Thursday, June 30, 2016

CNBLUE Jung Yong Hwa cleared, Lee Jong Hyun fined KRW$20 million.

Few days ago, drastic news came when the media dug out the illegal stock trading regarding CNBLUE member Jung Yong Hwa, but all the matters have been cleared.
Earlier news reported that Yong Hwa purchased a large amount of shares in 2015 after his company FNC Entertainment is intending to contract on the nation's MC Yoo Jae Suk.

The truth has been revealed that Yong Hwa has already purchased the stocks even before Yoo Jae Suk was signed with FNC Ent. He doesn't even know that his company has been discussing to bring Yoo Jae Suk over.
And as a matter of fact, his mother purchased the shares and then he sold off the shares after they come in hand.

But bad luck falls on CNBLUE fellow guitarist Lee Jong Hyun as he purchased some shares after hearing some news on his company is intending to recruit in a big celebrity. The aftermath he realized this is going to be an issue, so he held onto the shares without selling them. So in fact he isn't making any profit at all.

In this case, Jong Hyun will just face a fine and no serious offence.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

My thoughts on Shoot Me In the Heart 내 심장을 쏴라 (K-movie).

By the time I finished watching this film 내 심장을 쏴라, I just realized that I practically watched most of Yeo Jin Goo's movies he has done all these years. Hah! I didn't think about that. Anyway it took me a while to catch up on this movie well basically I do like Lee Min Ki as well since I haven't seen him in small screen for a while.

Shoot Me In The Heart is a touching, heart warming movie filmed in 2014 based on a novel written by Jeong Yu Jung. The movie opens with a narration of a young student Lee Soo Myung (played by Yeo Jin Goo) who was on his way in a van to Soori Hope Mental Institution. It was a rainy night and he happened to witness few cars on the road with people fighting away. When Soo Myung arrived, it was daunting because the evil creepy guard Jeombak. Then he stumbles across the wild and hot tempered Ryu Seung Min (played by Lee Min Ki) who has been forced into Soori Hope due to family's inheritance. 

At the start, Soo Myung feared Seung Min due to his reckless actions and behavior. Their 2 other room mates Kim Yong (Kim Jong Tae) and Man Shik (Kim Ki Cheon) are adorable as ever. Though they are elderly people but they are friendly and nice towards them. Man Shik loves to ride behind people's back since he misses his horse. Seung Min often has to piggy back him around but when he ends up in detention rooms, Soo Myung has been taking the responsibility.

Attendant and nurse Choi (played by Yoo Oh Seong) is a better listener in the center. He knows what Seung Min is going through. One of the depressed cleaners in the center doesn't understand such a intelligent student like Soo Myung would end up in there. Jeombak bullies everyone but he gets whacked up by Seung Min for beating Soo Myung around. One night Seung Min was suffering from high fever and chills. Jeombak on duty for the night was busy playing games and ignoring the warning calls on the board. Man Shik, Kim Yong and Soo Myung had to break Nurse Choi's bedroom window to call for help. 

From there, Soo Myung learned that Seung Min is not insane. He's suffering from a deteriorating eye disease which is turning him blind in no time. That's why Seung Min is hoping to get out from the center to do paragliding at Annapurna. He mentioned it was so beautiful as if he felt he could touch the sky though the high pressure might ruin his eyesight. Soo Myung and Depressed Cleaner plans to get Seung Min out from the place before it's too late. Seung Min and Soo Myung tried to escape in a water boat however the two were captured again. Soo Myung's father passed away and his last will is to have him locked up in there forever. He was very sad and his room mates comforted him. 

Seung Min didn't want to leave Soo Myung alone in the center so again he plans with Depressed Cleaner and the rest to escape for good in a laundry van. 

In fact the two guys disappeared in no time but Jeombak caught up with them but with Soo Myung's quick wit and overcoming his fear on scissors, he managed to get rid of Jeombak.

Seung Min did his paragliding over the hills and flew far away while bidding farewell to Soo Myung. 4 years later, Soo Myung was having his re-assessment for his health at the institution whereby he tells the story. The panel of people were impressed how matured Soo Myung has become and he even understands the reasons his father left him there after his trauma witnessing his mother killed herself with a pair of scissors. They asked if he believed his room mate Seung Min is dead but Soo Myung thinks he is somewhere paragliding and only he himself knows if he's dead or alive. 

Whenever I see the patients being beaten and ill-treated by the nurses and guards at the ward, I feel for them. I don't know if this happens in real life but it's heart breaking.
Lee Min Ki has played a wonderful part as the fiery hot tempered Seung Min who is funny at times and pitiful in his role. He has brought out the real true friendship when he refused to leave the place without Soo Myung. As for Yeo Jin Goo, this boy can play almost any role he is offered. Love him bits though his character is rather tame and quiet. 

Get to know more of actor Yoon Shi Yoon (Dong Gu)

This year's April 2016, actor Yoon Shi Yoon was discharged out from compulsory military. The actor has truly displayed an array of images ever since he was chosen to play in the current jTBC's drama Mirror of the Witch and then he was picked as a regular cast
member in KBS variety program 1 Night 2 Days

Here's a personal interview script with Yoon Shi Yoon himself from a Korean magazine.

The last time we met was 3 years ago. 
Y: Have we met before? I am sorry. After returning from army, I'm losing my memories.
I know I've been in the poison gas drill training 3 times. Ha ha ha! 

In the army, what was the best part/memories?
Y: All I wanted is to work. Though it worries me a lot. Previously I was very tired and anxious about everything but my biggest dream is to work. But then gain I was feeling happy.

So being in 1N2D program as Dong Gu, does that make you happy?
Y: That brought out my courage. To be honest, previously I was in Barefooted Friends program which was much loved by everyone but I was too afraid to show it all. I hid my real intentions and image. But as an actor, I learned to be honest and know how to express it all. 

Out of the blue, why do you have such thoughts?
Y: While in the military, the last 4 years during my acting career, there was only 1 thing that I felt. I felt what should I do and what role should I express myself? While standing in front of the public, there is one thing that I wanted to do as an actor. So when I was offered the role as Heo Jun in Mirror of the Witch, I felt this is what Yoon Shi Yoon should be doing. 

Why did you choose 1 Night 2 Days program? 
Y: As a celebrity, it's my first attempt of my courage to show the best acting I could to all.
Other actors might not be able to do so, I have confidence that I will do my best for the show. In the past, I have aqua phobia. So I entered the marine military to overcome that fear. 

The first broadcast of 1N2D, what do you think about it? Wasn't it awkward with other members?
Y: Though I am not very experienced in variety programs but there was no awkward feelings among the members. My role was not to create jokes or any laughter though.

Do you read a lot of books? 
Y: Rather than reading, I prefer to travel. In that case, it doesn't feel like I am reading. LOL!

People still recognize you as Yoon Shi Yoon's Kim Tak Gu (from the drama)
Y: Now it will just be Yoon Shi Yoon. Just like Heo Jun in Mirror of the Witch.

So now it's no longer Kim Tak Gu but Dong Gu instead?
Y: Isn't it so? Aside from Yoon Shi Yoon... 

Dong Gu makes you look younger.
Y: That's right! That's me. I love comedies and art. 

Now you are at the age of 32, right?
Y: No, it's still showing at 29 in Naver website. Ha ha! 

At the age of 30, what do you think has changed?
Y: I thought of the same thing too. I think nothing has changed. In some ways there is a little setback but people still think of me with that boyish image. 

That's right, you still that boyish image. 
Y: It's an advantage but there are disadvantages to it as well. One day a boy will turn into a man. Frankly I am more focused on my dreams given the current sentiment. Can't live forever as a boyish dude. 

You're clear on what you wanted, right? 
Y: Of course. It needs to go step by step. Based on experience, from entertainment to dramas it's all about experiencing and trials in life.

Next time, when do you see when you look back as an actor?
Y: I always believe victory and people that I work with. I honestly want to live well without any trouble. 

GRAZIA Korea models and celebs.

All these years, avid readers of fashion magazines in Korea have been pampered with various celebrities from models, chefs to actors/actresses grazing their front page and model covers. Now let's take a look at some of the yummy professional photographs taken by Grazia Korea all these years and compare.

Here are some of my personal picks from the Grazia Korea magazines:

It's none other than our power couple actress Lee Bo Young and actor Ji Sung. Their wedding photographs have somehow turned so beautiful and gives that romantic feeling to readers. The soft glow from the couple with lovely smiles brings the photo some kind of perfect feeling. Love that shot from the photographer. Total wedding bliss for them. 

Another one I have to comment is Girl's Generation Tiffany. She gives that beautiful look in the blue dress while lying down. Her gaze and face shows it all.It's not total sexy nor innocent but the vibe is just beautifully shot. Overall she is pretty in anyway.

Not to be missed out is our Hallyu star/actor Kim Soo Hyun who made his fame everywhere from Dream High to My Love from the Star drama. His small boyish face is different than any other actor/models out there. However he presents that cool off boyish charm in photos. The black sunnies and wool blazer gives off that warm and nice Winter collection. The jacket does remind me a bit of Do Min Joon's wear in the drama. 
There's our cutie actor Yoo Seung Ho who has transformed himself into a matured guy in
the Grazia photoshoot. His gaze and hairstyle gives that vibrant cool look to flutter the women hearts out there. Wait a minute, is that an advertising for a bag or the checky jacket he's wearing? Anyway he's not giving that cutesy image in the photoshoot, he's displaying a matured feeling to the viewers. 

Last but not least, the beautiful actress Han Hyo Joo graces the cover for Grazia Korea.
The yellow spring sunny looks she has brought out in the photograph. It looks rather natural when she is about to tie up her long hair while resting on the desk. The clothing coordinator has styled her up in the tweed skirt and light pastel top. I must admit the wardrobe is feminine and lovely. 

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Kim Rae Won, Park Shin Hye- 'Doctors' on Number 1 spot.

SBS Mon-Tue drama 'Doctors' have taken over the reign for number 1 spot this week. 
(Directed by PD Oh and scriptwriter Ha Myung Hee)

Audience measurement company Nielsen Broadcast Korea has recorded on 27 June where episode 3 of 'Doctors' were at 14.4% on nationwide basis. In Seoul and the metropolitan area it recorded a higher 15.8% and 16.9%. The last few minutes of Episode 3 featured Yoon Do (played by Yoon Kyun Sang) at the restaurant soared to 21.07%! 

Meanwhile episode 4 shot up the ratings to 18.0%. Audience were shown after Episode 3, Hong Ji Hong (played by Kim Rae Won) left for America with his adopted father from the scandal in the school put up by Seo Woo (played by Lee Sung Kyung). 13 years later, Hye Jung (played by Park Shin Hye) started her new life as a doctor after her grandmother's untimely death. Then Hye Jung met Ji Hong again during an emergency situation where the patient was transferred by a helicopter. 

As usual the bratty Seo Woo angrily tells Hye Jung off at the hospital after the big row with some thugs at the ER. She looked down at Hye Jung being a doctor and wants her out from the hospital. Since Seo Woo is good at lying and posting through SNS, Hye Jung challenges her to write it and 
shuts her off stating she will leave the hospital whenever she wants to. 

The casts are doing all their best to portray their roles and in coming episodes it will show the four main characters - passion in carrying out their work in the hospital and relationships.

It seems like Yoon Kyun Sang's appearance has shot up the ratings...mmm...he still reminded me of cutie Warrior Moo him bits in that sageuk drama.

Free hugs from Another Oh Hae Young casts.

Shinhwa's Eric Mun, Seo Hyun Jin, Yeh Ji Won, Kim Ji Suk - the original cast from the tVN's drama Another Oh Hae Young! are giving away free hugs! 

Photo courtesy from NEWSIS. The cast of Another Oh Hae Young!
Cable channel tVN has broken its record ratings at 5% after screening the comical romantic drama Another Oh Hae Young. So the cast have promised to give away free hugs to fans and audience.

On 28th June, the casts were mostly present at Seoul Cheongdam CGV M. Hall of the cube except fellow actress Jeon Hye Bin and actor Lee Jae Yoon were absent due to some commitments.

Eric mentioned that the drama is very refreshing. He is feeling rather grateful the audience came to see them in person. Seo Hyun Jin noted that she is pleased to see everyone present at the press conference. Yeh Ji Won commented after filming throughout the night, she felt the energy was somehow lost and to be re-up again. Ji Suk says he kept the day free in order to give free hugs and thanked everyone for being patient.

Another Oh Hae Young recorded its ratings at 8% and average hits 10%- one of the highest recorded drama in the cable channel.

CNBLUE's Jung Yong Hwa to be investigated.

CNBLUE leader Jung Yong Hwa (27) has been summoned for investigation regarding some capital trading issues. It has been rumored that the singer has been purchasing a large number of stocks in his agency FNC Entertainment.

Seoul Southern District Prosecutors' Office said they have summoned additional suspects about 1-2 people to investigate on Jung Yong Hwa.

It seems that the singer has been earning a fair stack of money after purchasing the stocks without any public information. The stock of the company skyrocketed and the singer was earning heaps from there. It was roughly during that time when they suspected that the nation's MC Yoo Jae Suk was about to sign with FNC Entertainment.

The prosecutors are currently investigating the issue and raided the places where Yong Hwa was staying. And there might be possibility of the singer getting punished for illegal stock trading. 

** Fuh! From one scandal to another...there is non-stop news on K-pop category lately **

Reviewing the tVN's drama Potato Star 2013QR3 감자별.

It's a wintry week in Melbourne and the weekend was blast of chilly weather and wind. I ended up being a couch potato at home with heater and layers of polar fleece while decided what to watch and pass the hours to night.

And guess what I ended up watching tVN's drama Potato Star 2013QR3 or better known as 감자별 "Gam Ja Byul". Leading roles were from actress Ha Yeon Soo and Yeo Jin Goo.
Ha Yeon Soo was fresh of fame from the drama Monster while Yeo Jin Goo was still gaining lots of attention from his drama Moon Embracing the Sun and the film Hwayi: A Monster Boy. This is a 120 long family drama and I have not even reached the half way mark. 
The story revolves about a poor girl Na Jin-A and her mother Gil Sun Ja living in a shabby housing quarters. Jin-A dreams on working at the big toy Kong Kong Co. However due to her education background, she tends to fail in every interview. One day she stumbles into a new neighbor Hye Sung who is an inspiring tech apps programmer. Basically he lives next abandoned house but ends up eating in their house and using their bathroom. Hah! 

The rich No family owns Kong Kong toy company has series of weird events happening in
their house. President No is rich but stingy in every way. His wife Yoo Jung is rich in property estates. Their eldest son Min Hyuk is a distinguished intelligent Harvard graduate who is leading the company. Eldest daughter Bo Yeong is happily married to a lawyer with 2 kids and 2nd daughter Su Yeong is a typical rich Princess spoiled brat. They lived with their hasty Grandpa who pays more attention to a Yorkshire terrier than anything else. Min Hyuk has opened the opportunity to hire in lower educated interns into the company so Jin-A received the offer happily. One day Hye Sung disappears from the house and Jin-A has to move out from the quarters as it was to be demolished. President No who are buddies with Jin A's late father took them in but they are squandering in the cold garage as their

hideout for time being. Yoo Jung didn't like the idea at all and Sun Ja became their housemaid to earn some money. News came from nowhere that an orange looking steroid is about to hit the earth, everyone panicked and Min Hyuk was involved in an accident. He lost his memories and remained like a 7-year old kid. 

The No family yearns to see their long lost son Jun Hyuk after he was kidnapped 20 years ago. Surprisingly the cops called in saying they found someone who is matching to all Jun Hyuk's case and it's none other than Hye Sung! Everyone rejoiced that Jun Hyuk has finally returned, however Hye Sung was planted as a spy by Director Oh to steal a particular USB from Min Hyuk's room. Hye Sung felt guilty after seeing the No family treating him like so well so he decided not to betray them. There are plenty of cameos from various actors and actresses such as Yoon Kye Sang, Lee Kwang Soo, Lee Jong Suk, Seo Ji Suk, Park Ha Sun, f(X) Krystal Jung. 

I must admit even though Ha Yeon Soo is older than Yeo Jin Goo, she plays it well with him due to her baby face looks. At times Jin-A can be annoying but again it reminded me that I am watching it because of Jin Goo and Go Gyung Pyo. The plot goes dull when Seo Ye Ji and Jang Ki Ha's romance comes into the picture- too draggy and it's more exciting when the elderly at home argue over some issues. It cracks the audience up is the baddies are rather silly to the extent that their plan backfires whenever they try to do something. 

As for the ending- it's rather a vague open ending. Jun Hyuk/Hye Sung left the No family with lots of heartbreak from the family members and Jin-A. Jun Hyuk hopes by him leaving will give Min Hyuk the opportunity to get together with Jin-A. However Jin-A is still waiting for him all these years. She has overcome her fear of darkness in order to see Jun Hyuk again.

So what do we know from there?....we don't know when Jun Hyuk will return but let's just assume that he will eventually return to Jin-A. 

Monday, June 27, 2016

1 Night 2 Days- Ehwa Women's University (Part 3)

Part 3 of Ehwa Women's University special continues with 1 Night 2 Days cast at the lecture hall in front of 500 female students. The members were given 1 hour to prepare for their special lecture in front of the students. It was already 8.00pm and 3 members have presented their speech. Last 3 speeches to go are Jung Jun Young, Kim Jun Ho and Cha Tae Hyun

Jun Young's title speech - do I look like a bad guy? He presented his love life and career advice to the students. He decided to concentrate more on music and work due to his difficulties to continue carrying on with proper relationship. As celebrities, it is not an easy way out when it comes to their private lives. He sang a song called Sympathy which reminded of his previous relationship with touched women's hearts. Jun Ho's speech was funnier as ever as he mentioned his career life starting at age 26 in Gag Concert. Till today he is happy and excited whenever he goes up to perform at Gag Concerts as a comedian. A female student aims to become a future gag woman and he encourages not to give hope during auditions. He failed 4 times but look at him now, he's already on the 800+ episodes of Gag Concert, he aims to film till 1000th episode. 

Last but not least everyone was waiting for Tae Hyun's speech. Everyone greeted him happily as he mentioned his wish is for his son to enter SNU and his 2 daughters to enter Ehwa. He felt the schools were fantastic and given the opportunity the students should live their lives they want. A student mentioned she has lost the fun in life due to low self esteem to which Tae Hyun tells her don't feel bad, there are times of up and down. He wants her to live like as her name- be confident and no need to follow others. His goal is pretty simple and he wants to live as an actor until the day he dies...though he doesn't have the experience to date more women because he married his one and only first love. Ha ha!

PD Yu invited a special 80 year female guest speaker - an alumna from Ehwa. She told them a very touching and sad story how she struggled to study and graduate from the Uni 50 years later due to financial issues, family sacrifice and the law during those years. She is still learning and vows to learn 10 different musical instruments. She has come a long way to achieve what she wants, she advises the students no matter how long it takes, they can achieve the dream they want. Her motivational speech brought tears to some audience.

Now the voting begins from the students to whose speech was the most motivating and best. The 3 top winners will get supper/dinner while the losers will have to skip dinner. Yoon Shi Yoon, Tae Hyun and Jun Ho wins dinner- cheese pizza, tteokpoki and pig's feet with lettuce. Defconn, Jun Young and Jong Min looked bitter as they have to starve. Tae Hyun pitied them and gave Jong Min a plate of noodles to where he slurped all into his mouth like a cartoon character! After dinner, it was way past 12 midnight in front of the residence hall, they couldn't play further games in order to reduce the noise and due to the curfew. So the 2 YB (Young Boys) get to sleep in the dorm comfortably while 4 OB (Old Boys) have to sleep in the tent in front of the CC (Campus Complex). LOL!
And so the crew immediately slept and dreamed well after a long day at University.

Next morning, first up surprisingly was Jun Ho and Defconn complaining it was so hot and stuffy inside the tent. The temperature is rising inside the tent as summer is here. Tae Hyun slowly crawled out and sprawled on the cement floor to cool himself down. 2 young guys jogged to the front CC and greeted everyone. 
Morning call music starts at 8.00 am but they skipped the morning mission because they scored 3 goals earlier in the soccer game. 

Their next trip was going to Mukho Lighthouse- took them 280km from Seoul. The place is famous where Tae Hyun filmed the movie My Girl and I with actress Song Hae Gyo. A beautiful place and now they are treated with morning seafood breakfast which raised suspicions from the members. Breakie is over and now they were given seasickness medicine as they will be boarding the ferry from Mukho Port to Ulleong-do island. Their mission is Overcome Your Fear. They repeat the words from PD Yu like a song and soon they were on their way boarding the big ferry to Ulleongdo. Weather was promising and many tourists often visit this place as it's 9 times bigger than Yeuido. Ulleongdo is famous for its dongbaek trees, pumpkin candy, quality squid dishes, natural formation of rocks such as Elephant Rock, Samseonan, and Lion Rock. 

After resting, the members are to choose various kind of local cuisines and play a game. They get to choose their own members by entering either Car A or Car B. It was devastating to see Defconn chose the car seated by Shi Yoon and Jong Min. Tae Hyun laughs when he sees his members are Jun Young and Jun Ho. Least there is something to look forward to!

And what awaits for the 1N2D members, we are about to find out in the next chapter how they are going to overcome their fear in rough waters, diving into the sea and climbing the cliffs. 

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Actor Kim Seung Min passes away at age 42.

Actor Kim Seung Min (42)'s death was just untimely in the entertainment industry in South Korea however he has brought new lives for 5 people after his organs were donated with him pronouncing brain dead.

The accident came on 24th June whereby Kim was believed to hang himself with a neck tie at 1.55 am at home following an argument with his wife. He was found unconscious and he was moved to St Mary's Hospital in Seoul. However his pulse didn't return and he remain in coma until 2 days later the doctors pronounced that he is brain dead. They finally confirmed the actor's death at 10.10 am. 

Kim Seung Min started off as an actor in 2002 drama Miss Mermaid. Then he starred in 2003 drama Women Next Door, 2005's Single Again, Tears of Diamond. In 2006, he was in Couple Trouble as Billy Park. He was in the popular drama Family's Honor, The Reputable Family, Can We Get Married?, Can't Take it Anymore and in 2014, he was last featured in tvN's Three Musketeers. Not to forget Kim was a regular cast member from 2009-2010 variety program Qualifications of Men. 

In 2013, he married a family dentist and both have a son. Last March, the actor was convicted with drug charges and sentenced to prison in October. He was suffering a slump in his life but now his family has agreed to donate his kidney, liver, cornea to people who are in need of it.

His mortuary is held at Seoul St. Mary's Hospital at Room 14.

Rest in peace, Kim Seung Min.
Our condolences to his immediate family members and relatives.

16 years of acting, 23 year old actor Yoo Seung Ho's concerns.

Actor Yoo Seung Ho (23) has shown the qualities of early star formation.

His brilliant acting was recognized after he undergo a variety of films and dramas. His debut acting started in 2000 a child actor. And now he stands as truly super talented actor.

Yoo was an extraordinary choice. At the age of 20, he personally went to join his fan club and introduced himself in 2013. It was an incomprehensible decision.

Yoo was already an instant celebrity ready to take on as a full-fledged adult actor since he is going to gain some wealth and fame. At a very young age, he has completed his compulsory military services and now he's back into the world of acting again. 

Anyway, at the time the public was cheering for this decision. The actor was somehow going to star in the same way with his peers, so it was like a  'cool concept'. His duties were mostly positive reactions of Netizens.

In December 2014 -1 year and 6 months after discharge from the military suddenly Yoo felt rather confused". Then he revealed he wanted to try some new genres. In that state of mind somewhere like ordinary men Yoo just felt like a military vessel -mixed with anxiety and fear but then he's at that age to start worrying what he should do in life. 

He mentioned he was standing working on the night shift in the military. Then he started to do lot of thinking especially at dawn. He thought this is the most precious where he valued everything.

After Yoo Seung Ho's been discharged from the camp, immediately he was sought for the webtoon drama 'Imaginary Cat" and the intriguing action law drama 'Remembrance - War of the Sons'. Then he was offered to take up the role in Joseon Magician movie and now he's starring in a sageuk comedy film 'Kim Seon Dal'. 

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Gong Yoo's Train to Busan movie releasing on 20th July.

The new action suspense thriller movie 'Train to Busan' 부산행 will be releasing in local cinemas officially on 20th July 2016.

The movie starring Gong Yoo, Ma Dong Suk, Jung Yu Mi, Ahn So Hee and Choi Woo ShikTrain to Busan tells a story on how survivors in an unprecedented disaster.

The trailer begins with the main public departure of a KTX train towards Busan. T
The film portrays the process of going to an unidentified virus spreading costing the country around Boryeong sparks an emergency disaster proclamation, one of the safest cities in Busan.

The facial expressions from the actors on the trailer was thrilling and they face a bleak future if they don't survive through this virus.

Lee Min Ho's Bounty Hunters film premiere 8 cities in China.

The first join venture Chinese-Korea film 'Bounty Hunters' (directed by PD Shin Tae Ra) featuring Lee Min Ho (29) has been released. The wait is over for Minoz fans and viewers. 

According to Lee's agency MYM, the rep stated Bounty Hunters premiere will take place in Beijing, China. Subsequently Lee's birthday is the day after the premiere of the movie whereby a party will be organized as well.

Lee mentioned having a birthday alongside with the premiere of the movie makes the day more meaningful. With the premiere launched, it was a birthday present for the actor. Celebrating together with the fans will be even an happier event.

'Bounty Hunters' premiere will be conducted simultaneously in eight cities, including Beijing, Shanghai and Qingdao. Lee Min Ho's birthday celebration event will also be broadcast live.

Bounty Hunters is an action blockbuster film.The 30 billion won capital invested from Korea, China, Hong Kong. The background of the movie is set in major cities in Asia, including China, Malaysia and Thailand where the story draws up of a bounty hunter
Lee plays the main lead as 'Lee San'. Lee San's partner 'Ah You' is none other than China's top star Wallace Chung

Chinese actress Tiffany Tang plays the female lead Wonder Woman cat. 

PD Shin directed the 2009 movie- 7th Grade Civil Servant. 

Lee Min Ho is expected to continue his travel in China throughout the Beijing Film Promotion. Meanwhile in November, Lee will be starring in the new drama 'Legend of the Blue Sea' with actress Jeon Ji Hyun. 

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

A Twosome Place- coffee and dessert with Hyun Bin.

With Summer season marking its way through South Korea and northern countries, there is no wonder cafes and ice cream parlors are bursting with many customers from young to old.
This year A Twosome Place: Coffee and Dessert franchise has endorsed actor Hyun Bin as their main model face.


They have released its summery drinks such as Pine Coconut Granita 
and Sangria GranitaBoth are priced at KRW$6,000 for Large size. There is a new menu as well which introduces ice flakes with cake- similar to Patpingsoo.  (Photos courtesy from Twosome Place websiteThe ice flakes with cake comes at a steep price of KRW$11,000.

There is also Monster Choux which is similar to the cream puff filled with cream inside it.
Priced at KRW$3,200 each. Various berry cakes are priced at KRW$5,600 each and above.
Full sized cakes are priced between KRW$22,000 to KRW$31,000.

Summer chillers are between KRW$5,000 to KRW$6,000 while hot coffees and teas are ranging from KRW$4,800 to KRW$5,500. The new cold brew menu shows Sweet Latte and Cold Brew Latte.

This summer, why won't one try to indulge in something different offered by A Twosome Place branch? For those living in Korea or visiting Korea soon, you can hop in and try the summer selection before it end. By hoping the barista in the front cafe is serving you coffee is actor Hyun Bin- hmmm....fat chance! 

But you can still pine your hopes for it..who knows? 

Press-con of SBS Drama Special: Wanted 원티드.

On 21st June, there was a press conference held at Seoul Yangcheon-gu nearby the SBS station on the SBS Drama Special- Wanted 원티드.

The new drama Wanted will be aired on 22nd June whereby a reality show turns into a nightmare for a famous actress' son being kidnapped. It is a thriller drama whereby police and investigators running around to search for the clues and finding the culprit.

Actor Ji Hyun Woo plays a Gangnam police inspector to dig out the case of the kidnapped son of actress Jung Hye In - whom is played by Kim Ah Joong. At the age of 32, actor Ji is yet to learn and experience more in the acting industry as he plays opposite two veteran actors Kim Ah Joong and Uhm Tae Woong. He has shown everyone his modest appearance.

Kim is looking pretty as usual during the press-con waves to the media. When she first received its script of the drama, she found it rather intriguing whereby the role she is doing is bound to retire from entertainment industry but suddenly her son has disappeared! Honestly she confessed she doesn't know what is the feeling like for a mother to lose a child in real life. Uhm  will play the role as the box office PD who Shin Dong Wook who happens to be Hye In's first love. 

Originally the two main leads were offered to actress Kim Hyun Ju and actor Jin Gu but both declined the proposals. Also starring in the drama are Park Hae Jun, Lee Moon Shik, Park Hyo Joo, Jun Hyo Sung, Shin Jae Ha and Kim Byung Ok.

Malicious rumors on Lee Seung Gi and Han Ye Seul.

Looks like the K-Entertainment is really in big spotlight this year. As if we didn't have enough of news regarding JYJ member Park Yoo Chun's sexual allegation case, now latest news have released that weird rumors were spreading fast regarding singer/actor Lee Seung Gi's love child. 

Apart from that actress Han Ye Seul is also been targeted on Instagram. 

Singer/actor Lee Seung Gi and actress Han Ye Seul
Malicious slanders on both celebrities were going out of control via social network sites. Now we wonder what is happening to this world? Is this the work of anti-fans or some personal dislikes/prejudice against these celebs in real life?

Lee Seung Gi's agency is taking this matter seriously and cleared up the misunderstanding. There was neither any affair happening between the singer nor any child he is raising. Whether we choose to believe or not these nonsense is being circulated online, it has been confirmed these were false rumors and news. Currently Lee is enlisted in army.

Also Han Ye Seul's side has confirmed she is not backing down on such slander, whereby she has taken legal action on those who defamed her status and image. She will not take any mercy and will sue them to the end. 

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

SBS Inkigayo new emcees revealed.

Popular SBS music show 'Inkigayo' will be hosted by new emcees in July. The new MC's are girl group member TWICE's Jungyeon (20), actress Gong Seung Yeon (23) and actor Kim Min Suk (26). Looks like our cutie pie actor Kim Min Suk will be 'oppa' to the other female hosts. 

For the past 20 years, Inkigayo has promoted from 1st generation idols H.O.T's Kangta, Shinhwa's Dongwan and Andy, Sech-Kies's Eun Jiwon. Now the EXO's Suho, Baekhyun, Goo Ha Ra, IU to top stars Song Hae Gyo, Kim Hee Sun, Jeon Ji Hyun, Han Ye Seul, Kim Min Hee, Han Hyo Joo have been in that place. 

The 3 newbies will be taking over from former emcees- BTOB's Yook Sungjae, GOT7's Jackson and teen actress Kim Yoo Jung. 

Kim Min Suk has been receiving lots of attention after starring in KBS drama Descendants of the Sun, variety program Running Man and The Mask King and currently he's filming SBS drama Doctors. Gong Sung Yeon was in the drama God of Noodles. 

SBS Inkigayo programs runs on every Sunday at 3.40 pm. 

SBS 'Doctors 닥터스' starts off at 2 digit ratings.

As the viewers are all caught in the unyielding drama competition for the prime slot time Mon-Tues, the audience measurement company Nielsen Korea captured the first episode of SBS drama 'Doctors' at 12.9% on nationwide basis. In Seoul and the metropolitan area it recorded a higher rating- 16.9% and 14.7%. At the moment the highest rating stays at 18.4%.

In the first episode, we were shown how the rebellious bully student Yoo Hye Jung (played by Park Shin Hye) wanders around aimlessly in life after her mother committed suicide. Her father remarried and she hated them, so her grandmother who owns a small restaurant took her in. She was forced to change schools again-bratty as usual she beat up other students in clubs and even kicked her new homeroom school teacher- Hong Ji Hong (played by Kim Rae Won

2nd episode of Doctors was more intense whereby Hye Jung personally sees how Ji Hong saves a person's life and found out he's a doctor by profession. Due to some incident, Ji Hong left Kook Il hospital and became a teacher. He gets the smarty student Seo Woo (played by Lee Sung Kyung) to coach Hye Jung in studies. In return of the favor, Seo Woo tells Ji Hong that they should get married after she graduates and confessing that she likes him as a man. Ji Hong takes it as a laugh and advises her to coach Hye Jung not because of him but for her own. Hye Jung takes the 1st place in mid term exams and surprisingly her IQ is high too. This resulted in super jealousy from Seo Woo seeing Ji Hong pays more attention on Hye Jung. Angrily Seo Woo tells him that he is always cold towards her but more affectionate towards Hye Jung. 

Meanwhile KBS2TV also screens its first episode of 'Beautiful Mind 뷰티풀 마인드' starring Jang Hyuk and it recorded at 4.2%.

Monday, June 20, 2016

1 Night 2 Days at Ehwa Women University (Part 2)

Part II of 1 Night 2 Days special university episode at Ehwa Women University continues. This time after Yoon Shi Yoon ran from one end to another, he came back first much to his mentor Jung Ah's joy. He bought all the top 5 snacks but disappointment he only got 2 correct out of 5. Aww....Defconn returns 2nd place but he also failed to snap the correct photograph of the first student of Ehwa Haktang. Tae Hyun who returns with the popped 6 meter bubble wrap also fails as there were some not popped properly. Now the winner goes to Jong Min who manages to tie 5 different girls hairstyle according to the design. He wins $20 to spend for lunch with his partner. 2nd place goes to Jun Ho who manages to win over a student on English language at the library. 3rd spot was won by Jun Young who successfully snaps the cheesy heart shape graduation photo with the help of senior students. 

3 winning teams enjoy happily their lunch sets while 3 losing teams watch painfully as they can only devour tuna kimbap. Junho pities them and hands over a bowl of ramyeon to the losing teams after exchange student Maxine sings a French song. After lunch, the casts leave their partners to adjourn to the next mission- football game. *Shock*....they are playing against the ESSA football team who has won many times. Taehyun tells them they will be defeated in no time. PD Yu says if 1N2D team scores 3 goals, they can skip next morning mission. The guys quickly tell the football women team to let them score at least 3 goals so they can go home. The winning team will get luxurious massage products and $1000. 

Of course the students were scoring non stop against the grown up men. Commentators such as football player Lee Chun Soo was present to witness the game. Shiyoon was good in running around- he's all a multiplayer meanwhile Junyoung is like the Ronaldo of the team. Old ajusshi Junho was nowhere to be seen in the football field! It was painful to see 1N2D was losing out to the students.The female goalkeeper was blushing away happily when Shiyoon gave her a hug after he accidentally tripped her down.  Fortunately Shiyoon scored the last 3rd goal for the team to avoid the next morning mission. At last he has won back his reputation after being nicknamed the black hole in sports. Hah! ESSA team wins with glory and Captain beams with happiness when she was hugged by Shi Yoon and requested for their jersey exchange. Defconn pointed out only a few jerseys are wanted, not all....for sure only Shi Yoon and Junyoung's jerseys are what the girls wanted. 

After shower and resting, the men were shown various photos as one of the favorite take away meals by the students in Uni. It's a game for dinner whereby each member has to pick their favorite dinner dish and give a meaningful lecture in front of 500 students at the auditorium. They were given 1 hour to prepare their speech and looking nervous as they have never done this before. Time was 8.00 pm and soon students were busy gathering at the auditorium. They greeted the members enthusiastically as Taehyun jokes that they are in no position to give any advice and if it doesn't make sense just take it as they are just entertainers. Good point! First speaker is none other than our 'Dong Gu'....Shiyoon presented his meaningful speech about what do they want to do in their lives? He has been asking himself the same question while he was in army. He avoided any variety shows afraid he would tarnish his image and he was lucky in whatever he did. It was not because of his pure achievement. He has decided to put it all aside and take up anything to enjoy ups and downs in life. In that way one can actually see the true meaning in what you like to do. The students applauded for the good lecture while the rest felt pressured seeing Shi Yoon presented so well like a seasoned lecturer! 

Defconn was 2nd presenter to advise the students not to give up easily. When he first entered entertainment industry, he was nothing but running around with Kim Gu Ra. Then Jae Suk invited him into Infinite Challenge and he started music as well. As he was about to quit, suddenly his mentor Hyung Don tells him not to give up. Until now he kept his dream alive and in fact he's now in 1N2D which he never expect it'd last so long from Season 2 to Season 3. Jong Min was the 3rd presenter whereby he gave a funny topic- A Fool's Worry.
He started off with his history as back up dance, entertainer in variety shows and how he got secondary roles which didn't shine much. He went into army and came back feeling worried if he can still be funny as before. He just got worried so much and realized one thing- a positive thinking person makes the plane, the pessimistic person becomes the parachute. 
The students clapped and agreed to what these people has given advice to them.

3rd part is on its way whereby someone gave a lecture which touched everyone's heart.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Summer styles up with Kim Soo Hyun at ZIOZIA.

Hallyu star/actor Kim Soo Hyun has been endorsing ZIOZIA brand for a couple of years. This summer Kim is been donning light white and blue colored materials for the new collection.

The new summer men shirts were endorsed and worn by Kim on the main website have been launched for the 2016 ZIOZIA Summer Event. The chummy photos taken by professional photographers on Kim does show a summery look to be worn by men of different ages in South Korea.

(Photos are all courtesy from ZIOZIA website)

Summer pants are priced at KRW$69,000 and shirts are ranging from KRW49,900 to KRW$79,900 each. These are not cheap styling clothes for every day as it's quite a high end brand for locals. ZIOZIA also sells summer sneakers at price starting from KRW$49,900 to KRW$119,000.

And if you are one looking to style up in summer light suits, it costs approximately KRW$120,000 for the entire look. 


ZIOZIA's classic black tailoring suits start at KRW$219,900 for just its jacket. For matching trousers to the jacket it adds up to another KRW$99,900 and white shirt at KRW$49,900.

Celebrities apart from Kim Soo Hyun have been endorsing the brand as well in dramas and variety programs. Recently actor On Joo Hwan who is starring in Beautiful Gong Shim as the chaebol grandson Jun Su is seen wearing ZIOZIA white shirts in the drama. MBLAQ's Mir is seen wearing the black-white shirt in The Mask King program.