Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Lee Je Hoon as ambassador for Urban Architecture Biennale.

Actor Lee Je Hoon who played the major role as an architecture student in the movie Architecture 101 has been appointed as an ambassador for the 2017 Seoul City Architecture Biennale.

Lee Je Hoon made his debut in the entertainment industry in films Bleak Night and Front Line in 2011. His major breakthrough role was in Architecture 101 in 2012 playing opposite Miss A's Suzy. 

His major drama hits were Secret Door (2014), Signal (2016) and recently Tomorrow with You (2017). The Seoul Metropolitan Government agreed and said that, "Actor Lee Je Hoon is a representative as a young actor who has passionate and forward-looking image, challenging various works including an introduction to architecture which deals with architecture that proposes new ideas about the future of the city. 

Je Hoon said that as a citizen of Seoul, he wonders what the city of the future will be like.. He will do my best to announce the Seoul City Architecture Biennale which will be the place to experience the future of Seoul through architecture. He participated in the publicity video of Seoul Biennale and informed the citizens and the world of the biennale which was held for the first time in Koreal. He'll be attending the opening ceremony of the Biennale in September.

Meanwhile the Seoul City Architecture Biennale 2017- hosted by the Seoul Metropolitan Government and the Seoul Design Foundation will be held from September 2 to November 5, with more than 50 cities and 120 related organisations participating in it. The Donuimun Museum Village and Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP) held it everywhere in the city.
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