Sunday, August 6, 2017

Lee Jong Suk postpones military services.

Actor Lee Jong Suk (28) has received the letter and decided to postpone military services.

YG Entertainment said yesterday, "Actor Lee has recently been called to the country to consider his mandatory military services but he has decided not to lighten his responsibilities as a main actor.

The actor was still able to postpone his military services due date. He must be enrolled until 2018 when he turned 29.

Lee Jong Suk said he was sorry that he enrolled later than his other peers. But he is going to finish his work well and faithfully fulfil his obligation of defence as a Korean man."

YG rep said, "We do ask for your understanding and your generosity until now  to support for Lee Jong Suk while he presents everyone with good work for the rest of the year."

If Lee pursued the call for services, he had to go to the hospital this month for check ups. Lee Jong Suk has starred in the movie "VIP" which is scheduled to screen this month in cinemas and the drama "While You Are Sleeping" which is scheduled to broadcast in September.
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