Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Wolgyesu couple- Lee Dong Gun and Jo Yoon Hee are really dating.

Actor Lee Dong Gun (37) and actress Jo Yoon Hee (35) are in a relationship.

Both of them started playing as a couple in the KBS2TV long weekend drama The Gentlemen of Wolgyesu Tailor Shop. They have taken the characters Lee Dong Jin and Na Yeon Shil whereby both overcome difficulties in relationship and postponed their marriage but to the end it was happy sweet ending.

Lee Dong Gun made his debut as a singer in 1998 and later turned into acting industry in small roles from 1999, Lovers in Paris (2004), Superdaddy Yeol (2015). Meanwhile Jo Yoon Hee made her debut in the sitcom Orange in 2002, The Melancholy Runner in 2009, Lie to Me in 2011.

It was not long ago that Lee broke up with girl group T-Ara's member Ji Yeon, now he is moving on with his new chapter of life.

Idol group members tapping into acting industry.

There has been a spike of former and current idol group members pursuing in different types of career. Rather than being on stage with a bunch of their fellow members dancing and singing away, these idol group members are choosing a change of career.


We see more and more girl group and boy group members are been casted to star in dramas and films. Girls' Generation has YoonA, Yuri and Soo Young who are active in dramas. Nevertheless we are sure EXO's Do  Kyung Soo and Baek Hyun are doing well enough to make a name for themselves as rookie actors along with the veteran actors. The other fellow EXO members Lay, Xiumin, Chan Yeol and Suho are even in dramas. Ex-Beast member Yoon Do Jun and Lee Ki Kwang starred in various dramas  years back, 2PM's Tacyeon is great for his Busan ascent dramas and even Junho is now starring in the Good Manager Chief Kim drama.

ZE:A has produced two fine actors Im Si Wan and Park Hyung Shik who have fared very well in small and big screen.

SHinee's Minho have long been in variety and dramas. Ex-Wonder Girls' member Ahn So Hee has chosen to act rather than singing on stage. As for the disbanded girl group 2NE1, Sandara Park and Gong Minzy have chosen to star in variety programs.

Back in the 90s, the audience has noted that S.E.S member Eugene has carried out her acting skills well.
Now Eugene has even reunited with her group members Bada and Shoo to the music industry.

Single Rider film is out on nationwide South Korean cinemas.

For those living in Sydney and who are wondering since last March 2016 you might have seen South Korean actor Lee Byung Hun walking in the streets of the city....you are not wrong. In fact Lee was there to shoot his latest K-film titled Single Rider- 싱글라이더.

Lee is the main role as a successful fund manager, Kang Jae Hoon who suddenly suffered a massive blow from his company's bankruptcy. He felt so guilty and needed to see his family who is living abroad in Australia. Without any notice, Jae Hoon suddenly headed down to Sydney to visit his wife Soo Jin played by Gong Hyo Jin and his son Jin Woo.

However Jae Hoon starts suspecting something fishy going on between his wife and neighbour Kris. To his surprise, he noticed Soo Jin is very close and friendly with Kris more than just a neighbour.

Jae Hoon decides to watch from far and found out his absence was a blessing to his family. He started pondering what he did in the past and witnessed the affair going on with Soo Jin and Kris. Meanwhile Ji Na played by Ahn So Hee is a backpacker working in Australia for 2 years. She then meets Jae Hoon.

The movie is somehow a slow and melo-drama style compared to all the action film flicks that Lee Byung Hun has done in the past. This round the location was decided in Sydney. Sighs...if they could only film a part in Melbourne, that'd be great. Anyway it was less distraction for the actors and actresses as not many Aussies know them...well apart from some people have spotted Lee riding the train in Sydney without any hassle.

I'd prefer his other movie Master that Lee has starred along with Kang Dong Won and Kim Woo Bin was my typical type of movie.

Monday, February 27, 2017

Park Bo Gum and Lee Byung Hun offered roles in Ansi Fortress film.

While international star Lee Byung Hun is busy promoting his movie Single Rider which will be opening in nationwide cinemas on Wednesday, he has been offered a role in the upcoming new movie Ansi Fortress.

Meanwhile rising star Park Bo Gum has also been offered a role in Ansi Fortress as well.
Park is currently on his way finishing up his fan meetings in South East Asia. He will be returning back to Seoul on 11th March.

PD Kim Kwang Shik will be directing the new film.

History dated back the siege of Ansi began when the battle began during the Tang and Goguryeo dynasty. Both kingdoms fought for nearly 3 over months at the Korean peninsula. The Tang people attacked Ansi under Emperor Taizhong. The Ansi fortress is a strong defence under command Yang Man Chun. The fortress was attacked several times per day however it stood strong and unmoved.

Emperor Taizhong tried to seize Goguryeo however his plans backfired. His obsession of trying to defeat Goguryeo remains lingering until his death and passed onto his son.

Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards winner lists.

This year SM Entertainment, JYP Entertainment and YG Entertainment should be grinning ear to ear when their idol groups are sweeping the music charts and also music awards.

This year itself SM's favourite Hallyu group EXO has taken home 4 awards from Gaon Chart Awards. The boys have been awarded Artist of the Year, Album and Song of the Year Awards. It is the first time a group has been taking home continuously multiple awards in the same category. Their loyal fans have somehow paid off their tribute with Group Fans Choice Award and Individual Member Award with youngest Sehun taking it home.

Before that, EXO has been winning the Dae-Sang prizes at Golden Disc Awards and the 2016 Mnet Asian Music Awards. Other groups such as BTS and GOT7 have also won some awards. With male groups dominating the sub category field, the female groups are not far behind with TWICE and Blackpink taking home Artist Awards for the month of April, August, October and November 2016.

Other winners include GFriend, Mamamoo, Urban Zakapa, Sistar, Wonder Girls, Lim Chang-jung and Big Bang.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

JTBC's Strong Woman Do Bong Soon kicks off well.

The first 2 episodes of JTBC's new drama Strong Woman Do Bong Soon 힘쎈여자 도봉순 went well. With a lovely cast of Park Bo Young, Park Hyung Shik and Ji Soo, it is not likely the young teens will hate it. 

I find it ridiculous at times however it cracks me up when I see Park Hyung Shik's expression on the big screen. From Hwarang's King Jinheung he has ventured into another splendid lavish role as the CEO of Ainsoft Company driving foreign expensive car and wearing branded clothes.

Park Bo Young plays as the tiny Do Bong Soon who possesses super strength powers from her mother's side. She is not to break the rule whereby she must not misuse the power for her own advantage otherwise it will be a curse. She is also desperate to get a job while her parents run a Walnut Bakery and Cafe at Dobong neighbourhood. Her younger brother Bong Ki is an excellent medical student while her father is meek like a sheep. 

Park Hyung Shik is the CEO Ahn Min Hyuk of the gaming software company Ainsoft. He is born with a silver spoon and doesn't care for the rest of the world. He works twice a week and yet he lives a luxurious life. When he gets threatening emails and suspicious phone calls, he decides to hire a bodyguard to protect him. He sees suspicious people following him around and coincidentally he witnessed how strong Bong Soon is at the street. He threw her a big offer that she couldn't turn down. Even her parents were impressed how she got a handsome and rich boss.

One day the surrounding neighbourhood was tangled with a series of female murder and in attempt to catch the suspect, Bong Soon was to be guarded tightly as a witness. Her childhood police friend Guk Doo is passionate about his work and he vows to catch the murderer. While Bong Soon adores him from head to toe, he treats her as a friend. Min Hyuk tells her the only thing she could grab Guk Doo's attention is to make him jealous. 

I cracked up when I saw the scene where Min Hyuk bought the walnut pie and cake atthe shop from Bong Soon's father- Yoon Jae Myung is the older actor who plays Pa-Oh in Hwarang as Jinheung's personal bodyguard! LOL! 

The drama started at 3.9% on first episode and skyrocketed to 6.1% in 2nd episode which has proven very good for a cable television network. That's a yay for the cast and crew! 

Announcers Oh Sang Jin and Kim So Young to wed in April

Announcers Oh Sang Jin and Kim So Young are confirmed for their wedding bells in April.
Announcer Oh has mentioned that his private wedding will take place on April 30th in a hotel in Seoul. He broke out the news in his fan cafe and hoped everyone will be giving their blessing and support to him.

Oh Sang Jin began broadcasting career in 2005 as an MBC 24th announcer. Since then, he has been an MBC signboard announcer and declared a freelance in 2013. He is currently active in performing arts and drama. For those who remember him, he was the Prosecutor in drama My Love from the Star. 

Kim So Young joined SBS in 2010 as an announcer. She then moved to MBC in 2012 and started her relationship with Oh. The two have been dating for two years. 
Congratulations to the new couple!

Former Beast members in a new group- Highlight.

Yoon Doo-jun, Yong Jun-hyung, Yang Yo-Seob, Lee Ki Kwang and Son Dong-woon from the group 'Beast' will start their new activities with a new group name 'Highlight'. 
Highlight, which means "the brightest part" and "the most prominent or interesting", is the first time a five-player member has been released by Cube Entertainment, a former affiliate, Album name.

Beast, who made their debut in 2009, has been ranked as a top group with hit songs such as 'Fiction' and 'Rainy Day'. In April last year, member Jang Hyun Seung left the team, and they have re-organised the group, including Yoon Doo Jun, Lee Ki-kwang, Yang Yo Seob, Yong Jun Hyung and Son Dong Woon. In July of the same year, they released their third album 'Highlight' in the name of BEAST from their agency, Cube Entertainment. 

Later on, the five members did not renew their contract with the Cube and set up independent labels. Since the members are unable to use the former name Beast, they are still thankful towards the fans for their love and support.

All the 9 years they have been active in music programs and variety shows, the fellow members are able to give up the past glory to start new again.

ZE:A's Kwang Hee to enlist on 13th March.

Hwang Kwang Hee (29), member of fellow idol group ZE:A will be also enlisting in March 13th.

His agency has confirmed Kwang Hee's admission at Nonsan Army Training Center in Chungcheong Province on March 13th. After receiving basic military training for 5 weeks, he will serve as a military soldier. 

Kwang-hee has been reported to have passed military aid for special military service soldiers. He has also participated in the recording of the MBC TV popular entertainment program "Infinite Challenge" while ex-cast member Noh Hong Chul might be reuniting.

Recently Kwang Hee has signed up with an agency that belongs to Chu Sung Hoon. 

Seo In Guk enlistment in March 2017.

Singer/actor Seo In Guk will fulfil his compulsory military enlistment next month. His agency Jellyfish Entertainment has confirmed the singer will start his training end of March at Gyeongi Incheon district. After 5 weeks of training, Seo will start his active duty as a military office.

Seo In Guk rose to starrdom when he won the competition Superstar K Season 1 in 2009.

Since he lost weight and started his debut as a singer. Slowly he went into acting industry in his breakthrough tVN drama Reply 1997 and from there, he went into main roles as Shopping King Louis, 38th Squad and even Master's Sun.

Happy Ending for Hwarang: The Beginning.

KBS's Hwarang has finished screening its 20 episode dramas on recent Mon-Tue slot. Though it didn't reach the two digit ratings among viewers (mainly because people are more attracted to the current corrupted and scandals among the politicians and heirs in the corporation such as Defendant or Good Manager Chief Kim), I believed fans of Park Hyung Shik and Park Seo Jun will be delighted to know the drama finished with a good ending.
Everyone deserved what they wanted. First of all, I don't know why the writer rushed everything from the romance story especially on Ban Ryu and Soo Yeon was a squeeze in at the last minute. It wrapped up too sudden after the downfall of Minister Park and his cronies while A-Ro ends up living happily with Sun Woo. 

As for young King Jinheung, he finally got his throne and acknowledgement from the rest of the Hwarang soldiers and his countrymen. We got to know his mother Queen Ji So was slowly been poisoned to death by her closest hand maid- planted as a spy by Minister Park. All those years, she had no choice but to consume the colourless poisonous tea in order to protect her son and the throne. Till the end, she was pining for Ahn Ji-Gong's treatment and wonder why he didn't tell her about the tea since he knew about it.

As for the untimely death of Han Sung- the cutie pie Hwarang actually sacrificed himself to protect Sun Woo and his brother Dan Sae. It's such a sad case he was the only Hwarang who died while Su Ho just knew he will not be seeing his beloved Queen. Hwa Gong returns back to the Hwarang house as the instructor while Sun Woo's real father Prince Hwi Kyung remained as he was. Sun Woo prefers his life being a warrior serving the country and being best mates with the King.  

Sunday, February 19, 2017

BTS aims to be on Billboard 100 charts.

Dreaming of the impossible seems to becoming a reality for the group BTS. BTS group consists of Rap Monster, V, Jin, Jimin,J-Hope, Suga and Jong Kook have previously posted their name on the Billboard 200 for the first time as a Korean singer, and have continued to stand out in the 'Social 50' world album 'World Digital Song Sales' chart. The "Hot 100" chart, which is the best musician in the world, is not a dream.

On the afternoon of their concert 18th Feb, BTS who was about to perform the 'Wings Tour' in Seoul said they do not know if they can get so much love. They are happy to feel that that they could have many good moments in their lives. 

Following the album 'Wings' released last October, 'Wings: You Never Walk Alone', which was unveiled on the 13th of this year, is also sweeping the national and international music charts. All the songs in the album have been named in the ranking of the charts. The boys are really proving explosive popularity.

The album 'Wings' and 'Wings Abduction' are the album which shows the pain and growth of youth and the comfort for them. It was a kind of declaration of propaganda that it was different from any other idol group that only 'love tale' was going on. The reason for the new album title is 'YOU NEVER WALK ALONE'. If 'Wings' had drawn up conflicts and wandering, 'Wings Abduction' is about hopes and comforts. In desperation, BTS have tried to show how the boys played the heartbreak. 

When asked about the secret of global popularity, BTS has answered growth and chemistry. They felt each member has grown as a result of the album activities. It is also their advantage that breathing among members is a good thing and all of them felt is is crucial. BTS will hold their  'Wings Tour' concert around the US, Australia, Chile, Brazil, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines and Hong Kong until May after finishing Seoul and the next month in Seoul. They will be releasing their new album 'Wings: You Never Walk Alone' on stage for the first time

Fabricated City movie sold to 26 countries including Australia.

Four days after its release of the Korean movie 'Fabricated City', the audience viewing has surpassed more than 1 million viewers. The Korean movie is also been sold across 26 countries internationally. CJ Entertainment which is the investment and distribution company, said on Tuesday that Fabricated City movie was sold to 26 countries at the European Film Market (EFM) during the 67th Berlin International Film Festival. *wow!*

As a result, it will be released in Australia and New Zealand later this month and will be released one after another in Hong Kong, April, Malaysia and May in Thailand next month. In addition, sales contracts were signed with local distributors in 26 countries, including Taiwan, Italy and India. In addition, CJ Entertainment will be distributing the film to the United States, Canada, Japan, Vietnam, and Indonesia, and will be shown to audiences in 31 countries.

Choi Yoon Hee is the director of overseas distributor of CJ Entertainment has mentioned that overseas buyers have been impressed with the new action actors that are new to game and real world and have not been seen in existing movies, the additional sales will continue.

'Fabricated City' is a crime action film that depicts the fact that the heroine who lives in the game is manipulated as a murderer in just 3 minutes and 16 seconds, exploring the reality of the incident and launching counterattack. The movie is led by actor Ji Chang Wook and actress Shin Eun Kyung

Thursday, February 16, 2017

News wrapup for week ending 17/Feb

Rumours had it going whether actor Yoo Ah-In is going to dodge the military services. However medical reports surfaced that the actor is suffering bone tumour that was recently discovered from a check up. The actor is due to carry out another thorough medical check up on the illness in March to determine if he is fit for enlistment this year.


EXO fans must be either thrilled or screaming their hearts out seeing their idol singer Suho (Kim Jun Myeon) who has filmed his latest MBC mini series drama Universe's Star having to kiss the female lead actress. Ji Woo who looks like a doppelganger from the Matilda movie plays a young grim reaper is at cross roads after discovering her idol singer-songwriter Woo Joo is destined to die at a young age. *I cringe whenever I see Suho stealing away the adorable puppy from the deserted warehouse*


As for business and political news Samsung's heir and VP Lee Jae Yong is in trouble. There has been official warrant to arrest the Lee for bribery. The prosecutors are working hard and digging out the cover ups for the rumoured scandal.


Saimdang historical drama drops further in viewers' ratings on the Wed-Thu prime slot time.

Good Manager Mr. Kim is the hot favourite drama for the Wed-Thu. So never judge a book by its cover- with the preview and trailers of Lee Young Ae and Song Seung Hun for Saimdang just sat steady for first 2 episodes. Later on the ratings dropped further to one digit rating. Oh dear! As for the underdog Good Manager shot up in ratings instantly with storyline of corruption in the company and how Manager Kim struggles to find himself to survive in the problem. Starring Nam Goong Min, Nam Sang Mi and 2PM's Junho.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Ji Sung's Defendant tops the Mon-Tue drama ratings.

SBS drama Defendant starring Ji Sung, Eom Ki Joon, Oh Chang Suk and Kwon Yuri is taking over the high ratings for Mon-Tue prime time drama slot.

On 15th Feb, the drama episode recorded 22.3% and so far the highest record ratings was noted at 25.2%. At the same time MBC drama The Rebel: Hong Gil Dong recorded 10.6% and KBS' Hwarang recorded 7.7%.

Last month when Defendant was first broadcast, immediately it recorded two digit ratings which means it's a liking for TV viewers. Previously drama Romantic Doctor Kim has recorded 27.6% in viewers ratings and it seems that Defendant is hitting the top list as well.

Ji Sung's previous drama Entertainer didn't seem to fare that well but his previous works such as Heal Me, Kill Me was a big hit with 7 personalities that won him the Dae-Sang award. In Defendant, Ji Sung plays a prosecutor who wakes up one day realizing he was framed for murder on his wife and daughter. Without knowing the reason, he has to go all out to find why he didn't remember anything. Eom Ki Joon plays the main villain who killed his better twin brother and assumes his identity.

I am a bit sceptical about Girls' Generation Yuri's role in this drama. She plays the public defendant. I am not too convinced with her role and acting skills as it is the two male leads who are carrying the drama ratings.

Review on web drama- Positive Constitution 긍정이 제질

Personally I have not really watched many web dramas online until I saw Splash Splash Love. It was a short and quite sweet for a revival entertainment for those who are not looking to sit down for hours on the couch to find out the finale.
EXO fans must be beaming happily when it was announced that vocalist D.O. has been confirmed to star in the Samsung and Cheil production in late 2016. Positive Constitution is the 6 episode web drama starring Do Kyung Soo, Chae Seo Jin and Lee David.

The story opens with inspiring final year student of film and photography Hwan Dong is nagging at his parents for watching some crappy film on TV. He vows to produce a better movie for everyone to watch. When his script gets picked for a film, he rans frantically to his Professor and best mate In Guk hoping to produce the long awaited movie. Hah!

Things turn out awry as he needs funds and an A-List actress for the movie. Without money and support, nobody is going to star in a final year student project. When he boldly asks his ex-girlfriend Bang Hye Jung- a famous actress to star in his film, she willingly agrees to it without much hesitation. It has taken Hwan Dong by surprise as he never got around to understand how he broke up with her in the first place. It all came to anxiety, worries and misunderstanding between the couple.

Back then, Hwan Dong faces insecurity knowing that Hye Jung might outshine him in career so he just said sorry and left her in tears. In conclusion they never really broke up- he never said let's go on separate ways and she never agreed to it. Now comes to the funniest part when Hye Jung came out with her conditions that she can't film on Wed because of voluntary work and goes to church on Sunday, the Professor tells them he has found them the 2nd lead actress Hwan Mi Young. Hwan Dong and In Guk were appalled to see the 2nd actress was bigger and older than anyone else when she is supposed to play as the younger sister. Cracking up more was the cameraman hyung has broken his right arm and Hwan Dong wonders how is he going to film properly. The Assistant PD is a female student who snoozes for more than 14 hours and yet she maintains her first class student spot! Total mess! Muahahaha!

But at the end, Hwan Dong and his team managed to carry out the filming of the movie from his award winning script. He is more confident than ever and carries out the image of a PD. As for his relationship with Hye Jung, it turned out the two has gone back together with her sealing a kiss with him and he said I Love You to her. Awww.... adorable.

D.O. has proven to be just not an idol singer from EXO but he has shown many different aspects in the entertainment industry. He might be a little awkward 'penguin' and serious member in EXO, but his eyes expression and when he acts brings out a total unexpected aura. And the best bit is D.O. neither has dramatic hair styles nor colour. He has shone dramatically when he filmed the movie Cart with Yeom Jung Ah, drama It's Okay to Love with Jo in Sung and My Annoying Brother with Jo Jung Suk.Many have acknowledged his voice is similar to Kim Soo Hyun. Though love romantic stories are not his forte but I look forward in future to seeing him in sageuk dramas.

3 Colour Fantasy Naver Web Drama.

Lately web drama seems to be the trend where everyone just tunes it online and you can watch short mini web dramas with subtitles wherever you go. The web dramas are available via Naver TV Cast. This year MBC is co-venturing with Naver TV Cast has come up with 3 mini series drama entitled Three Colour Fantasy (세가지 색판타지). Each mini-series is comprised of short sweet 6 episodes.

There are three different stories in this mini series featuring The Universe Star, Romance Full of Life and Queen of the Ring. First series have been broadcast  via Naver TV online on 24th January and The Universe Star has definitely taken the viewers by surprise with the acting skills by EXO's leader Suho.

Suho plays a brilliant inspiring singer-songwriter, Woo Joo where he is supposed to appreciate life better than anyone else. With his fame, good looks and gifted talent, somehow things don't seem to turn out better for Woo Joo. A grim reaper student Byul played by Ji Woo is constantly helping and trying hard to ensure Woo Joo doesn't do any harm to himself. Suho has lend his voice for the OST of the web drama entitled Starlight featuring Remi.

Romance Full of Life is about a dorky fella In Sung played by Yoon Shi Yoon who dreams to become a policeman after failing numerous times in the examinations. He is optimistic and still applies for the highly paid part time job to become a super hero. Hah! What a joke!

The final mini series Queen of the Ring features Kim Seul Gi and Ahn Hyo Seob. A twist plot story when an ugly girl, Nan Hee with mean personality gets her prince charming! By chance, she received a family heirloom ring with a dark secret. With the magic ring, her life starts to change when the cold and handsome looking Se Gun sees her as his ideal woman.

Scamming your way to movie set with Im Si Wan & Jin Goo.

ZE:A's Im Si Wan and actor Jin Goo's new movie is up to be released in March 2017.

Probably the last movie I've seen Im Si Wan was The Attorney which his performance was quite brilliant comparing against veteran actors in the film. As for Jin Goo, I still cannot get over his Lieutenant Seo Do Young's character from Descendants of the Sun drama.

PD Yang Kyung Mo is responsible for directing the new movie entitled 'One Line'.
One Line movie is about a simpleton university student Min Jae who has good looks and also the skills of persuading people. On the other hand he meets a bunch of scammers including Jin Goo who is a specialized scammer expert in seeing through people. In one word- they are all cooperating together to scam people out there. Hah!

One Line movie is scheduled to be released in the local cinemas end of March.

What’s in the world today on K-pop and news?- 14/02/17

Alright today is Valentine’s Day around the world-  roses and chocolates are on top lists for today- businesses will be smiling from ear to ear. Still we have to go to school /college or drag ourselves to work; however we are more interested in what’s happening in the K-Entertainment world.


Latest news with former H.O.T leader Moon Hee Jun been back slashed by his fans for marrying Crayon Pop member So Yul and holding lavish wedding ceremony thanks to the expensive concert tickets. H.O.T loyal fans were angered that Moon has been pampering his new wife and treating them as an ‘ATM’ machine to fund the wedding.


Moon expresses his apology and disappointment that fans are thinking he is using them for his own purpose which was not true. Seems that some fans cannot accept the fact that their idols are leading a new married life so they are spreading weird rumours about them. If that’s the case I cannot imagine seeing other first generation idol members such as H.O.T, Shinhwa, G.O.D and Sechs Kies members getting married in future. Meh!



Happy news for actor Park Bo Gum leading successful meeting with 4000 fans in Thailand during his recent Asian tour. He kicked off his first Asian tour from Malaysia and now he has met his Thai fans. He mentioned he was grateful and honoured to see them shower love and support for him when he arrived late in the airport. Park shot to stardom with his big hit tVN drama Reply 1988 and latest KBS drama Moonlight Drawn by Clouds. Fans are still affected by the Crown Prince Lee Young syndrome after the drama has ended.


Park’s Asian tour also has same label mate actor Song Joong Ki appearing as guest star to make more female hearts swooning away. Song is a big Hallyu star with his KBS drama Descendants of the Sun and last year he just won the "Dae-Sang" award for his performance. Song has been a supportive senior towards Park since both are from the same agency Blossom Entertainment.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

EXO marking their way to Mexico market.

Pop idol group EXO is making their way to the South American market which is Brazil.
The group has been introduced to the country through KBS Music Bank in 2014.
From there, the boys have been gathering much attention and fans all over the place.

EXO has been touring around South East Asia and this time they are scheduled to hit the Mexico shores in April 2017.

EXO-fans - get ready to book your hot seats for their upcoming world tour.
U might be one of the lucky ones to sit or standing at the front of Suho, D.O, Xiumin, Chen, Baek Hyun, Chan Yeol, Lay, Kai and Sehun.

Monday, February 13, 2017

EXO Next Door Mini Sitcom Review.

Over the weekend due to the change of weather, I’ve decided to snug on the couch with my cuppa and relax watching some dramas. I have just discovered a 16 episode of mini-sitcom probably been produced by LINE Naver and SM Entertainment revolving the lives of EXO group. 

Blimey for EXO fans, I bet they have already seen the web drama but it has certainly taken me a while to discover it. Well thanks to D.O’s movies that I’ve watched lately, I’ve decided to run through some of the old series.  EXO Next Door is actually a short series regarding a simpleton girl Ji Yeon Hee actually works for her mother who runs some rental of villas. She has a younger brother Kwang Soo who is a typical dork in sweats all the time and gets adoring attention from her mother.  Yeon Hee is often dubbed as the red faced girl as whenever she is embarrassed, her cheeks will turn very red. She hardly stepped her foot out of the door because of her face. One day she discovers there are new neighbours and spied on them. To her surprise it’s none other than her favourite singing group EXO who has moved next door!

Yeon Hee couldn’t help but to spy on the guys next door seeing how much she adored them. Members Baekhyun and Sehun have fun teasing her however Chan Yeol being the Mr. Grumpy is guilt ridden thinking he caused Suho’s accident which put their EXO activities to a stop. Yeon Hee is forced to be a cleaner at the guys’ villa and she bumped into them quite frequently. Chan Yeol is short tempered and often snaps at her for invading his privacy. Poor Yeon Hee gets embarrassed and runs out the door. D.O being the gentle one quickly comforts her and she gets dreamy on him.  

Sehun bumps into Kwang Soo and the two became best mates. He was hoping to get hand dripped coffee which Kwang Soo grinded the coffee beans on a milestone and even sieved the coffee as if in those traditional days people make herbal medicine. Hah! Surprisingly Se Hun is addicted to the coffee and often hangs around with Kwang Soo in an outdoor tent. The 4 members decided to introduce themselves properly to Yeon Hee since she is a cleaner while Chan Yeol nicknamed her as Incheon Gal since she was born there. He remembers her from childhood days but she has no memory of him.  Baek Hyun gets Yeon Hee to rehearse drama scripts with D.O which made her embarrassed again because it was a love story.

Sehun overheard from Kwang Soo that Yeon Hee definitely likes one of the members and that kept them wondering who it will be. They were in shock when it was revealed Kai is her favourite which kept D.O and Chan Yeol fidgeting away. During a photo shoot, Chen hinted out he wanted to see their new villa cleaner. Tao, Xiumin and Lay are in all agreement hoping to catch a glimpse of her.  Yeon Hee turns up and immediately caught Kai’s attention. Chan Yeol starts to get edgy and wonders how Kai could easily talk to girls. When Kai casually asks Yeon Hee if she really likes him and that really got on D.O’s nerves. Baekhyun and Kai sensed something real fishy in the house when Yeon Hee being very dense.

Later Yeon Hee found out that Chan Yeol is her old childhood friend and his grandpa owns that villa. She was very happy to know that he’s back but now his lifestyle has changed dramatically. D.O asks if she can be his friend, she agrees happily thinking she will be his drama scripts rehearsing partner however she doesn’t realize it has another meaning. D.O gets another shock hearing Chan Yeol asking her out for a date and just then manager tells them Suho has disappeared from the hospital!

Everyone went frantic looking for Suho as he didn’t leave any message. However he answered D.O’s phone call and both knew they are having a difficult time together, unable to mention out their personal problems. Yeon Hee gets all giddy for the date without realizing what happened.

The members started running around and Chan Yeol found Suho at the dancing studio practising on his own. Everyone was happy to know Suho is fine and pulling through the bad times. As they went home, D.O noticed Yeon Hee was waiting at the park in the cold for 4 hours. He pitied her so he informed Chan Yeol about it. Slowly the reality starts to sink into D.O’s mind, it was the first time he reached out to her without any hesitation and asked her to be friends- which didn’t work. He liked her but things turn out the way he wanted to be. It was time to let go.

Soon the members moved out from the villa as they were preparing to get back their concert and activities. Yeon Hee came back to realize EXO has left with a letter from Chan Yeol that he will be back and to take care of herself.  6 months later, she didn’t hear anything from him while she sulked. Her mother tells her to clean the next door villa as new renters are moving in the day. She pouted and went next door only to discover the entire EXO-K members have come back.

To be honest, I really liked Sehun and Kwang Soo’s bromance as they were funny and stoic with poker face expressions. When they called each other ‘brother’ and friend, that cracked me up. They have to part after leaving the villa but it was real funny. As for the triangle relationship- it didn’t really happen but D.O’s story was quite sad when he realized the girl he likes, she merely just adored him as an idol. But his petty jealousy expression was quite adorable when he flicked the fork at Kai.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Saimdang didn't live up to expectations.

With the power of 2 Hallyu stars- Lee Young Ae and Song Seung Hun, it seems the drama Saimdang: Light of Diary didn’t propel far in the viewers ratings. Its first 2 episodes were broadcast, it did seem over the top however with the storyline of modern day historian crosses path with a female Joseon poet, writer and artist Saimdang, it seems more like another time travelling drama.
Though Saimdang didn't feature the modern historian travelling to the past but she seems to have visions of the historical figure as if she was her reincarnation.

TV Viewers have been treated to far too many time travel dramas such as Moon Lovers, Dr. Jin and Faith- there is nothing too interesting in seeing another time traveller to the Joseon dynasty. We saw the high ratings in W: Two Worlds as it was a cross over from a modern day doctor into a comic life and character. However comic (manhwa) is entirely different to travelling to the past.
It seems Saimdang serves as a big hiccup though it boasts the power of 2 big celebrities. The writers and producers seem to take it too far when the drama didn’t live up to its expectations. Many viewers and Netizens wandered if Lee Young Ae is just another pretty face and her acting skills were so-so. With Song Seung Hun’s role coming to and forth, it didn’t bring much effect. In fact personally I prefer the teen-actors version as it was livelier and more intriguing.

Surprisingly dramas evolving the office life and workers seem to be a big hit. tVN has introduced its comical drama My Introvert Boss starring Yeon Woo Jin seems to be likeable though he’s always in a black hoodie. Also Chief Kim- Good Manager starring Nam Goong Min and Nam Sang Mi seems to be doing well against Saimdang. Take an example when drama Misaeng was first introduced via tVN, its popularity skyrocketed and propelled actor/idol ZE: A’s Im Si Wan to stardom.  

Viewers get tired of seeing time travelling from past to the future. If Saimdang was based on just the mother figure in Joseon dynasty from her childhood life to where she stood, I think it’d be a better drama.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

BTS reigning top 5 on Billboard World Charts.

It was a great year for BTS group last year as they swept the music charts and even music awards. Of course their close competitor EXO was on the chase too however they seem to be winning over many female fans.

With fellow member V (Kim Tae Hyung) on the small screen in KBS drama Hwarang, the group is steadily gaining popularity with drama and music fans.

The group's album WINGS was released last October and is still on top 5 spots within the Billboard World Charts. As in February, WINGS has been sitting comfortably on fourth position in the world chart.

Congratulations to the boys for their breakthrough in the world music charts.

Denial of dating rumors of Kim Soo Hyun and Ahn So Hee.

Hallyu star Kim Soo Hyun is now embroiled with the weird rumours circulating regarding his ‘so-called’ relationship with ex-Wonder Girls member Ahn So Hee. The dating rumours have now been getting worst to the extent that news broke out that both of them are getting married.

It all began in late 2015 when some rumours were escalating around websites stating Kim was seeing Ahn. Kim’s agency Keyeast Entertainment has denied of such relationship and rumours.

Kim Soo Hyun has shot to super stardom with his hit dramas- Moon Embracing the Sun, My Love from the Star and The Producers.  And all thanks to the promotion and co-partner from My Love from the Star, Kim is one of the biggest and most recognized stars in South Korea. He has acquired many CFs on his belt including ZioZia, Cuckoo Rice Cooker, Bean Pole, Lotte…etc.

As for Ahn So Hee, her girl band Wonder Girls has disbanded recently and she was concentrating more on acting industry. She co-starred in the zombie flick Train to Busan and recent drama Entourage.

After all the big hype and hoo-haa circulated in the Net, it turns out to be false news regarding the two celebrities.

For all Kim Soo Hyun fans- it must be a big relief… :D  To be honest, I don’t think he will be looking to find a partner at this time especially his compulsory enlistment dates are getting closer. He might finish off the year with a drama and a movie before he gets enlisted.  

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Review on K-Movie: My Annoying Brother 형

My Annoying Brother 형 is a heart warming story about two step brothers who grew up together since they were kids. However after a neighbour’s tell-tale story to the elder brother- Gu Du Shik decided to leave the home at a very young age. The younger brother Gu Du Young is alone after his parents passed away and worked his way up as a national Judo athlete.

As for Du Shik, he continues living his free life but ended up in prison for few years. After discovering the news that Du Young was seriously injured in a competition, he asked for a parole to look after his younger brother. With his great acting skills and crying, he managed to scoot off from prison to return home. It was shocking to see Du Young has lost his eye sight and remained a hermit at home.  Luckily his persistent coach So Hyun is there to help him and buy for him food.

It was indeed annoying for Du Young to endure sharing the house with Du Shik who has been away for 10 over years. He even swindled Du Young’s bank seal to get a new car but couldn’t care less for his well-being until been told off by So Hyun and welfare workers.  Du Young could barely adjust to his life being disabled and now he had to handle another pest in his life. 

Slowly the two brothers start to know more about each other and why Du Young ran away from home even his step mother was treating him well. Du Shik even coached his brother how to court girls and dress properly to impress. So Hyun noticed that Du Young starts to smile and comfortable with people around him, Du Shik then discovered that he had cancer at a terminal stage. His time is running up and he had to ensure Du Young joins the Paralympics national team to win a gold medal in Rio. So Hyun was surprised when Du Shik told her about his health and wants her to be at Du Young’s future is bright if he wins a gold medal for the country.

Of course Du Young won the gold medal and cried bitterly for his brother. Du Shik has sold off the car for extra cash, renovated the interior of the house and replaced plastic house wares so that Du Young will not hurt himself.  

It is a comical story at the start, however it turns out to be a sad and touching movie at the end when Du Shik sacrifices a lot for Du Young’s future. Du Young realizes that he is now alone and has to look after himself.  I have to say the OST for the movie was great since it was a duet sung by both Jo Jung Suk and Do Kyung Soo. They are both singers and of course the harmony blended well. 
We might have heard the original song and other version sung by Lee Juck, Ha Hyun Woo and Roy Kim. This is another version of both brothers singing to the song- Don’t Worry About Me.. 걱정 말아요 그대.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Ahn Jae Hyun and Goo Hye Sun in reality TV show.

PD Na Young Suk has done it again. The long standing PD for KBS 1 Night 2 Days moved over to cable channel tVN to produce ever popular Grandpa Over Flowers, Youth Over Flowers program, New Journey to the West and his famous show Three Meals a Day; literally he has come up with all these interesting ideas to entertain people from all ages.

Now he has come up with an idea and produced the new program entitled Lovebirds starring the newly wedded couple model/actor Ahn Jae Hyun and actress Goo Hye Sun.
Ahn Jae Hyun is one of the new permanent cast in PD Na's New Journey to the West replacing singer Lee Seung Gi. PD Na got to know Ahn better through his program and also been introduced to his wife Goo Hye Sun. Well as far as we know Ahn is a doted loving husband who often shows his love and support for his wife.

Being at a young age, he is not hesitant to shower his profound love to his wife. Friends around him wonder what made him decide to tie the knot at a young age when others are still enjoying bachelorhood when he confirmed that Goo Hye Sun is the love of his life.

So the lovey-dovey couple has agreed and signed on to film this new reality TV show emphasizing on their lives. It'd be good for those to cherish the people around them and appreciate what they have.