Monday, July 31, 2017

Former BEAST member Jang Hyun Sung self reflects.

Singer Jang Hyun Sung, who was a former member of the group BEAST has spoken up regarding the huge controversy in about a year and three months after leaving the team.

On July 31st, Jang mentioned in his Instagram account -"I tried very hard to stick to my individual role rather than understanding group activities and teamwork. Immediately after listening to others, I put on my stubbornness and pride. It was very difficult. "

"The wall began to slowly build up among the members slowly built up and became too thick that instead of choosing harmony, I chose to move away." Jang Hyun Sung, who made his debut as BEAST member in 2009, immediately withdrew from the group last April due to differences in musical point of view and personality.

The rest of the members did not renew their contract with their former agency, Cube Entertainment.  They carried on with new group name HIGHLIGHT. Jang then released his solo single entitled 'Home' last month after two years.

Jang also said, "I have been loved and supported for the past seven years. As a child, I thought that singers who danced and sing on TV would be splendid and cool. From then on, I was able to make an idol debut with the members. I have my own dream and own discomforts with a musical thirst that did not go away. I lost my ability to control myself and shown a bad attitude in all the official seats including the stage. I was mistaken because I was enjoying my youth.

He also confessed that he thought that maybe those things were cool but many of them are regrettable. In addition it was difficult to say that he was sorry for his unnecessary self-esteem as well as his stubbornness. He did not see himself so he apologised to those who have been hurt by his reactions as much as it hurts him with selfish decisions and regrettably sorry. 

Secret Forest concludes with Jo Seung Woo, Bae Doo Na.

"There was a belief that the world could have a strong sense by providing good influence."

 Actor Jo Seung-woo said, "I am proud to have been able to do this drama and I am happy given an unlimited amount of thanks to viewers."

tvN's Secret Forest ends its final episode on 30th July. Secret Forest is a rare genre drama that shows the power to move 4.0-5.0% of viewer ratings. In terms of audience ratings as well as completeness, it has received a good reputation as 'the highest rally of the past' and led to unanimous favourable reception.

Jo Seung-woo plays the role of Prosecutor Hwang Si Mok and he has proved once again as one of the actors with the best acting ability. Hwang Si Mok is a character has no emotions after a brain surgery. He is one who takes precedence over justice through law. Jo has been evaluated as an extremely charismatic expression.

 "I have taken pictures with good people and it will be a memorable memory for me. Thank you to all those who love the Secret Forest, I have been struggling to get used to it on the weekend."

Actor Lee Jun Hyuk who plays Seo Dong Jae places a test that examines the powers of the public whereby he goes between Hwang Si Mok and Chief Secretary Lee Chang-joon. He says, "I would be perturbed by the dumb behaviour of Dong Jae but thank you for the fun. It was a good time. Dong Jae was a man who wanted to survive for the good people."

Actress Shin Hye Sun who played Prosecutor Eun Soo has proved the innocence of her father who was guilty of wrongdoing said, "My friends as well as the viewers do feel the pain and sadness when Eun Soo's character died while investigating the case. I was impressed by the feeling that I felt it.This work was a pleasant project that can be remembered for a long time even if it has ended." 

Saturday, July 29, 2017

My thoughts of Criminal Mind- KR version.

As much as I want to compare the US and KR version, I cannot say more because I haven't really watched the original American version. Ha ha! But after watching the first two episodes of tvN's Criminal Mind, I can't help but to be blown away by the cases and the most importantly the cast in the drama.

Son Hyun Joo has played the top profiler Kang Ki Hyung very well. Kang has very much regretted after the case 1 year ago at the hospital where he felt he was responsible for the agents that died while failing to detonating the explosives. Meanwhile Lee Jun Ki plays the hot tempered agent Kim Hyun Jun blames the NCI (National Criminal Investigation) for his colleague, Sung Hyun's demise. 

Kang and Kim meets again for a case involving kidnapping and murder female cases. It coincides when the late Sung Hyun's younger sister became the victim and Hyun Jun starts frantically searching for her whereabouts. He doesn't believe in the profiling and nonsense as time is precious before the psychopath starts killing again. Analyst Ha Sun Woo played by Moon Chae Won tells Hyun Jun to think rationally before acting. Of course there are some comic reliefs with the genius Lee Han who has 2 PhD and analysts Nana Hwang and Yoo Min Young.

Upcoming episodes Hyun Jun joins the NCI with the recommendation of Kang himself. He believes there are more cases for him to help and save the innocent. It is interesting to see Lee Jun Ki portraying the usual hot blooded agent who goes against his superiors command yet he is a profiler himself.

Veteran actor Kim Yeong Chul plays the NCI Director Baek I wonder how he has the time to juggle in between of two dramas. Kim Yeong Chul is currently playing the role of Father Is Strange weekend drama as the meek looking restaurant owner and now he's the Director! LOL!
Moon Chae Won has slightly put on some weight as it can be seen on her cheeks and jawline though she still looked slim for her frame. I have not really seen Go Yun and Lee Sun Bin in any dramas so they are the 'new face' to me. Yoo Sun has in dramas and it has been a while since I last saw her drama Our Gab Soon. Even actress Oh Yeon Soo who plays the wife to Son Hyun Joo has made her return to drama land. Apparently Oh has migrated to US for some time before coming back. 

Anyway Criminal Mind (KR version) seemed to be interesting to watch. WHY? It's because there is Lee Jun Ki- simple as that. This marked his first modern drama after he did Scholar Who Walks the Night and Scarlet Heart: Ryeo. 

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Dead Man Who Lives drama takes the lead.

MBC's rom-com drama 'Dead Man Who Lives' is taking the lead for Wed-Thu prime slot.

According to Nielsen Korea, the ratings on the 27th July, episodes 5-6 were 8.1% and 9.4% ratings respectively. It was slightly lower than the previous last week's 8.6% and 9.6% ratings of episodes but it succeeded in keeping the leader of Wed-Thu time slot. 

KBS2TV's Queen for 7 Days roped in 6.3-7.5% ratings while SBS Reunited Worlds scored 6.3% ratings. On the recent episode of Dead Man Who Lives, Jang Dal Gu (played by Choi Min Soo) couldn't recognize his own biological daughter Lee Ji Young (played by Kang Ye Won). Instead Jang has mistaken the other vixen Ji Young (played by Lee So Yeon) who is having the affair with Kang Ho Rim (played by Shin Sung Rok). Well thanks to that useless Ho Rim- Jang's so called son-in-law hasn't explained properly to him.

Dead Man Who Lives is a story of a young Korean man who went to the Middle East in 1970's and made a big fortune there. He then adapted a Middle Eastern name and has his own small kingdom- wealth, lavish mansion, sports cars, women and servants at his side. And then he was told that he has a grown up daughter living in South Korea. 

Bursting scenes from tVN's Criminal Mind.

tvN's latest drama Criminal Mind has kicked off with a smooth start.

According to Nielsen Korea on the 27th July,  Korea's Criminal Mind which was broadcast the previous day has recorded an average audience ratings of 4.2% and a maximum of 4.5%. tvN target audience ratings of men and women in their 20's and 40's recorded an average 3.4% and 3.8% respectively. Ratings have reached the top of the pay-per-view platform with integrated cable, satellite and IPTV.

On the day of the broadcast, the NCI team leader Kang Hyung Joo (played by Son Hyun Joo) meets EOD agent/police officer Kim Hyun Jun (played by Lee Jun Ki). Although Hyun Jun has a profound profiling ability, it has been revealed why he doesn't believe in profiling and he wondered on what occasion he would become an NCI on-site search agent.

'Criminal Mind' is an original American crime ritual that is broadcast through CBS in the US since 2005 and it is the first remake of its own in Asia at tvN station. Actors Son Hyun Joo (52), Lee Jun Ki (35) and Moon Chae Won (31) are leading the drama. Criminal Mind is aired on every Wednesday and Thursday nights at 10.50 pm. 

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

2PM's Junho maturing from singer to actor.

For all 2PM fans, you might be probably be well aware of what members of the boy band do. As for me, it took me rather a while to get to know their talents and abilities through shows and dramas. Tacyeon has well established himself as an actor when he first debuted in dramas Cinderella Sister followed by Who Are You and Wonderful Days.

And then we see Wooyoung and Chansung appearing in dramas such as Dream High, 7th Grade Civil Servant and Queen for Seven Days. Most of the members made their appearance in variety shows such as Star King, Running Man, We Got Married, Oven Radio and Idol Army.

Fellow member Junho has recently been upgraded from singer to actor status. He started
off slower than his other members. He participated in MBC's Music and Lyrics for the song with actress Kim So Eun and landed himself a small role in the 2013 movie flick Cold Eyes.
With two year break, Junho had been offered roles in movies Memories of Sword and Twenty in 2015. 

In 2016, he was given the supporting role as the lawyer Jung Jin in tVN's drama Memory alongside with veteran actor Lee Sung Min and actress Yoon Soo Hee. Junho has shown a serious side of his acting in romance bit. His cameo appearance came in the drama Uncontrollably Fondly as a support for co-actor Kim Woo Bin when they filmed movie Twenty together. He remains good buddies with Woo Bin and Kang Ha Neul.  

2017 was a big breakthrough and hit for Junho since he was given the 2nd lead in the KBS2 drama Good Manager Chief Kim. He plays the sleek, hot tempered glutton sociopath; Director of Finance- Seo Yul. Through the first part of the drama shows his scheming evil ways trying to overthrow the innocent workers in TQ Group Cooperation, Seo Yul's character slowly turned over a new leaf when later he was betrayed by the TQ Chairman Park. Also with advice from his first crush Ha Kyung, he has changed for better. His mortal enemy- Chief Kim has became his aid and partner in crime thus creating the best 'bromance' we ever see in KBS dramas.  **well thanks to actor Nam Goong Min who makes his hilarious affection & kisses for Junho on screen ** And don't we just love the way how Junho gobbles down the food as part of his role- he definitely makes the food look so delish and his 'mok-bang' has set a trend in foodies blog. 

As for group activities, 2PM were promoting heavily in Japan gaining a huge fan base and attention. Junho has spent most time learning Japanese and even holding solo concerts in Japan. He has even released a Japanese album. In 2016, he won the Best Three Albums under 30th Japan Golden Disk Awards. He has lend his voice to some OST films and dramas. 
In 2017, he has also travelled along with his 2PM members to Australia for filming the KSTAR-  2PM Wild Beat in Australia. Then in July, he was invited to participate in the the popular MBC variety show- The King of Mask Singer. Junho's mask was the Green Melon (Honeydew) where songwriter Kim Hyun Chul praised him for his smooth honey wonderful voice that has enchanted the female audience. Veteran singer Jo Jang Hyuk said the way how he sings Park Jung Hoon's song- Rain and You was somehow captivating in a way... 

Songwriter Young Suk said Melon might be a strong contender to become the next Mask King. Junho belted his duet and won against gag woman Park Ji Sun advancing to 2nd round. However he lost over to another strong contender- Baby Seahorse (singer K.Will) to go to 3rd round. 

Nevertheless Junho has shown his exceptional ability in dancing, imitation of voices and singing. His hand gestures, dancing and voice has definitely made panel guests Danny -G.O.D noticed him straight away since they are from the same agency JYP Ent. Their CEO/teacher Park Jin Young has mentored them in a unique way singing- half air/half sound. LOL!

We hope to see more of Junho as he has matured so much in his acting. He has shown a different side as an actor whereby he could play villains- adorable and loving villain character which we won't hate but to like him more. His facial expressions gave away and made us love his character Seo Yul. He is only in his mid 20s, there should be couple of years for us to see him in dramas/films before he heads for military services.

I really need him to be cast as a guest in 1 Night 2 Days. He can either happily eat like a glutton with food or skip meals if he loses the game. Hah!

Movie release and marriage has made Song Joong Ki into an adult.

If you ever list the names of the celebrities that has been recently popping up in search fields, it would be none other than actor Song Joong Ki (33). With last year's big hit KBS drama Descendants of the Sun, he has enjoyed massive popularity and became an instant Hallyu star. Then he decided to switch directions to film the movie 'Battleship Island' with Hwang Jung Min and So Ji Sub directed by PD Ryu Seung Wan. 

Battleship Island is on the high end with expected 10 million viewers before it is even released to the cinemas. And before that, Song announces his upcoming marriage to fellow actress Song Hae Gyo

Song Joong Ki has mentioned it is a process of becoming an 'adult'. His new movie is expected to have 60,000 viewers for the preview. Being nervous? Yes, he was expecting more than nervousness while he desires to do two great things at once. Since airing the first episode of Descendants of the Sun, he has spend most of his time filming the movie Battleship Island. He felt he has matured and grown up while participating in the project. Through this movie, Song has pointed out he is bound to experience more in a 'bigger world'.

As an actor, he has learned something about the movie scene while doing this work. He learned happiness to work together with many actors, staffs and director Ryu. Then he decided to marry Song Hae Gyo while filming Battleship Island. In the meantime, there has been a lot of changes in the country too. Song's role in the film is Park Mu Yeong who works under the  OSS of the Gwangbok-gun- some kind of special unit. He sneaks into the warships to get out of the army. Park only works on the espionage and was about to leave the island decided to help the Koreans escape while they work. 

Battleship Island is somehow considered to be 'The Great Escape' sequence.

When asked to pick one of his most favourite scenes- he pointed out just before the escape, Mu Yeong and fellow Koreans have a long discussion and made a resolution. The scene where the Koreans lit up tons of candles is overwhelming and gives a strange vibe. It is cinematic but realistic. It wasn't easy to shoot those scenes in the movie and he did his best collaborating with the veteran actors. 

Now he is moving onto building a new family however he doesn't feel the pressure.
It just happened within a short period of time. He is expecting all good things to roll in - most of all happiness and work. He will do his best and work hard.

Kim Dong Wan donates to single mothers' fund.

As the saying goes charity begins at home. However Shinhwa member, Kim Dong Wan has gone beyond it. With his good heart and kindness, he has been donating nearly KRW$54 million to the single mothers fund.

He has been fully supporting the unwed single mothers project which has been promoted by the Green Umbrella Foundation. Last year itself they too received KRW$46 million. Kim Dong Wan has been contributing to the funds relief of earthquake victims in Sichuan province in China, the grandmothers who were previously comfort women in the war period and residents in Yeonpyeong island.

Meanwhile Kim will be appearing on the stage for the musical 'Cyrano' at the LG Arts Centre in Yeoksam-dong on 8th October. 

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

2 Days 1 Night: Working Holiday (Part 2)

1N2D casts continue with their summer working holiday 워킹 홀리데이 program. With the scorching sun heat, Cha Tae Hyun was lucky to meet an elderly couple who owns a potato farm in Yeongwol in Gangwon province. Defconn and Jong Min were busy planting perilla seeds which was rather tedious work but a peanut job for the elder auntie. Jun Young and Dong Gu had their share of work of separating soy beans and making fresh tofu. Jun Ho was left climbing up the mountain 2.5 hours to stay with the naturalist Kim Pil Bong. LOL! 

However it turns out Jun Ho has the best working program as he hardly did any work except lazing at the high up pavilion and soaking himself at the cold river. The naturalist showed him the house and the home-made zipline for his kids. Jun Ho still prefers the city life than living in the mountains alone without entertainment. Naturalist Kim is building a patio outside his shed and requires Jun Ho to watch him work. 

Tae Hyun's elderly couple was rather comical as the man was busy singing and dancing around rather than working. Before Tae Hyun could do any work, the elderly wife starts feeding him and telling him to rest. Instead of working, he felt he was putting on weight with the snacks and food the elders were feeding him. Defconn and Jong Min were instructed to repair the cracks on the house so they made from scratch the red clay while goofing around looking like dumb and dumber pair. Jun Young and Dong Gu completed their tofu making and were feed simple yet satisfying lunch by the grandmother. When both asked if she watched TV or knew any programs they were in, she immediately shot down stating she has no time. 

They wondered if Jun Ho was still alive and surprisingly PD Yu told them the naturalist has Wi-Fi and satellite dish in his area. Wow! In the middle of the mountain and nature- there's Internet!
Dong Gu turns out to be the unlucky one to be picked and send up to the mountain. Dong Gu's team Vs director lighting team played a game- whoever loses in rock, paper and scissors will have to carry their luggage up. Dong Gu wins the game and hopped happily up the pathway while the other staffs suffered lugging the heavy backpacks and equipment up the mountain. 

Naturalist tells Jun Ho that it'd be a new history if Dong Gu brings up some ice in this hot weather. Indeed fresh blocks of ice were delivered and naturalist was so happy cradling the ice
like a newborn baby! It was first time in 20 years he had ice in the mountain. They poured plum juice and cider into the ice making it one of the best and most refreshing drink for all the staffs.

Dong Gu was shown the zip-line and enjoyed himself hiking up to the top pavilion to see the entire mountain area. Jun Ho takes a dip again in the clean stream; Dong Gu soon joins him happily (don't forget he was an ex-Marine soldier!) so water is his playground. The camera pans to Dong Gu's buffed body compared to Jun Ho! *smirks* As the night falls, the two nature men were playing games to determine who gets to sleep indoor. Game is about explaining using words with naturalist's back facing each member. Jun Ho was confident he will communicate well with Kim however he only scored one answer compared to Dong Gu who scored nearly all the questions. Jun Ho wonders if Kim was a hired actor to play a prank on him because the punishment is to sleep at the pavilion in a mosquito proof tent. Scaredy-cat Jun Ho tries to delay his time so Dong Gu decides to accompany him- nice of him!

Down at the village, chef Sam Kim was invited to cook for 80 people- his speciality pasta and some brothy chicken soup. He is concerned with Jong Min and Defconn cooking as the two were clumsy and somehow required lots of attention. The elders loved the Italian food with Korean side dishes while being entertained by Jong Min singing trot and old songs.

For morning mission- the other 4 members need to take the egg whisk and run to a location where they are to whisk the egg whites until stiff peaks (like a meringue). Thanks to the elder grandma, Jun Young was first to wake up and run to the destination followed by Defconn. Since Defconn is stronger, he came as first followed by Jun Young. Jong Min stumbles his way to the place while whisking like mad. Tae Hyun took his time but shockingly he turned out to finish earlier than Jong Min. In fact Jong Min could have completed the mission however he was in doubt worrying the egg whites are still runny. The punishment is Jong Min needs to hike up the mountain bringing brunch for the rest of the staffs, Naturalist Kim, Dong Gu and Jun Ho.

Jun Ho was tucked away snoring away in the tent but Dong Gu is nowhere to be seen. He was seen brushing his teeth and complaining that Jun Ho's snore is like a vibrating phone under the pillow- worst than a boar. Muahaha! He then starts off exercising carrying weights with his toned arms and muscles which the staffs envied. When asked this is the dramatic part of the actor's side, he humbly said he is paid to do so. However the PD pointed Jun Ho is also paid and he only sleep and have a lazy side shown to the audience. What a huge contrast! Jong Min whinges while climbing the mountain to bring brunch to them. The writer starts laughing while eating the sandwich only to realise that some of it contains lots of mustard- prank by them!

The working holiday ends with everyone happily bidding farewell to elders in the town. 
And if you like nature- you might want to visit the province or perhaps drop by to see the Naturalist. 

Nam Goong Min's Falsify drama starts off at 12.6% ratings.

SBS's latest drama 'Falsify' with lead actor Nam Goong Min has kicked off at first place for Mon-Tue drama slot. The first episode had ratings of two digits- 12.6% among nation wide.
At the same time KBS2TV aired its latest School 2017 only recorded 4.2% while MBC's The King Loves scored 7.0%. Falsify has the Seoul's ratings of 16.0%- highest so far and within metropolitan area of 14.6%. 

Previously My Sassy Girl drama recorded 11.4% when it first aired, with Falsify came in it has broken the record. Falsify is a drama on reporters and journalists. Nam Goong Min's previous works Beautiful Gong Shim (2016) and the latest successful drama Good Chief Mr. Kim (2017) has proven him to be one of the most successful drama actors. Co-starring in Falsify are actors Yoo Jun Sang, Uhm Ji Won, Moon Seung Gun and Jeon Hye Bin
The first episode was a sad touching part whereby Mu Yeong played by Nam had witnessed his brother who is a reporter been framed for corruption and murdered.

Falsify would differ a lot compared to the light heart comedy-corruption drama Good Chief Mr.Kim. Obviously we don't have the glutton sociopath Seo Yul along with TQ psychopath Kim Seung Ryung. Aww...don't we just miss them- the bromance and comical acts between the two?

Monday, July 24, 2017

The Best Hit finale with happy ending for all.

As viewers sit gripping to their chairs watching the final episodes of KBS variety produced drama 'The Best Hit' 최고의 한방, viewers were shown Yoo Hyun Jae/Da Bong (played by Yoon Shi Yoon) is determined to find out why he mysteriously disappeared in 1994 and kept receiving messages in his beeper with the secret code at a certain date along with time.

Kwang Jae (played by Cha Tae Hyun) is busy setting up his management company is totally occupied with debuting Ji Hoon (played by Kim Min Jae) and Drill as a duo group. 
Surprisingly idol star MJ (played by Cha Eun Woo) has got out of his contract from Star Punch Entertainment joined World Entertainment as an inspiring songwriter.

Hyun Jae figures out that he needs to exist in the past in order for Ji Hoon to exist presently. He agrees and decided to spend some time with Woo Seung (played by Lee Se Young) before returning back. The happy moments didn't last long as Hyun Jae travelled back to the past in year 1994 where he ended up in the hospital. He discovered that the 1994 Hyun Jae is about to commit suicide near the lake thinking he has an incurable illness.  CRIKEY! What illness did Yoo Hyun Jae succumb to? TB? You poor fella... 

Rather than to hurt those around him, he converted some money into cheques and bought heaps of shares in the current electronics company for Grandpa Soon Tae. Hyun Jae/Da Bong rushes back in time to rescue out the sickly pale looking Hyun Jae. He even showed him Ji Hoon's photographs and how smart his son is. Time was ticking fast so Da Bong quickly grabbed sick Hyun Jae to the roof top, ensuring him that his illness can be cured in year 2017. He intends to send Hyun Jae to the future to prevent himself from being dead.

 But Hyun Jae insists that he belongs to the current time, not 2017. He has unfinished business that he needs to complete. He is thankful that Da Bong came back to and tell him about Bo Hee and Ji Hoon. He hands over his bracelet for his son and sends Da Bong back to the future. For some time Woo Seung lived alone without Hyun Jae and missed him terribly. Ji Hoon learned to let everything go seeing things won't work out with her. He and Drill debuted on stage successfully thanks to the song tweaked by Hyun Jae and the choreography.

It is funny to see the pouty Young Jae who lost MJ to World Entertainment is still maintaining his grungy friendship with Kwang Jae who is then married happily to Bo Hee. Grandpa Soon Tae is fighting his dementia with little Mal Sook registered as Bo Hee's daughter. Not long Hyun Jae returns to the future to meet up with Woo Seung and promised not to leave. He is probably better off adjusting to the life in 2017. Kwang Jae is glad to see Hyun Jae again but wonders if he can time travel whenever he likes. Hyun Jae blurts out he will never do that anymore as he nearly end up in death bed! Kwang Jae tells him not to go anywhere and to grow old together. 
Ji Hoon met up with Hyun Jae to learn more of his 1994 father in the past while receiving the bracelet. 

Present 1993 Hyun Jae/Da Bong has time travelled to the 2017 to change himself for better, learn to be more caring and forgiving. So the twin typhoons must have split up two Hyun Jae into two different times- something in scientific term we called it parallel universe : the hypothetical self-contained reality co-existing with one's own. 
And for weeks, we were left debating whether Ji Hoon is really Hyun Jae's biological son which turns out to be true because the 1994 Hyun Jae really dated Bo Hee and left them after finding out about his 'lifestyle illness'. After all there wasn't a real villain in the drama which caused Hyun Jae's mysterious disappearance. 

Lesson to learn: - if we could really time-travel and learn from our mistakes, be a better person and lived life to the fullest- perhaps it wasn't a bad idea. Everyone deserves a chance and when the opportunity comes along, we should grab onto it and live with no regrets. Who knows it could be the best hit in out life? 

Ah... what can I say- Yoon Shi Yoon did a fine job in delivering the two characters of Yoo Hyun Jae/Da Bong. In some ways he can be childish yet adorable. With his goofy smile and boyish looks, he can anytime pass out as a young idol- well he is still an elder hyung to Kim Min Jae.

Cha Tae Hyun and Lee Deok Hwa have cooperated together this round as a manager-friend relationship which makes it funnier. With various cameo appearances from actor Jang Hyuk, 2 Days 1 Night cast members, gag people- the drama turns out to be likeable. Other supporting roles from Lee Se Young and Cha Eun Woo, they are were perfect icing on the top of the drama.

For weeks we have learned and grow together with three-Jae "Hyun Jae, Kwang Jae and Young Jae" from the 90's to the 2017, it is hard to let them go... we are all gonna miss them.
Love the OST from the drama as well contributed by Yoon Mi Rae, Punch and Kyuhun. 

I give thumbs up (da bong!) for the drama even though viewers' ratings were not that great but it was a first time collaboration between Cha Tae Hyun and PD Yoo Ho Jin. Well done. 

Sunday, July 23, 2017

FT Island holds concert on Aug 26-27th.

FT Island will be holding their 10th year anniversary ever since debuting in the music industry.

According to their agency FNC Entertainment, FT Island will be holding their concert in Seoul from August 26-27th with the title '2017 FT Island Live [X]' at Blue Square in Yongsan-gu, Seoul.

This concert is an event that the band members have been ambitiously prepared for the future of 'FT Island' which will be going on for the last 10 years.

FT Island is planning the 10th anniversary world tour starting from this Seoul performance. The company said, "Performance cities and schedule will be released later."

On the other hand, concert tickets can be booked through Interpark from 8.00 pm on the 27th July afternoon. Members of the official fan club will be able to book tickets at Interpark starting at 8 pm on July 24th.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Yoo Jun Sang and Nam Goong Min in 'Falsify' drama.

In the latest project 'Falsify 조작' - veteran actor Yoo Jun Sang has said in the press that it makes one feel like becoming a reporter after watching the drama.

Yoo Jun Sang leads the upcoming SBS drama 'Falsify' who is responsible of the exploration report special team as he attended the production press on 20th July and said, "There are people who keep common sense in our drama. I feel that the meaning is fading, but through this drama, I will be able to reinterpret the profession of journalists."

Falsify is a story of journalists life. Trouble maker Huh Mu Young (played by Nam Goong Min) is literally a bum creating trouble while he gets along with legendary reporter Lee Seok Min (played by Yoo Jun Sang) who pushes out his opinions. Meanwhile there's Kwon So Ra - a rookie brilliant prosecutor (played by Uhm Ji Won).

The drama directed by PD Lee Jung Heom and script written by Kim Hyun Jung. PD Lee said there is no such thing as a social accusation drama. The characters will be heavy and the subject will be lightly displayed. It will be 30% comedy, 30% genre, 40% of drama storyline.
Eyes will be all focus on lead Nam Goong Min as he recently starred in the underdog hit 2017 drama Good Chief Mr. Kim which topped 18.7% viewers ratings and 2016 drama Beautiful Gong Shim (15.1%). 

Nam said his character is typical person who brings trouble whenever he goes. He becomes a reporter after witnessing his brother who is a reporter died in unfairly accusations of corruption.
He had a fair rest after wrapping up Good Chief Mr. Kim drama. 

Falsify will start airing its first episode on 24th July.

Jung Yong Hwa nearing to age 30 soon.

It feels as if he hasn't slept for the past 3 days and it has been almost 8 years since singer Jung Yong Hwa made his debut in the entertainment business. It's not long before the main vocalist and leader of band CN BLUE enters the age of 30.

He has mentioned that he has to start speeding up to navigate his life. He's already at the age of 28 and next year he will be reaching the age of 30. In Asia- you add another 2 years additional to the age

Jung Yong Hwa said he wanted to do more as much as he can before he reaches thirty. He wants to set specific goals for himself. He mentioned that during the commemorative meeting to announce the release of his first mini-book "DO DISTURB". Jung made his debut 2009 drama in "You Are Beautiful" and he was only 20 years of age while singing his title song on stage. When he starts looking back, he realized that he worked hard in his 20s and now he needs to achieve his target in his 30s.

During his early twenties, he has given up a lot of things but now he wanted to live for his thirties. He has included the part 'Navigation' in his mini album. He is happy to know that he is still making music and for himself. He reckons it will be a big hit when he's in his 30s.
He has not rested for continuous 3 days and he has travelled for a year, composed an album, did a tour so it is time to start thinking hard. There is no guarantee life can be so smooth sailing all the time.

The new album has more relaxing concept. The title was inspired by Do Not Disturb - which was in front of the hotel door room. Yong Hwa has appeared in various variety shows along with MC Kang Ho Dong and actress Kim Hee Sun as he portrayed a naive bachelor boy. 
Yong Hwa did admitted when he first debut he literally just did everything he could. He was also worried that his image might be ruined but then he started to build up his goals steadily.
He is all confident right now.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

SG Wannabe's Lee Seok Hoon solo concert in Sep.

Lee Seok Hoon (33) member of 3 vocal group SG Wannabe will be holding a solo concert in September. 

According to CJ E & M on the 19th July, Lee Seok Hoon will hold a concert at the Hongdae Move Hall in Mapo-gu, Seoul from September 15-17. 'Used' is a title that expresses the appreciation of his use of making and singing music that is a little comfort and rest in everyday life. 

The agency said Lee's sweet tones will change the everyday life of the audience who has found the show to a calming touch. He has also announced his mini album "You & Yours" since he participated in the group since 4 years ago. 

Lee's solo concert tickets will be available at Interpark website from 2.00 pm on 20th July.

The number of members in idol groups from SuJu to EXO.

Super Junior member Eunhyuk has been serving for 21 months at Gangwon-do military band and around 500 people gathered near his home and abroad to celebrate Eunhyuk's discharge from the troop. Also at the Seoul Regional Police Agency Police Promotion Team, fellow member Donghae celebrated his discharge from the service where fans all over the country greeted him. Super Junior boy band still remains popular as ever.

Both Eunhyuk and Donghae have completed military services side by side as they reunited again as Super Junior members. On the 27th and 28th of July,  the duo will attend SM Town concert in Tokyo Dome. Though Super Junior members are reunited on stage but three youngest members who are still currently fulfilling mandatory services. SuJu who made their debut in 2005. They started off with 13 members and became the biggest boy band of the second generation idol group. 

The number of members increased by two to three times compared to the first generation idol groups such as H.O.T, G.O.D and Sechs Kies Therefore, it is not easy thing to remember the names of each member. Memorising the number of members has became a quiz.
Although SuJu is one of the most famous idol group, it is still a bizarre not to know who is who and how many members in the group. 

On 18th July, Hallyu group EXO has released their 4th album with nine members. When EXO debut in the music industry in 2012, there were also twelve members but three left the group not long. Each individual in EXO has only four seconds to perform or shine in front of the camera as there were so many members. So everyone has to do their best to stand out. 

◇ Idol member with 10 members.
The number of idol group members is definitely increasing. Girl group TWICE (9 members), made their debut in 2015 with hit single T_T this year but the song has already became history. 

This year 's debut group is somehow ready for playing baseball with that many members. The rookie idol group VARSITY (12 members) and PRISTIN (10 members). And the upcoming girl group Good Day which is about to debut has 12 members.

During the first-generation idol group- H.O.T, Sechs Kies, G.O.D-  the number of members were about 5 people. Fans will be insane with their so-called "Oppa" and the max would probably be just eight members. Lately the minimum for a group would likely be 10 people.
Super Junior sets a role model as they started at the time with thirteen members while Japanese group SMAP- since 1988 have been active in various fields such as acting, performing arts as well as singing.

SuJu members are actively participating as emcees and in variety programs. They are well versatile in vocal and dance skills. Currently fellow members Lee Teuk, Hee Chul and Shin Dong are all actively involved in variety shows. 

◇Why does the number of members keep increasing?
As the channels head through popular culture is consumed with diversified contents therefore the idol group members who can start digesting them.

Uncertainty of K-pop is not the  main cause but the popularity of Korean pop culture is getting higher and it is necessary to satisfy various needs. This will eventually synergizes the team's awareness and popularity. tVN's drama Reply 1988 has impacted Girls' Day Hyeri into a popular actress from an idol group. AOA girl group with 7 members are also enjoying popularity with dramas and CFs endorsements. 

Sometimes when singing doesn't seem to do well, they tend to lean towards acting whereby ZE:A's 7-member Im Si Wan has established himself as a popular actor rather than singer.

◇Sub-units and teams among members
The multi-member structure also creates synergy in the stage of the main field. Some of the members of the team are working together. There is a growing preference among the various members because it is possible to show a different colour.

Super Junior has the most active unit activities from Super Junior KRY which is a vocal line, and Super Junior-D & E, which is a duo unit of Donghae and Eunhyuk. Hallyu group Big Bang has G-Dragon and TOP as a sub-unit. Girls' Generation of 9 members formed a sub-unit Tatiseo of 3 members consisting Taeyeon, Tiffany and Seohyun. Orange Caramel was a 3 member sub-group from After School.

◇ Management is difficult and members leaving.
With a large number of members in group, it makes it difficult to manage everyone.
In the case of SuJu, fellow member Ki Bum debut in the group and decided to stay hiatus for sometime while pursuing in acting career. And Chinese member Han Gyung left the group with court case against the agency.

When EXO started with 12 members, however 3 Chinese members Kris, Luhan and Tao left abruptly creating chaos in the activities. Fans were bitter and the only remaining Chinese member is Lay who is actively doing separate activities in China. EXO and Super Junior still remained one of the most popular boy bands however most teams have lost out due to drop outs and court cases. Even Girls' Generation Jessica Jung has left the group to seek solo activities. With frequent withdrawal of members from the group, the question lies whether where is their loyalty to the co and members?

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Choi Min Soo's new MBC drama 'Dead Man who Lives'.

Actor Choi Min Soo (55) comes forth in the new drama for weekday nights. Actor Choi is spotted with a new short hair cut and proper trimmed  beard turning him into a Middle Eastern conglomerate like Mansour. MBC's latest drama with Choi is entitled Dead man who lives (죽어야 사는 남자) is scheduled to broadcast on 19th.

The drama is about a man who left South Korea and entered Middle East in the midst of the 1970s Middle East development, where he received the title of Count and became a great father and returned to Korea. 

In the Middle East, he is known as "Saipad Ali" and is gradually becoming aware of the importance of family while meeting his daughter whom he left in Korea along with his assistant son-in-law.

Choi plays the lead role as Jang Dal Gu. Kang Ye Won plays as Jang's daughter Lee Ji Young. Ji Young's husband, Kang Ho Rim is played by Shin Seung Rok. Lee So Yeon plays a baddie role where she is determined to take away Dal Gu and Ho Rim away from Ji Young.

Dead man who lives is scheduled to air its first episode at 10.00 pm via MBC station on 19th.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Im Si Wan's The King Loves starts off at 8.1%

MBC's new sageuk drama 'The King Loves 왕은 사랑한다 - directed by PD Kim Sang Hyup and writer Song Ji Na has kicked off with the viewers ratings of 8.1% on its first episode broadcast. 

According to Nielsen Korea survey on August 18th, "The King Loves" has recorded 8.1% of the national average ratings (9.1% in Seoul and the metropolitan area). It was slightly lower than last viewers ratings (10.2%) of the previous drama 'The Guardians', and it was the second place in the same time zone audience rating. The first place was steadily guarded by KBS2TV drama 'My Sassy Girl 'at (10.2%).

The new historical drama tells the story of Goryeo Prince Wang Won (played by Im Shi Wan) and bodyguard Rin (played by Hong Jong Hyun) both desire the beautiful girl, Eun San (played by Im YoonA). 
Another typical love story between two men and one girl... 
By one look of the trailer and poster, I don't know whether should I even start watching this drama knowing the story line. Me no fan of YoonA, with two pretty good looking men in it...mmm... for one thing I do know Si Wan is a good actor and we are missing him since he's gone for his military duties. 

School 2017 released its first episode as well with audience rating at 5% with 6.8% and 6.1% respectively in Seoul and the metropolitan area. It was recorded one of the lowest of the programs broadcast during the same time. School 2017 drama is a series which has been progressed since 1999 where the school students expressed their emotions and experiences. School 2017 starring Gugadan's Kim Se Jeong, Kim Jung Hyun, Jang Dong Yun, Han Seon Hwa...etc. 

And whether should I ever start watching either these 2 dramas- let's see...I am not a fan of school kids drama especially they are casting all idol group singers who can barely act with expressions. I think I will skip School 2017 as the last one I watched School 2013 was great with Lee Jong Suk and Kim Woo Bin in it.  

EXO's 4th album The War has pre-orders of 80,000 copies.

Global Hallyu group EXO has proven themselves as one of the top boy bands in South Korea.
Their long awaited 4th album entitled 'The War' which is yet to be released has already received pre-order of 80,000 copies.  EXO-L fans, get ready for their new music video and new looks. 

EXO's agency SM Entertainment has confirmed the group's popularity and the sales are soaring as we speak. They have broken their own record when their 3rd album 'EX'ACT' was released, they have only received 66,000 pre-order of the album. 

In particular, EXO has become a triple million seller group with over 1 million albums sold from their first, second and third albums.

In the recent music industry, which has been reorganised mainly for sound recordings EXO has contributed to the increase of album sales. XOXO (Kiss & Hug) has been noted as a million-seller album after 12 years since 2001 when Kim Gun-mo's 7th album along with G.O.D's 4th album has achieved the same number of albums sold. 

Meanwhile at 6.00 pm on the same day, 9 title tracks from "The War" album will be released through various music sites such as Melon, Genie, and Naver Music. The title song 'Ko Ko Bob' music video will also be revealed. EXO will also appear on Naver Star Live Application V's EXO Channel which will broadcast live with their comeback '2017 Midsummer Night Koko Bob.

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Song Hae Gyo is no longer alone.

Actress/model Song Hae Gyo (36) has mentioned to fans and viewers to put faith and trust in her. Along with her newly announced fiance actor Song Joong Ki, he hopes to join her together in future building a new life. She has felt his sincerity and confidence in him.

In the official fan club in the afternoon,she wanted to tell her fans that she is getting married but she was very careful in various ways because it was not her sole decision. She also wrote that she everyone might be surprised hearing the marriage news out of the blue and wondered if she ever thought of her fans. However she was as nervous and trembling as anyone else. She hopes her fans will support her through. 

Known for her everlasting beauty, Song Hae Gyo has been single for a while and now she will no longer be alone as she will lived beautifully with her new hubby. 

Song Hae Gyo and Song Joong Ki will be exchanging vows on 31st October.

Choi Dong Hun's Wiretap awaits for Kim Woo Bin.

'The Thieves' (2012) and 'Assassination' (2015) were the two brilliant South Korean movies that have achieved 10 million audiences. The two successful consecutive works were under Choi Dong Hun while his upcoming new film 'Wiretap' has been postponed due to the ill health of actor Kim Woo Bin

According to the production company Capper Films on June 6th, actors and staffs of 'Wiretap' has recently been advised of the matter to put everything on hold. 

Choi has mentioned that he did not know when Kim Woo Bin has recently been diagnosed with nasopharyngeal cancer and when the actor will be able to return to filming. Therefore they can not hold the production team at the moment. 

CJ Entertainment, responsible for the distribution and movie investment has said that they will wait until Kim Woo Bin regains his health. Initially, the 'Wiretap' was scheduled to begin full-scale shooting in August and by the latest July.  It is a remake of the Hong Kong film "Overheard" (2009) directed by  Alex Mak and Felix Chong. 

Wiretap is a story of the intelligence crime investigation team chasing financial crimes through the investigation. A-List casts include actors Lee Jung Jae, Yeom Jung Ah, Kim Eui Sung along with Kim Woo Bin. 

On the other hand, Kim Woo Bin is currently having his medication and radiation therapy while concentrating to road of recovery.

Boycott against Super Junior's Sungmin.

Fellow Super Junior member Sungmin will not be participating in the upcoming group's new album release. 

Sungmin took it to the Instagram SNS account that he will not be involved in the new album activities as it wasn't a good idea to start with especially after the controversial issue. He doesn't want the comeback to impact on the entire group members especially with Elfs (Super Junior's fan club members) are not going to support them happily.

The agency SM Entertainment has respected Sungmin's decision in not participating in the new album. The rep has mentioned that originally, Super Junior was designed as a team with the characteristics of flexibility for group members. Currently, Super Junior members are preparing a new album with the goal of comeback in October 2017. Sungmin continues his personal activities separately. Label SJ also plans to support Sungmin's activities.

In one of the SJ's fan sites, there was an article posted demanding Sungmin to be removed from the boy band. Fans insisted this decision due to being deceived by his marriage news to current wife actress, Kim Sa Eun which was imposingly causing damage to the image of the SJ band. 

**Pfft! ** I really do not see the logic of that. If he chooses to marry anyone, it is not up to anyone to decide whether it's decisive or not. 

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

tVN's drama Habaek's bride on a rock & roll.

Based on a manhwa novel, tVN has released its latest drama 'Habaek's Bride/ Bride of the Water God' starring actor/model Nam Joo Hyuk, actress Shin Se KyungIm Joo Hwan, Krystal Jung, Gong Myung, Lee Geung Yung, Jung Dong Hwan and Park Kyu Sun.

Adapted from the novel, the drama seems a bit slightly different. Habaek, a powerful Water God is a very impatient, temperamental and sarcastic deity. In order to achieve his Emperor throne, he descends to Earth with his servant Nam Su Ri to carry out their mission. However during the process, Habaek lost his divine powers in Earth and he meets his destined bride and descendant So Ah. So Ah is a psychiatrist who has a huge pile of debts as her hospital isn't doing well. She seeks extension for loan from the bank while bumping into the rich CEO of a resort, Hoo Ye.  

Habaek meets So Ah and insists that she should follow him as he will give her anything she wants if he completes the mission. Habaek dislikes Bi Ryum - who is the Wind God rather a playful deity in the God's World. Meanwhile there is Moo Ra, a water goddess who has been living in the human world for ages. She has everlasting beauty that no one can resists when she becomes a celebrity only she harbours one sided love for Habaek. Moo Ra resents So Ah for having all the love and attention from Habaek. Hoo Ye is a demi-god living among the humans who initially had a row with So Ah however he finds himself falling for her too.

I'd give it a go watching this eye-candy drama despite fans are complaining with Nam Joo Hyuk's real relationship with Lee Sung Kyung from the drama Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo and now he's playing a couple with Shin Se Kyung. Let's put that aside, both of them are professional models and actors, this is work. Eventually they are paired with someone else in dramas/movies, so chill out... 

Song-Song couple tying the knot in October.

After all the denial and rumours going on between both actor Song Joong Ki and actress Song Hae Gyo, the cat is finally out of the bag. Both of them have continuously denied any dating rumours or relationship but on Wednesday, the two have announced they are getting married this October. Ta-dah!

All the months of the South Korean paparazzi were chasing over the couple meeting up at New York in March and they were very close with each other. Even their co-stars in the KBS drama Descendants of the Sun have denied anything going on between the two. However it turned out the two must have met on the filming set and carried on a secret relationship without anyone knowing.

For die-hard fans who have shipped them heavily ever since the drama Descendants of the Sun, it looks like the dream has come true. Well, Joong Ki is definitely out of the market and off the bachelor life on 31st October. 

Congratulations to the couple...indeed a beautiful couple on the way. 

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Son Hyun Ju, Lee Jun Ki, Moon Chae Won in Korea's Criminal Mind drama.

tVN has its very own Criminal Mind drama on the way for viewers- expected to broadcast on 26th July with A-List actors lined up such as veteran actor Son Hyun Ju, Lee Jun Ki, Moon Chae Won, Lee Sun Bin, Go Yoon, Yoo Seon and Kim Yeong Chul. It is expected to be one of the hottest drama in 2017.

The profiling crime psychological is about solving the mystery of murder cases.
Son Hyun Ju plays the team leader of the NCI Behaviour Analysis Team of the NIS. He shows the best profiler of Korea who is a self-employed person analysing the perpetrator's psychology by an intelligent and cool analysis. As a thriller-guaranteed check, Son is deeply credited with his performance in this work.

Lee Jun Ki breaks into NCI's on-site search as agent Kim Hyun-jun. Kim Hyun-jun, whom he plays seems to have no serious corner but he is the most active player in the team because he is a full-fledged person who changes 180 degrees from the crime scene. Lee Jun Ki's ability to express high-density emotions as well as high-intensity action is expected to shine even more through this work.

Moon Chae Won plays the role of Han Sung-woo- an NCI field analyst. She has unquestionably demonstrated in the scene of the incident; a passionate agent who does not buy herself in front of a dangerous event. Moon Chae-won  has built up a cool and sophisticated image. 

Criminal Mind is a series of crime behaviour professors who analyse criminal behaviour and solving criminal behaviour. Criminal Mind is a series that began in 2005 at ABC Studios in the United States. It was aired in over 200 countries around the world. It will be a perfect drama that will satisfy viewers' five senses this summer by armed with colourful casting combinations from believing viewers to rising star, solid story that dissolves Korean emotion, and colourful scale reminiscent of blockbuster.

The first TV drama 'Criminal Mind', a tVN drama production is to be broadcast at 10:50 pm on July 26th.