Wednesday, August 9, 2017

VIXX's N faints during heat-wave event.

Member of group VIXX- N (Cha Hak Yeon) collapsed while performing for the open air event during the heat-wave. According to the music industry and agency Jellyfish Entertainment on 9th August, singer N fell into a sudden recession while singing the hit song 'Shangri-la' in an outdoor event held in Gyeongju during the hot afternoon.

At the time, video and photos of the scene spread like fire in the wild especially in SNS and the worries about N's health grew among the fans.

Jellyfish Entertainment has then confirmed that he had fallen down due to heat during the stage event. N has recovered by taking immediate action at the hospital. N will be undergoing thorough body check up to manage his health properly.

As the recent heat wave continues in South Korea especially during the daytime performances, there has been an emergency cases especially among singers.

"I drink as much water as possible and constantly monitoring the health conditions," said the singer who performed several performances this month. The singer and his agency have no choice but to keep an eye on his health.

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