Sunday, July 31, 2016

Hwang Chi Yeol sings OST to the movie Summer Tears in Paradise.

Singer Hwang Chi Yeol will be contributing his voice to the movie OST 'Summer Tears in Paradise' 하우교목 아망천당 (movie directed by PD Jo Jin Gyu).

His new single '가장 먼 거리' - Most distant will be the OST song as per advised by his agent HOW Entertainment on 31st July.

The new single is getting lots of reaction from Netizens and have been downloaded for more than 33 million with no#1 spot after been digitally released online. Though it's sung in Chinese lyrics, however Hwang's husky voice and sad emotion is conveyed through the song. Even his pronunciation in Chinese is perfect.

The movie Summer Tears in Paradise is starred by Kris Wu Yi Fan (ex-EXO member), actor Joo Won and ex-Super Junior member Han Kyung.
The movie is expected to release on 5th August.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

W: Two Worlds takes over no#1 spot in Wed-Thu drama spotlight.

The mystical fantasy drama screened on Wed-Thu drama night slot has crowned its new spot- MBC's drama W: Two Worlds have surpassed the ratings and sat comfortably on the number 1 spot. Previously KBS drama Uncontrollably Fondly was a popular one but somehow the story line has failed to capture the audience.

Both leads Lee Jong Suk and Kim Woo Bin in the two dramas are best buddies in real life however the viewers ratings seem to look favorably on W. I have to strongly agree on this fact as I have nothing against Suzy in Uncontrollably Fondly but it just didn't gain much hype and the story just fell off after the romance sets in.

On 27th July, W drama has recorded 12.9% according to the Nielsen Broadcast Korea on nationwide basis. Uncontrollably Fondly just recorded its ratings at 8.6% with a 4.3% gap difference. Within the Seoul metropolitan area, W has taken its spot with ratings of 15% while the other dramas struggle to keep their end.

Audience were drawn into the web toon (manhwa) world where heroine Oh Yeon Ju played by Han Hyo Joo ends up travelling back and forth meeting the lead character Kang Chul. She can't help but to keep doing comical things to shock him and his bodyguard Do Yoon.

The two different worlds they live in has made Kang Chul realized she is no ordinary human being with special powers. Her father the scriptwriter is fed up and furious that he can no longer control the web toon. It has come to live and taking its own course.

Yeon Ju is horrified to know she is stuck in the web toon as long as she cannot give Kang Chul the answers he is looking for. She is also worried for the safety of Kang Chul as she saved his life twice. Now she knows the heroine of the manhwa world has been switched from the PA Yoon So Hee to Oh Yeon Ju instead. And trouble spells out when Yeon Ju has been interrogated by the police for frame of attempt assassination. Chul demands the truth but is terribly devastated to learn that he is just a leading hero character in a comic world! 

So now it's keeping the viewers gripping to their seats to find out Who and Why is this happening to Kang Chul... :D

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Kim Hee Ae and Ji Jin Hee's Second Last to Love drama.

Veteran actress Kim Hee Ae (49) will be portraying the role of a single drunk lady and completely broken in relationships. The passionate romance begins at the age of 40+ as actress Kim laughs out rowdy female lead she is playing.

Though she is in late 40s, her elegance and beauty is timeless. She is playing a comical role this time and the drama will be a light comedy. 
Second Last to Love 끝에서 두 번째 사랑 is the title of the weekend SBS drama. On 27th July, there was a press conference on the upcoming drama at Seoul Mokdong SBS Station. 

Kim Hee Ae's role as TV station PD Kang Min Joo while Ji Jin Hee (45) plays as stiff responsible City Hall Section Chief Go Sang Shik. Kim Seul Gi will be playing as Ji's younger sister Go Mi Rye while Lee Su Min plays as his teenage daughter Go Yeh Ji.

PD Choi Hyeong Hun will be directing the drama. His last project was High Society. He has also worked together with Ji Jin Hee when he directed the drama A Word from Warm Heart.
Scriptwriter Choi Yun Jung will be writing this drama as her famed works include Mr. Baek, Emergency Couple and Lie to Me. 

There are many scenes beyond our imagination. Also co-starring in the drama are Kwak Shi Yang (Mirror of the Witch) and model Stephanie Lee (from Yongpal).

Second Last to love will start airing on 30th July once Beautiful Gong Shim wraps up its finale. 

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

1 Night 2 Days visits Yoon Shi Yoon's hometown Suncheon.

After all the splashing water at the nearby waterfalls for summer holidays, the cast of 1 Night 2 Days are headed out to Suncheon at South Jeolla Province. PD Yu Il Yong tells them to bring more than 3 under wears because they are to play more 'water games' which Jun Ho whined stating he has used all up his spares! 

They arrived at their hometown of Yoon Shi Yoon's. His hometown Suncheon is where he grew up with his grandparents until his middle school he left for Seoul. He has basically lived all his childhood life there. Now water games is the mission where they have to hide at the Fortune Supermarket. It's uphill. Each member will carry a weapon of water gun to eliminate the other members from arriving at the mart. As usual they picked all their weird weapons. Shi Yoon had the colorful water balloon bombs, Jun Young has the best water gun rifle, Jun Ho had to lug a bucket of water, Tae Hyun has the insecticide spray, Jong Min has the smallest water gun and Defconn just has a small bowl of water.  

The adult men ran around the village like mad people spraying and splashing water on each other. They were dressed in white colored shorts with a big heart on their bum. They have to avoid at all costs to be splashed by any of the other members' water. First to be eliminated is Jun Ho and Defconn. Shi Yoon was basically appearing here and there without any notice. Jong Min was also oust by Shi Yoon while he also ambushed Tae Hyun who was riding a bicycle. Jun Young tricked Shi Yoon in saying he lost the game at early stage as he became the ultimate winner. They introduced Shi Yoon's grandparents to everyone. They were thrilled to see Jun Young having a big home cooked feast to himself. Grandma Yoon isn't pleased to see her home made meals is fed to others. Defconn pointed out she looked bitter seeing her grandson lost the game. They suggested to have a bowl of filled up food for Shi Yoon since it's been a while he came back home after his military services.

Soon the rest were growing hungry seeing so much delicious food on the table ranging from eel soup with beef, seasoned acorn jelly, seasoned jelly fish salad, steamed pom fret with sauce, green onion pancakes, steamed octopus and best of all the fluffy rice cake only made in Suncheon 4 times a year. They suggested to play Rock, Paper, Scissors with Grandpa Yoon. If they win they get a spoonful of food fed by Grandma Yoon. Everyone won except for Defconn as Tae Hyun whispered to Grandpa to throw in Paper at the last stage. Hahah! Poor Defconn who couldn't get a bite of anything. As they moved out to the next location, Jong Min shouted to the rest stating PD Yu Il Yong is busy stuffing himself with the octopus fish. The crew praised Grandma Yoon's home cooked meals were the best!

Shi Yoon parted with his grandparents and said he will call them later. PD Yu tells them the next stage is heading to Gokseong! OMG! That place is eerie! The recent released South Korean horror film The Wailing is filmed at Gokseong. The mysterious story of a demon possessing the village and killing the public is giving everyone the goosebumps. It's pitch dark and they have to drive up without GPS navigation. 

The members were told to get off the car and walked up to the case camp with torch lights. They shouted they won't go any further. The six grown up men freaked out as they were clinging to each other after being scared by some female crew squatting at one corner. Tae Hyun's fear level shot up and said he couldn't move any further. Find out more on the next episode who will be sleeping outside the tent in Gokseong as they will have that fear in their life!

Joo Sang Wook and Kim Hyun Ju's new drama Fantastic.

Actor Joo Sang Wook and actress Kim Hyun Joo are confirmed for the main leads in the upcoming JTBC drama 'Fantastic'.

Joo Sang Wook will play the role of top start Ryu Hae Sung who thinks highly on himself. But at the mean time he has this side of caring and cute appeal. And then he stumbles across his first love with a drama writer Lee Soo Hye played by Kim. Then the romance begins after meeting up again 10 years later...

Joo mentioned he couldn't help laughing reading the script and scenarios. His role is rather interesting and funny at the same time. 

The drama will be directed by PD Jo Nam Guk who was previously in charge of directing JTBC's drama Last, SBS drama Empire of Gold, The Chaser and Definitely Neighbours. 
Drama script is written by Lee Sung Eun. 

The drama will start airing on 2nd September on Fri-Sat which will be taking over the slot of Age of Youth. 

Monday, July 25, 2016

Siblings love from Sechs Kies Kang Sung Hoon and sister.

After many turbulence up and down within the idol group Sechs Kies which went on their separate ways in May 2000 followed by their main vocalist Kang Sung Hoon's fraud incident in 2009, the members have remained low profile until lately their songs hit no#1 in the music chart again.

MBC's Infinite Challenge brought the six crystals back together and they had their first Indifferent Concert at a world cup stadium filled with thousands of fans carrying yellow balloons, dressed in yellow raincoats, singing along with their songs again. Back to 2000....
It's down the memory lane for the rest of the members of Sechs Kies.

But when times of good and bad, Kang Sung Hoon's one and only younger sister stood by his side. Kang Yoon Ji is two years younger than Sung Hoon and is a singer under a Japanese label music company. Though many of us would not know who Yoon Ji is, let's not be confused with the actress Lee Yoon Ji. Both siblings have opened up their Instagram account and even posted their happy photos supporting each other. 
Both Yoon Ji and Sung Hoon looked similar since they are siblings. Both of them even dyed their hair in yellow blonde colors as well. Netizens start commenting how young they look and they are happier as ever. Being a doting brother, Yoon Ji always praised in her Instagram account how much she adored and loved her brother. She even attended the Infinite Challenge guerrilla concert as her support for her elder brother. 

Yoon Ji's Instagram contains many photos and videos on her brother and Sechs Kies members than anybody else. 
It's even harder to believe Sung Hoon is the same age as VIBE's powerful vocalist Yoo Min Soo as both of them are born in February 1980 with 5 days apart. The audience were shocked but struck in awe seeing Sung Hoon remained the same as he was 20 years ago but Min Soo just looks rather 'elderly'... hahah! When the two shook hands saying let's be friends, everyone cracked up saying it looks like Sung Hoon is the younger one. 

Basically to everyone's eyes, Sung Hoon is a frozen human, just defrosted in time! We wonder if he has been eating preservatives all these years... LOL!
Both he and his sister have somehow inherited the good genes from their mother with fair beautiful young complexion.

Oh well, I wish he can retain forever that way... *smirks* even though Sechs Kies members are having problems in dancing difficult moves- their knee joints are cracking up and they are losing their stamina from the choreography. Muahaha... nevertheless we still love them.

Im Ji Yeon and Son Ho Jun in MBC drama

Actor Son Ho Jun is added into the MBC new drama 'Calling Mi Poong' 불어라 미풍아.

It is a TV weekend drama where he also co-stars with actress Im Ji Yeon.

Son Ho Jun will be playing the human rights lawyer, Lee Jang Go where he meets a North Korean defector. Im Ji Yeon is the North Korean defector woman, Kim Mi Poong who comes to Seoul where she has conflicts with Lee.

Lee Jang Go is an honest and happy man. Son had fun reading the synopsis of his character. He reckons the drama is going to be interesting. The writer and director were previously famed for their 2014 drama Rosy Lovers which took off at high ratings. 

It will take over the slot of Happy Home. 

Formal trial for Super Junior's Kang In drunk driving.

As the saying goes- we learned our lesson when we make mistakes...however it seems that fellow member of Super Junior- Kang In has never learned his lesson. In September 2009 he was involved in a brawl at Gangnam-gu in front of a bar- well not entirely his fault but he was dropped of from modelling, his activities were all postponed.

Then in October 2009, Kang In was involved in a car accident where he turned himself to the police. He was under the influence of alcohol where he crashed into a taxi without anyone being injured. His management agent issued a public apology and suspended all his activities.

Though he was fined heavily by the court, he doesn't seem to know where he went wrong.
With compulsory military of 2 years, he disappeared from the radar and the rumors died down. After army, he resumed his activities again. 

Then in May 2016, he is again involved in a DUI hit-and-run incident and SM Ent. once more came to his rescue to suspend all his activities until further notice. 

Now the Prosecutors are preparing to prosecute him for the drunk driving for a formal trial. The Seoul Central District Court has decided to submit to the dividend, a short formal trial for the accused. They initially prosecuted an informal fine of KRW$7 million but the Seoul Central District Court Criminal Presiding Judge decided it should be a formal trial procedures after reviewing the documents submitted formal trial on 19th. 

On May 24th, Kang In was found crashing into a post near to a convenience store at Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul at 2:00 AM - everything was captured on nearby CCTV. When he was tested, his blood alcohol content was 0.05 percent - I reckon license should be suspended.

Come to think of it, I wonder if he realizes what he must or mustn't do as a celebrity. I know SuJu fans not be happy hearing this critic, but this is my personal opinion- he really needs to wake up. The fine doesn't make any difference as long as one keeps paying fine and doesn't realize his mistake...  Not that he has damaged public properties but he's putting innocent lives out there in danger if there are people walking or running around at night. 

As the saying here goes for drunk drivers - "If you drink and drive, you are a bloody idiot!" 

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Lee Jong Suk campaigns for child violence.

Actor Lee Jong Suk (27) sets out a campaign against child violence.

According to the agency, YG Entertainment- Lee Jong Suk's proceeds to "Please Stop" campaign with the brand, is led by designer Jane Song. 

The total amount donated will be proceeded into 'Save the Children'. Product made directly configured via the T-shirt and Eco bag, ball cap and cardigan is a wide collaboration work with Jane Song.

In particular, the title of the campaign: to establish a "Please Stop- (SAVE OUR CHILDREN) will have the actor/model Lee Jong Suk directly involved.

Designer Jane Song pointed out the collaboration is of good intent on social issues rather than profit goal to take advantage of each other. She wished to create an opportunity to think about these issues with more people, even with a busy schedule ahead. 

Jane Song's stores nationwide can be purchased from the online store.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Shinhwa's Kim Dong Wan donates to unwed single mothers fund.

Singer/actor Kim Dong Wan (37) from Shinhwa has attracted quite a lot of attention from public when he is practicing extraordinary good deeds.

Kim's Green Umbrella Children's Foundation has been receiving KRW$46 million since last year's donation for single mothers.

Kim who donated the big amount of money has been said to raise awareness of single mothers who needed strength and ability to support and raise a child.
It is not an easy thing to raise a kid without money and support from others. He hopes with his bit of assistance will extend the support to all the single unwed mothers out there.

He also mentioned that the children of each single mother out there is the nation's future and hope. If this can begin early, every small change from each and everyone of us will be a great strength and hope for them.

Since January, Kim has been helping out the low income families by sending their KRW$50 million during winter to keep them warm. 

Im Si Wan sculpture visuals for SURE magazine.

Beauty and Style magazine- SURE has unveiled out the latest images on actor/singer 
Im Si Wan on 21st July.

In the pictorial, the singer/actor is transformed to a city, sexy New Yorker style boasting unique charms.
The pictorial and interview can be found in the August subscription of Sure.


                    Photos all courtesy from SURE magazine

Our much loved character Jang Geu Rae from the drama Misaeng has taken off quite a while for Im Si Wan who nailed the character so well. It has been sometime we haven't seen Si Wan in small screen and hopefully we can see him soon.

W drama on steady ratings with excitement.

MBC has screened its 2 episodes for their newest MBC drama W on Wed-Thur slot.
Not only everyone was waiting for the drama but viewers were gripping to their chairs on the twisted story line.

A famous cartoonist Oh Sung Mo for the W-series manhwa is brought to shock when he sees his famed written cartoon has something mysterious inside it. It's coming to life and it is painting by itself. His only daughter a heart surgeon Oh Yeon Ju is quite scatter brain at times cannot believe that her father is going to kill off the steady strong headed character Kang Chul in the manhwa.

To her disbelief, Yeon Ju was somehow transported inside the cartoon itself and she ends up saving Kang Chul's life. Kang Chul feels something funny about Yeon Ju as the rest of the characters didn't know Yeon Ju's existence. Her name, her work place and everything doesn't seem to exist inside the webtoon. But she is real...she could transport herself in and out from the real world into the webtoon. And we don't know why....

The ratings were recorded at 10.4 and 10.7% according to the Nielsen company.
It recorded 11.3% and 11.5% via the TNMS company within Seoul itself.

Han Hyo Joo looks great in her acting and with no doubt she is older than Lee Jong Suk but the pairing seems to be great. She has brought out some laughter being rather clumsy and air headed heart surgeon. Meanwhile Lee Jong Suk as the charismatic Kang Chul is pounding out the women hearts out there. His looks, sports car, wealth and everything seems to be unrealistic in real life but he is indeed a character that only exists in webtoon world. 

The last few minutes of Episode 2 is shown how cartoonist Oh is determined to kill off Kang Chul's character in a car accident. But mysteriously Kang Chul was able to stop the time and even avoided crashing into a big trailer at the intersection!

He looked out and saw everything came to a mysterious! He got out from his car and looked up straight into the sky. What is happening? Oh is shocked seeing the drawing of the accident scene has slowly disappeared on the screen and a message came out asking- You...exactly, who are you? Oh Sung Mo scrambled out from his chair in shock realizing the cartoon is talking to him and demanding the reason. It is coming to life... 

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Radio Star program reveals the truth behind Sechs Kies group.

In the recent Radio Star program hosted by Kim Gu Ra, Yoon Jong Shin, Kim Guk Jin and Cho Kyu Hun, they have invited special guest- our very long time reunion first generation boy band Sechs Kies. The members were seated on the glass side while Jong Shin and Guk Jin announced their arrival. 

Leader Eun Ji Won cringe when Jong Shin said he's the first ever idol who married and divorced within few years. They pointed out each of their characteristics- robot Jang Su Won known for his stiff acting, the inflexible Lee Jae Jin, the evergreen Kang Sung Hoon and CEO Kang Jae Duc. The members laughed off when they were asked why they signed with YG Entertainment. It wasn't a favoritism because Jae Jin's brother in law is the CEO of YG Ent. But it was something they wanted to promote the group. Jae Duc and Su Won hoped their contract is like 10-20 years but Jae Jin blurted out it's only for 3 years. Gu Ra smirked that Big Bang boys will be thinking in their heads that Sechs Kies are like military generals in the company since they are the seniors in the entertainment business. 

Gu Ra was all headed up ready to question the members but he was often shot down by Ji Won's weird remarks. The emcees praised that Sung Hoon hasn't aged since 16 years ago! He had the same face, hairstyle and presence. They started discussing on Sechs Kies rivalry with H.O.T group back in 2000. It was always a big pressure for them. Jae Jin was ambitious requesting H.O.T for a come back so he can challenge them. He tends to feel that Jae Duc betrayed the group since he's been living with Tony Ahn for 8 years. Jae Duc claims he acts as a spy for intelligence to which Ji Won told him off he's a defector! 

Coming to Su Won, they often teased him about his stiff robotic acting. He laughed in embarrassment. He was asked if he was going to marry his girlfriend 13 years younger than him to which he said yes. The group has done many CFs and variety shows in their young days. Ji Won said they basically did everything which H.O.T rejected! Sung Hoon admitted it was difficult for him to do a kiss scene with their raging fans at the movie set. Basically Sechs Kies fans didn't have that luxury as H.O.T fans because they had to travel on their own to see the concert and even hitch a ride back on H.O.T rented bus for the fans!

Then the truth was revealed out how Sung Hoon met Ji Won in high school at Hawaii. The 2 were scouted by the agency and was about to debut as duo when H.O.T suddenly debut. Change of plans from the company that they need to form a group as well. Auditions went out seeking for potential members. And how the stiff Su Won came to the group is because of his honest naive answer during audition- he doesn't have any potential! Ha ha! Sung Hoon agrees to take Su Won in. Jae Duc was shocked to find out he was scouted in not because of his looks but because of his dancing skills. Jae Jin immediately impressed them so it was a piece of cake. At first Sung Hoon wasn't keen to take Jae Duc in because of his strong Busan dialect. The emcees laughed stating Sechs Kies was like a basket of groceries literally chosen by Sung Hoon! 

Ji Won's face darkens when Su Won dished out the truth the first impression he had of him if he was the manager for the group! LOL! Ji Won always had that tan, serious angry look
compared to Sung Hoon who is fair and sweet looking. More shocking news came out Jae Jin ran away from military for 33 days due to stress and unhappiness after his parents died.

Lucky for him, his sister is married to YG Ent. CEO and had 2 kids. The biggest question- why did they disband in 2000? It was due to conflicts with managers and hectic schedules.

Of course ex-member Gu Ji Yong left for good as he preferred to lead a normal businessman life. 
More laughters came into the set as Jong Shin and Guk Jin read some comments sent in from their fans. Sung Hoon being the considerate and sweetest of all he offered bread and milk to fans when they were waiting outside his apartment. Su Won tiptoed in his flat to be cautious awaking his fans. Meanwhile Jae Jin being the most drastic of all reported his fans to the police! And the reason is because he is very exhausted with activities but seeing fans camping out his studio flat causing havoc day and night. Ji Won commented that only Sung Hoon is the one who named their fans 'yellow balloons' and being flirty with cliche words with them. 

The episode finished off with Sechs Kies performing their old hit songs- Road Fighter and Feeling. It is seen that Kyu Hun ended up as their new fan holding up a yellow banner as what their fans usually do in concerts and gigs. Well we hope the best for the group and good luck to them! 

Doota Duty Free reveals Song Joong Ki as its CF model.

Doota Duty Free released its web drama version CF on 20th July starring Hallyu star Song Joong Ki. The theme of the web drama entitled 'The Time We Fell in Love' has been revealed via SNS for South Korea and China. 

The Time We Fell In Love drama is about a heroine who makes her trip up to South Korea Doota duty free shops and she encounters the male protagonist there. The first episode featured 'Coincidental Encounter 우연한 만남' and the continuing 2nd part is 'Wavering Fate 떨리는 인연

Doota Duty Free rep has mentioned that the contemplating content is to reach out to younger customers so they have produced the web drama CF.
Song will continue to
 expand the variety of promotional activities for the unique characteristics of Doota Duty Free. 

People living in Seoul will be able to catch the big advertisement at Doota Shopping Mall at Dongdaemun station/stop.

Hyun Bin, Yoo Hae Jin and Kim Joo Hyuk's films Cooperation.

Hyun Bin, Yoo Hae Jin and Kim Joo Hyuk finished filming 2nd half for the upcoming movie 'Cooperation- 공조' directed by PD Kim Seong Hoon. They have been filming for the past 4 months. 

Photo courtesy from Chosun website
On 15th July, the production and cast finished filming the movie about a North Korean criminal detective coordinating secretly in South Korea to follow up on the crime organization. 

The North Korean detective Rim Chung Ryeong is played by Hyun Bin. Yoo Hae Jin plays as the South Korean homicide squad detective Kang Jin Tae. Meanwhile Kim Joo Hyuk plays as Cha Ki Seong who is the North Korean leader of criminal organization- ah...the real baddie. Others co-starring in the movie are Lee Hae Young, Jang Yeong Nam, Lee Dong Hui, Girl's Generation Im YoonA and Park Min Ha

In preparation for the film, Hyun Bin has been running and practicing for 9-10 months. He mentioned the staff and production casts were very happy with the shooting and hopes the film will be successful when it hits the local cinemas.

Monday, July 18, 2016

1 Night 2 Days continue with Summer Vacation special.

Summer holidays are rather exciting for the casts of 1 Night 2 Days. They headed to Jeolla province whereby they were told to come to the set at 9.17 a.m. However Jong Min was the first to turn up with a mask and a float. PD Yu Il Yong was taken back to see him so early as the staffs are still getting ready. Next to turn up was Shi Yoon followed by Jun Young. They felt somehow they have been pranked by Jun Ho who texted them the time. Meanwhile while waiting, they started laughing when Defconn turned up in a Pikachu costume and float- pig pikachu. When Jun Ho arrived, they cracked up seeing he was dressed up in his previous rock star clothes and long hair wig. Tae Hyun was last to arrive but at the right time he purposely changed the theme of the episode so that Jun Ho would be steaming in his boots and black clothing under the summer heat. 

2 weeks ago, they were given their homework to plant their sweet potato. It was disastrous as nobody succeeded except for Jun Young whose potato sprout out few roots. 

PD Yu tells them the legend of Chun Hyang and Mong Ryung is based on the Namwon known as the city of love. So 3 are to become Chun Hyang and 3 will become Mong Ryung. Shi Yoon, Defconn and Jun Ho ended up as ladies role. It's quite a twist to the story whereby 3 ladies are tied to the punishment execution chair. 

If their so-called partners Mong Ryung answers correctly scores a point while the other 2 Chun Hyang will be punished. Quiz is based on the national level examination. At first Jong Min was leading to which led suspicion as he was never a smarty pants. He is determined to have his partner Defconn punished but Jun Ho was faking all the punishment cries. Tae Hyun and Shi Yoon won the game earning a horse badge which is a cookie! 

Next stop was the nearby waterfall which is famed for healing powers. People have claimed after swimming and diving near the waterfall, it has healed their migraine and bones. Suddenly they saw PD Yoo Ho Jin walking around looking relaxed. He claimed he gained 3 kg from being on vacation- good on him! Least he looked happier and healthier now.

The cast is told to enjoy themselves playing and dancing in the water but it was rather cold. They were freezing away and started squealing when the water touched their chest. Soon they were overwhelmed with the musical chairs game- the chairs were donut floats. The survivor of the water musical chair will enjoy a feast consists of bibimbap, seafood pajeon and chicken ginseng soup with side dishes. 

Everyone struggled their best to stay afloat while Jong Min was first to be kicked out from the game. Surprisingly Tae Hyun who was usually the unlucky one remained top 3 together with Jun Young and Shi Yoon. Nothing beats our newbie of the group who is ex-Marine soldier as he won the final float. PD Yu tells them 2nd to join Shi Yoon is Tae Hyun as he won the Rock Paper Scissors game. The losers watch in grim while the winners enjoy their big feast sitting in front of the lovely view of the strong waterfall. 

Desperate for food, Jong Min tells the PD he will submerge into the waterfall for 10 seconds and get a plateful of food. Surprisingly he managed to hold onto 10 seconds under the strong current of the waterfall. It was invigorating and refreshing. Jun Ho, Defconn and Jun Young immediately followed behind as they are hungry. But as soon as they are out of waterfall, they rushed to the table chowing down the pancake like some hungry ghosts! PD Yu informs the other two if they go into the waterfall, he will serve them dessert too.

Tae Hyun quickly went and followed by Shi Yoon whom everyone admired his mascular six packed abs body as he removed his t-shirt. Ooo ... aah! 

MBC new drama 'W' features Lee Jong Suk and Han Hyo Joo.

The handsome fella often been called as '만찢남' (Man Jjit Nam) is actually a manhwa (cartoon) featuring one of the hottest actors/model Lee Jong Suk (27) who has a tall lanky body and height with a small face. These are his main 'weapons'.

Lee Jong Suk is featured in the new MBC drama 'W' directed by PD Jeong Dae Yoon and written by Song Jae Jong. Lee's role is a smart, good looking and most of all wealthy. His upgraded status of being an Olympic gold medalist in shooting division with 800 billion worth of assets has boost his resume. But then he doesn't exist in real life. Lee commented as an actor it's an honor to led the scenario and take double roles which is challenging and at the same time exciting.

In the drama, it is rather deceiving as to his position doesn't exist in real world but in a cartoon. One day a lady Oh Yeon Ju comes into the picture. She questions and steers into the drama. Lee felt that veteran actress Han Hyo Joo has helped him out. 
At the same time, his best friend in the entertainment industry actor/model Kim Woo Bin's drama Uncontrollably Fondly is airing at the same time. Before the drama, the writer has requested Woo Bin to make a cameo appearance in W. The two men are in fact soul mates so rather than being competitive, they would cheer on each other for the best.

Han complimented it was funny and comical. She is really hooked to the drama. It's rather refreshing and people might embraced it well. Her role as surgeon Oh is plucky where her father is the cartoonist who created the perfect handsome man Kang Chul. She is fully absorbed with the manhwa her father has written. At the moment of crisis, Yeon Ju rattles in to rescue the so-called hero.

Han Hyo Joo, Lee Jong Suk together with Kim Ui Seong, Jeong Yoo Jin, Lee Tae Hwan and Lee Si Ahn will be starring in the drama W.

W drama starts its first episode on 20th July at 10.00 p.m.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Sechs Kies Sung Hoon meets Xia Jun Su

I'd say I am one of those during the times where first generation idol boy bands and girl groups first emerged into the entertainment industry. The recent comeback of first generation idols have made gone into my super teeny times when I was so into them.  

Meet the two blonde brothers!
Sechs Kies SungHoon and JYJ JunSu
Reunions and come back of longest running boy bands have made me realized there was still hope in seeing them getting back together once more Some to be named...Shinhwa, Fly To the Sky duo came back with their albums, G.O.D did their come back concert and recently Sechs Kies made their come back after 16 years.

I am pretty amazed at how some of the members maintain their image and looks. Some haven't aged and seemed to have kept a frozen time capsule within them. Sechs Kies main vocalist Kang Sung Hoon doesn't seem to look 36 when he stands beside JYJ's Junsu. The two of them started following each other on Instagram accounts. The two cutie pies have attended each others' concerts.
Awww....bromance...even though Sung Hoon is literally a hyung to Junsu but he looked like he's in his late 20s. 

On the recent comeback of Sechs Kies during an interview, nation's MC Yoo Jae Suk pointed out that Sung Hoon being the vocalist of the group totally looked the same as he was 16 years ago to which he shyly denied. His sweet voice and hairstyle was exactly as what he had when they first started off as Sechs Kies. 

In late 90s when Sung Hoon was still a young idol and now
he's in his mid 30s. Can you see much difference?
Well most of the members looked the same as they were, all of them are still single and available (ha ha!) and could maintain the tiring dance routines. Leader Ji Won totally kept it all controlled as he was always in variety shows since the group was disbanded. Jae Duc been managing a company with partner in crime Tony Ahn - ex H.O.T member. 

Park Hae Jin returns to cable channel drama Man to Man.

Actor Park Hae Jin (33) will be working as a secret agent in the National Intelligent Security (NIS) JTBC's new drama titled 'Man to Man' 맨투맨. Drama script is written by Kim Won Seok.

Scriptwriter Kim mentioned the NIS agent has an exceptional ability to solve various cases, fit as he is, a character of thousand faces...mmm...

On 15th July, according to the production house Park will play the role as Kim Seol Woo who is not only brilliant top body guard and he's one of the few NIS agents kept in secret.

His character is very versatile and has the ability to change with a poker face. 

Scriptwriter Kim Won Seok is the 2nd writer of the KBS famed drama Descendants of the Sun. This drama will be 100% pre-production and after completed its casting and director, they are aiming to start at the first half of next year. 

Mirror of the Witch- new era fantasy drama is proven popular.

Yoon Shi Yoon, Kim Sae Ron who recently finished filming the cable channel drama 'Mirror of the Witch' has recorded 2% ratings. 

The last episode shown on 16th July has recorded 2.773% ratings according to the measurement company for the paid TV-household channel.

It was the first drama Yoon Shi Yoon has filmed ever since he was discharged out from army and co-operated with child actress Kim Sae Ron. Even though the wide age gap difference between a 30-year old man and 16 year old child actress, it didn't hinder any of the filming.
The drama has proven its popularity since it has sold its broadcast copyrights to 8 South East Asian countries including Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Myanmar, Philippines, Japan, Thailand and Hong Kong.

The final episode has shown the big sacrifice that Heo Joon (played by Yoon) was willing to take as to save the royal family, Yeon Hui (played by Kim) and everyone else from the curse. Yo Gwang has given the Sacrifice Elixir for Joon to drink however Yeon Hui has swapped it with another bottle of potion. Instead she took the elixir somewhere else to drink and die in stead of Joon. The love and sacrifice of one true love at last lit the final candle to break the curse in the Chungbing Temple. This has aroused the emotion and sadness at the same time.

And we were treated to veteran actor Kim Gab Soo who made his cameo appearance as the elderly court Physician Heo Joon who treated the Royal Family and even wrote a book on medicine called the Dongui Bogam. Years passed on and Joon passed on his teachings to kids and fondly remembers Yeon Hui. 

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Shopping King Louie drama features Seo In Guk and Nam Ji Hyun.

Singer/actor Seo In Guk (29) is confirmed starring in the upcoming MBC drama Shopping King Louie 쇼핑왕 루이. Also co-starring with Seo is actress Nam Ji Hyun (21), Yoon Sang Hyun (41) and Im Se Mi (29). The drama will be directed by PD Lee Sang Yeob and written by Oh Ji Young.

According to MBC station, the drama is about a chaebol Louie who lived in luxury where he was born and bred in Europe. Louie meets his fate of his lifetime, a carefree and kind hearted woman Go Bok Sil played by Nam. The drama depicts witty and romantic comedy drama.

Nam Ji Hyun who was used to be a child actress in those days have somehow secured herself a leading actress role now. Meanwhile Seo In Guk is doing the leading with his new partner which will provide a youthful pure romance drama. Charismatic veteran actor Yoon Sang Hyun is a brilliant and good nature fella, Cha Jong Won while Im Se Mi plays as the perfectionist Baek Ma Ri.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Lee Seo Jin shows his talent in slapstick comedy in Talents for Sale.

Talents for Sale 어서옵SHOW has somehow demonstrated how celebrities is willing to do in order to raise funds for local charity group. Recent episode 5 featured gag woman Park Na Rae who has the ability to change into various personalities and even did pole dancing.

As usual the 4 hosts include Kim Jong Kook, Noh Hong Chul, Lee Seo Jin and I.O.I's Kim Se Jeong. This time they meet two best friends actor Cha Tae Hyun and Hong Kyung Min- better known as Hong-Cha as they recently produced a hit single.

In fact Cha, Hong and Jong Kook are close and besties in real life- not forgetting actor Jang Hyuk but he's busy filming dramas so he doesn't have time for entertainment shows.

The casts go on finding their celebrity guests to aid them in their home shopping channel. First stop was comedian Park Na Rae who was busy learning pole dancing. She was rather short and stubby but filled with bubbly personality. Funny as usual, she is to teach them to the basics of pole dancing. The one person that caught her eye was our prickly Seo Jinnie.

He was quite hesitant to enter the room but he had no choice. And when asked why he's looking at Na Rae mysteriously, he just denied. Na Rae immediately confessed that Seo Jin is her ideal type and she has always wanted to meet him. ooo...aaah....

Everyone burst into laughter when Na Rae has met her target and asked if they are mating! Hong Chul pointed out this is no Animal Kingdom show, Tae Hyun laughed stating it's they are finding pairs, not mating game. Poor Seo Jin blushed and couldn't lift his head up. Na Rae demonstrated the pole dancing basics but ended up in bruise and pain. The guys continued to laugh hilariously but when Se Jeong tried her bit on pole dancing she somehow looked like she is filming a CF and pretty as a fairy. What a total difference! Next up was acting which Na Rae hinted out there are 2 fabulous actors in the room. Seo Jin's recent romantic melo-drama Marriage Contract was a hit, so he is to act against Na Rae- breaking up in cold hearted way. The girl has to fall down while chasing the guy but instead Na Rae slammed down the floor like a zombie to which everyone laughed again. Tae Hyun's acting skills were shown when he played against Se Jeong. But when Se Jeong trips and falls, all the men rushed to her aid... Na Rae looked very displeased. Hah!

Next the casts were to learn basics on producing a slapstick comedy as what we see in Gag Concert. It's an important point to make people laugh and not feel pity or sad. Tae Hyun excels well in acting with Na Rae as he's always been in comedy films. Again Seo Jin stood far behind observing their acts as they dragged him back to the front asking him to demonstrate how Na Rae did. 

Phwoar! All laughter on the set as the charismatic actor has done well in producing slapstick comedy with his weird expressions! Muahahah! I was rather surprised how our prickly complaining hyung who usually says No to everything is willing to drop his perfect actor image and do funny expressions on TV.

As for pairing, Na Rae has chosen Seo Jin as her partner so the rest decided to back out leaving Jong Kook to pair with his 2 best pals while Hong Chul finds himself the famous Chef Kim So Hee as his partner.

I really do look forward seeing how the casts continue on with the guests in their home selling charity show. Can't help but to see how cranky pants Seo Jin dealing with Na Rae and everyone just loved to point out at his dimples. Kekekkk!

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Uncontrollably Fondly hits 40 million hits in Chinese Youku site.

KBS 2TV drama Uncontrollably Fondly 함부로 애틋하게 has hit 40 over million hits of viewers via the Chinese Internet TV Platform. 

According to KBS rep on the 12th July, the drama was broadcast simultaneously in South Korea and China where it broke its record with such high numbers of viewers.

The production company Samhwa Networks is looking forward to its after broadcast effect in both countries after much interest in China. The main leads Kim Woo Bin and Bae Suzy's romance story started to pick up from Episode 3 and 4 which has attracted the viewers.

Last week after its first 2 episodes were broadcast, the ratings hit 13.8% and 12.8% respectively earning 4th spot in the ranking.

Original OST of the drama is contributed by Suzy herself and Im Seulong and Ki Sum. 

And my first thoughts of the drama- it's slow at the start but nevertheless Woo Bin delivers a nice image and boyish character. Quite a sight when I see Jun Young carrying the big white Teddy waiting for No Eul in front of the school. And the sad beginning when he looks up to his biological father who is just a typical corrupted Prosecutor.  

Monday, July 11, 2016

Sechs Kies reunion show in September 2016.

After 16 years in hiatus, finally the first generation idol group Sechs Kies are reuniting for their show in the coming September 2016.

Sechs Kies group in 90s where they were once young and vibrant
According to their current agency YG Entertainment, Sechs Kies are to meet their fans through the concert from 10th-11th September at Seoul Olympic Park Gymnastics Stadium.

Before that in June, the group had planned to complete the contract with YG Entertainment but has postponed a concert schedule for numerous times. It has spurred the current full-fledged comeback performances and preparation from the members.
And as mentioned before ex-member Gu Ji Yong will not be participating in concerts as he is a family and businessman. 

Current members of Sechs Kies (except Gu Ji Yong)
In 1997, the boy band started off with their 1st full album 학원별곡.
They have hit songs together with rivals from SM Entertainment group- H.O.T.
Sechs Kies disbandment news came in year 2000 after enjoying few years of popularity.

This year in the recent Infinite Challenge program, the hosts brought back the members of Sechs Kies on stage after the long 16 years. The sudden conducted guerrilla concert was still a splurge strength where fans filled the concert arena with yellow balloons.

Jeong Woo Sung, Jo In Sung's movie The King to be released in December.

Two handsome A-list actors Jung Woo Sung and Jo In Sung's new movie 'The King 더킹' has finished up it filming and will be released in December 2016. The film has finished its pre-production status. 

On 12th July, according to the distributor of films- The King crew and production cast wrapped up its final filming after working hard for the past 5 months. The shooting locations include cities such as Seoul, Dajeon and Busan. 

PD Han Jae Rim mentioned that it was all thanks to the hard work and effort from the wonderful cast, crew and staffs. They have worked hard to show their best as to entertain the audience. Please look forward to the upcoming film in December.

Jo In Sung also commented that the staffs, crew and writers have worked well together. They are hoping to reap some good results from the hard effort.
Jung Woo Sung also said the casts worked tirelessly and with the guidance of PD Han, they are having high expectations of the film.