Sunday, May 31, 2015

KBS Drama- Producers 프로듀사 at its highest rating 11.2%

The star studded cast of KBS drama- Producers 프로듀사 is starting to gain its momentum
afterairing 6 episodes for the past 3 weeks. Seriously it's the power of top celebrities which brought everyone's attention to this drama. In an earlier interview, fellow actor Cha Tae Hyun has pointed out his friends were all suddenly keen to watch and ask about Producers all because of Hallyu star, Kim Soo Hyun. According to Nielsen Korea on 29th and 30th May at 21:20 time slot for the drama 'Producers' it scored 11.2% viewership nationalwide. It has the highest viewership figure rose by more than 0.2% in points. 

Similarly during the same time 'Law of the Jungle' was broadcasted via SBS channel recorded , it is 11.5%, MBC's 'Quiz the World' recorded 3.6% in viewership ratings.

In the 5th episode of Producers, it was specific on the estraned relationship of 1 Night 2 Days PD Ra Joon Mo (Cha Tae Hyun) and Music Bank PD Tak Yeh Jin (Gong Hyo-jin). And with the rookie PD of 1 Night 2 Days, Baek Seung Chan (Kim Soo-hyun) showing his attention for Yeh Jin;  viewers were intrigued to which ended up being a love triangle relationship. I don't know who to root for...I know Yeh Jin might be too old for Seung Chan but it's a good way to make Joon Mo jealous. 

At times I do smirked seeing how funny Baek Seung Chan reacts when he grows in jealousy if any man flirts around the woman he is concerned. First it was Hae Joo and now it's Yeh Jin to which he squeezes tons of syrup into Ra Joon Mo's Americano and pretended he didn't know he doesn't like sweet things. Then he blackened the word 'nim' in front of Lee Seung Gi's changing room after seeing him being so close with Yeh Jin. What a goof! 

CJ E & M PD Na Yeong Seok entertainment program in cable channel tvN "3 Meal Choice a Day" posed to be a threat. Like last week, with an average rating of 8% than 0.7% point increased ...still the 'Producers' boosted its highest ratings.

3 Meals a Day featured actress Park Shin Hye as a guest. Lee Seo Jin, Ock Tacyeon, with Kim Gwang Gyu. They harvested tomatoes, cucumbers pepper, planted sweet potatoes, sunflowers, etc.... They even made the seaweed soup, pancakes, shabu-shabu..etc.

Meanwhile jTBC channel screened its first episodes of My Love Eun Dong featuring Jo Jin Mo and Kim Sa Rang with its opening rating of 1%. It's about a man who loved the same woman for the past 20 years.

I saw the first episode and nearly dozed off. Probably because of the child actors but it wasn't that impressive... will skip this out.

JYJ's Park Yoo Chun to be enlisted in August 2015.

Group JYJ's Park Yoo Chun (29) is scheduled to be enlisted for army on this coming August. He is the second member from JYJ to be enlisted after fellow member  Kim Jae Joong (29) was enlisted in April. 

On the 31st May, C-Jes Entertainment Agency rep mentioned  "Yoo Chun will be enlisting in the coming August 27th but there is no specific place where he'll be going to."

Yoo Chun has gained popularity after its debut in 2004 from the popular idol-group 'TVXQ'. In year 2009 after embroiled in the dispute with SM Entertainment, he,  Kim Jun Su and Kim Jae Joong formed JYJ and signed up with C-Jes Ent.

Their OSTs with Yoo Chun's participation in the drama - Sungkyunkwan Scandal' (2010) 'Rooftop Prince' (2012), "Three Days" (2014) brought him the limelight.on the 26th May, Yoo Chun was awarded the Best New Actor award at the 51st Baeksang Awards for the movie "Seafog" (2014). Well done for Yoo Chun! :D Thumbs up!

The recent drama "Sensory Couple" finished with good ratings and ending. Yoo Chun held his fan meeting on the 30th-31st May at Korea University in Seoul at Hwajeong Gym. From June 23rd  to 24th, he is holding his fan drama meeting for Sensory Couple at Yokohama Arena in Japan where it is expected many female fans will be turning up to see him for the last time before he heads to army.

1 Night 2 Days outing at Seoul National University

The recent episodes of 1 Night 2 Days was getting the cast members to dressed up young and hippy while they were guided to their base camp which is SNU (Seoul National University) of the most prestigous universities in Asia. It is where the cream of the crop best students were selected from their college entrance exams for this intellectual place. PD Ho handed out 1-day university student cards for them while they laughed their heads off where none of the crew of the 1N2D graduated from SNU. Rest of the casts either didn't finished college or college dropouts! The only members who have graduated from universities were Cha Tae Hyun and Kim Joo Hyuk

First mission was given out to them whereby Tae Hyun is to find the pretty popular girl posted on the Uni-social forum. He ran around searching for the girl at the library but ended up like a fan meeting where students swarmed to him taking photos! Ha ha! Jung Jun Young got some help by measuring the weight of the water at the Naval Engineering building, Defconn won over 3 students by playing Omok at the Isung room, Joo Hyuk managed to bring 3 top scorers of CSAT, Kim Jong Min recorded the difficult piano recital by Chopin from a music student. The casts succeeded in their solo mission so they get to have lunch at the cafeteria with the rest of the students. Though SNU is like a battlefield for the top students but nothing stopped them from chasing around the 1N2D casts. 

Second mission was handed out where they picked the lectures they are supposed to attend. As what Defconn hated was Maths and he was left with Calculus lecture to attend but luck was on his side, the class was cancelled! Meanwhile Joo Hyuk attended the Social Animal Behaviour class conducted in English which he needed a translator, Tae Hyun was at the computers and science analogy class which he purely looked bored and blank in it, Jong Min and Jun Young ended up in a type of sociology class where it was far more interesting while Jun Ho struggled with English language class. 

Next mission was Jong Min was surrounded with his aces (who have the same names with him) but they are either top Chemistry, Engineering, Maths genius. So it's Kim Jong Min team vs 1N2D team. They are to solve some mathematical questions to which they were struggling. At last it was Jong Min's team who have won since they were the geniuses.

After dying of boredom in their lectures, the casts were headed to their dorms where they will be sharing the room with their new roommate. Tae Hyun's new roommate from Busan looks a bit like CN Blue's Jung Yonghwa. More to come the following week when the team were engaged with their new flat mates! 

Thursday, May 28, 2015

SBS's drama 'Mask' is heating up with Soo Ae, Yeon Jang Hoon & Jo Ji Hoon.

On the 28th May, according to Nielsen Korea the first broadcast of SBS new drama 'Mask' came in first spot taking 7.5%. The same time broadcast MBC's drama 'Warm and Cozy' is on 2nd spot at 7.0% while KBS2's "Masked Prosecutor" was at 5.3%

Taking over from the hit drama 'Sensory Couple'...looks like the new drama Mask is rather intriguing and challenging to watch. When Sensory Couple was first broadcasted it was on 5.9% while Mask overtook it by extra 1.9% in ratings. In terms of age group and audience, it was almost women aged 40+ are the biggest viewers. 

Mask is a drama about of a woman Seo Eun Ha (played by Soo Ae) who is meant to marry the man she doesn't love- Min Woo (played by Joo Ji Hoon). Min Woo is a heir to a chaebol family and has been suffering from a trauma and typical clean freak. Eun Ha then meets her doppelganger, Byun Ji Sook who lives a harsh life paying his father's neverending debts. Ji Sook gets to test a luxurious lifestyle when she replaced the rich Eun Ha who is engaged to the cold mysterious Min Woo. 

2nd leads are none other than Yeon Jang Hoon (Vampire Prosecutor, I Summon You
 Gold) and Yoo In Young (Three Musketeers, My love from another Star). They play as husband and wife in the rich family. Mi Yeon is Min Woo's sister and she is a alcoholic. She knows her husband, Seok Hoon married her for the sake of wealth. In fact Eun Ha has a soft spot for Seok Hoon. Min Woo knows the doppleganger isn't his real wife but he starts having a strange feeling for Ji Sook. Even the first episode we see that Seok Hoon is behind the entire scene where Ji Sook was trapped in a car falling into a cliff. He advised her to take the offer and do whatever he says...and by all means if she has to die, she has to obey the order. By killing off her identity Ji Sook, she is then able to resume the identity of Seo Eun Ha.

We have a brilliant cast from the veteran actors such as Jeong Dong Hwan and Yang Mi Kyeon who are Ji Sook's parents and Park Jung Geum (Hyun Bin's mother in Secret Garden) as Min Woo's evil step mother. For INFINITE fans- here's your chance to catch Hoya playing as Ji Sook's younger brother, Ji Hyuk. Unfortunately Yeon Jang Hoon is casted to play as the second lead role instead of the main. He definitely looks like the master of all minds. Meanwhile Yoo In Young sure does look villainess of all time! She hasn't changed ever since she did so many dramas...  I do remember clearly many years back she was in Love Letter-Bali Special where all men were fighting to be her partner. Anyway it was hillarious when FTTSky's Brian was expressing his love for her while Hwanhee just dished out the truth that Brian already has a gf. Hahaha! 

Be sure to catch this interesting drama on how Seok Hoon plots and gets Ji Sook to replace the rich Eun Ha while she adjusts to her new rich lifestyle and identity. Mmm... 

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

All eyes on Lee Min Ho during 51st Baeksang Awards

It's spur on the moment which caught everyone's attention during the 51st Baeksang Awards recently. We all feel bad that actor Ji Sung didn't secure any awards for this brilliant performance in Kill Me, Heal Me drama and lost it to Lee Sung Min who won for Misaeng drama. And there's PD Na Yeong Seok who took home the Dae-sang award for TV category which surprised everyone. No doubt he's done it so well for his variety programs such as 1 Night 2 Days under KBS and shifted to tvN's cable network for Grandpa Over Flowers and 3 Meals a Day programs.

Though there's the winners and losers of the game but there are some pretty cool highlights
too. And guess what the cool highlight was all eyes were on actor Lee Min Ho. Dressed in his usual uptight black tux and clean cut...he sure shone well on that night along with his co-stars of Gangnam Blues movie. He sat beside actor Kim Rae Won and actress Park Shin Hye at the table alongside veteran actor Jo Jae Hyun. It was performance and entertainment section for fans and guests, so Park Jin Young did promoted his new solo song. And in the middle of nowhere he stopped the music to shake hands with Lee Min Ho. Everyone laughed and squealed as he immediately stood up from his seat, bowing while shaking hands respectfully to JYPark.

We all do know JYPark is the CEO of JYP Ent. who manages miss A's activities and Suzy being part of the girl group. Ever since the two announced their relationship publicly JYPark took the opportunity to introduce himself and got a handshake from the Hallyu star. 
Kim Rae Won, Park Shin Hye were seen scoffing away in laughters while Jo Jae Hyun just smiled at two awkward intro and meeting. JYPark finishes his handshake with a finger gesture that he's watching closely at Lee. (Like a meeting of a future son in law!)

Besides that MC Shin Dong Yub did question if Lee Min Ho if he really deserved (Suzy) when he won the award for his Gangnam Blues film. He said it's for his fans and wowed his fans saying he often think of his fans. Which to MC Shin said he's got "many people" to think for when it comes to winning cheeky is that! Okay...enough been said...
Who cares if he's going out with Suzy or whoever...he still looked gorgeous as usual...not to forgetting Kim Rae Won is dashing as well. like them as they aged, they look even better... (just like wine!)


Super Junior 'Super Show 6' Encore with Yesung's return...

Korean group Super Junior will perform and launch their brand new 'Super Show 6' encore concert. ELFs fans...get ready!!!

On 27th of May, according to the agency SM Entertainment, Super Junior is holding the event from July 11 to 12 at the Seoul Olympic Park Gymnastics Stadium with the expansion of the 'Super Junior World Tour Super Show 6 Encore. 

The encore of the concert was introduced last September. The group hit on the stage, as well as showcasing each individual members on the stage. 

In particular, with the 'Super Show' only alternative service convened earlier this month was after fellow member Yesung was released from military after two years and four months.

The 'Super Show 6' Encore Concert Ticket is out on sale from June 3 from 8:00 pm Booking is available from the Internet site yes 24 (

Meanwhile in 2008, Super Junior's 'Super Show' attracted about 176 million worldwide. 

Running Man Epi 248 with Global Friends...

Latest Running Man episode 248 featured global friends who hail from various countries who have come to work and live in South Korea. Haha, Jaesuk, Jihyo, Kookie, Sukjin and Gary were crammed into a tiny car with their VJ arriving in front of 2 red carpets. They were squashed to death while Kwangsoo arrived in a white luxurious limo. He was the emcee of the day announcing the guests. First was G.O.D's Park Joon Hyung followed by 2PM's Nickhun, f(X)'s Amber, Super Junior-M's Henry and lastly M.I.B's Kangnam. Though Joon Hyung is a Korean but he's poor in his own mother tongue since he lived in US most of his life. Khunnie is a Thai but studied in US, Amber is also an American while Henry is from Canada and Kangnam is half-Japanese. 

First mission is Plot Twist Question at the SBS TV station. Henry chose Jaesuk as his partner. Haha with Amber, Khunnie with Gary, Kangnam with Kookie, Jihyo with Kwangsoo and Joonhyung with Big nose brother Sukjin. They laughed when Joonie and Suk Jin's age adds up to 100+. Each member has to come up with a question whereby if their own partner answers it correctly they will get to pass one ball to another group they like. Each group has 10 balls. The more balls a group has, the more chances to be ranked the last 3. The final penalty of the mission is last 3 groups ranking will need to have their breakfast elevated high up on a crane while the the first 3 top groups will get to have fine dining at the top floor. Turns out Kangnam, Joonhyung and Khunnie were stranded up with their respective partners having breakfast out in the high open crane. Sukjin fears of height and wanted to give up. Haha noted that Gary is super pissed off with Kwangsoo for putting another ball into his basket causing him to sit outside. He is being serious today and ignores Kwangsoo. 

Next mission is heading towards Han-river where there are 6 sunflower showers located in the park. Each group are to choose whichever number they want to stand. Then one member is to throw a dart at the rotating spinning wheel. Behind the wheel is the number of the sunflowers they are standing. Whichever group get dished out with water needs to swim across the Han-river from one end to another! The guests were in total shock. Amber and Henry found it amusing and cheering away. Turns out Gary and Khunnie were the first group to be swimming across the river in wetsuits and gear. Gary was still angry with Kwangsoo and when Khunnie threw the dart, it was revenge back where Jihyo and Kwangsoo were the next one to swim! Last but not least Haha and Amber were the last group to be chosen to swim across the river. The lucky ones get to board a nice yacht while enjoying drinks and food. 

Khunnie was super fast and great in swimming. Within 1/2 hour he swam across the river easily though he said it was tiring. Amber and Haha followed behind and patted themselves for the great work. Jihyo, Gary and Kwangsoo were struggling. PD told them if they give up, they will get 10 extra penalty balls means they will have a higher chance facing the biggest penalty of their life. Now the final round mission is throwing the balls containing the group names into a spinning blow machine where it spits out a ball. Everyone was cringing their face hoping they don't need to go to Inje where it's a vertical bungee drop (20meters high up like a apartment hight) with netting below. It's like a free fall drop within seconds...but it's terrifying for those who saw the video how the youngest (maknae) PD of the RM team tried out for himself. He came out speechless and there was no time to scream after the latch was unleased. Gary nearly cried as he hoped he wasn't been called to the penalty mission.

Turns out Sukjin and Joonhyung were the 'lucky' ones where their ball was the first to be spit out from the blowing machine. Everyone cheered and laughed away as they don't need to do the horrifying mission. Seems to be Joonhyung enjoyed the game and he didn't mind it at all but Sukjin was scared to his wits! His eyes grew so big and nearly popped out when he was released immediately from the latch for his free fall. Joonhyung said it was fun and his nostrils became parachutes when he did the free fall drop. After all the groom-to-be is smiling happily for his upcoming marriage to his non-celebrity wife to be.

Everyone wished Joonhyung congrats for his marriage and thanked all who have participated in the ruthless mission. Hahaaa...

(Just my two cents- I wished GOT7 Jackson would participate in this mission it'd be hell outta fun with him! He'd cracked everyone up with his antics and esp.around Joonhyung! )

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

51st Baeksang Awards winners

On the 26th May 2015, the 51st Baeksang Awards was held in Kyunghee University in Seoul and here are the glitters and winners of the day.

Dae Sang Award was given to veteran actor Choi Min Shik for his fantastic role in Roaring Currents. Best lead actors were awarded to Lee Sun Gyun and Jo Jin Woong from the film A Hard Day. Yeom Jung Ah took home Best Leading Actress for her motherly role in Cart.
Yoo Hae Jin was awarded Best Supporting Actor for his movie Pirates and Kim Ho Jung took home Best Supporting Actress in the film Revivre.

As what we waited- Park Yoo Chun won Best New Actor award for his role in Seafog.

Meanwhile Lee Min Ho took the Popularity Male Award for Gangnam 1970 while his co-actress from The Heirs - Park Shin Hye took the Popularity Female Award for her role in the sageuk movie The Royal Tailor.

Although Kim Soo Hyun didn't win any awards for this year since he's only filming the new drama, he was there as a presenter and he presented the award to Yoo Chun. :) Yippeee...I am happy for them...all smiles from both guys... 

Hallyu star Kim Soo Hyun handing the award to Park Yoo Chun

JYJ's Park Yoo Chun waving at the fans at the Red Carpet
                                     PD Na Yeong Seok took the Dae-Sang award for directing the TV shows '3 Meals a Day'.
tVN's drama Misaeng grabbed several awards for the TV categories from Best Actor (Lee Sung Min), Best New Actor (Im Si Wan) and Best Director (Kim Won Suk). Heard It Through the Grapevine drama was awarded Best Drama along with Go Ah Sung taking home Best New Actress. Lee Jong Suk won the Popularity Male Award for his role in Pinnochio while Krystal Jung took the Popularity Female Award.

Looks like there is a mini reunion here whereby Lee Min Ho, Park Shin Hye and Krystal from The Heirs are meeting again at this event for different awards. 

MC Shin Dong Yub, Kim Ah Joong and Joo Won at Red Carpet event

Yoo Yeon Seok's new movie Perfect Proposal photo diary...

은밀한 유혹 or better known as Perfect Proposal is scheduled to release in the big theatres in South Korea on 4th June 2015. The movie lines up big casts such as Im Soo Jung, Yoo Yeon Seok, Lee Geun Young, Park Chul Min and Min Do Hee.

A poor desperate woman Ji Yeon (played by Im Soo Jung) gets into trouble when she is hounded by loan sharks due to debts after been played off by her friend. She then meets the PA, Sung Ryul (played by Yoo Yeon Seok) working in a casino group in Macau who assists her in dressing her up to seduce the old and rich millionaire Kim Seok Goo (played by Lee Geun Young).

Literally the PA is assisting the poor huge-debted girl into a make over Cinderella and getting her to seduce his big boss at the casino. LOL! What a great way to start off a story! 

But...BUT there is a condition to Sung Ryul to help Ji Yeon that is she needs to split the fortune half between the two of them. However when everything goes smoothly along the way the two of them start to fall in love... aww....

By just looking at the photos for the upcoming movie really stimulates my emotions...haha!
Yoo Yeon Seok sure delivers the look and posture as a perfect secretary working for the wheel-bounded boss from a casino group. Meanwhile Im Soo Jung looks rather naive and innocent been leaded by the dashing PA. 

It's been a while since we last saw Im Soo Jung in a drama. I remembered she was in I'm Sorry, I Love You drama with So Ji Sub. And that was it...I didn't see her much probably...more in movies i think! And to think of it she is not a very beautiful sexy actress but she has very natural looks. But oh...Yoo Yeon Seok has given the vibes... who wouldn't want to be taught and seduced by the gorgeous looking PA? After all he's the cheeky childish Baek Gun Woo in Warm and Cozy drama. 

Monday, May 25, 2015

The "Brolly" 우산 couple from Baek Seung Chan & Cindy

Audience were send off with fluttering hearts upon seeing the slow motion scenes of Baek Seung Chan and Cindy from the drama The Producers. Kim Soo Hyun who plays as the meek and slow witted rookie PD Seung Chan has somehow captured everyone's attention. IU who plays the icy popular singer Cindy is captivated by the gentle and kind hearted gestures from Seung Chan. I'd seriously named the two "The Brolly Couple" (short version of Umbrella Couple).

In recent episode 4 of The Producers, Cindy was casted as part of 1 Night 2 Days variety program. She thinks of changing her ignorant image to a friendlier version. CEO Byun was totally against the idea but Cindy insists of taking up the offer after all Seung Chan came to her asking sincerely and also asking if she has return the umbrella he has borrowed from the lobby desk. Ha ha! After been casted as part of match making idol group, Cindy finds herself deserted because no idol group male member chose her. In fact she felt better when PD Joon Mo said she'd need to team up with rookie PD Seung Chan. Her Manager oppa tells it's difficult to handle with a new PD but Cindy has her way to make Seung Chan follow her around like a puppy. The two had to drive in a car with an awkward atmosphere where he mentioned he he knew nothing about her dramas or any of her songs! MUahahahah! It was indeed a bump on her head as Cindy has never been shun away. 

Cindy decides to play rock, paper and scissors whereby the loser has to carry all the bags. It was her own fault suggesting it when she lost the game. LOL! She nearly slipped and Seung Chan helped her to tie her shoelaces too.

After a long walk and getting lost in the forest, Cindy starts to show her true colors. She was hungry, tired and yet they can't find their base camp. It was geting dark and started to rain. The cameraman following them had to change the battery. Cindy starts to lash out angrily at Seung Chan for wasting her time and he just held out his hand to shield her from the rain drops on her head while he reached out to get the umbrella.

Cindy starts to have this strange look on her face as she looks on Seung Chan who opened the umbrella for her. Is this a kind of feeling where she starts to fall for the new rookie PD?
We all do know Seung Chan is slow and takes him ages to figure out something. The fact that he has taken so long and didn't even confess his feelings to Hae Joo.

There are some scenes which cracked me up where Seung Chan imagined himself entering
the popular variety show "Hello Counsellor" hosted by Shin Dong Yub. He was the victim and he mentioned he couldn't accept the two timer boss Ra Joon Mo. 

He just couldn't accept how he cheated behind his noona's back without her notice by having another strange relationship with Music Bank PD Tak. However he was mortified when they invited Joon Mo and Yeh Jin in the audience to vent back their anger at him.

This part really caught me in the act...I really thought Kim Soo Hyun really participate in Hello Counsellor program - only to realize it's just a dream Seung Chan had after having so much stress at work. Poor dude!  

When Joon Mo asks for the crew's ideas at the discussion table, he noticed Seung Chan giving him an icy glare as if he was going to eat him up...the vengeful fella turned meek like a lamb pretending he was looking around (but deep down inside he feels angry for what Joon Mo has done to Hae Joo) This is soooo funny... 

Cha Tae Hyun really cracked me up with his antics and explanation with Yeh Jin on their co-sharing house together. The story is slowly picking up with some hillarious parts with cameos from Jang Hyuk and Lee Chun Hee mentioning that Yeh Jin really likes Joon Mo from the start. Awww...what a good start to go...

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Fluttering India "두근두근 인도" series finishes with sweet memories

KBS2 channel has recently wrapped up the final episode of Fluttering India "두근두근 인도" which featured some K-pop idols such as Super Junior's Kyuhun, C.N Blue Jong Hyun, SHINee's Min Ho, INFINITE's Seung Gyu and EXO's Suho. Originally TVXQ's Chang Min was scheduled to join them but he was caught up with other activities so he couldn't participate in it. Eventually on end of Episode 2 Seung Gyu flew in from Seoul to India. All arrived in Mumbai- the main capital of India. The country is hot and humid. The boys were all given a mission- they are working as correspondents and to report back to the HQ on how to promote and spread the K-pop culture in India. However they were all horrified to know that the locals know very little on Korea. They were greeted with veteran reporter Kim Gil Heung who is their Cap and will be assisting them to make the reports.

The first stop was The Gateway of India- the main huge monument in Mumbai. Seunggyu also discovered what it the real meaning of Bollywood- originally Mumbai's name is Bombay. So Bo+ llywood (from Hollywood) is where the Indian movies start from. The idols were quite surprised that nobody knew them on the main streets. Even though they were asked to take photos with the locals but they were not their fans. Locals thought they were foreign celebs and it'd be a good idea to snap the pics first. Kyuhun and Jonghyun headed to Starbucks Coffee which only opened 2 years ago. They were relaxing and having a cuppa when an Indian girl fan approached Kyuhun asking if he's from SuJu. At last! They were recognized by an Indian fan who knows K-pop! The 2 were directed to Rythmn House - the largest CD store in Mumbai to find if there are any K-pop records. To their surprise there was nothing! LOL! Their music industry is different compared to Korea. 

The boys were getting desperate as they couldn't have any report to send back to Seoul. Reporter Kim informs them if their news are worth it, it could appear in the daily 9pm new slot which everyone is eager to see it. Quickly they headed to the biggest Indian film company Yash Raj Films to meet a movie PD. He is happy to see them and knew K-pop is rather huge in Asia. He pointed out he'd personally picked TVXQ's Changmin as the most potential even though he wasn't there. Ha ha! Seunggyu managed to secure his business card if they ever want to make it big in India. They were informed there is a Korean stunt coordinator, Oh Seh Young who is currently working in Mumbai at the Film City. Kyuhun immediately informed Reporter Kim that they are heading to Film City. At first they couldn't get into the set because Oh is rehearsing another scene. So the boys headed to the mall to get some Indian clothes to wear. Then they finally met Oh who immediately recognized Kyuhun as his crew directed the movie Attack of the Pin Up boys movie which some of SuJu members starred in it. Kyuhun was so embarassed with that film and asked not to be mentioned again. Oh is famous for his stunts works in big films such as King the Clown, War of Arrows and recently The Suspect starring Gong YooHe tells them the culture in India is rather different than in Korea. He finds the country to be colorful and people are friendly too. Their meeting was abrupted with the announcement of a Secretary of Ministry of Culture arriving at Film City. She wanted to meet the K-pop idols. Quickly the boys rushed to meet the woman in charge and she only knows PSY for his noted Gangnam Style MV. After taking photo with her, they rushed back to continue their interview with Oh and his crew. Kyuhun noted that Oh looks like Kim Jeongnam from Turbo and his other crewman looks like Kim Jongkook means they can form Turbo group! Hahaha!

The group even celebrated Kyuhun's birthday in India with a simple party but he wasn't surprised as he could see the boys were blowing balloons in the other room for him. Only Reporter Kim was caught in the act. 

It was a long day and the boys were hoping to send the news back to Seoul with the help of Reporter Kim. However their reports were not so important to feature on 9-News slot so theirs will be slotted on the 8AM news slot the next morning. Eventually Minho and Kyuhun's reports were selected as part of 4 minutes news. For 4 days filming, it was only screened 4 minutes. How devastating! Suho thinks it's all beginners' luck and it was good enough they get to see so much things in 4 days. Jonghyun wonders if he should dye his hair black again to make it big in India. Seunggyu pointed probably he doesn't have any fans because of his single eye lid. The guys knew for one thing that actor Shah Rukh Khan is the biggest celeb in India. Everyone knows and admires him. In fact they were shown home made videos of Indian K-pop fans who loved them so much. They even received fan mails from Indian fans. :) 

On a random voting of photos- Suho ranked no.#1 in apperance and he was beaming happily. Kyuhun and Jonghyun managed to secure a few votes but Minho and Seunggyu had zero votes because of some strange photos they posted. Best bit the boys even came up in promptu of random songs singing about India in their dorms. Jonghyun's inspiration of music prompted Kyuhun to sing as if he was in some musical and Suho's song ended up like a kiddie song! the boys enjoyed themselves while promoting Korea in India. 
For one thing the guys were at their most relaxed comfy manner without being too akward as they were mostly same age friends in the entertainment industry. The youngest in age literally would be Minho but Suho was considered the youngest since EXO debuted later than the rest. 

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Park Yoo Chun's Japan fan meeting for Sensory Couple drama.

SBS TV drama '"Sensory Couple" featuring JYJ's Park Yoochun (29) will be meeting the drama fans in Japan this coming June 2015.

C-Jes Entertainment Agency mentioned that Yoo Chun is be heading on 23-24th June around Yokohama, Japan for a fan meeting session for drama fans of Sensory Couple. 
The drama will be broadcasted via Japanese KNTV on June 7th.

The drama Sensory Couple has exploded Yoo Chun's popularity in Japan and they cannot wait to see the reaction of the die-hard fans. In fact being JYJ group has already drove the women mad...what more can we expect? He he! 

Yoo Chun plays as Choi Mu Gak who lost his taste buds after witnessing his younger sister died tragically. He starts investigating the barcode murder. His role has shown a variety comical expressions, action and melodrama. The final episode of the drama is scheduled to be broadcasted on 21st May.

Meanwhile, Yoo Chun is scheduled to meet with local fans in an exclusive fan meeting held at Korea University from 30th to 31st of May at Hwajeong Gym before he heads to Japan fan meeting.

Park Hae Jin attends fan meeting at Lotte Family Day

Actor Park Hae Jin (aged 32) presented a special memory for the Asian fans.

The actor himself will be attending the fan meeting held on 22nd May 2015 at Seoul Jamsil Olympic Games main stadium for the "2015 Lotte Duty Free Family Concert '.

Park Hae-jin will unveil the whereabouts of the day, including fan meeting at which actively being made with the him selected as one of the models for Lotte Duty Free after his busy and various activities in China. He was well noted for his performances in dramas such as East of Eden alongside Song Seung Hun and Yeon Jang Hoon. In 2012, it was his breakthrough where he plays as Lee Bo Young's twin brother in My Daughter Seo Young

Then in 2013, he also starred in the hit drama My Love from the Star with Jeon Ji Hyun and Kim Soo Hyun. in 2014, Park acted with Lee Jong Seok and Kang So Ra in Doctor Stranger

Park Hae-jin smiled and cofnriemd he will be starring in the original drama Cheese In The Trap. He plans to reveal the resolution, including directing and inversing well with cast the story behind Cheese In The Trap

Apart from taking photos and events for this fan meeting, Lotte had prepared a special stage various programs. Another event is scheduled to including actor Lee Min Ho and idol group Super Junior.

Meanwhile, Lotte Duty Free and Flea Market Festival will be holding its charity 'Bazaar' also where the proceeds will go to the recent devastating Nepal earthquake victims. 

Lotte Duty Free official has said they are expecting to have 2000-5000 fans visit this festival. The stars are planning to return on stage with a variety of fan services to the audience.
Good on them to do charity work. 

Singer Lee Seung Gi returns after 2 years and 7 months.

Singer and actor Lee Seung Gi (28) is finally going to release a new album after being in hiatus for 2 years and 7 months. That seems a bit long he's away from entertainment business. Ever since we last saw him playing in the drama Gu:Family Book with Suzy and Yoo Yeon Seok- he seems to have disappeared from the lime light. 

According to the agency Hook Entertainment, Lee Seung Gi is expected to unveil a regular 6th album on June 4th. On November 2012 was the last mini album 'Forest' that Seung Gi has done. 

Hook Entertainment has introduced "a total of eight songs he has done," said "Lee Seung Gi's distinctive singing along with the songs of various genres songs are more melodic and easy going. 

Also this is to commemorate 10th anniversary since his debut as a singer. Lee Seung-gi first album was in year 2004 with the album title "The Dream of the Moth" and the hit single "Noona, you're my woman'.

Also Seung Gi starred in the movie Love Forecast along with Moon Chae Won and See Seo Jin which as released in early January this year. 

Meanwhile, Lee Seung Gi held a concert for the patient and their family at Severance Hospital in Seoul Seodaemun-gu with veteran female singer Lee Sun Hee.

Kim Soo Hyun and Gong Hyo Jin comes in no#1 for viewer's choice.

Hallyu star, Kim Soo Hyun received 33.6% and actress Gong Hyo Jin received 34.8% votes among both female and male viewers for dramas. These 2 proved they were likeable among people who watched daily dramas.

Korean Broadcast Advertising Corporation (President Gwak Sang Mun) has announced the final results on the 21st of May based on the PEI program. Approximately 8,000 men and women aged from 13-59 were the target audience who have enjoyed watching the drama. This research was targetted to 3655 people.

Actors Kim Soo Hyun and Ji Sung came in at (27.0%) and 2nd spot was Cha Seung-won (24.9%). Followed by actresses Gong Hyo Jin and Ha Ji Won at (31.8%), Lee Bo Young (24.2%) in the ranks. Male viewers prefer Cha Seung Won (33.9%), followed by Kim Myung-min (32.9%), Jang Hyuk (22.2%) and Cha Tae-hyun at (20.5%) is relatively high. 

Meanwhile women viewers prefer actors Ji Sung (32.6%), Lee Jong Seok (17.9%), Song Joong Ki (14.1%) and Park Yoo Chun (11.9%). 

As for actresses, the male voted for Moon Chae Won at (26.1%), Kang So R (19.7%), Son Ye-jin (18.6%), Bae Suzy (18.6%) and Kim Tae Hee (14.2%)

Compared to male viewers, the female viewers voted for Lee Bo Young at (29.9%), Jeon Ji-hyun (24.9%), Hwang Jung Eum (16.9%) and Kim Sun Ah (16.9%). 

Kim Soo-hyun received strong support from both men and women.Gong Hyo Jin is on the rise after her great performance at KBS 2TV drama- The Producers.

On the other hand, the best couple Viewers' Choice No. 1 was voted for Kim Soo-hyun and Jeon Ji-hyun (12.5%) -- My Love from the Star . No. 2 Ji Sung & Hwang Jung Eum (10.1%) - Secret, Kill Me Heal Me while 3rd spott was secured for So Ji Sub and Gong Hyo Jin (7.6%)- The Master's Sun. 

After all how can we forget easily our Song Cheon Yi and Do-Min Joon? 

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Running Man Epi 247- "Desirable Lee Kwang Soo"

The recent episode 247 of Running Man cracked the hell outta me. Our dear Giraffe- Lee Kwang Soo is the main star for the day. The 6 members were gathered at a nearby coffee shop while Kwang Soo is at home. PD pointed out their mission for today is "Lee Kwang Soo Happy Days". Giraffe at home still thinks their filming will begin at 1pm when the rest are gathered to surprise him at a home visit. In fact he has moved to a new apartment previously rented by SS501 member Hyung Jun. It is a clean nice decent in a high up apartment where his balcony can view Han-river. However the surprise house warming party was a shock to Kwang Soo who has just woken up and brushing his teeth. With foam in his mouth and uncombed hair, he was taken back when the rest were ravaging his apartment from drawers to cupboards, fridge, notebook and sofa. 

Giraffe didn't seem happy when they were asking him tons of questions and he was shocked when Jae Suk asked him where he kept his leopard print boxers. Ha Ha was busy looking around for a 20cm hair strand in his bedroom with Ji Hyo. Tiger Kook was rampaging his fridge to find an expired product. Suk Jin was browsing through his personal notebook to find a folder with a bird's name on it. It was part of the 6 members mission that they are to deceive Kwang Soo in a hidden camera. If Giraffe finds out their main motives and hidden camera, the mission will fail. Meanwhile Kwang Soo seems to lighten up when PD told him he's the King Maker of the day where the rest have to please and suck up to him. 6 vs. 1 means they have missions to achieve. The final person to stand beside Kwang Soo at Aquarium's main podium wins the entire race. 

They head off to SBS station at Mokdong where they are supposed to find a guest and bring him to the main R mark area and make a heart shape with their hands/arms. Kwangsoo was informed his father is the main guest. The rest were also informed that Kwangsoo will be looking for his father at the lobby area. Kwangsoo wins the race with his father where the rest just smiled and pretended they lost terribly. Haha made sure he is a big flatterer to praise and make Kwangsoo super happy. The next mission was 6 chairs lifted up on top of a big swimming pool. The 6 members are to sit on it and Kwangsoo to shout whichever number he likes and if they fall into the water, it was a part of revenge for him. Happily he sees 5 members fell into the pool as he wanted. Ji Hyo as the main survivor. However it was part of the 6 members plan to ensure all fall into the pool except for one. They laughed behind his back and Giraffe smiles with satisfaction seeing he has taken revenge on those who invaded his apartment without permission.

The final mission of the day is located at Aqua Planet Aquarium at Kintex, Ilsan. It's a beautiful sophisticated building and famous for its largest aquarium found in Seoul and the neighboring regions. It opens in 2013 and relatively new. Instead of ripping tags game, it's a smearing and washing off the name tags on their back with a special crazy water liquid. Each and everyone found a bottle and started attacking one another. Gary, Haha and Jaesuk were the first few ones to be out of the race. Soon Tiger Kook met with his own demise as Kwang Soo rubs the liquid on his name tag happily. Kwang Soo was the main star so he doesn't need to run around and chase the others. He cleans off Ji Hyo's name tag at the end. Little does he know that his other members have final mission that is to deceive him and make him betray the last standing member. If they win the mission, they get KRW$10 million each. 

At last Kwangsoo betrayed Suk Jin hoping to win all the prize to himself (as expected from the rest he'd do that!). He laughs and cheers to himself thinking he won the entire race which in fact he won nothing. Poor fella... in fact Suk Jin received double prize since he's the last standing person to Kwang Soo. The next few days when Suk Jin and Jae Suk interviewed Kwang Soo at his home, he's nearly in the verge of tears... pitiful guy. 

Lesson we learn for the day: Do not betray your team mates as you'd never know what you are going to get at the end of the day. (but I'd not mind betraying Big Nose Brother or Giraffe Kwangsoo once a while

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

GOT7's Jr gets a taste of major drama for My Love Eun Dong.

Idol group GOT7's member Jr. finally gets a taste for his major role in the upcoming drama - My Love Eun Dong. For fans of GOT7, you'd remember he first appeared in Dream High Season 2 drama. I haven't watch DH2 so I don't know much about it.

There will be three parts of how the main hero Ji Eun Ho (played by Jr. Baek Sung Hyun and Jo Jin Mo) with his Eun-Dong (played by Lee Ja In, Yoon So Hee and Kim Sa Rang)

This drama features Jo Jin Mo (Empress Ki), Kim Sa Rang (Secret Garden), Kim Yoo Ri (Master's Sun), Kim Tae Hoon (Angry Mom), Baek Sung Hyun, Yoon So Hee ( and GOT7's Jr. 

"My Love Eun-dong" is a love story of a man who has been in love with the same woman for 20 years. The drama is directed by Lee Tae Gon and scriptwriter is Baek Mi Gyeong. 

Baek Sung Hyun and Yoon So Hee play in their 20s.

The first episode is scheduled to be broadcasted on 29th May 2015. 

High Society 상류사회 drama with UEE, Sung Joon, Park Hyung Sik & Im Ji Yeon

SBS will premiere its new drama High Society "상류사회" featuring After School's UEE, Sung Joon, ZE:A's Park Hyung Sik and Im Ji Yeon. Lately dramas are screening with mostly idols/singers as their main casts. Whether it's to garner the attention of young people or just as a "plastic vase" (merely for pretty decor in the drama), I am a bit skeptical about their acting. Don't get me wrong, UEE is a fine actress ever since she started acting out You are Beautiful, Ojakyo Brothers and Golden Rainbow. In fact she is better off in acting than singing with those long beautiful legs.

Sung Joon is a newbie actor despite he has acted in various dramas such as Lie To Me, Shut Up Flower Boy Band, I Need Romance 3...etc. I'd not say he's that handsome but there's something in him. I'll give him a pass. Ah...our maknae Dalbong from What's With The family? drama is back in action. Park Hyung Sik from ZE:A is fabulous in his acting skills as a spoilt brat though in real life he isn't. He is always welcomed by his seniors in variety or entertainment industry due to his manners and gestures. He must be busy filming variety show- Law of the Jungle in Indochina and also this new drama.
 I'll be looking forward to his role in this drama. As for Im Ji Yeon- I have no comments on her, she's a new rookie actress and I don't know much about her. 

The story goes as far as UEE playing as a rich heiress owned by her family and being the youngest daughter, she hides her real identity by working part time in a cafe in order to find her true love. And we pretty much know the story how she will meet Sung Joon (the hero) of the story..etc. Park Hyung Sik and Im Ji Yeon were the 2nd leads.

Originally the main roles were offered to Park Seo Joon and Moon Geun Yeung however both turned down the offers. I am glad I won't be seeing MGY as I'm not a fan of hers and to be honest I don't really like her acting. Example when she was in Cheongdamdong Alice- no matter how well she dresses and how fashionable it is, she doesn't have that classy look...with a bit of her crossed-eyed. LOL! I had to grit my teeth to watch that drama because of Park Shi Hoo and So Yi Hyun. 

It's quite unfortunate that Park Seo Joon didn't take up the role as he'd be perfect for it. He will match well with UEE. Anyway we will have a good look out how these 4 people will bring out their characters. 

Monday, May 18, 2015

KBS- The Producers kick off with 2 digits episode ratings.

The highly anticipated drama with star studded cast- The Producers have screened first 2 episodes last week with 2 digit ratings. This means it has kicked off with a good start and vibe. But for some ajummas, they find it relatively boring as it's mainly about broadcasting and producers with scriptwriters life on a TV station. Example for my mom, she prefers family drama or action series. She is sitting this one out. So I sat through watching first 2 episodes of The Producers and I'd say it's a fair go. I won't say it's superb or fantastic. It's probably just the start so I'll be patient.

Our rookie PD, Baek Seung Chan (played by Kim Soo Hyun) started off first day at work at KBS station. He is a bit clumsy and a rather oddball. He stammers in front of his 'noona' he has a crush on since school and devasted to know she is dating the the 2 Days 1 Night PD, Ra Joon Mo (played by Cha Tae Hyun). The rookies PD were introduced to the fiesty fiery Music Bank veteran PD, Tak Yeh Jin (played by Gong Hyo Jin) who is loud and straight forward. She tries to keep her pose well in front of newbies while lashing out at Seung Chan. 

She even made a scratch on his father's imported car on the first day and bound to pay the damages. So she scrunched her face and gave him a hard time. 

IU plays Cindy- a top singer who started out since she was a kid to where she was. Deep inside she doesn't feel happy or interested in anything as she was forced to work. She is cold and mean towards people around her and her manager. To make things worst, Seung Chan is assigned to Joon Mo's team where he dislikes him since he is his first love's bf. And their 2D1N program is coming to an end because of the poor ratings. 


The drama features many cameos from various idols, actors and singers such as TaeTiSeo (Taeyeon, Tiffany, Seohyun from Girls Generation), veteran actors Yeo Yoo Jung, Hyun Young, Kim Jong Gook...etc 


Netizens have blasted that this will be a flop drama for Hallyu star Kim Soo Hyun since he has done very good dramas before with high ratings from Dream High, Moon Embraces the Sun and My Love from Another Star. However the ratings proved they were wrong.
I guess that's the power of Hallyu stars and the big casts on it. Cha Tae Hyun provides comic relief and he's funny in every way. Gong Hyo Jin always shines in her acting from Master's Sun. IU is still has a long way to go...but she's still young. She was alright in You're the Best, Lee Soon Shin. Will see how it goes down the road... good luck to the casts! :)