Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Remake of My Sassy Girl in Joseon Dynasty.

The starting of SBS new periodic drama My Sassy Girl has caught slight attention whereby it was intriguing which the King Hwijong is forced to dethrone his beloved Queen. His evil corrupted court ministers esp Minister Jung took over and controlled the royal palace. They even made the evil consort Sukwon into Queen Park. 

Princess Hye Myung played by Oh Yeon Seo struggles to live a happy life behind the palace doors after her mother was dethroned and left them. For 3 years she has been climbing over the palace walls to explore the outside world. Meanwhile the handsome and intelligent scholar Gyun Woo played by Joo Won returns from Qing country. He is valued by the China's Emperor and also named as 'nation's treasure' by King Hwijong. 

In such a coincidence Gyun Woo helps Hye Myung but she has mistaken him as a pervert. After a short brawl, he is persistent to clear his name for he thought she was a gold digger. He kept looking for her but doesn't know her real identity. Hye Myung lost her jade ring and thinks Gyun Woo is the thief.

Even with heavy make-up, the dark circles were surrounding Oh Yeon Seo's eye bags. She
doesn't look anything as a 17-year old Princess. Hah! To my surprise Joo Won could still pull the trick as a young scholar in his early 20s. CN Blue's Jong Shin is indeed an eye candy as Officer Kang Jun Young in the palace. I am a bit doubting on Oh Yeon Seo's character as the rough and mean sassy girl (as what we see in the movie portrayed by Jeon Ji Hyun).
Joo Won still takes the same original name Gyun Woo as in the movie played by Cha Tae Hyun. 

The first episode of My Sassy Girl raked in 9.3% in viewers ratings. KBS2TV's Third Rate of Way scored 10.7% while MBC's The Guardians was at 6.6%.  

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Jo In Sung turns up at 500th episode of Happy Together program.

It is not something that everyday as audience we can see big celebrities turning up in a variety program. Majority K-pop idols and sing-song writers are mostly what we see in music shows and variety programs. This time for the 500th episode special event for Happy Together Season 3, A-list actor Jo In Sung turns up unexpectedly creating chaos in the production team. In Sung has once made the viewers ratings sky rocketed when he coincidentally joined his senior actor Cha Tae Hyun in 1 Night 2 Days program. He also made a cameo appearance in Running Man. In fact he's rarely seen in variety shows since he admitted he was very bad in playing games.

However everyone is eager to see Jo In Sung in variety programs due to his handsome looks and great acting skills. Emcees Ji Suk Jin and Yoo Jae Suk asked if he could ring up his close mates such as Song Joong Ki and Park Bo Gum to come along for the episode.
Indeed In Sung started calling both of his friends. Joong Ki doesn't seem to be convinced when he wondered why Suk Jin's voice was wavering away. Jae Suk called Lee Hyo Ri and she guessed incorrectly that In Sung's voice was Bo Gum! Hah! 

When asked what did he think of co-emcee actress Hyun Kyung, In Sung replied she is pretty causing her to blush away. After all when one of the most handsome actors in South Korea tells you are pretty- of course the actress is bound to start faltering away. Hah!

Tune in to see who are the guests who will turn up at the special episode. 

300 cups of coffee promise for Circle drama if ratings hit 3%.

tVN science fiction drama Circle: Two Worlds Connected staff production has promised to serve 300 cups of coffee if the viewership ratings pass the 3% mark.

Leads Yeo Jin Goo, Kim Kang Woo, Gong Seung Yeon, Lee Ki Kwang and Ahn Woo Yeon have revealed if viewership ratings do exceed 3%, they will provide free coffee directly to audience within 300 minutes.

The first episode of 'Circle' was aired on the 22 May with a heading of active Science Fiction drama. Stable care chips, smart districts, human beings, twin disappearances and the truth of numbering murders were the main plots. The average number of cable, satellite, and IPTV integrated pay-per-view platforms was 2.9 and the highest audience rating was 3.5%. The average was 2.3 and the highest recorded at 2.6%.

The third episode of Circle is scheduled to air at 10:50 pm on the 29th May.

Friday, May 26, 2017

Yoo Seung Ho transforms in Ruler of the Mask.

In the recent episodes of Ruler of the Mask drama, main lead Yoo Seung Ho who plays the real Crown Prince Lee Sun has left the palace life to investigate further on the mysterious truth of Pyungsoo Group trying to rule the Joseon dynasty.

Five years after the death of his parents, the Crown Prince and his bodyguard Chong Woon ventured into the paddlers organisation while working their way through to earn trusts and loyalty from the traders. Indeed it proved their fruit of success as the Crown Prince becomes the Chief of Paddler. When he saves Lady Ga Eun again from the annoying Pyungsoo baddies, she wonders why he denies he isn't Master Chun Soo whom she met many years back. She misses him terribly however he has a mission to carry out without revealing his true identity. Currently the Crown Prince is not donning on royal robes or his mask, he is often seen in different hair style and wardrobes.

Once again he meets Hwa Gun- the evil Dae Mok's grand daughter who now controls the port trading merchant businesses. She is fluent in Japanese and trades with foreign investors. Hwa Gun is excitedly happy to know the Crown Prince is alive but living as a new identity. Crown Prince doesn't know that Hwa Gun belongs to Pyungsoo Group. 

As for commoner Lee Sun, poor him living in the palace for the past 5 years was like hell. He had to rely on an antidote from Dae Mok who controls him if he does anything against his wishes. He misses his family so much with his loyal guard informing him about his mother doing business with a little sister.Viewers are brought to the attention that living in the palace was no fun compared to being starving as a poor man. Especially been controlled by a devil like Dae Mok who is the master mind behind the Bureau of Water Supply and now he intends to print more coins- to control the economy.

INFINITE's L has done a fine job as the impostor of the King. Meanwhile Yoo Seung Ho is a super eye candy and as usual his great acting skills portrayed well he has matured from a childish Crown Prince to someone where everyone follows and looks up to.
As for Kim So Hyun and Yoon So Hee's characters- they have yet to develop further. 
There is some comic relief from Master Woo Bo whom often indulges in rice wine along with the small officer who is now head over heels of the gisaeng. Haha!

Thursday, May 25, 2017

BTS nabs the Billboard Social Artist Award 2017.

The popularity soars well for group BTS as the boys marched into the Billboard charts and also taking home the Billboard Social Artist Award. It is the very first time a Korean artist wins this award out from their homeland. The event took place at T-Mobile Arena as Las Vegas on 21st May.
BTS has won over some of the favourite nominees such as Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez. Leader Rap Monster took the award stand with fellow members thanking their fans- BTS Army and those who have voted for them. Since Rap Monster is one of the members who could speak English. Others present were V, Suga, Jung Kook, Ji Min, Jin and J-Hope.
The boys were dressed neatly in black-white formal-informal suits and accepted the award with a humble speech.

Everything revolves with the fans and support from loved ones. The members took the opportunity to thank their fans via Twitter and SNS. They were even touched and sorry after the Manchester attack and send their personal messages and condolences to people out there.

God bless those boys and congratulations to BTS for the Top Social Artist Award. 

Thoughts on Third Rate-My Way drama.

KBS2 has slot in its latest Mon-Tue weeknight drama entitled Third Rate My Way 쌈 마이웨이 which features Park Seo Joon, Kim Ji Won, Ahn Jae Hong and Song Ha Yun. Well everyone knows Park Seo Joon's most recent pre-production sageuk drama as Kim Sun Woo in Hwarang: The Beginning under KBS. Kim Ji Won's popularity soared from The Heirs to Descendants of the Sun- also under KBS pre-production. Ahn Jae Hong is one loveable character from tVN's Reply 1988 and Youth Over Flowers program. As for Song Ha Yun, she was seen recently in the SBS drama Band of Sisters

Third Rate My Way revolves around 4 happy go lucky friends who knew each other since they were kids to adults. They are better known as Fantastic Four Idiots. Park plays as Goo Dong Man- a former Taekwondo elite player who dropped out after an incident. Kim plays as concierge desk Ae Ra who finds herself in trouble when her boyfriend cheated on her. Ahn plays the genius of the group, Joo Man as he's a buyer in the home shopping channel while Song plays his girlfriend Seol Hee who also works as a customer service rep in the same office.

Dong Ma's first crush Hye Ran is a beautiful announcer but has recently divorced. He finds himself isolated because of his status and image. His former coach Hwang played by Kim Sung Oh is ridiculously funny and tries to get him back to train as part of the national team.
And of course we are treated to few cameo appearances in the drama such as Ji Jin Hee, Choi Woo Shik and Kwak Dong Yeon. 

It's quite a light hearted romantic comedy involving the immature friendship of Dong Man and Ae Ra who are often at loggerheads but they helped each other out when one is in despair. Not too impatient to drop off this drama but will see how it goes...I won't say it's overly fantastic or interesting but it's a good way to pass your time especially at night after work or a drink. Hah! 

Saturday, May 20, 2017

A step closer to the truth in Chicago Typewriter.

tVN has certainly drawn the viewers to the current airing drama Chicago Typewriter where the story based on two different centuries. First was the three good friends Shin Yul, Seo Hwi Young and So Hyun in the Japanese occupation century. Second set was the three of them were reincarnated and reunited again in the modern era in Seoul - except Shin Yul is now a floating ghost trying to find the memories of how he died and remain mysteriously locked in the olden days typewriter which Hwi Young used for writing novels.

Now in present era star writer Han Se Ju played by Yoo Ah In is confused and also with the help of the ghost Yoo Ji Oh - played by Go Kyung Pyo is trying to reveal the truth why current veteran Jeon Seol played by Im Se Jung is afraid of shooting. She was a great national team shooter and previously a sniper in the past life. Somehow she was manipulated and also has shot someone dead. It was either Shin Yul or Hwi Young she has shot in the past life! And viewers were brought to to know that Seol's mother- Sophia also reincarnated was a prime suspect to the lead of Yul's death. He is also suspicious over Se Ju's former room mate and friend writer Baek Tae Min- played by Kwak Shi Yang

And as far as I know, I'm loving Yoo Ah In's hairstyle and styling fashion in the 1930's life as Seo Hwi Young. He's mysterious, carries a playboy style and is a team lead of the revolution team which So Hyun doesn't know he was his saviour in life. Shin Yul is just adorable as his bestie and remains bestie in the next life as both men adored So Hyun from the past to the current life.

The modern Han Se Ju is hot tempered, cold at start and sometimes soft inside when he is haunted by the trauma he stayed with his foster family especially his evil step-mother who tried to ruin his career while protecting Tae Min like a golden egg!
Of course we can never forget how feasible and cute the floating ghost Yoo who tries all kinds of ways to possess animals and even to humans as he wants a chance for Jeon Seol to see him in this current life. He is a witty ghost and yet warm heart as he has always been a helping friend to Hwi Young and So Hyun in the past life.
And will Jeon Seol ever find out who she has shot in the past life and recover from that trauma? 

Looks like Yoo Ah In has been destined to film some dramas together with few veteran actors such as Cheon Ho Jin who plays his current adopted father/mentor Baek Do Ha. Actor Cheon also played as Yoo Ah In's father in the drama Six Flying Dragons. 

Kim Soo Ro, Uhm Ki Jun and Choi Min Young travel to Nepal.

Actors Kim Soo Ro, Uhm Ji Jun, Choi Min Young, comedian Yun Jung Soo, singer Kim Tae Won and Teen Top's Niel are in the new MBC Entertainment program entitled Wizard of Oz.
Wizard of Oz is a program which has a concept of Oz's travel. If you are a kind of reality travel entertainer and your existing travel entertainment is set to go from your home to your destination. The program Wizard of Oz focuses on the process of returning home from Oz.

The first outback is in the country of Nepal. The members spent 72 hours travelling around Nepal and reminding them of the precious values of life they have forgotten. The Wizard of Oz is a trilogy and will be broadcast on the 5th of the following month.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Doota Duty Free celebrates party with Song Joong Ki.

It is not the duty free shopping people go frenzy about. It's actually Doota Duty Free's main advertising model/actor Song Joong Ki that drives the fan meetings.

For the first year anniversary of the event, actor Song has arrived at the Doota Duty Free Dongdaemun store with local and international fans eagerly waiting to catch a glimpse of him. As usual with his polite gestures, the good mannered actor acknowledged fans while taking photos with them, participating events together and cutting a celebration cake.

It has been a while since Song Joong Ki has appeared on TV screen. His new war movie will be in cinemas soon. He became an overnight celebrity and Hallyu star after the huge success of the KBS drama 'Descendants of the Sun'. 

For fans information, you might catch a glimpse of Song as a cameo appearance in the coming episode of JTBC drama 'Man to Man'. Song will be playing as a bank teller- a similar role of what Yoo Ah In did cameo in Descendants of the Sun drama. 

Sung Yuri married to golf player.

FIN K.L girl group member Sung Yuri (36) has tied the knot with professional golf player Ahn Sung Hyun. 
The couple has been seriously dating for continuous four years and have promised to be together for a lifetime companion based on unwavering love and trust toward each other. The wedding ceremony was held with immediate family and family friends.

The agency mentioned that Sung Yuri will continue to act as an actress after the marriage, and will try to show a better image- they expressed their thanks for the congratulations and warm encouragement of many people.

Roy Kim's comeback after 18 months.

Singer Roy Kim (25, Kim Sang Woo) is due to came back with a new album after in hiatus for 18 months. His mini album entitled 'Flowering period 開花期'.

This album's main song title is' Suddenly'. This song is about missing the old lover who suddenly emerges after a long farewell. Roy Kim has written and composed the title song. In addition to this, 'Counterattack', 'Because you're pretty', 'But you...', 'Imagination' 'and 'Heaven' are also in this album.

Roy Kim said, "The 'flowering period' means the time when flowers are blooming or when they are golden in the history of the country. I also have a wish for it. "Roy Kim's new album is a tangible look folk song singer as he is trying to change the perception is seen. 

First the change of appearance. He has dyed his hair colour to blond with bangs in the front. There is also a change in music. In addition to the ballads, there are also fast tempo songs that have never been released before.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Ji Chang Wook's transformation in Suspicious Partner.

SBS drama special 'Suspicious Partner' has revealed the searching of murder scene on 11th May episode broadcast. The drama plot opens with a judicial trainee Eun Bong Hee (played by Nam Ji Hyun) is one terrifying person who is not only rough on the inside and out. After discovering her boyfriend Hee Jun (played by 2PM's Chan Sung) has cheated on her, she decides to ditch him aside and make him jealous. 

She meets the merciless Prosecutor Noh Ji Wook (played by Ji Chang Wook) who was once framed for harassing her on the subway. Ji Wook is not only capable in his work and intelligent but he has the good looks as well. When Bong Hee has to undergo 2 months internship in the Prosecutor's office under Ji Wook, she finds him quite annoying at times but he stood up for her when Hee Jun was around with his new girlfriend. She swore at Hee Jun mentioning she'd kill him for what he has done to her.

Suddenly overnight Bong Hee turned into a murder suspect when Hee Jun was killed in her apartment. Ji Wook was in charge of the case and is determined to press charges onto her. He also needs to investigate the mysterious case which holds the key to Bong Hee's fate.
The drama also co-stars Choi Tae Joon and Kwon Na Ra.

Unlike all previous action-packed dramas, Ji Chang Wook's role has certainly changed from an agent/spy into a prosecutor-office role. It has barely any action scenes that he needs to jump or fly around which he has mentioned a good change for once.

Ruler of Mask starts off with 2 digit ratings.

MBC's latest sageuk period drama Ruler of Mask 군주-가면의 주인 has a little breakthrough of 2 digit ratings for first two episodes. Around the Seoul Metropolitan area, it has recorded 10.5% to 12.1% ratings. The period drama has a line of wonderful casts such as Yoo Seung Ho, Kim So Hyun, INFINITE's L and Yoon So Hee. Other veteran casts include Heo Jun Ho, Park Chul Min, Lee Ki Young and Uhm Hyo Sub.
It starts off during the Joseon dynasty period whereby the current King is being controlled by the powerful and evil Pyungsoo group who controls the master trade of poppies and even water in the country. The leader Dae Mok is preparing to invite the Crown Prince Lee Sun (Yoo Seung Ho) to join their group- in lay man terms- become the puppet of the country. Dae Mok sends his granddaughter Hwa Gun (Yoon So Hee) to the palace as a spy and she had her first encounter with the Crown Prince seeing his real face. 

Nobody has ever seen the Crown Prince's face as the King ensures he wears a mask. Whoever sees the Prince's face will be killed, the rumour says it all the heir to the throne has leprosy and nobody knows why and what happened. Poor Lee Sun endures all the humiliation and kept in a secret greenhouse without any communication with anyone except his close eunuch. He has no idea why his father is making him wear the mask all these years because to protect his identity and life.

Dae Mok is suspicious about the Crown Prince's real identity and sends his spies to monitor the Palace's movements. The King was furious that the Crown Prince has escaped from the Royal Ancestors Shrine and disguised himself as a commoner.

For past 14 over years, the very first time Lee Sun walks freely among the commoners in the market witnessing happiness, laughter, girls smiling at him and even sufferings among the poor people. He tries to give a poor child some water to drink only to discover that the Bureau of Water Supply is mean and having citizens to pay for a bucket of water. The Crown Prince also meets the commoner Lee Sun during the water supply riots. 
Thanks to Dae Mok's group and they were chasing over the Crown Prince. He ran for his life and stumbled across the pretty Han Ga Eun. He tumbled across the market only for her to held him up - a twist when usually the hero saves the damsel in distress. Hah!
And what we will be expecting is the real Crown Prince swaps his position with the commoner Lee Sun to investigate the Pyungsoo group. And will the commoner Lee Sun grows greedy after taking up the fake identity....? 

Sunday, May 7, 2017

The many faces of Park Hae Jin in Man to Man drama.

As where we as viewers were treated to all eye candy in typical K-dramas, JTBC is slightly different in sending Park Hae Jin as Ghost Agent K (Kim Seul Woo) in their latest spy-thriller romantic comedy drama. With his model height, sleek and slim looks, Park Hae Jin has demonstrated his bodyguard and agent skills in the drama. Of course we look forward with his bromance with his VIP actor Yeo Un Gwang played by Park Sun Woong who brings out the comical parts too. 

With romance on the roll of Manager Cha Do Ha falling hard for Agent K, little does she know he is just using her for his mission- well in a cold cruel way as usual. Remember he blew up the car in overseas to fake his own death leaving the foreign girl in despair? Well it's one of the tactics a skilled and spy needs to do in order to carry out their mission successfully. 
Park Hae Jin has shown his very different poker faces in the series that lit up the screen whenever he smiles, nods or carries out his mission coolly. His suave tactics manages to make the women swoon and wonder what's he about to do next.
I must say the scriptwriters have given Park Hae Jin a similar James Bond role which charms the ladies at first sight and even his lines were cheesy which makes your heart skip a beat. However how far will Ghost Agent K go to complete his current mission and is he willing to blow off his identity to save Cha Do Ha's life - which means is this a true feeling he's having for her?


Friday, May 5, 2017

Jo In Sung as General Yang in movie 'Ahnsi City'.

Actor Jo In Sung (36) will be starring in the upcoming movie entitle "Ahn Si City 안시성 " (by director Kim Kwang-shik).

Ahnsi City is a work that depicts the 88-day battle of the Tang Dynasty and the Goguryeo Army, which tried to capture Ancient capital of Goguryeo in the background of the Three Kingdoms. Jo In Sung has taken the role of General of Yang Man Chun, who defended the castle. The defending general is a person who hangs on to everything in order to protect the country.

Jo In Sung has mentioned that the message of the movie depicted is to convey the viewpoint of history, the image of a strong and wise leader that has been incorporated into the screenplay.

PD Kim Kwang-sik will direct the film. Previously PD Kim has directed Tabloid Truth (2014) and 'My Gangsters' (2010).

After finishing the casting, the film will be shot in August. The production cost is approximately KRW$15 billion.

Infinite Challenge to pop idols head to voting stations.

For the 19th presidential election in South Korea, voting begins for continuous four days.
Citizens of South Korea from normal workers to housewives to big celebrities, politicians and everyone are heading to polling stations.

MBC TV entertainment program 'Infinite Challenge' through their official Twitter- members Yoo Jae Suk, Park Myung Soo, Jung Jun Ha, Ha Ha, Yang Se Hyung were seen snapping a photo taken in front of the polls. 

Caption had it "Infinite Challenge 5 members voted in advance! It is the voting period for the 19th presidential election. Please vote as it s very important."

Singer BoA who had to go for an overseas trip was seen voting in advance too. K-pop idols such as T-Ara, Girls Generation, GOT7, Girls Day were seen posting on SNS of photos in front of polling stations. Actress Lee Shi Young and actor Park Hae Jin was seen coming out from voting booths as well.

The voting days are held until 5th May to 6.00 pm to ensure all citizens exercise their right.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Misunderstandings cleared in Liar and his Lover.

Episode 14 of Liar and his Lover displays so many problems were partly solved from the band members of Crude Play to couple misunderstandings.

First of all- the supporting couple which has captured most netizens and viewers attention was Crude Play leader and vocalist Si-Hyun (UNIQ's Sungjoo) and his senior at work So Yeon. All the years So Yeon thought Si Hyun has ignored her confession and feelings. And all the time Si Hyun was confused whether how to make her love him. At last they knew it was because of the note she left in his jacket and it was lost. So they never knew each others' feelings until he asked her. And we were all treated with a kiss for the cutie couple. Hands up for Si-Hyun...YAY!

And drummer In-Ho suppressed his feelings well to the extent he even took the most drastic measures to cancel the live performance. He was afraid to ruin Crude Play band image that they were not playing the instruments all these years. Han Gyeol found out In Ho has been patient, considerate for his band members that he was taking sleep inducers. Poor fella!

Sole Music Entertainment is going down the drain as Chairman Yoo is taking over and slowly convincing the artists to go over to WHO Entertainment. Mr. Choi is slowly losing his position and failing to grab onto his artists. Chairman Yoo wants to pull over only the talented artists and trying to disband Mush & Co. Jin Woo and Kyu Sun realised they were not needed in the company. Poor Jin Woo who likes So-Rim all these years have to put aside his feelings as she confessed that she only likes Han Gyeol. 

Han Gyeol is all guilt ridden knowing In Ho is trying hard to protect the image and future of Crude Play. However he doesn't know that his tough and over protective ways for the members have caused them more problems. Mr. Choi insists that Chan Young should take over and protect Mush & Co from being disband. 

What will happen to Crude Play, and the rest if Sole Music is taken over by WHO Ent.? Chairman Yoo who has the heart of steel is determined to change everything. 
And oh! I must say the heroine in this drama is somehow fast fading... I don't know what So-Rim is doing as all the attention has been shifted to Crude Play and Sole Music Ent.

53rd Baeksang Awards Winners 2017.

The biggest winners for the recent 53rd Baeksang Awards 2017 has many big celebrities winning the main awards.

Dae-Sang: Writer Kim Eun Sook (Goblin)
Dae-Sang (Film): PD Park Chan Wook (The Handmaiden)
Best Film: The Wailing 
Best Director (Film)- Kim Ji Woon (Age of Shadows)
Best New Director- Yeon Sang Ho (Train to Busan)
Best Actor (Film)- Song Kang Ho (Age of Shadows)
Best Actress (Film)- Son Yeh Jin (Last Princess)

Best Supporting Actor (Film)- Kim Eui Sung (Train to Busan)
Best Supporting Actress (Film)- Kim So Jin (The King)

Best Actor (Drama)- Gong Yoo (Goblin)
Best Actress (Drama)- Seo Hyun Jin (Another Oh Hae Young)

Best New Actor- Kim Min Suk (Doctors)
Best New Actress- Lee Se Young (Wolgyesu Tailor Shop)
Most Popular Actor- Park Bo Gum (Moonlight Drawn by Clouds)
Most Popular Actress- Kim Yoo Jung (Moonlight Drawn by Clouds)
Most Popular Actor (Film): Do Kyung Soo (My Annoying Brother/ Pure Love)
Most Popular Actress (Film): Im YoonA (Confidential Assignment)
Lifetime Achievement Award- late Kim Young Ae

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Crude Play members' truth exposed in Liar and his Lover.

The recent episode of Liar and his Lover has shown us the reality of musicians and k-pop idols in the music industry. First Mr. Choi has ruined all the chances for Crude Play members as he rushed Mush & Co group to sing Han Gyeol's new single. News and media speculated that bassist Chan Young is leaving the group due to his last minute pull out from the Music Sketchbook performance.

As usual the 'too simple' and kind-hearted So Rim brought Chan Young back to her home to console him after hearing his sadness. I don't know where to applaud her kindness or she's being too naive. Anyway I am not fond of her character, however the story starts to unfold that Chan Young requests for a break from Crude Play thinking Han Gyeol has returned back to his original place. 

Netizens and fans were annoyed to the fact thinking So Rim is a two-timer between ChanYoung and Han Gyeol. Sole Music company gets busted with wall graffiti by fans cursing So Rim for ruining the band. Chan Young tells her it's not her fault he's taking a break from the band. Thumbs up for Si-Hyun who doesn't care on YoonA being a senior, he tells her to stop bothering Han Gyeol and got on her nerves that she's just being pathetic. Rumours start to circulate until to Chairman Yoo as she is pissed off knowing Crude Play is going down the drain with the leaked videos. Media are pushing for the truth and answers. 

Chairman Yoo tells Mr. Choi that Crude Play will play live performance for the press conference. The band members are anxious that the truth about them having proxy musicians will hurt their image and fans. Yoon thinks they should not be covering up however his idea was shot down ever since their first debut. They knew they couldn't back down except to keep covering. Soon Chan Young realizes that the members did use his bass music in the real videos posted online. All the time he has misunderstood thinking the members have never accepted him in the band. 

Performing live in front of the press was a piece of cake for Chan Young but not for drummer In Ho. He fidgets all day long worrying about the press. Finally Si-Hyun apologises for his mean ways towards Chan Young when they first debut. Han Gyeol felt helpless as he can't do anything for his friends. 

In this episode we see all misunderstandings were cleared among Crude Play members.
I couldn't care less about Mush & Co or So-Rim as she doesn't seem to stand out much lately compared to the real truth about Crude Play band. Her voice is only what they wanted and her silly behaviour- she is just plain boring. In Ho gets in a car accident to delay the press conference and live performance. Is this the final destination for Crude Play band?
What is going to happen further with them? Well....I certainly can't wait to see as we can see Chan Young has matured so much in this episode.

Song Ji Hyo as Shinsegae's VIDIVICI exclusive model.

VIDIVICI, a premium cosmetics brand developed by Shinsegae International has announced that they have selected actress Song Ji-hyo as their new model.

From the natural and refreshing image to the luxurious and elegant atmosphere, Vidivici judged that Song Ji-hyo, who has the charming of pale colour skin, can represent various images of the brand.

In particular, Song Ji-hyo is Korea's representative Hallyu actress and has many overseas fans -a bout 5 million followers in China's Wei Bo, which is expected to help Vidivici to advance into the global market.

Song Ji-hyo is planning to start full activities starting with the advertisement of "Perfect Vip Cushion", which will be released on the 18th May. Song boasts a distinctive V-line through the 'Perfect Vip Cushion' pictorial and advertising footage. Song's distinctive natural and elegant charms will be emitted to highlight the premium image of 'Perfect Vip Cushion'.

"We hope that Song Ji-hyo, who is actively active in overseas will be able to raise Vidivici position not only in Korea but also in the global market." rep said. Currently Vidivici has endorsed actress Han Chae Young as their model.