Saturday, April 29, 2017

Im Si Wan, Sol Gyung Gu's The Merciless opens in France.

The new movie 'The Merciless '불한당:나쁜 놈들의 세상' (directed by PD Byun Seung Hyun) will open in France in coming June.

According to CJ Entertainment on the 28th April, 'The Merciless' will reach the French audiences on June 28th through French production and distribution company ARP. 

The ARP has previously distributed Asian movies such as "The Good, The Bad and The Weird", "The Devil" and "Train to Busan".

ARP has been described the new movie a "thriller with a sense of tension". "We are hoping that the French audience will be aware of the feelings we have seen in this movie," 

The Merciless is a story about Jae Ho who is aiming for the crime organization's number one and along with rookie Hyun Soo who fear nothing at all. Veteran actor Sol Gyung Gu plays as Jae Ho while ZE:A's Im Si Wan plays Hyun Soo. Co-starring as Kim Hee Won and Jeong Hye Jin.

The Merciless has received an invitation for midnight screening at the 70th Cannes International Film Festival next month.

Rain, Kang Sora and Lee Bum Soo in new cycling movie.

The movie- 'Cycling King- Uhm Bok Dong' will have superstars such as Rain (Jung Ji Hoon), Kang So Ra, Lee Bum Soo and Min Hyo Rin starring in it. The actors and actresses have started full scale filming.

The movie is based on the true story of a cyclist who became the nation's hero named Uhm Bok Dong, who won the Japanese biker racing championship in Japan to dominate the Korean peninsula during the Japanese colonial period. Singer Rain will be playing the main hero lead while Lee Bum Soo is the patriotic supporter - Hwang Jae Ho who fosters Korean cyclists. 

Kang So Ra is responsible for the patriotic action team as Kim Hyung Shin and Min Hyo Rin plays as the the manager- Gyeong Ja of the Korean bicycle team. Rain mentioned that the late cyclist Uhm Bok Dong is the one who gave hope and courage to the people with one weapon- that is the bicycle. 

He is going to endlessly worry about how to play a real person who has not been treated in the meantime. Lee Bum Soo said, "I am grateful and excited to be with the great actors/actresses and the best staff. I will put in my best efforts to create the best work that are both fun and meaningful for the film as it is my first work as a producer."

PD Kim Yu Sung mentioned "I'm glad to be with the best actors, and I am deeply grateful to everyone who helped make it into a film, and I will do my best to product a great piece of production."

EXO's Tao fails to win the lawsuit against SM.

Former member of EXO-M's Tao loses his battle of lawsuit against SM Entertainment to nullify his contract with the former agency.

On 28th April, SM's representative has welcomed the good news from the court. SM hopes that the fair practices based on the judgement will help settle contracts and good faith in the entertainment industry as a whole.

The Seoul Central District Court has ruled the former EXO-member, Tao had not signed the exclusive contract with SM. So Tao's claims were all dismissed.

"We hope that South Korea, China and the Asian entertainment industry will be able to develop more transparently," they said.

Meanwhile, Tao withdrew from the team in April 2015 due to problems such as contract term, profit distribution, and discrimination. He filed a lawsuit against SM in August in that year to nullify the contract.

Previously members Kris and Luhan have filed their lawsuits against SM and settled it well, however this round Tao is the first one to lose out. This concludes whereby EXO group has only one Chinese member, Lay (Yixing) remaining. The rest of the Chinese members have withdrawn and left the group. 

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Sechs Kies returned with brand new 11 songs.

Idol group Sechs Kies will release their new album on the 20th anniversary of their debut.

According to their agency, YG Entertainment- Sechs Kies will introduce their new album 'THE 20TH ANNIVERSARY' at 6.00 pm on the 28th April as a mark of returning back to the music industry. The new album contains 11 songs, including new songs such as 'Sad Song' and 'Don't Get Hurt'. It also includes the single "Three Words" which was already released last year, and the "Passion- 연정' which was released at their annual concert after 16 years.

'Sad song' and 'Don't Get Hurt' are collaboration works between producer Tablo and YG's production team 'Future Bounce'. "Sad song" is a song that harmonises with the lyrics that unlike the title with a cheerful house rhythm refrain. 'Don't Get Hurt' is a ballad with a melancholic melody and straight lyrics.

The members of Sechs Kies will show the past, the present, and the future of the group at their 20th anniversary event.

The group has made their successful come back after been hiatus for 16 years.
Well done to the guys! 

Monday, April 24, 2017

HITE beer scouts in Daniel Henney as their model.

"I really like Hite beer and I am pleased to be with you as a model. I am going to meet local beer fans through various activities to promote Hite." 

Daniel Henney has become the new model of Hite Brewery. On the 24th April, the first TV commercial started. 

The ad was launched at the 2017 Extra Cold campaign for the beer market this summer, focusing on expressing Hite's cool taste. 

Hite's advertising is based on a unique gentle, sophisticated image and masculine charm, and Daniel Henney has met up with Hite's expectations for more synergy than expected. 
Daniel Henney, who first worked as a mainstream model with 'Hite Brewery', constantly shares his thoughts on the concept with his staff and monitors the shoots, while enjoying several cool Hite beers for realistic performances.

Behind the filming, the model/actor has received many praises from the staffs.

Yoon Mi Rae and Yook Sung Jae in Sprite ad.

Yoon Mi Rae and BTOB's Yook Sung Jae are modelling for the new Sprite advertisement.

Coca Cola's cider brand Sprite rep has mentioned they have decided for the female singer and idol band member to promote for new generation. Sungjae is member from BTOB idol group and has also ventured in acting industry. Yoon is a popular female rapper among all generations with unique tone and charm. She has been always loved by many musicians and other collaborating artists.

The spokesperson of Coca-Cola Corporation said Sprite, which has been offering Sprite's fresh moments with hot male and female models every year, invites everyone to come up with the sprite's freshness this year. This is the message that they want to deliver. 

Super Junior's Kyu Hun to enlist in May.

Super Junior's Cho Kyu Hun will be enlisting for military services on May 25th. 

According to agency SM Entertainment, Kyuhun will enter the Nonsan Army Training Center in Chungnam next month. After four weeks of military training, Kyuhun will fulfill the duty of defence as a social worker. Kyuhun is the youngest member of Super Junior. In fact his other SuJu members- Eunhyuk and Donghae will be released from army in July and Siwon will be in August this year. Their second youngest member Ryeo Wook will be discharged in July 2018. The remaining members have already completed military services. This means the group can start planning for their next come back.

Kyuhun will also finish off filming for MBC TV entertainment program 'Radio Star', which is currently being shown. The radio star production team said that it has not yet decided who will replace Kyuhun and when will be his last episode.

Park Hae Jin heats up the screen in Man to Man.

JTBC has shot up the Friday-Saturday slot with new pre-produced drama Man to Man.
Park Hae Jin plays the main lead as a special international agent K (Kim Seul Woo) who was dispatched back to Seoul after completing a series of mission. Being an elite in his field, he has kept his identity a secret and taken up a new challenge that is protect a big Hallyu action star Yeo Un Gwang played by Park Sun Woong

Yeo is a bratty spoiled celebrity who loves harassing his team except for his manager Cha Do Ha- played by Kim Min Jung who happens to be a fanatic fan of him. 

Yeo might be a playboy type but deep down inside he still thinks of his ex-girlfriend and former Miss Korea- Song Mi Eun - played by Chae Jung Ahn. Song is happily married to a rich husband Mo Seung Jae played by Yeon Jang Hoon who is a devoted father to a family but he has a weird possessive character.

I give credits to Park Hae Jin who looked stunning with his chisel-ed face, his action scenes were great and his poker face whenever he sees something. K does get annoyed with Cha who often has a bad vibe against him but he brushes her away easily. Park Sun Woong is amazing with his comical antics at times. Yeon Jang Hoon gives the scary chills when his expression changes to evil look. Chae Jung Ahn is a sassy looking character who styles up well. 

To be honest, I am neither liking the character of Cha Do Ha nor the actress herself. Her acting skills, appearance and everything of Kim Min Jung was over the top and just irritating (quite an eyesore in the picture). Plus all I can visualise is her big bulging eyes and ugly bowl haircut seriously it turns me off. They should fire off the main stylist and coordinator for turning Kim Min Jung into a ugly duckling. Sighs...this is the time I wish we can switch the lead actress.

The drama turns out to be really comical at times when the one big celebrity forms a budding bromance with his bodyguard while K trying to solve the mystery and mission leading to why they wanted to kill Yeo. 

Friday, April 21, 2017

Lee Hyori returns to variety program with JTBC.

Singer Lee Hyori is returning to the variety show field with jTBC channel with the program entitled 'Hyori's Homestay' (효리네 민박).

JTBC has announced on the 19th April that Lee Hyori has confirmed for the lead in the new entertainment program 'Hyori's Homestay' with singer Lee Sang Soon. 

'Hyori's Homestay' is a reality show that tells the story of the singer living in Jeju Island as a guest house owner. The crew said it will be a program that shows the natural and comfortable appearance of the singer. 

The guest house's guests are normal and non-celebrity people. It is a policy to receive the application and decide the cast after hearing their stories. The general public can live in the guesthouse free of charge.

'Hyori's Homestay' will star filming from next month and will be airing in June.

Nam Gong Min as a reporter in drama 'Manipulation'.

Actor Nam Gong Min (39) will be starring in SBS drama entitled 'Manipulation 조작'.
His agency 935 Entertainment has confirmed the actor will be the lead in the drama on 20th April 2017.

'Manipulation' draws stories of journalists exploring social absurdities. Nam Gong Min takes the role of Reporter Han Mu Yeong. The reporter is seeking for revenge after seeing his brother die in unfairly accusation of corruption.

The agency said they have lots of trouble deciding the next drama because of the continuous support from the recent hit drama 'Good Chief- Manager Kim'. Meanwhile the drama Manipulation shows the serious and charismatic charm of the character unlike the role as Manager Kim. 

The drama Manipulation will be directed by PD Lee Jeong Hom along with scriptwriter Kim Hyun Jeong who have collaborated together in the 2015 SBS drama- 너를 노린다 (I've Got My Eye on You).

Manipulation will start airing in July after the drama My Sassy Girl.

SHInee's Jonghyun 2nd album- Story Op.2

SHInee's Jonghyun will be releasing his 2nd album entitled Story Op.2 on 24th April.

According to S.M Entertainment, all the songs in the second album are written and composed by Jonghyun himself. 

The title song entitled 'Lonely' is a collaboration together with Girls' Generation's Taeyeon. The song is a jazzy style with impressive R&B especially with expressing sad emotions along with the dark soul groove.

Shinhwa's debut 19th anniversary concert in June.

Group Shinhwa will be holding their 19th anniversary concert since their debut in June.

According to the official SNS of 'Shinhwa' on the 19th April, the members will perform their concert entitled '2017 SHINHWASUMMER LIVE MOVE' from June 17th-18th at Seoul Jamsil Sports Complex Stadium.

It will be an outdoor concert. In addition, a special event will be held at the concert, with the event seating "X-seats" randomly selected and tickets can be pre-booked at 19,000 won for Shinhwa fans for commemorating 19 years after debut.

Their agency mentioned that the 19th anniversary since their debut be a meaningful time with fans on a different and colourful stage. The members will show an unforgettable performance this year.

This concert can be booked through Interpark website from the 28th April. 

Sunday, April 16, 2017

JYJ's Park Yoo Chun to marry tycoon's granddaughter.

2017 has proven a year of marriage for celebrity couples. We has H.O.T's Moon Hee Jun, Rain and Kim Tae Hee, Lee Sang Woo and Kim So Yeon, S.E.S Bada, Joo Sang Wook and Cha Ye Ryung and latest Shinhwa's Eric Mun and JYJ's Park Yoo Chun. 

Not long ago Park Yoo Chun was involved in a scandal resulting a tainted image for the boy band member. He was well loved for his dramas such as Sungkyunkwan Scandal, Missing You, Rooftop Prince, Sensory Couple and many more. Of course the JYJ member was also much supported by fans ever since he debuted in 2004 from the singing Hallyu boy group TVXQ.

He is currently serving compulsory military services and will tie the knot once he is released later this year. His wife to be is a non-celebrity person and happens to be a tycoon's grand daughter. 

The wedding will be held this autumn 2017 in Seoul. 
He will also be the first member of JYJ and ex-TVXQ group to get married.
Meanwhile other member Kim Jae Joong has been holding concerts and Kim Jun Su has just entered the military service. 

Singer Gummy to hold national concert in June.

Female vocalist Gummy (36, Park Ji Yeon) will release a standard album in June 2017 and start on a national tour concert.

Gummy will release her 6th album in early June, working under the production of 'Ri Sang' . Her regular album 'Comfort' was released the last in 2008. It has been nearly 9 years since her last album. From time to time, she has participated in various hit drama original soundtracks such as Descendants of the Sun and Moonlight Drawn By Clouds. 

Gummy was also seen in various music programs such as Fantastic Duo and Duet Song Festival with other singers.

The concert will be held in Seoul, Daejeon, Daegu, Gwangju and Busan immediately after the release of the new album. The concert official said this tour will consist of a selection of songs that were loved at the concert last year from the new stage, which is as complete as the Gummy's regular album.

Gummy is currently working on a concert with the end of the album.

Shinhwa's leader set to get married.

Eric Mun is the first member of longest running idol boy band Shinhwa to end his bachelor life. The leader of Shinhwa group is going to exchange wedding vows on July with the love of his life; actress Na Hye Mi. He is 38 while the actress is 26 years of age. 

On 17th of April, Eric has posted via SNS that he has met his companion who will live and love for the rest of my life. The wedding will take place with family, relatives and close acquaintances in a church on July 1st in Seoul. As a fellow member of Shinhwa, he is much loved and supported by Shinhwa Changjo fans. He will work harder in the future to repay the love and support for this fans. 

He also added that he will love and care for each other (his other half).

Eric and Na Hye Mi were in rumours of their relationship in 2014 but both denied it. However in February 2017, the news surfaced again whereby the two confirmed that they are in a relationship.

It will be the first ever marriage for the Shinhwa group member.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Park Hyung Shik, Yoo Ah In and Song Hae Gyo in same agency.

ZE:A's Park Hyung Shik has switched his agency to go on a full-scale activity as an actor. He is from the idol group ZE:A- Children of Empire which didn't really make it big in the music industry. In fact most of ZE:A members are venturing into acting industry. Fellow members Im Shi Wan, Dong Jun and even Kwang Hee are in variety programs.

The United Artists Agency (UAA) has announced on 12th April that they have signed an exclusive contract with Park as ab actor. Park has a variety of charms and outstanding acting skills.

Park Hyung Shik made his debut as an idol group  ZE:A in 2010, He has appeared in 'High Society' (2015) and 'Hwarang: The Beginning' (2016), and is currently filming JTBC drama 'Strong Woman- Do Bong Soon'.
He was also in The Heirs drama and What's Happening to the Family? 

On the other hand, the UAA has other celebrities such as actor Yoo Ah In and actress, Song Hae Gyo.

Passing news for veteran actress Kim Young Ae.

South Korean entertainment business industry has lost one of their greatest veteran actress of all times. Kim Young Ae aged 66 passed away from pancreatic cancer on April 6th. As a Busan local, she ventured into acting industry in 1973 and stormed into the leading role earning her a Baek Sang award. 

Her well known dramas she has starred in are Moon Embracing the Sun (2012), Royal Family (2011), Hwang Jini (2006), Love Letter (2003). Her most recent dramas are Mirror of the Witch (2016) and Wolgyesu Tailor Shop (2016-2017) which were the last ones she starred in. 

For movies, she starred in Cart (2014), The Attorney (2013), Operation Chromite and Pandora (2016).

In 2015, she was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award at the 8th Korea Drama Awards. She took home Best Supporting Actress in the 2015 35th Blue Dragon Awards for the movie The Attorney. 

Her works were all well done since her young days leading to her senior life until the last few days before her passing. We will truly miss her and may her soul rest in peace.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Hyun Bin's new movie flick 'Outbreak'.

Actor Hyun Bin (35) will collaborate again with PD Kim Sung Hoon for a new movie flick entitled 'Outbreak' 창궐.

Next Entertainment World has confirmed that Hyun Bin will be playing the role as 'Lee Chung' who is a Joseon's prince. Prince Lee Chung is known for his gambling ways, drinking and a womaniser. But he is also a great swordsman. Being a second son to King Yi Jo, his elder brother is bound to succeed the throne. Upon the call from his elder brother, Lee Chung returns from Qing to Joseon only to encounter night demons. 

Outbreak is a new concept action blockbuster based on the Joseon palace and will show original visuals and new style of action entertainment movies through the characters. Previously Hyun Bin has cooperated together with PD Kim in the movie Confidential Assignment which was released early 2017.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

UNIQ's Sungjoo demonstrated his skills.

For those who are following the latest tVN's drama The Liar and His Lover "그녀는 거짓말을 너무 사랑해", you might be wondering who are the people playing the members of Crude Play brand. 

As far as we know Crude Play band consists of Yoo Si Hyun, Lee Yoon, Ji In Ho and Seo Chan Young..and not forgetting their ex-band member and current producer Han Gyeol (K).

Everyone is talking about how close and good friend the leader and vocal singer of Crude Play- Si Hyun as he is often seen Han Gyeol's bestie and consoling him whenever he is down.
That leaves us wondering how who is behind that handsome looking face playing as Si Hyun? Kim Sung Joo from UNIQ group plays the role of Yoo Si Hyun and he is definitely adorable as ever in the drama. Han Gyeol has written a new song entitled 'I Am Okay' whereby it was released for Crude Play's new title song. The drama has two versions where first version was sung by Red Velvet's Joy featuring Lee Hyun Woo and second version was sung by Crude Play members. Sung Joo has demonstrated he has all- singing and acting skills in the drama. UNIQ is a Chinese-Korean boy band under Yehua Entertainment with 3 Chinese members and 2 Korean members. They can speak Korean, Mandarin and English fluently.
And somewhat I have a feeling that there is something going on between Si Hyun and his senior So Yeon at work. So Yeon doesn't like the fact that the 3 members are uploading their original band playing videos online without the knowledge of Han Gyeol. And she seems uncomfortable to be talking informal to Han Gyeol but she talks down to Si Hyun telling him off regarding the videos. When Si Hyun waved to her during practices causing her embarrassed and hiding her face like a fanatic fan. Either way we can see Si Hyun is either into So Yeon or the other way round. 
Will Crude Play's original band playing skills be noticed and discovered by the media causing a whole big motion? Though I like to see the story on Han Gyeol and So Rim's story but I prefer more development on the Crude Play members and their real truth about original skills. It's shown that the members felt it when Chan Young spoke to the boss on the phone that it's better for the newbies to lip sync than to play live making a fool of themselves on the stage. That means Crude Play hasn't been playing live all these years. 

Friday, April 7, 2017

EXO's CBX to start their promotion in Japan.

Subunit of EXO group- EXO CBX consisting of members Chen (Jongdae), Baekhyun and Xiumin (Minsuk) will be making their first debut in Japan on May 2017.

EXO as a whole group has toured and held concerts in Japan major cities. But this is the first time, EXO-CBX will visit the country on their own without other 6 members.
According to SM Entertainment, EXO-CBX will include their showcase ' Colorful Box' on June 7th. 

The 3 members have debuted with their single 'Hey Mama' in South Korea on last October. 
The single has enjoyed great success and feedback from fans. The members have also contributed to the SBS drama Moon Lovers- Scarlet Heart: Ryeo with the song 'For You'.

Wrap up K-news for Week 1- April

Band CNBLUE plans to hold their next concert in June 2017.
According to FNC Entertainment, the band will hold a concert entitled Between Us at the Seoul Olympic Park Handball Stadium from June 3rd to the 4th. This concert is a domestic solo concert that was held last October in Seoul, after one year and seven months since their Asian Tour 'COME TOGETHER'. The concert tickets will be available for purchase through the Auction Ticket from 8 pm on the 24th April.

Singer Jang Jae In (38) will return to music industry after being hiatus for 1 year and 8 months. According to her agency, Mystic Entertainment Jae In will release a new song "Carmen" on the 13th of April. 'Carmen' is a French word for crimson. 
She has had time to recharge while experiencing various experiences in the resting period. Now the songstress will continue to work hard while maintaining her health and love for music.

Singer Taeyeon (28) will hold her second solo concert in May 2017.
According to SM Entertainment, the singer will perform the concert 'Persona' at Seoul Olympic Park Olympic Hall from 12-14th May. The concerts will also be held in Seoul, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Thailand. On February, Taeyeon has already released her first album entitled 'My Voice.'

Comedian Yoo Sang Moo (37) has been reported to be diagnosed with 3rd stage of bowel cancer. He has been hospitalized on 8th April and plans to undergo the operation some time during next week. An agency official said Yoo will concentrate on stage for recovery after surgery. Last Yoo was accused of comitting sexual assault and has been in and out of court for seven months. He has also stopped appearing on broadcasts.

Actor Lee Jong Suk is seriously a busy man. 
Ever since winning the 'Dae-Sang' (Grand Prize) for MBC drama 'W: Two Worlds' he has taken on many projects. He finished filming the movie V.I.P under direction of PD Park. Now he has been offered another role for a new movie entitled 'Witch'. Currently Lee is also shooting for the SBS drama 'While You Were Sleeping' which is set to air on local channels second half of this year.

Singer Leessang's Kang Gary (39)- also fame from the variety show Running Man has announced that he ended his bachelor lifestyle. On 5th April, Gary posted on his Instagram mentioning that his wife is a non-celebrity and they just held a simple ceremony, not a lavish wedding event to celebrate the happy moment. It came as quite a surprise and sudden news for fans out there. He hoped people will be happy for his newly wedded life and wish them all the best & happiness. We hope you are happy and well- Gary....congrats to his marriage! 

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Military services is not an option for Yoo Ah In.

On 5th of May, actor Yoo Ah In (31) has mentioned that it was not hard for me given that much consideration to his health problems that have surfaced recently.

"The tumour is a benign tumour, and there is no big problem in health." The collarbone is not attached to it as yet, but the extreme exercise is restrained.

"I have not received any results yet," he said. "It's a very unusual case and the attention of a lot of people is focused on the results."I do not think it's an option, but if you have the will, you can not do what you want," he said.

Yoo Ah In has recently been diagnosed with bone cancer. He is suffering from various injuries and bone tumour that occurred during filming. Since then he has received his fourth physical examination last month and is waiting for results. Some people and rumours have stated he is trying to dodge military services. 

I don't know if that's a true case where people will lie about saying they suffer from some major illness such as 'cancer' to avoid compulsory military services. I doubt but anyway we wish Yoo Ah In to recover ASAP and get treatment. 

Kim Soo Hyun stars in IU's new single MV.

Actor Kim Soo Hyun (29)  will be appearing in the new music video from singer IU (24, Lee Ji Eun).

On May 5th, actor Kim has recently finished filming the music video to be included in IU's 4th album, according to both agencies- Pave Entertainment and KEYEAST agency. 

The two have appeared together in the KBS drama 'Dream High' in 2011 and 'Producer' in 2015. KEYEAST official for Kim has mentioned that the actor was also involved in music video shoots.However, it is not yet decided whether this song composed by Sam Kim, will be the title song.

On the other hand, IU has released a new single entitled 'Night Letter' on the 24th March. . IU's next 4th album will be released on May 21st.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Lee Jun Ki has someone in his life.

After all the rumors going on and off with on-screen partner Jeon Hye Bin, the news came out straight from the agencies that actor Lee Jun Ki is seriously going out with actress Jeon Hye Bin. Both have met on the set of the drama Joseon Gunman but they have denied any rumours of their relationship. However one of a Korean media has somehow managed to stalk and snapped photographs of both going out with their faces covered in masks and visiting each other. 

Lately Lee Jun Ki was featured in the tVN variety program My Ear is Candy 2 with his 'mysterious' chatting female partner was none other than actress Park Min Young. Though it's scripted for the show, both he showed real sincerity and whenever he talks he is concerned for Park Min Young. 10 years ago, both of them shot an advertisement together and at that time she was still very young while he was only a budding actor. Then the two met again during year end drama award ceremony however both didn't talk much as they were present for each individual dramas. 

What's interesting is fans and netizens were amazed at how Lee Jun Ki was a caring 'oppa' and fascinated Park Min Young when he showed up to see her at Italy during all their phone conversations for the program. Shipping for both? Nah...all heartbreak for Jun Ki's fans.
He's currently seeing Jeon Hye Bin...
Whether their relationship will last is another question...

Personally I am never a fan of Jeon Hye Bin as she never plays a nice role in dramas...or perhaps I should say she was never offered great main leads. And seriously what has gone into Jun Ki? He has lost so much weight to an extent his jawline is so sharp and he doesn't look too healthy... oh dear... 

Anyway we will wish them all the best in their relationship.