Sunday, November 30, 2014

Finger lickin' good Jack Daniel's Sampler at TGI Fridays

For those who are familiar with TGI Fridays restaurant, you might know what Jack Daniels Sampler is about. It is a huge platter of deep fried chicken meat, succulent prawns and a rack of grilled marinated pork ribs served with a lot of chopped cabbages underneath. The main start of the sampler is the tasting sauce that goes with it.

This platter is big enough to share among 2 pax and it costs $29.95 at any of the TGI Fridays restaurant. I happened to visit the TGI Fridays at Westfield Doncaster shopping mall situated at Level 2, 619 Doncaster Rd, VIC. It's up to the roof top near to the open air car park. We decided to try the Jack Daniels sampler plate for a friend's birthday. Yum! What can I say?

The marinated pork ribbed was grilled to perfection- easy for cutting and eating. It tastes so good that I wish it has more meat in it. Ha ha! The fried prawns were around 6 pieces but not that fantastic. The deep fried chicken bits were nice too and do eat it with the cabbage/salad.
You can either dish it down with soft drinks, beer or any alchohol drinks but we chose to order Lemon Lime Bitters instead. 

There is also Express Lunch offered at TGI. You can pre-order online and get it within an hour. How cool is that! The Express lunches range from $9.50 to $16.50 depending what you want to order and eat. Caesar salad would be a good option for ladies on diet and men would be opting for the traditional burger or skewers or chicken tacos. Each lunch set comes with a free drink or wine/beer. You can order coffee for $3.00.

Among favorites are buffalo wings, chicken fajita nachos, sweet potato twisters along with its famous steaks and club sandwiches. 

Average price you will be paying is A$15.00 to A$20.00 for a nice meal excluding drinks (this is not express lunch set)- this is based on the standard menu.

On the scale from 1-10, I'd rate is at 7.5/10 stars. Service is great, speed of delivering and cooking out the food is good as well. You can either visit the restaurant early as it gets a bit packed with people during lunch hours especially on a weekend or public holidays.

The next dish to try if I ever visit TGI Fridays? I'd try the chicken fajita nachos...Hmmm... :p 

Kim Jaejoong's new drama Spy ends up with a rookie actress

The time is ticking and I was expecting JYJ's Kim Jaejoong to be enlisted in the army but his name is still not on the roll. Phew! He has agreed and signed up to act in tha latest drama 'Spy' alongside with veteran actors Bae Jong Ok and Yoon Ah Sung. For those who are not familiar with these veteran actors- Bae Jong Ok is appearing in variety sitcom Room Mate season 2 while Yoon Ah Sung was the baddie in Joseon Gunman drama. 

But...but the most shattering news came was the lead actress was given to the rookie actress Go Sung Hee who recently starred in A Nightwatchman's Journal. OH MY GAWD! Shock! Shock! Shock! As if the storyline wasn't bad enough but the casting of 2 female actresses were making it worst! And now Go Sung Hee is casted to play oppposite Jaejoong as his love interest! *Faint!* There are plenty of new actresses or even better rookie actress but this woman can't act at all. Her expressions and acting are dull and one word to describe- sucks! Yes...I will be super straight forward & honest -her acting 'sucks' big time! 

Go Sung Hee can just star in some MV  or model- pretty? Nah! and this woman is total expressionless. Even JJ as a guy looks better and sexier than her. I don't know what the PD sees in her. I dreaded past 10 over hours of my life watching A Nightwatchman's Journal episodes featuring her while gritting my teeth angrily in front of the TV. At the end I gave up and didn't bother watching the final episodes too. Even villain Sadam is better than her!

Unless this woman steps up into a new level and get serious acting lessons from a qualified teacher, she is bound to drag the entire drama down. Oh poor Jaejoong! He is only beginning to gain recognition from his acting in Triangle and now what?! If I were him, I will seriously consider to take up this role as it's important not just for the scriptwriter to write a good storyline but also the rest of the casts to play their roles perfectly.

Whether she is a 'nakasan' or parachute as what the K-dramas tend to mention all the time, this woman seems to be getting lead roles despite her lousy acting skills. I was looking forward to this drama from Jaejoong and now my dreams are totally dashed. :( sob...

Let's hope the casting will reconsider and if she really, really does end up in this lead role, I hope JYJ fans will continue to support Jaejoong. I know I will...after all I will fast-forward every single scene featuring her. Harsh? reality it is harsh but then that's the fact.

Keeping my fingers crossed and all I can say good luck to JJ. 

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Let's learn on what is a Hanbok?

Hi! Today let's learn more and in detail the Korean traditional dress which is called the Hanbok. Hanbok is a very beautiful dress which is worn mostly in traditional ceremonies such as wedding, engagement or Chuseok (Thanksgiving). The dress has no pockets, long flowing skirt (chima) and the top blouse (jeogori). 

The hanbok is originated from Goguryeo kingdom and it was designed to be baggy and loose for use of shamans. Today the hanbok has gone through many phases and some are foreign influenced and that's where we now have the modern fusion hanbok. Fusion hanbok looks more like a short dress, sexier and attracts the younger generation. However a normal hanbok stands to be quite expensive even at Namdaemun Market or Gwangjang Market.

During the Joseon dynasty, the royals have various versions of their jeogori (top blouse). The court ladies and royal members will be wearing dang-ui which is a shorter to the armpit and represents certain ranking. The dang-ui for the Queen, Princesses or other royalty has gold leaf patterns decorated from the shoulder part through the end of the sleeves, as well as the front and back side, and ribbon tied to the chest. 

As what we have seen in mostly sageuk or costume dramas, the actresses can be seen wearing different colours of hanbok and its head-gear (cheopji) represents their ranking in the palace or status. The Queen or consorts can be seen wearing their dragon or phoenix hairpin (binyeo) slid under their bun behind their neck. 
If you are looking to view some dramas in beautiful hanboks- there are some traditional dramas that display them. Example- Jang Ok Jung, Moon Embraces the Sun, Dong Yi and Yi-san

Also if you wish to purchase one for a school party, some special occassion, you can either get them tailor-made or ready made at the markets in Seoul. They come in various colours and design. The silk ones are obviously expensive with embroidery sewn on the collar and sleeves. For an average hanbok, you are looking to spend at least $100-150 (that includes the petticoat to be worn underneath) excluding the hair accessories and ornaments. 


As for fusion hanboks, they are mostly worn as party dresses and even K-pop girl groups during Chuseok festival. It can either come in a long skirt (chima) or shorter one with vibrant colours and hairbands. Nowadays boybands are wearing traiditional costumes during these events. How cute can they those traditional garb! He he! 


Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Inspirit fans...get ready for Infinite-F to debut in Japan.

Woolim Entertaiment has released its statement that Infinite F (a sub-group of Infinite group) will be having their debut feature in Japan on November 19th. For those who are unware of Infinite-F, they consists of members Sungyeol, Sungjong and L. Also Infinite F will debuting their first ever single album entitled 'Blue' in South Korea as well. Great! Can't wait to hear this single when it goes on air.  

Infinite-F has released their single early this year 2014 entitle 'I'm going crazy' (미치겠어) 
I am a bit weary on the debut of this sub-unit and it's not because they are not talented or anything bad...but Infinite strong vocalists are mostly from leader Sung Gyu and Woo Hyun.
And these 2 vocalists are not in the sub-group. Infinite-F appear to be pretty flower boys but I am a bit skeptical on their voices...L does have a stronger vocal in this group. As for Sungjong, he has a more feminine voice compared to Sungyeol who has a gentle mellow voice chord. 

No doubt, Infinite-F wins it all with appearance and popularity. Sungyeol has been gathering attention from his current KBS drama - High School Love On alongside Woo Hyun and child actress Kim Saeron. Sungjong, the maknae of the group has been quite a low profile apart from appearing in music bank and a few variety programs. As for L, being the visual of the group seems to be having a fantastic year since he is riding on his popularity and charms from dramas. 

Let's look to the bright side and wish these boys all the best in launching their new album!
After all what else could go wrong with these good looking boys? , 성열,성종 - 화아띵!!!
For all Inspirit fans, just get ready for Infinite-F to hit the charts!


Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Dinner and Luncheon at Foong Wei Restaurant Penang

Foong Wei Restaurant is located at 23-25 Sri Bahari Road in Penang island. For the closest landmark, you just need to take notice of The Ship Restaurant which has been there for ages at Sri Bahari Road. This place is famous for its banquet and Chinese course dinners. Of course they do serve lunches and stir fry dishes to customer’s palette. And it comes quite in a hefty price well, at least the food is good! 

The place gets packed easily especially during dinner times or during wedding months. So make sure you call up and reserve a table otherwise you might end up sitting outside in the hot polluted air or worst case no table at all!  This round we booked a table for dinner with relatives from NZ and me from Australia. The next round we had luncheon without booking coz it’s a weekday thing. :)

Of all dishes we tend to order dishes such as its signature dish- deep fried spring rolls wrapped in minced meat that comes in 2 different fillings- one is with radish and another one in chives. There is also another dish which is the chicken and prawn filling – it comes in a fillet style and carefully fried to its perfection. 

I personally love the taro bowl filled with chicken or vegetables. You can order this straight
on the spot as it doesn’t need so much preparation. The chef mashes the taro (yam) into paste while deep frying it into a shape of a bowl. Then he cooks the vegetables or chicken and fills the taro bowl with it. As for finishing, he garnishes it with white little fritters which are also edible on the plate.

As for Sharks fins soup- I am totally against shark killing and chopping its fins, so we just ordered seafood soup that comes with braised crabmeat, scallops and prawns. It is just as tasty as sharks’ fin soup except without the fin. In fact the fins do not have any taste to it. Just as I don’t understand people eating birds nest when it doesn’t have any taste to it but apparently it has many health benefits as per old folks’ advice. 

Next! - remember to order the Peking duck that comes along with the jellyfish. Personally I don’t like the slimy feeling of the jellyfish but many people love it. It’s bearable but I just ate all the duck meat!

For those who love roasted suckling pig- it’s definitely on the menu and you have to pre-order otherwise they won’t have the time to prepare it. Abalone is also a favourite dish for those who enjoy seafood, each piece costs RM30+ (must be a small one too) 
The desserts are simple such as Red Bean Pancake- this is deep fried, honey dew sago dessert or peanut soup, lychee dessert..etc. Nothing that special but I’ve tasted the Red Bean Pancake, it’s ok.  

The happy family and relatives from NZ and local- before the meal begins! 

Overall I’d give the restaurant a 4/5 star…good food, service is great during lunch hours! Dinner is always darn packed with hungry eaters. By the way the parking at Sri Bahari Road is terrible. Make sure you go early to find a parking spot or go the next road to park your car. Everywhere is tight spaced and get your parking tickets scratched on for minimum an hour or two. 

Dorky Characters and Bad Habits of K-pop Group Members

We all adore and love our favourite boy bands and girl groups. When they stand on the stage performing, they shine so perfectly but what do we know when they are off the stage? Ha ha! There were many recent variety programs that dig into the real truth and behind the story of each idol pop group. For some I have read, they were hilarious and made my day, but mean time shocking to know their bad habits in real life! LOL! Check out the below…

TVXQ ‘s U-know Yunho

He is known for using the bathroom the longest (1/2 hour) within the group where Junsu dished out he must have danced to at least 5 songs in the bathroom. 
Also when Yunho sleeps, his mouth and eyes automatically start to enlarge wide open. It was such an embarrassment to other members especially on the plane with stewardess walking around!


     Infinite’s L (Kim Myung Soo)

The quiet and most good looking member has some bad diehard habits where even their manager said he doesn’t wash up very often! Also members, Hoya & Sungyeol mentioned he watches some ‘naughty videos’ in his big monitor in his room. He has denied saying he loves watching animation but who knows!
Boys will be boys... 
OMG…Myungsoo ah…(*_*)/p

JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong

Jae Joong has shaken off his dandy pretty boy to a tougher man image as he emerged in his late 20s. But members have thrown out the truth that Jae Joong has a mysterious habit of clenching his teeth and face expressions whenever he sits in the car/van (as if he’s having some pain or a bad dream) Oh well...Jaejoong you can be come in my dreams anytime! I don't mind! LOL!

4.    Big Bang’s G-Dragon (Ji-Yong)

Jiyong…aigoo…he is known for biting his fingernails. Super bad habit!  Though he isn’t my favourite member in Big Bang but he’s known for very spontaneous fashion. At times he comes out wearing shocking pink pants (esp. in an episode of Strong Heart with Seungri) His fashion statement is...oh dear! 

Infinite’s Sungyeol

He has a passion for ‘monkeys’ after watching Monkey King. 
Once he told member, L that he wanted a pet monkey but there was no space for the creature in the dorm. 
And he says if he can get the monkey to do his grocery shopping! This guy has a total weird and rather absurd imagination! What was he thinking about?! LOL!

But nevertheless he's adorable in his way...his height! The tallest member in the group and also been nicknamed Jungle Man or Monkey Boy.

6.       Super Junior’s Kyuhun  

      The youngest member of the group but also the wittiest of all, 
      he drinks in their dorm and watches reruns of Radio Star 
      (where he co-stars with Kim Gura). He even laughs loudly while  watching the program.

SHinee’s Onew

Adorable as a button, but the leader of SHInee is prone to injury and accident. He is quite clumsy and falls off quite often. He has his way of talking and turning the entire atmosphere super awkward but ends up being bullied.  

Has a unique skill of breaking chestnuts easily by flicking his 3rd finger

8.       EXO-M’s Lay  

Lay has a rather funny habit when he calls EXO-K’s leader Suho, he tends to play a prank on him leaving him dumbfounded. Whenever Suho tries to answer the call from him, Lay immediately ends the call.

EXO-K’s Kai

The dancer of the group but then the dirtiest member of the group. Maknae Sehun often complains Kai is messy and leaves things everywhere where he has to clean up. He is also one of the laziest members and sleeps so soundly that he doesn’t notice if anything happens around him!

1.    2NE1’s Park Bom  

      The vocal of the girl group and yet she possesses a weird eating habit. It can be seen in Room Mate Season 1 where Bom eats her bread or pudding before going to sleep. She could even eat under the doona blanket and returned back to la la land! *Shocking!*

Review drama: Birth of a Beauty 미녀의 탄생

This winter season SBS station is screening their romance-comedy drama- Birth of a Beauty starring Ju Sang Wook, Han Ye Seul, Jung Gyu Woon and Wang Ji Hye. I have to say this drama really made my day. I laughed from the start to end... what a comical drama! It's a nice thing to see Ju Sang Wook playing such witty character and let's hope Han Ye Seul doesn't run away in the middle of the production drama. Han Ye Seul was known for running away and creating riots while filming Spy Myung Wol with Shinhwa's Eric Mun due to exhaustion and stress (??!) 


The drama opens with the overweight size simpleton Sa Geum Ran (Ha Jae Sook) who is married to the rich family's son Lee Kang Joon (Jung Gyu Woon). While he studies in US, he neglects her and she was ill-treated by her sister in laws and mother in law. Geum Ran finds out her husband is having an affair with broadcaster, Gyu Chae Yeon (Wang Ji Hye), so she demands for a divorce. Her in laws were thrilled to know Chae Yeon will be their next daughter in law so she kicked Geum Ran out of the picture. She was devastated while driving her car, she met with a huge incident but survived. She then runs to plastic surgeon Han Tae Hee (Ju Sang Wook), begging him to transform her to a beautiful woman. Months later Geum Ran has changed into a sexy bomb and took a new identity as Sara (Han Ye Seul). Tae Hee starts coaching Sara on how to take revenge on her in laws, she starts finding out the mysterious truth on how Kang Joon and Chae Yeon were behind the car accident. Tae Hee is in fact the heir to Winners Group company as he escaped in a fire accident that killed his parents. And he sees how his Grandma is pulling through in the company with the evil daughter in law, Assistant Sohn and her greedy son, Min Hyuk. (Han Sang Jin)

The storyline is getting interesting as I can see 3 men are falling for 1 woman. :)

Jung Gyu Woon is known more in playing as the romantic guy in Romantic Town opposite Sang Yuri. He was also casted in History Salaryman, Wonderful Mama and God's Gift 14 Days with Lee Bo Young. Wang Ji Hye tends to play 2nd role as the bitchy character. I have never seen her played very innocent role ever since she was in How to Meet a Perfect Neighbour, Personal Taste, Protect the Boss and Hotel King. 

Han Ye Seul is born and brought up in US. She is fluent in English and Korean. She is famously noted for her roles in Couple Trouble with Oh Ji Ho, Tazza, Will It Snow for Christmas and Spy Myung Wol. As for personal life, she is currently dating 1TYM's Teddy.

What I most look forward in this drama is Ju Sang Wook. He's been my favorite actor ever since he starred in small roles such as Air City, Kimchi Radish Cubes, One Mom & 3 Dads and Accidental Couple. His popularity sky rocketed when he played Jo Min Woo in Giant drama.He bagged some awards for his role in Good Doctor. Early 2014, he was casted to play in Sly & Single with actress Lee Min Jung. Ju Sang Wook is known for always playing as managerial and 'chaebol; roles. I guess his distinguished looks and height made him more suitable to play the upper management and well-to-do characters. 

Tune on to Sat/Sun to catch this romantic comedy drama as we speak. Cheers!

Monday, November 24, 2014

Review on My Loveable Girl drama 내겐 너무 사랑스러운 그녀

This is (Bi)Rain's newest drama after released from military services but I have to personally say he has picked the wrong drama. The storyline is dull and paired with wrong women leads. Aigoo! When it was announced Krystal Jung (fx) will be the leading actress, I nearly fell off the chair. I don't have anything against Krystal but overall her face is more practical to play the rebellious and haughty roles such as Bo Na in The Heirs. That suits her perfectly!

From left: Na Hae Ryeong, L, Rain, Krystal, Cha Ye Ryeon and Kim Jin Woo

And the plot is about songwriter Lee Hyun Wook (Rain) can't get over his girlfriend, So Eun when she died in a car accident. Years later, he was forced to enter his father's ANA Entertainment agency, he met the inspiring songwriter Yoon Se Na (Krystal) who happens to be So Eun's younger sister. He falls in love with her and felt the guilt for loving his lover's sister. The second leads are Cha Ye Ryeon who plays Shin Hae Yoon - a director in ANA agency and Kim Myungsoo@L (Infinite) plays the adorable spunky singer Shi Woo from Infinite Power group.

Infinite group members were selected to perform and act in this drama particularly L and Hoya. In fact there are many idols casted in this drama - wonder if its meant to boost its ratings but much to a flop. Girl group Bestie's member- Na Hae Ryeong, Dani and Alex from Classizquai are part of the drama too. I give credits to the villain Kim Jin Woo who plays the jealous and meany producer Seo Jae Young. 

The main reason I started watching the drama was because of Myungsoo@L. But then I was beginning to doubt if it was worthwhile watching it. At last I have to say I spend all 16 hours of each episode basically forwarding to watch only scenes featuring Shi Woo and the doggie, Dal Bong! LOL!

Episodes where Rain's doggie pal, Dal Bong are touching and I must say the dog is the winner of all! Basically if it wasn't for the dog, Hyun Wook and Se Na would not have gotten back to each other. Ha ha! But the ending for Dal Bong was sad...probably he's just gotten over it and left the couple in peace. Yoon Se Na's character was plain Jane and so dull to the extend I don't know what she wants in life. She bounces around with no direction and 1 boring expression. Hyunwook is another character is stubborn and slow in expressing out.
Hae Yoon is persistent yet another slow character. The only thing that sparks out is Shi Woo who is straight forward and honest in whatever he does. His relationship with his mother was one of the touching scenes. 

I don't understand the whole plot and the scriptwriter has written the drama so badly that there were so many loose ends. Nobody knows what happened to Infinite Power group, Raeum, Seo Jae Young and Rain's father...? Ending was just hanging! Ratings for this drama was a total flop. Sighs...

As much as we all want the hero to get the heroine, but it's the total opposite in this drama.
I wished Shi Woo would have Se Na due to his sincerity. Episode 15 shows Shi Woo parted with Se Na for his overseas tour was cute..he sneaks a little peck on Se Na's cheek. Ok now every girl is freaking wishing they were Krystal at this point! But I am glad the draggy drama is over and I don't need to feel sad for Shi Woo. Drama is finished, Hyun Wook & Se Na ended up together as what the audience wanted. 

Sunday, November 23, 2014

51st Daejong Film Festival Awards 2014

And the winners are.... there are so many to be named. I will name a few which are worth while to be named and mentioned in this post (my personal opinion).
대종상 영화제 also known as Grand Bell Awards to locals is a ceremony presented annually by The Motion Pictures Association of Korea for excellence in film in South Korea. It is considered to be Korea's "American's Academy Awards".
The glitz and glamarous fashion on the red carpet attract the attention of the media on the night of the ceremony.

This year the winners are:

Best Film: The Admiral: Roaring Currents
Best Director: Kim Seong Hun- The Hard Day
Best Actor: Choi Min Sik- The Admiral: Roaring Currents
Best Actress: Sohn Yeh Jin- The Pirates
Best Supporting Actor: Yoo Hae Jin- The Pirates
Best Supporting Actress: Kim Young Ae - The Attorney
Best New Director: Yang Woo Suk- The Attorney
Best New Actor: Park Yoo Chun- Sea Fog
Best New Actress: Lim Ji Yeon- Obsessed
Best Screenplay: The Attorney
Popularity Award: Im Si Wan (Attorney), Kim Woo Bin( Friends 2), 
                                 Honey Lee (Tazza 2)

Actress Sohn Yeh Jin has bagged the Best Actress for this year while Choi Min Sik took the Best Actor award. I must say this year is a successful year for JYJ members- Jaejoong winning the Korea Drama Awards for his role in Triangle drama and now Yoochun taking home Best New Actor in Daejong Film Awards. 

Personally I have not watched Sea Fog but I will do so. I have watched The Attorney featuring Im Si Wan & Song Kang Ho. It is an impressive film and Siwan has done well in his role. Yay! He has won the popularity award with Kim Woo Bin. I don't get it how Honey Lee won this award as she is the oldest candidate in this award category when its mostly meant for the young rookies to content in it. Oh well... I thought the original Tazza is better than Tazza 2. 

As for the fashion on red carpet, I will give credits to Sohn Yeh Jin and Kim So Hyun for nailing it right! The colours and dresses are beautiful as it shows their figure yet graceful for an actress. What can I say for the men- all in tuxedo and black suits. *Swoon*. Im Siwan looks cute as a little rabbit...his Jang Geu Rae (Jang Okok) character is amazing in Misaeng drama. Nothing else can beat Kim Woobin as the model in tuxedo, ooo the height!! 

Photos are courtesy from Hancinema and Korean websites such as Osen, Starnews

Review on DORAEMON, Stand by me animation movie

I have to say I wasn't a fan of Japanese anime except for Ghibli films such as Spirited Away and Totoro. Until recently I was on the plane from Singapore to Melbourne via SQ Airlines and happened to watch this new animated movie 'Doraemon; Stand by Me' (STAND BY ME ドラえもん?) . I must say I love love, love this animated film from the Japs. The cartoon has been a while since I was a kid as I used to eat thic chocolate snacks and it's called Ding Dang or the chinese ed would call it 'Xiao Ding Dang'. It was so popular among kids and adults. Whenever McDonalds in Asia come out with Doraemon collectibles with its Meals, everyone would queue up to purchase it!

I must say this film totally blew me off...I watched twice in the plane! LOL!

The film opens with Nobita Nobi (voiced by Megumi Ohara) who is a young naive boy and he couldn't get anything right. He is idorky, slow and he fails to impress the girl he liked in school, Shizuka (voiced by Yumi Kakazu). Then in the future, his grandson sees in the past in his crystal ball and finds his grandfather Noby is quite a loser and often been bullied by others. It could affect the future if Noby continues to be such a slow witted boy. He sends his robot cat Doraemon to the present in order to assist Nobita. Doraemon is quite reluctant to carry out the mission but he is programmed to help and make Nobita happy and he could go back. 

In fact Doraemon being the robotic cat from the future has a pouch on his body that carries mysterious gadgets to help Nobita when he's in trouble. Cool! 

The animate film shows the manga chapters; ""All the way from the country of the future", "Romance in the snowy mountain", "Partners of the Night", "The night before Nobita's
wedding" and "Good bye, Doraemon" 
The background music is interesting and it shows how Doraemon goes all the way to help Nobita to stand up and parting with him. 

The finale brought tears to my eyes but nevertheless it was good ending. In middle parts, there were scenes where you could laught till you drop. The witty expressions and how Doraemon tells Nobita off when he fails to do anything. 

This film is meant to bring laughters and tears to whether you are old or young in age. It's entertaining and it teaches you to appreciate friendship (where it tells how Nobita misses Doraemon from the start to the end) Oh one thing...Doraemon is indeed fascinated and loves the red bean pancake "Doriyaki"...he's a mania when it comes to this red bean snack.

Addictive K-Pop dances and choreography moves

Considering how much people love K-Pop music, the choreography or dance moves are addictive as well turning young teenagers and inspiring dance groups to follow their moves or perform a dance cover. You can view all of these in YouTube (search key is dance cover)
As far as I know ever since I listened to K-Pop, these are the moves that have been a hit until today...

Super Junior (Sorry Sorry)
The lyrics and popularity of the song skyrocketed when Super Junior released this single from their album. Their signature kicks from left to right and rubbing the palms together (in Korean way of pleading sorry) is addictive. 
And a scene where the boys fold their arms and swing from back to forth is adorable too.

KARA (Mister)
Girl group KARA exploded to the music scene with their addictive booty dance after releasing their hit single 'Mister'. Swaying their booty in a sexy way while wearing t-shirt half tied up to the waist exposing the belly to the waist of cargo pants was a great way to attract attention. Many boy groups have also imitated this dance so well. 

Girls Generation (Genie, Tell me your wish)
This song was a popular hit single after GEE from Girls Generation. Having slim slender legs and thighs made this 'shuttle kick dance movie' so addictive. Original choreographer Rino Nakasone Razalan who created this seductive move whereby the 9 members wore tight military jackets and shorts. 

SHinee (Lucifer)
This song is interesting where it sounds as if a bell ringing away while the dance moves are rather interesting. It's quite a hard song to learn where it displays a huge worm dance with various members' moves especially Taemin's dance parts. The trademark. MC Jo Hyun Moo is noted famous for imitating Lucifer's dance and bringing lots of laughters on screen.

PSY (Gangnam Style)
This song has skyrocketed in 2013 from a YouTube video posted online to the entire world. It captured the attention of foreigners and even Justin Bieber's manager is impressed with it. While its rocking horse dance moves and shaking booty is funny, people are so addicted to this dance and even a 5 year old kid do know the movement to Oppa, Gangnam style!

Wonder Girls (Nobody)
I want nobody, nobody, nobody but you! Yes...the song created by JYPark has gone viral with celebrities in Korea doing dance covers and imitating it so well. With Sohee's trademark of lips talking and shaking their fingers no..nobody..but you, it was surely a hit dance move during that time.
At the moment Wonder Girls are on hiatus while one of the member got married not long ago.

TVXQ (Balloons)
How can we forget that era when TVXQ dominated the music charts and took Asia by storm? This song from their 2nd album brought them fame and $$. Originally an old song but became a hit among the young and old. Even the music video is adorable showing how the boys grew from being childish kids to adults. Love it! 

Check the official MV, the boys look cute in animal suits!

Infinite (Paradise)
What do we know about Sunggyu, Dongwoo, Hoya, Woohyun, L, Sungyeol, Sungjong? Their infamous 'Scorpion Dance' for the single BTD [Before the dawn].  

After the success of Be Mine, the boys returned with a new single Paradise. It has more intensed choreography and most important the sexy pelvic thrust dance moves! 

Ooo la la...Main star is member Dong Woo in the centre of the dance who could dance without anyone accompanying him. BUT...but these sexy moves are not shown in the official MV, mmm... Best to be watching live or Inkigayo where you see the entire groovy moves.