Sunday, January 31, 2016

Yeo Jin Goo and Jang Geun Suk in new drama 'Daebak'

Actor Yeo Jin Goo (19) has been offered a role as Yeongjo in the upcoming drama 'Daebak' 대박

PD Nam Geon mentioned among many actors Yeo Jin Goo has this complex mixed inner feelings for the character. With his qualities of acting, it's hard not to cast him in this role.
The PD is impressed with Yeo's sincere acting skills when it comes to the emotions dealing with his eyes.

Yeo is highly expected from the director and to play the role of Yeongjo-gun, it will definitely bring out the maturity from the actor himself.

Yeo also mentioned he has the excitement and desire to work on this character. He is well prepared for the hard work. Daebak is about Dae-gil who is a gambler in the Joseon dynasty. He made a bet with King Yeongjo to stake out his life on the outcome of the dynasty. Jang Geun Suk will play the role as Dae-gil.

It will take over the SBS drama Six Flying Dragons on every Monday-Tuesday.

My thoughts on this one? I might and might not watch it. Why?
I have doubts on JGSuk's acting...he's been away from the industry for a long time and
for his acting abilities- he's pretty lacked in it. Of all the roles he has done is rather sissy
and pathetic. No doubt YJGoo might over shine him as he has done better roles.

Let's see how Dae-bak will fare comparing to the successful Six Flying Dragons...

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Crown's Melbourne Lunar New Year 2016 display.

This year Crown Casino in Melbourne decided to put up the 12 Chinese Zodiac display for the Lunar New Year celebration. As we are ushering the Year of Fire Red Monkey 2016 on 8th February (Monday), the casino decided to crown the monkey zodiac right on the top of the main Atrium.

Those who are born in the Year of the Monkey are offending the Grand Duke (Tai Sui) this year so it's important to pray to the deity for good health and smooth sailing year.

Also the Monkey are in the clash with those born in the year of Tiger. This might lead into health problems, accidents, crash...etc. So Monkeys and Tigers need to be weary on their travels, activities and avoiding the South West direction (that's where Tai Sui sits)

2016 Year of Monkey features 2 elements-  Fire and Metal. The Chinese calendar features five important elements- Wind, Water, Fire, Earth and Metal. Fire conquers metal means there will be some disharmony.

However the 2016 Monkey brings good attributes to those born in years ending with 5 or 9. Example those born in 1955, 1959, 1965, 1969, 1975, 1979, 1985, 1989, 1995, 1999, ..etc will benefit from the Monkey being a protective angel so things will be positive and smooth flowing. 



For those living or intending to visit the Melbourne CBD, you can drop by at Crown Casino main towers as the beautiful Atrium display will there from 21st January to 21st February 2016. They will have celebrations on the weekend of Lunar New Year.
The Chinatown celebrations will be on Sunday 14th February 2016.

As we bid farewell to 2015 Year of Goat, we shall usher the 2016 Year of Monkey with precautions and trying to minimize the bad energy around us. 

Gong Xi Fa Cai to all!  恭禧發財 ! 
May the year bring us good health, wealth, lots of luck and happiness!

JYJ's fandom with mayor Park Won Soon?

Group JYJ member Kim Jun Su (29) was seen absent from the 25th Seoul Music Awards and mayor Park Won Soon was seen angered by this matter.

On 28th January, Mayor Park said to all the JYJ fans through Facebook that no matter what awards the singer has won, it still hurts when he/she is not invited to the event. 

How would the organizers make such a mistake and if such mistake continues they will consider to withdraw sponsorship's from the event. Organizers came out in full defense that it was a pure mistake but it wasn't convincing enough.

It reveals out Mayor Park is a fan of JYJ and supports Jun Su during his recent musical.Jun Su has previously topped the voting charts winning 46.7% in the Most Popular Award category on the 14th January at Seoul Olympic Park Gymnastics Stadium. 

However on that day Jun Su didn't participate and apparently the award was not even prepared. Fans were enraged over this incident for the singer was nowhere to be seen at the awards. So they took it to SNS complaining to Mayor Park over the unfairness putting pressure. After the dispute of an exclusive contract with SM Entertainment, JYJ members, including Junsu's agency are not permitted for free broadcasting activities.
The group solely relies on the Internet and media for promotion.

Last November, through the "JYJ Act" was voted in the National Assembly for the broadcasting act to be passed on. The main point is to prohibit broadcasters to broadcast programs from preventing the person's appearance without good cause to third parties on request.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Chun Ho Jin-Yoo Ah In tense 1 min scene in Six Flying Dragons.

Politics has always referred to blood. Finally it has released the beastly instinct within Lee Bang Won (played by Yoo Ah In) after been caught in the middle of the political war. The recent episode of Six Flying Dragons, in the absence of exiled Sambong Jeong Do Jeon (played by Kim Myung Min) with the direct crisis with General Lee Seong Gye (played by Chun Ho Jin), there was endless conflicts in forming the new nation.

Another great Confucianism Minister Jeong Mong Ju (Po Eun) is desperate to preserve the current Goryeo Kingdom plotted behind their backs and drove General Lee and Sambong into a stiff corner. Jeong Mong Ju believes it is a curse that General Lee will destroy Goryeo therefore he sets a trap to destroy them before they could fight back.

Desperate to save his father's life, Lee Bang Won sets a trap to avoid the assassins in the woods. He sends two palanquins to distract the attention. Since Lee Bang Ji is a skilled fighter, he was send off to protect Sambong just in case if the King sends an order for execution. 

Bang Won told General Lee that everything they dream is just a human's error, they are coming to the middle of the war. With deep frustration, Bang Won vows deep inside his heart to avenge those who started this political war.

The deep vengeance look inside Lee Bang Won's eyes tells the viewers no matter how much respect he has for Jeong Mong Ju, he will kill him with his own hands. The bloody revenge and scenes on Episode 34 recorded 20.5% rating among viewers - highest in the metropolitan area. The epic scene between the father and son captured the best moment.

When Lee Bang Won declared his frontal fight against Jeong Mong Ju- we knew this would be the climax of the history for we all know Jeong Mong Ju died at the end- he was murdered after a party. The ratings for Six Flying Dragons continue to rise further.

Lee Min Ho's Japanese fan meeting - MINOZ World.

Hallyu star, Lee Min Ho (29) held 2 days fan meeting at Japan's Yokohama National University Concert Hall under the theme MINOZ World (Minoz Mansion) with over 10,000 female local fans. 

Lee as a rising public figure was grateful to everyone who turned up began writing an autobiography on public transport through video. In the opening of the meeting, Lee had the concept of talk during his 20s. Topics such as Lee Min Ho as a chaebol (rich dude), handsome looks, privacy, SNS were part of communicating with his fellow fans.

KBS2 TV's drama Boys Over Flowers shot Lee to stardom as his role Gu Jun Pyo where it was a remake of the popular Japanese manga Hana Yori Dango. His last drama role in SBS drama The Heirs, SBS's City Hunter, SBS's Faith and MBC's Personal Taste - back hugs and reminiscence of the scenes of the dramas were adorned on stage.

Lee has even released the song My Everything in Japanese version. Following a lengthy performance of 150 minutes, he has presented the hottest fan service to all- live sentimental and more! He mentioned communication is starting a conversation. He will try to talk more to his fans and often have more seamless communications. 

Yoon Shi Yoon embracing happiness out from army.

On 27th January, actor Yoon Shi Yoon completed his military services after serving in the Korea Marine Corp. for 1 year and 9 months. He was seen at the Incheon West Marine area at 2.00 pm with lots of congratulatory wishes from his fellow soldiers.

The actor sure has look different and matured compared to his boyish image he had many years back.

Yoon debuted as an actor through the series High Kick Through the Roof with his opposite partner Shin Se Kyung (who is currently filming Six Flying Dragons). Not long Yoon was an overnight star when he starred in the KBS hit drama Baker King: Kim Tak Gu. He was also in tVN's Flower Boy Next Door and The Prime Minister & I drama. 

He hasn't appeared much in variety shows until he was offered as one of the members in Barefooted Friends with MC Kang Ho Dong and other celebrities. 

Wee! Am happy for him... I bet he has gone through a lot in military and now he has completed so it means he will be in drama land again... 

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

A Violent Prosecutor 검사외전 press conference.

Actor Hwang Jeong Min, director Lee Il Hyeong, actor Kang Dong Won attended the press conference for the premiere movie A Violent Prosecutor 검사외전 at Seoul COEX Mega Box on 25th January.

After a series of cases from murder to former senior candidates of parliamentary elections, hot tempered Prosecutor Byun Jae Wook (played by Hwang) gets thrown behind the bars when one of them mysteriously died. 

In prison, Byun meets an ex-con man Chi Won (played by Kang) who is aware of his case.
Using Chi Won, Byun gets him out of the prison to investigate more on his case in order to clear his name.

The movie is due to screen on 4th February 2016 at the nation cinemas in South Korea.

Jung Jun Young-Younha-Eugene-Lee Seh Eun in C9-GG merger.

Singer Younha, Jung Jun Young, Cheetah originally belong to C9 Entertainment agency will be joining after the merger with GG Entertainment who currently holds actress/singer Eugene, Lee Seh Eun, Jung Ui Chul..etc.

C9 Entertainment plans to do content production on know-now and learning management system to open a new chapter for a more comprehensive entertainment company. They will plan to fully support the activities of the affiliated artists leading the new content production quality through careful marketing strategies and corporation.

Above-alive (Younha, Song Hwi Jin), real-live (Jung Jun Young and band, PIA), Alive (Cheetah) consists of labels for ballads and each different characteristics - rock, hip hop..etc. They are mostly dedicated for music production and activities of various genres.

As for GG Entertainment it solely supports the actors in dramas, films, musicals, and also management of the professional artists.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

My thoughts on KBS drama Jang Young Shil 장영실.

I always do fancy historical or fusion period dramas- not because I love it when it's freaking long and with dramatic language but it's always the history and legacy of these figures leave for us and for what we are right now. Beautiful costumes, arrow shooting, sword fighting and horse riding is something excites me though no mobile phones or guns are available at that era... haha!

Now moving back to KBS drama Jang Young Shil 장영실 which features Song Il Kook as the main hero of this historical drama, I do fancy it. I always find Song is a versatile actor when he comes to acting regardless modern or sageuk. Of course Ju-Mong was always my favorite when he did the 80+ episodes as the founder of Goguryeo (that is also when he was young, single without kids) Don't get me wrong I love Daehan, Minguk and Manse to bits, they are a bunch of adorable triplets...they are the main reason I watch Return of Superman series.

The first few episodes of Jang Young Shil features the poor fella been brought up as a slave under the house of Jang. His mother Eunwol was originally a gisaeng turned into a slave after giving birth to Eun Bok (his birth name). His father Jang Sung Hwi is a fantastic astrologer who looks as sun, moon and stars for the previous Goryeo dynasty refuses to serve the current Joseon dynasty (King Taejong & Crown Prince Lee Do). Eun Bok was renamed as Young Shil and Sung Hwi finds out the boy has an extraordinary gift for invention and astrology. In fact it runs in the blood of Jang family as most of them serve the royal families with their brains and inventions!

Sung Hwi leaves to wander around the country not knowing Young Shil has to suffer and work very hard as a poor peasant and slave along with his best buddy Suk Gu. Princess Sohyun (Park Sun Young) who is King Taejong's illegitimate daughter remembers Young Shil and stopped the evil menace Jang Hee Ji (Lee Ji Hoon) from torturing the slaves. Young Shil tries to escape slavery to Ming (China) but in the end he decided to work under Minister Lee Chun (Kim Do Hyun) who was Sung Hwi's best friend. Lee Chun brought Young Shil to the palace's astrology department to work with others. Meanwhile Prince Lee Do (Kim Sang Kyung) was grateful that Young Shil saved his life once so he was open to his ideas and methods. In fact we all know Lee Do will later become The Great King Sejong creating hangul. 

It was quite pitiful to see slaves and peasants have no right to say anything but to serve the high officials/nobles and pathetic rich men (yangban). I clinched my fists when Hee Ji's evil friend officer boldly said he killed Eunwol and Young Shil couldn't do anything but instead he was beaten badly. But he got his revenge but tying the scum up on the tree with ropes he invented- I was wishing for that scum would be mauled by a bear or beast in the forest! 

And my first thoughts of Song- he's brilliant! He delivered his role so well...patient, kind hearted and painful to see he bawled his eyes out when his father Sung Hwi died and also when his mother was killed for nothing.

As for Lee Ji Hoon who plays the double spy and arch enemy- he's alright, have yet to receive my praise...not so evil as we speak but we shall see...
The two Royal Kings were usual Kim Young Chul is a veteran when it comes to sageuk dramas. For the Princess- she is quite dull to my liking...she doesn't show a strong female personality that I'd love to see. Suk Gu is favorable as Young Shil's best buddy. 

See how the invention of water clocks, sundial and water gauge created by Jang. It's quite impressive to know I've seen all these items in Korea but I wasn't paying much attention to it.  Best bits- on the 2nd episode, you will notice Song's sons were on cameo appearance as beggar triplets on the streets! Manse and Daehan were noticeable but Minguk was far behind. *Cute!*....Daddy Song as the main protagonist while Song triplets were beggar kids. 

Lee Byung Hun to attend 88th Academy Awards.

Actor Lee Byung Hun (46) has received an official invitation on 22nd February to attend the 88th Academy Awards event - the first ever Korean actor to receive one. The 88th Academy Awards will be held in Dolby Theater Hollywood on 28th February 2016. The grand event will be graced by many big celebrities and artists...hosted by comedian/actor Chris Rock.

Lee's agent BH Entertainment has mentioned that the actor has not received an award, it is merely an invitation for he will be presenting an award. It's definitely one of a kind and the first time a Korean actor gets to be invited to such a prestigious film awards in the US...Lee himself felt very honored.  

The Oscars boasts a world-recognized authority in that it adds to the meaning and activities so they have invited Lee to Hollywood. He has starred a few Hollywood movies including G.I Joe: The Rise of the Cobra, G.I Joe 2: The Retaliation, Red: The Legend, Terminator Genesis and upcoming movie Magnificent Seven

Lee Byung Hun also starred in the Korean films- Insider where it has attracted 9 million viewers in the cinemas over the past 3 weeks. Actors Kang Dong Wan (34) and Kim Woo Bin (26) will be starring in the new movie "Master" together with Lee. Lee has also signed up to film another new movie entitled "Single Rider" along with actress Gong Hyo Jin (36).

Looks like Lee has a whole lot of things to do this year...good luck to him! 

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

More critics & anger from fans and media on EXID's Hani.

As if we have not heard enough of the current open relationship of EXID's Hani and JYJ's Kim Jun Su and to make it worst...her recent bursting into tears incident at the 25th Seoul Music Awards caught everyone's attention. 

Fellow emcees Jeon Hyun Moo was joking around and decided to say he has two' honeys' (sounds like two Hani's) on his sides. One was Junsu's Hani (meaning handsome in KoreanOf course with no ill intentions, MC Jeon was joking around with fellow MC Honey Lee and EXID's Hani was also part of the emceeing program. Suddenly she turned her back towards the audience and starts wiping her tears. 

Fans were enraged and started lashing back online that Jeon was rude and inappropriate in his actions towards Hani. And what we can see from the video and media, there was nothing wrong with Jeon's remarks as he meant well. He's good friends with majority celebrities and idol group members. Hani was being so sensitive or either in some strange/weird mood sort of ruined the atmosphere. She could have smiled and move on.

I never knew such praising of 'her boyfriend' could cause her unhappy or display such drastic emotions. To be honest, public relationships between idol group members are considered in top spotlight especially in Korean entertainment industry. She should be aware from the beginning- especially dating someone like Junsu who already has so much fame since his debut years under TVXQ and currently JYJ group to owning a hotel in Jeju-do. All the consequences of dating a big star- it comes with big sacrifices and learning to cope with sticky situations. But it looks like she is not only nervous at Radio Star interview program but she starts showing unnecessary emotions whether or not to gain more attention and sympathy from the public. 

Do I feel sorry for her? NO...not at all!. In fact she should be thanking the media coverage on her non stop ever since their relationship was caught in the act. An idol member should be able to handle all the consequences and pressure. She's no longer a kid and no need to cry for small reasons whether Jeon Hyun Moo was teasing her and regardless Junsu was present at the ceremony or not.

Alright enough of my personal rant... as fans, we should support whatever they do and have no right to criticize whomever they are seeing or marrying in the future. However this situation being so sensitive causing a big stir in the media and her fans lashing out at innocent people- this is something I can't stand and will vent out my frustration. Pfft!

To be honest- if someone is that poor in handling pressure and emotions- he/she should not become a celebrity in the first place. Better off to stay at home... 

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Park Shi Hoo returns after 3 years in hiatus.

"It feels as if it's been 4-5 years that I am away, now that I am standing here at the press conference and I am happy that I am able to stand up here again." These were the words actor Park Shi Hoo (38) told the media with emotions. 

Park was at  the press conference for the upcoming drama OCN's Neighborhood Hero 동네의 영웅 held in Times Square Yeongdeungpo-dong, Seoul together with PD Kwak Jeong Hwan, actor Lee Soo Hyuk (28), Jo Seung Ha (50), Yoon Tae Yeong (42), Jeong Man Sik (42), Choi Yeon Su (32) and Girl's Generation Kwon Yuri (27).

Neighborhood Hero drama is about a former secret agent, Baek Shi Hyun (played by Park) prepares for his personal revenge.Together he is joined by Lee and Jo - who is a cop.
The trio end up becoming heroes of the neighborhood fighting off crimes. Baek has painful past and decided to revenge.

Park Shi Hoo's last drama was 3 years ago- SBS's Cheongdamdong Alice. He was then involved with a sexual assault case with a wannabe model/celebrity so he left the entertainment industry briefly. After the court case and dispute Park went off to China to focus on some further activities. Park mentioned it was a good opportunity for him to set foot onto the dramas again. He has taken time to reflect at the mountains in the countryside where he doesn't regret. He was thinking a lot of his future and career.

Choi Yeon Su plays as a CIA agent and love interest to Baek Shi Hyun's character. 

PD Kwak said that Park is the best candidate as the character Baek Shi Hyun he plays needs to show a lot of painful emotions. He has previously directed dramas Slave Hunters/Chuno and Conspiracy in the Court. 
Neighborhood drama will premiere on 23rd January at 11.00 pm. 

Monday, January 18, 2016

Yoo Ah In sheds tears in front of Shin Se Kyung in Six Flying Dragons.

For the recent episode 31 of Six Flying Dragons 육룡이 나르샤, Lee Bang Won (played by Yoo Ah In) and Boon Yi (played by Shin Se Kyung) were having a ball of fun throwing fresh snow at each other- a snowball fight at the snowy region.

After few runs of avoiding snowball play, they lay down on the snow feeling quite happy. Boon Yi is quite surprised Bang Won is into snowball fights. 

However Bang Won starts crying and looking sorrowful. Boon Yi is worried for his strange mood while pestering him to tell him what actually happened. 

The two were like playmates since they were kids. However since Bang Won married Min Da Kyung for the sake of politics, their friendship were kept to a distance even though he likes her a lot.

To make things worst, recently Bang Won overheard the conversation between Jeon Do Jeon (played by Kim Myung Min) and Teacher Po Eun that they are creating a new Joseon nation where the King is not able wield his power freely. The royals are forbidden from interfering in any political affairs to avoid any corruption and power struggle. The big power lies in the government ministers and people under the pyramid. 

Bang Won can't accept the fact if one day his father General Lee Seong Gye becomes a ruler, then all of his family members including himself can't interfere with political issues.
Basically a King is like a puppet with no power. Duh-duh duh! 

Come to think of it, Bang Won is left with no hope...though he respects Jeon a lot but this is something he can never accept. He tells her that it's over for them. He can no longer play or have fun with her anymore. Boon Yi was taken back by his answer.

As we can see in later episodes Bang Won starts to waver and change his mind. In history when Bang Won becomes King Taejong, he consolidates all the power under the monarchy system. He abolishes the administration by ministers in the court while eradicating those who threatens the royal authority. 

KARA's Goo Ha Ra joins KeyEast Entertainment.

Girl group KARA's member Goo Ha Ra decided to join KeyEast agency owned by Hallyu star Bae Yong Jun. After being in the girl group for 8 years, it was time for the group to go on separate ways from their ex-management DSP Media.

Bae Yong Jun announced that Goo Ha Ra has signed an exclusive contract with the company on 18th January.

KeyEast manager Yang Geun Hwan said Goo Ha Ra appeals as an actor/emcee since she was originally a singer/dancer. She has potential in Japan and China market. KeyEast will be handling her overseas activities as well as to manage her daily events.

Whether she will be doing more of acting or emceeing, we will leave that for the new agency to decide later on. KeyEast currently manages top celebrities such as Bae Yong Jun himself, Sohn Hyun Joo, Uhm Jung Hwa, Uhm Tae Woong, Han Ye Seul, Kim Soo Hyun, Jo Ji Hoon, Jeong Ryu Won, Han Ji Hye, Park Seo Jun...etc.

KARA debut in 2007 and Goo Ha Ra joined in 2008 while singing their hit songs Mister, Lupin, Honey..etc. Ever since they launched the single Mister in Japanese version in 2010 the girl group was enjoying massive popularity. Particularly they were the first Korean girl group to surpass the 30 million mark under Oricon Chart. In 2013, KARA went on to perform at the Tokyo Dome. 

Goo Hara has appeared in dramas such as SBS's City Hunter along with Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young, Tokyo's TV Double Life of Kara, KBS 2TV 'Invincible Youth', A Style for You and various variety programs. 

The other original members Park Gyu Ri (28) and Han Seung Yeon (28) are currently looking for other agencies. Their youngest new member Heo Young Ji (22) who has just joined the group in 2014 remains with DSP Media. 

One More Happy Ending drama with Yoo In Na and Jang Nara.

On the 18th January at the MBC office building in Sangam-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul there was a press conference for the upcoming drama One More Happy Ending 한번 더 해피엔딩.
Fellow actresses Yoo In Na and Jang Na Ra were present at the press conference smiling away while holding hands together.

PD Kwon Seong Chang will be directing this drama mentioned One More Happy Ending is about a divorced woman Han Mi Mo (played by Jang) as a career woman. She was once from a popular girl group where her fellow members leading their own personal lives but having problems as well. Her other members were played by Seo In Young, Yoo In Na and Yoo Da In

Single father Soo Hyuk (played by Jeong Kyung Ho) works an a reporter. Together with his other single friend doctor Hae Jun (played by Kwon Yul) they meet these women and that's where their relationship starts.

One More Happy Ending will replace the drama Sweet Savage Family.

Running Man Epi 282 - A Winter's Tale @ Running Village

Episode 282 of Running Man features special guests such as Z:EA's member Im Si Wan, actress Go Ah-Sung, actor Lee Hee Jun and gag woman Yun Hwa.

Yun Hwa starts off by telling a fairy tale story while opening boxes of containing members of 2 families. The blue colored family members are Ji Hyo, Kwang Soo, Ha Ha, Jong Kook and Si Wan. The orange colored family members are Ah Sung, Jae Suk, Gary, Suk Jin and Hee Jun. Everyone was pleased to see 1st guest is the handsome looking singer/actor Si Wan since he has been gracing the TV and cinema screens. 2nd guest was Hee Jun and the first thing that crossed their mind was it H.O.T Moon Hee Jun? Jong Kook called out loudly is it that fatty? LOL! No, they wrong in their guesses. Lee Hee Jun is the actor from dramas My Husband's Got a family, Queen of Office and Jeon Woo Chi. As for Go Ah-Sung, she was in the drama Heard it through the Grapevine, God of Study including movies such as The Host and Hollywood's movie Snowpiercer. 

The two families have to start building an ice igloo home for their sisters- Ah Sung and Ji Hyo. Each ice block weighs around 10kg. It was not an easy task moving and placing the ice blocks to build an igloo. Si Wan won over Suk Jin in the rock, scissors and paper game so he got more ice blocks. He was not only handsome, but hardworking and intelligent. It'd be ages for them to build the home so next game is human rolling board with the sisters on board. The first to reach the bell wins the game for fairies help to build the home. Blue team wins and Ace Ji Hyo smiles proudly at her new igloo!

2nd mission is their food- Yun Hwa tells them pick the most handsome and ugliest member in their family together with their sister to go hunt for food. The rest of the family members remain behind to play games such as eating the most lemons and basketball bottle games. Si Wan sets off with Ji Hyo and Kwang Soo for fishing trouts in the icy lakes. Jae Suk told Ah Sung in his 25 years of career, he has never caught a fish in the fishing games. This would be disastrous if they can't catch a fish for dinner. Hee Jun remains seated at his spot waiting patiently for the trouts to bite his fishing bait but no luck. Kwang Soo blabbers non stop and Si Wan runs away from him to find a quieter spot. After 20 minutes, they were getting exhausted and suddenly Jae Suk screams in excitement catching a fresh trout- first time in history! He was lucky. His joy was soon joined by Kwang Soo who caught a trout as well! Though Si Wan mentions he likes fishing and caught many fishes before but this time luck was not on his side. Time's over and everyone needs to go back to their igloo.

Jong Kook and Ha Ha were busy chowing down lemons while cringing their faces. Suk Jin
and Gary won the basketball bottle throwing game. However it felt as if they were losers since the other two picked the right equipment and dishes for dinner. 2 families were busy cooking kimchi stew with noodles, and their freshly caught trout. Ji Hyo's stew was boiling away due to their gas burner while Gary was fanning the charcoal burner to grill their trout. Jae Suk finds their stew was tasteless so he added MSG and to everyone's excitement it tasted so good! Must be from his Family Outing experience- MSG is highly appreciated.
After dinner, it was time to rest and relax, but not for long. Yun Hwa continued the fairy tale that Jong Kook and Suk Jin have to venture to the woods to find firewood. They were flabbergasted to know they have to do wood chopping! 

Soon Gary and Kwang Soo have to find them as the fairy tale stated the two haven't returned. Ha Ha teased Gary being a squid and Jae Suk mentioned Kwang Soo is a pollack- that makes the two of them a set menu! Hahaha! Soon Yun Hwa also joins the mission of finding the missing members in the woods. The rest were left to figure out on themselves only to realize the witch have captured the brothers and they were to rescue them out!
They have to start finding empty name tags and pen in the witch's house. The house and yard were surrounded by evil dark spirits walking around. It turned out Yun Hwa is the witch on hot pursuit to rip off their name tags. Meanwhile the kidnapped members were tempted with grilled beef but as long as they continue eating they will not be released. Si Wan was the first to notice the suspicious events from the clowns. He resisted and soon he was on his way to escape. Once they resist the grilled beef, they will be shown a laughing comical video but they were not supposed to laugh. Then they will be given a scissors to cut off the rope binding their legs to escape.

Ha Ha managed to find Si Wan and he saved him out by writing his name on the tag. Jae Suk was captured in iced prison by the witch and spirits so Ah Sung saved him out. Gary was tempted by the witch and he ran for his life. When the two families members gathered, they were to reach the magical gate and escape together with all their names written on their back. Jae Suk ripped off Kwang Soo's tag however Ha Ha has kept a spare tag to save their family. Ji Hyo's family wins the entire mission! 

Sunday, January 17, 2016

The Masked King- Cat's Girl wins 5 times in a row.

MBC TV 'Sunday Night' The Masked King 복면가왕 featured the singer behind the mask Cat's Girl winning 5 times in a row.

On 17th January, Cat's Girl walked away with the title for the 21st episode. Before that, she has been winning the title continuously from episode 17-18-19 and 20. For the first time the winner has won 5 times without blinking an eye.

Previously the hot favorite Mask King title was held in record by singer Kim Yeon Woo under the nickname of his mask Cleopatra. Kim won the title 4 times in a row followed by female singer Gummy.

At the start, it was tensed with the competitors from Super Junior's Ryeo Wook, UP10TION's Seon Wool, Jay Park Jae Bum, singer KCM, Farinelli and Dana from the Grace of CSJH.

So will let you guess who is the winner for the 5th time... 
Hint: She is a musical actress with a height of 172cm. 

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Heo Young Saeng, Kim Kyu Jong and Kim Hyung Jun as SS 301.

Originally the pop group SS501 is back with 3 members- Heo Young Saeng (30), Kim Kyu Jong (29) and Kim Hyung Jun (29). They will be called as Double S 301

Heo Young Saeng and Kim Hyung Jun's agency CI Entertainment released a new album teaser image on 14th January stating only 3 members are coming back as a group.

Originally the 3 members went on a sub-unit with the album U R Man and also sang the song-내 머리가 나빠서  for the OST Boys Over Flowers drama in 2009 where fellow member Kim Hyun Joong was part of the drama. Altogether their activities lasted for 7 years. 

Being the 2nd generation of idol groups, SS501 debut in 2005 with their biggest competitors such as TVXQ (Dong Bang Shin Ki). In 2010, it was announced that Destination was their final album. Also having disputes and issues with their previous agency DSP Entertainment resulted the group went to disbandment. 

The group name SS501 was originally formed by DSP Entertainment so for now they will change their name to Double S 301 to avoid any conflicts and court cases. 

The other fellow members Kim Hyun Joong was involved in the biggest scandal went from last year on his girlfriend's pregnancy leaked out causing big headache to his agency KeyEast. As for Park Jung Min, he's currently serving the army as a public service personnel.

CI Entertainment mentioned the 3 members were expecting a long time and with great enthusiasm for the come back. They will present the fans with their new look.

Good luck to Double S 301!  

EXO wins Daesang at Seoul Music Awards for 3 consecutive years.

Group EXO was the main 'lead' and winner at the 25th Seoul Music Awards.

On 14th January, the group won the Bonsang, Hallyu Award and Dae-sang (Grand Prize) Award at Seoul Olympic Park stadium. It was like winning 3 gold medals at the Olympics.
EXO has been sweeping the awards ever since they won the Rookie of the Year award.

Previously for the Seoul Music Awards, here are the list of winners- group Seo Tai Ji and Boys (1992-1993),  H.O.T (1997-1998) together joined with Sechs Kies group, soloist Jo Sung Mo (1999-2000) and Girls Generation (2010-2011). EXO has now surpassed all the previous winners.

Recently at the Melon Music Awards, EXO has swept most of the awards to MNet Asian Music Awards as well. However the group's biggest threat was YG's popular group Big Bang. Bonsang awards were presented to EXO, Girl's Generation leader Taeyeon, Big Bang, SISTAR, SHINee, BTS Boys, VIXX, EXID, A-Pink, Red Velvet, R&B singer Yoon Mi Rae and ZION

Newcomer groups IKON, Seventeen and Girlfriend took back new artist awards this year.
Girlfriend mentioned it has been 365 days since their debut days as a girl group.

OST award was presented to Jang Jae In, ballad award goes to BTOB, trot award to Hong Jin Young and Hip Hop goes to San-E. Meanwhile the Popular Award was awarded to JYJ's Kim Jun Su.

On this day at 7.00pm, the hosts were MC Jeon Hyun Moo, Honey Lee and EXID's Hani.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Japan's pop group SMAP disband after 25 years.

Leading Japanese pop group SMAP will finally disband after 25 years in the entertainment industry. Nikkan Sport media stated members Nakai Masahiro (43), Goro Inagaki (42), Tsuyoshi Kusanagi (41), Shingo Katori (38) have issues with the management.

Fellow member Takuya Kimura (43) looks gorgeous as usual and seems to be the only one remaining in the group. SMAP was a group that domain the charts during the 1998 era to 2002. They came up with their 1st album in 1991 entitled Can't Stop Loving. Original member Katsuyuki Mori withdrew from the group leaving the 5 members leading on with the group.

SMAP members did various dramas, movies and concerts as well. In1998 they released the single "Yozora no Mukō" (夜空ノムコウ?, "Beyond the Night Sky"). Then in year 2000 the hit single "Lion Heart" sold more than a million copies. 

No doubt SMAP were like the so-called 'Shinhwa' in Japan.- one of the longest running boy band in the country. The group has won numerous awards from Best MV, Song of the Year and Album Award.

Even Korea's Super Junior boy band looked up to SMAP as their idols and a role model.

Fans are disappointed to hear the group's disbandment news as no doubt most members have embark on solo careers all these years. It'd be their 25th anniversary since their debut if they have not split up. 

And so we bid farewell to the SMAP and wish them all the best in their future career!
Am definitely going to miss the song Lion's Heart when I first heard that song.

Im Si Wan's new movie Thinking of my Brother 오빠 생각

Z:EA's member Im Si Wan is pondering into his upcoming film- Thinking of my brother 오빠 생각. Also starring actress Go Ah-Sung, Lee Hee Jun, Park Soo Young, Jung Joon Won and Lee Reh. PD Lee Han directs the movie where it's aim for middle and older audience as the story has tears-dreams with lots of empathy. Young children wounded in war and sufferings will eventually bring the audience to tears and emotions. 

But what is the meaning behind those tears? It is one question that began Korea's conservative tendency. 

The Children's Choir will bring hope and they have decided to go into the middle of a dangerous wires as well as the US forces. In the movie, but the teachers are opposed leaving the children to decide for themselves. 

Im plays the lieutenant Han Sang Yeol during the Korean War. He begins to sympathize with the children who sings a choir. They are torn from the war and sufferings. Han starts to protect them.

The film is scheduled to be screened in cinemas from 21st January.

Jeong Woo and Kim Yoo Mi to tie the knot on 16th Jan.

After 3 years of dating, finally actor Jeong Woo (35) will be marrying his sweetheart actress Kim Yoo Mi (37). 

Jeong's agency FNC Entertainment has confirmed the actor will tying the knot with Kim on 16th January at Seoul Macheo. They would like to thank all the support, interests given to them but the wedding ceremony is going to be simple and held privately among family and close friends.

Both Jeong and Kim are faithful Christian followers so they will live in respect for each other, consideration while building a home of family with love and faith to God. The two met each other on the set of the movie Red Family. 

Jeong received much praise and attention from the public after starring in tVN's Reply 1994. He was the second lead in the drama You're the Best, Lee Soon Shin. He also did a film called Himalaya in 2015. He recently starred in tVN's Youth Over Flowers variety show filmed in Iceland with Jo Jeong Suk and Kang Haneul. 

Kim has starred in various dramas such as Cruel City in 2013 and Can We Love? in 2014.
In 2009, she became the ambassador for the Christian Film Festival. In 2013, she was in the drama Black Gospel. 

The Reply 1994 cast and crew were overjoyed for Jeong and celebrating his marriage to Kim. From SNS sites- Me2Day, Facebook there were tons of posting of congratulatory messages to the actor. He made a cameo appearance in the Reply 1998 drama. 

Congrats to the newly wed couple! :D 

Lee Seung Gi to be enlisted in March?

As we have bid few farewells to some actors and idols who have entered military last year and this year 2016, we might be seeing more of them off to army camps for next 2 years.
News broke out stating singer/actor Lee Seung Gi will be enlisted in this coming March. However Lee mentioned there was nothing confirmed as yet.
His agency Hook Entertainment stated they have not yet received exact confirmation that the singer will be enlisted in March. They are still waiting from the Military Manpower Administration side to confirm. Once the MMA sends a warrant and issued it out that's when Lee has to serve the army.

Lee debut as a singer in 2004. His 1st album Dream of a Moth with his hit single 'You're my woman 내 여자라니까' and won the hearts of elder women fans. Then his other hit singles such as Will You Marry Me? 결혼해줄래 was also popular among fans - as a proposal song. Lee has also starred in dramas such as Non Stop 5.

He also acted in KBS2TV drama 7 Famous Princesses, SBS's Brilliant Legacy rising to the top rank. He was previously a regular member in the popular variety KBS show 1 Night 2 Days- Season 1 and 2 with Kang Ho Dong. Then he moved on to host another variety show Strong Heart with Kang. 

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Jung Il Woo and HB Entertainment exclusive contract.

Actor Jung Il Woo (29) has signed an exclusive contract with HB Entertainment.

On 12th January, HB Entertainment rep mentioned that Jung Il Woo is currently considering and looking into new projects. They will be supporting the actor's overall activities in Japan and China. 

Jung debut in his first film The World of Silence 조용한 세상 in 2006 and soon he rose to stardom when starred in the series Unstoppable High Kick 거침없이 하이킥 from 2006- 2007.

He was also in the drama Moon Embracing the Sun (2012), Golden Rainbow (2013-2014), A Night watchman's Journal in 2014.

In particular last October 2014, Jung has signed with China's Entertainment exclusive contracts and endorsements with vigorous activities in China and Japan. 

Lee Mi Yeon, Choi Ji Woo, Yoo Ah In at movie briefing Like Me 좋아해줘

Before becoming an actress, Lee Mi Yeon had always admired her seniors in the entertainment business. And it seems that her dreams have come true and now she's standing on the stage with some of the great celebrities.

Fellow actor Yoo Ah In (30) attended the briefing of the upcoming movie Like Me 좋아해줘 at CGV Apgujeong, Seoul on 12th January including PD Park Hyeon Jin. Along with him were the rest of the cast - Lee Mi Yeon, Choi Ji Woo, Kim Joo Hyuk, Kang Ha Neul and Lee Seom.

The movie Like Me is a romantic comedy film about a screen writer Jo Gyeong Ah (Lee) and her life revolving with the Hallyu star Noh Jin Woo (Yoo). Meanwhile old bachelor chef Jeong Seung Chan (Kim) meets a spinster air-stewardess Ham Joo Ran (Choi). Genius songwriter Lee Soo Ho (Kang) is a innocent nice fella who meets a drama PD Jang Na Yeon (Lee Seom).

It has been 3 years since the last time Lee Mi Yeon hit into the big screen. Her role Jo Gyeong Ah appears to be prickly, notorious but deep down she has a warm heart. Lee mentions her role suits her well being prickly and similar to her. As for Yoo Ah In who has been in the hot seat lately (his dramas/movies proven to be big hits!), his role is pretty strong personality. He has 19 year old age gap with fellow actress Kim Hee Ae when they played in Secret Affair and now it makes no difference of 15 year age gap with Lee Mi Yeon.
Nothing to be worried for Yoo since he has played opposite various veteran actresses before and in fact he mentioned there is no time being lovey-dovey. 

As for Kim, he's purely smitten stating Choi is still a beautiful and wonderful actress. They didn't have any awkward scenes between them. It has been a while since Choi did any major films...roughly 7 years ago.

The movie Like Me is to be screened in cinemas on February 18th.
Good luck to them! 

Monday, January 11, 2016

2016 Golden Disk Awards to be held in Seoul instead of Shenzhen.

The 30th Golden Disk Awards event was originally scheduled to be held at Shenzhen, China this 21st January 2016, however the location has been changed to Seoul, South Korea due to safety reasons.

Daily Sports usually host the Golden Disk Awards while the rep mentioned they have decided to consider the utmost safety and precautions for the artists and audience so the event has been rescheduled to Seoul instead of Shenzhen.

Because of the large scale landslide occurred in Shenzhen on last December 20th, 77 people were missing while 58 people died in the disaster. Police and authorities were rushed to the state of emergency until then it's considered dangerous so they have send out a memorandum for the organizers to cancel any large events to be held there.

Even Leesang's Gary Asian tour schedule for Shenzhen on 16th Jan was cancelled.

For the new time and venue to hold the 30th Golden Disk Awards, details will be released later on.