Tuesday, March 31, 2015

JYJ's Kim Jae Joong is off for military services!

Finally! JYJ's Kim Jae Joong has gone to serve the mandatory military services. His
presence at the camp was exceptional and surrounded by people. His enlistment at the service area was captured on photos where he is spotted with a short spiky hair style after chopping off his fringe and coloured hair. On the 31st March 2015, netizens have released the photo taken of Jae Joong as a new residential in the army camp. 

Even with his short spiky black hair and different look, Jae Joong still looked charasmatic. He does look just like every ordinary guy who is entering for army in the below photograph. Haha! No more flashy accessories, sunglasses or branded clothes to be worn in the camp. 

Jae Joong is enlisted into the Paju Gwangtanmyeon Sinsari 1st Division Singyodae. Prior to his mandatory enlistment, he had to tearfully bid farewell to all his fans, friends and family. On the 28th and 29th March, he held concerts to meet for the last time with his fans at KAIST.

Before heading off for military, Jae Joong has uploaded few photos on Twitter whereby he caught up with close buddies, family members including his fellow member Yoo Chun who is busy filming his new drama Sensory Couple. Member Jun Su is currently doing his Asia tour so he wasn't around but SNS sites showed Jun Su took photos with JJ in his bright turquise coloured hair! 

Jae Joong has spent adequate time with his Japanese fans and promised to be back as a better and healthy man. Previously as what Jun Su has mentioned there is nothing to be disappointed or sad for Jae Joong to enter military. It is something where all male citizens of South Korea have to abide. Good for his well thoughts! Proud of them!

Meanwhile Jae Joong will be discharged from army on December 30th 2016. 

We wish him Jae Joong all the best and taking good care of himself! 

Running Man Ep 240 with 'Twenty' casts feat. Kim Woo Bin, Kang Ha Neul and 2PM Junho

Once again Running Man PD has invited the special guests for Running Man's Episode 240 where it's nostalgic episode features everyone going back to the young days. Gary came in with a wig which looks like what he was in his young debut days. Haha
absolutely looks like a geek too and everyone was in denim. Tiger Kook came in looking like he was in those days in his duo group Turbo. Ji Hyo wore those big loop earrings that was a hit when she was in her teens. This round 3 'flower boys' were invited to join RM- once again with model/actor Kim Woo Bin, Kang Ha Neul and idol group 2PM Junho. The three men were all promoting their latest movie 'Twenty' and all came in dressed in denim and Woo Bin is the only dude who could pull off wearing a black and white stripey overalls! I have to say they have been inviting Woo Bin many times to Running Man. He first appeared with Lee Jong Suk, then The Heirs cast with Choi Jin Hyuk, mission in Australia with Rain, not long ago he was here to promote the movie The Technicians with his co-star Hyun Woo and now he's back again with his other friends. They did mentioned that they last met Woo Bin when filming together in Brisbane's beautiful coastline in Australia. 

The mission for the day is to assist Big Nose Brother Ji Suk Jin to win. He needs to win in order for the entire group to win the gold. 

First mission was water bombs where they were divided into 2 groups. Suk Jin picked Jae Suk and forcefully Junho and Ha Neul joined them along with Tiger Kook. Woo Bin voluntarily walked towards the other group joining Monday Couple, Kwangsoo and Haha. Suk Jin's team needs to answer 5 questions correctly otherwise they will be douched with cold icy water bombs on their heads. While the other team needs to answer incorrectly in order for Suk Jin's team to win. The star of the day was of course Ha Neul as he answered incorrectly twice for his team to be frozen in water! There was even a slapstick comedy of him falling off his chair as he was shocked from the waterbombs. 

Second mission was adjourned to a set-up karaoke place with props and disco lights. They are to group to 2 members in each team and sing any song they like as long as they can earn high points while wearing the pedometer on their waist. First team was Suk Jin and Ji Hyo dancing to Insooni's happy tune. Big nose brother's battery is already draining before half of the song. Next was Junho and Kwangsoo singing to 2PM's Heartbeat. Both were left mentally and physically drained after running and dancing along the song to earn high points on the pedometer. Kwangsoo starts to talk weirdly and sighs with funny noises due to his exhaustion. Funniest was Jong Kook and Haha started singing a slow ballad '이젠 안녕' with a runny pace and gory voice as the song was meant to be moving and lovely. It turned out so gross, scary and weird while the 2 akwardly dances to funny moves too. 

Ha Neul and Woobin's team singing didn't succeed as it is so the two had to sing karaoke again to win some points. Ha Neul picked a famous song 'Footsteps' by Emerald Castle which happened to be Kwangsoo's favorite. Indeed he has a lovely voice and it fits him well for singing. If it wasn't for acting, Ha Neul could have debut as solo singer too. All eyes were on Woobin to save the group if he sings well in the trot song '이파트'. They won the 2nd mission with Woobin earning 82 points. 

Final mission was Frightening Elimination Name Tag as all members are to ensure Suk Jin is safe and not to be eliminated otherwise the entire group will fail. There will be 5 army forces out in the museum to target on them. Jong Kook and Woobin were Suk Jin's personal bodyguards...while the rest started to hunt around for the army forces. As soon as they see men in black masks and well build, the RM casts started running away and laughing their heads off. Ji Hyo shouted at them saying they are bigger group so it should be easier for them to tear off the army forces' name tags. Indeed Haha was quick in his movements...so he rip off 2 name tags to save the RM team. Left 2 army force members who started to change their plan. They started targetting the weak ones such as Junho, Jae Suk and Gary. Haha and Ji Hyo betrayed Gary telling the army forces to rip off his name tag while running away. At the end they were also met with their demise for betraying Gary. LOL!

Again it was only Jong Kook and Woobin protecting Big Nose Brother alone. Tiger was indeed forceful and quick to rip off one name tag leaving 3 against 1 member. Finally they gave the opportunity for Suk Jin to rip off the final name tag on the army force. RM cast won the entire mission means...Suk Jin wins the mission too. He was given a box of 10 gold badges. He can choose to either close off the lid and walk away with the gold....OR share the gold badges with the rest of the members who have helped him throughout the day. All eyes were fixed on him. Suk Jin shut the lid and walked away with the gold leaving all stunned!
Ha Neul wondered if the cameras are turned off and will Suk Jin come back with the gold but Haha pointed no way...he's already going off with his manager waiting at the car for him!

Jae Suk thanked Woo Bin, Jun Ho and Ha Neul for coming along to join them for the mission for that day...it was a wonderful episode to see all members with team work to assist Suk Jin only to be betrayed! Awww....

Yeon Woo Jin in new drama- Divorce Lawyer in Love

It's time again we see actor Yeon Woo Jin back in the small TV screen - this round he is acting in a new drama starting 18th April 2015 entitled 'Divorce Lawyer in Love (이혼변호사는 연애중). His co-stars are actress Cho Yeo Jung, Shim Hyung Tak and Jo Soo-Ah

As far as we know the talanted actor Yeon Woo Jin has appeared in various dramas such as When a Man Loves with Song Seung Hun, Arang and the Magistrate with Lee Jun Ki and Shin Min Ah, guest cameo in My Love from the Star as Park Hae Jin's older brother and latest he was in Marriage Without Dating along with actress Han Groo. Meanwhile Cho Yeo Jung stars in other dramas such as I Need Romance, Haeundae Lovers.

The plotline for this drama is Go Chuk Hee (Cho Yeo Jung) was a stern and tenacious lawyer. She often nags and made life miserable for her office manager, Sung Jung Woo (Yeon Woo Jin). Years later, Chuk Hee lands herself a new job as office manager in a law firm. The weirdest part is Jung Woo is now a lawyer and she is under his command. Will the two start their bickering and sabotage each other or will they keep their work professional?

All the casts do look great in suits and their characters...I can't wait to see another romance-comedy drama again by Yeon Woo Jin. He's hillarious when he played as the snobbish plastic surgeon in Marriage Without Dating. Do looking forward to watch this office drama.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Actress Kim Soo Mi visits the set of Roommate.

On the latest episode of Roommate Season 2, Bae Jong Ok and Nana visited veteran actress Kim Soo Mi on her movie premiere. Jong Ok personally invited Soo Mi to their house and all Soo Mi was concerned if Jackson was here to see her? LOL! 
It seems lately Jackson has been a popular member of Roommate ever since his apperance and everyone is eager to meet him. 

Few days later, Kim Soo Mi made so many Jeollado province side dishes since 5.00am for the casts of Roommate. She waited patiently for Ryohei, Jong Ok and Jackson to pick her up from her apartment at Banpo. Jackson and Ryohei decided to play along pretending they are poor in Korean language to tease Soo Mi. Jong Ok tells Jackson address Soo Mi as 'Noona' (elder sister) - a term where younger men calls an older woman. At first Soo Mi was annoyed and told Jackson off to ask him to call her Mother! Ha ha! When Jackson links arm with her, held her handbag and escorted her around...she started smiling and kept praising him for being so adorable and well-mannered. So Jackson and Ryohei kept addressing her as Noona which made her so happy. Jackson sure does know how to make a woman happy.

Meanwhile at home, Young Ji, Gook Ju and Min Woo were busy planting seeds for red peppers and lettuce at the backyard. Gook Ju was busy carrying sack of soil which made Min Woo feel so small. Dong Wook came back looking pissed stating his bedroom slippers were missing again and it was his 5th pair! Upon Soo Mi's arrival, everyone went to greet her politely. Joon quickly requested Soo Mi to start cursing since most of her drama or movie roles requires her to curse vulgarly but it turned out to be so hillarious. Everyone loved it!
They were impressed with the food Soo Mi cooked and prepared for them. She even brought the brass bowls and plates for the setting. It was like a royal meal for all of them.
Jong Ok brought out her Kimchi radish cubes she made and Soo Mi laughed stating it's terrible and smelt awful too. Since Jong Ok is poor in cooking skills, Soo Mi decided to teach her properly how to cook.

After a sumptous lunch, Jackson showed Soo Mi around the house and relaxed at the back-yard since it's a sunny Spring day. To his surprise, Soo Mi said she hasn't kissed her husband for the past 20 years and haven't held his hand for the past 30 years. Married couples are turning more like friends after living long together however Jackson pointed out his parents were opposite. He is still very affectionate and attached to his parents. For dinner, Dong Wook drove Jackson, Soo Mi and Ryohei to the nearby wet market for groceries shopping. Everyone recognizes her straight away and kept praising her. The guys were impressed with the bargaining and buying skills of Kim Soo Mi. Jackson and Soo Mi went for a short date to buy cosmetics.

She was fantastic in her cooking as she cooked Rice cake Japchae with salad for the casts. While cooking, Young Ji showed off her dancing skills to Mamma Mia to entertain all. Soo Mi doesn't lose out and started dancing along too. She's a funny and entertaining woman. Se Ho returned home in time to have beef ribs, soup, seasoned crabs and rice cake for dinner. He was in the military reserved camp training for the whole day sunbaking away! 
Soo Mi rang one of her best pals- actress Byun Jong Soo who co-acted with her in the recent successful MBC's drama The Legendary Witches as the mean Ma Joo Ran. It was her 2nd time at Roommate after she visited Jong Ok once. Jackson and Sunny surprises everyone with their animal prints face masks. It is a funny thing as Jackson looks like the Riddler from Batman sequel. Soon it was time to go home for the two actresses as they bid farewell to all. 

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Rewinding back to old skool K-pop groups/idols of 90s.

I happened to do some house keeping in the closet under the stairs, I came across some old kept CDs which I have purchased a while ago and my old mp3 player containing the 90s old K-pop songs that I hardly listen to anymore. Somehow when I started playing them it reminds me of those old school days when I first listened to K-pop as no one else bothered or knew about them. For those who were in the 90s, you'd know what I'm talking about...
The 90s K-pop idols were boy bands- G.O.D, H.O.T, Shinhwa, Sechkies, Fly to the Sky, 1TYM, DJ Doc, Cool, Koyote, girl groups such as FIN KL, S.E.S and solo singer Se7en and BOA.

Indeed time flies and these young boy bands and girl groups have now matured so much, some are happily married with kids, some have ventured into acting, radio deejays, cooking shows, the men have all completed military services and a few have got back together for a come-back. The groups that got back together in 2014 were none other than Shinhwa, G.O.D and Fly to the Sky. It was rather unique and difficult to see groups that went on separate ways seem to come back together for their fans. Good for them.

G.O.D (short name for Groove Over Dose) was created by JYPark and they hailed from JYP Entertainment was so successful in the 90s. And then some went focussing on solo careers. Members Park Joon Hyung, Danny Ahn, Sohn Ho Young, Kim Tae Woo and Yoon Gye Sang came back with new album in 2014 and garnered a lot of fans from the young to old generation. Their popular hits include 사랑해 그리고 기억해 Love and Remember, 거짓말 Lie, 편지 Letter, 보통날 An Ordinary Day. The group has won Dae-sang (grand prize) in music awards in year 2000 and 2001. Members Kim Tae Woo and Sohn Ho Young have gone solos and became successful too. Yoon Gye Sang has ventured more into acting career where he has done a couple of famous dramas. 

H.O.T (short name for High Five of Teenagers) were created by Lee Soo Man from SM
Entertainment. The members consists of Moon Hee Jun, Kang Ta, Tony Ahn, Jang Woo Hyuk and Lee Jae Won. The boys had a bright shining career ahead of them with hit singles such as Candy, I-Yah, Outside Castle and dance track We Are the Future. Even till today boy bands still do covers for Candy and We are the Future...I never got sick of these dance songs. When the group disaband in 2001 while some members formed their own management team. Only member remained in SM Entertainment is Kang Ta. H.O.T won dae-sang prize in music category in 1999 and 2000. Leader Moon Hee Jun currently co-hosts a number of variety shows. 

Sech Kies (also known as Jekki) is formed by Daesung Entertainment led by rapper Eun Ji Won, Lee Jae Jin, Kim Jae Duc, Kang Sung Hoon, Go Ji Yong and Jang Su Won. The group also enjoyed major success while singing hit songs such as The Way This Guy Lives [사나이 가는길 (폼생폼사), Chivalry (기사도), As I Let You Go (너를 보내며). They won New Artist Awards, Bonsang Awards in year 1997, 1998 and 1999. In year 2000, the members decided to go on separate ways where Eun Ji Won was involved more in variety and talk shows such as 1Night 2 Days. Members Jang Su Won and Kim Jae Duc formed a team JWalk but we didn't hear much about them.

Shinhwa (also known as the Legend) was also from SM Entertainment consists of members
Eric Mun, Lee Min Woo, Kim Dong Wan Shin Hye Sung, Jun Jin and Andy Lee.
3 members were scouted from United States while Min Woo, Junjin and Dong Wan were scouted in Korea. After their seniors H.O.T were so successful, it was full pressure on Shinhwa to perform as well. Their hit singles include Hey!Come On, Perfect Man, Brand New, Angel, Shooting Star and Oh!. The group also hosts a show called Shinhwa Broadcast. Eric, Dong Wan and Jun Jin were involved more in acting career. Since 2013, they have returned with 10th to 11th album. Song such as Venus, This Love were gaining popularity. These grown up men are still funny and kiddy as ever in talk and variety shows. I do enjoy seeing Eric being bullied around, talkative Jun Jin, introvert Andy, Hye Sung's crab dance and dancing king Min Woo. 

Fly to the Sky (FTTS/ 플라이 투 더 스카이) formed by Lee Soo Man from SM Ent. decided to make the two boys first R&B duo in South Korea and it proved them to be so successful. Members consist of Korean-American Brian Joo and native Korean Hwanhee produced beautiful and powerful vocals in the music industry. At first they were the bubblepop techno group from singing, dancing and rap but changed their image to Rythmn and Blues after hitting the charts with Sea of Love. In 2003, they enjoyed massive success with the hit song Missing You  till today everyone sings the song in karaoke. In 2005-2006, the duo came out with drama Fashion 70's OST- 가슴 아파도 "Although My Heart Aches" and sorrow song 남자답게 (Like a Man) which were loved so much by the public. The two went on solo careers in 2009 after their 8th album and Hwanhee went for military services. In 2014, the duo came back for their 9th album and their single 너를 너를 너를 (You You You) swept number 1 in all music charts. The duo have won Best R&B Artists award, Bonsang awards, Soul Music Style awards from year 2000-2006 and 2014, they took home the Melon Music Awards too.

KOYOTE (also known as Koyotae) consists of members Kim Jong Min, Shin Ji and Bbaek Ga. They are known for the catchy up-tune songs and in 2005 they won the dae-sang grand prize, pop-dance group award and artist of the year. Their hit songs include Passion, Disco King, Y, 1234 were doing so well in charts. Kim Jong Min has gone solo and even participated in many variety shows such as Heroine 6, Love Letter,Star King and 1 Night 2 Days. Female member Shin Ji is involved in Unstoppable High Kick series and ever since she remained low profile. 

S.E.S is SM Entertainment's popular girl group in the 90s. The members were Bada,
Eugene and Shoo. The group was formed from the first initial of the members' name. S stands for Sea (in korean is Bada), E is for Eugene and another S is for Shoo. The girls' hit songs include I'm Your Girl, Dreams Come True, Oh, My Love!,너를 사랑해 (I Love You). In year 2002, the group disbanded and went on different careers. Eugene was the first to start acting and did many dramas such as Save the Last Dance, Baker King and 100 Year Inheritance.Bada was involved more in OSTs and did musicals as well. Shoo was the only member who got married the earliest and became a housewife with 3 kids.
Eugene then tied the knot with actor Ki Tae Young. Bada is the remaining member single.

Fin KL (also known as Fin Killing Liberty) is a popular girl group debuted in 1998 with members such as Lee Hyori, Ock Joo Hyun, Sang Yuri and Lee Jin. The girls' hit songs include Everlasting Love 영원한 사랑, Pride 자존심, To My Prince 나의 왕자님께, White 화이트. They won the dae-sang grand prize award in year 1999. In year 2002 was the final year they were together before splitting up. Hyo Ri and Ock Joo-hyun have released their solo albums, while Lee Jin and Sang Yuri have acted in dramas and hosted various shows. Ever since Ock Joo-Hyun concentrates being a radio DJ and acted in musicals. Meanwhile Hyori tied the knot and even co-hosted some talk shows (her famous ones were Family Outing). Sang Yuri was more involved in dramas such as Prince's First Love, The Snow Queen and Hong Gil Dong. She is also a regular host for Healing Camp talk show. 

Solo singers Kwon BOA and Se7en were popular in the 90s too even though they were not in groups. BOA enjoyed her solosuccess under SM Entertainment after debuting and speaks various languages. Her hit singles include No.1, Atlantis Princess, My Name, Hurricane Venus. She is also heavily promoting herself in Japan as well. She is rather close friends with TVXQ and Fly to the Sky. She had tried her skills in acting as well (but I wasn't impressed at all, better off to sing and dance). Boa is still with SM Entertainment. Fact!: Boa is the only idol who is still in her late 20s when the rest are already in their 30s to 40s. 

Se7en (known as Choi Dong Wook) was one of the original solo artist from YG Entertainment. He was the rookie singer who could stand side by side with singer Rain with his hits such as Crazy, La La La, Hikari, I Know. His long term relationship with actress Park Han Byul went all over the net but ended in late 2014. Se7en did some acting in Goong S drama but it was not as popular as the original Goong. 
He tried to break through into American music but it wasn't as great as expected. Until recently Se7en is involved in some scandal during his military services for visiting massage parlours..etc 
And in 2015, he announced he won't be renewing his contract with YG Ent. 

And now as we look back at those days ...these 90s idols have all aged gracefully and still produced great music for us to hear. Until today I can never deny that I am still fan of old skool K-pop. I was a fan of Shinhwa and I am still a fan of theirs. I cringe whenever I see their 90s shocking hairstyles - the puff up ramen hairstyle, blond streaks and centre parting. Nevertheless it was good old Fly to the Sky that brought me into K-pop world when I first heard of their song Missing You on TV. I will and always a fan of Brian and Hwanhee. 

And you won't be surprised lately a lot of girl groups and boy bands do their own version cover of the 90s pop songs. The goldies are always the best and kept forever in our hearts.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Running Man team vs. Sung Shi Kyung & Kim Dong Hyun

The recent episode 239 of Running Man (The Dark Knight) have all the members dressed in black in various locations to receive their mission card and some were to team up with new guests for that episode. Monday Couple Ji Hyo and Gary were at the aquarium with the mission to dive and swim along the pack of sardines, sting-ray and sharks to find the special key in the chest. 
Kwangsoo and Suk Jin were teamed up near the gondola ride meant for lovey couples and in order to find the keys they have to sit almost every 10 minutes ride each time they get an empty box! Ha ha!

Tiger Kook is stuck at Namsan Seoul Tower with thousands of love-locks where he has to find the 'R' marked lock that drove him crazy. Ha Ha was left to meet his new guest who is UFC Fighter Kim Dong Hyun where they have to do abseiling on the high rocks to get their keys. Scaredy cat Ha Ha has reached his limits so he begged Dong Hyun to get his key and he will introduce girls to him. Jae Suk is at Seoul Dream Centre and his guest partner is the ballad singer Sung Shi Kyung. Jae Suk pointed out Shi Kyung was dressed like a thief and in return he said Jae Suk looks like he worn a robe out from the hotel. Both ran around to search for their special keys with people dressed in animal costumes.

When all members gathered together, Ha Ha teased Jae Suk stating his trench coat was more like a flasher. LOL! Shi Kyung gets cosy hosting variety and talk shows in the studios so he wasn't used to run around outside. The next mission was running around the key loop marathon and gaining an extra key is a bonus. Everyone has a gold coin in their posession and they have to gain more to be on the advantage side. Each of them are to run and throw a member on the mat to pop the balloon and finish the race. The first round was won by Dong Hyun.  Nobody dares to approach Jong Kook as they fear they can't topple him down to the flatten the balloon. Kwang Soo, Ji Hyo and Ha Ha targetted Jae Suk. Kwang Soo had no choice but to choose the 'empty spot' but was thrown over easily by Dong Hyun like a drop in the ocean. Restless Kwang Soo couldn't even make Shi Kyung budge from his spot. The 2nd and 3rd round was won by Monday Couple who helped each other. Ji Hyo soon won the extra key thanks to Shi Kyung.

The final mission was at a building where there are 36 lockers and each of them have to search around to unlock them. Each locker has 2 locks and they are to team up with another member after finding out the hint on the first lock they have opened. Turns out Jae Suk was smart to figure out the hints along with the brainer Shi Kyung. Tiger Kook seems to be getting 'zero' while choosing the two envelopes after opening each locker. Dong Hyun was competitive and tries to outrun Jae Suk. Ji Hyo starts the lead by doubling her gold coins but soon it was Jae Suk and Shi Kyung who were leading the top spots. Ha Ha and Kwang Soo were desperate so they decided to team up. First Kwang Soo and Dong Hyun teamed up to get rid of Jae Suk but ends up Kwang Soo oust Ha Ha first and then tried to betray Dong Hyun. The UFC fighter proves to be too strong and started pulling poor Giraffe apart. Haha!
Betrayal doesn't necessarily mean one will win in glory but lose in shame...
Tiger Kook tries to ambush Ji Hyo and Shi Kyung since he is having only 1-2 gold coins. However Ji Hyo stood firm saying she will protect her senior while Shi Kyung stuck his tongue out at Jong Kook. Meh-rong! 

Final round was between Shi Kyung and Dong Hyun where the two were to bring their gold coins to the foreign exchange counter. Dong Hyun waits patiently for Shi Kyung who tried to ambush from behind the door. However the UFC Fighter was stronger and faster so he won the game with $1.3 million won in cash! Lucky him! Dong Hyun challenges Jong Kook that they should have a match at the ring. Hahaha!

Look out for following episode of Running Man where our favorite guest is back- Kim Woo Bin and his fellow casts Kang Ha Neul and 2PM's Junho for promoting their new movie 'Twenty'. 

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Kim Jae Joong thanked his fans for the 10 years support

About 2000 Japanese fans came to understand JYJ's member Kim Jae Joong. On his recent fan meeting on the 15th March 2015 at Seoul's Kyung Hee University, Jae Joong met
2000 Japanese fans that purposely came to visit the country and himself. That drew a lot of attention of the media as it was a big scale where a large number of Japanese fans came to support the singer. In the fan meeting, Jae Joong took the time to wrap up his recent drama 'Spy' and to prepare for catching up with close friends and family.

The singer himself received tremendous response from fans after donning in a blue suit and a black tuxedo. His acting in SPY drama has impressed the audience and his transformation character he has portrayed was great. In addition, Jae Joong has received New Star Award for his role in SBS's drama Protect the Boss and contributing to the OST- 지켜줄게. His mini solo album 'One Kiss' has thankfully received great response from fans too.
Fellow JYJ members- Yoo Chun and Jun Su also delivered video messages to Jae Joong to cheer him up. 

Finally the 'Lifetime achievement award' by the fans for Jae Joong was supporting him for the past 10 years ever since they debuted as TVXQ. The fans stood by his side and went through thick and thin with the group. Jae Joong mentioned his biggest achievement is his fans, so he thanked them by presenting candies for the fans as it was also White Day.

Before his enlistment for 2-years mandatory military service on 31st March, Jae Joong will hold the last 2 days concert- 'The Beginning over the End' from 28th to 29th March on Seoul's Korea University's Gym hall for the last round.

2015 White Day Concert- The Romantist ( 2015 화이트데이 콘서트더- 로맨티스트)

On the 14th March 2015, South Korea celebrates White Day (화이트데이) - it's another part of Valentine Day where instead the women give the men chocolates and presents.

Because of this special day, in Sejong Arts Centre they have decided to throw in a memorable special concert which is called the The Romantist. This concert runs for 120 minutes including a 15 minute intermission break. It will be one of the most memorable and sweetest concert for White Day as it features tenor singer Ryu Jeong Pil, musical actor Kim Da Hyeon and the famous R&B duo Fly to the Sky. These talented singers were gathered to perform at their best for the audience. The entire performance is conducted by Park Sang Hyun and the phillarmonic orchestra. 

Musical actor Kim Da Hyeon is famous for his musical works in M.Butterfly, Hedwig,
Priscilla, Moon Embracing the Sun and Han Jeong Rim- music group. For those who have watched his live musicals would know his passion for singing and nice personality.

Tenor singer Ryu Jeong Pil has a powerful voice for singing in KBS Symphony Orchestra and the 2004 and 2006 New Year's concert, * Mozart's "Requiem", Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra, Handel's "Messiah", Suwon Philharmonic Orchestra, Italy Grosseto Symphony, Symphony Galicia. He is currently a National Opera Permanent members (full soloist), Holy Woman's University Adjunct Professor, vocalist and Red Cross ambassador.

After 5 years, the most favorite R&B group of South Korea- Fly to the Sky is back in action to serenade the fans with their powerful and mellow vocals. Their hit songs were sung almost everywhere in karaoke sessions such as Sea of Love, Missing You, Like a Men's Spirit, Even my Heart aches and My Angel. Their latest song- You, You, You took number 1 spot after been released in 5 different charts. This proves Hwanhee and Brian are still the no#1 R&B group. 

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Jackson & Bam Bam are not abandoning the half-air half-sound technique.

Idol group GOT7's Jackson was learning some trot techniques from fellow Thai member Bam Bam and he mentioned he cannot discard the half-air half-sound technique which aroused so much laughters in the set. 

On the 19th March on MBC's broadcast show 'My Tutor Band Friend 띠동갑내기 과외하기 (referred to as' extracurricular bandJackson advised Bam Bam that they shouldn't abandon the half air, half-sound technique as it's in their contract.

The program caught the public's attention when Bam Bam was dancing trot music with other members in their hostels. Bam Bam spurted out that the female trot singer Hong Jin Young dumped the idea of singing with half-air and half sound. Immediately Jackson told him off that it's part of their contract they have signed and they cannot do that.
During their 7 years, they have got mix it around. LOL! 

In reality their CEO JYPark is famous for singing with half-air half-sound techniques and he usually picks artists who have a perfect combination of this talent. It's a technique where you sing and breathe at the same time. This is a musical term when it comes to vocal singing and lessons. 

Meanwhile, the tutor band program is broadcasted every Thursday at 23:15pm where it's a program of learning through chest breathing and learning from others. 

Actress Kim Hyun Joo visits Roommate casts

The recent episode of Roommate Season 2 features the multi talented actress Kim Hyun Joo visited the casts of Roommate. She turned up with a bunch of flowers after been invited by fellow co-star Seo Kang Jun from the weekend KBS drama What's With the Family?.

Yoon Park, Park Hyung Sik and Kim Hyun Joo as 3 siblings
in KBS Drama- What's With the Family? 
Hyun Joo was eager to look around the house so Kang Jun offered to take her to see their rooms only to be told it's so messy! Jackson thinks Hyun Joo is the same age as him which turns out not! She is definitely older more than 10+years from the two young men. 

Se Ho and Ryohei dished up a cold pasta dish after learning from a chef last week while 

Joon cooked a tomato spagetthi dish and Kang Jun did a simple Vietnamese spring rolls.
3 teams are eyeing for Hyun Joo to select the best dish. Obviously she liked the tomato spicy pasta cooked by Joon compared to the cold capalleni dish by Se Ho and Ryohei which turned out to be a bit salty. However she picked the best healthy dish was the spring rolls as her favorite. Even veteran actor Bae Jong Ok said the tomato pasta is the best. Jackson is still paying more attention to his 2-day pet donkey outside the year (original name Regal) but he named it Michael since he is Jackson. Michael + Jackson. Dressed in Disney's Eeyore pyjama suit he went out to feed Regal but the donkey was ignoring him as it was craving for sugar cubes. Since it was the last day he is having Regal around, he is making all time to accompanying and showing him off to Hyun Joo. 

Jackson is impressed with Kim Hyun Joo's beatbox after learning from him
Young Ji and Gook Ju went shopping for fabrics to decorate their house for Spring at Dongdaemun Market. Hyun Joo helped them to sew some pillow cases and with her seamstress skills, the guys were impressed with her skills. In fact she could dance to K-pop idol songs, cook dishes so well, seamstress skills, play the piano and guitar. Jackson nearly fainted when she could even mimic beatbox (a new talent has been discovered! Haha!) Soon another actress Kim Nam Ju turned up to visit them too. She was playing as Hyun Joo's cousin sister in the same drama. She pointed out Kang Jun is very impressive for acting at his young age, good looking and polite too. However Kang Jun doesn't smile easily especially in front of colleagues unlike Jackson who prefers skinship and linking arms to anyone he has just met for a cosier conversation. After the massive dinner steak and wild chives tofu dish prepared by Hyun Joo, the two actresses said goodbye to the the roommate members.

Soon it was time to send Regal home too as his owner drove all the way from Gunsan to take him back. Unless they have KRW$22 million they could have bought Regal, the donkey.
Since Dongwook is not at home and Joon doesn't have that much money either so they promised to visit Regal once a month. The owner was preparing to lead Regal back to the transport van but the donkey starts shedding tears refusing to leave. It was obvious he has bonded a close relationship with Jackson and reluctant to go.  

It was time to bid farewell so the members send Regal off to his owner and it was shown Jackson's new song he has created for the donkey and himself! LOL!

Goodbye Regal the donkey and hope they can save up enough $$ to buy him up in future! :)

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Shinhwa's Kim Dong Wan recovering from colitis.

On the 18th March, it has been confirmed from Kim Dong Wan's side that the singer is currently recovering and resting away from illness. Dong Wan has suffered symptoms of gastroenteritis but he is doing fine now.

The day before broadcasting MBC Music Shinhwa music program in the 'Show Champion' people have noticed Kim Dong Wan has been missing from the group. The members accepted the award and mentioned Kim is away due to gastroenteritis. They have not accounted for the day camp No. 1 'Champion Song' and they are ready to perform once again on stage because of the concert. 

Prior to Shinhwa's last Show Champion 11th, MNet Countdown on the 12th March, KBS 2TV' Music Bank' on the 13th March, MBC' Show! Music Center on the 14th March, the group was ranked first in the 'SBS 'Inkigayo on the 15th March.. Altogether Shinhwa has swept up to six trophies in music broadcasting. Congratulations to the members!

Meanwhile, the 'Show Champion' also features Super Junior Donghae and Eunhyuk, Girl's Day Min Ah, Boyfriend, VIXX, Jo P.D, VOS, Eric Nam, Girlfriend, Lovelyz and Mad Town.

EXID's Hani excels in various languages

Lately the popular girl group EXID has been raging charts and everywhere with their hit single 'Up and Down' and there's their member Hani who made an appearance in JTBC's program 'Let's Go To School- 학교 다녀오겠습니다.  This program is rather interesting where celebrities consisting of idols, singers, actors are to attend high school wearing uniforms and attending classes along with the normal students.

On the 17th March it was broadcasted where EXID's Hani, AOA's Jimin, MIB's Kangnam, model actor Nam Ju Hyuk, comedian Jeon Hyun Moo, Kang Yoon Suk, Eun Ji Won and Kang Gyun Sung attended a language school at Gwacheon. In this day it was Hani who excelled and garnered the most attention from the audience. She understood English very well and even delivered out the topic fluently on how they deal with the bad behavious of kids of today when asked by the English teacher. The rest of the class were impressed with her English skills and studies.

And as for written communication tests, Hani scored 19/20 points and AOA's Jimin scored 18/20 points...that makes the 2 girls top students in Chinese language. Even when pronoucing and speaking Mandarin, the two girls were perfect in their tones and details.
Kangnam and Ju Hyeok scored the lowest among all students- having 4/20 points. LOL!
The two boys are just not meant for studies...we could see that... 

During Math class, the two men were confident on scoring points but instead  
Hani excelled again in Calculus and they were wondering she was way too perfect to be a singer/idol.
Hani expressed that it was interesting and fun in Math class when the rest struggled.
Viewers get to see Hani is not just a pretty face idol with sexy dancing body but with brains as well. 

JTBC's Let's Go To School program also features other famous celebrities such as veteran actor Song Do Ilsinger Kim Jong Min,  Fly to the Sky member Brian Joo, actor/announcer Oh Sang Jinactor Lee Jong Hyukcomedian Park Myung Soo, 
2AM's Jo Kwon and rockband singer Yoon Do Hyun

Watch how the older celebrities crack their brains during language or Maths class as they have been out from school ages ago. Things have appeared differently as what they were 20 over years ago. Schoolies are totally different to what they have done especially those who are born in overseas. 

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Two cents worth for TVB HKg drama- Eye in the Sky (天眼)

Ever since I've been indulging myself in K-dramas and variety programs, I have sort of forgotten a lot of H-Kg dramas and variety shows. It used to be my favorite but after seeing almost the same actors for decades, I've decided to put it aside and continue my fandom on K-pop and K-dramas. Around the past week, I've ventured myself back into this new TVB drama released online showing across the cable channels, the title was Eye in the Sky 
"天眼" or literally translated as Heaven's Eye

I found the main casts to be rather interesting consisting of great actors such as Kevin Cheng, Tavia Yeung, Ruco Chan, Tony Hung, Samantha Ko, Lin Xia Wei, Susan Tse, Vivian Yeo..etc. 

The storyline is in fact intriguing and worth watching compared to previous TVB dramas I've seen before. It tells about an intelligent CID Detective Szeto Sun (played by Kevin Cheng) who was framed for an arson case. Though he is cleared from the case with people still not believing he is innocent, Szeto is determined to catch the real culprit who resembles exactly like him. So he resigns from the police force and works as a Security Manager in a classy hotel. Unknown to him, he has an identical twin brother Lik (played by Ruco Chan) who was involved in a mysterious jewel heist in Phillipines and has been disfigured from a car accident. Along with his best buddy Terry (played by Tony Hung) both escaped and Lik had undergone plastic surgery after the accident. When he stumbles across Szeto at Y-Suite Hotel, he is shocked to discover that he actually has a twin brother with similar looks!

The happy family playing Wi-Tennis at home 
Jan (played by Tavia Yeung) is a private investigator with an excellent photographic memory. At first she is smitten with Szeto's charms and coolness when he first saved her during an heist. When the original Lik shows up at her father's firm requesting to investigate a case, she assumes he is Szeto. After a night of romance with Lik, she thinks Szeto is arrogant by ignoring her when he sees her at an elevator not knowing Szeto hasn't got any clue. Soon she discovers that Szeto is a different person and even takes the initiative to learn observation skills from him. Lik is thrilled when he is been acknowledged by his real parents and finally reunites with his happy family. Szeto is working hard to find out the truth why people are chasing after him for the stolen jewel. Lik is Mr.Nice Guy in front of his colleagues and family, but deep down inside he harbours revenge for those who made his life miserable. Lik tries to win over Jan when she only likes Szeto who doesn't reciprocate her feelings since he realizes both of them are into the same girl.

As time passes by, Lik is worried that Szeto might eventually find out the real truth about his ugly past and the wrongdoings he plotted along with Terry.

What a blast of story...there are some episodes which cracked me up when the Y-Suite Hotel CEO's nephew Wai and his loser friend Fate sucks up to the boss and the playboy Terry tries to make the stern Lau Si housekeeping manager fall for him. I like this kind of story of twins...mysterious backgrounds and past, cases...etc. 

Both leads are great at delivering their characters...Ruco is perfect in being the main villain while Kevin at his best in playing the cool headed Szeto-sir. The women leads are fine... Susan Tse is exceptional in playing as the romantic novelist with her Pekingnese dog in the hotel. I have to say these 2 men were great in their roles. What more can you ask for them to keep up to that image and look at their age... man! I am impressed at how Kevin could still look so good in his 40s though he lost a lot of weight. 

The CID family with Kevin Cheng in the middle

SHINee's tour in Japan shines in Tokyo

The emerald waves filled the Tokyo Dome. SHInee members (Onew, Jonghyun, Minho, Taemin and Key) stood in front of 50,000 spectators shouting their names. SHINee debuted 4 years ago could not conceal their nervousness as they enter in the Tokyo Dome. It was White Day 2015 was a day of those who wanted to make up for a long time dream. Tears started to flow down naturally. 

On 14th March in the afternoon a Tokyo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo Dome in Japan was SHINee was held. Fans gathered in the hall near their early expectations where the boys were clad in shiny clothes but with their female audience who also stood out in similar costumes! 

The concert started off with the song "Everybody" followed respectively by 'Lucifer' and Sherlock. The opening act beyond the 'Replay'. Many hit singles were sung including Hitchhiking, Juliette, 

Ring Ding Dong, Dream Girl leading crowds cheering away.

The centre stage started to rise as the boys sang Colors of the Season where Jonghyun sung with tears pouring out. The next song 'Fire' which was a Japanese single got the crowd rowdy. Leader Onew has his own performance while youngest member Taemin played the piano singing the song 'Rainy Blue'. 

The 5 members expressed their heartfelt gratitude to their loyal fans and shed tears too.

Photos courtesy from SM Entertainment. 

'Angry Mom' casts- Kim Hee Sun and Kim Yoo Jung at press conference

Playing as the 'mother' character- actress Kim Hee Sun was spotted donning high school uniform and entering the high school. She hides her real identity and infiltrate the school finding out the victims of school violence. 

On the 17th March, with the upcoming MBC drama 'Angry Mom', Kim Hee Sun attend the press conference at Seoul Sangam-dong, Mapo-gu. She has mentioned she has a 7-year old daughter who gets bullying at the kindergarten but it isn't the same as in school. She will not tolerate any school violence and will be strong in actions. This is what every mother would do for their child. She later confessed that there seems to be an opportunity to learn in work and life. In the past, she used to portray the pretty doll characters but this round she will not be the same anymore. 

Kim Hee Sun who is already in her forties is a bit hesitant about wearing school uniforms as to teen actress Kim Yoo Jung who will play as her 17-year old daughter in the drama. Previously having played roles of rich daughter or girly character is only weeping tears but this time she will be shedding runny nose. Ha ha!

As to wearing school uniforms- 20 years ago, uniforms were not that short especially for the skirts. The short checked skirts made it difficult to tuck in the top blouse but that can't be helped as it's the current trend. 
I mean look at Kim Hee Sun who is at her 40s and yet she could maintain the image and slim figure even after having a child. Way to go! I am impressed with her looks. 

The previous slot drama 'Kill Me, Heal Me' is been replaced by 'Angry Mom' with its first broadcast on 18th March 2015 at 21.50pm (Korean time)

Monday, March 16, 2015

Budget airline Jeju Air's new model is Kim Soo Hyun

Jeju Air is a low cost airline (budget type) that flies economically across South Korea and neighboring countries such as Japan, Hong Kong, Phillipines, China, Vietnam, Thailand, Guam and Saipan. The website has English, Chinese, Japanese language which makes it super user friendly for even those who can't understand or read Korean. Jeju Air's current model and promo spokesperson is actor/model Lee Min Ho who has been busy promoting his new flick Gangnam Blues. 

This year round Jeju Air is contracting actor/model Kim Soo Hyun as their latest spokesperson for this airline. Kim has been gaining steady reputation and fame from his previous dramas Dream High, Moon Embracing the Sun and My Love from the Star. Kim's face will be on the new print outs, promotion page and even on external parts of the planes!

Kim has been already endorsing from Lotte Dept.Store, Beanpole clothing, ZIA clothing, Beyond cosmetics..etc. With now another endorsement from the budget airline will definitely boost his image and status. His income is steadily rising non stop ever since his popularity sky rocketed in China by appearing in CFs. 

Although many actors and idols are already due or on their way to enlist for mandatory military services- Kim happens to be one of them for this year.
His last drama for this year will be the "Producers" where he will star opposite Cha Tae Hyun, Gong Hyo Jin  and singer IU. 

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Girls' Generation Yuri cameos in Kill Me, Heal Me drama.

At last we are finishing the drama Kill Me, Heal Me on the Weds-Thurs weekday drama slot - thanks much to the popularity of Ji Sung, Hwang Jung Eum and Park Seo Joon. And to finish off the drama, Girls' Generation member Yuri makes a cameo apperance as a fan of Ri-Oh's best selling novel (the same title as the drama). 

Ri-On was somehow captured by the cuteness and adorable fan of his at the book-store. He was over the moon when the girl fan played by Yuri mentioned that she wished to see the author in person while praising that he has similarity to the popular actor Won Bin. He takes out the gold pen and showed it to her stating the author Omega gave it to him and he's a distant relative to him.

When he asked for the girl fan's name, immediately she answered 'Ahn Yoo-Na'. Immediately Ri On's eyes grew big and started flashing back memories - one of Cha Do Hyun's (played by Ji Sung) split disorder personality was the teenager Yoo Na. Yoo Na always adored Ri On and even stalked him to the extent that she is his ultimate sworn enemy he feared the most. After having the trauma from Do Hyun's split personality, Ri-On dashes out from the bookstore stumbling away while Yoo Na chases him calling 'Oppa,Oppa!'.  LOL!  

GOT7's Jackson's birthday wishes- donkey as pet?

On the recent episode of Roommate Season 2, it was GOT7 Jackson Wang's birthday. He turned 22. Se Ho, Dong Wook, Ryohei and Young Ji were at home singing him celebratory songs and wishing him all the best. Se Ho asked for Jackson's wishes for his birthday. It was Young Ji who remembers Jackson's birthday and he knows hers as well.

Jackson came up with funny and ridiculous birthday wishes from his bucket list- things he wanted to do before he dies. LOL! He started cracking everyone up when he says he wants to do sky-diving and weather was way too cold. Then he continues he'd love to swim with the dolphins but the water will be freezing in this early spring. Se Ho advised that they still require nice and warmer weather for such activities. Jackson came up with putting his head into a tiger's mouth where everyone laughed their heads off. Ryohei pointed out he could be dead if he puts his head into a tiger's mouth. Young Ji said Jackson's head is way too big for the tiger...usually it's the act where they posed with the open mouth of a crocodile. 

At last Jackson birthday wish was to rear a donkey. *faints*...Dong Wook shook his head when he cannot imagine having a donkey as a pet in the house...at the garden! Se Ho started searching online and found a farm rearing donkeys at Gunsan. Along with Young Ji and Jackson- Dong Wook drove nearly 4 hours to reach at the donkey farm. The owner was glad to show them around but the miniature donkeys came with a high price of KRW$22 million. Jackson is interested in getting the donkey- Regal (which looks like donkey in Shrek animated film) Dong Wook continued telling him he has no money and it would be impossible to bring him all the way back to Seoul. Jackson went on a happy ride although he clamors onto the owner's shoulder. Young Ji was busy snapping his photos and Dong Wook suggested Jackson should propose this idea to JYPark and see what's his reaction to it.

The owner decided to let them bring Regal back to their house for 2 days and test out if he is the right pet. Then if they decided to buy Regal, they would need to bring KRW$20 million. For the shipping transport fee, Jackson and Young Ji would need to come and clean the stables. That's a bonus means they don't need to buy the donkey as yet. 

When they brought Regal back to the house garden- Gook Ju and Joon were shocked and stunned to a big pet in their yard. Cucumber- their Beagle dog was curious on the donkey friend too. Somehow Se Ho brought his famous Chef to cook in the house had a total blank look to see a donkey walking around the living room and yard. 
However the dinner ended up well and Jackson is rather obessed with Regal.
Will the donkey end up at Roommate's yard as a pet? Will see...

Anyway- happy birthday to Jackson...many happy returns to him! :D