Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Descendants of Suns highest ratings 34.8% during election.

With the current elections and campaigns going on throughout the whole nation, but eyes were all fixed on the last 2 episodes of the popular SBS drama Descendants of the Sun. The 2nd last episode left everyone gripping to their seats but topped the ratings at 34.8%- highest so far. Viewers were expecting the worst ending of the main lead Yoo Shi Jin when he leaves for a dangerous mission again.

The drama has smashed the record of the popular MBC drama Moon Embracing the Sun 4 years ago where it hit 30% in ratings. In Episode 15 of Descendants of the Sun, Yoo Shi Jin and Seo Dae Young left for their usual dangerous mission and were seriously wounded..

However the twist of the story was revealed that Shi Jin is still alive at the very end of episode 15. Before that the happy couple were enjoying themselves- soon Alpha Team was dispatched out for 3 months. Shi Jin tells Mu Yeon he'll come back safely. During the mission Shi Jin has a bullet shot through his heart while Dae Young tried to save him. Unable to send a message through the radio for SOS, the nearby vehicle exploded leaving the rest fearing both have died. While searching for the bodies, they only found their military ID tags while delivering the bad news to their loved ones. Commander Yoon was still in disbelief hearing his two best soldiers have died in the mission. 
Kang Mu Yeon and Yoon Myeong Ju broke down in tears. She thinks to herself, he died protecting for his motherland and people but is it worth while when his death has to be kept unknown to everyone. 

Eventually Mu Yeon went abroad for voluntary work and met up with Korean-American doctor Daniel at the airport in Urk. Yay! We get to see Jasper Cho again! It has been almost a year and she is trying to forget the sad memories. She reached a pile of stones stacked up as a memorial for Shi Jin while she started crying again believing his promise to come back alive. Mu Yeon sees that the text messages she has send to Shi Jin has been read and saw the walkie talkie lying on the sand with Shi Jin's voice calling over. At first she thought she was imagining and hearing things since she missed him so much. 

From far she sees a silhouette of a guy approaching and turns out to be Shi Jin who is still alive but looking weak. She couldn't believe if she was dreaming and Shi Jin tells her it's been a long time and he is sorry. Their reunion was filled with tears but she was thankful that he came back alive as what he has promised to her earlier. 

Our worst fears are gone as we know Shi Jin and Mu Yeon are back together. 
However the viewers were not shown whatever happened to Sergeant Seo Dae Young. His fate is unknown and the final episode will tell us the 'refreshing' ending... 
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