Thursday, March 31, 2016

Descendants of Sun syndrome peaks again at 33% ratings.

Descendants of the Sun syndrome is everywhere- from scripts to actors to episode ratings. Every night after the Wed-Thu prime slot drama, there will be viewers talking about it non stop. On March 31st, the episode 12 shows Yoo Shi Jin goes all out on a dangerous mission unknown to others. His mission is only one that is to rescue Kang Mu Yeon from Argus and his minions. 

Seo Dae Young sensed that something bad is going to happen so he goes on the mission as well to help out his buddy. Before he left he went to see Myeong Ju who was recovering from the M3 virus epidemic at the Medicube. Both soldiers dressed in black left on a serious concern that is to save Mu Yeon out from the kidnappers. The recorded rating was at 31.9% according to Nielsen Korea and with all the tension going on, it was rising steadily.

Here is what everyone loves about the drama- great OST songs sung by various singers. The OST was a main contribution to the drama with the solid cast of Song-song Couple and Gu-Won couple behind it. 

In Episode 12, ratings further increased after Shi Jin and Dae Young safely rescued out Mu Yeon from the dangerous kidnappers. However Shi Jin could sense that Mu Yeon is always in danger around him. He asked the jaw-dropping question whether will she put an end to their relationship? She thought to herself whether can she handle a man carrying a gun. 

Mu Yeon asked him back- "Was the rescue mission meant for the motherland or was it for her?" He responded it was all for her. And it was the first time Mu Yeon confesses that she will not break up and will stay together with him. They have been through many moments of life and death...sweet... 

For some comic relief- Myeong Ju has a speedy recovery after the vaccine and Mu Yeon is safely rescued, the two soldiers cooked chicken ginseng soup for them to nourish back. :D 

The President of South Korea is impressed and praised Shi Jin for the interest of people. While the rest of the department such as foreign affairs were pointing fingers at General Yoon for allowing Alpha Team to go against their orders and 
nearly destroy the diplomatic relationship, instead the President stood up and bowed to the General as a deep appreciation for saving their citizens. No punishments for them, he will award the soldiers for their good work and sacrifice. 

Shi Jin and Mu Yeon in Urk tells each other when they go back to Korea, all they want to do is have simple date as what other couples are doing. They smiled at each other and Shi Jin swoops in for another kiss. The dispatched mission in Urk has ended and they will all return to their motherland South Korea.  "Salute!" that brings us to another chapter of the drama. *Smiles...* 

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

KBS News invites Song Joong Ki as a guest speaker.

The KBS 9 o'clock news is the prime time for viewers listening to the news around the world and nation. The anchors and casts were intrigued in bringing their very first speaker actor Song Joong Ki into the studio for a chat. It's the first time in history that the new segment would invite an actor to talk about his recent drama SBS drama.

SBS drama Descendants of the Sun has made its headlines with rising the status of Song Joong Ki being a Hallyu star for the first time. This is his first ever drama after been released from compulsory military services. He is very honored to be invited be a guest speaker in the popular time slot. 

The anchors mentioned the famous drama script line Yoo Shi Jin asked Kang Mu Yeon- "Should I apologize or should I confess it?" Yes, that memorable has definitely wavered many women hearts out there. And asked between two female roles Kang Mu Yeon or Yoon Myeong Ju he will choose leaving him at point blank. He laughs being asked the hardest question in KBS news, but no matter what he will still choose Kang Mu Yeon. 

A-ha... and has anything changed after coming out from military?
Apart from age and being in 30s now, Song has said he's still the same as he was before. 
The newscaster asked what does he think of his charms and he reversed the question back to the anchor woman who said he is handsome in appearance and beautiful in heart. Awww...  

And what does he look for being an actor? He looked seriously into the scripts written by scriptwriter. Via the KBS homepages, netizens have written their questions for Song. They queried does Song has a dream to be an announcer which he doesn't deny. In fact he is glorified to be sitting at the studio where was once his dream. The next question asked why he doesn't go SNS and answer is simple- he is not into it- not tech savvy. 

Last question been thrown out was being a new Hallyu star after the role Yoo Shi Jin from the drama, does he feel anything different? Song says it's all because of the casts, friends and fans who have supported him to where he is right now. He is happy to be standing as an actor, a Korean and to do what he likes. The new casters thanked him for his time to be at the studio since he must be 'busy' with lots of work. They wished him all the best and hope he can be more successful in his career. 

Noooo..please don't end the interview...please get him more often on the TV channel so I can swoon more. Man, Joong Ki's complexion is so clear and perfect!

You can watch the following video from Youtube posted on his interview on KBS News.

And not to forget when he arrived at KBS station he sends all staff ecstatic and hearts fluttering around with his clean suit and boyish looks. Women staff were smiling away and greeting him while he felt awkward but remains polite to everyone. Behind the video, the women were whispering 'Omo! He's here...he's here!' while calling his name continuously. 
I think even Kim Soo Hyun's popularity hasn't gone to that stage where TV station crew were giggling away waiting to catch a glimpse of the Song Joong Ki. 
Captain Yoo- you have done it again- sending all women frenzy! 


First Impressions on Kdrama- Monster 몬스터

The new MBC drama Monster 몬스터 takes over the Mon-Tue prime slot after the long drama Glamorous Temptation ended last week. With a strong casts leading the drama, ratings were slow as Jackpot (Daebak) was leading the scoreboard.

Kang Ji Hwan and Sang Yuri were the main leads for this drama depicting how a man from a super rich influential family fell to bottom pits, suffer through laughter and tears and climbing back to the social ladder for revenge.

I kind of adore the younger cast whereby Guk Cheol (played by Beast's Lee Ki Kwang) is the rich heir to his parents' company and hospital. One day when his parents were murdered in a car accident at the cliff, he became temporarily blind and lived in fear. Though he couldn't see but his hearing skills became better than ever. He was the sole heir to his parents' company, house and hospital. His aunt Man Ok (played by Bae Jeong Ok) was hoping to secure funds for some medical research from Dodo Corporation. However his uncle Jung Il Bae (played by Jung Bo Suk) is the main villain of all. Being a prosecutor he had an affair with a woman beyond his reach causing trouble and he murdered his wife as well.

Guk Cheol was aware of his surroundings and fear his relatives would kill him since he is blind for his wealth. He hires an assistant at home Jeung Eun (played by Lee Yeol-Eum) to help him around. Since Jeung Eun's father is the head security of the company, she reluctantly worked under Guk Cheol. Having a fiery temper and lots of money, Guk Cheol has no friends and no one to trust except for Jeung Eun. When Man Ok discovers her husband's affair, she was shocked that he went to the extent of killing her sister and brother in law just to cover up. Man Ok was accidentally murdered by Ji Soo (played by Kim Hye Eun) so Il Bae helped to hide the body somewhere. Soon Guk Cheol fell into a trap and was behind bars with sufferings. He lost everything to his uncle and relatives when he couldn't see anything. 

Kang Ji Hwan plays the adult Guk Cheol who has changed his identity to Ki Tan and befriends the evil chaebol's son played by Park Ki Woong. It's going to be an interesting story seeing how Ki Tan plots his revenge towards his enemy. 

I have to say Ki Kwang has improved so much as an actor since he's an idol singer...his emotions and tears were well displayed in the early part of the drama. Thumbs up for him!

Descendants of the Sun drama hits 30% peak ratings.

KBS2 drama 'Descendants of the Sun' once again brought the limelight on Yoo Shi Jin (played by Song Joong Ki) is torn between the sense of responsibility, duty for his soldiers and the love of his life. 

On 30th March, the episode brought viewers to tears seeing Lieutenant Yoon Myeong Ju (played by Kim Ji Won) was infected with M3 virus and slowly fading off. Her boyfriend Sergeant Seo Dae Young (played by Jin Gu) is heartbroken seeing her suffer. 

The camp soldiers were told to move the patients to the hospital by the US Military. This day Shi Jin vows to fight against the epidemic situation without any hesitation. With a firm attitude, he told them
there is no point to fight anything else if they fail to keep everyone safe. 

In addition, at the very end of the episode the main villain Argus (played by David McGuinness) kidnapped Dr. Kang Mu Yeon (played by Song Hae Gyo) and it was where Shi Jin goes all out in a mission- that is to save her out.

The ratings peaked at 35.92% during the broadcast. Compared to last week's ratings, it was rising average of 7.76% and the highest went up 7.37% in a minute. Since last month the drama was aired, ratings just jumped 3 times - recorded 15.5% and 14.3% for first 2 episodes.

By 3rd and 4th episode ratings soared up to  23.4% and 24.1%. Ratings continue going up 27.4% and 28.5% for Episode 5 and 6. Descendants of the Sun has sort of broke the record compared to MBC drama Moon Embracing the Sun on the prime time slot few years back when ratings also exceeded over 30%. Will we be expecting the ratings to break record to 40%? Let's wait and see....

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Actor Jin Gu finally shines like a bright sun.

It has been double happiness for actor Jin Gu this year. First it was the birth of his daughter of 9 months and now the actor is finally receiving high popularity in his career.

It all started in 2003 SBS's drama All In where Jin Gu was the teen-child actor for adult version of Lee Byung Hun. Jin Gu was then the teen-actor in the series for the start playing against actress Han Ji Min who was the younger version of Song Hae Gyo.

Jin Gu is clearly enjoying popularity from the ongoing SBS drama Descendants of the Sun written by Kim Eun Sook. The casts from the drama was magnificent and some were saying the roles the actors have played seem so real. The emotions the actors and actresses have poured out were extraordinary especially shot in overseas such as Greece. Though the drama was 100% pre-production but Jin Gu is confident that his upcoming movie 'One Line' is going to be a mega hit as well. He just laughs at it.

'All In' was a super hit drama and the actor could feel it after launching his newly account on Instagram, he has received great response and massive followers.
During a basketball event, he has been receiving lots of support and love from fans. Many photos were taken at the event. The funniest thing he mentioned was surfing the Net. When one tries to look up keyword in the website, the name Jin Gu - the first thing was Busan Jin Gu, second was actor Yeo Jin Goo. Well thanks to Descendants of the Suns, many articles containing Jin Gu just surfaced out.

Jin Gu plays Sergeant Seo Dae Young under the command of Captain Yoo Shi Jin played by Song Joong Ki in the elite Alpha Team. Dae Young and Shi Jin were great comrades but at the same time a triangle relationship starts to form when a General's daughter Lieutenant Yoon Myeong Ju falls for Dae Young but his father wants Shi Jin as his son in law.

Dae Young is careful not to stir trouble maintaining good friendship with Shi Jin while obeying the orders from the General not to hang around Myeong Ju. In reality does the character Seo Dae Young have the similarities with the actor himself? Many say that they both are the same. And how long do they need to train to play the roles so well?
Jin Gu mentioned he was calm while serving the army and he saluted many times so it was like a textbook while doing a lot of Army Rangers exercises.

He pointed out Song Joong Ki was fresh out from army and he was exercising so much for the role. In fact Song's image was quite different that he has expected. The first time meeting Song, Jin Gu felt he was a warm, sincere and nice bloke. Though Song is 5 years younger than Jin Gu, but it seems Song has excelled in leadership. Ha ha!

Coming back to the star crossed lovers- Kim Ji Won who is playing opposite Jin Gu is definitely very young compared to him. He admits the huge gap comes handy especially he's a married man and he helped supported her role. In fact the story is well led and written. Especially when scenes have to re-shoot and it was night time freezing away, they just have the crew to blame on. But then again the casts depended on each other. How will the Gu-Won couple romance go ahead? We will have to see that later... the ending? The actor just said he's satisfied with the ending.

Due to the filming overseas, Jin Gu had to leave his wife and kid behind for months. He missed them and felt sorry for the first time as parent. And his wife was initially a fan of Song Joong Ki but is happily supporting her husband. 

It has been 14 years since Jin Gu was with the same agency. Rather than meeting new people, he prefers to know people better and understand them more.
Just like the role Seo Dae Young, the actor himself has finally reached peak of his career.

Monday, March 28, 2016

EXO's Xiumin fan club does charity work.

Fellow member Xiu Min (original name Kim Min Seok) from boy group EXO is definitely in the spotlight. His fan club is doing their bit in the charity function as in donating money  to the children's fund - Helping Children in Need. The fan club has dug deep in donating as much as KRW$ 8.8 million in the member's name.

The money will be put in good use such as helping the visually impaired children, medical care fees, premature infants and...etc..

That is very generous of EXO's fans to do such a great deed to the society rather than spending lavishly on presents for the star.

Good on them!

Joo Sang Wook and Cha Ye Ryun are dating.

Actor Joo Sang Wook (38) and actress Cha Ye-Ryun (31) starred in the recent MBC's TV drama Glamorous Temptation have admitted they are seeing each other.

With 7 year age gap, it doesn't seem to be a big problem for the new couple. Joo's agency, Madin Entertainment has mentioned the two have met on the set of the drama and had a good feeling of each other. Since they have just met and started this relationship, they are rather careful with everything.

Cha's agency has also mentioned that the two of them went through the 'emotional' drama together and supported each other very well. The fact that the two are going out have been out in the media on 27th March.

Joo Sang Wook made his debut as an actor in 1998 drama New Generation Report: Adults Don't Know and followed by Queen Seondeok in 2009, his breakthrough role was in Giant in 2010, Feast of Gods 2012, Good Doctor 2013, Birth of a Beauty 2014 and Masked Prosecutor in 2015. 

Cha Ye-Ryun debuted in 2005 in the film Voice, 2006's A Bloody Aria followed by dramas such as Bad Love 2007, Star's Lover 2008, Dr Champ 2010, Royal Family 2011, Golden Rainbow 2013, My Lovely Girl 2014 and recently in Glamorous Temptation in 2015.

This will be some great news for Joo's mother who in real life wished her son to get married as soon as possible. We wish them all the best! :D

BTOB's ballad 'Memories of Spring' is rising on music chart.

The 8th mini album by boy group BTOB has been released with the new title 'Remember That' taking a big twist in music charts.

Their new title single 'Memories of Spring-봄날의 기억' was sitting at the top position in music chart in major music sites such as Naver, Melon, MNet, Ginny, Bugs and Soribada.

'Memories of spring' is a love song expresses a vague memory of the spring, rising to lyrical sound. Last year, the group has two compelling harmonies of the members in the calm acoustic guitar sound with the hit ballads- 'It's Okay 괜찮아요' followed by 'Road Home 집으로 가는 길'.

In their new music video, member Sungjae is seen with a pink cotton candy colored hair. I still feel he looks better in dark colored hair.

BTOB's following activities are expected to begin starting with SBS Power FM on 29th March and appearance in Cultwo's Show.

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Byun Yo Han interacts with fans in Busan.

Cosmetics and skincare brands Enprani and Holika Holika model/actor Byun Yo Han meeting fans at Busan Lotte Department Store in Busanjin's head office. The actor was participating in a fan meeting while interacting with fans at the event held in the basement and Fountain Square. Lucky fans!

Byun Yo Han was also seen presenting staffs and casts of his recent drama Six Flying Dragons with the cosmetic skincare set as an appreciation for their hard work and success for the past 1/2 year filming the historic drama.

Byun was training hard for his role Lee Bang Ji/Ddang sae in the drama since he was the best swordsmen in the Three Kingdoms era who defeated Gil Sun Mi and was Sambong Jeong Do Jeon's bodyguard. His scenes in the drama were mostly sword fighting and rolling around, getting injured and been dejected in his love line story.

Friday, March 25, 2016

Former After School's leader Kahi has tied the knot.

Former girl group leader's After School and musical actress Park Ji Young or better known for stage name as Kahi (35) is finally tying the knot.

According to the agent's rep, they have mentioned the singer and her partner Yang Jun Moo (38) who is the CEO of the luxury fashion bag are getting married on 26th March in Hawaii, USA.

Via SNS, Kahi has written her new life will be joined with the waves and sea where the man has presented the surfboard at the wedding party and down on knees pledging to love and preserve the lifelong respect and love. She has thanked her newly wedded groom and will love him till the end. 

After School was formed in 2009 by Pledis Entertainment in 2009 originally members- Kahi, Bekah, So Young, Joo Yeon, Uee, Jungah, Raina, Nana and Lizzy. Kahi was originally the leader of the girl group. Kahi moved out from the group as a solo singer in 2011 and then ventured into drama and musical stage career. 

She was last seen in the drama Dream High 2. She was also seen in musicals such as Bonnie and Clyde and All Shook Up.

We wish Kahi all the best and happiness in her marriage. Congrats to her too. 

Descendants of the Sun parody by JJCC's Eddy.

The extraordinary boy group JJCC member Eddy Oh has attracted much attraction.

Eddy hails from America and he is American-Korean. He is also signed up with Jackie
Chan's label group in Korea. Eddy has spends half of his childhood life in America and has a dual citizenship. Eddy is also interested in martial arts which he has learned acrobatic skills in China. And best of all he has the skills for cooking!
He was one of the participants in Master Chef Korea. 

However rather strange that Eddy has served the army life in South Korea which many people wouldn't have done that.

He has mentioned in interviews that he has seen a lot of freedom and felt righteous about serving the army as all men would have done after graduating from high school. He was in SWAT team and faithfully fulfilled his duties in the national defense.

On 25th March, JJCC presented a wonderful performance in full operation during the KBS 2TV Music Bank. The group started their parody based on KBS 2TV's drama Descendants of the Sun depicting the melo story about the soldiers in Alpha Team along with a nurse (who is actually fellow member E.Co in a nurse uniform) How hilarious! 

Ah, who can blame the Des-suns is going crazy everywhere... even female celebrities are swooning over actor Song Joong Ki's role Yoo Shi Jin in the drama. 

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Lee Jun Ki extends contract with NAMOO Actors.

Actor Lee Jun Ki (34) has extended an exclusive contract with his current agency NAMOO Actors.

On 23rd March, Namoo Actor rep has mentioned they will focus on current plans and activities with progress based on mutual trust. They didn't mention anything on termination of the contract. 

This year itself the actor is signed up to play a drama of the remake version of the popular Taiwanese drama - Scarlet Heart. It's known as Bu Bu Gyeong Sim- Ryeo.
Besides that, the actor is having a fan meeting, opening of a Chinese film and birthday parties while being abroad with promotions.

Namoo Actors will do its best to support their focus on the actor's activities and its welfare.

Yoo Ah In shares his answer with as an actor.

After 6 months of filming the 50 episode SBS drama Six Flying Dragons, main lead actor Yoo Ah In who plays the role Lee Bang Won is feeling the 'punch' when he was interviewed at the D. Hannam Museum on 23rd March.

The 50 episode periodic drama ended on 22nd March and the actor mentioned yesterday he felt it was all cool and great. But then today he starts to feel differently since it was non stop filming for months. He first thought it was a struggle that is never ending but now it feels empty since the drama has finally ended. 

Six Flying Dragons has captured the stories of six people with same aim of building a new country against all enemies. However with serious considerations finally Lee Bang Won's high ambition rose him to the throne as the 3rd Joseon King Taejong. With so many lives been sacrificed and blood stains on this young man, he still looked dashing as ever.

Yoo Ah In who plays Lee Bang Won's character has interpreted differently from the original focus of the drama. Basically he interpreted as reaching out for compassion and
understanding from the viewers. Whenever he is at crossroads to make numerous choices, that is final decision is in his mind. This allowed viewers to look differently at his role. With that he is satisfied for what he has played for. Initially we would think Lee Bang Won is a ruthless and mean ruler but the role was portrayed so well that viewers feel for his pain and contributions he has done for the country. As the illustration of the story goes, history was also there whereby Yoo has drew the aging process of Lee Bang Won growing to a matured figure. He was careful to play the crafty minded Bang Won to balance it out. It is one of the main priorities to show the value for the Korean people. At one stage Lee Bang Won was ironic and selfless. The reasons of politics as mentioned was to share its power with others. To give and get from others. 

The actor faces difficulties in waking up in the morning to film the drama. It was no joke. The hardest time in the wee early morning hours. Work is work but playing the expression in some cases are sometimes not systematic and rational. And worst part is playing the angry role and it doesn't end there. Yoo has changed his attitude and posture as he felt it's necessary to get good understanding and for those who support/love his acting skills. It is one of his main responsibility that he wants to do in this world. 

Over the last year, Yoo Ah In has won awards for his movie roles such as Veteran and Sado-The Throne. Following the SBS drama Six Flying Dragons, the actor has also one of the prestigious awards.. He knows expectations are high and there is pressure on him. He also mentioned lately the trend has changed with his close buddy actor Song Joong Ki being on screen for drama Descendants of the Sun, he laughed stating they are like brothers but he is envy with its ratings. Though Six Flying Dragons was a long drama its ratings were best peak at 18% but Descendants of the Sun instantly rated at 30%.  Awww...

A while ago when he was at an award ceremony in Hong Kong, 80% questions were thrown out were mostly related to Descendants of the Sun drama. Still he is happy for what he has achieved and after all the praises he has received, he felt it was like a dream.
It was a great accomplishment for him after all he has done so much work. While acting as Lee Bang Won doing his great 'cause', he mentioned the great cause was for the people.

He wants to set a good example and be a good influence to others. People in the age of 20s, are the largest population with highest anger in them. Yoo Ah In has also come a long way to earn this recognition as an actor and he has never forgotten about that. 

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Six Flying Dragons concludes with a bittersweet ending.

After months of watching SBS's Six Flying Dragons, it has finally come to an end on Tuesday night 22nd March. The 50 episode sageuk drama closes its curtain with Lee Bang Ji and Chuk Sa Gwang were on their way to finish off Moo Myung and Bang Won's troop. However Boon Yi came in time to alert Bang Won and Ha Ryun to escape. Moo Hyul rushed back in time to protect Bang Won and Boon Yi from Moo Myung's guards. 

Initially Bang Ji harbors the deep revenge on Bang Won for Yeon Hee's death, but he had no choice but to protect his mother first from Chuk Sa Gwang. With the help of Moo
Hyul, the two swordsmen finished off the last Goksan warrior. She even thanked them for killing her due to her pain and sufferings. Boon Yi tells Bang Ji to follow her mother and leave the place for good. There is no way to linger around when everyone is gone. She will leave for another island with her ex-Banchon people to start a new life. Bang Won finally lets Moo Hyul go to lead a new life after all he has served him so many years. Two years later, Bang Gan tells Bang Won that he is tired of being a King and decides to step down making way for his brother to become the 3rd Joseon leader- King Taejong.

Lady Min who has become Queen Wongyeong was so furious upon seeing the big change on Bang Won after taking the throne. He ensures that the Royal Family seizes all the power and controls the government. He doesn't even flick when it comes to his in-laws or relatives causing the Queen to be disappointed in him. His 3rd son Prince Lee Do (future King Sejong) is the Crown Prince starts reading books on politics and questioning his father about it. It reminded Bang Won during his younger days when he questioned the late Jeong Do Jeon about politics. There is no doubt Sejong was one of the greatest rulers in Joseon dynasty for he cared a lot for the citizens welfare.

Bang Won visits Moo Hyul who has led a secluded life to ask for a favor- to become his son's bodyguard. (This is where we see Moo Hyul remained as King Sejong's loyal bodyguard in Tree with Deep Roots) Moo Hyul agrees since he doesn't need to see anymore suffering and killings. Too much blood was spilled during the strife of the Princes. 

Boon Yi sees Bang Won's entourage from far and is pleased to know that everything is fine. Suddenly she stumbles across Prince Lee Do who has a striking resemblance as Bang Won during his childhood days.

Her tears start rolling down reminding her how she misses him a lot too. She gave the Crown Prince a hug and asked on the King's health. Lee Do tells her the King is still the same - lonely as ever. 

Years have passed and everyone has aged too. Bang Won tells Boon Yi nothing has changed ever since his reign and he has led a lonely life too. In return she tells him she worked hard and was busy but lonely as well. Her mother and brother are no longer by her side. 

Bang Won tells her he missed her a lot and he noticed the hair clip he bought for her after his return from Ming country. She still has it worn on her hair everyday reminding of him. Though they can't be married this life...they still miss each other.

And there we can see though King Taejong has ascended the throne and sets a path for his son to be the next ruler but his life has changed forever- the lonely path as a ruler. That is a sacrifice one has to go through. 

So the six dragons for the Joseon dynasty were Lee Bang Won, Jeong Do Jeon, Lee Seong Gye, Lee Bang Ji, Boon Yi and Moo Hyul. The history has never changed and Lee Do becomes the next King Sejong who created Hangul language. :D 
All bittersweet ending isn't it? Least we know that without Taejong, there won't be Sejong. 

The finale of the drama recorded 18.8% ratings around Metropolitan area with viewers consists mainly women aged 40's were the highest. 

Monday, March 21, 2016

Captain Yoo Shi Jin's fame spreading fast in China.

China is an interesting country when it comes to some extent of popularity or hit. Lately after the drama Descendants of the Sun 태양의 후예  was screened in China simultaneously with South Korea, actor Song Joong Ki's fame seems to be skyrocketing everywhere. 

Song Joong Ki plays the dandy and charming leader of the peacekeeper soldiers Captain Yoo Shi Jin in the drama. His role is not only warm, smiling and attractive but it has also captured many interest from viewers. 

China has its own Running Man variety program whereby they did a parody on Song Joong Ki where there are 7 people dressed alike him! The parody of Descendants of the Sun drama begins... members were dressed in military uniforms as what the actor was seen in the drama. Captions stated Descendants-suns uncle (samchun), Descendants-suns noona, Descendants-suns father...etc bringing many laughter to viewers.

Apart from that, dozens of men were dressed in Song's famous brown colored UN uniform in a marathon event attracting lots of attention from the public. The special costume marathon venue was held in the city of Suzhou. 
Now that's a lot of "Captain Yoo" 유 대위님 in China.
Photos were taken by passerby's and netizens posted up in SNS on many Captain Yoo Shi Jin in the marathon event. 

Not only that, Weibo has published a cartoon version (as what we called Chibi) mimic to the Descendants of the Sun military hero character. 

The media has introduced the Chinese UN peacekeepers were dispatched to a foreign country motifs. How cute is that.

Now who isn't swooning with Song Joong Ki's character in the drama lately? 

Rumors dispersed on Song Hae Gyo and Song Joong Ki dating.

Actress Song Hae Gyo (34) representative has denied the rumors of relationship and dating her co-star Song Joong Ki from Descendants of the Sun drama.

The talent management agency UAA Korea has spoken up that recent online SNS circulating about the actress going on a date in New York with Song Joong Ki.
There was no further explanation for this groundless base rumors whereby both actor and actress were close colleagues and finished the project together.

This is a typical interest to all fans out there and considered a pass topic. However the rumors about the actress going on a New York date with Song Joong Ki is somehow unacceptable. 

There has been investigation going on some malicious rumors on the actress so-called sponsorship 3 years ago was not true. The case was already concluded that it was not true the actress was engaged in some scandal or sponsorship. 

They are preparing to sue those who posted up such comments and netizens who are abusing the social media on attacking the actress. 

With comments from fans spotting Song Hae Gyo and Song Joong Ki dining at the restaurant in New York and shopping away, these are pure speculations.

And all so much for the couple shipping from their fans...but turns out to be untrue. 

After all we can't blame that Song Joong Ki's syndrome is spreading everywhere whereby
even actor Cha Tae Hyun's wife is so excited to see Song Joong Ki when he and veteran actor Go Chang Suk wanted to visit them at home. Instead of calling Song's name she started saying "Captain Yoo" is coming to visit them, everyone bursting into laughter. Indeed 'Captain Yoo Shi Jin' has made his mark in every women's heart out there.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Kenny G, Jung Jun Young band at Crossroads Festival.

From 7th to 8th of May, there will be the 2016 Crossroads Festival held at Seoul's Nanji Hangang Park. This festival will cover all races and nationalities. 

Jung Jun Young's band led by American saxophonist Kenny G, US a capella group All-4-One, DickPunks, Na Yoon Kwon, Cheetah, Jeong Dong Ha, Juniel, MC the Max, Gummy, Park Ki Young, Hong Dae Kwang, Wobble, Lee Sang Eun, Kang Sang Eh, Imaginary Band and many more to feature at this festival.

Kenny G will be performing on the eve day of the concert Premiere Night with Kenny G.
Other events such as film screening, children exhibition for family and friends, various events such as  EDM DJ party. 

Tickets can be booked on line: 

All smiles with Lee Min Ho at Lotte Dept.Store

On 18th March in the afternoon, Lotte Department Store in Seoul held its outdoor brand gear Eider with their exclusive model out of the headquarters, Hallyu star/model Lee Min Ho was seen also signing autographs for fans. 

EIDER outdoor gear parent's company is Lafuma - a typical French brand. 
Lee has been its main face model for a couple of years. Prices of the outdoor gear including jackets, pants and accessories comes in a steep price too.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Goodbye Mr.Black sets off at 3.9% rating for first broadcast.

As if it's not enough action in SBS's drama Descendants of the Sun. Now the Wed-Thu drama slot for MBC channel has a new drama entitled Goodbye Mr. Black 굿바이 미스터 블starring Lee Jin Wook, Moon Chae Won, Kim Kang Woo, Yoo In Young and Song Jae Rim

According to audience measurement company Nielsen Korea, the first broadcast of Goodbye Mr. Black on 16th March recorded 3.9% national rating standards. And in a survey by the Seoul metropolitan area ratings were recorded respectively at 3.7 and 4.2%.

The first episode shot in Thailand featured main leads Sun Jae (played by Lee Jin Wook) stumbled across the bubbly tomboy Kaya (played by Moon Chae Won). Sun Jae's best mate Ji Won (played by Kim Kang Woo) has turned evil and betrayed him. For the 2nd episode, Sun Jae has to find out the links to his father's death which is mostly entangled with Ji Won.

Meanwhile Descendants of the Sun recorded 30% ratings which was very high. In Seoul itself ratings hit 31.6% and 30.1% in metropolitan areas. The power of Song-Song couple is definitely on. 

K.Will lends his voice to Descendants of the Sun OST.

Singer K.Will is the following line up for the big drama Descendants of the Sun OST. The veteran singer is contributing to the 6th single for the action-melodrama. In fact the drama's OST has been sweeping top spots in the music charts. 

First it was Yoon Mi Rae who sang the song entitled Always which garnered attentions.

Then followed by EXO's Chen and Punch singing the lovelier tune "Everytime". Duo group Davichi also contributed with the title song "This Love" and recently singer Gummy also sang the love song "You're My Everything". Each time a new single been released from the drama, it becomes a big hit in the music charts.

According to K.Will's agent Starship Entertainment, the title of the new song will be '말해! 뭐해?' 
(which means Say it! What is it?) to be released on 18th of March. The whistling theme along with the rhythmic guitar and piano lines is definitely a bright happier song. 

So get ready for another roller coaster with Yoo Shi Jin's syndrome going around lately... :D

SuJu's Ryeowook is due for army on 14th June.

Slowly one by one boy band members are enlisted into army. 

It's no difference for Super Junior's 2nd youngest member Ryeo Wook has been called to serve compulsory military services on 14th June. 

According to his agency SM Entertainment, the singer will receive basic training for 5 weeks and is expected to serve for 21 months. SM has mentioned Ryeo Wook prefers to have some privacy and some time off so he is hoping to enlist quietly without any further attention or big send-offs. 

He has been an active radio D for KBS Cool FM and Kiss Radio Super Junior. And now he's currently filming a variety show 'Pretty Bromance' with ZE:A's Park Hyung Shik which will broadcast on 22nd March.

Good luck to Ryeo Wook for upcoming enlistment.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Lee Seung Gi as one of the Army Rangers after training.

Singer Lee Seung Gi has been placed under the Special Operations Command force after his training in the army.

The army official has said that the singer has gotten himself placed in the Army Ranger group after weeks of training. They also mentioned Lee has scored good grades in all subjects including Lt. recruits training period and was awarded for the most outstanding Leadership Recruit, mental power and physical strength, personal firearms shooting category. 

Lee is known to have taken up voluntary work and mission. 

Well done Seung Gi! 

Jin Gu, Kim Ji Won- touching painful "GuWon Couple"

Song Joong Ki and Song Hae Gyo has led the "Song-Song" Couple in the Wed-Thu SBS dram Descendants of the Sun. Now the drama has 2nd leads by Jin Gu and Kim Ji Won known as the "Gu-Won" couple. 

The Song-song couple has expressed a lot of interests from viewers with their excitement and melo-drama. Meanwhile the Gu-won couple takes another twist with their pain and touching moments. Special Forces Lt. Doctor Yoon Myeong Ju played by Kim Ji Won is the only daughter to her high ranking father General totally against her relationship with Sgt. Seo Dae Young played by Jin Gu. The many reminiscences of the Gu-Won couple's romance and their dates seems blissful at the start but soon ended up in tears. Dae Young decides to part away from Myeong Ju due to their background gap and been partly told off by papa General Yoon.

Newbie actress Kim Ji Won mentioned that the first time when she read the script of the character Jin Gu senior is playing was a typical sexy bloke opposite her character. Though both of them in real life have a huge age gap difference but she didn't feel the gap at all.
The story folds where the two couples are chasing for their dreams and love in a foreign country. Myeong Ju travels far away to meet and chase her love of her life but Dae Young promises the General to keep his distance from her. The scenes from Gu-Won couple were intense and good. 

Kim Ji Won has expressed the script was written so well that she has worked hard to portray her role. Jin Gu has also mentioned that Myeong Ju's character is quite pitiful whereby she has to fight the 'crisis' on her own and Dae Young has to follow her commands too - due to their ranking in the army. Descendants of the Sun has reached its new peak with this new couple on the rise.

Jin Gu has said that in the past he avoided many people, but now he has changed. He thinks it's his duty to continue to develop further and show the people out there what he is in order to meet the expectations- no matter young or old. 

SHInee's Jonghyun collaborates with Heritage.

Boy band member SHInee's Jonghyun is collaborating with the vocal singing group Heritage for the single entitled 'One Word 한 마디 (Your Voice)'

According to SM Entertainment, the title of the song One Word is expressed in lyrics the importance of friends whom one can talk openly to. This song contains the acoustic medium-pop genre. 

Jonghyun and Heritage are doing a duet for this song where they are composer and lyricist,

SM has already released its trailer of MV on media sites. It will be officially released this Friday 18th March. 

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Glitz and glamour on the red carpet for Style Icon Asia 2016.

The winners of the Style Icon Asia (SIA) 2016 were present at the red carpet at Seoul Dongdaemun Design Plaza on 15th March. Still the weather is bitter cold but least it wasn't that wintry weather that deters the fans and viewers. One of the hottest stars were present waving towards media and fans.

The event is to honor fashion, art and design from the celebrities. Particularly this year DJ Peggy Gould and actor Yoo Ah In have captured lots of attention. Their project 'Hong Bu' and 'Nol Bu' was a new collaboration project including the historical background of the new modern interpretation with Ah In's calligraphy on pure white screen. It has definitely delivered a new era and look into artists.

Following behind was Jinusean's 'Phone Number' and 'Oppa's Car' performances were dynamic at the combined arena. There were many colorful performances including SHINee's Taemin and Girls' Generation. There were many different awards category presented to fellow celebs- including actor Kwon Yul, Kim Go Eun, Lee Dong Hwi, Kim Yoo Jung, AOA's Seolhyun, f(X) and SHInee.

And of course the top 10 SIA 2016 awards were presented to Song Joong Ki, Song Seung Hun, Ha Ji Won, Lee Jung Jae, Honey Lee, Girls' Generation, Park Bo Geum, Yoo Ah In, G-Dragon..etc. The results were determined by the votes in the portals. 40% comes from SNS and 40% comes from votes and another 20% comes from SIA secretariat judges.

Running Man in Dubai (Part 2)

The special episode of Running Man part 2 continues in Dubai. The team and their guests Jung Il Woo and Lee Da Hae completed their first part mission- dune bashing in desert safari, skydiving, challenging themselves to missions in the city area with the locals and spending the night at the desert/hotel- for the winners.

The 5 winners get to sleep on nice beds on the hotel and get treated with sumptuous dinner. The 4 losers have to struggle through the cold night tents in the desert while having instant noodles as dinner. Worst of all Jae Suk, Kwang Soo and Haha were rather pissed off with the snoring from Suk Jin throughout the night. He denies it when they pressed hard against him while laughing their head off when big nose brother said he slept quietly like a baby. Their morning mission is utilizing the consumables they receive in a box while taking 15 shots in the desert/hotel. The best shot will be chosen and winner gets highest votes from the locals- gets to eat luxurious breakfast. Wow! Jae Suk indeed a Grasshopper on the desert runs through the sand with the best photo shoot wins his desert mission. While Suk Jin the loser eats the dates and tries to get a snack from Kwang Soo only to be denied as well. In the hotel area- Jong Kook wins the best photo shoot with the kettle posing against the rising sun background. Surprisingly Il Woo loses the mission and gets the smallest plate for breakfast so he stacks them up like a Jenga puzzle. Haha!

After breakfast, the losers waited for the winners to arrive for another baseball game in the desert. Weather was getting hot and temperature is rising. They were basically baking under the hot heat. Il Woo serves as a pitcher well but as soon as he switches to strike he was terrible. However Kookie's team wins the desert baseball game gaining more clues to the next mission. Their next mission is find the mysterious Golden Grasshopper lying somewhere in the city of Dubai. The team headed back to the city and were given hourglasses with their names on it. The 3 teams have different missions to finish and come back to turn the hourglass sand otherwise they will be out of the game.

First team was Spice Market- members were blindfolded while given some spice to taste. Jae Suk and Ji Hyo struggled while having their taste buds on fire. Lucky for Ha Ha, he has

got the Safron - one of the most expensive spices in the world and he got it right. Jae Suk got his correct as they were chili and Ji Hyo's were coriander peppercorns. 2nd team was Finding the Right Jewelry- Jong Kook, Suk Jin and Gary were given a description of the piece of jewelry- they have to take a photo of it and return back to check if it's correct. The three were all correct at all. So far so good. But when it comes to 3rd team Textile Market- it was a nightmare. They have to memorize by hard the shop/owner's name including the fabric they have to buy in Arabic language. Il Woo tried to write it in his piece of paper but still he got all the words wrong. The same goes with Kwang Soo and Da Hae. Kwang Soo was conned into buying a clothing and from a wrong owner. What a joke!

Time was running out where Kwang Soo forgotten to turn his hourglass before he left. So he
bought the wrong item and he was out of the game. However he has a special card for 2nd chance so he used it to redeem himself back and gets another chance to go back and buy the right fabric- well without Gary and Ji Hyo's knowing. LOL! And even he bought the right item back, their team was the last to arrive. So their clues given for the Golden Grasshopper mission was limited. Jae Suk's team was first to arrive nearby the mosque area to search for the grasshopper. But the very last mission is ripping off name tags. If a members' name tag gets rip off once, their original hourglass becomes tiny means they can't run far out to look for more clues. Suk Jin, being the biggest noble idiot of all starts giving hints to Gary and others on his winning clue. Da Hae and Jae Suk were annoyed with him though.

But things didn't go too well for Ji Hyo's team as Gary was oust and her time ran out from the hourglass. Kookie's team was up against Jae Suk when they changed Il Woo's hourglass to tiny one while Jae Suk ripped Kook's name tag faster than ever. 
But silly Kwang Soo bend down to pick up Jae Suk's name tag only to have his ripped off by Da Hae easily. He looked so clueless and blur as ever. So the last 2 winners were Jae Suk and Da Hae entering the special room where their hourglass sand were poured into a bowl revealing the special Golden Grasshopper statue. 

So the special episode in Dubai has complete- thanks to all the locals, staff and supporters of the event. The team has enjoyed themselves a lot and would love to visit the country again in future.