Monday, August 7, 2017

Park Seo Joon and Kang Haneul set hearts on fire in Running Man.

The latest episode of Running Man features two actors Park Seo Joon and Kang Ha Neul. Even from their silhouettes, you can see the production crew are getting excited over them. Jeon So Min even wore a dress to look more feminine compared to Ji Hyo who couldn't be bothered to dress up on a hot summer day.  So Min gets giddy and shy upon seeing the two hottest actors. She gave one of the lamest excuses that it's the first time she has seen male guests in RM when Se Chan angrily tells her off last episode there were so many male guests that she totally forgotten about them already. Who can blame her? I'd just have my attention of Seo Joon and Ha Neul too.

Jae Suk started nicknaming Ha Neul in English name as 'Strong Sky' and Seo Joon as 'Some Way' from his recent drama. The PD tells them the game starts with "Find the Boss". The two guests are in Police Team while rest of RM casts are villains with one is an undercover police. Polices are supposed to identify their counter part to eliminate the villains. Villains need to find the password and get the suitcase containing $1000 by confusing the police team. 

1 hour before the filming of the guests appearances, RM casts were given boxes with their new identities whereby Suk Jin is the 'boss' and Kwangsoo is the undercover. Kwangsoo can't hide his excitement started announcing to the guests that he is the real undercover which led them feeling suspicious over his identity.

First game is spinning the wheel to carry on their duties. It can be either dance, aegyo (show cuteness)...etc. The judges consists of the VJ, writers and bodyguard. Ha Ha dished out that So Min can't decide who to choose between the two handsome actors which she lamented unfortunately Ha Neul has to go to army final decision is Seo Joon. LOL! So Min started  her dance sexy moves which only scored 10 points where Ji Hyo scored 50. Haha is annoyed that female crew gets giddy upon everything Haneul does or say. When he started dancing Uptown Funk which immediately scored 350 points from the girls! Jong Kook's aegyo killed everything and received negative points including Kwangsoo's aegyo was disastrous.
Villains team gives the weird vibe with So Min playing her aegyo in front of Seo Joon leaving him flabbergasted and blank. He turned away and said 'next' as he just didn't know what to do. Jae Suk complained to So Min it's not a kindergarten session, she should speak up properly.

When it came to Seo Joon's turn for aegyo, he totally won the girls' attention even with the stony faced bodyguard immediately gave him 50 points. Police team gets hints for their undercover while Villain Team receive hints for their end as well. 2nd mission was funnier when they headed to a pool where loser gets dumped into the water. Police team scouted Ji Hyo into their team while Kwangsoo desperately wanted their attention. He needs to ensure his team wins. Ha Neul starts off asking So Min to give him 3 reasons why she likes him. She just blurted out- everything, she likes everything about him while everyone cracked up at her strange answer!

Police team starts suspecting that Kwangsoo might be the villain boss when he is actually their aid. Final mission is eliminating name tag. They were in the working office trying to find mobile phones with R sticker tag and get more hints to finish the game. Police team finds few clues which stated Boss is a Man, A Coward and he doesn't live with his parents. Police team eliminated Ji Hyo and So Min as they were the only two females. At the prison centre, So Min confesses that she was flustered when Ha Neul grab her wrists and it was like 'love is in the air'
Oh dear.... she's the female Kwang soo version.... 

Ha Neul thinks Haha is on their side and joins him around. Seo Joon was in dilemma between Suk Jin and Kwangsoo. Jae Suk found the car containing the briefcase of money and rings Kwangsoo calling him boss instead which led Seo Joon ripping off Kwangsoo's name tag. To their horror, the announcement came that Suk Jin is the real boss and Kwangsoo is the police undercover! The shocked blank looks were spread across their faces. Ha Neul was pissed off at Haha and vents his anger at him. Kwangsoo was annoyed as he was all day chasing the two men hinting, aiding them and they didn't believe in him.

The $1K will be donated to charity under the 7 members' names. Well done.
They thanked Park Seo Joon and Kang Ha Neul for their appearances. We wish Ha Neul the best of luck & return with good health in serving the army.

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