epi 256 with 2PM & Baek Jin Hee

That's right...Running Man casts are back with 2PM- the so called beastly idols and petite actress Baek Jin Hee. The opening was rather weird as one by one came out from the parked planes at the airport hanger with a roll of red carpet. RM members were happy to see 2PM idol group back in full force- all members were around consisting Taecyeon, Junho, Jun K, Wooyoung, Chansung and Nickhun

They were even happier to greet actress Baek Jin Hee who joined them. This round mission is get hints by winning each game to find the a fan's house. The fan is an avid follower of RM and has send his request to the PD and team that he loves them so much he invited them to their house.

The chat begins on a chat room via phone whereby everyone is asking who the mysterious fan is. Jaesuk thinks the fan is an old man by the way he/she chats on line. The team consists of blue and yellow. Blue team is headed by Ji Hyo and 2PM group while yellow team's leader is Jin Hee and RM casts. First mission was a double see-saw in the park on a midday of hot summer. The girls are to rip off the name tags on the opposite team on the seesaw. So it shows how well they coordinate in lifting up and down to avoid name tags ripped off. Jin Hee shows her competitive side and suddenly rip off Khunnie's name tag and tore his shirt at the back! It all comes down to the time of ripping the name tags. Ji Hyo was superb in name tags elimination.

Taecyeon was pretty fast in eliminating the name tags except he was rather soft when it comes to Jin Hee. As usual Tiger Kook was just like a real tiger ripping off name tags like nothing. It's funny to see a visual at the side a real tiger climbing the tree as to Kookie climbing the seesaw to outst the members. Hahah! When it comes to Chansung ripping the name tags on the 3rd round, he asks Jin Hee if she was wearing anything inside the tee. Everyone was flabbergasted upon hearing it as Taecyeon pointed out just in case if Chansung rips her t-shirt, they just need to be cautious. Chansung took a while to eliminate Jin Hee due to her petite frame and she climbed further up the seesaw. 
Chansung's height managed to jump up and rip her tag including the bag of her shirt! OOps!
2PM members laughed hard while Chansung collapsed on the ground feeling guilty for ripping a girl's t-shirt by accident- as per what Nostradamus Taecyeon had predicted. They laughed stating Chansung is revenging back on what she did to Nickhun's shirt earlier.

2nd round of mission is slam dunk (basketball) into the water. It was a terror upon seeing the basket ball hoop far out and the members are to run on the platform and throw the ball into the hoop while falling into the pool! 2PM members grumbled that they are bad in ball games and so is Tiger Kook. First spin off was Jae Suk. He flew like a grasshopper but his ball fell far from the hoop. Taecyeon's ball hit the rim of the hoop so it was a near miss. Everyone laughed at how Jin Hee ran and simply threw the ball without looking while diving into the pool. Khunnie's ball went over the whole thing like a home run! Jun K laughed stating it has ruined the Thai prince's perfect image so he was good and competitive in everything. Tiger Kook wins that slam dunk as his ball went through the loop perfect so RM team wins the 2nd mission. Bitter...bitter expression from 2PM's team while they get 15 seconds to speak to the fan's mother on the phone. Jin Hee gets some hints from the phone call that the fan is a guy and he's not in his 30s and 40s. 
3rd mission is adjourned to the paddy field with 2 open virtual homes showing Jin Hee and Ji Hyo's house in an open air. The idols lay on the house happily wishing it would have ended. Now the mission is they play rock, paper and scissors. Then each team will have to sing a funny song and ryhme while moving towards each other. The winning team rips off one of the shoes worn by the opposite team. If the other team manages to hold on the shoe, they won't get eliminated. RM team targetted Taecyeon first and he was outst immediately. When 2PM's Chansung tried to get rid of Suk Jin's shoes, he held onto it tightly. It was a mess when the guys were all in the brown dirty color paddy field running around for shoes. 

It was a ridiculous scene when Wooyoung and Chansung complained their shirts were all ripped off in the attack baring their 6-packs abs. Woohoo! Haha and Suk Jin laughed off stating it would be good to promote their album in this new the movie 300. Muahahahah! I really laughed and rolled on the floor upon seeing that sight!
Now for the final mission both teams are to figure out after having a short phone conversation with the fan's mission and to find out the fan's home address. Whichever team arrives first in the fan's house needs to hug the fan wins the game. Jin Hee starts giving her team all the hints after speaking to the fan's mother. The fan is not a girl, not in his 30s or 40s...doesn't live in Seoul city. Slowly Suk Jin starts picking up the pieces and figures out that's his apartment they are going to. In fact it has been revealed that Suk Jin's wife was speaking to both teams on the phone and giggling away. Her son Hyunwoo is the fan of RM and mentions his fav members are Jae Suk and Suk Jin. Everyone is surprised as Big Nose brother doesn't get many fans or followers. So it's rather strange someone likes Suk Jin.

RM team arrives at Suk Jin's apartment and runs in for a hug. They were smiling away until 2PM and Ji Hyo crept out from a room after hiding in for a while. The idols arrived 15 minutes earlier upon bumping into actor Lee Jong Hyuk's son who happened to live in the same apartment building. The boy told them Suk Jin's apartment is on the 9th floor so they managed to win ahead of RM team. RM team looks disappointed as 2PM and Ji Hyo have already hugged Hyunwoo- the fan and won the entire mission. Jae Suk said this round Suk Jin managed to come home earlier than expected since it's his own home. His wife and son encouraged him to win the next round or perhaps next time! Hahah!
Turns out Big Nose's brother's son is already a teenager and his wife is quite a beauty.

I really lurve this idol teaming up with Running Man members...such a perfect way to make us laugh out . 

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Cooking broadcast programs has becoming a trend in Korea

"Kkukbang" (short term for cooking and broadcasting cooking shows) has lately become a trend. Ever since tVN cable channel came up with programs such as 3 Meals a Day 삼시세끼 has blown up its popularity. tVN has released a number of programs involving food such as Teacher Baek's home cooked food 집밥 백선생, Korean Food 한식대첩.

The recent program Take Care of My Fridge- 냉장고를 부탁해  aired by another cable channel JTBC is slowly gaining its momentum. Olive's TV features Shin Dong Yub, Shin Se Kyung- what are you eating? 신동엽, 성시경의 오늘 뭐 먹지? and MBC is also featuring its cooking program My Little Television (Back Housewives)- 마이리틀텔레비전'(백주부.
 All these programs have something common- all involved in cooking, cuisines, male chefs...etc. Recipes were also displayed to the viewers. 

JTBC's Take Care of My Fridge- 냉장고를 부탁해 is featuring many celebrities on their episodes. Experts diagnosed that "kukbang" has become a fever in social and cultural phenomenon and is expected to continue to be super popular.

In the past cooking shows used to involve women and housewives.
But now the culinary competition involved male chefs and celebrities. Everyone seems to be enjoying the program, learning new methods, recipes...etc.

Actor Lee Jong Suk caught up in contract fraud.

Fellow actor/model Lee Jong Suk has recently been in news for few reasons- one is that he's either too popular with ads and another been the newsflash for dating fellow actress Park Shin Hye after the two have starred together in the drama Pinnochio.

This time Lee Jong Suk's agent officials have confirmed Mr.A has stolen the personal information on the actor/model and used it the latest scam of investment involving billions of dollars. Lucky for the actor, Mr. A has been caught by the police for the stolen identity and the damage he has done.

Well Made Yedang management company mentioned that Mr. A has been arrested on 22nd July and the cops are following up with the standard procedures. According to the agent, Mr. A has disguised himself as Lee Jong Suk's manager while stealing the bank account details, personal bank stamp when doing the fraudulent scam on contract and forging information. 
So they have handed the relevant information to the police for the forgery and scam.

They intend to pursue this case right to the end. 

Lee Jong Suk is highly noted for his performances in big hit dramas such as School 2013, I Hear Your Voice, Doctor Stranger, Pinnochio and movies such as Hot Young Bloods and Face Reader

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Romance is in the air for Scholar Who Walks The Night leads.

밤을 걷는 선비 Scholar Who Walks the Night leads- Lee Jun Ki and Lee Yu Bi spends their summer night with a kiss in the forest.

Episode 5 of Scholar Who Walks the Night was aired on MBC's TV station where the main hero Kim Seung Yul (played by Lee Jun Ki) has finally confirmed his feelings for the innocent naive Jo Yang Sun (played by Lee Yu Bi

The last episode revealed that Yang Sun hurt her ankle while running around looking for Seung Yul. Feeling hurt that Seung Yul is cold towards her, she wrote on the pamplets that he is a bad scholar, bad fella and how he told her not to look for him anymore. Seung Yul begins to feel bad and guilty towards Yang Sun who was clearly concerned for his safety.

After having tons of drinks with Crown Prince Lee Soon (played by Max Changmin), Yang Sun stumbers along her way to the forest creek only to see Seung Yul appeared in front of her. At first she thought it was her own illusion, Yang Sun said to him that everyday she kept hearing the scholar's voice ringing in her ears. It's clearly shown she is upset and yet worried for him. She was thankful that he gave her a pair of new leather shoes with a smile on his face. Later she confessed that she likes him. In a drunken state she leaned forward to kiss him. 

Finally tears start falling from her eyes looking sorrowful as Seung Yul stared at her. She mumbled that dreams are always better. She felt her heart beating faster and placed her hand on his left chest feeling his heartbeat. She knew it wasn't a dream as it feels so real. However Seung Yul kissed her back and told her it's only a dream and tell her to forget everything. Seung Yul realized his own situation and regretted for what he has done. Upon looking at himself with frustratation since he's a vampire with the mask of a human who has no right to love anyone. 

Meanwhile Lee Yoon begins to have a soft spot for Yang Sun after finding out she is a woman in disguise. While having her feelings denied by Seung Yul, Yang Sun begins to feel the heartbreak as 2 men's collide their feelings for 1 woman. 

This fantasy melodrama is pulling me deeper into the coming episodes on how the living human turned vampire scholar Kim Seung Yul is going to handle his own romance life and battling with his mortal enemy vampire Gwi (played by Lee So Hyuk). 

And whatever happen to the doppledanger Hye Ryung is none of my concern for now. She's out of the picture.. woohoo! She can stay at the side of Gwi as long as she likes. Anyway where's So Hyang...she's one pitiful character where she is willing to sacrifice her life for Seung Yul despite knowing he's a vampire. And she gets nothing in return ... 
But Seung Yul...ah...he makes my day...possesses a mysterious look with dark past and yet helpful in every way, he makes one good looking Joseon vampire! 

Lee Dong Wook and Jung Ryeo Won in new tVN drama- Bubble Gum

On 22nd July, tVN officials reported that the new upcoming drama "Bubble Gum" (풍선껌) is on its way to the viewers. Production site is thinking of casting actor Lee Dong Wook and actress Jung Ryeo Won.

Looking at the situation for the drama Cheese In The Trap encountering so many problems of casting their main female leads, it looks like Lee Dong Wook and Jung Ryeo Won are in serious discussions for the drama. 

Netizens have mentioned and wished them well hoping it'd be a success. It'd be a good thing if the two are casted together for a drama as a couple as what netizens are wishing for.

The drama Bubble Gum is about people getting together and embracing with a deficiency. It becomes a little happier which is known as a fairy tale for adults. The protagonists are the four people in hospital and the station is expected to emerge as the main background. 

'Bubblegum' has been reported to start filming in December this year or January 2016.

New couple on the rise- Shin Min Ah and Kim Woo Bin?

For happy shippers- this is good news as it has been announced that actress Shin Min Ah and model/actor Kim Woo Bin are seeing each other for the past 2 months.

The two modelled together for Giodarno ad together and they meet with good terms.
Their agent reps have confirmed that the two are having good feelings for each other. It started with good friendship then followed by a sweet relationship,

The topic of the past interview with Shin Min Ah, she has mentioned that for love relationship the most important factor is to respect. If one learns to respect each other, all conflicts can be solved.

Kim Soo Hyun's sister Kim Joo Na sings for High Society OST.

New singer Kim Joo Na's real identity has been revealed. She is none other than little sister to famous actor Kim Soo Hyun who recently starred in KBS drama The Producers. Websites were flooded with no.1 ranking search for Kim Joo Na as soon as the news was revealed she is related to Kim Soo Hyun.

On 21st July, the media has reported that Kim Soo Hyun's younger sister Kim Joo Na debuted as a singer and contributed a song to the High Society's drama OST- Without You. The song was a Part 3 for the popular drama airing starring UEE, Park Hyung Sik, Sung Joon and Im Ji Yeon. 

This turns out to be relatively true whereby Kim Soo Hyun is her elder brother. 

Not to forget idol group N-Sonic's member Zion is also related to the actor. Zion is the youngest cousin brother to Kim Soo Hyun. The two showed to be closed to each other.
Though Kim Soo Hyun is a famous actor, but his cousin is an idol group singer.

Is there any similarities between Kim Joo Na and her brother Kim Soo Hyun along with their cousin Zion?

Check it out for yourself! :D

1 Night 2 Days Episode 403 (Trip to Your House Part 3)

The last trip 1N2D team has visited was at Jongmin's aunt place so now they are headed to Jeju Island where it's Junyoung's parents new home. The 2 teams have to play elephant turns marathon resulting big brother Ju Hyuk been dragged and fainting away. He decided to use his hidden card which is PD Yoo Ho Jin to replace him in the triple elephant spin game. PD Yoo had no choice to grant his wish while joining Taehyun and Defconn. The first round Defconn's team won however after PD Yoo joined their team, it was an utterly mess and chaotic situation. He kept falling down while spinning resulting Junyoung's team won the dinner game. Taehyun complained that PD Yoo sounded like a rapper- keep repeating to them- "slowly...slowly" yet  they lost after coming up with a plan. PD Yoo blamed that Defconn was too fast and heavy while pulling them apart while giving them a brief science lesson on moon, orbit and the sun! Muahahah! 

They adjourned to the next scene which is visiting Jun Young's parents new home. He hasn't been to the new house since he joined Superstar K competition. So it was his first time visiting his parents home. His parents showed them the backyard, garden with vegetables and rather proud of their only son. Junyoung started introducing the members to his parents. Junyoung pointed out Taehyun was his mother's favourite member and she immediately asked if she can get Kim Soo Hyun's autograph! Hahah! She chose Baek Seung Chan over PD Ra Joon Mo from The Producers. How comical! 

After watching a brief video of Junyoung while he was in a kindergarten in Jakarta, they were headed to eat dinner at the recommended restaurant. It was black roasted pork - a famous dish in Jeju-do, grilled organic abalone, steamed lotus sticky rice and fermented vegetables for side dishes. Taehyun, Defconn and Juhyuk fret aside while watching the other team eating the delicious food. Junyoung's mother felt bad for them so she fed a ssam (wrap) to Juhyuk and Taehyun. 

Dinner was over and soon it was game time for deciding where and who is sleeping outside. The elderly couple is teamed up. Junyoung is teamed with his dad and Jongmin and Junho.
So the intelligent mother is teamed up with Taehyun, Defconn and Juhyuk. First they are to be tested from Korean literature, English, Maths and finding the correct orange juice and sticky rice balls. Taehyun pointed out how bad they were in Maths when they went to Seoul Nat. University. It was total failure for Dad's team as they faired poorly in their own Korean language spelling. Jongmin was particularly terrible in spelling "Mery Cressmas" instead of Merry Christmas! Mom's team seemed to perform well as they did well in English and Korean language. She even picked the correct food so her son has to sleep outside in a tent with Junho! Aww...

Next morning mission is where both parents are seated in 2 different cars. So first 3 members picked the car will follow either Junyoung's Mom or Dad to their favourite destination. Junho, Juhyuk and Junho quickly picked the white car driven by Mom. The rest followed Dad to eat seafood instead which turns out even better! Mom's team were driven into deep forest tracking. Junyoung took photos and went to tease the other tiring team. Junho was breathing heavily saying Mom was a typical mountaineer walking ahead. Taehyun laughed as they were enjoying seafood so much with Junyoung's dad.

So what does Family mean to us? Junyoung's mom said her son is like a heart. It's the same for all parents. If a child is sick, a parent feels the heartache too. Juhyuk said that Mom was reeling away that her son wasn't together with them. Taehyun also said they were all grown up sons and started to act cold towards their parents. But now they can feel how important a family is to them.

We treasure our family a lot whenever we are feeling up and down. So it brings back sweet memories whenever you are with your family and relatives.