Tuesday, December 30, 2014

MBC 2014 Drama Awards winners...

The glitz and glamour when K-actors and actresses attended the 2014 MBC Drama Awards on Dec 30th. And guess what...as expected here are the winners which I think they truly deserve the merit and hardwork they have poured into this year.

It has been a wonderful year for the cast of Jang Bori is Here! The main villain Min Jung portrayed by Lee Yu Ri blew the audience away and everyone was impressed with her acting. Fated to Love You was also a hit drama for Jang Hyuk and Jang Nara bagging few awards from there. 

Dae-Sang (Grand Award): Lee Yu Ri (Jang Bori is Here!)
Drama of the Year: Jang Bori is Here! 

Female Excellence Award Miniseries: Jang Nara (Fated to Love You)
Male Excellence Award Miniseries: Jang Hyuk (Fated to Love You)
Female Excellence Award for Special Drama: Song Yun Ah (Mama)
Male Excellence Award for Special Drama: Jung Il Woo (A Nightwatchman's Journal)
Female High Excellence Award Serial Drama: Oh Yun Seo (Jang Bori is Here!)
Male High Excellence Award Serial Drama: Kim Ji Hoon (Jang Bori is Here!)
Female Excellence Award Miniseries: Choi Soo Young (Spring Days)
Male Excellence Award Miniseries: Kim Sang Joong (A New Leaf)
Female Excellence Award for Special Production: Baek Jin Hee (Pride & Prejudice)
Male Excellence Award for Special Production: Choi Jin Hyuk (Pride & Prejudice)
Achievement Award: Kim Ja Ok
Best Couple Award: Jang Hyuk and Jang Nara (Fated to Love You)
Popularity Award: Jang Nara (Mr.Baek, Fated to Love You), Shin Ha Kyun (Mr.Baek)
Best New Male Actor: Im Si Wan (Triangle), Choi Tae Jun (Mother's Garden)
Best New Actress: Go Sung Hee (Ms. Korea & A Nightwatchman's Journal), 
                                 Han Sun Hwa (Rosy Lovers)

But there is something which I don't agree with Best New Actress- Go Sung Hee? Well...hello? The lifeless actress with no expression and can't act at all wins an award? You got to be kidding! She must have some connections or something to back her up. First she gets the female leads and now an award? Bleh! Not worth it! I'd agree with Sun Hwa winning the Best New Actress award as she is better.

Oh-well, Jae Joong missed out on winning any awards for his role in Triangle so his baby brother Im Si Wan took the Best New Male Actor award for the night. 

To be honest, the ladies all look stunning in their white, creamy peach gowns for the ceremony. Love it! Love their hairstyle and their elegant looks. They have won my vote! :D

Han Sun Hwa, Choi Soo Young, Lee Yu Ri, Baek Jin Hee

Monday, December 29, 2014

The tables has have turned for quiet cold image of Infinite's L

Some secrets are not meant to be kept forever...INDEED! Finally INFINITE's group member L (Myungsoo) who has been carrying the cold icy quiet image all these years ever since they debut decided to speak up.

L, Sungjong and Sungyeol in Mickey's clothings
With the sub-unit Infinite-F consisting of L, Sungyeol and Sungjong, the members spoke up stating L's image was meant to be the mysterious quiet member of the group. In most interviews or programs, it can be seen L hardly voices out or doesn't speak at all. The ones who do most talking are Sung Gyu, Woo Hyun or Hoya. In fact it was the company's decision to ensure that L remains quiet and sits as part of the group. Even without L speaking up, his presence is always there- thanks to his good looks. 

If you do happen to watch Weekly Idol program hosted by Defcon and Hyungdon, these 2 hosts are the ones who always perked up to L to grab his attention. Even fans wonder why L has less screen time and doesn't talk at all. 

Now that Infinite-F has debut in the music charts, L has changed a lot and turns more talkative. When he is part of INFINITE, he goes back to the silent mode. Members Sungyeol and Sungjong mentioned that L is in fact quite chatty and has oppressed for a long time. So the quiet boy image has left L and he has opened up to the extent that members said he is talking way too much! LOL!

It took the fans by surprise that L was a huge fan of DBSK during those days when they were the rising stars. Jae Joong is someone that L looks up to and he even follows JJ on Twitter and joined the DBSK fanclub. How cool is that! A typical fanboy...
Maybe that's one of the reason L is so engrossed in photography. All happy for Myungsoo as Jae Joong followed him back on Twitter and even mentioned Infinite's Be Mine was cool! ^_^! 

That's how a senior in the industry showing support and appreciation for each other. :)


Kim Woo Bin, Kang Ha Neul & Lee Jun Ho teams up in TWENTY 스물

It's rather rare we see idols doing so well and it's no surprise for model turned actor Kim Woo Bin snatching the spotlight ever since he played in School 2013 and The Heirs. The lanky model is teaming up with actor Kang Ha Neul who was also from The Heirs and Angel Eyes along with 2PM's member Jun Ho in the new movie entitled TWENTY.

The movie plot is about the lives- love and friendship of three men who are in their 20s. Originally actor Yoo Yeon Suk was offered as the co-lead role but he has turned it down due to conflict of programs. Kim Woo Bin plays as the ever popular guy Chi Ho, Kang Ha Neul plays as the genius bookworm Kyung Jae and Jun Ho plays as the viability strong guy Dong Woo. The co-actresses are Jung So Min, Lee Yoo Bi and Min Hyo Rin. 

Since Woo Bin is busy promoting his new movie The Technicians and Kang Ha Neul has enjoyed much popularity from recent tvN's drama Misaeng, it's probably left Jun Ho picking up the bits as 2PM has been rather quiet for a while apart from Tacyeon doing dramas.
I am sure this movie is going to bring us laughters, tears and smile at the end. ^_^!!  

Movie Gangnam 1970 premiering on 8th January 2015

On the 8th January 2015, there will be movie talk about the latest blockbuster entitled Gangnam 1970 where we will be seeing actors Lee Min Ho and Kim Rae Won in real action of their unstoppable youth images. 

The Movie Talk LIVE from Gangnam 1970 movie together with the Director Yoo Ha, Lee Min Ho, Kim Rae Won and Jung Jin Young will be the first to release its public premiere and behind the scenes.

※ Naver Movie Premiere - Gangnam 1970] Movie Talk Live
In the year 1970 in Seoul, the story opens and develops whereby 2 men were landed with surrounding of desire, loyalty and betrayal. The 2 childhood friends- Jong Dae and Yong Ki were involved in violent politics and struggle through the battle. Years later Jong Dae lived upright as a honest and straight fella along with former gangster Gil Soo. But...Yong Ki has become one of the most powerful triads. 

Please expect a lot of interest in the 'Movie Talk Live ". In particular, this [Gangnam 1970] 'Movie Talk Live "is going to give the fans the unique opportunity to watch the live site directly through a draw lot among netizens those who have raised questions in the comments below,and notice pages and they will look forward to your participation.

* Live Schedule
- Starring: Director Yoo Ha, Lee Min Ho, Kim Rae Won, Jung Jin Young, Kim Seol Hyun (Note: Casts might change)
- Broadcasted Date: Thurs, January 8th, 2015 21:00
- Broadcast Content: Lee Min Ho and Kim Rae Won video-link,

Lee Min Ho and Kim Rae Won transformation Video Link, Gangnam Medley Still Show, actor Q & A session.

KBS Drama "SPY 스파이" airs on January 9th 2015

On the 17th December 2014, actors and actresses for the upcoming action drama 'Spy' have gathered at Yeuido KBS station for a short briefing for their roles and scripts. The upcoming drama 'Spy' is airing on Friday slot is bringing in great veteran actors such as Yoo Ah Seong who made fame from Joseon Gunman- his scary ethics and looks do make people wonder how on earth did he portray so well as a baddie. There is also the everlasting green actress Bae Jong Ok who was in Room Mate Season 2 variety program as Sunny's room mate...she will be playing as the lead actress in this drama as a spy. It has been almost 6 years ever since Bae Jong Ok acted in the last drama The World We Lived In.   


Also there is Kim Jae Joong from JYJ playing as Kim Seon U - the main lead who is Bae Jong Ok's son and a National Intelligence Security agent. Jae Joong has mentioned that even for his respected senior to play the role as his mother is too pretty to play the role compared to Go Sung Hee who will be playing as his love interest. (Indeed! I agree!)

Originally this drama is based on an Israeli drama titled Mice. This will be a hidden story about an ordinary mother and housewife who kept her darkest secret from her beloved son to protect his life. And what the son will find out will be the real truth...


And we need not say the lifeless Go Sung Hee can be a 'flower pot' as a decor in the drama.
Her poster stills and actions were still the same and remain boring as ever. I hope this drama keeps up with its action and mother-son relationship rather than lovey couple scenes as I see no chemistry between this rookie actress and Jae Joong. Sighs...

The first broadcast of SPY will begin on 9th January 2015. For JYJ fans- glue yourself to the TV to see Jae Joong in this new action drama. 

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Seasons Greetings from K-Celebrities! 메리 크리스마스!

Here we have tons of new releases of Christmas albums and songs from K-pop idols and celebrities. Pop idols such as EXO, Kim Soo Hyun, INFINITE, A-Pink have been gracing the covers of magazines for the Christmas celebration. SM Entertainment usually releases Winter Story albums. 

This year ballad singer Sung Si Kyung has released his new Christmas album. Artist Pure Boy has also released its new song When Snow Falls on 23rd Dec 2014 while BTOB sung The Winter's Tale sung on 21st Dec and Roy Kim has The Winter's Day album. 


One of my likings has got to be is 하얀 고백 (Lately) by INFINITE. A very cheery and lovely song released for the Christmas. Love the fact each part is sung harmoniously by the members with strong vocals from Sung Gyu and Woo Hyun. It's a pity Sungyeol always have 1-2 lines in every song. 


골목길을 돌아 들어가면 
혹시라도 그 애가 나타나
다시 또 놀래킬지 몰라요 I can fly & fly again 

까만 밤에 하얗게 빛나던 
흰 눈 속에 유난히 빛나던
어쩌면 난 어쩌면 난 아직도 널

사랑해 흩날리는 바램을 예~ 
못 전해진 고백을 예~ 
하얀 눈과 함께 찾아가서 

말할게 예~ 니 눈 보고 말할게 예~ 
내게 남은 사랑을 예~
이제라도 네게 건네고 싶어 

We are reaching end of the year and before that all the K-pop idols and celebrities wishes you a very MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

And wherever you are, who are you with, please stay safe and seasons greetings from all!

메리 크리스마스!!!  

Sunday, December 21, 2014

2015 Plans & tours ahead for INFINITE

As if 2014 wasn't a year for INFINITE group members- they are were busy with the release of their famous hit single 'Last Romeo' in May and then return with 'Back'. Then member, L was hooked up in dramas My Loveable Girl with Rain & Krystal while Woo Hyun and Sung Yeol were busy filming KBS drama High School Love On with Kim Sae Ron.

The boys were back in full swing of promoting Samsung Galaxy PlayerPEPSI CF and Diesel watches as well.

Then in Dec, sub-unit group Infinite F (L, Sungjong & Sungyeol) released their new album and they started their promotions on music stations and again the group is preparing to launch its latest Japanese single produced by a Japanese fella called 'Dilemma'. 

And then sub unit group Infinite H (Hoya & Dongwoo) will be doing their comeback along with their new album for the rest of them. 

There were hints that leader Sung Gyu will be releasing his solo album as well next year.
Also the group will be starting their Japan tour in February 2015. Lucky Jap fans!

So it seems that 2015 will be a super busy year for the young guys. 

We wish them good luck and all the best in whatever they do!

SBS Gayo Daejun 2014 Award Winners

Nickhun, L, Baro, Yonghwa, Mino as part of the Lucky S group (Emcees)
SBS station has recently held its music awards- 2014 Gayo Daejun with glittering K-pop idols winning several awards and tons of performances. Among the big stars to perform were none other than EXO, WINNER, INFINITE, VIXX, Girl's Day, 4Minute, GOT7,
T-Ara, CN Blue, A-Pink, KARA,Beast, Epik High, AOA...etc 

The year of EXO winning most music awards

EXO has been crowned with the Best Male Group, Best Album, Best Selfie and Top 10 Awards. Meanwhile Taeyang took home Best Male Solo Award, Ailee took the Best Female Solo, rookie group WINNER took home Best New Artist award. CN Blue took Best Band award as expected. The Global Star Award was presented to 2PM. 2NE1 took the Best Female Group except without Park Bom. Poor thing...wonder how is Bommie doing.

Rookie group WINNER winning their first New Artist Award

The top 10 awards were presented to EXO, Girl's Day, 2NE1, A-Pink, Beast, Taeyang,
INFINITE, Sistar, Ailee and Akdong Musician.

In this event, we don't see the long-standing idols such as Girls Generation, Super Junior or TVXQ.

However we congratulate all the winners of 2014!
Let's hope they bring us more interesting and exciting music albums in the year 2015!

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Tree with Deep Roots - The Musical

Tree with Deep Roots (뿌리깊은 나무) has finally released its musical apart from its hit drama aired in SBS channel in 2011. The drama itself has won several awards from Dae-Sang given to veteran actor Han Suk Kyu and Best Director as well. I was a bit skeptical when I first saw its trailer but something caught my attention was Song Joongki portraying as the young Prince Lee Do - the younger version of King Sejong

So what is tree with deep roots about? The drama depicts a lot of serial killings during the reign of King Sejong and the murders took place days before the announcement of Hangul alphabets (Hunminjeongeum) introduced to the public. The musical is practically quite the same as the drama written by novelist Lee Jung Myung. This novel was rather a best selling novel and also the ratings of the drama soared higher as it goes. 

The stage play highlights the life and the love of King Sejong for his people to educate and make them literate. For years they have been using and learning the Chinese characters. So Sejong decided to invent their own script and language by using the sounds and vowels of our mouth when we speak. In one word- Sejong is the creator!

The story begins with the murders of Jiphyeonjeon scholars, who were main key players of Hangeul’s creation. While investigating the murders, we are led to discover the underlying power struggle between the conservative nobilities wanting to maintain the status and a group of young reformers who wanted to change the world. 

The show’s main theme runs through a very interesting, suspenseful story, so that the audience is totally absorbed in the musical and moved by its conclusion. There is the musical actor Kim Do Bin who plays as Kang Chae Yun (orginally played by Jang Hyuk in the drama) who helps Sejong to solve the murder cases. Chae Yun becomes a bodyguard in the palace and was given a task to investigate the problem. The killer turned out to be one of the members of Jiphyeonjeon, Shim Jong Su. When everyone suspects it was Choi Mal-li, it was the politically ambitious Shim who made a secret pact with the Ming Dynasty and killed his fellow scholars. That was the big surprise of the musical. Ta-dah!

The musical 'Tree with Deep Roots' combines historical facts and imagination to highlight King Sejong’s crowning achievement of Hangeul creation. In addition, the musical placed a spotlight on the agony the king suffered during the process. This event has make Koreans realize The Great King Sejong’s deep love for his people and a true monarch.

From 2PM's Tacyeon Christmas love to fans.

Boy band 2PM's member Tacyeon is releasing a special single titled 'Christmas With You' on the 18th December to share with his fans. 

The song and lyrics were composed by Tacyeon himself whereby he is trying to convey and pass the love & gratitude towards 2PM's fans.Despite's 2PM World Tour tight busy schedule, Tacyeon managed to spare some moments to write this song. 

In the lyrics, he has mentioned 'together to thank all of you', together as we hand in hand walk down the road...etc. Tacyeon has specially emphasize a lot of affection for his fans. 

I'd love to see him in person after he has played the role of rough and warm hearted Kang Dong Hee in Wonderful Days drama. :) Luv him! :)

Take note, on the 25th December Tacyeon will hold a fan meeting "LONELY OKCAT'S CHRISTMAS" at Seoul Cheongdam Em cube. If you are eager to meet Tacyeon, head there to see him live in person.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The rise of cable drama-tvN's Misaeng (미생)

tvN's Misaeng 미생 (Incomplete Life) drama - for some have called this best worker drama from its successor after KBS screened its 1987-1993  'The Art of War'. Cartoonist Yoon Tae Ho is the original author for Misaeng on its webtoon drama. 

Reply 1997 drama was a hit drama for tVN network after it portrays the lives of teens during the 90s time adoring H.O.T group featuring new rookie idols and long-time standing singer Eun Ji Won from Sech Kies. And now once again with Misaeng, it has given a great response from the public. Its first episode viewer ratingship of 1.6%, it has rised up to 7.03% and in one word Misaeng has proven to be successful. 

Misaeng shows a wide range of office workers characters emphasizing on their own personalities and charm. Somehow it became interesting when the protagonist Jang Geu Rae (played by ZE:A Im Siwan) getting turned on. He is only a high school graduate who lived each day with his GED and managed to score himself a job in One International Company as a 2 year contract employee. 
And as what the audience are waiting for- what lies in the future for Jang Geu Rae? 

In the first episode it depicts Geu Rae is a professional Baduk player (Korean chess) since he was a kid. According to Geu Rae's mother he is a genius in baduk but failed to go ahead with life and landed himself with various part time jobs. When Geu Rae landed with a job at One International, he meets his superiors for the first time- Asst Manager Kim Dong Shik (played by Kim Tae Myeong) and Chief Oh Sang Shik (played by Lee Sung Min), things start to take a twist. He gets pressure around his peers such as the smarty pants Baek Ki (played by Kang Ha Neul), Ahn Young Yi (played by Kang So Ra) and Suk Yool (played by Byun Yo Han

Baduk is everything for Geu Rae. It's like a special weapon and strategy for him to sustain himself in the company. Although Geu Rae has tasted the bitterness in Baduk, it was time he revisited the game to keep up his career. As what we remembered from the drama:

"그냥 정규직 시켜주지." 

"우리 '그래' 너무 안쓰럽다."

We do not know what the ending will be... but in real life Misaeng is an acclaimed white collar fantasy drama. And here we see how Chief Oh and Asst. Manager Kim makes the drama further delight. The drama shows a rather reality of hardships of employees in a company and at times the gloomy atmosphere one has to encounter. Trust from colleagues and barriers from the directors and upper management are often seen in this drama. 

Maybe the writers will send us a happy gift for the ending-will Jang Geu Rae earn himself a permanent job with One International and his Sales Team 3 be moved away from the bathroom? 

Episode 19-20 brought many tears to the audience and fans of this drama. Executive Director Choi left the company and Chief Oh was forced to resign because of the China connections thingy. Sales Team 3 is left without a head. Poor Dong Shik and Geu Rae cried their eyes out when Chief Oh resigned. Soon it was Geu Rae's turn whereby his contract ended. Suk Yool, Young Yi and Baek Ki visited Geu Rae after he left the company expressing how much they missed him. Luck was running on his side when Chief Oh and Mr. Kim formed a new small trading company and recruited Geu Rae. When one door is closed...another opens...how true...that's life! 

And how I cringe when I see Suk Yool tells Geu Rae his heart is only for him and he can't change to another company. Bromance! LOL!
All much and love from the audience and fans of Misaeng. xoxox...

Flowers boys at the 2014 SBS Gayo Daejun Awards

This year SBS station is annoucing a change for presenting their end of year music awards to the public. They have came up with an idea of presenting few 'flower boys' as guests and to even host the program.

2PM's Nickhun and B1A4's Baro were picked as emcees for the SBS 2014 Gayo Daejun event on the 21st December. Another bunch of pop idols are selected as f 'Lucky Boys' as a part of the event. The lucky boys consists of CN Blue's Yonghwa, INFINITE's L, WINNER's Mino together with Nickhun and Baro. 

It has been a while since I last saw Khunnie in any variety program...seems to me 2PM has been resting for a while apart from Tacyeon in dramas and variety program 3 Meals. 
As for Baro and Mino, to be honest I know nothing much on them especially new boybands so I can't brief you further on that. For Yonghwa, he was a hottie in Three Musketeers drama that I lurrve his bromance with the guys and sageuk is fusion style!
As for L, he seems to be appear from programs to dramas...I reckon he's churning the $$ for the company. 

2014 SBS Gayo Daejun', which will be aired live from COEX D Hall in Samseongdong, Seoul on the 21st December at 8:45 PM. Stay tune to watch it live or online on Sunday.
There will be many exciting performances from pop groups and bands.

35th Blue Dragon Awards 2014 winners

The recent 35th Blue Dragon Awards 2014 took place in Seoul on 17th December in a cold winter's night. Among the nominated best films are The Attorney, Hard Day, Miss Granny, Roaring Currents and Whistle Blower. However the Best Film 2014 goes to The Attorney starring veteran actor Song Kang Ho and rookie actor Im Si Wan.

Song also bagged the Best Actor for his role in The Attorney beating the other candidates such as Park Hae Il (Whistle Blower), Lee Sun Kyun (A Hard Day), Jung Woo Sung (The Divine Move) and Choi Min Sik (Roaring Currents).

However the Best Director goes to Kim Han Min who directed Roaring Currents.
And the other awards were:

  • Best Actress: Chun Won Hee (Han Gong Ju)
  • Best Supporting Actress: Kim Young Ae (The Attorney)
  • Best Supporting Actor: Choi Jin Woong (A Hard Day)
  • Best New Director: Lee Soo Jin (Han Gong Ju)
  • Best Screenplay: Kim Sung Hoon (A Hard Day)

As I said this year is a fab year for JYJ since Park Yoochun took home Best New Actor award for his role in Seafog (Haemoo). Child actress Kim Sae Ron took the Best New Actress award for A Girl at My Door. Popularity awards were given to Song Seung Hun, Kim Woo Bin, Im Siwan and Shin Se Kyung

Ah...the dashing young men in black tux for the event. *swoons*

All the glitter and smiles on the winners...congratulations to the people who well deserved and worked hard for the films they have produced and shown to us. Cheers! 

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

JYJ as World Water Forum Ambassadors 2015

What good news can we get from JYJ? This round the 3 members are appointed as World Water Forum 2015 ambassadors. In year 2015 the trio are to promote and encourage saving water and educate the young and old how precious water is.

JYJ is not new to become ambassadors for brand names as previously they have already carried out their jobs dutifully for 2011 UNAIDS Aisa-Pacific, 2012 Nuclear Security Summit, 2012 Korea Brand & Entertainment Expo and 2014 Asian Games. 

We are rather proud this round to present JYJ as saving water educators and promoting the event to the public. With Yoochun, the only English speaker member- he has presented the advertisement well along with Junsu and Jaejoong.

Congratulations to the trio for promoting this wonderful event. 

Fly to the Sky and Gummy get together

Male duo singers- Fly to the Sky (Brian & Hwanhee) and solo female singer Gummy share a very special long friendship together. They have been collaborating in duets and now the trio are planning a collaboration concert together. The title of the concert will be CCLIM.
What does CCLIM mean? Basically it means some attraction for someone. 
The 3 will be performing their best hits that we have ever heard of.

To be honest, Fly to the Sky was one of my favorite groups when I first listened to K-pop.
Their very first song I ever fall in love with and right until now is the song 'Missing You'.
Brian hails from US and Hwanhee is originally from Korea. Both were picked to be a duo 
group at SM Entertainment during the 90s. They were so hot during that time with S.E.S and FinKL female girl groups. Of course there was also H.O.T, G.O.D and Shinhwa groups.
But FTTS were dominating the charts with their R&B music. 

Right now I still love all the albums from Fly to the Sky. Hwan hee has a low powerful vocal and Brian has that smooth higher pitched voice that blends well whenever they sing together.  
FYI: Gummy and Fly to the Sky's upcoming concerts will be held from Dec 23-Dec 25th at KyungHee University’s Great Peace Palace. Tickets are available from Interpark website.

Prices are between KRW$77,000 to KRW$132,000. 

Monday, December 15, 2014

2014 Best Selling Concerts in Korea

It's coming to the end of year 2014 and usually there will be tons of exciting concerts and showcased from singers and K-pop idols. The major seller of concerts,musicals and comedy shows- INTERPARK has released its latest findings on who are the best sellers for their concerts.

The stars that made it in the Top 10 lists are among the singer PSY who is famous for his Gangnam Style single hitting more than a million YouTube views. His end of year concert is a massive selling concert of all time. There's the 2014 June Dream Concert featuring SM Entertainment groups such as EXO, Girls Generation and Beast. Singer Park Hyo Shin took the 3rd place with his 15th year anniversary concert after been released out from military services. The Grand Mint Festival was the 4th best selling concert followed by INFINITE in 5th spot for their world tour concert in Seoul. 

Seoul Jazz Festival was on 6th place and how could we ever forget our favourite trio- JYJ snapped the 7th spot for their 
Seoul Concert.  


Hyundai Card’s Citybreak rock festival took its spot on 8th place, veteran group G.O.D‘s 15th Anniversary Reunion Concert snagged the 9th spot.

And for the 10th place, INFINITE boyband took the final spot again for their Summer Concert in Seoul. These boys have somehow broke the record of appearing twice in a year. Congrats to the boys for their hard work!

And we will look forward to 2015 of what they have in store for us...new concerts and gigs to entertain all the K-pop fans! :))


Sunday, December 14, 2014

Watch out for "The Technicians" cast in Running Man

While we are waiting to watch the movie premiere in December- 'The Technicians' starring Kim Woo Bin, Lee Hyun Woo and Go Chang Seok, these actors have been invited to join the Running Man variety show as a part of promoting the new film and also have some fun.
Of course joining the Running Man program means they have a mission to carry out too!

The gorgeous model/actor Kim Woo Bin is no stranger to variety shows especially Running Man. He has been appearing a couple of times in several episodes with his best buddy actor Lee Jong Suk, fellow actors Park Shin Hye & Choi Jin Hyuk from The Heirs drama and recently the Australian episodes in Brisbane and Melbourne with singer Rain

Expect an hillarious and impossible missions carried out by the Technicians and the bunch of Running Man crew. Bang...bang bang! Ha ha!

Lee Hyun Woo being the youngest of the cast has also appeared once in Running Man program along with his senior Kim Soo Hyun when they promoted the movie Secretly, Greatly. For those who don't really know who Lee Hyun Woo is- he was the budding youngbie in God of Study with Yoo Seung Ho, the child actor of General Kim Yushin (later part played by Eom Tae Woong) in Queen Seondeok, younger version of Seon U in Man from Equator drama (also played later by Eom Tae Woong)

Mission for Woo Bin is to become a spy and get the Ancient Script hidden in the Seoul National Museum. He has scouted Kwangsoo as his partner in crime and they are to outcast the other members by writing their names on the tags with that special brush pen. Laughters, betrayals and running around the place is expected when it comes to RM cast.
Also this episode is filmed right in Myeongdong district and Hannamdong

I still miss them a lot when they came to Australia in Feb 2014 to film those episodes in Melbourne CBD and Sovereign Hill. We sincerely hope RM will come more often to film in Australia cities.