Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Up-close with Korean film 'Youth Police'

When you think of energy and body, the first thought that came across the mind is Ki Jun (played by Park Seo Joon) and analytical joyful person Hee Yeol (played by Kang Ha Neul) from the latest police academy film.

Two people meet together with various character and background. And during the training period, they are getting tired of living in the dorm without girlfriends. The two young trainee police head off to night clubs for some fun.

While been unemployed and enjoying in the club, the two happened to witness a woman being kidnapped while walking down the alley. Off they went to report to the police for further investigation however the situation took a twist. It wasn't what they have expected so they have decided to come up with their own solutions.

Youth Police is directed by PD Jang Hoon was named as one of the three South Korean movies expected this summer alongside with' The Battleship Island 'and' The Taxi Driver'. However it was always rated as the weakest film among the 3. Youth Police is considered a film with actors low ticketing power, no box-office supervisors, no large-scale production costs, not attractive enough. Two young actors who are not considered top stars with a new director. PD Jang Hoon was the only director who produced a short film at the time filled the story of countless productions that had been repeated many times. So this assessment is not unreasonable. However, there is something in "Youth Police" that is not found in the other two big block buster movies that can never be seen. It is the perky energy in the movie which is the biggest advantage of the movie.

If the story is just about two youth men who are united in a sense of justice OR those who were surrounded by a sense of duty, they might have made the audience feel bored.
'Youth Police' does not forget that the protagonist  who is a college student in their early 20s, knowing what limitations they can and what their actions can be sometimes stupid. Instead it takes advantage of the natural force that can not be seen in the blood that comes out at that time. They are bogged down yet they are not sure if what they are doing right and sometimes they are embarrassed and often throw jokes. Just moving forward is what they can do, and youth is the 'Youth Police' is all about with lines of comedy. 

The only thing that keeps the movie going is Park Seo Joon and Kang Ha Neul. The twoactors who were recognised for their performances in previous works but they were still considered lacking in responsibility for the complete work. The humour of this work is due to the timing of the battle between the two men rather than the good personalities.

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