Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Song Kang Ho- South Korea's first actor with 100 million viewers for film industry.

Actor Song Kang Ho (49) has fully established his base and career with total audience for his movie flicks he has done nearing to the figure of 100 million.

According to the film industry, Song Kang Ho's latest movie flick 'Age of Shadows' directed by PD Kim Ji Won has broke the record of 7 million viewers. The figure has accumulated with his other films he has done exceeding 100 million viewers and the first to be known of!

In 1996, Song debuted in the film industry with the film The Day a Pig Fell into the Well to Green Fish, No.3 in 1997, The Quiet Family (1998), Shiri in 1999 and then he has been a distinctive supporting cast.

He was lined up as a main lead in The Foul King and Joint Security Act (JSA) in 2000, Vengeance is Mine (2002), Memories of Murder (2003) and winning the Best Actor Award during the Grand Bell Awards and Korea Film Awards. 

In 2006, he did the movie The Host and The Attorney in 2013 which brought 10 million viewers in the cinemas. In 2007, he acted in Elegant World and Secret Sunshine, The Good The Bad and the Weird in 2008, Thirst in 2009, Secret Union 2010, Snowpiercer, The Face Reader in 2013. Once again he took the sageuk role in The Throne in 2015.
Most of Song's films were box office movies and he made a name for himself as a veteran skilled actor.

In 2016, he is playing as a spy for the Japanese force in Age of Shadows. His exceptional and emotional acting skills were well displayed therefore he definitely deserved the Best Actor Award. 

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

B1A4 Jinyoung shows his action and loyalty in Moonlight drawn by clouds.

The plot thickens as we see the latest episode of Moonlight drawn by clouds that Ra On and Crown Prince Lee Young's happiness ended up in further worries, bloodshed and tears.

Kim Byung (Byung Yeon) leaves a book behind at Young's desk. Well the book basically contains the list of names of the corrupted officials for bribery. While all the evil ministers continue to play dumb however Young confirmed he will investigate thoroughly. With PM Kim and his minions discussing further at home, Yoon Sung just listened quietly only to be advised that they found Hong Kyung Rae's daughter is Ra On. Yoon Sung is astounded to find out Eunuch Hong is actually Ra On! 

Lee Young starts feeling suspicious about Kim Byung's whereabouts and bloody stained clothes in his bedroom. Meanwhile Chief Eunuch Han starts to pursue on Ra On's mother to ask her joining the rebellion gang. Immediately she shot down the idea asking to leave them in peace. Good one, Mom! 

Now Yoon Sung is getting edgy and tailing his grandfather's minions alarming some letter is to be delivered to the palace. Something dangerous and big is going to happen. Several masked men infiltrated the palace grounds (seriously! Now where are the damn royal guards?)  Yoon Sung quickly informs Young that Ra On needs to leave the palace otherwise both will be in danger. Ra On gets her shock of her life with sword pointing to her neck by a bunch of masked men. As the assassins marched towards the Crown Prince's quarters, Yoon Sung slays the masked men on his way of rescue! It's high time for Yoon Sung to kick some bada**! Young has no problem taking down the assassins however one of them aimed the sword straight to him where Yoon Sung caught the blade with his bare hands!

It has come to a point that Yoon Sung emphasizes his friendship with Lee Young even though he belongs to the Kim clan. Unfortunately one of the masked man managed to graze and stab Young from behind. Ra On's tears start to fall seeing how Young start to collapse. Young thinks it was Kim Byung who has betrayed him however as the masked men was collapsed down, it was Kim Byung who came to the rescue. At last, our fears is over since he was still loyal to the Crown Prince. He even apologized for running late to save him.
Young recovers from his injury and re-assures Ra On that they will keep that happiness and no one can take it away from her. 


One after another problem follows after the shocking attack in the palace, Ra On visits her mother only to find out her conversation with Dasan Jeong. Ra On's eyes grew big realizing that she is the long lost daughter of the rebellion Hong Kyung Rae! 

I must say the winner of this episode has got to be Yoon Sung. He has proven his friendship and loyalty towards the Crown Prince. With all means he even went against his grandfather's wish and plans. He treasures his friendship with Kim Byung and Lee Young while he pines for Ra On's love. 

Actor Gong Yoo models for Epigram 에피그램 clothing.

The talk of the town 천만 배우- the 10 million actor as what the locals in South Korea would nicknamed him after his massive hit film Train to Busan. Actor Gong Yoo has been selected to model and parade the male clothing Epigram casual collection. 

On 27th September, the actor shares his 'daily life' experiences and with the cut of concept of casual clothings were photographed. 

With several movies under his belt, Gong Yoo is definitely on the pump of promoting his movies which are big blockbuster hits such as Train to Busan and Age of Shadows.
He is scheduled to start filming the new drama 'Goblin'. 

Kim Hee Sun and Kim Sun Ah in new pre-production drama.

Actress Kim Hee Sun (39) and Kim Sun Ah (41) are signed into to film a pre-production drama entitled 'Woman's Dignity' (title still in progress). The drama is to be directed by PD Kim Yeon Chul and writer Baek Mi Gyeong. 

Woman's Dignity is a woman who has entered into the luxurious classy lifestyle in Cheongdamdong only to later realized the family is facing bankruptcy and hitting rock bottom. And this is where the two women will meet each other.

Kim Hee Sun takes the role of Woo Ah Jin a typical woman who marries into the rich influential family and later to be betrayed by the in laws and husband. She faces the cold reality in life and been disgusted by it.

As for Kim Sun Ah, she is offered the role as Park Bok Ja, a mysterious woman who is knowledgeable in all aspects while looking ambitious to enter the high class society.
The drama will present some twists of story line while two women are closely intertwined with fun, energy and great impressions.

PD Kim was responsible for shooting the drama 'My Name is Kim Sam Soon' which shot Kim Sun Ah to greater heights.

Woman's Dignity is scheduled to be broadcast on first half of 2017. 

1 Night 2 Days visits Seosan at Chungcheong Province.

PD Yu informs the 1 Night 2 Days casts to dress casually and simple for their upcoming trip to Chungcheong province. Everyone turned up in their summer casual clothes such as the basic stripes tee, Bermuda pants, sun hat however Jong Min looks like he's the worst dressed of all. He is dressed to the extent where they joked he looked like a beggar. Even Jun Ho admitted he is sloppy but he can never beat Jong Min's taste of dressing! LOL!
The cast and team were headed to Seosan - a small city near to the Korea's western coast where villages were senior citizens and they are there to help them out! Ah....the big question mark arises from their heads. 

Shi Yoon wonders if their tasks are going to be worst than picking napa cabbages at the alpine. First of all they are going for a city tour in a mini train dragged along by village chief's golf cart. The mini passenger seats was rather small for Defconn to get in and out. The mini train traveled fast down the tiny alleys and roads of Seosan city. The casts were amazed seeing the plantation of red peppers, corns, and vegetables in the village. Now it's game time. Not everyone will be doing hard labor with the villagers. They will select two losers of the game. First game was dressing up in colorful ajumma pants to their shoulders while having 20 potatoes dropped into the pants. They must shake it all out from the tight pants and the less potatoes one have the better. The loser turns out to be Defconn as he hasn't dropped any of the potatoes! 

Second game is playing rock paper and scissors with Defconn with the rule they must lose in three times in a row. It turns out to be massive difficulty as it's playing the opposite when you try to win over. After many rounds of the games, it was one to one- Jun Ho vs. Shi Yoon. At last Jun Ho lost the game and was partnered together with Defconn for labor work. The rest were treated with cold snacks and resting happily inside an air con room with pillow and blanket. Shockingly Defconn and Jun Ho were brought to scoop out cow dung! LOL!

They struggled to spade out the 1000+ kg of cow dung at the shed with the stench. At the end the two got the other production staffs to help out as well. Talk about teamwork!
When they heard the winners were sleeping and chilling out, they rushed into the room telling about their hard work at the cow dung shed! 2nd game is sitting on the latest roller chair for farmers to use in orchards. They have to balance rolling the tiny chair and a tray of food and kettle on the head. Three in a team and last two to reach the finishing line are to do the labor work again! Shi Yoon was first to cross the line feeling happy while Jong Min and Jun Ho battle out. 

Defconn and Tae Hyun crossed the line safely while Jun Young fell over. So it turns out
Jong Min and Jun Young have to pick red chili peppers for an elderly woman and fill the sack of it under the hot sun! After an hour or so, they came back feeling mission accomplished and rested. PD Yu tells them to go for lunch at the community center. Tae Hyun is suspicious seeing an array of delicious food laid on the table, nothing comes free. Indeed he was right! They have to play another game where the loser has to eat his lunch somewhere and work as well. The game is easy where they have to shake the bowl of rice properly and flop it over. There should be no grain of rice sticking on the bowl. Defconn and Jun Ho passed the mission easily. Jong Min started to freak out when he has 3 grains of rice on the bowl. Jun Young and Shi Yoon scrapped through the mission however Tae Hyun turns out to be the loser! He had to eat his squid bibimbap riding the mini train to somewhere to work. 

Tae Hyun was gobsmacked knowing he is heading to pier sensing he has to do some fishing! When he reached the port, the female fans were busy snapping photographs with him. His popularity is still on peak stage wherever he goes. They boarded to motorboat to a deserted island where Tae Hyun was told he is to do nothing there! What the... ?! PD Yu tells the winners eating happily in the centre that there will be one member joining Tae Hyun soon! Just who is the next unlucky person to join Tae Hyun in the deserted place?
Find it out in next episode of 1 Night 2 Days! :D

Monday, September 26, 2016

Tension arises, tears spilled in Moonlight drawn by Clouds.

On the 11th episode of Moonlight drawn by Clouds, viewers were brought to tears upon seeing the romance deepens with Crown Prince Lee Young and his beloved Ra On.
With pressure on his back by his father King Sunjo to marry Minister Jo's daughter Ha Yeon, Lee Young continues to reject the the proposal as doesn't want to marry someone he doesn't love at all.

Ra On hears that the Crown Prince is in dilemma whether to go ahead with the royal marriage or follow his own heart. She advises Lee Young to proceed with the arranged marriage. Upon hearing that he was pissed off walking away angrily leaving her with tears. Besides this, Queen Kim is finding faults with Lee Young to topple him down the interim position. She gets Eunuch Song to trash Ra On's bedroom and finds a female hanbok in her possession. Queen Kim is suspicious in Ra On's identity and she has been dragged away for hiding the truth. 

Ha Yeon seeks for the Crown Prince and to find out if he's going ahead with the marriage. Lee Young tells her that he has another lady in mind and no intention of getting married.
Ha Yeon looks devastated and wants to know who is the woman but Eunuch Jang comes to inform him regarding Ra On's situation. The ministers pressure to get an innocent child to be punished severely but the Crown Prince stood firm to stop them from doing so. He felt so sorry and guilty towards Ra On seeing that he wanted to keep her at his side. Instead things were getting more twisted and complicated for the couple. 

Dasan Jeong Yak Yong informs the Crown Prince that the person Ra On needs is not him but someone else. In fact the rebellion group and forces are starting their moves to find the whereabouts of Ra On. Lee Young granted Ra On's one and only wish that is to see her mother. The mother and daughter were reunited once again after so many years of 

Once again Moonlight drawn by Clouds topped at 20% ratings for viewers, meanwhile Scarlet Heart: Ryeo managed to capture at 7.1%. 

Jeong Woo Sung, Hwang Jung Min- ASURA movie is no#1.

Actors Jeong Woo Sung, Hwang Jung Min, Kwak Do Won's latest movie flick
'아수라 Asura: City of Madness' (directed by PD Kim Seong Su) is on number one spot and is expected to increase further in the numbers.

According to the Korean Film Council on 26th September, the movie 'Asura' is currently on the number one spot with bookings reservation sales 483 million won during the day. The reservation was 61.2% market share. The bookings for 'Age of Shadows' on rank two is 7.1%.

'Asura' is the highly anticipated film receiving a lot of attention from the production stage to complete edgy anger cast including A-list actors such as Jeong Woo Sung, Kwak Do Won, Hwang Jung Min, Jo Ji Hoon, Jung Man Sik. With previous movie hits such as 'Beat' (1997), "City of the Rising Sun '(1999)' and 'Warrior '(2001), PD Kim Seong Su has worked alongside with actor Jeong Woo Sung for the past 15 years and this is a coincidence they are now working together in 'Asura'. 

The casts along with PD Kim (middle with specs) for press conference.
Asura is about Detective Han who has gone corrupted and done the dirty work for the Mayor Park. Now Mayor Park is feeling under pressure with the the Prosecutor Kim eyeing on his activities and starting investigations. Detective Han is worried and gets his junior at work Sun Mo to handle the dirty work however things get even more complicated.

The movie is set to released in local cinemas on 28th September 2016.

INFINITE wins domestic music sales chart.

INFINITE has done it again. The idol group has been dominating the domestic music sales chart after releasing their 6th mini album entitled 'Infinite Only'.

On 19th September, the group released their mini album and ever since then they have been conquering the music charts. The mini album comes with limited edition 1 and 2.
They swept the chart and were placed number one in iTunes album in seven Asian countries. 

'Infinite Only' has been released after the group was on hiatus for 1 year and 2 months.
The title song 'Hurricane' along with other singles such as Eternity, Air, One Day, True Love, Thank You, Zero were included in this mini album.

The title song 'Hurricane' comes with brilliant choreography moves, lyrics compelling pain of separation and allusion to escape from the stormy background.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Devoted pair- Wonder Girl's Ye Eun ♡ Jin Woon.

Wonder Girls'  Park Ye Eun (27) and 
Jung Ji Woon (25) ♡♡♡ has been going steady for the past 3 years of the relationship.

On 21st September, according to both of their agencies rep, the couple have been close friends and developed special music feelings. In 2014, the two confirmed that they are seeing each other.

Jung Jin Woon seek advice from Ye Eun about music and moving to a new agency- Mystic Entertainment. From there, they cared and support for each other.

Ye Eun is a member of the popular 2007 girl group Wonder Girls under JYP Entertainment.
She has also gone solo with a mini album entitled Me.
In July 2016, Wonder Girls released their single entitled Why So Lonely? and co-written by member Yoo Bin. 

Jin Woon was formerly a 2AM member in 2008 under JYP Entertainment however the group was disbanded and he has then moved on to become a solo singer and actor under the new agency Mystic Entertainment.

Jung Jun Young takes responsibility for his actions.

Prosecutors are investigating on the alleged sexual abuse case by singer Jung Jun Young (27). Since then he has sincerely apologized for disappointing his fans in public for his reckless behavior related to the incident.

Jung Jun Young spoke during a press conference in recent afternoon at Gangnam-gu hotel in Seoul, all the information provided are false and extremely personal when it comes to women. The sexual assault case is between two people and further damage was not discussed.

The singer was accused for filming a sexual video and it was removed immediately after the filming as a practical joke with mutual agreement at that time. He admitted for shooting the video however the related victim decided to press charges and reported to the police. 
Overall the singer didn't expect the case to blow out of proportion and now it looked shady for his image.

Whether Jung will be appearing in programs, it has yet to be decided later on.

Infinite Challenge with Battle of the Actors.

Infinite Challenge casts get ready to face new list of guests- they are none other than actors Hwang Jung Min, Kwak Do Won, Kim Won Hae, Jo Ji Hoon, Jung Man Sik and Jeong Woo Sung. These actors were here to promote their new movie 'Asura: The City of Madness'

 The minute Hwang Jung Min steps in the luxurious lounge room,IC casts were sneering away wondering if it was My Ugly Friends Special episode to which he was still pissed off. Kwang Hee thought a Super Mario brothers character just arrived into the filming set! LOL! Next up was Jeong Woo Sung to everyone admired with awe seeing his handsome face. 
They were rather taken back seeing Woo Sung imitating Jun Ha's weird eyes bulging
expression as he wanted to be funny in variety programs. Jo Ji Hoon greeted all of them where Jae Suk pointed the good looking actors are here except for Jung Min! The rests were all mud skate fish, squid and octopus standing beside the A-List actors. It was Kwak Do Won's first time in variety as he kept laughing away even Myung Soo dished him out there was nothing funny to laugh about! Won Hae was the funniest as he wanted to stand beside Kwang Hee since he's always a supporting actor. Awww... 

Now bidding game is where they Actors Vs. IC casts for slapping Myung Soo's forehead. Ji Hoon won the bid but he tenderly slapped Myung Soo due to seniority. Se Hyung won the 2nd bid to finger flick on Ji Hoon's forehead. Ji Hoon just crawled on his knees due to the pain and red mark on the forehead. Do Won wanted to try out but he just fell over as he felt a vibration ringing to the back of his skull! Jae Suk persuaded Jung Min to try out since his face is already red. As soon as Se Hyung flicked the finger on Jung Min's forehead, it felt like a boom to his brain! His reaction was fast where he started charging and cursing Se Hyung like a movie scene! Hahah! Next up was dancing time! Actors vs. Comedians dancing. Ji Hoon was first up against Se Hyung doing some gorilla dance. Do Won remembered his Twinkle dance with Jun Ha. Jae Suk was purely stoked seeing Woo Sung with his own version dance!

They started off with reenacting scenes of their characters from their past hit movies. Ha Ha is a fan of Woo Sung from the 1997 film Beat during the motorbike scene. In fact they were anxious to see the romantic scene 2004 film Moment to Remember with Son Yeh Jin. The cheesy line where main lead asks if the girl drinks the beer, he takes it they are dating. Jae Suk got one of the female writers to play as Son, as she quickly gulps the drink as a 'oh yes, i am in!'. Now who doesn't want to date a dashing guy like him? 

Do Won's recent The Wailing scenes were admirable where he started calling his daughter 'Hyo Jin ah....where are you?'. He acted out as if his daughter was there to where everyone was so absorbed in the scene. It was time to start picking up acting skills from the real class actors. Jae Suk, Haha and Jun Ha did some scenes from the movie Asura: City of Madness. It was beyond our imagination as Jae Suk was the corrupted Mayor Park while Haha played as Detective Han. Even while reading scripts, Woo Sung and Jung Min nailed their roles perfectly. 

Haha didn't know where to hide his embarrassment. Even for Ji Hoon and Do Won to re-enact the next scene, it was purely a piece of cake with their emotions and characters. Man Sik praised Jun Ha for being able to play it well too even though he isn't suitable for the role! LOL! After all the opening act, now it's time for musical Chairs is part of the mission of chasing. 4 chairs were left in the lounge room with live band music. The winner was expected Woo Sung! He has proven to have the stamina, passion, dreams and hope! The real game begins where the PD explained the 12 people will be playing 'Soldiers Game'. Each team consists of a King, No. 2,3,4,5 and Joker. The King can oust any number except for Joker. Joker can eliminate the King. No. 5, The King and Joker do play a crucial role. They must be able to run fast and eliminate others. If No.5 fails to carry out the mission, the responsibility will be handed over to No.4. Two teams set off to discuss at different HQ on selecting the right member for the right position.

IC Casts took ages while grumbling, agonizing and can't reach to a conclusion since everyone wants to be The King. They reckon Woo Sung or Jung Min could be the King. Meanwhile Actors team are also discussing who to select for the crucial roles. Do Won laughed out after all the discussion, they are going ahead with Ji Hoon's idea of random picking. Man Sik picks the Joker card, No.5 goes to Jung Min and The King is Woo Sung!
IC Casts were busy explaining the rules to Kwang Hee who picked the Joker card and still couldn't understand whom he should eliminate! Se Hyung is the The King while Jun Ha is No.5 through random selection of cards. So both teams are unaware who are the crucial roles. 

Tune in for next week's episode where both teams will battle and determine who is the real winner. 

EXO's D.O web drama released in late October.

Group EXO member D.O (Do Kyung Soo)'s aspiring acting skills have attracted PD Lee Byung Hun who has directed the film Twenty. D.O is now signed in for the new web drama- Positive Constitution (Title still in progress) and it will be produced by Samsung Group. The web drama is scheduled to be release in late October.

This will be the fourth production by Samsung Group whereby the new web drama is to deliver a message of support to youth growing out of adversity, not to lose hope, even through the appearance of the characters to challenge their dreams despite the difficult realities.

D.O will play as a University student Hwan Dong and his love interest Hye Jung to be played by Chae Seo Jin.

D.O filmography includes 2014 film 'Cart', 2016 film Pure Love, 2014 drama It's Okay To Love. As a rookie actor, D.O has played in 2016 film Brother and upcoming 2017 film With God together with veteran actors Cha Tae Hyun and Ha Jung Woo. 

5 years on, B1A4's San Deul to debut solo.

After five years of performing as an idol group, B1A4 member Sandeul (Real name: Lee Jung Hwan) is finally preparing for his solo debut. Sandeul has announced that his title of solo album will be 그렇게 있어줘 (As it is).
On 22nd September, he wrote in his fan club that the other members of the group were nervous and they also wanted to listen to the song as soon as it gets released.

Sandeul has appeared in the first few seasons of the popular weekend MBC variety singing program The Mask King Singer. He even performed in the program and went on being a singer behind the mask where the panel of judges didn't expect an idol singer would sing so well. Further on, Sandeul was part of the cast of The Three Musketeers, Brave Brothers and Cinderella musicals. His rich emotional singing skills have somehow attracted many new fans. He was also appearing in other various shows such as Immortal Songs, Duet Song Festival winning several times in a row and SBS Law of the Jungle.

In 2015, Sandeul won the Best Male Rookie Award for his appearance in Mask King for MBC Entertainment Awards. The one idol and veteran singer he highly looked upon is vocalist and trainer Kim Yeon Woo. 

Sandeul has also contributed to two drama OST- God's Gift 14 Days and recently Moonlight drawn by Clouds - since his co-member Jin Young is playing the second lead in it.

All the best to Sandeul for his solo debut! 

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Brunch and desserts at ZIMT Cafe in Surrey Hills.

A lovely day to start off the Spring Sunday was lovely and sunny. I took a nice drive to Surrey Hills and parked my car at the train station along Union Road. 
ZIMT cafe and bakery is tucked in the lovely neighborhood of Surrey Hills. The streets beside the cafe might have parking restriction, one just need to park at the train station and a 5-minute way will take you straight in front of ZIMT.

The cafe is a corner shop and you won't missed it. The colorful display of the red velvet cakes, flour less orange cakes, pies, pasties, sandwiches and specialty desserts will make you wonder why didn't I discover this place earlier? 

It took me 10 minutes to figure out what I should be having for a brunch. Finally I went on ordering a caramelized leek, mushroom tart (a small one) - costing $6.50 but additional $$ was included as I also wanted some fresh salad and relish with it. The tart was warmed up and served nicely with the side salad. There is also Free Wi-Fi in the cafe. 

To finish up the brunch, I didn't forget my dessert. I ordered the Dobos torte- it's basically a Hungarian sponge cake layered with chocolate buttercream, glazed with chocolate, hazelnut and caramel. The fork which I used had to be dug harder in it since it was cold and rather sweet. I don't know if I know how to appreciate it but it wasn't as nice as I expected it to be. I will try some other desserts in future. Not to forget my cup of cappuccino. Prices are rather steep, not cheap though. The Dobos slice is $8.50 and altogether it was $25+ for a cuppa, Dobos slice with the small mushroom tart along with salad. 


ZIMT does serve high tea as well where bookings are essential. The high tea for an adult is $40 which includes tea, scones, array of sandwiches, tarts and desserts in a 3-tier. As for kids 12 and under, price would be $25. On weekends the place does get a bit busy with the neighborhood folks coming for coffee, catching up with friends, chatting and having brunch.
I'd say it's a lovely place. Customer service is good.

Thoughts on The K2 (더 케이투) drama

One word to describe the latest cable channel tvN drama The K2 더 케이투 - awesome!
The drama opens with Anna (played by Im Yoona) sees something she was not meant to see and suddenly she was brought to live in a desolated church within Spain background. The nuns and guards were heavily guarding her until she grew into an adult that's where she started escaping from their grasp. She stumbles across Kim Je Ha (played by Ji Chang Wook) as the subway and begged him to rescue her out but he was too busy looking after his own life than to save a stranger. 

The first 2 episodes of K2 is rather suspense and thrilling. Je Ha travels to South Korea and worked as a banner hanger while on the run. One day he witnessed some innocent killing in a building where the Presidential candidate Jang Se Joon (played by Jo Sung Ha) was having an fling with a younger woman. Jang's so-called wife Choi Yoo Jin (played by Song Yun Ah) is ambitious, ruthless and vows to become the next First Lady of the country. Literally Yoo Jin hires the best guards to wipe out any of the rumors and news pertaining to her husband's way to become the next President. When the guards failed to get their hands on Je Ha, she gets restless and wants to get rid of him too.

Anna was dragged back to Seoul to live with them. Jang treasures Anna since she is his daughter but there is something that Yoo Jin holds threatening him. On the surface they may look like a happy supporting couple but deep down they were just pretending for business purpose. Chief Jo who guarded Jang warns them Je Ha is a very competent and best fighter in JSS Special Forces. Due to a misunderstanding he became a fugitive and had to hide. Yoo Jin thinks he is easy to handle and told her guards to finish him off. Instead Je Ha easily took the guards one by one down and came back into the house. 

The secretary was utterly shocked and Yoo Jin freaked out as Je Ha just strutted in straight aiming the pistol at her head. He tells Yoo Jin the 2nd encounter with her means he will kill her. Anna got out from her bedroom screaming at him to shoot Yoo Jin. He looked blankly and remembered she was girl who begged him in Spain while she was captured by the cops.

The drama is filled with action and fighting scenes by Ji Chang Wook who trained hard to film them. I am rather impressed. He has never failed us in his action scenes in the last drama Healer. Yoona has sort of improved in her acting skills. And for the first time I sort of despised Song Yun Ah's character. 

According to AGB Nielsen Ratings, the viewers ratings recorded at 3.8% within Seoul capital area while TNmS Ratings nationwide recorded 4.86%. 

The writer behind K2 drama is from SBS Yongpal drama and directed by PD Kwak Jung Hwan who was in charge of Slave Hunters and Neighborhood Hero

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Never-ending praises from veteran actors on Park Bo Gum.

On the recent Radio Star program featuring veteran actors Lee Jun Hyuk and Park Chul Min, the two seniors in the acting industry have continuously praised budding rising star Park Bo Gum when he's either on and off the drama set.

It seems that when Bo Gum doesn't have any of his filming scenes for the current drama Moonlight drawn by Clouds, the young actor still turns up at the drama set helping out the veteran actors and doing miscellaneous work around the area. Aaah...what a sweetie.

Park mentions that Bo Gum assisted him in his fitting of clothes since he got bored sitting at home and doing nothing. Lee made everyone cracked up when he said he was suspicious if Bo Gum had a crush on him as he was being so nice, honest and polite. 

No wonder he's has earned himself a nickname as the nation's romantic crown prince. 
His appearance, expression and acting skills have won over many female viewers'. 

Jin Goo, UEE and Lee Yo Won for new MBC drama Night Light.

For those who are wondering what are the updates with actor Jin Goo after starring in the mega-hit drama Descendants of the Sun... Well, well... Sergeant Seo Dae Young is back into small screen...except he's no longer deployed as army forces but he's signed up in new drama with actress Lee Yo Won and idol actor UEE

The drama revolves about three person who are ambitious to climb the social ladder.

The tentative drama title is 'Night Light' and Jin Goo has been offered the role as a rich chaebol Park Gun Woo (comparing to his previous roles he had played). Lee Yo Won plays as Lee Seh Jin and UEE will portray as Seo Yi Kyung- mainly rivals to Park.

Night Light will start airing in November. 

Yeon Jang Hoon, Chae Jung Ah in JTBC's Man to Man filming in October.

Actor Yeon Jang Hoon (38) and actress Chae Jung Ahn (39) are all signed into the new JTBC drama 'Man to Man' written by Kim Won Suk and to be directed by PD Lee Chang Min. 

Contrary to all Yeon Jang Hoon's previous roles as villains, he is due to play as Song San group 3rd generation chaebol  Mo Seung Jae. After the sudden death of his father, Seung Jae starts figuring out the real thing behind his grandfather. 

Chae Jung Ahn plays as a former Miss Korea - Song Mi Eun and married to the chaebol being risen status for the past 3 years. However her first love was Yeo Eun Kwang (played by Park Sung Woong). Eun Kwang happens to be big Hallyu star and he has a bodyguard Kim Seul Woo (played by Park Hae Jin) under NIS Service.

Man to Man will be 100% pre-production drama. The drama will start filming in October. It will be aired next year. 

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

KBS2 Moonlight drawn by Clouds Nation's Crown Prince in political feud.

The nation's Crown Prince Lee Young (played by Park Bo Gum) has certainly bear the heavy weight responsibility as he is seen rectifying and opposing the forces of the political parties in the royal court. Prime Minister Kim Hyeon (played by Chun Ho Jin) questioned and placed pressure on the Crown Prince resulting King Sunjo (played by Kim Seung Soo) to become restless and worried. Meanwhile Lee Young didn't waver at all while deciding firmly 'if there is the end of the road, he will open another door for it'. Following that, he set up another meeting with Dasan Jeong Yak Yong (played by Ahn Nae Sang) for advice and states that his plans will proceed as it is. 

Again the PM is doing things behind their back threatening they will vote for the talents based on principle skills and putting back the responsibility on the monarch. Meanwhile the confession of his feelings for Ra On (played by Kim Yoo Jung) knowing she is a girl has definitely confused her more. She avoided the Crown Prince at all costs and reluctant to accept those feelings. The mixed feelings started clouding her mind whether they will be able to hang around happily and comfortably. Ra On requests to leave the Palace. Lee Young stood firmly by giving hand signals stating he likes her a lot...well no...he loves her. He begs her not to leave him and stay by his side. 

Ra On then changed her clothes into a female hanbok and her appearance was just like any ordinary girl. She is no longer Eunuch Hong who serves the Crown Prince. Lee Young asks how to address her to which she mentioned Hong Ra On is her real name. For the first time, he calls her tenderly 'Ra On ah...' 

Kim Byung is on the run and on wits end when he was told that Ra On is the rebellion Hong Gyeong Rae's long lost daughter. King Sunjo has send people to find her whereabouts. Kim Byung is facing dilemma on how to discuss out the manner to the Crown Prince who trusted him and his own secret organization. The lovey dovey couple didn't last long when the announcement came that the Crown Prince will be having his wedding. 'Thud'...heart tromping came down for Ra On who didn't know how to react while Lee Young knew she pretended to be fine but her feelings were hurt. 

Ra On's identity on crisis as she is been sought out by everyone. 
And to realize the King's closest eunuch knows about Ra On's real identity has definitely given another shocking reality for Lee Young. 

Viewers rating spike up to 21.3% for the recent episode of the drama.

Monday, September 19, 2016

1 Night 2 Days Drama Road Trip Part 2 with Ahn Jae Wook.

The drama road trip part 1 begun at Taebaek Mt. where the filming set of the KBS drama Descendants of the Sun. They were divided into 2 teams- Medical Team and Detached Team. Medical team wins the lunch mission and additional to that, the guys were ecstatic upon hearing actress Song Hae Gyo's voice through a phone call.  

1 Night 2 Days team continue on in Gangwon-do province where Shi Yoon thinks they are going to Autumn In My Heart drama which shot teen Song Hae Gyo to stardom with 40% viewers ratings. Tough luck when Defconn hopped out from the van shouting that they are at Sabuk Station. Sabuk is a small town nestled at Taebaek Mt. range and used to be a mining town. However after so many years it has changed a fair bit. 
PD Yu tells them this is where the popular 1990's drama Our Sunny Days of Youth 젊은이의 양지  starring Bae Yong Jun, Jeon Do Yeon, Lee Jong Won and even Cha Tae Hyun was in it! Tae Hyun was just in his early 20s and started out in acting business. Everyone was laughing out seeing the uncanny resemblance of young Tae Hyun and his son Soo Chan. Just about then, a train pulled up at the Sabuk station where passengers were quickly snapping photos of the members waving happily. Defconn pouted and felt disappointed as a female passenger was eager to snap Shi Yoon's photo. 
She signaled to Defconn asking him to move aside so that she can take the actor's photo. 

Now the mission of physical age test, and brain age test. Physical age test is where each member holds together their elbows and lift up. It will determine their age category. Defconn, Tae Hyun and Jong Min struggled with difficulties while Jun Young, Shi Yoon and Jun Ho were top 3. Jun Ho teased that Tae Hyun only has that baby face; apart from that his entire body is like a 60-year old man!
Jun Young has proved to be the smartest and youngest in the brain age test beating out Jong Min. Next was tasting test where Tae Hyun pointed out everything will taste the same to him...his taste buds have deteriorated. Each member was given 3 small plates containing the different parts of a cow. They have to taste the meat and determine which is the shank.
Everyone picked plate 2 except for Tae Hyun chose plate 3. Surprisingly everyone chose the wrong plate and Tae Hyun won the tasting mission! Members have to choose 2 dishes to cook for dinner later that night. Jun Young chose the squid and pork belly. Tae Hyun took the beef ribs and rice cakes. Defconn picked flour and potato. Shi Yoon chose red pepper paste, bean sprouts and bean paste. Jong Min took the eggs leaving Jun Ho with the weirdest combination- zucchini and cheese!  Just the thought of what dish will he ever cook with those ingredients?

Next the members were driven to highlands up to discover tons of alpine napa cabbages grown all over the place. They arrived at the place called Ridge of the Wind where those big wind turbines were built to generate renewable energy. PD Yu tells them to start cooking their meals for the night. Jun Young partnered with Shi Yoon to cook red pepper squid dish along with bean sprouts bean paste soup. Jun Ho and Jong Min's fried rice dish was bearable however their zucchini soup with cheese was a total disaster! Defconn cooked potato and cabbage pancake. 

After dinner, they were brought to view some stars in the sky. That reminded them of the famous 1997 drama Star in My Heart starring Ahn Jae Wook and the late Choi Jin Shil. The members started singing the famous song sung by Ahn entitled Forever. PD Yu tells them the mission is to talk to Ahn through the phone for 10 minutes. Each member has a sentence whereby they need to have Ahn say that sentence or word to pass the mission. Tae Hyun chose the sentence 'I will treat you", while Jong Min had the song Forever to sing together with him, Jun Young picked the sentence ' Ah really?' which was easy. Jun Ho and Defconn have the hardest sentences while Ahn laughed while talking to them. Jun Young and Jong Min passed the mission. The rest failed so they have to pick 50-70-100 cabbages the next morning at 4.30 am!

Jong Min and Jun Young snooze happily in their tents while the losers have to work at the napa cabbage farm. The morning dew on the cabbages ensure the vegetable is crisp and fresh. The group started working hard while Jun Ho goof around. He fell in despair seeing he cannot pick 100 cabbages. He started dissing away and getting the writers and even PD Yu to help him to pick the cabbages! Talk about his laziness and ways of working! Finally the cabbage picking was over and they woke Jun Young and Jong Min up. The Road Drama trip has ended well in visiting those areas and even talking to some of the biggest celebrities.