Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Park Hae Jin riding the Hallyu wave in China.

Actor Park Hae Jin has been busy admiring the food art program in China.
On 27th May, Park has appeared as a surprise guest in the entertainment program 
페이창징쥐리 which is very popular in China. 

Park was seen looking very happy and interested in the variation of Chinese food. He seems very delighted and can't keep his eyes off the food presented in the program.

He's already been nicknamed in Korea as '고수 남신'- literally means stick boy. Due to his height and weight, he's considered rather thin.Chinese netizens saw the photos posted in the program and many commented that he should be eating more, he looks good anytime of the day...etc. 

He has once cracked up at the airport when he was presented with a bunch of coriander (that looks like green flowers) by a fan! He laughed it loud because previously he mentioned that he loved coriander in cooking. Turns out his Chinese fan has been paying every single attention that they decided to make his day at the airport. LOL!

Park held his fan meeting session on 28th at Beijing Science and Technology University Gymnasium. His upcoming events will be Taiwan fan meeting on 9th June followed by his tour to Thailand on 31st July to meet his global fans.

Lee Jun Ki declares war on malicious comments.

Actor Lee Jun Ki (34) has decided to give his piece of mind on malicious comments.
On 31st May, the actor through his management agency Namoo Actors have decided to launch his own rage and war against the netizens on those bad remarks and articles posted online about him.

Namoo Actors rep has mentioned so far they have reserved to take legal action across as much as they could on the netizens due to the interest of the actor. However based on the corresponding articles that is damaging the actor's name, those online postings are are increasing and to the extent it's time to take it through the law.

There were false information spread on Lee and at the same time the legal proceedings have been carried out against those posting malicious comments, slander defaming the actor himself. There will be no leniency and mercy for this time. 

I wonder who has been writing negatively on Lee since he's a very down to earth guy and loves his fans too. Mmm...strange... 

1 Night 2 Days Luxury Cruise Trip Part 2

1 Night 2 Days Luxury Cruise Trip Part II continues from where they first started at Mokpo port and headed towards the nearby islands. After escaping from Dali island with the 5 school kids, they now go to another island with salt water swimming pool in it. They were provided fresh fruits to eat for the time-being. Jongmin was crushing the coconuts for the fresh juice while Taehyun refused to eat the pineapple when he can easily eat the bananas.
These grown up men were eating their pineapple and coconuts as if they were in primitive age. PD Yoo tells them to change into swimsuits for next underwater game. 

Taehyun laughed out at Jongmin in the changing room as he revealed his muffin top belly compared to Shi Yoon's 6 pack abs. Dream vs. Reality...LOL! Jongmin blames the one big pineapple he ate earlier. They are to demonstrate underwater for the other partner to guess what it is. First up is Junho-Shi Yoon's team. They struggled when Junho demonstrate 'yawn' but ended up drinking so much salt water. Taehyun-Defconn were the first to win the underwater competition. Good on them!

Next was the lovey-dovey Jongmin-Junyoung. As usual Shi Yoon doesn't seem to have good luck in winning games ever since he joined. But 3 teams managed to escape and moved on to Yuledo island. Before arriving, they were expecting luxurious buffet lunch but turns out to be 10 minutes instant cup noodles before arriving at the next port. 

They rushed their meals -even eating uncooked instant noodles as they cannot wait for the water to boil. Junho in rage complained that this is unfair as they have so far shown the viewers only burgers and instant noodles. Not up to standard. Hah! It's gambling time. Everyone looked seriously at Junho as he's the pro-gambler in the group. 
PD Yoo tells them to fork out some cash to buy some chips. Each team came up with KRW$50,000 in exchange for a bunch of coins. They were brought to a senior citizens center at Yuledo island whereby the people survived mostly on seaweed and only 60 families lived there. 

The President lady was a fan of Taehyun so he gave her a hug. Some even recognized Shi Yoon as he was Kim Tak Gu in the drama Baker King. 

3 teams are matched up against the senior citizens in 'casino game'. They are to bet some money against the elders on guessing either odd or even number of coins they have in their hidden hands. Now the biggest question is how to win against the seniors? Before the ferry comes back at 4.30pm, each team has to lose as much money as they could to escape from the island. Taehyun-Defconn team was struggling as they were on the winning streak! Then came the background music 'Like the First Time' sung by the late Park Yong Ha for the SBS drama 'All In' played by Lee Byung Hun. Ah...

Junho-Shi Yoon were the first team to win the game as they guessed all incorrectly and lost all their money they have bet. It's either Junho is super lucky or is it one of his talents to lose all the money within 1/2 hour? Hah! 

Now it's either Junyoung or Defconn team....one of these teams must stay behind the island with some staff, stylist and coordinator. Oh no! Taehyun guessed all correctly so he and Defconn bitterly stayed behind with their staff members. Junho, Shiyoon, Jongmin and Junyoung boarded the last ferry to head back to Mokpo for a nice dinner and rest at the best hanok house. PD Yoo left the youngest Jo PD to look after Taehyun and Defconn's group
without much information. Young PD was quite unsure what to do as he just joined the program 1 month ago looking rather worried and lost. Taehyun and Defconn have to somehow survive through the night with the rest of their staffs. Taehyun is fidgeting away as he compared PD Yoo who is used to lead out 100 over staffs and now it's just the few of them left on the island.

Meanwhile on the ferry, the 2 winning teams have to sing through the karaoke machine scoring more than 90 points in order to enjoy the array of sandwiches, finger food and freshly made cocktails. Junyoung and Jongmin were the first up shouting their lungs out for the song 'Pick Me'. They scored 98 points and soon enjoying their Mojito cocktails. 

Next up was Shiyoon who started off slight off key but he and Junho sang with all their might scored 96 points to earn them their food they deserved. Lucky them! They were soon set sailing with their luxurious snacks heading back to Mokpo.

Stay tune for Part 3 to check out the losing team stuck at the island and surviving with their newest youngest Jo PD. Oh no! 

Monday, May 30, 2016

Jung Woo and Kang Ha Neul in movie 'Review'

Actor Jung Woo (35) and Kang Ha Neul (26) are up for roles in the new movie 
'Review 재심' (directed by PD Kim Tae Yoon).

On 30th May, Jung Woo and Kang's agencies have confirmed that the two people are considering favorably for the movie offer.

Review movie is about a murder case that took place in the year 2000 at Iksan. The lawyers struggle in the case to defend a boy from going into prison for the the unfair justice.

PD Kim Tae Yoon has directed the movie 'Another Promise' in 2014 and 'Suspect X' in 2012.

The movie is scheduled to start filming in July.

Jeon Ji Hyun and Lee Min Ho teams up for Legend of Blue Sea drama.

Actress Jeon Ji Hyun (35) and actor Lee Min Ho (29) confirmed to star in the drama 'Legend of the Blue Sea 푸른 바다의 전설 ' - to be written by scriptwriter Park Ji Eun
Park has already worked together with Jeon as she wrote the famous drama My Love from the Star. Even actor Kim Soo Hyun has starred again in her last year's short mini series drama Producers

Both actors' agencies have confirmed on 30th May that they will be in writer Park's upcoming drama. Legend of the Blue Sea is a fantasy romance drama based on a mermaid from the story collection- 어우야담 (Aw-woo-yeo dam). Lee is to play the main hero while Jeon will be the mermaid.

Meanwhile, Legend of Blue Sea is reportedly under copyright contracts with Chinese Drama distributors up to KRW$50-60 million in progress. 

Jeon has just given birth 2 months ago and Lee is currently promoting his joint venture Chinese film Bounty Hunters in cinemas.

Legend of the Blue Sea is scheduled to broadcast in August. As for Gong Hyo Jin and Jo Jeong Suk's new drama 'Incarnation of jealousy' via SBS station is scheduled to run later in November.

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Kim Min Suk sings in The Mask King competition.

On the recent 22nd May episode of The Mask King program, it turns out the real identity behind the Descendants of the Sun Junior mask is none other than actor Kim Min Suk.

The cutie pie actor Kim Min Suk also happens to play as the juvenile gangster Kim Ki Beom turned into a UN peacekeeper soldier in popular KBS drama Descendants of the Sun.
The audience were thrilled and smiling away to see the budding actor could sing so well and act in dramas. His character is much loved in the drama since he was naughty at the start but he became a matured yet clingy soldier to Lieutenant Seo Dae Young (played by Jin Gu). 

Kim passed on the 1st round of The Mask King beating fellow contestant actor Oh Chang Seok to a small margin. The two sang the famous song by Yoon Do Hyun band- Will Give It to You. MC Kim Gu Ra mentioned Descendants of the Sun junior stands holding his belt around the waist to the end as to where Kim mentioned he was trying to copy as what Song Joong Ki does in the drama. After all the mask he was wearing was the wannabe look alike Captain Yoo Shi Jin with the Ray-Ban sunglasses on the front. Hah!

When asked about the close relationship between Song Song couple, he agrees he still keeps in touch with them. He even told them he is joining some singing competition to which they tell him do well and good luck. Kim sang the song 'I Can't' originally sung by 4Men feat. Mi. However he lost out to the Genie in the Lamp contestant (who is rocker Kim Kyung Ho).

Everyone applauded for Kim's appearance in The Mask King. In fact he has auditioned before to become a singer before switching his career to an actor. 

Keep up the good work! 

2 million people flocked to Song Joong Ki's China fan meeting.

The new hot rising Hallyu star actor Song Joong Ki is definitely heating up in China. 

A total of 2 million fans have turned up for Song's 2016 Asia Tour Fan Meeting held from 27th to 28th May held at the Sports Arena in Guangzhou and Shenzhen, China.

Song Joong Ki has confessed candidly to answer all the questions thrown out by the fans.
He tries his best to communicate in Chinese. He mentioned he is very grateful to the many fans who have send their love and support to him ever since he has visited every Asian city. Everyday he is also impressed with the love they have provided to him.

He said in a letter written directly to the fans in the plane on the way to China. He said Guangzhou is the first place to go and travel.

Despite the rain fall, fans still showed their support to him at Guangzhou and Shenzhen.

On 5th June, he is scheduled to visit Shanghai, then Hong Kong on the 11th June, 17th at Chengdu, China and last stop is Taipei, Taiwan on 25th June. 

Broadway musical 42nd Street feat. Song Il Kook and Lee Jong Hyuk.

The upcoming Broadway musical 42nd Street is scheduled to play in Seoul from 23rd June until 15th July. The musical is based on a book written by Michael Stewart and Mark Bramble. It tells a story about a notorious director Julian Marsh hired to direct a musical despite his serious illness but since he suffered a long string of failures, he had to move on.
Producers Jones and Barry decided to put up a play Pretty Lady featuring Dorothy Brock while she is hooked up with the rich Abner Dillon. 

Naive comer Peggy Sawyer arrives in New York to earn a living while Lorraine Fleming and Ann Lowell decided to train her up. There's Billy Lawyer who takes an instant liking towards Peggy. 


Actors Song Il Kook and Lee Jong Hyuk are been cast for the main leading role Julian Marsh. It's been a while since we last saw Daddy Song in Return of Superman and his not long ago drama Jang Young Shil. Dorothy Brock will be played by veteran actress Kim Seon Gyung and Choi Jung Won

Peggy Sawyer will be played by Im Hye Young and Billy Lawyer is played by Yenuk

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Park Bo Geum smiles brightly at K-SWISS event.

Actor Park Bo Geum is seen smiling dazzlingly at the recent fan meeting at K-SWISS event at White Rock Art Hall, Gangnam-gu, Seoul on 28th May 2016.

The young budding actor has been fame for his drama works such as Cantabile Tomorrow, Hello Monster, Reply 1988 and recently he was offered the role in the 2016 KBS drama Moonlight Drawn by Clouds as the leading role.

Photo courtesy from K-SWISS Korea website
He is currently the MC for Music Bank with Irene. Since he became famous in Reply 1988, his CFs have been skyrocketing everywhere. He has endorsed for brands such as Lotte World, Sunkist Cocktail, J-Estina, K-SWISS, Pelicana Chicken, outdoor gear Montbell, Domino's Pizza, G9, LG Household and Care...etc.

Jung Jun Young band changes its name to Drug Restaurant.

Jung Jun Young's rock band has unveiled their latest album with their new concept name 'Drug Restaurant- 드럭 레스토랑'. They have also decided to change their original JJY Band to Drug Restaurant. 

Vocalist Jung Jun Young and guitarist Jung Tae Min have together composed the title song - Mistake. Mistake is a song that contains the desire to be able to live as a youth longing for freedom one desires.

Along with other singles such as Sexy Night, What?!, When the Money's Back have all been composed, written and produced by the rest of the members of the band. 

On the hand whereby the changing name of the band to Drug Restaurant, it was a decision of everyone in the group not just a solo person's decision. It means it will be more pleasant than a prescription drug pharmacy that contains an overwhelming desire to escape the music and healing for the stricken people in the society.
That's very interesting...mmm... 

The new album is available for digital download from 27th May 2016.


Lee Min Ho's China fraud concert not related to the actor.

On 27th May, Hallyu star Lee Min Ho (29) agency MYM Entertainment has confirmed the concert fraud in China resulting 1.3 billion is not related to him at all.

MYM Entertainment is currently investigating the incident with the police. The excuse for concert rights and fraud claims to be one of the parent company's agency- which was non existent from the start.

The rights to hold the concert with Lee Min Ho's name on it was a total fraud whereby there was no plans or suggestions at all to hold anything with the actor.

Prior to that, Seoul Gangnam Police station has received a complaint on the day where under the Korean Wave celebrities concert contract fraud targeted by the Chinese entertainment agency last month for investigation. 

According to the police, a person by the name Mr. Kang Mo (41 of age)- last year itself he has received KRW1.35 billion twice in Shanghai. He even went to meet local entertainment agencies in Shanghai whereby he was offered KRW980 million in exchange for Lee Min Ho's concert exclusive rights.

Gong Yoo, Lee Dong Wook, Kim Go Eun in 'Goblin' drama.

Descendants of the Sun drama scriptwriter Kim Eun Sook has been courted to write for the new tVN cable network drama entitled 'Goblin- 도깨비'. Actors Gong Yoo, Lee Dong Wook and Kim Go Eun are reported to be the main casts for the drama.


Gong Yoo was first to be confirmed for the main role while recently on 27th May- actor Lee Dong Wook and actress Kim Go Eun have agreed to be part of the drama as well and seemed to be positive for the roles they will be playing.

Goblin is a work about a goblin who requires a human bride in order to end his immortal life.
Meanwhile the Death Angel is suffering from amnesia.
The goblin and other worldly messengers have seen enough of death and sufferings. Their main job is to send off the deceased leaving this world. Now after the job, they are to leave the world as well. Rather fantasy...mmm...

Goblin 'Kim Shin' will be played by Gong Yoo while Death Angel 'Wang Yeo' is played by Lee Dong Wook. Kim Go Eun takes on the role as the human bride. 

Scriptwriter Kim Eun Sook has been famous for her hit drama works such as The Heirs (2013), Gentleman's Dignity (2012), Secret Garden (2011), On Air (2008) and Lovers in Paris (2004).

Her leading men in dramas so far have been proven rather successful- Song Joong Ki, Lee Min Ho, Kim Woo Bin Jang Dong Gun, Hyun Bin, the late Park Yong Ha, Lee Bum Soo and Park Shin Yang. Now she has secured two great leading actors in Goblin as well. 

Goblin drama is expected to broadcast in November 2016.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Kang Min Hyuk gives a ring to Hyeri in Entertainer.

In SBS Entertainer drama, Jo Ha Neul (played by Kang Min Hyuk) tells Geu Rin (played by Hyeri) to date each other. 

On 26th May, the episode featured Geu Rin and Entertainer band went to view stars. 

Ha Neul who always has a side crush on Geu Rin decided to give her a ring which he has bought secretly. While the rest of the band members were busy admiring the beautiful stars sparkling in the galaxy, Ha Neul disappears from the sight. Geu Rin went frantically looking for him.

Ha Neul appears from nowhere and slides the ring onto her finger while confessing his feelings for her. Eventually he took the guts to ask her out for a date. 

Meanwhile Shin Suk Ho (played by Ji Sung) decides to give a piece of his mind to KTOP people for messing with him, Ha Neul and Jinu. Suk Ho confronted the arrogant CEO Lee Jun Seok (played by Jeon No Min) as he used false allegations to frame Ha Neul and wrecked the youngster's life. 

The drama is originally scheduled for 16 episodes but then it has been extended to 18 episodes.

The drama started off slow with low ratings but it started to pick up with various cameo appearances from Park Shin Hye and Seo Kang Jun. 

Currently Entertainment band members were played by L.Joe, Gong Myung, Lee Tae Sun and CN Blue's Kang Min Hyuk. 
Also co-starring are Chae Jung Ahn, Jung Man Shik and Ahn Nae Sang. 

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Yoo In Young besties with Kim Ji Seok.

Actress Yoo In Young had a lovely chat at a cafe in Gangnam Shinsa-dong after wrapping up her recent MBC drama 'Goodbye Mr.Black'. It's been clearly seen that Yoo In Young is best friends with actor Kim Ji Seok and actress Jung Yu Mi.

She mentioned sometimes they catch up for coffee and chat for nearly 2 hours.

tVN's variety show Problematic Men starring Kim Ji Seok has been a fixed permanent member while he mentioned a few people in his guest lists.

One of the stories Kim has shared in program was the drinking session he had with Yoo.
Kim has extended his invitation to his best friend as a guest in the program but she has yet to attend the show.

The program seems to be the usual favorites, but she has seen a gun problem solving separate issues while laughing away. She reveals the extraordinary affection for her best friend. Lately since Kim has been busy filming the tVN drama 'Another Oh Hae Young', she hasn't seen his face for a while. 

As for Jung Yu Mi, she and Yoo has planned to visit Kim at the set but since she is also tied filming the drama 'God of Noodles', everything has been postponed.

Yoo In Young played the role 'Mari' in Goodbye Mr. Black as the first love interest to Cha Ji Won (played by Lee Jin Wook) but later on she was married to the scheming evil Min Sun Jae (played by Kim Kang Woo). 

Photos courtesy from Up Entertainment, Kim Ji-Seok and Jung Yu Mi's Instagram

Shin Seung Rok tying the knot in Hawaii.

Another bachelor actor is off the single list. 
Actor Shin Seung Rok (34) is getting married in Hawaii, USA this June. His wife to be is a public servant worker.

The two have met each other through recent acquaintances.Although the couple had a short dating period but it has been reportedly both have a firm faith in love and decided to get married for good.

The wedding will only be invitation for family and friends. 

Shin Seung Rok has starred as the main villain in 2013 SBS 'My Love from the Star' 

He has also acted in various dramas such as Thank You, One Mom and Three Dads, My Life's Golden Age, Trot Lovers, Liar Game and The King's Face.

Lately Shin has been active in theater musicals such as Monte Cristo, Le Roi Soleil, Elisabeth and recently in 'Mata Hari'. 

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Baek A-Yeon and Jong Hyun sweeping music charts.

Female vocalist Baek A-Yeon (23) has been making headlines in the music charts with her online digital single released entitled 'So So 쏘쏘'. On 24th May, at 9 o'clock, her new single has been topping the charts sites such as Melon, Genie, Naver Music, MNet, Bugs, Ole Music, Soribada, Monkey 3...etc.

Meanwhile SHINee's vocalist Jong Hyun (26) has also released his solo album come back is sweeping the music charts. Jonghyun's first single title 'Like It 좋아' has reached number one spot on sites such as Melon, Mnet, Bugs, Ole Music, Soribada, Genie and Naver Music.

'Like It' is a song genre of electronica funk flavored base for the future. Plus it features a cool beat and synth sounds.

Jonghyun is both involved in the composing, lyricist and singer-songwriting in this album. He has shown he has the qualities to compose for the new generation.

Cheese In the Trap movie version.

tVN popular webtoon drama Cheese in the Trap 치즈인더트랩  will have its remake into a movie version.

According to Mountain Movement Management who manages leading actor Park Hae Jin, the rep has advised that Park has gained so much popularity from starring in the drama. 

So Park will be the best candidate to lead back the main character Yoo Jung in the movie.

The movie will be a joint venture investment with Mountain Movement Management- Beijing Pisces Culture Media Co.Ltd, Wanda, China Film, Xing Mei distribution companies.

Park has starred in various big dramas as he started off with Famous Chil Princesses, East of Eden, Hot Blood, My Daughter Seo Young, 
My Love from the Star, Doctor Stranger and recently in Cheese in the Trap. So far he has only appeared in 2 variety programs- Happy Together and Family Outing. 

The filming of the movie will begin early next year and plans to release it in that Summer.

Hyun Bin appointed as Gwangju Biennale ambassador.

Actor Hyun Bin (34) has been appointed at Gwangju Biennale ambassador 2016.

Gwangju Biennale Foundation is organized from September 2nd to November 6th with the theme (What does Art do?). On 24th May, Hyun Bin was officially named as Gwangju Biennale Ambassador 2016.

The Foundation said the selection was made since the actor debuted in 2003, while steadily worked out great as a domestic and international public communication and established himself as one of the Hallyu stars. 

Hyun Bin's image is consistent with the image of the Biennale, Gwangju Biennale, the world's five appointed as ambassador.

Also the actor has acted as chaebol in dramas- My Name is Kim Sam Soon and Secret Garden- intimate yet he possesses a luxurious image for the Gwangju Biennale exhibition. Hyun Bin has done the Ice Bucket Challenge and contributed in many social activities.

Gwangju Biennale has previously worked alongside actors such as Jeong Woo Sung (2014) and  Lee Byung Hun and actress Lim Soo Jung (2013) 

1 Night 2 Days Luxury Cruise trip.

It has not been long when new member actor Yoon Shi Yoon joins the cast of 1 Night 2 Days in April 2016. He's considered the 2nd youngest after Jun Young but he seems to be skyrocketing in popularity. He seems cool, excited and always expecting something challenging. With his nickname Dong Gu (actually it's his real name), he didn't fare that well in games and quiz. Hah! Everyone was refusing to partner up with him as they might end up last.

PD Yoo Ho Jin sends them a text to members stating they are going for a cruise trip. Feeling excited most of them dressed to their best- Jun Ho looked as if he was going for some wedding party, Shi Yoon is the Leo-Caprio wannabe from Titanic, Defconn in pink suit more like a party captain, Jong Min in a sailor robe, Tae Hyun in summer wear and hat and Jun Young dressed in red suit like a typical Big Bang party.

It is no surprise that PD Ho Jin arranged a ferry to cruise them along the various islands. It wasn't a luxury cruise liner as they were expecting. To their dismay, they boarded the cramped ferry with the casts and stylists heading to the first destination Dallido Island. Weather was covered with thick fog and it was cold for those in shorts and summer wear.
They were divided into 3 teams to wake up 3 family's school children in the island. Jun Ho and Shi Yoon picked Yoo Jeong in 5th grade who stayed the closest to where they were. Jun Young was bit hesitant when his partner Jong Min picked a pair of twin brothers Tae Hwan and Tae Joon who were not at home! They walked all the way to their house to realize the boys were at another home due to their father's business! Tae Hyun and Defconn picked the 'Cow siblings' - Ga Yeong and Ui Yeong who were excited to eat hamburgers more than attending school. 

3 teams were successful in managing the 5 children to attend class by 9.00 am. They were given McD burger set for lunch/breakie to fill up. Yoo Jeong pointed out her favorite member is Shi Yoon followed by Jun Young and Jun Ho. Jong Min was her least favorite! Ha ha! When asked if the girls watched Descendants of the Sun- they turned pink and shy because of "Captain Yoo". It's clear that even young girls are into Song Joong Ki. When Defconn pointed out that Tae Hyun is best friends with Joong Ki, Ga Yeong immediately rated him as his number 1 favorite cast member in 1N2D. Muahahah! Yoo Jeong wants SISTAR's Soyou's autograph which Jun Ho promised to get it for her. 

Next mission 3 groups along with the kids must pose exactly to what PD Ho Jin says. Example crab- means all members must pose exactly like a crab. If one member fails to pose properly or cheat, mission failed and they must stay in that island. Quickly Jun Young's team starts off but they cheated because they didn't pose properly like a model. Pfft! Tae Hyun's group was first to move on with the kids getting presents and happily thanked them for visiting them. Dallido island is so small that only 5 kids lived in the island whereby their school teacher have to take a boat to come and teach them everyday.

The cast arrived at the terminal laughing out their so-called 'ferry' has arrived to ferry them across to another outlying islands. There are Uido Island, Bokhodo Island, Jarado Island, Sinuido Island, Gohado Island and Oedaldo Island.

1N2D are heading for their next mission whereby they are off to stay in a nice hanok house or either camp out in the island. Stay tuned for 2nd part! 

Monday, May 23, 2016

Running Man 300th Episode special.

After 6 years since it's first episode broadcast on SBS TV station, the popular variety program Running Man has kept ongoing until today. The show has shown us 6 X 4 seasons that the members and cast have gone through. It is their 300th episode special. They were presented a big cake celebrating the special event and on the wall were plaques of the 300 episodes they have filmed. So far they have already invited 600+ guests to Running Man.

The theme concept of the race is 7 vs. 300 (XXX) for this round. 7 of the RM members are up against 300 something. First race is they were given KRW3000,000 cash in a bag but first they must solve 7 questions from the 300 episodes they have filmed which is time ticking. KRW10 is deducted in each second so time is consuming. They must remember the key words or event in the episodes they choose. Ha Ha was going green in envy when he picked the episode his 'first love' happens to be actress Han Ga In. He got it right and moved on where Ji Hyo scored it right on UFC Fighter Chu Sang Hoon was the guest in the Avengers episode. Seok Jin also scored it right for the recent episode. The best was Jong Kook remembered there were 108 TV cameras that actor Jeong Woo Sung was using for that special episode. Everyone was amazed by his wonderful memory mentioning Kookie must be a big fan of RM that he watches every episode everyday! Gary breezed through when he mentioned Rain and Kim Woo Bin as the guests in the Australia episodes. Happy Days Kwang Soo remembered he was brushing his teeth when they barged into his house.

The worst came down to Jae Suk as he remembered nothing from the episodes. Everyone was suspicious wondering if he's a spy as how could he not remember anything.
RM team lost all the money and didn't get a hint for their puzzle map.

2nd race is 7 vs. 300 (meters)- they were brought to an empty space with big LED screen stating each member must write 300 over words in an essay on the ground. They have 1/2 hour to complete the mission. If they fail, they will be splatted with flour which was fixed on top of their helmet they were wearing. Ji Hyo started off by writing each members names and she was smart to leave space in between the boxes to fill it up quickly. She kicked Kwang Soo for being too slow and not spacing out the Korean characters. Jae Suk was blabbering non stop telling them to hurry up. Kookie was writing very sentimental essay on his other end. RM Team wins the 2nd round and wins a puzzle hint. Next they were brought to an park nearby the river.

3rd mission was 7 vs. 300 (bowls)- RM Team versus VJ Cameraman team. They are to battle out eating 300 types of dishes. Jae Suk is worried when it comes to his own VJ Kwon Ryul who eats like a giant. Seok Jin was rather poor in shoving down the food. Haha was fast and so was Kwang Soo. Kookie was stuck with eating things he doesn't like such as chocolates..etc. RM team tried their best but VJ team won by eating 226 bowls vs 222. 
The losing team has to fork the bill for the foot. Jae Suk suggested by game luck cards. Whoever picks the card will have to pay. Ha Ha needs to pay $3, Ji Hyo needs to dance, Gary forks out $15 and Kookie was the super unlucky where he picked the card of paying $1000! All laughed and cheered as last year was the same- Tiger has to foot the big bill! 

They were entertained by idol group BTS who were dancing away. The 4th mission is moving 300 boxes of instant noodles onto a truck. Each team has a cart and they are to shove as many ramen noodles boxes into the truck. Losing team will have to donate 200+ boxes for charity. 

At first BTS were leading as Kwang Soo tried to cheat. However member Jimin clung onto Kwangsoo while Rap Monstar was loading quickly onto their truck. Kookie couldn't stand anymore so he alone pinned 3 BTS members down to the ground allowing Seok Jin, Kwang Soo and Jae Suk to transport the boxes into RM truck. However BTS wins the round. It's game luck again resulting someone has to dig deeper to donate to charity. Turns out Kookie was lucky as he doesn't need to donate a single thing. Kwang Soo, Seok Jin and Jae Suk were always the unlucky 3 so they decided to swap their cards. If Kwang Soo didn't swap the 2nd time, he wouldn't be donating 200 boxes. He was just unlucky where he swap again with Seok Jin. Hah! 

After all the running and moving boxes, RM team moves onto a new location- a gym hall where they were greeted by 300 students. They were all selected via the RM casts. First up contestant to challenge Jae Suk is 'flipping the card' - takjigi. It's one game that Jae Suk is aware and good at. However the tables have turned as his performance was poor and turns out the high school student flipped the card! 

Stay tuned for the 2nd part where the losing team will have to pay the price- somewhere dark and mysterious place they have go to. LOL! 

Miss A's Suzy,Shin Dong Yub to host 52nd Baek Sang Awards.

Group Miss A's Suzy and host Shin Dong Yub will be the main emcees for the 52nd Baek Sang Awards to be held next month at the hall in Kyunghee University in Seoul.

On 23rd May, the organizers have advised that they will be expecting Shin showing a good showmanship since he has been hosting many events and shows. 

Meanwhile Suzy has hosted various awards such as Korea Musical Awards, Gayo Daejun and Seoul Drama Awards. As for her, hosting the Baek Sang Awards will be the first time. She has won herself an award under the rookie section during the 48th Baek Sang Awards for the film Architecture 101. This year will be something special for the singer/actress.

The 52nd Baek Sang Awards will be broadcast live via JTBC, JTBC2 and China.

Lee Hyun Woo casted in China's web drama.

Actor Lee Hyun Woo (23) has been cast to star in China's web drama entitled 'The Most Beautiful First Encounter 가장 아름다운 첫 만남' as the main lead. 

The Most Beautiful First Encounter is about youthful romance-first love that was painted by two people. By chance the two met again after going splitting up 7 yeas ago. It is based on a Chinese novel with its original name.

Lee Hyun Woo's character seems a bit cold, but he plays as the memorable first love, a university lecturer named Go Sung.

Lee will showcase a variety of expressions as the current university lecturer- pure, chic and lively appearance from previous 7 years. Go Sung's first love, Bae Am Yeon will be played by China's rookie actress Yeo Shim Nyeon (余心恬) .

'The Most Beautiful First Encounter' will be produced a 30-part series. It will be broadcast in the second half of this year, via China's largest portal site and satellite TV.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Cuteness? Yeo Jin Goo is rocking cool.

While filming the movie A Long Way Home 서부전선, the actors filmed during summer and ended up in winter at the end. How much suffering was that?  The film itself took a lot more entertaining scenes which were not too tiring. Similar to the movie Welcome to Dokmangol, comedy and humanity are mixed well in it.

Yeo Jin Goo was honored to act alongside his senior veteran actor Sol Kyung Gu. Sol plays Nam Bok - a South Korean farmer conscripted and assigned for a mission to deliver a classified military document that may decide the fate of the war. He also has a sense of humor in him.

Yeo Jin Goo debut himself in the big screen in 2005 Sad Movie acting as Yeom Jung Ah's little son. Even that Yeo wasn't a rookie, he was already familiarize with the movie/drama sets. He has learned a lot from his seniors such as depth, expression, subtle movements of facial muscles and emotions. During his high school years, it was rather difficult to project such expressions but nowadays it was a piece of cake for the actor who has matured so much.

Currently Yeo is filming the SBS drama Jackpot (Daebak) which has received great attention since he is playing as the teen future King Jeongjo. The 19 year old actor is best styled with suits appearance but he still matches well with uniforms. Looking back into 10 years before, the actor has come a long way.

He has filmed many dramas such as Iljimae, Tazza, Giant, Warrior Baek Dong Soo, Tree with Deep Roots, Moon Embraces the Sun, Missing You and Orange Marmalade.

Nowadays his friends of same age are all into either career or university studies. Everyone is entering the adult age and unlike them, Yeo has to spent some time on the set of school early to find a good one to attend. Since a child actor, he has won Young Actor Awards, Best New actor, Yeo seriously has a big long route ahead of him since he is the uprising actor.

Hwang Chi Yeolie syndrome in China.

When vocalist Hwang Chi Yeol arrived first time in China, there was only 1 fan waiting for him at the airport. Now it's totally different for the guy who has become an overnight celebrity. He has hundreds of fans gathered at the airport to see his arrival. The chanting of his name 'Chiyeulie' became a fame three months later. 

At first he was a stranger but now he's become a 'Hallyu star' for China. Grazia Korea has a one to one interview with Hwang.

Q. Lately your mind must be everywhere?
I just arrived in Korea yesterday and I had to go out again quickly. The Chinese version I Am A Singer is once a week so I have been busy digesting for the next schedule. Besides China, the schedule is two hours and I've been staying longer than expected. I travel back and forth between South Korea and China as I have to shoot the program I Live Alone.

Q. What about the increase of popularity?
There were many fans waiting at the airport and I feel thankful for that. Especially for the I Am Singer (China version) they were impressed with my performance, I felt touched and I thanked them for supporting me. 

Hwang Chi Yeol with female vocalist Gummy to perform the duet
You're My Everything (OST from Descendants of the Sun)
Q. China's Hunan TV with 'I am Singer Season 4' must be a popular local program?
It is somehow similar to what we have in South Korea. The progress and competition was somehow different. Since I appeared in their Season 4, it was popular in a way as I managed to compete with the local top stars.

Q. Most memorable experience?
When I had to perform Big Bang's hit song Bang Bang Bang in Chinese version. It won the first place. I was rather surprised. All the time I have continued singing ballads, I did some dance to surprise the audience. At that time, my physical condition wasn't that good, so the dances were rather sloppy. In addition, I was filming I Live Alone so there was a tight busy schedule. 

Q. Each time you go on stage, there is something new on the intro. 
I wanted to contain all the authenticity of the stage. Especially when I try to sing ballad which is bittersweet. I think that point received a good score to the audience. And the day before the contest, I did study and rewrote the hand gestures and body language, facial expressions in the mirror, watching myself on stage to showcase the area. 

Q. During your activities in China, you lost 7 kg, what was the most difficult thing that you have encountered?
Maybe I suffered the most is the language-communication. I have to memorize and learn in Chinese lyrics. Even every other day conversation is difficult. I have an unfamiliar song that I have to learn and while sitting at the waiting room with other singers, you need to keep the flow of conversation. 

Q. After the China activities, your salary has climbed a whopping 100X?
Of course the salary has to increase! (Laughs) But not that much. In one episode of Happy Together, the manager Jang Yu-an did exaggerate a bit...

Q. Tell us about your future plans.
I do not have any specific plans. In the meantime I'm going to preferentially digest all the schedule for now. Unfortunately, I think there was not much time I did being broadcast in South Korea because China activities. And the album on April 26, will be released. Please download and stream it a lot. Thank you.

We will be supporting Hwang endlessly for his wonderful performances!
He's definitely score a point from me and I've got him on my Instagram. *winks*

Park Min Ji and Kim Jeong Hoon in 'Start Again' drama.

Actress Park Min Ji (27) has kicked off with her first leading drama.

She is the main protagonist in MBC's new drama 'Start Again 다시 시작해' (written by Won Young Ok and directed by PD Park Jae Bum, Jang Jun Ho). The first episode is to be broadcast on 23rd May 2016.

Park has been in the acting industry and appeared in dramas such as 18,29, You're My Destiny, The Great Seer, When a Man Loves and not long ago she was in Cheese in the Trap. 
Her featured films were Jeni, Juno which was rather impressive. She was also in the 2016 movie Canola.

Start Again will be a long family drama stretching to 120 episodes. This is not an easy task
for the actress. Park plays the bright intelligent Na Young Ja- the youngest daughter in the family who wants to become a gynecologist.

Due to her father's health issues, she has to forego her dreams and works in a departmental store under the sales division. There she meets a young Sales and Planning head, Sung Jae and falls in love with him.

Actor Kim Jeong Hoon will be playing the role as Ha Seung Jae who is a young manager striving alone after his wife and daughter's death. Seung Jae graduates from a prestigious school so he managed to secure a job at Eunha Group.

Also co-starring in the drama are Park Sun Ho, Kim Hye Ok, Kang Shin Il, Jeon No Min, Park Jun Geum, Jang Seo Won, Jeong Soo Young, Han Eun Ji and Yoon Jung Hoon.

Lee Bum Soo at Marvel 2016 run.

On 22nd May, actor Lee Bum Soo attended the run race opening together with his family. 
He was there with his 2 children and wife at Mapo-gu, Seoul Sangam for the opening of the square Peace Cup Park.

He was also joined by the Marvel superheroes for a commemorative photo.

This is Asia's first run held in Seoul whereby Marvel has attracted around 8000 people to participate for the "Revive the hero" theme. 

Lately Lee and his family have been appearing in variety program- Return of Superman.