Thursday, March 30, 2017

EXO's final stop World Tour concert in Seoul on May.

Group EXO will be having their 3rd World Tour Concert which wraps up in Seoul on May 2017. According to agency SM Entertainment, EXO will open the Encore Concert 'EXO PLANET # 3-The EXO'rDIUM' (Exo Planet # 3-Exodia) from May 27th-28th at the Seoul Jamsil Olympic Stadium. This concert is the last event of the concert that has opened in cities all over the world, starting from Seoul in July last year.

EXO's first concert performance in Korea was the Seoul concert held in July of last year. It was the first concert performance of the gymnastics arena. In December 2016, marked the 100th performance of the concert were held at Osaka Kyocera Dome has broken the record.
Exo will travel to three cities in North America, including Singapore on May 2, Los Angeles, and Mexico City on May 25. The Seoul encore Concert Ticket Advance is divided into sections. The tickets will be available from 8 pm on the 12th of next month, and the 2nd one will be available on YES24 from 8 pm on the 18th of next month.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Yeo Jin Goo in movie '1987' depicting Park Jung Chul's life.

Actor Yeo Jin Goo (20) will be playing in the new film '1987' which revolves the life and torture to death of a university student Park Jung Chul who was a pre-democracy movement member. Park was captured by the police, tortured to death and this marked the start of political force. This is a real life story of Park Jung Chul which happened in 1987.

Director Jang Jun Hwan will be responsible in this movie and also co-starring are veteran actors Kim Yun Seok, Kang Dong Wan, Ha Jung Woo and Kim Tae Ri.
Actor Kim has collaborated with Yeo as his 'adopted' father in the film Hwayi: The Monster Boy which was also directed by PD Jang.

As for Kang Dong Wan, he has worked with veteran actor Kim Yun Seok before in the movie The Priests.

Kim will be playing the role as the Head of Public Security Division, while Ha Jung Woo takes the role of Public Prosecutor. Kang Dong Wan is playing as Lee Han Yeol who was a Yonsei university student who also died in the coup.

1987 will be a sad-moving real life story on the university students who fought for democracy, captured by the police and tortured to death. This was also marked as the June Struggle that took place from June 10th to June 29th 1987. The demonstrations and sacrifice has led to change of ruling government whereby elections were instilled and democratic reformation. This has been a big change to the current establishment of Sixth Republic of the present day government in South Korea.

Wedding bells for Joo Sang Wook and Cha Ye Ryun.

It seems lately the entertainment industry were flooded with marriage news from celebrities.
First it was singer Rain and actress Kim Tae Hee's wedding followed by S.E.S member Bada; then it was announced that actress Kim So Yeon and actor Lee Sang Woo will marry in June and latest news popped out with actor Joo Sang Wook  and actress Cha Ye Ryun to exchange vows in May 2017.

Joo Sang Wook and Cha Ye Ryun on the set
filming Glamarous Temptation
2017 is a year for celebrity couples to start tying the knot and getting on with new lives together. On 29th March, their agencies have confirmed with the announcement Joo Sang Wook (39) and Cha Ye Ryun (32) are preparing to exchange their wedding vows in May.

They are making preparations for the wedding example wedding car, wedding bouquets, wedding hall arrangement, guests attending and singer to sing at the event...etc.
Joo and Cha have met at the set of filming the drama Glamorous Temptation and since then the two have been going on serious relationship. They have even appeared together in Esquire advertisement.

Previously we have seen on variety shows Joo has mentioned his mother can't wait to see him start a new family or even have a girlfriend. Now that he has found the love of his life, I am sure his mother will be grinning from ear to ear.

Congratulations to Joo Sang Wook and Cha Ye Ryun for the happy news!

All high alert after BTS Jimin's death threats.

After a lunatic of some anti-fan BTS idol group has posted serious death threats on social media, there has been high alert and tightened security for the guys especially Jimin.
BTS has been scheduled for their world event in America with its 2017 Live Trilogy Episode III The Wings Tour.

It seems like the main target was against member Jimin and the agency fears for his safety.
This anti-fan has posted on the Twitter account with death threats containing dead bloody animals, hands filled with blood dripping, guns and photos of Jimin on it with messages stating when the boy band member sings, it will be the end of him.

Since then the entire Twitter account has been deleted and blocked off. The management is seriously looking into this matter to protect the safety of the boy band.
It might be a loony joke from a weirdo anti-fan out there however they are taking safety precautions to ensure the members are all safe and sound.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

KBS's new drama Andante 안단테

While EXO-L fans are perking up to know when KBS2 will start to broadcast their new drama Andante starring EXO's Kai (Jongin), Park Cheol Min, Lee Ye Hyun, Kim Jin Kyung, Baek Sung Do, Jeon Mi Sun and Kim Gi Soo.

Adante is about a typical city life high school student has been transferred to the rural countryside. He finds it strange and frightening experience especially adapting to new lifestyle. He comes to realize and overcome the true meaning of love and life.
It is a heart warming drama to all.

Kai has been seen donning school uniforms and spotting a simple student look. He has shed off his charismatic sexy looks, glossy clothes when he was on stage with other members. Now what does that remind you of? His school uniform reminds us when the members were wearing it during the promotion of 'Growl' MV and single.

As to when the drama will start airing- it's yet to be determined.
Stay tuned.

Gong Yoo's fan meeting in Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Actor Gong Yoo has visited Taiwan as part of his fan meeting session after his tVN hit drama "Goblin" took him into main spotlight.

The 5500 seats for Make a Wish 2017 fan meeting session was all sold out within 10 minutes!

With respective dates of 29th April and 6th May, Gong Yoo will be holding fan meeting sessions at Taiwan Hsinchang Gymnasium Hall and Hong Kong World Asia Expo area which marks his first official overseas fan meeting visit.

Looks like the seats were all snapped within minutes to catch a glimpse of the living 'Kim Shin' goblin. Fortunately his sword stabbed on his chest has already been removed so he has no other harm or pain anymore except wondering around looking for the goblin's bride.

Gong Yoo's first overseas dream slogan 'Live your dream, Hear your dream, you are my dream' was accepted happily by fans throughout Hong Kong and Taiwan. It is expected the dreams came true for the fans to see their cherished idol.

Last year Gong Yoo's breakthrough were his film flicks Train To Busan and Age of Shadows. With the recent drama Goblin going through everyone's head especially their original OST, he has demonstrated perfect acting skills of different genres.

Lee Bo Young's drama Whisper starts off at 13.9% ratings.

After hubby Ji Sung's drama Defendant wrapped up last week with good ratings and ending, wife Lee Bo Young's new drama 'Whisper' comes into the prime slot for Mon-Tue weekday drama.

For the first episode of Whisper, it has already taken the toll of 13.9% of viewers ratings ranking number 1 spot. On 28th March, Nielsen Korea viewership noted it was the number one drama for Mon-Tue with average of 13.9% and within Seoul area has recorded 18.6%.
At the same MBC's drama The Rebel: Hong Gil Dong recorded 13.8% and KBS's My Perfect Wife was last spot at 6.4%.

This is one of the first works after actress Lee got married to actor Ji Sung and had a baby.
It was after 3 years Lee decided to come back to small screen after motherhood. Hubby Ji Sung's drama Defendant also took number 1 spot of 28.3% for the final episode. Looks like husband and wife are taking back the home run in a baseball game!

Whisper is regarding about the law firm stories. It also stars Lee Sang Yoon, Kwon Yul and Park Se Young.

Kim So Yeon and Lee Sang Woo to tie the knot in June.

Oh happy days! Great news for new celebrity couple actress Kim So Yeon and actor Lee Sang Woo.The two have decided to exchange vows on coming June 2017.

Kim So Yeon and Lee Sang Woo met on the filming set of the MBC 2016 drama
'Happy Home' and they played as a couple who had a good ending at the finale. Seems to be all true when both decided to date and continue on their serious relationship to building a family together.

We wish them all the best and happy days to start a new family.
Congratulations to both Kim and Lee.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Boys Over Flowers series transforms into a musical.

The fame and storm of Boys Over Flowers written and adapted from a Japanese manga has exploded its popularity all over South East Asia. When Taiwan first came out with Meteor Garden, it has certainly boost the popularity of the F4 group. Then came the Japanese series version and later Korean version came into the scene that shot Lee Min Ho to instant overnight celebrity.

Now after the series have been made in many versions, South Korea has decided to adapt the drama into musical. It started showing its musical version in Daehangno Arts Centre from 24th February to 7th May 2017.

Featuring VIXX's Ken, BTOB's Changsub and Kim Ji Hwi playing as F4 leader Gu Jun Pyo and Miss A's Min and J-Min will be playing the role as the heroine Geum Jan Di.
As for Yoo Ji Hoo's role, it is played by Super Junior's Sungmin and musical singer Kim Tae Oh.

It will also mark SUJU Sungmin's first project after been discharged from military services.

I have no doubt that Vixx's Ken will do well in his role as he's been in various musicals and has a high powerful voice. As for the rest, it may be well first debut musicals for them.

Na PD's- Yoon's Kitchen program kicks off at 6% in ratings.

PD Na Young Suk (41)'s new variety show entitled Yoon's Kitchen has been broadcast via cable channel network tVN and first episode has scored 6% in viewers ratings. Not bad!

The first episode seems to be sailing smoothly gathering attention.

On 25th March, Nielsen Korea research has discovered the first national viewership was has its best ratings clocked at 6.2%. The program is co-directed by PD Lee Jin Joo.

Yoon's Kitchen featuring veteran actress Yoon Yoo Jung, veteran actor Shin Goo, actor Lee Seo Jin and actress Jung Yoo Mi are running a restaurant in Bali, Indonesia.

However before starting up their new business, the four of them have to start training and cooking lessons from celebrity chef/actor Hong Seok Chun. The four have to develop menu and recipes for their new business.

Gu Hye Sun quits filming weekend drama.

Actress Gu Hye Sun (33) has stopped filming the weekend drama entitled 'You're Too Much' after suffering severe allergy problem.

The actress was reportedly admitted to ER at the hospital after having breathing problems, dizziness and medical practitioners have ruled out she requires long term treatment and further tests to stabilize her situation. Therefore, Gu Hye Sun has to pull out from her current drama which she plays opposite the main lead singer Uhm Jung Hwa.

Though she is also one of the main leads as Jung Hae Dang in the drama who falls in love with a blind guy, it is upmost concern that she must recover rather than filming the drama in a horrible state. Her passion and acting skills were more than anything so everyone prays for her speedy recovery.

Lucky thing was the company managed to get actress Jang Hee Jin to replace Gu Hye Sun's role. It was quite a sudden and rush decision however Jang was able to start filming to fill in the gaps. Jang is to start appearing after episodes 7-8 and starting from episode 9 she will be taking over the entire role. Jang Hee Jin has starred in recent tvN's drama Introvert Boss.

Right now her hubby model/actor Ahn Jae Hyun must be busy looking after her.

You're Too Much is about a famous singer Yoo Ji-Na lives in a lonely and depressing celebrity life. She has a mysterious dark past and Jung Hae-Dang is a club singer who imitates Ji-Na to earn a living.

Lee Byung Hun signs up with Hollywood agency.

Actor Lee Byung Hun (47) has signed up with one of Hollywood's famous celebrity agency for an exclusive contract.

BH Entertainment rep has mentioned on 24th March, the contract between UTA (United Talent Agency) has re-opened its contract for the actor's Hollywood activities.
UTA has a list of famous Hollywood actors and actresses signed under them such as Angeline Jolie, Chris Patt, Anthony Hopkins, Harrison Ford, Patrick Dempsey, Michael Douglas, Channing Tatum, Tilda Swinton and Benedict Cumberbatch.

UTA is based in Beverly Hills CA with its key people such as Peter Benedek, Jim Burkus, Tracy Jacobs, David Kramer, Matt Rice and Jay Sures.

Lee's started off in Hollywood's blockbuster movie G.I. Joe in 2009 and branched out to G.I.Joe: The Retaliation in 2013, Red: The Legend (2013), Terminator Genesis (2015), Misconduct (2016) and Magnificent Seven (2017).

Meanwhile right now Lee is filming a new movie entitled 남한산성 (Nam Han San Sung) which is actually a fortress situated 25km away from Seoul. The fortress stood strong and firmly against the Mongol invasion during the Goryeo dynasty. A few sageuk dramas were filmed depicting the Namhansanseong fortress area.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Kwak Si Yang joins Chicago Typewriter with Yoo Ah In and Im Soo Jung.

Actor Kwak Si Yang (30) will be starring in the new tVN drama entitled Chicago Typewriter written by Jin So Wan and directed by PD Kim Cheol Gyu.

The drama leads are Yoo Ah In, Im Soo Jung and Go Kyung Pyo.

Chicago Typewriter is set during the 1930s in Japanese occupation era whereby modern people are reborn and dwell respectively- falling into a slump a bestselling author, a ghost writer and a weird anti-fan.

Kwak Si Yang will be playing as Baek Tae Min where his role is vividly alive and colourful.
He might not be a main lead but his supporting role is equally as important in the drama.

It will be actress Im Soo Jung's first drama ever since she last starred in 2004.
Also co-starring will be veteran actor Chun Ho Jin and  actress Yang Jin Sung.
Scriptwriter Jin So Wan is famed for his works such as Moon Embracing the Sun and Kill Me, Heal Me dramas.

Cha Tae Hyun collaborates with PD Yoo for drama The Best Shot.

Actor Cha Tae Hyun (41) from KBS2TV variety show 'The Best Shot' starts filming.

It'd be an awesome entertainment for performing arts where Cha Tae Hyun along with PD Yoo Ho Jin collaborates together.

Previously PD Yoo Ho Jin has worked together with Tae Hyun during the filming of 1 Night 2 Days before retreating due to health problems and passed the baton to fellow PD Yu Il Yong. Now the new show will be a split role of two directors. Hah!

Tae Hyun takes the responsibility of directing while PD Yoo takes the editing role.
It will be the first time for Tae Hyun to take charge of directing and he starts pondering. The scene of the drama is based on real experience and it'd be a complementary. Unexpectedly PD Yoo takes the mission as he is most comfortable filming it with Tae Hyun.

The Best Shot features the young youths struggling fiercely in life and work. Previously there were news that actor Yoon Shi Yoon (also from 1 Night 2 Days) along with rookie actor Kim Min Jae will be playing in the show as well. Tae Hyun's role will be a President of the world entertainment.

This round he isn't playing as PD Ra Joon Mo as what he did in KBS drama Producers.
It'd be quite a twist to see them in various roles.

Park Bo Gum starts filming for Infinite Challenge Pyeongchang Olympics.

Actor Park Bo Gum sets for MBC Infinite Challenge's program shooting (directed by PD Kim Tae Ho).

On 23rd March, the credits started rolling with Park's name for the filming of Infinite Challenge Pyeongchang Olympics special episode. By this time next year February 2018, the program is recorded to promote the members to challenge for sports car in winter Olympics.

Park Bo Gum dressed in black the same with emcees Yoo Jae Suk, Park Myung Soo, Haha, Yoon Se Young and Jung Jun Ha become their sixth member for Infinite Challenge!
The permanent cast members and Park were seen walking over the winter resort with camera men following them.

This special episode of winter Olympics featuring Park will be broadcast in April.
Meanwhile Park has been busy meeting his fans throughout Asia after finishing his KBS hit drama Moonlight drawn by Clouds. He is yet to start reviewing his next project whether it will be a new drama or movie. He has then appeared in 1 Night 2 Days variety show and gained lots of interests from viewers.

Singer Bada becomes a new bride.

Finally the last member of 90s girl group S.E.S, Bada has walked down the aisle and exchanged her wedding vows. The rest of the members Eugene and Shoo were already mothers and have returned back to the entertainment industry after on hiatus for a while. Eugene was concentrating a lot of acting while Shoo was busy with motherhood. As for Bada, she was heavily involved with musicals and programs.

Close family members and friends were invited to the private wedding function. Those present were 2PM's Taecyeon, actress Cha Ye Ryun, singer Younha, veteran actor Ahn Sung Ki, S.E.S members and SM Entertainment CEO Lee Soo Man.
The happy new bride Bada looked radiant and beautiful in her fluffy white wedding gown.

Bada met her groom in church last year and happens to be 9 years younger than her. He is a non celebrity person therefore his name and face was blurred out in most photographs to protect his privacy.

S.E.S has recently made their come-back with 20th anniversary album entitled Remember.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Defendant drama ends with 28.3% ratings.

The drama 'Defendant' has concluded with 28.3% in viewers ratings - one of the highest.
According to Nielsen Korea the drama Defendant has an average of 20.1% and 18.5% around Seoul Metropolitan area.

The record ratings has even surpassed its previous mini series drama Romantic Doctor Kim which scored 27.6% ratings for the last episode.
Defendant drama is a prosecutor who was framed for his wife and daughter's death and innocently placed behind bars. He couldn't remember what has happened and desperately finds out the truth and the instigator of the problem.

The cast and production crew of Defendant left for Okinawa in Japan for vacation as part of a gift for their hard work and high viewers ratings.

Meanwhile Ji Sung takes a break from the small screen after the hard work, his wife actress Lee Bo Young returns to work for SBS new drama 'Whisper' after Defendant ends.

Whisper drama is also a law-detective drama which has a strong cast of Lee Sang Yoon, Kwon Yul and Park Se Young. It will be 2nd collaboration of Lee Bo Young with Lee Sang Yoon after they starred together in My Daughter Seo Young.

20 years anniversary in April, Sechs Kies to release new album.

Group Sechs Kies are scheduled to release their new album in April.

L-R: Kang Sung Hoon, Jang Su Won, Eun Ji Won, Kim Jae Duc and Lee Jae Jin

On 22nd March, according to the officials confirmed that the group will be celebrating their 20th anniversary since their debut on April 15th. Their agency YG Entertainment will be preparing for the group's comeback however the date for the album released is yet to be known. Sechs Kies debuted as a group in 1997 with the song 학원별곡 which talks about the school system.

Last year the group has released their 2016 Re-Album in December where their original songs were remixed and ever since their reunion last April it was their very first album to be released.

For their 20th anniversary album, Sechs Kies is expected to have more vigorous activities and performances unlike last year. Yet there is no concrete plans to be announced, the rest of the members seem to be enjoying popularity in variety shows and music programs.

As the members are nearing to the age of 40, they hardly seem to age as well. Ji Won has been in many variety shows while the rest are also in other music shows showing their talent and incredibly their fans are still supporting them strongly.

Lee Min Ho as a presenter of nature of DMZ zone.

Actor Lee Min Ho (30) becomes the presenter of the nature program.

On 22nd March, according to MYM Entertainment the actor/model Lee Min Ho will start its broadcast next month as the spokesperson for TV special DMZ in the wild.

The Presenter is simply an act of a narrator in the documentary sites filming and conveying the information directly to the public.

DMZ for more than 50 years in the wild is not known to many people out there. It has one of the largest area in the planet with temperate forests (Under the demilitarized zone) for releasing the documentary. It's like the tears of Amazon and tears of Antarctica film as the crew stayed on to film the entire thing.

Lee Min Ho is one of the purpose of the DMZ ecology whereby it is more vivid that program donated by sharing talent decided to join in. It has taken 5 months for the actor to film the documentary.

The Liar and The Lover drama with Lee Hyun Woo and Joy.

Personally I haven't really heard of the Japanese manga and somehow managed to spend some time watching the Japanese film version of The Liar and the Lover. In my personal opinion I had to forward the movie for so many times because it was so slow. My Japanese liking of dramas have died down decades ago after my crush for Yutaka and Takuya so the new actors do not seem to attract me to the anything.

Anyway; Korea has adapted the storyline and made it in drama version 그녀는 거짓말을 너무 사랑해 starring Lee Hyun Woo and Red Velvet's Joy. It was a first screen debut for Joy since she is a newcomer in dramas however she was average in acting- no offence except one distraction was whenever she smiles; all I could see her red lipstick and gums on the screen. They have casted veteran actor Lee Jung Jin, Im Yeh Jin and Kim In Kwon in the drama as well.

To make it short, Han Gyeol/K (played by Hyun Woo) is a very talented genius music composer who was formerly a member of famous band Crude Play. Now Crude Play is doing well thanks to his songs and music. However Han Gyeol is mysterious in a way he keeps everything to himself and perfectionist without taking anyone into consideration. His band mates were annoyed with him as well. His girlfriend Yoo Na split up with him to go with the company's music producer.

All depressed and fed up, he stumbled across a high school student Yoon So Rim (played by Joy) who inspires him more on music. She has a beautiful voice and inspires to be a singer with her two childhood friends Jin Woo and Kyu Seon. Though So Rim can be pestering at the start, somehow she manages to grab his attention with her music and voice.

As people commented that Lee Hyun Woo is far too young to be playing as the music composer. I cannot comment on that as he has a boyish face and I'd say it's better than having a rugged and messy looking composer- what we want to see is his music and he portrays the role. I'd still give it a go...I think the lead singer of Crude Play in the Japanese movie version is a better standout however the Korean ones are not too bad.

And how you wish it was the typical rock band as we have seen in You're Beautiful drama featuring Jang Geun Suk, Jung Yong Hwa and Lee Hong Ki... heheh!

Monday, March 20, 2017

Lee Je Hoon and Na Moon Hee in new film 'I Can Speak'.

Veteran actress Na Moon Hee (76) and actor Lee Je Hoon (33) will be in a new film entitled 'I Can Speak '아이 캔 스피크''. The film will be directed by PD Kim Hyun Suk who has done more than 20 over films. PD Kim who has directed Cyrano Agency.

Lee Je Hoon will be playing as 9th level civil public servant Park Min Jae and he is often bothered by an elderly woman Na Ok Boon with tons of complaints. Elder Na is annoyed and wants to be compensated accordingly to what she deserves. Not long Park begins tutoring English lessons.

Currently Lee is starring in tVN drama Tomorrow With You while Na is in the long weekend drama Father, I'll Take Care of You.

PD Na, Lee Seo Jin, Shin Gu and Yeo Yoon Jung in Yoon's Kitchen.

tVN's latest variety program 'Yoon's Kitchen 윤식당' is filming in progress.
The cable channel network variety show is currently shooting at India and Bali.

PD Na Young Suk mentioned that actor Lee Seo Jin is very versatile in English communication. Since the restaurant is going to be based in foreign country, it is a necessity English skills is highly required for business. Lee graduated from New York Business School and he has all the skills for operating a business and speaking English. Lee will fit well in this program since he is not only a drama actor but he will entertain all. This program is a new challenge for everyone. The Indonesia Bali's restaurant will be a new thing and it's called Yoon's Kitchen.

Na PD's past programs such as Grandpa Over Flowers series, Youth Over Flower Series and Three Meals a Day have been successful. Na PD mentioned even if the program failed, he wants to have it all one go with Lee Seo Jin. There are no regrets to it. The title of the new variety show went through series of quotes and concepts to come up with Yoon's Kitchen as an everyday thing- restaurant based in a resort in reality which can be exhausting and interesting experience for everyone to see.

Cooperating together with another PD Lee Jin Joo, it is the first time that two directors are involved in a production. Ahead of the program, the fact that actor Lee will be always the power of success in the show. This time along with Lee Seo Jin, veteran actor Shin Gu and actress Yeo Yoon Jung and Jung Yoo Mi are are in the cast as well. Therefore Yeo Yoon Jung will be the CEO of the restaurant while Lee Seo Jin is the manager, Shin Gu is responsible for services and Yoo Mi looks after the washing of dishes, supplies.

Yeo and Shin were previously part of the Flower Over Series with Na PD. It will be the first time for Jung Yoo Mi in Na PD's work. Na PD mentioned that veteran Yeo has the force of a teacher so the CEO role will blend well with her personality. Yeo also said that she is not just a career woman but she is poor in cooking and managing housework. She rather starve than to prepare and cook a big feast.

Before departing to film the program, the casts have some training program with celebrity actor chef Hong Seok Chun. They have to learn how to cook a variety of dishes from chef Hong where the main menu is actually meat.

There is a certainly a reason of casting Jung Yoo Mi who is a total rookie in entertainment program. It has been 50 years since veteran Yeo Yoon Jung became an actress. They have a good feeling that this show will be a big hit to celebrate the anniversary and for the newbies to learn from the seniors.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Views and discussion on finding jobs and unemployment.

As what people often think Australia is a place where it's easy to find jobs and settle down.
Think again, the grass is always not greener on the other side. If you ever migrate over and fail to find a job, you are on your own. Do not expect the government to give you any benefits for the next 3-6 months (unless you're on refugee status).

Finding jobs can be very difficult as taking exams in university or what not. First of all you might go through serious rounds of advertisements online via SEEK or INDEED or CAREERONE. Once you apply, it either goes through a recruiter/agent or a talent acquisition manager first. Then you might be lucky to be called up for a  chat and submit through your resume to the future company. Again one have to read about the company first, study its fact, polish up your resume and selling your skills to the interviewer. You will go through 3-4 rounds before landing the role or even worst not getting anything out of it!

Myself, I went through many series of interviews, coaching sessions to polish up the resume and writing up tons of cover letters with Key selection criteria points to tweak to the position description. When it comes to government positions- two words to describe it- forget it! It doesn't get you in even how good your resume and KSC fits into. It tends to be circulated internally or worst scenario to employ their own staff. What a waste of time spending hours perfecting your resume and CL.

If you happen to applied 50+ roles and still haven't received any response- you're not alone...I happen to apply many roles for 1 year+ and only a few came back to me. It's bloody frustrating and mentally tiring...yes I must agree with you. I feel you...

Another factor is some interviewers tend to be lengthy and some tend to be very short & precise. However one will encounter some ridiculous questions or very metamorphic questions to test your brain in how to think out of the box. Ridiculous questions can be very annoying to an extend when one try to explain their reasons, the interviewer acts smart and cuts you off saying he/she knows it. U might wonder then what's the purpose asking us to explain when he/she knows it all? Pfft! I'd rate them as poor listening and communication skills from the hiring manager. I once encountered IQ test and numerical reasoning tests even though I am not a fresh grad, neither sitting for MENSA or NASA tests and I was given like 10 minutes to finish it without using any calculators and time constraints. Of course everyone would fidget and answer most of the questions incorrectly. Let's be honest, even if the tests are meant to see how the candidate works- it is pure discrimination if one doesn't have high IQ or having problems with visualizing shapes, charts and maths questions.

Unemployment rate is very high in Australia and in other countries. Reason? Simple...for a very basic role such as administration or receptionist- the companies are  demanding too many qualifications and experience. And if a candidate happens to possess these skills, companies are either reluctant or cannot afford to pay the salary package. They will squeeze everything out of the candidates. To be honest, I have seen people who are able to talk and sell well in conversations are usually the ones to get the roles easily.
In plain words- those who are good in bull****

AND...I have to point out this important factor- for women; sometimes beauty and image are very important to score the job. It's the FACT. I have ex-colleagues who are very prettier, they are the first ones to score themselves a job even though it's not a demanding role. This is an honest role...there are many examples and cases I've seen in real life but I won't bother naming it as it boils my anger deep inside.

Let me know how you think about this topic of might think it's sometimes right or wrong.

But I am stating the facts in my personal opinion and I've seen it for all my years working in Asia and Australia.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Ha Suk Jin, Go Ah Sung and INFINITE's Hoya in Radiant Office drama.

As I started watching the new drama Radiant Office online, it reminded a fair bit of office dramas are getting to a trend. Previously tVN's drama Misaeng kicked off very well with how the office workers struggle in the working environment. Now with dramas such as Introverted Boss and Good Manager Chief Kim is slowly taking over the viewers' ratings.

The first episode of Radiant Office has recorded 3% of viewers' ratings. Within the Seoul and metropolitan area, the drama clocked at 3.8% and 3.5% respectively.
Lining up the drama with actors such as Ha Suk Jin, Go Ah-Sung, Lee Dong Hwee and Kim Dong Wook. However Radiant Office couldn't meet up with the ratings of Good Manager Chief Kim which recorded at 18.4% while Saimdang: Diary of Light recorded 6.5%.

Radiant Office is about a simpleton girl Eun Ho Won struggling to make ends meet. She works various part time jobs to pay her rent at the rooftop house and tried 100 over times of interviews in major corporations but failed to get through.

Over the six months period, she is devastated to know she applied 90+ times as Dongki Food Enterprise only to be humiliated and rejected by the picky and cranky Senior Manager Seo Woo Jin played by Ha Suk Jin. She thought of committing suicide at Han River however she met with two guys who were also in despair for failing in job interviews.

Their last try was with Hanul Group to which Ho Won is shocked to see Seo Woo Jin as the interviewing manager and also the new GM!

I totally understand and sympathize with the job seekers in this drama. For those who disliked it, trust me if you ever go into the work force or trying to find a job- this is the reality. 
I've been through massive applications, interviews with a panel of people staring at you and asking weird questions and IQ/numerical tests...etc., it's really tough and competitive.

I totally agree with the situation and I understand it is a tough market out there- you need to sell yourself well to get the role and also sometimes to bull*** a bit to impress the hiring manager.

Good education, looks and work experience in large corporation helps in your resume however that's not all comes to luck, timing and whether the hiring manager likes you or not.

Ji Chang Wook as a lawyer in 'Please Beware of this Woman'.

Actor Ji Chang Wook (30) is scheduled to film the new SBS drama entitled Please Beware of This Woman '이 여자를 조심하세요'. Drama is written by Kwan Shi Young and to be directed by PD Park Sun Ho as per confirmed on March 17th.

After enjoying massive of the drama K2 with big veteran actors such as Song Yun Ah and Im YoonA, Ji Chang Wook has gone to film some big flicks. Now he is scouted to film the new drama Please Be Aware of this Woman. The story enfolds about remembering the loss of a crucial moment in an infinite loop, which tells the story of a killer who is tangled with the romantic comedy which is bound to attract many attention. Interesting? is.

Ji Chang Wook plays as No Ji Wook who is the coolest prosecutor who has undergone judicial training and then he is embroiled in the process of solving problems when it comes to relationships and some mystery murder case.

The heroine lead is meant to be lead and offered to actress Han Ji Min who will be playing as Eun Bong Hee. However there are talks that the role might be offered to actress Lee Sung Kyung who was in Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo.

Please Beware of this Woman is scheduled to broadcast in May 2017. It will take over the  time slot of Saimdang: Diary of Light.

Yoon Shi Yoon, Kim Min Jae in KBS variety TheBest Shot.

Actors Yoon Shi Yoon (31) and Kim Min Jae (21) are confirmed for KBS newest entertainment program entitled The Best Shot- '최고의 한방' .

Left to Right: Yoon Shi Yoon and Kim Min Jae
Best Shot is about the fierce struggle for the youths in their twenties finding work.
Yoon Shi Yoon will be featured as one of the members of the idol group K2. He is a free spirited character with many scandals surrounding around him- more or less we call him trouble maker. Meanwhile Kim Min Jae takes the role of a wannabe singer Lee Ji Hoon.
Ji Hoon's role is preparing to become a public servant for the government while idolizing to become a singer.

With Yoon Shi Yoon's comical and interesting appearance as a permanent cast member in KBS variety program 1 Night 2 Days, this has certainly up the vibe for him. Besides being a drama actor, he has proven to be a variety fella! Yoon is a very unique but pleasant person to deal with.This time; the person taking charge of the new variety program is the  former producer of 1N2D PD Yoo Ho Jin (the thinner man with specs).
Not to be confused with current 1N2D PD Yu Il Yong.

As for Kim Min Jae, those of K-drama fans might recognize him as the split image and similar voice to actor Yeo Jin Goo. Kim Min Jae has also starred as the younger version of King Wang Yeo in tVN drama Goblin. The adult version was played by fellow Lee Dong Wook who then became the grim reaper.

All roles have not been formally finalized and its on its planning stage. According to the KBS officials, the program will not be broadcast until May.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Kang Haneul, Kim Muyeol, Moon Sung Gun, Na Young Hee in Night of Memory filming.

Movie 'Night of Memory' 기억의 밤' directed by PD Jang Hang Jun and it will be distributed  by Megabox Plus M in the local cinemas. The movie will be starred by Kang Ha Neul, Kim Mu Yeol, Moon Sung Gun and Na Young Hee.

Night of Memory tells the story of an elder brother Yoo Suk played by Kim Mu Yeol who was the perfect doting brother and great example. One day he returns home after been kidnapped for 15 days and he turned into a very different person. He lost all his memories and his younger brother Jin Suk played by Kang Ha Neul has to try to figure out what happened and the truth behind the kidnap.

Kim Mu Yeol used to star in the movie War of Arrows (2012), Northern Line Limit (2015) and Proxy Soldiers (2017) and also dramas such as My Beautiful Bride, Iljimae- Phantom Thief and Wife Returns.

Of course it comes down to Kang Ha Neul as the leading role since he's famed for his films such as Young Cop, Like for Likes, Dongju: The Portrait of Poet, Twenty including dramas such as Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo, Misaeng, Angel Eyes, The Heirs and Monstar.

Group T-Ara disbandment ; last album in May 2017.

We see it coming through...slowly one by one girl groups that kicked off in the midst of 2000 are breaking up and going on separate ways. First was KARA, 4Minute, Wonder Girls and then recently it was 2NE1. It's quite amazing to know that SM's girl groups Girls Generation and f(X) are still going strong even though Jessica and Sulli have left the group.

Now it's T-Ara's turn to go on separate ways. MBK Entertainment rep has confirmed the members contract are expiring and with one last comeback together with an album will be the final one for the girl group. They will have their group activities and schedules lined up until June.

T-Ara debuted in the singing career in 2009 with the OST song- Good Person Ver. 1 for drama Cinderella Man. From there the group came out with the album Bo Beep Bo Beep with its cutesy fashionable dance choreography.

Following that in 2011, T-Ara came out with the hit song Roly Poly which topped the charts with the catchy music tune and dance routines. However in July 2012, fellow member Hwa Young suffered through the bullying controversy issue with the members and withdrew from the group. This is where it went downhill for the group. There were no other activities and programs involving the other members. They have not received good reviews from the public and viewers.

Some of the members have ventured and tried their acting skills such as Ji Yeon, Hyo Min and Hyun Jung.

Current 6 members of T-Ara are Gyuri, Hyunjung, Ji Yeon, Bo Ram, Hyo Min and So Yeon.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Diverse colorful characters portrayed by Jo Jung Suk.

Lately this actor has been smoking hot in small and big screens. His rising popularity is no joke when it comes to his flexibility of diverse roles in dramas and films. 
Jo Jung Suk's recent SBS drama role Jealousy Incarnation 질투의 화신 is fierce and interesting to where his character has captured many viewers hearts.

Lee Hwa Shin- the role Jo has portrayed in Jealousy Incarnation is a reporter returning back to the news anchor role, fighting his illness and getting back to the woman he once loved. His facial and comical expressions and expressions begging for love is certainly something to look forward to.

Jo Jung Suk has no problem adjusting to the various characters he has done. In 2012, he started  off as a supporting role in the film Architecture 101 as Lee Je Hoon's friend who taught him on romantic scenes. In 2013, he obtained the role in Face Reader with big veteran actors. He also co-starred with Lee Seung Gi in the drama King 2 Hearts with his romantic bodyguard role to the royal princess.

It was in 2014, his popularity took off when he did the romantic comedy tVN drama Oh!My Ghostess with Park Bo Young and Kim Seul Gi. His smooth romantic role as Chef Kang Sun Woo has the charms and yet masculine character. His other movies such as My Love My Bride with Shin Min Ah was a hit and other comical role as My Annoying Brother with EXO's Do Kyung Soo.

Jealousy Incarnation took Jo Jung Suk to the level where he proved himself to be comical, romantic, serious and yet he is a musical actor.

He is delightfully happy go lucky person in real life and easy to talk to. He is easy going to hang around with production, staffs and even younger actors/actresses. He has proved to provide comic relief in variety programs.

Jo Jung Suk is one of the most versatile actors and we do look forward to his other future projects.

Eric Nam's Life at the Bar to be halt - concentrates on singing.

Singer and host Eric Nam (aged 29- Korean name: Nam Yoon Do) will temporary put a halt with the cable channel tVN entertainment program entitled 'Life at the Bar' as per confirmed on 14th March 2017.

tVN representative mentioned that with Eric Nam's appearance was only temporary since his first release as they will be supporting his singing activities. Eric Nam's last appearance will be with Han Chae Ah scheduled to be broadcast on the 16th March. He has been starring in the program since January 18th.

Eric Nam will now focus solely on his singing activities in the future.

The Korean-American singer has been hosting many variety programs and also been a guest appearance in music shows. He has also collaborated with different singers such as Seohyun, Jeon So Mi and Red Velvet's Wendy. His TV 'wife' Mamamoo's Solar in We Got Married Program earned him Best Couple Award in the 2016 MBC Entertainment Awards.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Chocolatey lovers into web drama Choco Bank.

Cheil Worldwide Inc. (part of Samsung Group) has somehow been pouring lots of effort and money to invest in web dramas. It's also part of encouraging young generation workers in career and a motivation message telling them not to give up easily. Cheil has invested in various web dramas joint venture with YouTube, NAVER TV Cast and MBC.

6 episodes of Choco Bank 초코 뱅크 is quite interesting to watch mainly because of the lead actress Park Eun Bin and EXO's Kai (Kim Jong In). Also starring Yeon Jun Suk, Lee Il Hwa and guest appearances by gagwomen Kim Sook and Kim Young Hee.

A dashing, intelligent young finance banker Kim Eun Haeng lives a diligent and happy life until one day his world came crashing down after his father's death and debts. He was unemployed for 5 years without his mother's knowledge. Everyday he would dressed up neatly as if going to work but out there he was seeking for roles via newspaper and online.
Eun Haeng literally means 'bank' in Korean.  

One day he stumbles across a chocolate shop owner Ha Cho-Co. Both were quite taken back by each other names. However Cho-co was annoyed the fact that Eun Haeng mistaken her as a petty thief. In order to pay back her debts stolen by her brother, Eun Haeng has to work part time in Cho-co's chocolate bakery and café which was on the edge of closing down. Surprisingly Eun Haeng raised her sales and business in a short time by doing online business and finance transactions. She reckons he'd be a good partner as in return he has to do free finance consultation in the café. He refused at the start but because his mother kept asking for his salary, he had to obliged working at Cho-co's café.

Cho-co's childhood friend Dal Su comes to find her and starts working together in the café causing rifts and jealousy with Eun Haeng. Slowly Eun Haeng finds himself enjoying bit of the work and providing help to desperate people. A rich reporter, Chae Ri comes in offering him a name card and potential job offer in one of the famous financial districts as a banker. Cho-co was surprised to know Chae Ri is pursuing on Eun Haeng. She gets agitated and offended Eun Haeng that he is not her ideal type especially been unemployed.

Soon Eun Haeng's mother discovered her son is working part time in the café and providing free consultation for people. She was angered by his actions, he didn't understand why his mother never stood at his side. For one year he went back to the work force to get a real job and left the café for good. Dal Su became a famous model for finance institution while Cho-co continues working at her small café. At times she misses Eun Haeng and wondered how he's doing. Over the time, Eun Haeng's mother advises him to do whatever he wants. She has never seen him smile ever since he started working. He then returns to Cho-co's café to see her again.

Epilogue shows that long time ago, Cho-co has a secret crush on Eun Haeng; everyday she sits at the café window hoping to catch a glimpse of him. When he happened to pick up and ate the chocolate she made, he complimented it was delicious. After walking away, he turned back and saw the giddy smile on Cho-co's face, he knew about her crush.

Spring collection EPIGRAM with Gong Yoo.

The popularity of 'Goblin' hasn't died down for actor Gong Yoo. He was chosen as the first option as an ideal boyfriend pick for Valentine's Day. He has been endorsing the clothing brand name Epigram 에피그램. The actor was basically wearing the Epigram clothing range in his drama Goblin.


Now he is seen advertisement photo shoots in Jeju-do for the new spring collection. Gong Yoo is also the main model for the other brand Discovery Expedition for outdoor wear.


The actor was also spotted in Dubai for photo shoots and he was immediately attracted the attention of viewers and passer-by's. He has also attended one of Lee Dong Wook's fan meeting as a special guest. Great! A good combination of the goblin and grim reaper.

Thoughts on Queen of Ring 반지의 여왕 webdrama.

I must applaud for the performance pulled by actress Kim Seul Gi. She is not only petite, cute and yet she comes out strong for every role she has done. Famed for her rough characters and tend to swear a lot on small screens, Kim Seul Gi has done it again in the new Naver TV webdrama- Queen of the Ring 반지의 여왕 . It is the last instalment of the Three Colour Fantasy Drama.

Kim Seul Gi plays as the average ugly looking university student Mo Nan Hee majoring in arts and drawing. She is attracted to the handsome looking fashion major student Park Se Gun played by Ahn Hyo Seob. For those who can't recall who Ahn Hyo Seob, he was playing as the singer Jin Woo in Entertainer drama with Ji Sung, Hyeri and Kang Min Hyuk. He is currently starring in the long weekend drama My Father Is Strange.

Nan Hee's family has a long history whereby all the female are ugly but their husbands are entirely very handsome and shiny all the way. Nan Hee's father is a good looking bloke and often loving husband at home. She cannot figure out how her father would end up marrying her ugly looking mother. Surprisingly she discovered a secret that her great grandmothers passed down a special heirloom- a super magical ring where the bearer gets her ideal type of guy. How does that work? Typically the guy just needs to put the ring on the girl's finger and he sees her as his ideal type of woman. As long as the woman wears the ring all the time, the husband/boyfriend will never see her real image.

When Nan Hee cries and tells her mother that she pines for Park Se Gun only to discover he sets his eyes on the pretty and slim Kang Mi Joo played by Yoon So Hee. However after the ring is worn on Nan Hee's finger, Se Gun was going after her everyday. Everyone went berserk wondering what happened to his taste. One day the real Mi Joo attends the university and that's where the problem lies. Se Gun starts seeing two Mi Joo- one is the real one and another is purely his hallucination from the ring's power.

On the other hand, we could see Se Gun didn't discriminate Nan Hee for her ugly looks and even thinks her personality is actually better than others. But how will he come to find out that Nan Hee is not the ideal type of girl he was pursuing and will she be able to tell out the truth?

The lesson that we learn from the story is that image/looks are not  for permanent as they can be beautiful to look at the start. However when you live with someone for a long period of time with a beautiful or handsome face  but with a horrible personality- it will never lead you to happiness.

Besides beauty and looks will fade away as everyone will eventually age.
So probably that's why plastic surgery is on the surge to change the image... LOL!

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Adverts for beverages and food are moving toward male celebrities.

In those days for soju, beverages, food and snacks were mostly advertised by female singers, models or actresses. However nowadays we see ads are mostly endorsed by male celebrities as companies are careful in selecting their models. Previously a young naïve actress is paid to promote a refreshing juice advert.

According to the industry,the number of food and beverage brands that attract consumers' is increasing with unusual models that are out of the conventional practice. It is an attempt to differentiate itself from other brands with a model that breaks the frame and to add a fresh image to the brand itself.

Coca-Cola is paying actor Cha Seung Won to endorse its domestic sparkling water line. It boosts a refreshing image while Lotte Chilsung has actress Go Joon Hee endorsing it, Han Ye Seul and Kim Yoo Jung advertise for Cho Jung sparking water.

LG's Seagram has attracted the attention with Cha Seung Won as he was a familiar face in variety shows and also in dramas. He has the charm to fill the refreshing image. Before being selected as its main model, Cha was considered as an all-round entertainer. Seagram has also promoted PPL (indirect advertisement) to famous entertainment program such as tVN's Three Meals a Day which Cha appeared in with other celebrities.

The juice branding is rather different as it's one that utilizes the most female artists with a softer image. Recently the company has used veteran actor Ma Dong Suk with a super masculine tough look for its minute sparkling drinks. He seem to look hilarious in the advertisement but it does catches the attention. Lotte Confectionary has endorsed Lee Mi Yeon, Chae Si Ra, Won Mi Gyeong, Hyeri as their main models. Then for the first time in 42 years, Lotte has now paid rising star Park Bo Gum as their model. The main aim and strategy is giving the excitement to teens and female buyers. Surprising with Park being its chocolate model, the sales increased up to 20%!

In 2015, MC Jeon Hyun Moo has endorsed a healthy drink with his humorous parodies and unique personality. The result was the reaction was great and since its first year launch, sales went up to KRW$20 billion won which was a total 100% increase before it started.

KGC Ginseng drink company has scouted actor Jo Jung Suk as their model with its promotion and advertisement to gain younger consumers. As a result, the portion of customers in their 20s and 30s were twice as high as other products, which is considered to have attracted younger purchasers who were blind to consumption of health food. Wow!

EXO members endorsing the Goobne Korean Oven Roasted Chicken
As stereo types of model selection are changing with consumer preferences are diversified and various marketing methods such as viral images are developed. An industry official mentioned that competition between brands is becoming very intense.

It is expected that there will be an increasing number of cases of choosing an unusual model that goes beyond the practice.
Which is why we see cosmetics and skin care now mostly been endorsed by male celebrities that female as it gains the women and men customers.