Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Battleship Island has 5 million viewers within 8 days.

The movie 'Battleship Island' (directed by Ryu Seung Wan) has won over 5 million spectators. It is the fastest moving film in South Korea released this year within 8 days.

According to the film promotion committee on 2nd August, 'Battleship Island' has added 63,296 viewers as of 9:30 am, exceeding 5 million cumulative audience. The movie was screened 9511 times from 1847 on the day before the movie and the total number of viewers was 4,937,329. Other movies such as Spider-Man: Homecoming (7,200,000)," The King "(5,301,000) and Beauty and the Beast "(5,133,000)

However, Battleship Island also seems to be shaky at the start from this day. The number of previewed tickets for 'Taxi Driver' starring actor Song Kang Ho (2 days) is close to 200,000 as of 11 am (199,9900, 45.9% share price) It is expected that it will not be able to maintain such rating as an explosive box office.

Battleship Island is based on true story at Hashima in Nagasaki prefecture, Japan where the Koreans were forced labour during the Japanese colonial period. The story depicts about 400 South Koreans who try to escape from the island. Hwang Jung-min, So Ji Sub, Song Joong Ki, Lee Jung Hyun are among the main leads under direction from director Ryu Seung Wan who has successfully achieved over 10 million viewers in 2015 movie 'Veteran' (13.14 million viewers).

◇ PD Ryu Seung Wan Top 5 Films 
 1. Veteran (2015) 13.4 million
  2. Berlin (2013) 7.16 million
  3. Battleship Island (2017) 5 million (* in progress)
  4. The Unjust (2010) 2.72 million

  5. Crying a Fist (2005) 1.46 million

  ◇ This year's domestic release movie box top 5  ◇
  1. Confidential Assignment 7.81 million
  2. Spider man: Homecoming: 7.2 million 
  3. The King of 531 million
  4. Beauty and Beast 513,000

  5. Battleship Island (* in progress)

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