Monday, February 29, 2016

Lee Byung Hun and Jo Su Mi at the Oscars.

For the recent 88th Annual Academy Awards (Oscars) ceremony, South Korean actor Lee Byung Hun (46) was present among the other big Hollywood celebrities. He was invited by the Oscars to present the Best Foreign Film award
His agent has thanked the Academy for the invitation.

Here, we can see Lee is suited up in his best tux alongside actress Sofia Vergara to present the award to the winner- Son of Saul. 

Lee has attended many awards and red carpet ceremonies overseas in various countries. He has learned a lot in many ways and by attending such a big annual ceremony, it was a different atmosphere when it comes to manners, postures, likes/dislikes within the media..etc. By attending the Oscars while watching others receive those great achievements, the actor vows to work harder.

 Also for soprano singer Jo Su Mi (54), she was present at the ceremony as well. She was invited to perform and sing the song Simple Song #3 from Paolo Sorrentino’s “Youth.

After all, how many of the Asian stars get to mingle around the big Hollywood stars- during and after party event? So let's say Lee is one of the lucky and privileged ones in the Oscars to snap a pic with Leonardo Dicaprio who won the Best Actor for his role in The Revernant. 

Jessica Jung signs contract with Coridel Entertainment.

Former Girls' Generation member Jessica Jung (27) has signed an exclusive contract with Coridel Entertainment as a launch pad for her solo career.

The announcement of the singer signing with the entertainment company was announced on 29th February 2016.

Coridel Entertainment is represented by Korean-American businessman Tyler Kwon whom is based in New York, USA. All rumors were going on previously stating Jessica and Tyler were in a serious relationship.

Girl group Playback is currently signed under Coridel Entertainment as well where it has signed off venture business with Jeff Bernat.

Jessica has debuted as a singer in 2007 under Girls' Generation girl group but she has dropped out from the group since 2014. Last September, she managed to leave her previous agent SM Entertainment after the contract expired.

Coridel Entertainment mentioned there have been several calls and scouts for Jessica but they will be concentrating on her full activities based on solo career, as well as her fashion business. 

BTS's V is debuting as actor in Hwarang: The Beginning drama.

Group BTS (Bangtan Boys) member V (real name: Kim Tae Hyung) is transforming from an idol group singer to rookie actor. 

According to their agency Big Hit Entertainment rep, V is appearing as a supporting role Han Sung in the upcoming sageuk drama- Hwarang: The Beginning.

During the Shilla Kingdom era, "Hwarang" group consists of elite warriors with good looks and skills. 

The main casts are Park Seo Joon, Go Ah-Ra, ZE:A's Park Hyung Sik, BTS's V, SHInee's Choi Min Ho and little surprise of Lee Kwang Soo appearing as cameo (again!) 

Hwarang: The Beginning will be broadcast-ed the second half of the year 2016.

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Block B's single is no#2 on Japan's Oricon chart.

Group 'Block B' has released their new album released in Japan on 24th February entitled- 'Jackpot'. The album has been on rank 2 in the Japan's music Oricon Chart.

According to the Japanese Oricon, Block B's 'Jackpot' album has won the second place and at the same time, with the Daily Singles Chart CD release. The fourth mini-album of the 'Jackpot' - Block B has released in Korea in 2014 with the Japanese version, the album has made a bit of change.

Their Seven Seasons agency mentioned they do expect a steady upward trend in January, with evidence of strong support with the selling of tickets for the concert in Tokyo and Osaka from 25th to 29th February. The agent has also said they are doing aggressive promotions in Japan. 

Block B is releasing the new single in coming March together with their 5th mini album for the comeback in South Korea. On 2nd and 3rd of April, the boys are scheduled to hold a concert at Seoul Olympic Park Gymnastics Stadium.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Valentine's Day surprise for Like for Likes 좋아해줘 movie.

Viewers in South Korea were treated with Valentine's Day movie especially it was released in the cinemas nationwide for the movie  좋아해줘 (Like for Likes). After all it's meant to be a comedy-romantic film. 

Starring big stars such as Lee Mi Yeon, Yoo Ah In, Choi Ji Woo, Kim Ju Hyuk, Kang Ha Neul and Lee Seom. I mean who wouldn't want to watch this entertaining light comedy glossy movie in the cinemas...The heart-warming comedy with 3 couples.

Couple one: LeeYoo couple (Lee Mi Yeon and Yoo Ah In) is definitely funny in terms of a wide age gap between the two of them. He is the arrogant Hallyu star No Jin Woo who started off bad terms with the top scriptwriter Jo Kyung Ah. Kyung Ah being the older heroine battles with his childish antics. His ways of getting back to her annoys her and seems a bit of crack in winning her trust so he does it through social media- Facebook being the main platform. And of course Jin Woo is trying to find out the son they both had after the fling they had years ago! 

Couple 2: HyukWoo couple (Kim Ju Hyuk and Choi Ji Woo) provides a lot of comic relief. One is a pretty hapless air stewardess Joo Ran and another is a hopeless romantic chef Sung Chan. The two bickers non stop when they have to move into a house and stay as room mates. He helps her post all her photos on social media gaining attention from the guys but instead he falls for his new partner. These two seems to fit well for each other as their age is perfect for each other. After all Ju Hyuk kept commenting Ji Woo is pretty even in all press conferences and media.

As the last Couple 3: KangSeom couple (Kang Ha Neul and Lee Seom) is a pure innocent relationship between an inspiring songwriter Su Ho who falls for the cheeky PD Na Yun. 
The two are sweet and what we do not know is the dark secret Su Ho keeps from her- he is slowly losing his hearing. Oh dear! Poor fella...he's such a cutie. Will he suffer a heartbreak if he tells his new girlfriend that he is turning deaf? 

Spoiler: Be alert of this- it is shown a missing 8 year old kid travelling to Seoul Incheon Airport by his own- ah...dun dun! Is that Lee-Yoo couple's little son? 

To be honest, newcomer Lee Seom doesn't seem to provide that much sweetness to my liking in Couple 3. I felt other actress who can provide chemistry with Kang Ha Neul will definitely make the audience smile to the face. At times Lee Mi Yeon looks pretty in the promotion poster (due to make up and photo shop!)-- she looks younger and prettier- but during press con she looked rather old like a typical big Noona especially paired with the boyish  Yoo Ah In.

I think Hyuk-Woo couple are the best fit of all...their acts are funnier and cracks everyone up. Knowing Ju Hyuk was in variety programs, he's definitely my favorite. But I still adore the other 2 guys in this movie dearly....

Yoo Ah In being the goof of all during press conference gives perfect fan services and even surprises everyone with kissing the hand of his partner. When emcee Park Kyung Lim asked Ju Hyuk to do it, he felt embarrassed and couldn't reenact the scene. An entertainment host for the movie premiere spontaneously tries out the famous line Ah In has delivered in the movie Veteran "어이가없네..." for his tenacious role Jo Tae Oh. However Ah In just shuts him down stating it's already year 2016...means Veteran is over and now they are promoting Like for Likes. 

Everyone laughs but Mi Yeon tells him off to be polite to the host - that's because he acted so well and his lines in the movie were remembered- should be thankful. He nods politely and tells everyone that's where the gap holds. A senior telling off a junior for his ways. Ha ha! 

This movie is definitely scored a tick for LIKE from me. Will you like Like for Likes?
Please do support this movie since the cast has done a great job. Kudos to the PD too!

Nam Goong Min and Jin Ah Reum are on a relationship.

Actor Nam Goong Min and model Jin Ah Reum are confirmed dating.

Jin Ah Reum's agency S-Team has confirmed that the couple has been going steady since 7 months ago. The two met on the set after filming the movie Light My Fire last summer. After meeting on occasions, the two decided to seriously date each other.

Nam Goong Min has coolly admitted the relationship with his agency 935 Entertainment.
He has been garnering lots of attention after playing the baddie role in SBS drama's Remember: Son of War as the chaebol's bratty evil menace. 

In 2008, Jin Ah Reum started off her debut modelling on the 2013 movie - How to Use Guys with Secret Tips. In 2014, she took another role in the movie Royal Tailor and last seen in the 2015 movie Planck Constant with Kim Jae Wook.  

First thoughts on Descendants of the Sun 태양의 후예.

Star writer Kim Eun Seok has certainly picked her favorite top leads for her new work- Descendants of the Sun 태양의 후예 . The two big names- Song Hae Gyo and Song Joong Ki in her new drama has definitely taken the ratings for Weds-Thurs slot on a new hike. Ratings were straightaway 2 digits for first 2 episodes aired on TV. Though the drama was a pre-production meaning it was shot last year but still it gained much attention from viewers.

Joong Ki plays the haughty soldier Yoo Shi Jin whose main job is to protect the borders and rescue innocent people. His close buddy Dae Young (played by Jin Goo) is also part of the team Alpha as they named it. Their work is rather serious and dangerous as well. They risked their lives and could easily die in their operation without any identification. The two soldiers met a doctor Kang Mu Yeon at Haesung Hospital after Dae Young's phone was stolen by a street punk-gangster. Mu Yeon mistook the two as triads and thinks they are bullying beating up the younger punk. 

To Mu Yeon's surprise, she meets her enemy friend Yoon Myeong Ju (played by Kim Ji Won) who is also a doctor in the Korea National Army Academy. Her father is a Lieutenant and she basically comes from a well to do family. She is rather pissed off when Dae Young broke up with her. Things didn't go too well however it was a start of Shi Jin to pursue on Mu Yeon. But before their first date could take off, Shi Jin is immediately called off for after 2 UN people were kidnapped. Alpha Team are instructed and later dispatched to Afghanistan. 

Viewers were treated to some special cameo appearance by Lee Kwang Soo who is Joong Ki's best pal in real life. Kwang Soo is just dorky as ever owning a gaming stand with rifles. I practically laughed when Joong Ki told him to sell him the teddy bears and when he refused he was told that he will win all the stuffed bears he owned at the stand. No one could be better in shooting games than these trained soldiers...ha ha!

Joong Ki pulled out well for his role as Shi Jin- his eyes expression and cheeky looks is an extra plus. And of course fans were swooning over when he revealed his buffed and fit body (that was he was out from military too!) Jin Goo was pleasant as usual but he sure fits the ex-punk look. Kim Ji Won was stiffer than ever in acting...she'd be better off sitting as a spoil brat Rachel heiress in The Heirs. No good in casting her in...bleh. Song Hae Gyo is about the similar in her acting...she's pretty as usual and I can't comment much on her except the chemistry she had with Joong Ki was a good start. 

As for the fighting and shooting scenes- that was a bonus- that shows it wasn't just a simple love story from a soldier-doctor's perspective. I don't know will it be a happy or sad drama but it's definitely a melodrama. OST songs for the drama were already released- sung by Yoon Mi Rae and Chen (EXO-K). 

Let's just say I am happy for the start of the drama- it hasn't failed me or the audience. As what we expected... let's keep our fingers crossed for more action and romance on its way for the next coming episodes. 

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Climax and ending near to Six Flying Dragons drama.

We are only left for another 8 episodes to go before the finale of the 50-episode sageuk SBS drama Six Flying Dragons 육룡이 나르샤. Fans and viewers who are currently glued to the Monday-Tuesday slot will be rounding up their imaginary conclusions for this hit drama. 

As we can see main hero Lee Bang Won is been send off to Ming country (China) to persuade the Emperor regarding the rumors and spies that were send from Joseon. In fact the Emperor of China was pissed off hearing that Joseon people are collaborating with Jurchen merchants at the border- well thanks to the smarty pants PM Jeong Do Jeon who is behind that. Bang Won strikes a deal with Zhu Di (later becomes Emperor Yongle) while leaving faithful bodyguard Moo Hyul with the soldiers. He promised to come back for him after finishing his business. And we were all treated to Bang Won's background voice calling Moo Hyul from far...his Master has kept his promise. 

Nameless (Moo Myung) group have been dispersed after JDJ sends Lee Bang Ji to infiltrate the hiding camp. However leader Yeon Hyang is seen cooperating with Zhu Di in China. We bid farewell to former Hwasadan's Lady Cho Young had her last moments after been betrayed by Yeon Hee and officer Lee Sin Jeok. Now we wish we can also get rid of Yeon Hee for being a traitor and also a two-faced person. She is one character that I didn't feel pitiful for even though she had a sad past but her ways of using Bang Ji around has definitely taken me to a point I wish she was dead. 
And the way she tells Boon Yi not work anymore for Bang Won gets on my nerves.


Everyone seemed to grow older and wiser in the next coming episodes. Seems like it's taken forever when it was just a short time. Their young images were replaced with facial hair, beard and mustaches. Why can't olden days people shave off to look better? We will be missing the boyish looks of Moo Hyul and Bang Won in the drama. Eeek! Anyway Bang Won will be returning to Joseon with glory as promised to his father King Taejo (Lee Seong Gye) and also to reclaim what he has lost. The agreement of sending Bang Won to the countryside for 5 years left him with no choice but to either live/die persuading the Emperor of China. It was mere excuse for JDJ stating he has to save Bang Won that way- a pack of lies as he starts to reform and brainwashing the scholars including his followers into the new troop- Milbon. Milbon is formed as a base of roots for the country that consists of people. 

However it took a while for Bang Won to banish off Milbon and still it lingered until to his son's reign. The writer did a good script this time in producing and having the viewers feel that Lee Bang Won is the innocent person and it wasn't his fault to be greedy for power. Then we were left in delusion again after all Bang Won became King Taejong - a tyrant where he ruled mercilessly and even his son Sejong is afraid of him. To hate and not to hate? Of course we couldn't hate Lee Bang Won in Six Flying Dragons because he is played by Yoo Ah In and he's got the hot shots for every female fan out there! LOL!

Bang Won doesn't seem to yield any swords or shot many fighting scenes as much as Bang Ji or Moo Hyul since he's the Master of the household. Ah before we forget, don't we all love Minister Ha Ryun with his Chinese translating? His role appears to be shoddy and suspicious at the start but now he's like a little rabbit whose eyes grew big in shock whenever Bang Won does something real ridiculous. And how we feel father-son relationship when Lee Seong Gye relies and adores the little Bang Won when he was the youngest among his brothers. Come to think of it, since Lee's 2nd wife came in with 2 other sons, things just changed dramatically. Pfft! 

Don't we love all the scenes where Bang Won puts his brotherhood loyalty when he was with Young Gyu- his faithful follower & Hyung who got rid off of Teacher Po Eun and Moo Hyul who decided to follow him wherever he goes after sworn to become best swordsman. Nevertheless his love for Boon Yi is just another piece of eye-candy for us. Though there were not many romantic scenes between the two of them, we know that in history Boon Yi is fictional and in fact Lady Min Da Kyung (later becomes Queen Won Gyeong) plays the more important role in establishing Bang Won to the throne. 

Well, not long to go - around another 4 weeks before we wrap off Six Flying Dragons. I can't wait to see how Bang Won comes back to his country with glory, takes back Moo Hyul from Zhu Di, sets his father on anger again after the First Strife of Princes war to wiping out Jeong Do Jeon. Let's keep our fingers crossed until we see the finale... :D 

R&B soloist Dean will perform on SXSW Spotify House

Known as Dean or Dean Kwon (original name Kwon Hyuk) is South Korea's latest R&B singer. As we all know R&B singers are hardly found and considered rare in Asian countries. Of all R&B singers I loved dearly are duo Fly to the Sky and also solo singer Wheesung

Aged 25, R&B singer Dean has been invited to perform at the main stage for the big festival South by Southwest (SXSW) at Spotify House. He's also known to be the very first Asian to perform at the world's 3rd largest music festival. Been scouted by Joombas Music Group in the United States, Dean has worked alongside many K-pop groups. 

EXO's two big singles Unfair and Black Pearl were part of Dean's works, the same goes with VIXX's Light Up The Darkness, Voodoo Doll and Eternity including John Park's YOU. 
He was also featured in Jung Gigo's MV- 247 together with ZION and T-Crush. 

Dean has recently collaborated with Jeff Bernat for his latest MV- What to do?
You can check out the latest MV on YouTube or online. The music video reminded me a of Winter Sonata drama- concept is lots of snow in the mountains and background.

Last year's July, Dean made his debut appearance and by October, his single in South Korea took an unusual turn thus making his career in spotlight. 

Taemin's "Press It" album swept the world music charts.

SHINee's group youngest member Taemin has released his first solo album "Press It" and it's taking the world by storm.

According to his agency SM Entertainment, the rep has mentioned that Taemin's first solo album has taken number 1 spot in Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, Finland, Europe and other 7 Asian regions in the comprehensive album charts.

His album was on 2nd spot in Sweden, Sri Lanka, 3rd place in Indonesia, 4th in Malaysia and 4th in Philippines and Norway, 7th in Russia, 8th in Portugal and Turkey and 10th in Denmark. 

The pop genre album charts are always steady and rising in Japan, Vietnam, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, Finland, Europe and Asia region 7. 

It started climbing the charts in American countries including Russia, Norway, Mexico, India, Denmark, Canada, New Zealand, Portugal and Oceania.

Taemin will be starting his album promotion on 25th February during the KBS 2TV Music Bank, MBC TV Show, MNet Music Countdown and SBS Inkigayo music shows.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Song Joong Ki and Song Hae Gyo for Descendants of Sun presscon.

Known as the Song-Song couple for actor Song Joong Ki and actress Song Hae Gyo were both present at the press conference held at Seoul Imperial Palace Hotel at Gangnam-gu on 22nd February for the upcoming KBS 2TV drama Descendants of the Sun 태양의 후예

As the drama was highly anticipated by viewers both in South Korea and also in China. It became a hot topic that Descendants of the Sun will be airing the same time in China as it is in South Korea. The human melodrama will be focusing on the young people's love and dreams in a foreign environment.

Descendants of the Sun also co-star actors Jin Gu and actress Kim Ji Won. The first episode is scheduled to air on Wednesday- 24th February at 10.00 pm. 

Fans of Joong Ki should be looking forward to watch the first ever drama he has acted ever since released from military services last year.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Shen Yun 2016 Performing Arts in Melbourne

I had the joy of attending the afternoon session for Shen Yun 2016 Performing Arts at Melbourne Arts Centre on 21st February in the city. It was also the 2nd last day of Chinese New Year so everywhere was packed. I went to Glen Waverley for the morning session after seeing some lion and dragon dance performances at noon, off I had my lunch and went off to Arts Centre. Place was packed with audience of all ages. The show started sharp at 2.00pm with lights dimmed, full orchestra and the conductor started his act.

Dances were improvised all over the years since Shen Yun performance had started a while ago. The costumes and head gears were beautiful...dancers were elegant and graceful. I must say the divine stage of where Buddha and his disciples were a bit funny as their head were all covered in blue silicone cap...that makes it weird as Buddha doesn't have a blue head. Ha ha! Though I was seated on the Circles (door 4), I had a good view from the top. The Manchurian dynasty dance was nice with dancers wearing the heel shoes and twirling in various steps. There was also the famous folklore of the Lady of the Moon- Chang-Er and her beloved archer love story. 

I was kind of hoping for Mulan story or Romance of the Three Kingdoms story...but none! :(

The drum and acrobatic dance by the male performers were awesome as they spun many rounds without feeling dizzy, acrobats and flipping around the stage. The music from the orchestra made it even better with the skin drums they were beating to.

Of course everyone had a 15 minute intermission to stretch the legs and restrooms while the dancers rest to prepare the 2nd round.

We were treated to opening of fairies of the sea- blue costumes, wavy fans with dry ice smoke filling the entire stage to look like a vast blue sea. Beautiful as I would say...the female dancers were graceful and made it look real. There was the Monkey King act where he travels to the bottom of the sea to seek the Dragon King for a weapon.

The most annoying part are the 2 emcees popping out every now and then to explain the next performance. They were really NOT necessary to appear as they were boring as ever as it could be announced behind the black screen without wasting any time.ALSO, too much promotion on the Falun Dafa thing...some organization in China which was banned by the government and resulted them to be arrested by police. They were trying to promote heavily this religion or some cult throughout the performance which spoils the beautiful dances.

Audience were treated to two pieces of sopranos- AGAIN singing some Falun Dafa thing and some of the elders were dozing off during that event. I was catching up some nap too.
The other musical piece played on the 2-string instrument Er-hu was pretty catching though the music was sad when it's played with the background of the grand piano.

Photography or any video filming is strictly prohibited so we were not allowed to take any photos during the performance and also the curtain call (wish i could sneak a pic during the end but there was security every corner.

I'd rate it 3.5 stars out of 5.
Music pieces were beautiful with western and Chinese instruments combined.
Dance was perfect, spot on with Chinese cultural dance and acrobats.
Costumes were beautiful, background graphics were a bit funny at times.
Falun Dafa thingy- should be limited to a certain extent.

Monday, February 15, 2016

Jade Emperor's birthday celebration.

Jade Emperor or better known as 'Thee Kong 天公' governs the heaven. He looks after the peacefulness and guards the heaven. On the 8th night of Lunar New Year, the Hokkein community will gather around from late evening until midnight to worship the Jade Emperor.

Folklore has it said that during the times when the Hokkein forefathers were escaping from Sung dynasty soldiers, they ran to hide in between the sugar cane plantation. The soldiers couldn't catch them and the forefathers survived. The day when they survived in the high lushy sugar cane plantation also happens to be the birthday of the Jade Emperor.

From there onward, every 9th day of Lunar New Year marks the Jade Emperor's birthday and also for Hokkein community will offer many things for good blessings, health and luck.

Often we see the Hokkein people will prepare a massive feast of offerings on the altar - sides tied with few sticks of sugar cane, roasted pig, pink steamed rice cake (huat kuih), ang koo (red glutinous cake stuffed with mung beans), jelly, pineapples, fruits, mi-koo (pink colored buns), sweet glutinous cake (tee koay) and pink pagoda shaped candies.

Sugar cane plays a vital role in celebrating the Jade Emperor's birthday as a thank you gift for protecting their forefathers from being captured by the Sung dynasty soldiers. When pronounced in Hokkien- sugar cane is called 'kam chia'- literally sounds like thank you 'kam sia' in our mother tongue language.

I remembered during my young days, my neighbors would prepare a big altar table and spread out the gourmet and finally finishing off the prayers with lighting of firecrackers. My poor dog would run under the table, upstairs and everywhere to hide from the thundering sound, as imagine every house would light up a bunch of firecrackers. And I often get annoyed that I cursed them for lighting up those extreme loud (forbidden/illegal)- 'tua pow' firecrackers. Even though my mother's side belong to the Hokkein clan, but we don't really follow the tradition. Grandma would just tell us to pray to Jade Emperor with our hands and no burning of big blocks of paper/gold on the roadside..etc.

In Penang, the famous Jade Emperor's Temple (Thee Kong Tua) lies at the foothill of Penang Hill, Ayer Itam. Presently the temple is over 100+ years old. Based on feng shui, the temple sits on a very strategic location Phoenix Mountain. It has recently been restored and renovated with donations from devotees and public. Till today the Jade Emperor's Temple is a must for tourists to visit and also for Hokkein people to worship him whenever they seek divine power and during 9th day of Lunar New Year.

And for those looking to pray to Jade Emperor, he is found in almost every temple. This shows he is a very important deity in Taoism and he is the first where everyone prays to when looking up to the sky. 

Kim Jae Joong, Park Yoo Chun still rank the Number 1-2 spots.

JYJ group members- Kim Jae Joong and Park Yoo Chun are still as popular as ever when they are actively serving in the army. According to their agency C-Jes Entertainment, based on the music websites on real time sales albums after the release of Jae Joong's new album and Yoo Chun's first solo album, the two of them took the number 1 and 2 spot in the charts.

On 12th February, the album 'Knox' was released with a total of 12 tracks in it. It has straight away topped the Asia charts and iTunes album charts within several countries.

On recent January 18th, Yoo Chun's new single 'How much love can contain in your wallet?' reached high album sales.

C-Jes Entertainment has mentioned even the two are absent from the music industry but it still proves that they are still very popular even they are in the military.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

1 Night 2 Days to film in Harbin,China.

KBS 2TV Happy Sunday's 1 Night 2 Days variety show team of 17 people has already left for Harbin, China to film the next episode.
This is going to be an interesting episode whereby these crew members do not speak or understand Chinese very well... haha! 

The rep has mentioned that the new concept is camping out in the cold snowy weather in Harbin, China. The program kicks off on 5th August in 2007 and considered one of the most successful and longest variety program under KBS channel. Last November was the final episode featuring cast member Kim Joo Hyuk (41) who has been with the show for the entire Season 3. Kim is no longer part of the permanent cast for the program.

Remaining members are gagman Kim Jun Ho, actor Cha Tae Hyun, singers Defconn, Kim Jong Min and Jung Jun Young. This will be the first time 1 Night 2 Days production shooting internationally ever since the launch of Season 3.

Previous members Eun Ji Won, Kang Ho Dong, Lee Seung Gi, Lee So Geun, MC Mong and Kim C from Season 1 and 2 have gone to Baekdusan and China for filming in 2008.

In 2011, there was a special episode whereby Lee Seung Gi and Lee So Geun went to Japan in search of baseball player Park Chan Ho (43).

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Review on the movie Punch 완득이 (2011)

Finally I managed to watch the movie Punch or better known as 완득이 (Wan deok-i) produced in 2011 and starring Kim Yun Seok and Yoo Ah In
In fact Punch was a high gross movie #3 in year 2011 with more than 5 million tickets sold nationwide.

It's a very interesting and light weight movie mainly revolving a high school brat Do Wan Deok (played by Yoo Ah In) and his school teacher Lee Dong Joo (played by Kim Yun Seok). Wan Deok comes from a very poor family whose father is a hunchback earning a living by dancing in clubs to streets with his uncle Min Goo. Wan Deok often gets into fights for defending his father and uncle from being bullied. However Dong Joo feels it's time to set the high school kid back to the right patch.

Wan Deok is always alone without friends. He even sits by himself in the class and considered the worst student of all. With the constant bickering and hassling from his teacher who literally lives opposite his rooftop house, Wan Deok attends the neighborhood church which is manned by foreigners. To his surprise Dong Joo owns the church and hires the illegal immigrants giving them a chance to survive in Korea.

Wan Deok discovers his real mother is a Filipino lady Suk Hee working in a restaurant. Suk Hee clearly misses her son a lot and wishes to see Wan Deok again. Reluctant at first and soon he bonds well with his mother who was separated from him 17 years ago. Yoon Ha is a top student in school breaks up with her notorious boyfriend and finds solace in Wan Deok. Wan Deok decided to take up kickboxing as a sport with the support from Yoon Ha.

Dong Joo ended up in trouble when he brought his father to court for mistreating illegal immigrants and workers. In fact Dong Joo comes from a rich family but he insists of going the right way. Wan Deok thought his teacher was in trouble at home accidentally fractured Dong Joo's ribs. It was a joke when Dong Joo has to be hospitalized because of a student!
Suk Hee decides to return back to Wan Deok's father and reunited again as a family. Their nosy cranky neighbor joins them for dinner and even his sister got hooked up with Dong Joo.

I must say it's a very nice happy ending movie whereby it gives hope and aspirations for those in despair. Some scenes were ridiculously funny as Wan Deok prays to God in church asking Dong Joo to be killed off since he was an irritating teacher. He even threatens God that if his prayers are not answered, instead he will go to Buddha. LOL! 
Some people have confused the name Wan Deok-i to Man-deok-i instead. 

In fact the movie is based on a novel however some characters were introduced in the film to make it more interesting. Kim Yun Seok and Yoo Ah In won some awards for this movie.

Jeon Ji Hyun finally becomes a mother.

After 4 years of marriage, actress Jeon Ji Hyun (35) finally gave birth to a healthy looking baby boy. Her agency representative mentioned the actress welcome a son to her household on 10th February, both mother and son are healthy. That is good news to all.

"Feel free to give your love and support to the actress and her newborn son. It is definitely a good piece of happy news to the family and we do look forward to support the actress in every way we can." the agency mentioned.

In April 2012, Jeon married a private banker Choi Jun Hyuk wearing a designer hanbok by Lee Young Hee. Jeon appeared in the movies such as The Thieves in 2012, Berlin in 2013 and finally returned to the TV screen with the popular hit drama "My Love from The Star" earning her a Grand Prize Award (Dae-Sang) for SBS Drama Awards 2014. 

Last July 2015, the actress was featured in the big hit movie Assassination and has also announced she is pregnant. After the movie opening and promotion, it was the last work she has done before resting for her maternity leave.

Scriptwriter Park Ji Eun from My Love from the Star is likely to come back with a new piece of script on second half of the year. Scriptwriter Park has signed into producing a 100 episode drama. She has also written the KBS drama The Producers. 

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Choi Ji Woo still shines at 41.

Drama actress Choi Ji Woo from the famed drama Winter Sonata 겨울연가  has hit the age of 41. Still she looked radiant and pretty as usual. The character she has played Yoo Jin in Winter Sonata has won many hearts of viewers. Her screen partner Bae Yong Jun became a super Hallyu star after the drama was aired in Japan.
All those years- where have they been? Time flies... 

Nevertheless Choi is still bubbly and appeared in other dramas such as Stairways to Heaven, Air City, Star Lovers, Can't Lose, Suspicious Housekeeper and Temptation. She was also a guest star in Running Man, 1 Night 2 Days and Grandpa Over Flowers variety shows. Also not forgetting one of her hit dramas was Beautiful Days co-starring with Lee Byung Hun and Ryu Shi Won. 

The actress has mentioned she is not in a rush for marriage and taking it slowly. No doubt all her co-stars she has partnered in dramas were all married with kids. They have tried to set her up with our prickly actor Lee Seo Jin since she appeared in Grandpa Over Flowers but somehow it didn't work. Lee was just a friend and partner in the variety show. 

Over the years we see the difference in styles, clothings, make-up and various characters that she has played. The innocent young sweet Yoo Jin in Winter Sonata has long gone when she has short bop hair cut. Now Choi is a matured lady with roles she has played as rich woman and career minded person.

Choi Ji Woo currently is promoting for her new movie 'Like Me' opening in cinemas on 18th February alongside with Kim Joo Hyuk, Yoo Ah In, Lee Mi Yeon, Kang Ha Neul and Lee Som. 

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Daddy Song and Triplets bid farewell to Return of Superman series.

Three of actor Song Il Gook's sons- Dae Han, Min Guk and Man Se finally bid farewell to the KBS 2TV's Return of Superman series. Their last theme for the final episode was Love, Love, Love (사랑한다 사랑한다 사랑한다). The triplets final appearance brought many laughter's and excitement to viewers.

Song Il Gook's wife Jung Sung Yeon (39) received dinner box delivered to her office door step with love from her husband and sons. It was the final mission of the superman daddy Song to start the holiday (Seolal- Lunar New Year) with a special gift for his wife. The triplets were also excited to make dinner boxes for their hardworking mother who is a judge. It was late at night and his wife is still working with piles of cases on her desk.

Though Daddy Song's eel on rice dish was not perfect but it's edible. His wife is happy that he could go on looking after the kids without her. It was a promise and he will let her enjoy freely 4 days a month without babysitting the boys. 

"Return of Superman series was the best gift in my life" as what Song told the audience and crew. The youngest triplet Man Se said he is going to miss 'Dinosaurs uncle' - the camera men crew in their house.

The time they have spent together- 562 days with the staff and production crew were memorable and something they will remember forever. Staffs were in tears for the final episode filming as we know we are going to miss the Song family terribly. It was time to let go and have the triplets grow up on their own to become more matured kids in the future.

Currently Song is filming the historical 50-episode drama Jang Young Shil

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Yoo Seung Ho's Remember: Son of War at 20% ratings.

SBS TV Drama 'Remember- Son of War 리멤버-아들의 전쟁' has brought the viewers ratings to 20%.

According to audience measurement company Nielsen Korea on 4th February - they screened Episode 16 and recorded the highest rating in the country itself, 17.0%, 19.8% in the metropolitan area. Seoul has already surpassed the ratings of 20% to 21.1%.

In TNMS 'Remembrance', while last year rose 2.5% from17.8% - it has renewed its highest rating again. Group of viewers ranged from women in their 40s -highest with 20.5%, women in 50s at 15.9% and women in teens at 10.2%.

Since 9th December last year, the soaring viewership made the drama number 1 spot. 
Lawyer Jin Woo's (played by Yoo Seung Ho) scenes exhilarating to achieve victory against the murderous millionaire's son Nam Gyu Man (played by Nam Goong Min). Nam framed Jin Woo's innocent father for a rape and murder case since he has amnesia. 

The young genius lawyer Jin Woo fights against the corrupted and rich people in order to reveal the innocence of the wrongfully imprisoned father. To make it more melo-dramatic, Jin Woo found himself also suffering from a memory loss before he could bring those to justice. 

At the same time period that is KBS 2TV's Merchant Gaekju recorded ratings at 11.4% while MBC's Once More Happy Ending scored 6.9% in ratings. 

EXO's D.O/Kyungsoo wants to be a cool dude.

The new melo-movie 'Pure Love' 순정 where fellow actress Kim So Hyun who plays Kim Soo Ok who is torn in relationships and another innocent naive boy Bum Shil played by EXO's D.O is in love with her. 


The movie character Bum Shil has innocent look in his eyes and first love...D.O has nailed the role well. Do Kyung Soo - his original name in his 4th year of singing. Since he's still considered a rookie actor, he mentioned earlier that he doesn't want to be just recognized as a singer/actor but someone who has the charms and cool look. D.O who is only in his early 20s appeared in other films such as 'Cart' in 2014, in drama  "It's Okay to Love" (2014) as Jo In Sung's younger version has showed his potential skills to grow as a budding actor. 

He has been scheduled to act alongside for another film 'Older brother- ' with Jo Jeong Suk and Park Shin Hye. 

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Movie Premiere 'Like Me 좋아해줘'

On 3rd February, all the main leads for the new movie 좋아해줘 Like Me attended the premiere at Seoul CGV Royal City. Actors Kim Joo Hyuk, Yoo Ah In, Kang Ha Neul along with actress Lee Mi Yeon, Choi Ji Woo and Esom were all present for press photographs.

PD Park Hyun Jin was present with the main casts.

On that evening, Yoo Ah In was the first to comment on the movie romance. It was something new for the budding actor who has challenged himself after being on action movies all these time. His hit movies Veteran and Sado (The Throne) thrilled all viewers in cinemas and even won him many awards. 

This new role in Like Me is a lightweight chubby character and he's excited to see the response from viewers. Yoo Ah In plays a famous Hallyu star No Jin Woo who falls for an older drama script writer played by Lee Mi Yeon.
The romance will be like an abandoned helpless crush.

As for Kang Ha Neul, this will be his other solo character in the drama. Since he appeared in the movie 'Twenty' and in real life he has no dating experience, the role fits him so well. 

Choi Ji Woo was there 
feeling embarrassed that she can't dance that well. Her role as the single air stewardess Ham Ju Ran is comical. She has scenes singing in karaoke and dancing away to bring lots of laughter's for viewers. 

I am definitely looking forward to see a light comedy romance movie for this one. Nice casts and can't wait! 

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Legal action from actor Park Shi Hoo on 76 netizens.

Once again we hear celebrities are taking legal actions on netizens online.

On 2nd February, actress Shin Se Kyung (26) has announced she will take action on netizens through her agency. There was false information, bad comments and defamation on the actress who is currently starring in the SBS drama Six Flying Dragons. Her agency stood up saying it was time to eradicate such bad practices online.  

Following on this, actor Park Shi Hoo has just returned to small screen after 3 years in hiatus in the latest OCN's drama Neighborhood Hero. However his come back was not in positive light as he took on to sue 76 netizens with malicious comments online.

The attorney from the law firm confirmed that they received a numerous abusive complaints - vulgar expressions and horrible articles written on Park Shi Hoo. Since last month Seoul Central District Prosecutors' Office found out about 76 people were involved in this act. These people continued to comment abusively ever since Park appeared in the main role in OCN's drama. Because the rumors and comments spread quickly through the Net, they have to prevent it from recurring through legal action. 

As for celebrities taking legal action on internet comments- the cases have increased tremendously. The celebrities decided to take legal action rather than enduring in silence.

Among other celebrities who have taken legal internet actions were actor Lee Jung Jae, JYJ's Kim Jun Su, AOA's Seol Hyun, singer Kang Min Kyung...etc.

Ji Sung continues contract with NAMOO Actors.

Actor Ji Sung (39) previously signed with NAMOO Actors agency decided to renew its contract for the third time with the agent. His contract was signed in 2010.

On 2nd February, the agency rep has mentioned that they have strong confidence in the actor in renewing the contract with them. The agency is going forward to strongly support the actor in future activities and events. 

Ever since Ji Sung has appeared in the dramas 'Secret' and 'Kill Me Heal Me' with a Dae-sang (Grand Prize) award won last year for his role in Kill Me Heal Me, there is no doubt the actor is on high ball and demand.

Ji Sung has played 7 multiple personal disorders character in Kill Me Heal Me has attracted so much attention from the viewers on his flexible acting skills. It was not an easy task to play multiple personality disorders in a drama. 

Since last year Ji Sung's wife, actress Lee Bo Young has given birth to a baby girl- the actor hasn't appeared much except being a good daddy at home. We look forward to seeing Ji Sung in drama land again this year.

Kim Jun Su's Japan Ballad Concert attracts 4 million fans.

Group JYJ's musical singer Kim Jun Su (29) holds his ballad concerts in Japan.

According to his agency, C-Jes Entertainment mentioned Jun Su will be expanding his Asia Tour Concert 2016 - Spring Ballad Concert - 15th-16th March at Nagoya's City Hall and from 30-31st March at Tokyo International Forum Hall. His Japanese version of the annual "Ballad & Musical Concert 'at year end often attracts three million people annually on a domestic scale.

From 2012 Ballad & Musical Concert to last year, with musicals and ballads, Jun Su's event has attracted around six million people - one of the best ballad concert tours ever.

C-Jes Ent. announced since then Jun Su is constantly flooded with inquiries about his ballad concerts thanks to the popularity and fixed performances in Japan this year. Well done!

In particular more attention came from the Japanese media and fans, Jun Su's musical role as Detective L in the popular Japanese manga character in last year's famous musical "Death Note". 

C-Jes also mentioned that there is interest from Japanese fans looking for ballad performances in South Korea especially when it comes to musical performances in Japan and New Year's concert by Jun Su.

Jun Su will put on a showcase a musical number since he has appeared with major Japanese ballads, OST and songs on this tour. 

Jeong Mong Joo's fatal demise in Six Flying Dragons drama.

The climax is reaching there for SBS's Six Flying Dragons drama. First the appearance of younger version of Jo Mal Saeng (played by Choi Dae Hoon) who helped out Lee Bang Won to rescue his father General Lee Seong Gye (played by Chun Ho Jin) out from assassins. 

Then the moment we have been waiting for- Lee Bang Won (played by Yoo Ah In) tells himself he will kill Jeong Mong Joo (nickname Teacher Po Eun)- who trying to preserve the old Goryeo dynasty and eliminating Sambong Jeong Do Jeon (played by Kim Myung Min) and Lee Seong Gye. It was definitely difficult to get rid of Po Eun because the King has instructed the skilled swords-woman Chuk Sa Gwang (played by Han Ye Ri) to protect him all the time. 

However this round Sa Gwang meets her main two opponents- Lee Bang Ji and Moo Hyul at the forest. It was rather difficult for Bang Ji to defeat her as she has the skillful Goksan sword-fighting skills. Moo Hyul comes to Bang Ji's aid to fend off Sa Gwang- once and for all. Though there was no weakness in Goksan method however
there is also a weakness in every human being.
Leaving aside Sa Gwang is in fact not dead- alive and saved by Moo Hyul in a cave. 

Meanwhile at the bridge when Lee Bang Won meets Po Eun at Sonjuk Bridge. (the bridge now stands in North Korea). Bang Won asks Po Eun to reconsider on their great plan but the old dude recites a poem stating even if he dies for a hundred times, whether his bones turn to dust, whether his soul remains or fly away- his heart will stay loyal to his Lord- means Goryeo. The famous reciting of poem ended when Bang Won instructed Young Gyu to finish Po Eun down with an iron hammer. Thud! The end of Teacher Po Eun... the bloody scene and Bang Won feels guilty after killing him off but seeks console in Boon Yi (played by Shin Se Kyung)

General Lee infuriated with his son's reckless action and warned him not to mess with Teacher Po
Eun. Even Sambong Jeong Do Jeon is lost at words hearing that his most respected senior is dead. With what's happening, Bang Won can't believe his father and Sambong still sides with the dead Po Eun. He was getting fed up with the older generation's thinking. He tells his father if it's so difficult to become a ruler, then so be it! 

When confronted with Sambong, Bang Won asked since the start there was never a place for him at all... the conflict arises...

Aww...what a huge sacrifice Bang Won has done and trying to establish a new hope for the country only to find out he was never given a chance...probably due to his high ambitions and power. Well there is no doubt, Bang Won has great loyal people to him later in life such as Ha Ryun, Jo Mal Saeng and Moo Hyul. Also not forgetting his wife Min Da Kyung (future Queen Wongyeong)- she has never let him down and supported him even he did the most unbelievable thing. 

As for the next chapter we can predict General Lee is furious with his son and Bang Won clashes with Sambong. Are we due to see another fatal end to Sambong very soon?
Oh yeah...bring it on!