Wednesday, September 30, 2015

2 Days 1 Night with UFC Fighters and Global Friends

Recently the 1N2D team met up with UFC Fighters- Chu Sang Hoon and Kim Dong Hyun, they were brought to laughters as the two men were not as easy as it is. Even the PD was

flabbergasted with Chu Sang Hoon's reply when he asked why he is not getting his meal as it was part of the luck game. The rest just burst into laughters knowing how straight this fighter can be. He is funny at his own times but is amazed to see the members do weird things such as games and even singing karaoke.

Kim Dong Hyun requested Cha Tae Hyun to sing his hit song I Love You which was written by his current wife Choi Suk Eun. It reminded Dong Hyun so much during his days in military. Surprising Tae Hyun scored 100 marks in the karaoke session- the same goes to Chu Sang Hoon who sang their own songs. Not bad...however Jong Min just sang off key to all were disappointed to see he scored only 70 marks. Sang Hoon and Dong Hyun were reluctant to head to the abandoned old school at night if they lose the game. No matter what they must score more to avoid the punishment.

After the night mission and sleeping in tents, the guys headed off for flag race the next morning. Defconn was devastated he had to climb on a pile of compost to get his flag- dive into the pool! Hahah! Sang Hoon and Dong Hyun encouraged the entire team to dive into the cool fall- probably the last dive for summer before Autumn comes. The two UFC fighters promised to return if they win their competition. 

Next thing the team were brought to Gangwon province and they were given a bunch of yellow envelopes to choose their own partners. These grown up men were excited hoping for female guests to arrive much to their disappointment it was merely a male gathering.

Junho's partner was Japanese actor Ryohei Otani, Taehyun picked G.O.D's Park Joon Hyung, Jong Min's partner was American-Korean singer John Park, Joo Hyuk's partner is Super Junior M's Henry and Defcon's partner was Jun Young himself! 

Defconn guessed it was a global special friends mission this time. Indeed PD agreed these friends have lived in Korea but yet to encounter and see more of the country. They have worked on stages and dramas but they still have so much to learn in South Korea since they are foreigners. Henry is happy that Taehyun recognized him and said he watched the movie My Sassy Girl. However Henry is fascinated with John Park's character and everyone laughed when John mentioned he was suitable to partner up with Jong Min (is it because both are also weird or slow witted?) The teams ran up the conservatory park and sweated their bullets only to realize no women guests are there. Haha!

The winner was Junho and Ryohei while the last team was Defconn and Junyoung - punished to wear farmhand wear (those days like slaves clothes). It was comfy for the pants but they were sweating on the top. Joon Hyung was busy taking selfie shots with his friends- I feel it was a Room Mate reunions as Joon and Ryohei were in the same program. Also Henry appeared in Room Mate as well to meet with Jackson and Amber.

Tune in for next week's special with the global friends as they race to do their missions.

Will Six Flying Dragons drama be as successful as Tree with Deep Roots?

The new SBS TV drama Six Flying Dragons 육룡이 나르샤 is scheduled to be broadcasted after Mrs.Cop and its premiering for 50 episodes. This sageuk action drama will be having a good casts such as veteran actor Chun Ho Jin, Kim Myung Min, Yoo Ah In, Shin Se Kyung, Byun Yo Han, Yoon Kyun Sang and Jeong Yoo Mi

Considering the end of Yi Seo Gye whom is known as King Taejo, Prince Yi Bang Won (later who becomes King Taejong) is always on duel and conflict with the infamous advisor and supporter Jeong Do Jeon. Jeong prefers the country be ruled by court of ministers and advisors while Prince Yi Bang Won choses power than anything else.

Jeon collides a lot with 5th son, Bang Won questioning who is the rightful heir to the throne. Jeon prefers the 8th son Bang Seok to be the Crown Prince. This periodic drama will be focussing on the childhood and youthful Prince Yi Bang Won leading to his success of conquering the throne. 

It seems to be the year of Yoo Ah In- he's been in successful box office movies and now he's taking the lead role of Yi Bang Won. Shin Se Kyung plays the role as Boon Yi. Kim Myung Min takes the role of Jeong Do Jeon. This isn't the first time Kim playing sageuk as he was in Immortal Admiral Yi Soon Shin (2004) as the main hero. Chun Ho Jin will play as King Taejo. Byun Yo Han and Yoon Kyun Sang both play as bodyguards to two leading roles.

Historically Yi Seo Gye is torn between the love for his sons and country. When his 5th son takes the throne and started his absolute monarchy power. He has even executed a number of people to strengthen the royal authority. He hasn't spared his in laws and left none to hide. His son Yi Do (later becomes the Great King Sejong) was in despair seeing his father being so ruthless and vows to rule in his own way. 

We wish the team good luck and hopefully this periodic drama will bring us more action and thrill from Yoo Ah In himself. Personally I think he suits sageuk dramas... :D 

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Lee Min Ho appointed as Pyeongchang Winter Olympic Ambassador.

Hallyu star/actor Lee Min Ho (aged 28) has recently been appointed as the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympic Games Ambassador

The PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Winter Games and Paralympic Winter Games Organizing Committee (Chairman Cho Yang-ho) has commissioned to Lee Min Ho on the 25th Seoul Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP) as the official ambassador.

Pyeongchang organizers for the upcoming 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics with Tokyo's 2020 Summer Olympics to begin followed by Beijing's 2022 Olympic Winter Games have successfully appointed Lee Min Ho as the ambassador since his fame and dramas were popular within South East Asia.

Lee has gained great popularity around the world, especially in South Korea after taking the lead in popular 2009 KBS drama Boys Over Flowers. The drama was screened across China, Japan and the America. In 2010 and 2012, Lee was also awarded the MBC Drama Excellence Award 2012. He took the 2013 SBS Drama Awards for Best Actor. 

In 2013, China has awarded Lee for the Best Asia Popularity Award. Shinsyang Award is one of the most prestigious awards in China when it comes to selecting the most popular figures in the various areas. It was specially broadcasted in Shanghai during the China Fashion Awards in music, film, sports, fashion, etc. held annually. 

Lee enjoys the usual skiing and surfing sport so he shows a keen interest in the Winter Olympics. He has mentioned he will take the lead in the future to promote PyeongChang Olympic Winter Games.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Yongpal drama spills death and separation.

We have two more episodes to go before the ever popular Yongpal makes way for another drama on SBS channel. The recent episode 16 of Yongpal shows the war between Hanshin Group and Daejung Group. Also Daejung Group Chairman Choi seeks his revenge on Han Do Joon (played by Jo Hyun Jae). 

Yeo Jin (played by Kim Tae Hee) knows the sly cunning Secretary Min has leaked out information of Do Joon getting out of hospital and been rescued by Tae Hyun (played by Joo Won) in the ambulance. However she didn't intefere for the sake of protecting Hanshin Group. Chae Young (played by Chae Jung Ahn) was waiting for Do Joon's arrival but shocked to see a car hit Do Joon while he refused Tae Hyun's help. At last it was farewell for Do Joon as Chairman Choi has sent his men to finish him off for good. 

Tae Hyun was shocked to see Do Joon died in the arms of Chae Young. When asked if Yeo Jin has requested the kill off, she didn't deny instead stating she was the one who ordered to kill Do Joon. Tae Hyun regretted for saving Yeo Jin and she acknowledged he would be because he saved the person who took away his mother's life. Tae Hyun renovated the abandoned green house with lavender and flowers before he left the mansion. He could no longer stay around with the heiress as he couldn't tolerate further crimes and deaths.
He tells her he will wait and welcome her back in open arms when she's ready... 
(err...ready as in to step down from being the CEO and away from the so-called mafia grp?)

Yeo Jin orders the personal bodyguard to protect Tae Hyun no matter where he goes.

As Chae Young sends Do Joon off once last time in the crematorium...she cried her eyes out and could there be another revenge on its way? 

With another two episodes extended for this series, I reckon Yeo Jin will start regretting sitting on the throne when Tae Hyun is out of her life. First of all, I'd agree with her to get rid of Secretary Min as he's not trusty or loyal at all...he has betrayed Do Joon and one day he could betray her as well. As for Chief Lee, poor soul...he's now dedicating his entire life as a 'dog' to Yeo Jin since he's still alive- well...merely thanks to Taehyun who has explained it well to her on his true personal story. 

And to be honest- whatever happen to the other senior doctor which Tae Hyun was working with while he was a resident. He was a sour grape and  betrayed him by telling the cops that Tae Hyun was Yongpal. That fella deserves a good smack on the face. 

Anyway we shall be saying ahn-nyeong to Yongpal in another week's time...while the actors will be working hard to give this drama a nice finale...some are busy preparing to go back to hometown for the coming Thanksgiving Festival (Mid-Autumn) in South Korea.

Meanwhile to all Koreans and everyone out there- have a happy and safe Chuseok! 

Elisabeth, The Musical with Ok JooHyun, Se7en, Shin Sung Rok.

The beautiful empress who made us fall in love even with Death, Elisabeth, The Musical is back running again in Gyeonggi Arts Center at Grand Performance Hall from 17th October to 18th Oct 2015.

This time there is no JYJ's Junsu portraying as Death in this musical. He was fantastic delivering his role in there however the casts for this 2 day musical will be Ok Joo Hyun, Shin Sung Rok, Cho Jeong Eun and Se7en.

Tickets are available from INTERPARK website.
Price : 
VIP  KRW$ 140,000  
R     KRW$ 110,000 Won 
S     KRW$ 90,000 Won 

A     KRW$70,000 

SuJu's Kyuhun's first solo concert in November 2015.

Super Junior's Kyuhyun will be staging his first solor concert in November entitled... 그리고 또 가을 (Again in Autumn).

Awww....our evil maknae in SuJu is all grown up and having his solo concert without his fellow members. 

On 24th Sept, according to the agent SM Entertainment Super Junior's Kyuhyun, SHINee's Jonghyun and Girls' Generation Taeyeon sets out on the brand concert The Agit for the third time. Apparently these 3 members from their groups have proven to be successful in releasing solo songs and singing for dramas OST.

"Again in Autumn" is the title for the coming solo concert to be held from 6th to 8th November, and all to be held from 13th to 15th November at Seoul's COEX Theater SM Town.

There will be performance of a live band and showcase variety of songs.

The agency side has branded Kyuhyun in a position as the next generation ballad prince through Super Junior activities as well as last year's first solo album in Gwanghwamun.
It's pretty expected the audience will feel the sweet voice and emotions of Kyuhyun through this performance.

From October 1st as at 8:00 pm, fans can start to make the booking of tickets through YES24 website. 

Meanwhile, 'The Agit' means to invite loads of fans to hangout with the artists under SM Entertainment performing as a part of relay thing. 

In October, SHINee's Jonghyun will be releasing his own solo album entitled The Story By Jonghyun followed by Girls Generation's Taeyeon - A Very Special Day. 

Jay Park releasing new single Solo.

Hip-hop singer Jay Park (Park Jae Bum) has announced on 24th August he will be releasing a new single titled Solo.

Prior to the new album to be released in October the single will be released in advance. Female R & B Artist Hoody is doing a duet with Jay Park. 

The producer for this new album is none other than the famous Cha Cha Malone. Cha Cha Malone is an American singer and producer who is pretty close buddies with Jay in terms of AOM (Art of Movement).

He has also worked together with many South Korean artists. 

He has even produced Nu'est Good Bye Bye single, Shinhwa's Alright, B1A4's One Love, Brian Joo's Can't Stop, U-Kiss's For You, Tiny G's Polaris..etc.

This year Jay Park has annouced the digital single 'My Last' featuring Loco and Gray. It was also noted by Mnet's Show Me the Money Season 4. 

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Joo Won, Yoo Hae Jin's new film- That Guy 그놈이다 releases on Oct 28th.

It seems the ball is rolling high and the former 1N2D members- actors Yoo Hae Jin and Joo Won are meeting again- not in a variety program but this time in a new flick. - That Guy 그놈이다The movie is scheduled to be released in cinemas on 28th October 2015 around the country.

The teaser posters and trailers have been released in the Net and has captured a lot of attention. "That Guy" is a mysterious movie about the murder of the one and only young sister of the family and Jang Woo has to find out the reason behind it. It is an action thriller movie chasing around and following clues to the death of the young woman. 

Joo Won plays as the brother Jang Woo to the young sister while Yoo Hae Jin plays as the pharmacist in the Molin Pharmacy dude- Min Yak Guk. With these 2 actors from the agency SIM Actors, it is expected to bring the drums rolling and action packed scenes to the viewers.

The expression and anxiousness of Jang Woo on the teaser poster is interesting. It looks as Jang Woo is sending the message to the killers- "24 hours a day, 365 days every day I'll be watching you." He is really on hot pursuit to hunt down the killers of his younger sister. And for this role, Joo Won has put a of effort to learn the dialect of Gyeongsang-do. There's Yoo Hae Jin in this different role as the pharmacist. 

Currently Joo Won is busy finishing up the last few episodes of SBS's popular drama Yongpal before he gets some rest to promote this new film with his former 1N2D member.

Good luck to them! :D

Yoo Hae Jin and Lee Joon casted in film Key of Life.

The new film 'Key of Life- 키 오브 라이프' directed by PD Lee Gye Byeok has confirmed the leading casts for it. Showbox Films will be responsible for distributing the new movie.

The movie will be revolving about a hitman with unnamed actor actor while changing lives after a work accident. The casts are Yoo Hae Jin, Lee Joon, Jo Yoon Hee and Im Ji Yeon.

Yoo Hae Jin will be playing the role as the ruthless hitman Hyeong Wook. Hyeong Wook will live the life of a nameless actor by accident after losing the memories, because of unexpected technical murder case.

Hyeong Wook's life will be changed when Lee Joon's character Jae Seong switches with his role and gets a second chance of live. Jo Yoon Hee will be playing as the paramedics Ri Na assisting Hyeong Wook while he lost his memories. Im Ji Yeon plays the role as Eun Joo who was originally the dead target from Hyeong Wook and thanks to his lost memories, she survives. 

Key of Life will be released next year 2016 while the preparation and filming begins.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Running Man - High IQ Idols Special & TruGary Show

The recent episode broadcasted for High IQ Idols Special featured group members such as Super Junior's Kyuhun, Wonder Girls' Ye Eun, BTS Rap Monster and solo singer John Park. The RM cast were waiting at the Incheon sailing port for the idols to emerge while MC Yoo Jae Suk announced their idols' speciality. Surprising Kyuhun was a Math genius in school and even received a Minister's award during his school days to which he shot down it was 12 years ago. Ha Ha said he has now looked differently at Kyuhun after realizing he's a Math genius.

Next Jae Suk introduced Wonder Girls' member Ye Eun who loves studying to de-stress and everyone was with a question mark on their heads. She was a former student in Kyunghee University using her SAT scores to enter for uni. Haha teased her to being a campus couple with Kyuhun since both entered the same university using their brilliant SAT scores. Kyuhun explained that she is just his junior in uni-days. 3rd smart idol was John Park who is from US also a semi-finalist in American Idol 9 and runner up for Superstar K2. He was a major in Economics- Northwestern University US. Jong Kook said it's easy to enter Uni in USA but hard to graduate to all laughed out hard. True...John Park hasn't graduated yet and is on leave of absence. The final brainiest idol is BTS's member Kim Nam Jun or known as stagename Rap Monster. He has the highest IQ 143 and ability of mastering many languages. Suk Jin wanted to test his English skills but ended up embarassing himself because of Nam Jun's perfect english pronounciation. LOL!

The RM Casts and idols sat for an IQ test to prove their intelligence. The top 3 winners will win a bottle each so they can use it in the island they are going to. The losers will have nothing except bringing their backpack to the deserted island. Results came out proving John Park, Kyuhun and Rap Monster are the smartest of all. Ye Eun felt bad as she wasn't a genius after all. Among the RM casts, Jae Suk was smartest of all. Everyone was preparing to board the boat to the deserted island without any occupants.
Jae Suk complained that Kyuhun has brought so many staffs to apply sunlotion on him and care for him- indeed Super Junior's face is very important! Kekekek! 

In theboat, Ha Ha asked for the 3 lowest IQ scorers and PD gave the surnames. Lee|Kang and Ha were the surnames to everyone laughed as no one else had those surnames except for them. Silly Ha Ha asked again among the 3, who was the lowest PD asked again if it's okay to mention out and he said everyone's cool about surprise it was Haha- the no brainer of the entire group. What a joke!

PD advised that time is 11.44am and they have to complete the mission finding the vowels and consonants to form up their own names. The names will be placed in the lifejackets where they will escape before 5pm. The loser will have to remain and spend a night there in the deserted island until the next morning. Haha and Gary have morning schedules the next day so they panicked. Gary whinged that he has to complete his album he's been working on for 1.5 years so he needs to escape before 5pm. Their watches and mobile phones were confiscated so they cannot track the time. Later it was shown that the PD told Jaesuk and Jong Kook it's a hidden camera thing for Gary. Four years ago they had the TruGary Show where he was planted as the spy and everyone knew about it while playing along with him.
This is another prank day for Kang Gary. 

Poor Gary he was in despair looking for vowels and consonants for his name. Ji Hyo was the first to escape from the island and whispered to the camera telling Gary to cheer up. There is something else planned for him. Hahah! Next to escape was Ye Eun and soon followed by Jong Kook, Kyuhun, Rap Monster and Haha. Gary's expression turned serious and kept telling others not to waste time as he is eager to leave the island. Kwangsoo and John Park were left remaining with Gary so the two worked to escape from the island. Gary was left alone and looked so down. He was then brought to the other side of the island where he saw the rest were waving and enjoying fruits and drinks waiting for him.

He was shocked but relieved that his members didn't abandon him. Gary pointed out Rap Monster had the vowel K but kept it hidden. Gary was rather pissed off at him and if it wasn't for the mission, he'd have gotten on him. LOL! They clapped and ended the show was successful that Gary was indeed the TruGary Show...they have pranked again on him!
So after all the chasing and running around in despair, Gary can finally return to work on his awaited album and released it. Good on him!

Lee Byung Hun's film The Insiders 내부자들 showcase in November.

Actors Lee Byung Hun and Jo Seung Woo are in the new film The Insiders (내부자들) directed by PD Woo Min Ho and distributed by Showbox Films. The new film is scheduled to be released in local cinemas in November 2015.

The Insiders film is a crime movie depicting loyalty and betrayal of the insiders moving within the Republic of South Korea society. It is adapted from the webtoon by the original cartoonist Yoon Tae Ho who is famed for his works such as Moss and Misaeng (which was also turned into tVN's hit drama).

The Insiders has attracted the attention in two ways. Written by original author Yoon Tae Ho, played by great actors such as Bae Yoon Shik, Lee Byung Hun and Jo Seung Woo.
Lee plays as the politics dude Ahn Sang Gu supporting all the way the editor Kang Hee and potential Presidential candidate Jang Pil Woo.

Jo Seung Woo then plays the role of the brilliant prosecutor Woo Jang Hoon who investigates the backdoor relationship of Jang and his sponsors who made him to the top ranks. However Jang Hoon starts to realize that Ahn Sang Gu actually has a real motive behind the support he has given to the two people- it's vengeance. 

Ever since Lee's scandal has been out in the news, he has a tarnished image and kept in low profile along with his wife Lee Min Jung who has just given birth. His sageuk film Memories of the Sword 협녀: 칼의 기억 has suffered losses with the low attendance of viewers at the cinemas. 

Whether The Insiders will pick up again and revive Lee's career to the peak...we have to wait and see the response from the public viewers and netizens.

Monday, September 21, 2015

The court case SM Ent, Kris and Luhan fell apart.

As we have expected, the saga continues with the court case between SM Entertainment and fellow ex-EXO chinese members Kris Wu (Yi-Fan) and Luhan

On 21st Sept, according to Seoul Central District Court as the days progressed with civil section 46 (presiding Judge Ji Young Nan), both sides - the adjustment is the differences in an exclusive contract validity with the absences confirmed the lawsuit against SM did not meet the requirements and did not reach any agreement.

The court case was held last month where Kris pointed out in defense of the effective date of the absence in verifying the lawsuit agains SM Ent.
But as it continues, the adjustment proceed with the trial court due on October 30th for plead.

Last February, SM mentioned that Kris and Luhan have borrowed their popularity from EXO before the lawsuit begins therefore the two were involved in lucrative advertisements and films for themselves. This wasn't in the interest of other EXO members and it has caused an enormous economical damage to their partners. So SM has also filed a lawsuit in course in Shanghai, China.

The three Han women to stay with BH Entertainment.

Han Ga In (33), Han Ji Min (33) and Han Hyo Joo (28) have confirmed to renew their contracts with their existing BH Entertainment agency.

From left to right: Actresses Han Hyo Joo, Han Ga In and Han Ji Min
There were many speculations that the three actresses were expected to leave BH Entertainment once their contract ends however it wasn't in that case.
BH Entertainment was established by actor Lee Byung Hun and it was focussing a lot on Ahn So Hee, Jin Goo and himself.

Ever since Lee Byung Hun was involved in the huge scandal that ended up in court with the two women blackmailing him, it was a tarnish to his image and his agency.
But it looks like the three actresses decided to stick along with the agency.

Han Ga In last appeared in the drama Moon Embraces the Sun (2012), film Architecture 101 (2012) and have ceased her activities since she had a baby. Meanwhile Han Ji Min's last drama was Jekyll, Hyde and I (2015) and film Salut d'Amour (2015). Han Hyo Joo enjoyed her success in the recent movie Beauty Inside (2015) and the upcoming film Haeohwa. 

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Uhm Ki Joon in webdrama 'Teacher's Nightmare'

Musical actor Uhm Ki Joon will be starring in the new webdrama entitled Teacher's Nightmare- 악몽선생. According to his agency SidusHQ, the Teacher's Nightmare is a mystery drama going on around the school every day back exactly like the treadmill every day. The moment dreaming is the story of the missing students in this bizarre situation.

Uhm Ki Joon will be playing as the teacher Han Bong Gu in school realizing the students' desires and trying to achieve to agreements. Now grown up child actress Kim So Hyun will be playing in this drama as well. 

Kim Yun Seok and Kang Dong Won in movie Black Priests.

Veteran actor Kim Yun Seok (47) and Kang Dong Won (34) are the hot topics for the day as they will be releasing their new movie Black Priests- 검은 사제들 directed by PD Jang Jae Hyun as the first teaser poster has been revealed. 

Film distributors CJ Entertainment has confirmed the movie Black Priests will be released on 19th November 2015 and the poster for the movie has been published where both actors were dressed in priests robes standing side by side with a mysterious gaze.

Black Priests is about the story of two priests are against the mysterious events happening around them and thye are in order to save the girl facing ultimate danger. Kang Dong Won Kim Yun Seok have met again in this movie after six years while they acted together in the film Jeon Woo-chi: The Taoist Wizard in 2009. 

In this new film Kim Yun Seok will play as Father Kim while Kang Dong Won plays as Priest Choi. The cold eyes expression on the movie poster is pretty convincing for playing as priests and delivers a suspicious look. 

This round the rookie PD Jang Jae Hyun has taken a step in directing this film.
He was the assistant PD while directing the movie Gwanghae- Masquerade in 2012. He won the Best Directior in Jeonju International Film Festival in South Korea Short Film Competition. Black Priests will be PD Jang's first full on directed film.

CN Blue to release 'Cinderella' in chinese version.

Pop band CNBLUE has announced they will be releasing the Chinese version of their new song Cinderella. The song is bound to be sung out the action on the stage and throughout Asia.

According CNBLUE's agency FNC Entertainment, on 22nd August China's major recent source site will be releasing a second album full 'Together' which will unveil the title song "Cinderella" in Chinese version.

Actress Son Yeh Jin's new movie is scheduled to be released this year- Bad Guy Needs to Die (나쁜 놈은 반드시 죽는다) has chosen its theme song which will be the Chinese version of "Cinderella". The MV will feature Son Yeh Jin and Taiwan actor Bolin Chen. 

CNBlue will be release the song for the upcoming Chinese-Korean joint venture movie on 21st August in Beijing, China and the idols will attend the theme song music video presentation.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Laughters and hatred slowly enfolds in SBS's Yongpal.

On the recent episode 14 of SBS's drama Yongpal 용팔이, viewers were incited with laughters after seeing comical reactions from Kim Tae Hyun (played by Joo Won). Since Tae Hyun has registered his marriage to the Hanshin Group heiress Han Yeo Jin (played by Kim Tae Hee), his life has dramatically changed. He now has a personal bodyguard who follows and chauffeurs him wherever he goes. 

Worst of all they have started calling him 'Sir' instead of his name or even Dr. since his status has now been elevated being a legal guardian to Yeo Jin and future heir to Hanshin Group. He even lives in the next building of the mansion. 

For morning breakfast he had a shock as the food was enough to feed 20 people! In order to please the kitchen staff he had to stuff himself with the food. As for the personal nurse to Yeo Jin, Tae Hyun is kind to ask her for check up at the hospital for her eye-sight has deteriorated.
More comical scenes followed up when Tae Hyun headed to work while his personal bodyguard alerted the staffs of the hospital upon his arrival. Feeling embarassed he ordered to drive to the underground carpark instead. However the Chief Hospital and staff came out to greet him at the carpark to ask him to go for a chat in their personal room. 


He evaded them stating he needs to work and ran into the elavator with his guard. The staffs in the hospital were extremely polite and nice towards Tae Hyun and bowing to the extent he cannot imagine this is happening to him. Since he works on the VVIP 12th floor of Hanshin Medical centre he was shocked to see the doctors and nurses bowing to him since he's the new big boss. He was so embarassed and ran away whenever the staffs and colleagues started addressing him 'Sir'. 

But Tae Hyun is seeing the big change on Yeo Jin who has turned extremely fierce towards her enemies and rivals. Those who were working with Do Joon have now to bow and plead for forgiveness from her. Ever since President Go has committed suicide, it was time she asked to get rid Chief Lee. Even Do Joon was stabbed in front of Chae Young while she freaked out how scary Yeo Jin has turned out to be.

Tae Hyun asked Yeo Jin to spare Chief Lee's life. He knows Chief Lee was only doing what was instructed by Do Joon and President Go. He had no choice. In fact the truth came that 3 years go Chief Lee had to attend to Yeo Jin resulting Tae Hyun's mother died at the surgery table. Tears came running down the fact Tae Hyun's mother died because of Yeo Jin- all because of VVIP status. When Tae Hyun asked Yeo Jin to stop her revenge, she said no, she cannot forgive those who tried to kill her. She cannot show her weakness in front of others and it's his destiny since he's with her. Tae Hyun looked disappointed in her and walked away. It was a choice for her to choose between love and revenge. 

Will their relationship drift apart slowly because of her hatred and revenge...? We will see... 

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

And so the revenge begins in Yongpal 용팔이...

The recent episode of SBS drama Yongpal 용팔이 drew higher viewership ratings of 23.7% national wide. It has increased so much from the previous last week's episode of 21.5%.
At the same time Assembly scores 5.4% while MBC's new drama She Was Pretty premiered at only 4.8%. 

Joo Won and Kim Tae Hee taking leads on Yongpal is bringing the drama surpassing the 20% mark. The thrill and suspense of the abandoned chaebol heiress Han Yeo Jin is finally awake and she heads to her 'so-called' funeral organized by her step brother Han Do Joon who plans to seize her assets. 
Sported in a bob hair cut and new look, she wasn't the weakling sleeping beauty anymore. 

Do Joon told everyone that Yeo Jin is still mentally sick and needs to be admitted in the hospital hoping to quarantine her again.
But Tae Hyun managed to arrive in time to prove that he is now Yeo Jin's legal guardian and husband after showing the marriage certificate registered. Our hero has saved the heroine for the day! Thumbs up for Joo Wonie! *smirks* At last.... 

The happy couple moved back to their big mansion and looking sweet as usual even though Tae Hyun is aware of the new people in the house guarding over Yeo Jin. He also noticed everyone is treating him better than usual since he is now the guardian and husband to the heiress.

Secretary Min who was once working for Do Joon betrayed him back and pledged his loyalty to Yeo Jin while she started her revenge and plans for those who made her suffer 3 years ago. 

Scenes showing she has started working and eyeing who is behind the plans for killing her father. Even the horrible President Go who was plotting together with Do Joon ended up in the police station and comitting suicide. Looks like the 'sleeping tigress' is back in action and looking meaner than ever.

SBS is planning to extend extra 2 episodes from 16 to 18 for this ever popular drama. Jo Hyun Jae has posted a photo taken along with his co-stars and other staffs for the recent episode. The trio looked happy smiling away, even though Jo Hyun Jae has aged a fair but still he looked good but poor Joo Won looking so deprived for sleep. Let's hope he gets adequate rest to film the rest of the drama ...don't want to see him collapse over exhaustion and it's time for Kim Tae Hee to step up for her vengeful role. 

However we see the bits of preview that Chief Lee woke up after survived from the attack told Tae Hyun that 3 years ago during his late mother's operation at the hospital, she could have be saved but due to a VVIP has arrived at Hanshin Medical Centre, the specialists attended to the important client leaving his poor mother died at the surgery table...the VVIP is none other than Yeo Jin herself. What will happen to this new couple.... ? 

Sohn Ho Jun will join Season 2 Three Meals a Day Fishing Trip

Actor Sohn Ho Jun will be joining tVN's Three Meals A Day- Fishing Trip Season 2.
On the 16th August, a rep has mentioned that Sohn is confimed to be joining the current cast of Three Meals A Day in early October for the Season 2 show. 

Sohn is currently starring in the drama Mrs. Cop so he couldn't turn up to film for Season 1 show. On behalf for Sohn, ZE:A's member Park Hyung Shik along with veteran actors Cha Seung Won and Yoo Hae Jin finished the first half recording.

Three Meals A Day- Fishing Side will be a comical interesting program whereby it is a spin off of the outdoor variety struggling to make meals with all kinds of materials available at that point. Actor Cha Seung Won, Yoo Hae Jin and Sohn Ho Jun have been receiving lots of fans and attention from this program. 

Three Meals a Day Fishing Village 2 will broadcast in October.
Stay tuned for it...

Yoo Yoon Seok debuts as a musical actor.

Actor Yoo Yeon Seok will be debuting as a musical actor in the upcoming broadway musical called 벽을 뚫는 남자 (literally means Man Walked Through the Wall
It's a Latin or foreign saying- Le Passe-Muraille.

This will be his first time starring in a musical since he was always in dramas and films.
On 16th August, according to the publisher the musical Man Walked Through the Wall will be staged in HongIk University at Daehakro Art Center Theatre. This place is rather famous among art students, young teenagers and couples who are fond of musicals and street performing. Some celebrities are even casted at this place. 

The novel French author Marcel Aime is the original author and  the famous film composer Michel Legrand as "The Umbrellas of Cherbourg" composed this event.The background is set during the 1940s at Paris' Montmartre.

Since 2006 to the start of 2007, 2012 and 2013 the shows has been established as a classic. Fellow musical actors Park Sang Won, Uhm Ki Joon, Jo Jeong Suk, Hae Ee, Nam Gyeong Ju, Im Chang Jung, Michael Lee and Kim Dong Wan have all undergone for this particular musical.


The fact that Yoo Yeon Seok has postponed this event as he was busy filming dramas and movies. From tVN's drama Reply 1994 as the adorable 'Chilbongie' role he rose to stardom. Then he starred in Secret Seduction, The Royal Tailor movie, Warm and Cozy drama...etc.
He has been receiving many suggestions that he should try out on musicals as well so he decided to take the challenge.

It all started in 2006 the famous musical Alter Boys followed by The Harmonium in My Memory, Brave Brothers, Evita, Wicked, Priscilla where actor Lee Ji Hoon began his fame as well. In fact actor Joo Won also starred in Alta Boys where he was straight away casted into the big drama Baker King Kim Tak Gu for the 2nd lead.

Starting on Feb 14th 2016, actors Go Chang Suk, Jo Jae Yun, Bae Da Hae, Moon Ji Ah, Im Chung Hyung, Jeong Hee Wook will be starring for the new musical - running time of 135 mins - tickets are available from Interpark.

Good luck for Yoo Yeon Seok for trying out for his first musical! 

Fly To The Sky's views on future 'marriage and honeymoon'

Upon releasing their mini album Love and Hate- the country's best R&B duo Fly To The Sky conducted a funny inteview on #HashTag via 1theK channel.

As usual the goofy Brian is always talking weird stuffs embarassing Hwanhee all the way. They talked about their mini album and sang a bit of their new single song.
The two always denied having any weird relationship among themselves. 

Reminiscing those times when they were young especially with the weird 'ramen' hairdo in SM Entertainment days, Hwanhee hates the photo taken for their Day by Day album. He says throw the picture away because it's terrible.

They got another photo where they did the combined concert with singer Gummy last year. It was some fairytale song of the duet. However the two were painted green, silver and on their face that Brian says they look like flies while Gummy looked so pretty like a fairy. Hwanhee flicks the photos aside saying it's disgusting. 
Also Brian mentions he loves flowers and the best is roses. Since he owns a florist shop, he tends to spend more time with flowers since it smells nice and even his 'doggies' at home to pass time. As for Hwanhee, he thinks wine goes well with flowers. He is also a 'little entrpreneur' owning a lounge bar and since he loves wine. 
Hwanhee spends more time listening to music and watching movies during his past time. 
PD asks the two of them to say something to their future wives...Brian thinks Hwanhee will be the first to get married and will be good towards his future wife.

He reckons Hwanhee's future wife will be a foreigner and Latin girl while speaking some rubberish language... aw Brian...he's funny as usual while Hwanhee says he understand how difficult it is to live with Brian but she will get used to him. Haha! That's funny! Brian insists of doing the video message again... 

Anyway the two are back again and I am anticipating their new mini album to be a hit.
Fighting! Please continue to support them! They are starting their national tour on Oct 3rd.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Sandara Park and Kim Jeong Hoon in KBS drama Missing Korea.

Singer/actor Kim Jeong Hoon (35) will be playing opposite 2NE1's member Sandara Park (31) in the upcoming KBS drama Missing Korea 미싱코리아 in this coming October. 

Sandara Park will be playing the role as a North Korea representative for the Miss Korea pageant while Kim will be one of the organizers of the event. The production team has mentioned that this drama will be about inter-Korean separated family members whereby they will be meeting at Mount Geumgang.

They also hoped this drama will deliver a meaningful message about the future potential of the various exchanges between the North and South. The drama is also a romantic comedy story as the publisher Partner K in China is preparing for the 2nd season. 

Kim has been actively participating in jTBC's variety program Let's Go To School. After his fame from the drama Princess Hours (2006), Witch Yoo Hee (2007), I Need Romance (2011) and he was in the musical Catch Me If You Can (2012).  He's also known to be a brainy student as he was enrolled in dentistry course in Seoul National University. 

Sandara has made her debut as an actress in MBC's drama Return of the Iljimae, webtoon drama Dr. Ian (2015) and We Broke Up (2015). She also made a cameo apperance in recent KBS's drama The Producers.

Moon Chae Won and Lee Jin Wook in SBS new drama.

The main leads have been casted for SBS's upcoming drama 'Goodbye Mr. Black- 굿바이 미스터 블랙' -Scriptwriter Moon Hee Jung and PD Lee Chang Min. 
The leads are Lee Jin Wook and Moon Chae Won

Following after SBS's popular drama Yongpal, Goodbye Mr. Black will be broadcasted as an emotional drama about a man's revenge motif of Monte Cristo. Interesting? Mmmm...
PD Lee Chang Min has previously directed Birth of a Beauty, I Love Madam Butterfly will be working alongside with famous scriptwriter Moon Hee Jung for Wonderful Days, I Miss You and Can You Hear My heart? dramas. 

The role played by Lee Jin Wook is a Navy Seal Officer who seeks revenge after being betrayed by a friend. He goes to the extreme for a fake marriage.
Moon Chae Won will be playing as Su Hwa the sporty girl. 

There will be many expectations from this drama and we look forward to it.

It's over for Taeyeon (Girls Generation) and Baekhyun (EXO).

Girl's Generation leader Taeyeon (aged 26) and Byun Baek Hyun from EXO (aged 23) have decided to end their relationship on 15th August after going out together for nearly a year. 

Fans of EXO must be cheering and feeling joyful after all they do get upset easily when one of the boys from EXO group is seeing someone else. The two decided to call it quit stating they were busy with their schedules and work. Blah...blah..blah the same excuses we hear all the time from idol groups whenever they call it off the day.

In 2011 as a trainee in SM, Baek Hyun met Taeyeon for the first time. Last year in June, the two finally admitted that they are seeing each other (well after been caught by paparazzi via online and newspaper). Everyone in SM Entertainment were aware of their relationship as the no#1 couple in the house apart from the outside world/fans. There have been concerns that the Taeyeon is the older one in the relationship. 

Fans were enraged the fact Taeyeon is seeing a younger bloke and this year's March, she even attended EXO's concert. After a year and 5 months, Girls Generation have released their 5th album with their hit single 'Lion Heart'. As for EXO, they released their EXODUS album for the first half year and Baek Hyun will be preparing for the upcoming EXO concert at the Sky Dome on October 10th with his group members. 

Monday, September 14, 2015

MBC's Real Men female celebs smitten by the trainer.

The recent episode of MBC's Real Men 진짜사나이 features a lineup of female celebrities including rapper Jessi, actress Yoo Sun, Han Groo, Han Chae Ah, Shin So Yul, comedian Kim Hyun Suk, Japanese personality Sayuri and singers CLC's Yujin and Park Gyuri

It seems to be hard for Korean-American rapper Jessi who was brought up in the States and enduring military life especially in boot camps. Even some of the girl group members were facing trouble waking up, bare-faced and bad hairdos with difficult training everyday. There have been various episodes where cross culture celebs attended the camp with different personalities do weird things.

Take an example Sam Hammington is originally an Aussie, Henry Lau from Super Junior M is a Chinese-Canadian, Amber Liu from f(X) who is a Taiwanese-American, singer G.Na is also a Kor-Americans and now Jessi who is also a Korean-American trying to adapt to the different culture in Korea.

All the hard work has been paid off when they were awarded with the handsome drill instructor at the camp. The female soldiers were clearly shown attracted to the instructor who guided them throughout the wet slippery rope bridge course. His deep voice and eyes were somehow a fatal attraction to the women. G.Na was asking if the group is never seeing him again. Quickly he replied short and blunt yes. The girls were clearly disappointed while Girl's Day Hyeri asking how old he was and even shouted he's handsome. He just turned back and smiled walking away. 

When f(X)'s Amber mentioned to the staff felt as if it was spring cherry blossoms sprinkling over on the snowy camp. The moment he removed his sunglasses, she saw his eyes and mentioned how handsome he was- the perfect guy.She even giggled and said if there is fate, she hopes to meet him again. Fanboying over an instructor in military camp...gosh! 

This round Jessi's gang arrived at the camp for another gruelly training upon hearing his voice the women's eyes all sparked up. That voice.... first thing Jessi thought how could the instructor be so handsome, Yoo Sun thought is that an actor on the set of the military camp?, while Han Groo suddenly thought this must be the instructor which Amber has talked about all the time. 

The instructor is none other than Kim Hyun Gyu making all the women swoon over him.
All the female recruits that entered the camp were admiring him all the way. He can be mean in his own ways as at one stage he kept picking on the actress Lee Da Hee in one episode. She asked him why did he do so to where he said she was so bad in drills that made her stand out so obviously. 

OK- Have to admit some men do look good in uniform...with the cap and sunnies.
But swooning over the drill instructor at a base camp is just funnier than ever. Actress Kim Ji Young dishes out that Amber lost interest in Instructor Kim when she found out that he's younger than her and he just kept his distance after been told he is Amber's ideal type.

Well the guys in the army camp gets to enjoy girl group's performances while the female recruits just get to see their handsome instructors - well not all of them..
I still miss those days where Jang Hyuk, Park Hyung Sik, Seo Kyung Sub, Kim Soo Ro, Sam and Ryu Shi Young were in Real Men. They were a bunch of funny and interesting group. 

MBC's She Was Pretty to broadcast this week against SBS's Yongpal.

She Was Pretty- 그녀는 예뻤다 will be MBC's new drama to be broadcasted on Weds-Thurs night against the ever popular SBS's drama Yongpal. The new drama is about childhood sad story for this dude who was an ugly duckling. Ji Sung Joon was such an outcast due to his appearance so he led a miserable childhood life. As time flies, Sung Joon grew up to be a fine young man. Meanwhile the complete opposite is happening to the pretty Kim Hye Jin when she was small but as she grew older, she didn't look as pretty as before. 

Kim Hye Jin is a smart and fine young woman but she lost everything after her father fails to get a job. Playing Hye Jin is Hwang Jung Eum who is famous for her roles in Giant (2010), High Kick Through the Roof (2009), Can You Hear My Heart (2011) and Kill Me Heal Me (2015). This is her 2nd time collaborating together with fellow actor Park Seo Joon who played as her brother in Kill Me Heal Me. 

This round Park Seo Joon plays as Ji Sung Joon. Sung Joon was typically shabby looking until he met a wonderful friend who works as a civil servant Min Ha Ri played by Go Joon Hee and gets tangled in a triangle relationship. Super Junior's member Choi Si Won will be playing as Kim Shin Hyuk in this drama. 

She Was Pretty took over the slot of Scholar Who Walks the Night for this week.
Whether this drama will be able to catch up with Yongpal on the other hand is another story.

Yongpal is heating up with the chaebol heiress finally finding her 'throne' and taking her revenge on her stepbrother while protecting the doctor she loves. 

Good luck to the casts of She Was Pretty!