Sunday, May 31, 2015

1 Night 2 Days outing at Seoul National University

The recent episodes of 1 Night 2 Days was getting the cast members to dressed up young and hippy while they were guided to their base camp which is SNU (Seoul National University) of the most prestigous universities in Asia. It is where the cream of the crop best students were selected from their college entrance exams for this intellectual place. PD Ho handed out 1-day university student cards for them while they laughed their heads off where none of the crew of the 1N2D graduated from SNU. Rest of the casts either didn't finished college or college dropouts! The only members who have graduated from universities were Cha Tae Hyun and Kim Joo Hyuk

First mission was given out to them whereby Tae Hyun is to find the pretty popular girl posted on the Uni-social forum. He ran around searching for the girl at the library but ended up like a fan meeting where students swarmed to him taking photos! Ha ha! Jung Jun Young got some help by measuring the weight of the water at the Naval Engineering building, Defconn won over 3 students by playing Omok at the Isung room, Joo Hyuk managed to bring 3 top scorers of CSAT, Kim Jong Min recorded the difficult piano recital by Chopin from a music student. The casts succeeded in their solo mission so they get to have lunch at the cafeteria with the rest of the students. Though SNU is like a battlefield for the top students but nothing stopped them from chasing around the 1N2D casts. 

Second mission was handed out where they picked the lectures they are supposed to attend. As what Defconn hated was Maths and he was left with Calculus lecture to attend but luck was on his side, the class was cancelled! Meanwhile Joo Hyuk attended the Social Animal Behaviour class conducted in English which he needed a translator, Tae Hyun was at the computers and science analogy class which he purely looked bored and blank in it, Jong Min and Jun Young ended up in a type of sociology class where it was far more interesting while Jun Ho struggled with English language class. 

Next mission was Jong Min was surrounded with his aces (who have the same names with him) but they are either top Chemistry, Engineering, Maths genius. So it's Kim Jong Min team vs 1N2D team. They are to solve some mathematical questions to which they were struggling. At last it was Jong Min's team who have won since they were the geniuses.

After dying of boredom in their lectures, the casts were headed to their dorms where they will be sharing the room with their new roommate. Tae Hyun's new roommate from Busan looks a bit like CN Blue's Jung Yonghwa. More to come the following week when the team were engaged with their new flat mates! 

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