Thursday, January 29, 2015

Scarlet Heart (Bu Bu Jing Xin) drama series

I am usually not a fan of Taiwan-China dramas as I mainly do not understand Mandarin very well so the only dramas I ever watched were Meteor Garden and some other series by Mike He and Kingone Wang. That is until I happen to run into this drama online called Scarlet Heart also known as Startling Step by Step or what they called Bu Bu Jing Xin.

So what is so special about this drama? The drama is about a modern day woman Zhang Xiao (played by Liu Shi Shi) who was accidentally transported back to the Qing Dynasty after a bad accident. Her soul went into the 2nd daughter of General Maertai- Ruoxi. She woke up realizing that she is stuck during the reign of Emperor Kangxi. Her eldest sister, Ruolan (played by Annie Liu) is the consort to the 8th Prince Yinsi (played by Kevin Cheng) She finds herself romantically involved with the 8th Prince and also the 4th Prince Yinzhen (played by Nicky Wu) while befriending the other Princes in the Palace. 

As Zhang Xiao knows in real life history Yinzhen becomes the future Emperor Yongzheng after Kangxi's death but what happened behind the palace doors is another thing. Kangxi dotes a lot on the 14th Prince Yinti with the 8th Prince, 9th Prince, 10th Prince supporting him. However Yinzhen ursurped the throne and pursues consistent revenge on his other siblings except for 13th Prince Yinxiang who is his closest buddy. Though Yinzhen and Yinti are from the same mother but Empress Dowager knows the throne belongs rightfully to her youngest son. And the rest is history....we all know the fate of the other Princes when Yinzhen becomes the Emperor and his reign was short before his son, Emperor Qianlong took over the throne. 

What I find interesting on the first few episodes of this drama- Ruoxi was nicknamed the "Death Defying 13th Sister" - named after the rebellious Prince Yinxiang. Known for her bold daring confident character, she gets her way around and attracts Yinsi, Yinzhen and Yinti.
Even the 10th Prince was hoping she'd be his consort but she only liked him as a friend. 

Kevin Cheng who plays Yinsi fits him well...the gentle, calm and kind 8th Virtuous Prince- a special title given by the Emperor himself for his generous and hardworking attitude. However Yinsi harbours great ambition for the throne with the support of his 9th, 10th and 14th brothers. He hardly shows emotions for his 1st wife Princess Ming Hui but he is concerned for Ruolan despite her coldness towards him. Then comes Ruoxi in his residence whom he treasures but he chooses power for the throne over the love for her.  

Nicky Wu has done well for playing Yinzhen- the cold stormy ice-block look. He is the oldest brother considered after the 1st and Crown Prince. He hardly talks and very serious in work.
His mother is one of the high rank Concubines favoured by Kangxi. He develops a strong possession for Ruoxi and aims for the throne when his father passes away.

I thought the scriptwriter should have written Ruoxi's character to be wittier and crazier since she is from the 20th century. She looked as if she was in history for the past few years and seem to adapt so well in the culture. As for the other Princes, they are all great in their respective roles and robes. I have to say thumbs up for the actress who played as Ming Hui for she yearns for the 8th Prince's affections only to realize he only cares for the 2 sisters.
Her sacrifice for him and the family was greater than anyone else. Talk about a woman's fate in the olden days... it's their destiny and fate when they meet the wrong man.

Look how different these actors are with hair and without hair! Haha!

They sure look better with the hair and with modern clothes!

As what Ruolan mentioned to Ruoxi- they are all pawns in the chess game. Whenever the Emperor decides anything, they cannot defy it but to accept the decree obediently. 
However Zhang Xiao manages to return back to the modern day in the hospital after a long coma. She couldnt find anything on Ruoxi in the history but discovered a painting of Kangxi and the Princes with a tea-lady serving them who looks like Ruoxi. Then there's the modern day reincarnation Yinzhen who walks by Zhang Xiao and doesn't recognize her at all. 

I particularly like the opening theme song 一念執著 (duet sang by Hu Ge and another woman) The song is melodious though I don't really know the lyrics as well.

Lee Byung Hun's Terminator: Genesis to release in July 2015?

Actor Lee Byung Hun is starring in Hollywood's film- Terminator: Genesis is confirmed to be released in cinemas in July 2015.

On the 28th Jan, the Distributor film- Lotte Entertainment has confirmed that the reboot of the series trilogy Terminator 1 will be released in the country in July 1st.
This Terminator 5 will be one of the highest anticipated films of the year as what Paramount. Films is expecting. While Lee take on the role of the villain T-1000 Terminator, this has raised expectations early confrontation with the hero in the country. Robots of liquid metal T-1000 Terminator series is regarded as the best villain characters ever.

However the main problem lies where Lee has been recently involved in the huge sex scandal from Glam's Dahee and model Ji Yeon resulting the 2 women pleaded guilty and sentenced to jail. Lee has suffered a major blow from the incident with the obscene images floating around online and video threatening events. 

'Terminator 5' holds the story of  Sarah Connor (played by Emilia Clarke) and John Connor's father, Kyle Reese (played by Jason Clark.)'Thor 2: The Dark World "directed by Alan Taylor has made a presentation on it. 

Group Shinhwa to release new album as fan service

The longest running idol boy band in South Korea- Shinhwa is going to release their new single after been away for 1 year and 9 months from the music industry.

Shinhwa consists of members leader Eric Mun, Min Woo, Dong Wan, Hye Sung, Jung Jin and Andy under the ShinCom Entertainment Co has advised that their next album will be released next month- 3 days ahead with the pop ballad 'Memory' as an appreciation gift to their fans. 

Shinhwa has mentioned prior notice from their music and performances, fans will be expecting a lot from their 12th album.

The song 'Memory' is composed and written by a talented team who are Lee Won and group vocalist Choi Jung Hoon from V.O.S (Voice of Soul). Shinhwa wishes to thank their fans who went through thick and thin with them for the past 17 years with this emotional pop ballad song.

ShinCom Entertainment also explained that 'Memory' is a surprise song for the fans and it has been a while for the comeback from this long standing boy band.

Looking forward to hear this new album! Good luck Shinhwa! :)

Actress Claudia Kim becomes Asia's Bobbi Brown face model

Claudia Kim- who is also known by her Korean birth name Kim Soo Hyun has been recently named as US's largest cosmetics maker Bobbi Brown's Asia face model. Claudia will be representing Asia and her face will be mostly in the Bobbi Brown's counters, posters..etc.

Meanwhile Kate Upton remains the main model of Bobbi Brown cosmetics around the world.

As you can see from the official Bobbi Brown poster shoots, both have equal beauty and elegant looks for the cosmetics. Claudia Kim presents a naive and innocent natural look for Asians meanwhile Kate Upton holds the bold and stronger look. In fact Claudia appears to be thinner side than any models in the BB ads. I think she is beautiful in her own way.

Let's not be confused with why Soo Hyun chose to use an English name Claudia as there are several celebrities similar name as hers. First of all Hallyu star Kim Soo Hyun is the guy who swept all women's feet from his drama Moon Embraces the Sun and My Love from Another Star. He is the face for beauty products, ZIO-A, Samsonite, Lotte, Bean Pole..etc
There's the child actress Kim So Hyun who also played in Moon Embraces the Sun, Missing You and Rooftop Prince. For all we know Claudia Kim is the model/actress compared to famed actor Kim Soo Hyun and child actress Kim So Hyun. 

Claudia Kim looking radiant and beautiful as ever... 

Claudia hails from Ehhwa Women's University in International Studies and is very fluent in English. She has starred in various Korean dramas from Queen of the Game with Lee Bo Young and Jo Jin Mo, Fugitive B with Rain and Daniel Henney, Romance Town, Brain, Standby, 7th Grade Civil Servant with Joo Won and Choi Kang Hee. She has also been casted to play as Dr. Cho in Hollywood's movie- Avengers: Age of Ultron that is due to hit the cinemas in May 2015. 

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

ZE:A's sub-unit group debuts in Japan

The 9-member boy group ZE:A has finally released its sub-unit group consisting of members Kevin, Dong Jun, Min Woo, Hee Chul and Tae Heon to debut in Japan. 

(L-R): Hee Chul, Hyung Sik, Si Wan, Kevin, Jun Young, Kwang Hee, Tae Heon, Min Woo, Dong Jun

The sub-unit group will release their new single 'Roulette' in Japan and considered a up tempo pop song. Most people are unaware of some of the members as it was mostly the talkative witty Kwang Hee who promoted the group all these years. Now that their other 2 members Im Si Wan and Park Hyung Sik are greatly involved in filming dramas, that leaves the other members to start promoting their music. 

The Aussie-based Kevin has not really appeared in much programs except for hosting a radio program in ARIRANG channel. Dong Jun has got off from filming dramas and variety programs. Min Woo, Hee Chul, Tae Heon and leader Jun Young were considered the super low profile members where they haven't appeared in any dramas. 

Hyung Sik will soon be wrapping up the drama 'What's with the Family?' when it reaches episode 50- a great but long weekend drama with high ratings. Si Wan has rested ever since he filmed Misaeng on tVN channel and has received many offers of adverts and dramas.

Now it's time for the other members to shine on their own and start promoting their new single to the other market. Good luck to them!

On and off screen Lee Min Ho - documentary

In year 2015 released the film Gangnam 1970 in cinemas within 5 days, it has broke the record of 1 million audience making it one of the biggest box office movies in South Korea.
The movie about street juveniles and land development directed by Director Yoo Ha has been a great life time career after meeting and casting actor Kim Rae Won and Lee Min Ho into this film.

With veteran actors such as Jung Jin Young playing a role in the film and newbies Kim Seol Hyun, Yoo Seung Mok, Kim Ji Su...the film has a twisted storyline and this weekend they are off to Suwon for the opening meeting of the public audience.

Director Yoo Ha, Jung Jin Young together with Han Jae Young has a stage greeting with the audience on one to one where everyone gets to see on theatre the crime scene photos as well as Lee Min Ho's hearted gratitude for the viewers. It was 'Min Ho's Documentary- Gangnam is great! 

= Photos are all courtesy from Naver online =

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Actress Nam Sang Mi ties the knot

Actress Nam Sang Mi's wedding photos have been released.

In 2013, Nam Sang Mi was introduced to her current groom who is the same age as she is.
The 2 started off as good friends in a local church and today their beautiful friendship turned into a blissful wedding for the couple. The wedding was held at Yangpyeong area on the 26th January. The photos showed the glowing and happy looking bride Nam Sang Mi.

Her white wedding dress was elegant, feminine design worn by the bride stood out well.
The wedding was only attended by the groom's close family members and friends conducted privately. The church pastor officiated the wedding. 

Nam Sang Mi's agency- JR Entertainment send in their congratulatory messages wishing her a warm beginning of the marriage and a better appearance as an actress.
They gave their blessing and wished her all the happiness for a happy family and home.

Nam Sang Mi's highly claimed dramas include Time of Dog and Wolf, Joseon Gunman together with co-actor Lee Jun Ki, Gourmet with Kim Rae Won, Life is Beautiful with Song Chang Ui and Goddess of Marriage with Kim Ji Hoon.

JYJ's Kim Jaejoong special birthday with fans

JYJ group member Kim Jae Joong spends special time with his fans during his recent birthday. On the 27th January 2015, C-Jes Entertainment said for his 26th birthday, Jae Joong met with 6,000 over fans and the birthday party includes a fan meeting which was held at Seoul Jamsil Gymnasium with the concept of 'J-Party

On that day, Jae Joong revealed the look inside house, his everyday dressing room, kitchen, work-room, space area with bedroom. 

Jae Joong previously filmed the drama 'Triangle', now together with actors Shin Seung Hwan amd Kim Min Jae are currently filming together in the latest drama 'Spy' under KBS2 TV station. Actor Jo Dol Hwan is appearing as a guest star in this drama. 

Fellow JYJ members, Yoo Chun and Jun Su send in their video congratulatory message to Jae Joong following a good response. :)The highlight was a mini-concert songs decorated with a selection of music by the fans directly. 

Jae Joong had conducted a survey on the songs the fans want to see in advance of the songs in the album 'Top 8'  and the selected "One Kiss' (One Kiss) was presented a stage and so on.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Hyun Bin's KRW$4.8 Billion Multi-Family Home in Cheongdam-dong

In year 2010 after the hit drama 'Secret Garden' which starred Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won, now after 5 years he's back filming the new drama Hyde, Jekyll and Me with Han Ji Min. Hyun Bin's real birth name is Kim Tae Pyeong (aged 33) is known for purchasing a 7-level storey building in Cheongdam-dong. This place is known to be for the rich and famous with businesses as well. It is definitely cheaper to buy worn out/older buildings in this place than building a new commercial building. This commercial place is expected to reap in profits to a number of KRW$5 billion.

Real Estate agent, One Building has revealed that Hyun Bin's family runs the HB Family Holdings in January last year 2014. The Gangnam-gu land consists of area 363㎡, basement floor above the ground floor multi-family home and was registered to them. On the copy of registry of land, apparently the place has been purchased at KRW$4.8 billion without any loans from the banks! How great is that! Founded in year 2007 HB Family Holdings has operates the official Hyun Bin Fan Club- whether its portrait, copyright and intellectual property protection, such as coffee shops and proceeded with the business of the franchise, real estate development.The office is expected to move to Nonhyun-dong and August this year after the building is completed.

The current evaluation is good to be profitable even if it's rented out. An actual rent of new offices near the 1st floor (120㎡) rent -monthly deposit 100 million won with 6.5 million won, 2nd floor (132㎡) more than 4.5 million won to 50 million won. If you do the simple calculation based on the monthly deposit is already 33.5 million won to 400 million won.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Asian Cup 2015 Quarter Final 1 (South Korea vs Uzbekistan)

For the first time in history Australia is hosting the Asian Cup 2015 (soccer) matches around the country's stadiums. Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Canberra are the main capitals for the games. When South Korea was picked to play against Australia in Brisbane, it was the sea of Aussie fans in the stadium cheering for Socceroos. However South Korea scored the first goal in the full time so Socceroos were left behind to play against China.

South Korea soccer team was on top spot in their Group 1 division so their next game was against Uzbekistan on Thurs, 22nd Jan 2015. I bought the ticket through the website knowing South Korea will be coming to Melbourne to play for the Quarter Final 1 game at AAMI Park also known as Melbourne Rectangular Stadium. It was rather difficult to get a ticket at the Korean Support Group as it was all snapped up by the Red Devil fansTicket was reasonable at Row K at Seat 324 Aisle 18...I was at the Family Area where no one is supposed to bring in any alcohol to this area. As I arrived at the stadium, I was swarmed with Koreans all donned in red colour t-shirts, Taeguk flags and banners. They do come all in full force!

Sea of Red Devil fans in the supporting group of Korea

Though I had a good spot at the Family Area but heck! I was not too far from the Uzbekistan support group where I could hear them banging their drums and cheering so loud. I should be sitting at the opposite site. Damn! The were about 20,000 fans in the AAMI stadium watching this game...mostly Aussies who sort of regretted to buy the tickets in advance with high hopes that Socceroos would play the Quarter final in Melbourne but now they were stuck to watch Korea and Uz. You never know.... haha!

The first 90 minutes was a bit of drag though both teams have their equal opportunity for shots and goals but it was missed! I jumped up a few times when midfield/striker Captain Ki Seung Yung had his chance to score the goal from the corner kick but he missed it! The crowd roared whenever each team approaches to the opposite goal keeper. There was extra time of another 1/2 hour so I am keeping my hopes real hight that at least South Korea should score a goal. Indeed the Taeguk Warriors scored their first goal right before my very eyes. Yes! I jumped with joy and shouted but felt bad coz the surrounding people had that forlorn look. Too bad!

Then again the Korea team dribble around the ball hoping to score and it proved some difficulty to tackle Uz's football star Nesterov who had his chances. Lucky for goalkeeper Kim Jin Hyeon who defended his net very well. The crowd went oooo....uuuu...I don't know what that means. I sat really at the wrong area! I should have booked somewhere else instead!
And again before I could even text something on my mobile phone, again striker Son Heung Min strikes the 2nd goal and that was it! South Korea has won the game! YES!!!
Uzbekistan had all their chances to score their goals but Kim Jin Hyeon was perfect to stop all from going into his net. The Aussies and locals immediately got off their seats and left the stadium knowing South Korea defeated Uzbekistan. 


Man of the Night! Fowarder Son Heung Min scoring the 2 goals having his interview.
It was a happy night for the Red Devils supporters and they congratulated them after the game. I stayed back a while to catch a glimpse of the players waving to them for support. The players ran around the field to thank the fans and supporters. Unfortunately I didn't see their Captain Ki Seung Yung as he was injured earlier. Nevertheless it was great to see the Taeguk warriors deserved the respect and won the game. 

And here's the mascot for the Australian Asian Cup 2015- Nutmeg. He's a wombat! 
He's quite distorted looking wombat...doesn't look that cute but kids love him!
Nutmeg has his own dance-time on the field but he was only dancing near the Uzbekistan support group. 

For the Korean team- the two young budding players to lookout for is Swansea's midfielder Ki SY and Bayer Leverkusen's forwader Son HM. If these 2 men keep the national team afloat with the wins, they might create history again in 2015. 

Congratulations to the South Korea soccer team for winning the game and all the best to them in the coming matches advancing to Semi Final! Let's hope they keep winning to the Finals! :D

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

5urprise group members in the limelight

5urprise is a new boy group formed by Fantagio Entertainment that also manages girl group Hello Venus. For those of you who probably knows who the actor Seo Kang Jun is, he is originally from this group 5urprise in 2013. The members were not so popular until Kang Jun started appearing in various dramas such as The Suspicious Housekeeper alongside with child actress Kim So Hyun, Sly and Single Again with Lee Min Jung and Joo Sang Wook and most hit weekend drama What's With the Family?

Kang Jun also appears to be a regular cast in the variety show Roommate Season 1 and Season 2 where he was sharing the same room with actor Park Min Woo and GOT7 member Jackson Wang. His 5urprise members did make an appearance in Roommate when they visited the house and actress Hong Soo Hyun was seen touching up her make up to look pretty in front of the young fellas. The members consists of Kang Jun, Kang Tae Oh, Gong Myung, Yoo Il and Lee Tae Hwan.

Member Lee Tae Hwan has recently starred in the drama Pride and Prejudice with Choi Jin Hyuk and Baek Jin Hee. People started take notice of Lee Tae Hwan for he is a newbie in the drama industry. With rivalry Kang Jun in the front, Lee was often asked was it stressful to compared himself with his other popular member. No doubt Kang Jun was the first member advertising himself and his group...however Tae Hwan is slowly picking up and getting advice from his fellow member actor.

With Kang Jun already appearing in CFs, dramas, variety shows and emceeing some programs, the other group members have to work harder to get recognized by the public and fans. The group has also graced the cover for Bazaar Magazine and Big Issue. The 5 young guys look fresh and dashing too. 

This year 2015 we look forward to seeing more of 5urprise members appearing in new dramas, CFs and variety shows. I know Kang Jun does it well as he is another 'heo-dang' in variety shows. LOL! We wish them all the best for a bright future career! :)

JYJ reigns in Japan's Oricon charts

A year filled with surprises for us from JYJ group members. Yoo Chun sweeping most drama and film awards from his brilliant acting in the industry, there's Jae Joong engulfing us with his best poses in magazines adverts and now his sexy 'Spy' drama and lastly Jun Su's angelic voice in musicals and concerts. Now the trio are are hitting top spots in Japan's music Oricon chart. 

Their latest Japanese single entitled 'Wake Me Tonight' was ranked top in the Japanese's Tower Records and HMV music outlets. After all the banning restrictions out from the law suit from previous SM Entertainment Co, JYJ members have very little or mininum apperance on main broacasting stations and music programs. Their last live broadcast through Asia was for the Asian Incheon Games opening ceremony where the 3 performed the theme song Only One and their English hit single Empty. Fans were in tears and felt so proud for the 3 guys as they were hardly promoted at all on major TV stations. 

Even with no promotion or whatsoever, JYJ still remained very strong and popular with the Japanese fans. The 3 guys have not been forgotten at all apart the left duo members of TVXQ/DBSK promoted their albums actively in Japan. 

They may not appeart or will never appear at all in Music Banks, Gayo-daejon music awards and variety programs but the trio are standing strong. So aren't we proud of Yoochun, Jaejoong and Junsu who are still ranking no.1 in the music industry? 

For one thing sure...I am! I am proud of them. 

Up Close and Personal with actor Lee Min Ho

SSTV Go Tae Hyun Reporter meets up personally with an interview of one to one with the famous actor Lee Min Ho (famed from the Boys Over Flowers F4 drama, City Hunter, Faith, The Heirs drama) Lee Min Ho plays the main protagonist in the new released film Gangnam 1970 with veteran actors Kim Rae Won and Jung Jin Young. He has now a new complete make over from the other characters that he has filmed previously. 

The tall, handsome looking actor is one of the biggest star as he walked in with a stride look, SSTV Reporter Go mentioned he is just like a carved out human sculpture.  

In the recent film Gangnam 1970, Lee has a total image transformation where he lives without his family, has a desire for money. This time Lee takes the role of a 'poor pauper' which was rather different than the dramas he has filmed. In Boys Over Flowers- his Go Jun Pyo role was the richest heir to the Shinhwa Group, he was a rich fella in The Heirs as well and a rich IT geek and fighter in City Hunter drama. 

Lee mentioned 'Actually anyone who sees my appearance will think it's all tattered rags and because I look straight and it gives a true visage of this character. Movie director of Gangnam 1970, Yoo Ha originally directed the films Once A Upon a Time in High School (말죽거리 잔혹사) and Mean Streets (열한 거리) finds this drama is a connecting link to his previous films he has done. It was the year 1970 in Seoul, two men have the desire and loyalty for the development land surrounds of Gangnam and that is where the betrayal sets in.


In Gangnam 1970, Lee plays the role Kim Jong Dae where he is a fierce man in his youth 
Both actors Lee Min Ho and Kim Rae Won showed the desperate look of 2 men's lives with tons of action in this film. Watch out for the movie comes out on 21st Jan 2015.
Something to pin to your next movie list to watch... Woohoo! 

           =All photos courtesy from SSTV website and reporter Go Tae Hyun =

Glittering night at Gangnam 1970 VIP Movie Premiere with celebrities

Recently the movie Gangnam 1970 @ Gangnam Blues starring top star Lee Min Ho, Kim Rae Won, Jung Jin Young, AOA's Seolhyun, Lee Yeon Do, Yoo Seong Mok, Han Chae Young and Jeong Ho Bin movie premiere went on with the red carpet from all the big celebrities who are good friends with the main casts.

Actors and models- Kim Woo Bin, Ahn Jae Hyun, Choi Jin Hyuk, Park Shin Hye, Choi Tae Jun, Kim Ji Hoon, Jung Il Woo, CN Blues Min Hyuk and Jong Hyun, Bae Soo Bin, Ji Jin Hee, foreigner Fabian, Choi Jung Won attended the red carpet movie premiere in Seoul. They were those who are either co-stars with Lee Min Ho and the other actors.

Kim Woo Bin, Park Shin, Hye, Jung Il Woo, Choi Jin Hyuk and CN Blues members were originally good friends with Lee Min Ho and did dramas together. It was good to see their co-stars came to support him and the new movie. 

It was a glittering night whereby actresses that came to see the premiere were also Kim Hee Sun who acted alongside Lee Min Ho from the drama Faith. Park Bo Young,Kang So Ra, singer G.NA, AOA members, Miss A's Suzy, Kim Min Seo and Park Kyung Rim attended the VIP Premiere as well. 

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Running Man Episode 230 featuring Flower Boys

Special guests for the recent Episode 230 of Running Man variety program includes the flower boys / new rookies in the entertainment industry. They are none other than actors Hong Jong Hyun, Choi Tae Jun & Nam Joo Hyuk, Seo Kang Jun and Seo Ha Jun. I just realized there are 3- 'Juns' in this episode. Tae Jun, Kang Jun and Ha Jun. LOL! 

The episode's main mission for the young guys and the RM casts are One-Sided Love.
They are divided into 2 teams- Senior (Grey) and Junior (Red) Teams. Kwangsoo takes the lead of the Junior team. Jae Suk insults Kwangsoo looking like a 'squid; among the flower boys as they shine the minute they appear on the filming location.

The 2 teams will be earning hints during their mission for picking the best accurate answer voted by the teenagers in real life - "what is the one thing that they hate when they have a one-sided love scenario?" There are around 7 answers to it but there is only 1 is the best.
So they are off to a swimming pool where 2 water mats laid on the pool heading towards a main floating platform. Each team will send its member off to the platform and they can push each other off. The team with most members remaining on the platform wins. The first round was won by Senior Team and 2nd time by the Junior team. It seems Tiger Kuk is on the mode for pushing all the Junior teams off the platform. Even Kwangsoo fails to live up to his name as the Captain of the Junior team. 

The 2 teams get to hear answers from a bunch of teenagers and a group of 30-year old women answers. The start figuring out what is the most accurate answer. They are off to 2nd mission which is marathon relay running- passing the batton around the big circular island of Suncheon Lake Garden. 

The Junior team has its advantages with young guys, long legs and high stamina. The last runner up to the hill has to complete a mission to earn a hint. First round was Kang Jun and Jae Suk who failed to toss andgrab the 5 gonggi (mini bean pouch). They switched their runners and this round was a different mission where they were supposed to flip both coins on a text book. Big Nose brother Suk Jin won that mission after all the running up and down from his team members. 

The teams were escorted to a room filled with thousands of pink notes voted by teenage girls on the answers on earning a hint. Kwangsoo was the lucky dude who managed to scroll through and earn a Erase Hint from the little house. The last mission was for 2 teams to slam dunk a beach ball with the correct answer. They were in some building in Suncheon and off they ran around finding beach balls hidden in the building. If one scores a ball with the wrong answer, he/she is out.
Jong Hyun managed to score his answer ball and Junior Team wins the final mission. Each of them were awarded with gold rings, Kwangsoo feeling relieved and proud of his team!

FYI- these are the guests for this episode with their filmography and life:

Left to righ: Ha Jun, Kang Jun, Tae Jun, Jong Hyun, Joo Hyuk

Choi Tae Jun- he was in in Mother's Garden, The Great Seer, Padam Padam drama
Seo Kang Jun- he was in Sly Single Lady, What's with the Family?, Roommate variety
Hong Jung Hyun- he was in Mama, Jeon Woo Chi, We Got married variety
Seo Ha Jun- he was in Princess Aurora, Only Love dramas
Nam Joo Hyuk- he was in Surpluss Princess drama, rookie model

Yeo Jin Goo's new movie- Shoot My Heart with Lee Min Ki

Actor Yeo Jin Goo's new movie is out and entitled 'Shoot My Heart' (내 심장을 쏴라
On 20th January 2015, Yeo Jin Goo attended the press conference at Lotte Cinema Konkuk University in Seoul. During the conference, he mentioned that 'smoking and tobacco' scenes were filmed in this movie. Even though he is a minor (as in an someone who is under age), there was no problems for filming these scenes. 

Yeo Jin Goo mentioned that he really wondered how he could express the feelings and to film it naturally for the smoking scenes. I saw the movie director and he didn't like it how it was done. So Yeo mentioned that now he can start practising (as in smoking) so he can do better next year which aroused laughters from the audience.

Veteran actor Yoo Ah Seong Kim Jung Tae and Shin Goo are co-starring in this movie.


Inspired by the original author Jeong Yoo Jung from the novel 'Shoot My Heart'- is about a bunch of 25-year olds' meet at the mental psychiatric hospital and intend to get out from the ward on their own. The two 25-year old guys are Su Myeong (played by Yeo Jin Goo) and Seung Min (played by Lee Min Ki) tells the story of their work. The movie opens on the 28th Jan. 

                                 =Pics courtesy from TV Daily and Gyeongi Ilbo=

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Labrador takes a solo bus ride in US

Imagine a dog riding a public bus on its own without his/her master with him? How odd could that be? Well that's the case for this black labrador Eclipse who is often seen taking a public bus in the city of Seattle, USA.

The black labby loves visiting the dog park around 4 stops from her current home. So she hops on and off the public bus on her own to get to the dog park. Of course the public passengers were surprised to see a dog on her own without the owner and intelligently knows how to get off at the right stop to the dog park. She hops onto the bus on her own and finds a seat while interacting with other passengers. 

Eclipse the black lab sitting with other passengers

Best of all Eclipse doesn't need to pay a single cent for taking the public transport! :)
Everyone is enjoying Eclipse's company in the bus even though they are strangers to the her. She doesn't mind interacting with strangers getting pats and hugs from them. The bus drivers do recognize Eclipse now and whenever she waits for the bus, they do know she is getting off to the dog park on her own.

Howdy mate! I am on my own to the dog park!

Her owner, Mr. Jeff Young lets her go on her own and doesn't worry for her safety. He knows she is independent and enjoys herself. Once a while Mr. Young gets a call from people saying they have got Eclipse with them and he says it's okay, he knows she is safe and fine. 

How cute and amazing could you get from this beautiful black labrador? Dogs...they are man's best friend!

=All pics all courtesy from ABC News =

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

F4 (Hana Yori Dango) dramas on the roll with various version

花より男子 (Hana Yori Dango) is orginally written by a Japanese cartoonists Yoko Kamio that has exploded to super fame and popularity when it was adapted from the manga to TV series and film. So what is so famous about this drama? Storyline is about 4 super rich kids studying in a big school/college often bullies the poor and weak. Once given a red note in the locker, the victim gets punished and beaten to pulp eventually leaving the school. Poor simpleton girl stands up against the 4 boys especially the F4 leader and attracts his attention. However heroine is in love with the other quiet member of F4 who often helps her when she is in trouble. 

The first ever Hana Yori Dango drama that ever took place in Asia was the Taiwan version starring Jerry Yan, Barbie Xu, Vic Zhou, Ken Chu and Vanness Wu. The drama entitled Meteor Garden was was super popular among Chinese fans and those who started watching Taiwan series. The song- Meteor Rain was a favorite in karaoke sessions! 

The four went to endorse Pepsi CF and many others from the drama.
Taiwan F4: Vanness, Jerry, Ken and Vic

Then came the Japanese version where actors, Jun Matsumoto, Shun Oguri, Inoue Mao
Matsuda Shota and Abe Tsuyoshi were casted to play the original roles of this drama.
The original cast from the manga is the F4 leader- Domyoji Tsukasa is played by JPop group Arashi member, Jun. The Japanese version has 3 parts- Hana Yori Dango, Hana Yori Dango Returns and Hana Yori Dango Final. 

Japan's version of F4

Came later was the Korean version of 꽃보다 남자 casting some of the pretty boy actors such as Lee Min Ho, SS501's Kim Hyun Joong, Kim Bum, T-Max's Kim Joon and Goo Hye Sun. Hyun Joong and Kim Joon are originally from pop boy bands so their groups are contributing songs to the original OST. This drama won various awards with Lee Min Ho and Kim Hyun Joong gaining so much attention and many CFs endorsements after filming this drama.

Kim Joon, Lee Min Ho, Goo Hye Sun, Kim Hyun Joong, Kim Bum

If you do take a closer look at the similarities of the main roles- often F4 leader is tall and had curly hair. Lee Min Ho had to get his hair curled ahead for he has straight hair. There's Kim Hyun Joong and Shun Oguri playing the role of Yoon Ji Hoo/Hanazawa Rui with dyed light brown hair and playing the violin as the manga character.

Comes the most shocking part is China introduced their latest F4 drama and roles and they were the most 'weird' and oddball ones compared to the original manga.
The girls might looks alright but the male roles were out of place... No No No! :(

China version of F4

Also there is an Indian version of F4 called Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan aired through MTV India which I won't go explaining further on it...  the images and posters promotion for the drama, which totally does not look anything like the other F4 dramas and original manga at all.
Perhaps their adaption is different and has bits of familarities from the Japanese comic.

Having watched the Taiwanese, Japanese and Korean version of F4 dramas and they seemed all interesting to me. Storylines are the same and characters were great except some fell short. I think Korea's Gu Jun Pyo (F4 leader) is one of the best. And I like Japanese's Rui Hanazawa (the quiet member) for he stands out well. For the other two F4 members- I think the Korean and Taiwanese version were great. 

Take a look at the famous model/attorney Shizuka Todou which Rui Hanazawa is in love with her at the start of the drama. Various versions of her...I personally like the Taiwanese version- Teng Jang Jing the best. 

Han Chae Young (Korea), Mayumi Sada (Japan) and Winnie Qian (Taiwan) played the role of beautiful and independent Shizuka Todou. 

So which Tsukasa Makino /Shan Cai/ Geum Jan Di - main heroine is the most similar to the manga? Both Goo Hye Sun and Inoue Mao have the similarities of manga- big eyes, student look with the shoulder length hair in the high school uniform. The Taiwan version is shot mostly in college so the actors were wearing their own clothes instead of school uniform.

I hope there is a stop of F4 dramas...i think we have seen enough and apparently there is a Mexican version...etc Oh dear! It will never be as great as the original anime....

Sub unit INFINITE-H makes a comeback

돌아와줘 I want you back back back... 

Hah! It is indeed INFINITE's hit song- Back but it's not the entire group are making their comeback this January! It's the sub-unit INFINITE- H consists of member Dong Woo and Hoya making their return.

It has been a while since we last hear from the duo. They debut out with the song 'Fly High' and 'Special Girl' that skyrocketted them to fame. Dong Woo is one who has the lowest profile among all members except for appearing in This is Infinite program and latest Mama Mia with his mother- apart from that he has been laying down quiet for some time. He does appear in music programs but he was never in other big variety shows or dramas. 

As for Hoya, he has his cut of fame from Reply 1997 drama with Seo In Guk and Eun Ji. Then he was seen again with fellow member L in recent drama- She's so Loveable starring Rain, Krystal and L. 

Now we get to see what the duo has got for us in store in January 26th when they return with a new song or perhaps a new album? Get ready!!!