Thursday, August 31, 2017

2PM Junho first solo album after debuting 9 years ago.

Hallyu group 2PM member Junho has finally released his very first solo album in Korea after debuting in the industry 9 years ago.

According to his agency JYP Entertainment on 31st August, Junho will release his first solo mini album 'CANVAS' on 11th of September.

This is the first time that Juno has released his best album entitled 'ONE', which is part of a solo album album released in Japan in September 2015, but he has solo mini album too. 

In Japan, Junho has already established his solid popularity as a solo singer. After his debut in 2013, he has been popular with the Japan Oricon charts as a solo project every summer. Japan's fifth mini-album '2017 S / S' released on the 26th of last month was ranked 2nd on the Oricon Weekly Chart

Starting last month, he will start a solo tour in Fukuoka, Japan, followed by Tokyo, Osaka, Sapporo and Nagoya. He will finish up 14 tours of 6 cities in Yokohama Arena.

On the other hand, early this year Junho was recognised as a playful yet lovable villain 'Seo Yul'
that can not be hated in the popular KBS 2TV drama 'Good Manager Chief Kim'.
In the second half of this year he will be the lead in jTBC's new drama 'Just ln Love' as the male protagonist Lee Kang Do.

Ha Ji Won's Hospital Ship scores 12.4% viewers ratings.

MBC TV drama "Hospital Ship" (scriptwriter Yoon Sun-joo, director Park Jae-bum) took off smoothly as it climbed to 1st place in the drama time peak slot.

According to Nielsen Korea, it is the first time "Hospital Ship" was broadcasted on the previous day, the nationwide average audience rating was 12.4%. It was 13.2% in Seoul and 13.8% in the metropolitan area. The previous drama ratings of "Man Who Lives to Die"  was t 14.0%.

At the same time, KBS2 TV drama 'Manhole' recorded very poorly at 2.0% and SBS TV drama 'Reunited Worlds' scored 6.8% ratings. 

Hospital Ship is about a bunch of young doctors travelling around in boats to some of the rural islands to treat the sick and elderly. Ha Ji Won takes the role of Song Eun Jae who is a talented physician when even there is little facilities and prescriptions, she is able to perform very well. Due to an unexpected incident, she is brought to the island by boat. Co-starring are Kang Min Hyuk, Lee Seo Won, Kim In Sik, Song Ji Ho and Kwon Mina

In the first episode featured Song Eun Jae battling with her mother's sudden death. 

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

EXO's repackage album to be released in September.

EXO's 'The War: The Power of Music' 4th 'Repackage' released in September.

EXO group has written history with 'Quadruple Million Seller' records for selling more than one million copies of the four albums to the fourth one, is also prolific with the 4th Repackage Album.

According to their agency SM Entertainment, EXO will release their 4th package "The War: The Power of Music" at 6.00 pm on the 5th September.

The album consists of 12 tracks, including nine new songs and three new songs. The title song 'Power' is an EDM song featuring a dynamic synthesizer sound, strong energy felt in drum beat, and addictive refrain.

SM said, "EXO has been building a unique world view through differentiated storytelling and planning since its debut, and is foretelling the full-scale development of world view through this repackaged album."

EXO's 4th album "The War"  was released within 24 days has already exceeded 1 million copies in sales and became a quadruple million seller.

Once again, Chinese member Lay is not featured in the package album.

BTS new album is 1st place in Amazon sales.

Currently BTS group is definitely enjoying massive success local and internationally.

According to his agency, Big Hit Entertainment, BTS will release their new album 'LOVE YOURSELF', 'Her', which will be released on the 18th of September in America 's largest online e -commerce company from 7.00 am (Korean time) The book sales and proceeded to be the best seller in the Amazon' CDs & Vinyl 'category within 3 hours.

Big Hit is the first time that BTS group has made an official reservation sale of a Korean artist album through Amazon in America.

BTS has recorded total of four albums on the Billboard 200, the first US Korean billboard main chart, with 'Wings Abroad: You Never Walk Alone' in February. It on the 15th place on Billboard's "Bubbling Under Hot 100" chart for the title song 'Spring Day'.

Since then, the 'Wings Tour' has 32 concerts around 17 cities around the world was very successful. In particular, BTS was the first ever K-pop group to win the US Billboard Music Award.

INFINITE's Hoya withdraws from the group.

After debuting 7 years as a member/dancer of the idol group INFINITE, Hoya (26, real name Lee Ho Won) decides to leave the band.

Woolim Entertainment- its subsidiary company rep has mentioned on 30th August that Hoya has been together with the band members for seven years. He has ended his contract with the agency once it expires on 9th September.

"While discussing the contract with Hoya, he wanted to take a different path to expand his own dreams and career. The rest of the members decided to respect that choice."

The rest of Infinite members Kim Seong Gyu, Jang Dong-woo, Nam Woo-hyun, Lee Sung-yeol, L (Kim Myung-soo) and Lee Seong-jong have renewed their contracts with the agency. The company has planned to actively support group activities and individual activities in the future as well. As a result, INFINITE is also unable to escape from the seventh-year jinx which follows the idol groups like a tag.

In July 2009, the Korea Fair Trade Commission (KFTC) enacted standard terms and conditions for entertainers 'exclusive contracts, including that entertainment contractors and performers' exclusive contracts can't exceed seven years.

As a result, it looks like the idol groups are in crisis within five to seven years in line with the regular renewal period. As the individual activities of the members gradually increase and the degree of illumination changes, it is not easy to balance the members in the agency.

INFINITE who has been criticised for playing music reminiscent of the British boy band 'Take That' in the 1990's, has become a popular group with hit songs such as 'Paradise' and 'You Are Mine' since their debut in 2010.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Park Shi Hoo asks for support in his weekend drama.

KBS2TV weekend drama 'My Golden Life- 황금빛 내 인생 presents its new project by director Kim Hyung Suk with main lead Park Shi Hoo in it. 

It has been almost 5 years actor Park Shi Hoo left the entertainment industry after the sexual assault scandal in 2013- not long after his hit SBS drama Cheongdamdong Alice. 
He's now returning back to small screen after the scandal news have died down and he has resumed activities in China. Last year he returned to cable channel OCN in the drama Neighbourhood Hero but it didn't quite pick up. 

It's only a year or so since he filmed Neighbourhood Hero drama and 6 years since he acted in the big successful KBS sageuk drama The Princess Man.

He's glad to be working again with KBS TV station and he hopes for support from all viewers and fans. It has been a long time since he appeared in dramas so it'd be a good start for him.
My Golden Life is a story about a 3rd generation heir to conglomerate Hae Sung Group- Choi Do Kyung is a perfectionist and has lots of guts. All this while Park Shi Hoo has been always playing as rich heirs or higher ranking position 'chaebols'. This will be a rather different character he will be showing for the audience.

Before that, he has personally apologised sincerely for what happened previously and the inconvenience he has caused. He has ensured he will carry on the project well. PD Kim did admit that at the start he was agonised of the fact to cast Park as the main lead. But the worry didn't last long as now he's looking forward to the great cast and script including the production team.

Actress Shin Hye Sun plays the role of a contract worker, Seo Ji Ahn under Hae Sung Group's marketing division and is trying to get on the last chance for a full-time job. Shin mentioned it felt like it a comical character so she is able to portray it well. 'My Golden Life' is a dramatic drama about the story of a woman who had a chance to rise in status with a golden spoon but fell into hell only to realize how to seek for happiness.

Writer So Hyun Kyung has written great dramas such as Brilliant Legacy, 49 Days, My Daughter Seo Young and Two Weeks. 

Co-starring in the drama are Lee Tae Hwan, Seo Eun Su, Jeon No Min, Na Kyung Hee, Lee Tae Sung and veterans Cheon Ho Jin and Kim Hye Ok.

Monday, August 28, 2017

Jung Gyu Woon to marry non-celebrity woman.

Actor Jung Gyu Woon (35) is set to marry a non-celebrity woman in September.

According to his agency C9 Entertainment, Jung has invited his family and friends to an upcoming wedding venue near Seoul on the 30th September. The bride to be is a musician who majored in classical piano and they have been going out for a year.

My agency has confirmed, "We would like to congratulate and encourage the actor Jung Gyu Woon and his future bride for a new start to life which is marriage. After the wedding, Jung will continue to work on new projects and show his acting skills to the public. 

He has recently finished the MBC weekend drama 'You Are Too Much' and is searching for his next projects.

Wheesung sets up his own independent label.

R&B singer Wheesung has left his previous agency and set up his own label entitled Real Slow Company.

Through the 'Real Slow Company' he said, the goal is to express the aspects of an artist and creator beyond music, image, and production that has been pursued by the singer himself.

Wheesung also acted as a brand apart from what he had been doing with and his name was 'Real slow' which was used during childhood days.

'Real Slow' is a music genre of Down-tempo mood, Slow Jam at the time when Whistle was active in SNP (Show & Prove), a black music club that belonged to Defcon and Jung In. It is the name which is to realise real slow jam in the country where black music was still unfamiliar at that time.

Wheesung said, "When I looked back on my footsteps, I came up with my thoughts and reflection on my own music so I decided to set a turning point for it in Real Slow Company."

Sunday, August 27, 2017

MBC's You're Too Much drama ended at 16.6%

MBC TV weekend drama 'You are too much' (written by Ha Chang Wook, director Baek Ho-Min) ended with 16% in audience ratings.

According to Nielsen Korea on August 28th, the drama scored average audience rating of 16.6% nationwide. The ratings for Seoul and the metropolitan area were 16.6% and 17.1%, respectively. This is the highest of all programs broadcast on MBC this day.

The drama is a story about a top star singer Yoo Ji Na who lives a colourful life and a female artist, Hae Dang who imitates her idol as a living. Uhm Jung-hwa, Jang Hee-jin, Kang Tae Oh, Jeon Gyeong-ryul, Jung Geun-woon, Son Tae-young, Eru and others co-starred in the drama. In the first half of March, it has maintained 12% rating in the same time zone with the mid-10% audience rating. The highest audience rating was 16.6% in Episode 44.

On the other hand, the sequel is 'The man who sets the table' where the story of a middle-aged man and family who are at risk of collapsing home by the sudden declaration divorce from his wife. Choi Soo Young, On Ju Wan, Kim Gab Soo, Kim Mi Sook, Lee Il Hwa, Shim Hyun Tak and Seo Hyo Rim are starring in the drama.

Hyun Bin, Jang Dong Gun in sageuk movie.

The new movie 'Outbreak' directed by PD Kim Seung Hoon has completed its main casting which includes Jang Dong Gun, Hyun Bin, Kim Eui Sung, Jung Man Sik, Jo Woo Jin to start filming full scale in September.

It is a work depicting the struggle of the prince to save the Joseon, preventing the eruption of the night ogre which is only active at night. Set in the backdrop of Joseon dynasty, Hyun Bin, Jang Dong Gun, Kim Eui Sung, Jung Man Sik, Jo Woo Jin, Seo Ji Hye, Lee Sun Bin, Han Ji Eun, Park Jin Woo and special cameo by Kim Ju Hyuk are part of the film.

Hyun Bin plays the role of a prince Lee Chong who is a pawn in the Qing dynasty.
Jang Dong Gun takes the role of Kim Jae Joon who aims to reform Joseon.

Hyun Bin said, "I am looking forward to challenge new genres and characters that I have not done before." Jang Dong Gun also said, "I was completely fascinated as soon as I saw the script."

PD Kim Seung Hoon who has collaborate with Hyun Bin in the movie 'Confidential Assignment', said, "Although it will be an easy journey, I have a lot of expectations and excitement when I see the passion and energy of the great actors and the best staff to work together. I will do my best to shoot the movie to present it to the audience"

Outbreak will be released next year.

Splendid ending for My Father is Strange drama.

KBS 2TV weekend drama 'My Father Is Strange' (scriptwriter Lee Jung-seon, director Lee Jae-sung) ended its finale episode with an audience ratings of over 30%.

According to Nielsen Korea on 28th August, the last episode -52-of 'My Father is Strange' has recorded an average national audience rating of 33.7%. 32.7% in Seoul and 33.3% in the metropolitan area. It has the highest audience ratings of all programs broadcast on this day.

The drama is a family drama that tells the story of a sincere husband-wife who have lived for the rest of their lives in another identity. It also enfolds the story of the actor who chooses to find his real father and ended up living together in a house with his so-called four siblings. Kim Young-chul, Kim Hae-sook, Ryu Su Young, Lee Yuri, Lee Joon, Jeon So Min, Min Jin-woong, Lee Mi Do and Lee Jun Hyuk are part of the main casts.

The drama started in March with an audience rating of 22.9%, and has steadily moved from the late 20% ratings to the early 30% audience ratings. The highest audience rating is 36.5%.

 In the meantime, the sequel is 'My Golden Life' (written by Su Hyuk Kyung, director Kim Hyung Suk), a woman who dreams of rising status and falls into the hell of life. Starring are Park Si Hoo, Shin Hye Sun, Lee Tae Hwan and Seo Eun Su.

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Idols battle out in Fantastic Duo Star-Wars episode.

Fantastic Duo program has recently changed its way of selecting the partner singers to the main singers. Rather than selecting randomly from public, the special episodes of Fan-Duo Star Wars battle in August 2017 brings out many celebrities from all walks of life participating to aim for getting a spot to duet with their favourite singer.

Add caption
First to participate looking for her ideal partner singing is female vocalist and soundtrack queen, Gummy. She is known for her R&B jazz bluesy voice and contributed to many big drama OST such as Descendants of the Sun and Moonlight Drawn by Clouds. Black Pink's Rose, BTOB's Yook Sung Jae and musical actor Son Jun Ho battled out to win the heart of Gummy. Yook Sung Jae secured himself the spot to duet with Gummy. 

For veteran singer Yang Hee Eun, she found herself surrounded by idol singers such as IKON's Jun HoHwang Chi Yeol, B1A4's Sandeul and Cosmic Girls' Yun Jung. For the finale, Sandeul and Sung Jae did their best to win the votes from viewers. Not a surprise Sung Jae won the competition with Gummy belting out the song -Memory Loss. He got himself a Bali trip with family! In fact the audience were mesmerised with the young powerful voice from Sung Jae since he himself is established as an actor from dramas such as Goblin.

90's trio group TURBO aims to look for their duo singing partner with celebrities such as Sleepy, Din Din, Jessi and FT Island's Lee Hong Ki contesting out. As for trot queen Jang Yun Jeong, she was all smiles with her contenders such as sing-songwriter Roy Kim, rock singer Park Wan Kyu, comedian Kim Young Chul and Oh My Girl's Seung Hee.
Jang finally picked Roy Kim as her final duet partner to battle against TURBO.

Quite an interesting two special episodes of Star Wars Special for Fan-Duo program.
Am definitely looking forward to see more of these.

Among all, I am totally awe with watching the episode where Kim Yeon Woo finds his fan-duo partner. I am a fan of Kim Yeon Woo ever since his young days when he sang under TOY. And of course when he appeared in King of Mask Singer- he totally blew me off with his performances and streak of wins. He sort of fits in any genre and his voice is no doubt the best.
And of course I laughed like hell when he started dancing Lucifer where he practised like months before it...while appearing together with SHINee's Onew, B1A4's Sandeul and 2AM's Changmin

Thoughts of Reunited Worlds drama.

First of all I must say child actor  has grown up to be a very fine and handsome young actor now. He has gained so much popularity ever since he acted in the younger version of MBC drama Moon Embracing the Sun, Missing You and movie flick Hwayi: The Monster Boy.
His way of delivering emotional feelings and expressions have somehow won the hearts of viewers and even directors to cast him in more dramas.

This year itself, he has been in two dramas- a sci-fiction drama Circle and Reunited Worlds.

Reunited Worlds is about Sung Hae Sung; a teenager met his untimely death in front of the school while been framed for a murder he didn't commit. He was given a chance to return to the world to meet his siblings and loved ones. When Hae Sung discovers that his death was caused by his friend's father- Chairman Cha...he was not only disgusted to know the real culprit of the murder is his half sibling Young Jun. Young Jun has become a successful arrogant doctor who despises his family background and received support from Chairman Cha. 

His childhood love Jeong Jung Won is somehow pretty and amazing in the younger version. However the adult version is considered quite poorly portrayed by Lee Yeon Hee. Not only Lee spotted an "ugly bowl bangs" hairstyle and when she either laughs or cries- it's the same expression. Bleh! Seriously I am never fond of her acting at all for any of her dramas.
Ahn Jae Hyun is like an icing on the top of the cake...he plays the handsome rich chef Cha Min Jun whose father is also Chairman Cha but treats him like a bug. When Min Jun digs up the past revolving his father's evil deeds, he was straight away kicked out from the restaurant he owned! Whoa! What a mean father who doesn't care for his son's well-being! 
Hae Sung realises his time on earth is limited and he will live everyday as if today is his last.
With the help of a rich grandma who owns a hotel and farm, he gives Jung Won and Min Jun another glimpse of hope- a food truck named 'Cha Pasta'. It will be their new restaurant for the trio. I don't know what the ending would be...however it seems Hae Sung is considered 'dead' but came back alive to see his family and friends for the last time. He might disappear anytime before saying goodbye. He's doing all the best he can for his siblings. As for Young Jun, he can rot at one corner for he is selfish scum. He will reap for what he sow.

I do like Hae Sung's group of friends as they are caring, warm and lovable. Tae Hoon who is half sibling to Min Jun is a nice character who is in love with Hae Sung's 2nd sister, Young In As for Hae Sung's youngest sister, Soo Ji- I hope she recovers in health. Hae Chul has sort of turned over a new leaf with his little daughter- something we smile when we see Kwak Dong Yeon in a new role. I do crack up whenever I see Jin Joo and Ho Bang together as they are like two peas in a pod! 

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Ryu Shi Young and Park Ha Sun become parents.

Actress Park Ha Sun (30) gave birth to a daughter.

According to her agency on the 24th August, Park gave birth at a maternity hospital in Seoul the night before. "The mother and child are doing well and healthy. Park is resting well with well wishes from family and acquaintances. Her husband actor Ryu Shi Young and family are delighted to welcome a precious child into their new chapter of life."

Park Ha Sun said, "I am very excited to meet my beautiful daughter as I was waiting impatiently for her arrival." Many people around the country are blessed with the baby's birth announcement and I am truly grateful. I have a lot of work and as an actor I will look forward to do better."

Park Ha Sun married actor Ryu Shi Young in January 2017 after meeting on the set of the drama Two Weeks. 

Ha Ji Won's Man Hunt movie goes to Venice Film Festival.

Actress Ha Ji Won (39) will be attending the Venice Film Festival this year.

According to the company Sun Yat-sen Entertainment, Ha Ji Won is going to Venice as the film's main lead actress as Director John Woo's new film flick- Man Hunt for the 74th Venetian International Film Festival.

In Manhunt, Chinese actor Zhang Han Yu and Japanese actor Masaharu Fukuyama are leads along with Ha Ji Won. The film will be released for the first time in Venice on September 8th. The Venetian Film festival will be held in Venice, Italy from the 30th August to 9th September 2017. The event will be hosted by Alessandro Borg.

Monday, August 21, 2017

Park Bo Gum as Nescafe's creamer new face ad.

Actor Park Bo Gum is the new face for Lotte Nescafe Crema.

Lotte Nestle Korea has selected Park Bo Gum as he is the main actor in the drama series of 21st century. They have chosen him since he has a high appeal and favourable to the public.

Park Bo Gum has recorded a high audience rating last year and has become popular among young women as he has changed to a more matured image by shedding off the pretty flower boy look. His KBS drama 'Moonlight Drawn by Clouds' skyrocketed him to the top earning him few drama awards and many endorsements from companies.

Park's non stop CFs range from food, clothes, cosmetics skin care and products.
Nescafe Korea has several models endorsing their brand from Jung Woo Sung to Seo Kang Jun and Lee Byung Hun. 
Lotte Nestle Korea commented that Park has a gentle soft image regardless to target either the young and old generation. His image matches the characteristics of Nestle's Crema.

Mid week K-gossip news - 22/08/17

Jewelry member Lee Ji Hyeon is holding her 2nd marriage to an ophthalmologist in September. Her agency manager has confirmed that the singer has met a good nice man and will start building a family with him. The couple decided to just hold a simple wedding dinner with family in September- means no lavish parties or invitations to public. The groom is a decent family oriented person and loves children. Lee married an office worker for 3 years and divorced last year. She has a son and daughter from the first marriage. Lee left the girl group in 2006 and ventured into acting industry. 


Movie flick Taxi Driver starring Song Kang Ho ranked 1st spot in three consecutive weeks in the local cinemas. After 3rd week of screening in cinemas, it has accumulated a total of 10 million viewers. Youth Police movie starring Park Seo Jun and Kang Ha Neul has also accumulated 4 million viewers in total. Taxi Driver directed by PD Jang Hoon has become one of the top movie directors of time. He has successfully directed Rough Cut in 2008, Secret Union (2010) and The Front Line (2011).


Actress Kim Hee Sun from drama Women's Dignity is deciding to ditch her beautiful image for starring in the new tvN variety show entitled 'Island Musketeers' along with emcee Kang Ho Dong and singer John Park. Also part of the program will be CN BLUE's Jung Yong Hwa.
The island musketeers are to stay in an island for a week while embarking new journey as friends and helping each other out.


Actor Choi Woo Shik (27) to collaborate new project with Director Park Hoon Jung.
The actor's agency JYP Entertainment has confirmed he will be starring in the new film 'Witch' whereby a girl who is raised by a killer escapes from the organisation and loses her memory. Shen then receives the care from an elderly couple and people of doubt appear in front of her. Choi is questionable man who helps the girl. Jo Min Soo and Kim Da Mi are also confirmed for the film as well.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

2PM Junho takes the lead for JTBC new drama.

2PM's Junho has taken the lead for the upcoming channel JTBC drama entitled "Just Love Me 그냥 사랑하는 사이". 

JTBC is scheduled to air in the second half of the new drama "Just Love Me" with the story focusing on the main lead Lee Kang Doo.

Lee Kang Doo dreams of becoming a soccer player but after the sudden death of his father, his dreams have shattered. And due to that accident, Kang Doo has to invest three full years in rehabilitation program.

The secret birth of his parents, with no academic background and skills Kang Doo struggles to get back to track living his own life. With little confidence and faith in himself, he confides a friend Ha Mun Soo (played by Won Ji Ah), slowly Kang Doo regains his own character. It is highly expected for Junho to express that deep emotional performance on the pitiful hurt Lee Kang Doo's character. 

Junho has started his acting debut from the movie Cold Eyes, Memoirs of the Sword, Twenty and tvN drama Memory. His successful career kicked in when he played the lovable villain 'Seo Yul' who turned over a new leaf in KBS2TV drama Chief Kim this year. Chief Kim drama has scored great ratings from viewers and people have praised for Jun Ho's capability in portraying the antsy role that we can't hate but to love him more. 

Jun Ho is expected to bring out this leading role where he is challenging himself for it. He is impressed with the delicate story in the script and is looking forward for the project.
On the other hand, 'Just Love Me' is a story about the people who dream big because they do not seem to be able to survive in everyday life but also drawing the warmth in life.

It looks like most of 2PM members have branched out their careers into acting dramas and movies. Currently 2PM's Tacyeon is leading in the drama 'Save Me' while Chansung finished filming sageuk drama Queen for 7 Days. 

BTS's Dope MV in YouTube exceeded 200 million viewers.

BTS's music video 'Dope' has exceeded 200 million viewers mark on YouTube channel.

According to their agency Big Hit Entertainment, the music video "Dope", which is a collection of BTS mini album 'The Most Beautiful Moment in Life Part.1' has surpassed 200 million YouTube views at 6:34 pm the previous day.

원더케이(1theK) is a single view of the music video on the YouTube account and the total number of music video views of the official YouTube account of BTS company's Big Hit exceeded 206.5 million.

"Dope" music video is an intense electronic hip-hop sound, and BTS group has a big response in overseas. It contains the autobiographical contents of the members who sold out to music day and night.

BTS is preparing to launch their new album in September. So BTS army fans, stay tuned!

Lee Jong Hyun in new drama "Lingerie Girls' Generation"

CN BLUE guitarist Lee Jong Hyun (27) has been confirmed as lead in the upcoming KBS 2TV drama "Lingerie Girls' Generation" (scriptwriter Yoon Kyung-ae, director Hong Suk-Gu). 

 'Lingerie Girls' Generation' is a story depicting the love and friendship of adolescent girls who are sporty and irregular in the background of Daegu in the late 1970's. Lee Jong Hyun plays a so-called drugstore pharmacist, Ju Young Chun.  He is a typical 20-year-old young man who is responsible for taking care of her younger sister.

Other new actors in the drama are Seo Yong Ju and Yeo Hee Hyun. Seo Yong Ju plays the role of Bae Dong Man who only loves one girl. The female casts include Dohee, Lee Bom, Soo Jin, Bona, Chae SeoJin and Park Ha Na. Lingerie Girls Generation is scheduled to be broadcast next month, following after the drama 'School 2017'.

To be honest, the drama features all K-pop idols from various groups such as Cosmic Girls' and Wassup.

Wanna One snags first in SBS Inkigayo Music charts.

After debuting 2 weeks, rookie idol group Wanna One has secured themselves in the music industry. In fact the new group has been appearing in many variety programs such as Return of Superman, Infinite Challenge, Weekly Idol program..etc.

Wanna One has been stirring up a new syndrome while achieving 5th place in song ranks. The rookie group even took over the first position defeating Hallyu group EXO and Red Velvet for Most Popular Song. Without even attending the KCON in Los Angeles, USA the rookies have climbed the ladder super quick to win the first spot.

Wanna One debut after members participated in the program MNet Produce 101- Season 2. They released their debut album 1X1=1'(TO BE ONE) on 7th August with title song Energetic. On 16th August, Wanna One has won the first spot in Mnet 'M Countdown', KBS2 'Music Bank', MBC 'Show Music Center' followed by SBS 'Most Popular Song' after debuting within two weeks winning the first place of MBC Music 'Show Champion'. 

The new rookie group consists of 11 members: Kang Daniel, Park Ji-hoon, Lee Dae-hwi, Kim Jae-hwan, Ong Seong-wu, Park Woo-jin, Lai Kuan-lin, Yoon Ji-sung, Hwang Min-hyun, Bae Jin-young and Ha Sung-woon. Some of the members were former trainees from SM Ent, JYP and Fantagio. 

8 contenders threatened the throne of The King of Mask Singer.

Courtesy from NEWSIS website. 
On 20th August, via MBC's entertainment show The King of Mask Singer- current Queen- 'Young Hee' feels threatened for her throne might be taken away by the new contestants.

Emcee Kim Seung Joo has looked at the list of new 8 contenders while commenting this is way too harsh for her. It is reality and the current King/Queen has to work hard to keep the title and crown. 

Kim has advised the current Queen to raise her expectations and challenges her to keep her crown for 3 consecutive wins. Young Hee received an audience applaud as she showed her willingness to be "always ready for the final" and "prepared for a different stage performance".

The performances of the 8 new contestants aiming at the throne was rather unbelievable. The judges mentioned some of the 'the dark horses' have received admiration, techniques of singing skill- it was quite a near gap to gap win.

Especially in a middle of one duet stage performance, strong applause came out from nowhere which is a very unusual thing to do before the end of the song. The audience has fallen in love with the unique tone of one of the masked singers. 

The panel judges have mentioned that the strong unique tone of voice has attracted the attention of the listeners while the singer has great control of voice. 

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Yeo Jin Goo questions who is the killer in Reunited Worlds.

Now all the truth is revealed for the case happened 12 years ago.

On SBS weekday drama 'Reunited Worlds' on 17th August, Shin Hae Sung (played by Yeo Jin Goo) has figured out the real murderer of his hit and run accident12 years ago which was related to the Chairman Cha Kwon Pyo (played by Park Yeong Gyu).

Cha Min Jun (played by Ahn Jae Hyun) was in confused state when police friend Shin Ho Bang (played by Lee Si Ahn) informs him about the car accident's drive is actually his father Chairman Cha. When Min Jun contacted his aunt in Australia, immediately she returned to Korea to tell the truth. My aunt has told me at the airport that  "I do not know if you'll be any better than me. It's your father, though." He was saddened with the fact and said, "I can not forgive you for doing that."

Meanwhile Cha Kwon Pyo admitted in front of Hae Sung. He said he drove the car and hit Hae Sung who was on bicycle. Hae Sung questioned him back with the relation to student Yang Kyung Chul's death. He asked why did Chairman Cha hit him with the car as he might have connection with Yang's death. Chairman Cha is well aware that Hae Sung is not the real culprit. Hae Sung doubted him as to why does he want to share his story with others.

Angrily Hae Sung dished out he was suspicious over Chairman as all evidence and fingerprints are pointing towards him as a murderer. Hae Sung advised that he couldn't advise any further details as he is already 'dead'. Chairman Cha gives a weird cynical smirk when Hae Sung asks " Who is the prime suspect?" 

K-News wrap-up for Week 18/08/17

** Actress Lee Na Young (38) returns to big screen after being hiatus for nearly 5 years.
She will be starring in the new film entitled 'Beautiful Days' directed by PD Yoon Jae Ho.
'Beautiful Days' is based on the true story of a North Korean woman. 

It is a film depicting the confusion and wound of the divided nation through the the story of a mother who fled from her family to South Korea and her son who hated her for the past 16 years. Although Na Young has a painful past, she plays a 'mother' who continues her life's journey without losing her courage.


** Singer Taeyeon has expressed her complaints when she entered the Jakarta Airport. She stressed that she was in danger with the huge crowd and struggling through it. She was really shaken while she collapsed on the floor with tears. She also reported inconveniences caused by excessive physical contact with crowds. 

Through SNS, there were concerns when pictures circulated of the singer in tears falling on the floor. She understands fans have waited for her, but she's not in good condition of health. She hopes nobody gets hurt at the airport. She went for overseas activities however she left unhurt. Meanwhile, the majority of the 8 members of the Girls' Generation, where Taeyeon is the leader are reported to have renewed their contract after the exclusive contract with SM Entertainment recently expired. Tiffany is currently studying acting in the US with discussion with SM Ent. 


** Big Bang member G-Dragon has celebrated his recent birthday with KRW$8.1 million donating to refugees. According to YG Entertainment, the singer  has donated the money to UNHCR's Korean delegation to help world refugees suffering civil war and violence.

G-Dragon has been making a special contribution every year on his birthday. It was mainly for children with discomfort or social weakness. He is also famous for encouraging his fans to participate in social networking services (SNS). This donation is used by UNHCR's Global Shelter Campaign. The campaign was launched last May by UNHCR to provide temporary shelter and a safe residential environment for two million refugees around the world.

G-Dragon has expressed that he wanted peace around the world. Whenever he sees sick children who are on the evacuation route due to civil war and violence, it has alarmed him for his small devotion to creating a place to rest. Well done to Ji-Yong for his charity work! 


** IKON fans have filed complaints towards YG Entertainment.
On 17th August, IKON's fans have conduct a boycott against YG GOODS (star characters) by expressing its objection to the management of the YG's artist.

The fans have expressed their anger towards the agency for pushing too hard on the members activities, and not concerned for their health. Also the group has been focusing a lot on overseas activities rather than domestic. YG has mentioned that IKON released new single on last May. Members were constantly preparing with group and solo albums so they hope the fans do appreciate in order to solve the misunderstanding. IKON debuted in September 2015 and they are YG's next generation boy group with links to Big Bang and WINNER. Recent May, the group released new single entitled 'NEW KIDS: BEGIN' in Korea.

The group has soared its popularity not only domestic but international with their mini album.

"New Kids: Begin" which was released in Japan on the 16th has occupied first place on the local Oricon daily CD album chart. 

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

'What happens when system malfunctions?' in movie V.I.P

Latest South Korean movie V.I.P (directed by PD Park Hoon Jung) will be released to the media preview on 16th August 2017.

Park's upcoming film has A-list stars such as Jang Dong Gun,Kim Myung Min, Lee Jong Suk and Park Hee Seon. Park's previous film works include 2013 The New World, 2011 The Showdown and 2010 The Unjust. The 2013 film- New World has 4.67 million viewers with big casts such as Choi Min Shik, Hwang Jung Min and Lee Jung Jae.

V.I.P depicts a story about NIS and the only son of the high ranking official of North Korea.
NIS and US's CIA are all turning their eyes on the young dude who is on the high list of mysterious murder plots around the world.

Lee Jong Suk plays the son of the North Korean official, Kim Kwang Il who runs around with the agents and NIS chasing after him. During the press conference PD Park has mentioned that V.I.P is just not a movie, but a project in modern history. He has carried out the project by necessity rather than just a" plan guidebook " When the character is a monster, it's not really a character. He wanted to draw what happened when their system could not function.

Jang Dong Gun plays the role of the NIS Agent Park Jae Hyuk adding a sense of weight to the pole with stable acting power and Kim Myung Min takes on the detective role, Chae Yi Do with a bulldozer attitude. The most exciting act is Lee Jong Suk. He is an evaluation that he succeed in expressing persuasive expression of the psychopath murderer 'Kim Kwang Il' by abandoning his current pretty boy image. The face which has hidden madness is expressionless, the smile he has previously shown in the melodrama has been transformed into the eerie environment. Lee has proven himself that he is an actor who can play in various genres.

Lee has said that he watched various films with psychopath killers and laughing. He studied the various expressions and wondered how he could play differently. The villain character is a challenge to him which was quite a stressful thing since he has always been playing as the hero. But he's cool about the new character. Ah...not to forget Lee has won the MBC's Grand Prize (Dae-sang) for his leading role in W: Two Worlds drama

V.I.P movie is to be released in cinemas on 23rd August.

Ryu Jun Yeol and Hyeri are in relationship.

Actor Ryu Jun Yeol (31) and Girl's Day Hyeri (31) are in a relationship. Both of them have met on the set of tvN drama Reply 1988

"The two have recently developed into a friend-date relationship with their peers," said the agency- CJS Entertainment. "Since Jun Yeol and Hyeri have started their relationship recently, for fans and viewers so please watch and support them."

After filming the drama 'Reply 1988', which featured two characters Ryu Jun Yeol and Hye Ri at the start attracted popularity from viewers by forming a triangle relationship with Park Bo Gum's character. The two have been reportedly started dating since the end of last year.

Ryu has started acting in earnest in 2015 movie "Social Phobia." When he starred in the trilogy tvN drama 'Reply 1988' - his name was known throughout the households. He then appeared in films such as "The King" and "Taxi Driver".

As for Hyeri, she made her debut as an idol group 'Girls Day' in 2010. In 2014, she was part of the permanent cast for variety show Real Men and became famous. She has recently starred in the MBC drama 'Entertainer' with Ji Sung and CN Blue's Min Hyuk. 

New Journey to the West S4 surpassed ratings again.

tvN's New Journey to the West- Season 4 has renewed its ratings and surpassed the mark of 5%- the highest for now.
According to Nielsen Korea on 16th August, tvN's 'New Journey to the West- Season 4' has ten times showed the highest audience rating of 5.1% and 6.5% on the pay-TV platform with integrated cable, satellite and IPTV. What a record! 

In particular, the target audience ratings were (male and female viewers 20-49 years of age) average of 4.8% and a maximum of 5.6%, reaching the top during that time of broadcast. The last week's episode featuring Movie Quiz was released out and features preliminary quizzes, the problems of various genres such as the members got most of the wrong answers with lots of laughter. YB (Young boys) team won the game due to the mistake from Soo Geun stating 'upsession' instead of 'inception'. LOL! The upgraded version of the "Zombie game" attracted lots of attention as well.

In addition, the last dragon-ball game of the season entitled "With God"  depicts the sculptures that climb up Fansipan Mt in Sapa, Vietnam. A solo exhibition where only one person can make a wish by unfolding each stage of the game. After a fierce battle,Soo Geun finally met Yong Shin and succeeded in collecting the Dragon Ball.

It was the first time that OB team succeeded in collecting Dragon Ball in the season. Their wishes and back stories can be seen in the director's edition of "New Journey to the West S4" to be aired at 9:30 pm on the 22nd August 2017.

TVXQ to resume activities after 2 years hiatus.

Hallyu duo group TXVQ (Dong bang shin ki) will start resuming activities after been away from the entertainment industry for 2 years. Both members have entered military services and finished up as well.

Their first activity is 3 major cities stop is TVXQ Asia Press Tour - Seoul, Tokyo and Hong Kong. The Asian press tour is the first official event that will take place in two years as members of TVXQ all over the world in April,

Since their very debut in 2004, TVXQ has played a leading role in K-Pop fanatics not only in Korea but also throughout Asia and worldwide. With their special album "RISE AS GOD" released in July 2015, the original 5 member group won the music charts of Korea and China. During the four years from 2012 to 2015, the cumulative number of concert tours in Japan alone reached 2.75 million.

However 3 members- Junsu, Jaejoong and Yoochun left the group after court case and formed JYJ. The remaining 2 members U-Know Yunho and Max Changmin are still with SM Entertainment. 

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Broadcasting stations aired special movies on Liberation Day.

The TV Broadcasting stations in South Korea have prepared various special movies to be aired on the South Korea's Liberation Day.

OCN channel has prepared to screen the 2015 movie 'Veteran' starring Yoo Ah In and Hwang Jung Min which has scored 10 million viewers in the cinema, followed by the movie Assassination by Lee Jung Jae and Jeon Ji Hyun and lastly 'Violent Prosecutor' by Hwang Jung Min and Kang Dong Wan. 

There will be plenty of Hollywood movies and programs aired as well on the Liberation Day.
In addition, tbs TV will broadcast live "Gwanghwamun Citizen Plaza Concert" on the 72nd anniversary of Liberation Day in Gwanghwamun Square at 8 pm on the 15th August.

1,000 members including environmental ministers, firefighters, police and volunteers are invited as special guests. Jeon In Kwon band, singer Han Young Ae, Seoul City Symphony Orchestra, Seoul Boys and Girls' Choir are part of the band as well.

BTS snags International Artist Award in US Teen Choice 2017.

Group BTS 방탄소년단 has a successful smooth sailing year in the music industry. After winning the Most Social Artist Award in the recent Billboard Music Awards, the boys have now swap home International Artist Award in the US Teen Choice Awards

According to their agency Big Hit Entertainment on 15th August, BTS was selected as the 'Choice International Artist' category winner at '2017 Teen Choice Awards' held at the Los Angeles Galena Centre on 13th August. 

Teen Choice Awards is an award ceremony hosted by American broadcaster Fox with voters ranging from 13-19 year old will select winners in music, film, broadcast, sports and fashion.

BTS has proven themselves to be successful as they are the first Korean pop artist to win an award in the Billboards and ranked 44th spot in the New York Times. 

Hwang Jung Eum becomes a mother.

Actress and former group member Sugar- Hwang Jung Eum (33) has given birth to a baby boy on Korea's Liberation Day after 18 months of marriage.

She has safely delivered a son at 8.30 pm on 15th August 2017.
Both mother and son are healthy and well. They have received good blessings from both families and friends.

Hwang has mentioned she is happy to give birth to a healthy baby boy on Liberation Day. She thanked her management co, families and friends who have given their blessings and thoughts.

The actress married professional golfer and businessman, Lee Young Don in Feb last year. 

Monday, August 14, 2017

Ji Chang Wook salutes off to army.

Actor Ji Chang Wook (30) has enlisted in the military services on 14th August. 

He is scheduled to join the recruitment training battalion of the third division of Cheolwon-gun, Gangwon Province in the afternoon and serve as an active army in the camp after receiving basic military training.

Ji said, "I will lead a happy and healthy life as best as I can."
He even shared online a video of him having his military hair-cut. (which I won't be posting it here as I feel sad upon seeing one by one actors heading off to army this year)
Let's just keep a nice image of him looking very nice in his suits and look. 😃😃

He made his debut in 2008 drama 'I Got You Back'. He has been active in the drama 'Sol Pharmacy House Sons' (2009), 'Smile Again Dong-Hae' (2010), 'Empress Ki' (2013), Healer (2015), K2 (2016) and recently 'Suspicious Partner' (2017).

Ji Chang Wook will be discharged out from military in May 2019.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Taxi Driver, Battleship Island, Youth Police have hit million mark viewers.

The movie 'Taxi Driver' starring veteran actor Song Kang Ho have surpassed the 7 million viewers mark on the 11th day after it hit local screens in South Korea. 

Taxi Driver has proven to be recorded the shortest time among films released this year exceeding 7 million viewers. In addition to the struggle of the newest works, integrating computer network and various advance booking ranks in the advance booking rate. It is raising the expectation of the first 10 million viewers movie this year.

Due to the high expectations from A-list actors such as Song, Yoo Hae Jin, Ryu Jun Yeol and Thomas Kretschman, it is a story that brings laughter and touching moments with the director PD Jang Hoon. In 1980, a taxi driver Kim Man Seob from Seoul drove all the way to Gwangju for money and got himself involved with the Gwangju Democratisation Movement along with the German reporter. 

On the other hand, The Battleship Island has attracted the most attention as the best-anticipated movie this summer along with Taxi Driver. On the 12th, 40,749 people were seated daily and the number of cumulative audiences was 6,423,206. On the same day, the box office ranks fifth in the list, with only 2.5% of sales. Battleship Island has invested more than 20 billion won in production costs, has a break even point of 7 million viewers. However, if one include the marketing expenses, it is said that more than 8 million people will make a break-even point.

The two youthful actors Kang Ha Neul and Park Seo Joon in the comical movie Youth Police seems to be on a miserable state. On the 4th day, the number of cumulative audiences exceeded 1 million for Youth Police.

Trouble spells out for SHINee's Onew in night club.

The popular group SHInee is in spotlight after leader Onew (28, Lee Jin Ki) lands himself in hot water as he was recently arrested in a night club and been charged for sexual harassment.

Wh...what? I do not think Onew is that kind of weirdo...unless he is high on something... According to the agency, SM Entertainment rep has mentioned that the singer was accused of touching a woman in her 20's at the club in Gangnam. 

Onew was visiting the club with friends to celebrate his debut as a DJ at dawn however while dancing in a drunken state, he was making unintentional physical contact with people around him.

SM said, "We are aware that the other party of what could happen in the midst of drunken state, so we have filed a complaint alleging that we have solved all misunderstandings and did not want any further punishment."

Since Onew is a public figure and singer, he will cooperate with the police for further investigation. SM asked all to refrain from further reports of speculation at that time when the progress of the case has yet to be confirmed. Police are midst of investigating precise incident case. 

SHInee group debuted as singers in 2008 with their hit singer ' Noona, you're too beautiful'.
In fact last year Onew co-starred in the KBS hit drama Descendants of the Sun.

Nostalgic feeling with The Battleship Island movie.

Since it is the K-movie of the year, I made my way to Village Century City Cinemas to watch the blockbuster movie The Battleship Island 군함도. I felt I was one of the few who are non-Koreans in the cinema watching the movie.

The story opens with coal miners as young as 13-14 year old boys were forced working underground with very minimal clothing, a protection hat with a dorky lamp and some crappy mining tools. They were whipped like animals and roughly shoved to work harder if they hit a gas pipe. 

Meanwhile in Seoul, a band clarinet player Kang Ok (played by Hwang Jung Min) with his only little daughter So Hee makes a living by playing in the Myeongdong Hotel. He was tricked by a fellow Korean to go to Japan. They found themselves working as hard labour in Hashima Island.A street thug Choi Chil Sung (played by So Ji Sub) often find himself in trouble fighting around the bullies in the camp. Life was indeed tough in the camp. The Korean labourers were often beaten and treated unfairly. Mal Nyeon (played by Lee Jung Hyun) is a comfort woman in the camp gets in various trouble however Chil Sung seems to protect her. 

Then in a secret camp in China, an OSS agent and Korean independence fighter Park Mu Young (played by Song Joong Ki) is secretly send to Hashima Island to rescue another independence leader Yoon Hak Chul. Park seeks Kang Ok's help since he could speak Japanese. He sends a telegraph requesting for help however he found out that Yoon is actually a traitor. He has been secretly exploiting his own people's welfare and money. Park together with Kang Ok, So Hee, Mal Nyeon and Chil Sung teamed up to escape from the island for good. The US plane bombers dropped bombs across the island causing the place partially crippled. Yamada is planning to take over command from Daisuke who died in the bombing. Yamada knows the war between Japan and US will never end. He intends to kill all the Korean miners in the ground and blamed it on elsewhere.
Yoon pretends he is on the South Korean's side when Park and Kang Ok disclosed out his real identity. Park was angered on how Yoon cheated his people and betrayed his nation. Park gave Yoon a swift death by slitting his throat. The rest of the miners, women and kids will crawl out to escape to the ship nearby. During the escape, the Japanese discovered that the Koreans were running away. It was pure battle to the end. Many Koreans died during the battle to escape for freedom. Chil Sung lead his team to fight to the end with Park rushing through the injured to the ship. Yamada ordered his soldiers to start firing at the innocent people. So Hee threw a bottle of explosive towards Yamada igniting fire onto his body while Park stood up with the samurai sword and chopped his head off. The rest were stunned as Park announced it's over...the leader is dead....everyone is going home.

Chil Sung and Mal Nyeon died during the battle lying together. Kang Ok boarded the ship with So Hee. He begged Park to look after his daughter as he was injured as well. Kang Ok took his last breath and So Hee cried bitterly.

It was a story depicting the real life events where coal miners from South Korea and China were deployed to Hashima 'hell' island as forced labours. It is true because if you ever watched the episode of Infinity Challenge- MC Yoo Jae Suk and Haha visited the Koreans who lived through that time, the survivors tell the story. The workers were wearing like G-string panties climbing through the dirt and rough coal mines with little food to eat.

The movie is all about survival and escape to freedom from the Japanese. It was lucky that US bombed Nagasaki city in 1945 to end the Second World War. Otherwise the Japanese has conquered the whole of South East Asia. 
Hwang Jung Min and So Ji Sub were the main leads however it seems to be Song Joong Ki's role is one to ignite the plan and freed the prisoners. Hah! He was the only one who survived with Kim Su An - the little girl from Train to Busan. If you are looking for pretty looking boys- i'm afraid there is none because everyone looked dirty and rough from the coal mines except their six-pack bodies. Heheh!
Well here's a treat- the casts took to the main page of BAZAAR magazine front page.

Now least everyone looks clean, neat and 'fresh' looking....