Monday, August 31, 2015

Jo Hyun Jae posts pics on dramaset Yongpal.

Actor Jo Hyun Jae has been avidly posting photos on his personal Instagram account on his current SBS drama- Yongpal with fellow co-actors and actresses. Jo is currently playing the evil role of Han Do Joon who is the brother to chaebol heiress Han Yeo Jin (played by Kim Tae Hee). He is spotted with a more matured and meanie look for his role this time.

(L:R- Joo Won, Jung Wong In, Jo Hyun Jae, Chae Jung Ahn) 
Jo is famous for his previous works such as Love Letter with Soo Ae and Ji Jin Hee, Forbidden Love with Kim Tae Hee and Eom Tae Woong, One Mom and Three Dads with Eugene, King's Daughter Soo Baek, Ad Genius Lee Tae Baek and 49 Days with Lee Yo Won and Bae Soo Bin.

With Bae Soo Bin on 49 Days
I have to admit his drama Love Letter was the only one that drew my attention since he's playing as the naive and innocent Woo Jin/Andrew who vows to become a priest after been abandoned by his mother. 

eThe rest of the dramas were quite overshadowed by other actors until One Mom and Three Dads was super funny as he practically rents and lives in the same house with his other 2 classmates - one is a cartoonist and another is a cop and the three were panicked upon hearing they might be one of the fathers to the late friend's daughter. 

49 Days was a return drama for Jo Hyun Jae after coming out from military. He starred opposite Lee Yo Won, Bae Soo Bin, Nam Gyuri and Jung Il Woo. Quite a fantasy drama when he realized his first love's soul is borrowing another woman's body to express her last wishes and find out the bad deeds done by her husband to be. Scheduler was my interest while watching this drama...hehe!

Anyway Jo is back in action again but a secondary role for Yongpal since main leads were delegated to Joo Won and Kim Tae Hee. Nevertheless Jo still looks good for his age and suits are definitely better on him than sageuk costumes. 

While the drama is on top spot for Weds-Thurs night slot, recently it has been hit with latest rumors that the drama Yongpal has plagiarized the comic City Conquest. 
The TV station and HB Entertainment quickly came into defense that there is no such thing and Yongpal has not copied anything from City Conquest. In fact the writer behind Yongpal is the star writer for OCN's drama Reset. 

Come to think of it, Jo has worked with Kim Tae Hee in Forbidden Love before and now in Yongpal. Also Joo Won has worked twice with Jung Wong In (he was his elder brother in family drama Ojakyo Brothers). For some reason Jung always reminds me as the creepy murderer in the drama I Can Hear Your Voice. 

Na Young Suk, Kang Ho Dong - New Journey to the West sneak preview

Cable channel tVN has broadcasted the latest variety program directed by PD Na Young Suk with his bunch of croonies from the previous batch of 1N2D. The new program New Journey to the West (신서유기) is been broadcasted via China's OQ on 31st August.

'QQ dot-com' ( is China's largest portal sites with the 300.002 million subscribers.

New Journey to the West is a re-interpretation of the classic Chinese real variety program "Journey to the West" in the arts format. The cast was filmed for six days, five nights in China province- Shaanxi Xi'an (西安). Na PD has made the heyday of '1 Night 2 Days' previous casts of Kang Ho Dong, Lee Seung Gi, Lee Su Geun and Eun Ji Won.

The trailer has been released via Naver website and it's planning to launch simultaneously in Korea and China.CJ E & M international content business team "'QQ dot-com' ( is China's largest video platform, as well as it holds young netizens" and "serving ambition in tvN digital content 'New Journey to the West" has big impact in China.

Leesang's company respond to Gary's fake video.

The rumors have been circulating that Leesang's member Kang Gary's sex video tape has been surfaced in the Net. His agency is investigating this matter and has denied that the singer has nothing to do with this fake malicious rumour.

The Internet and SNS sites have shown a sex video of a male partly named Gary of Leesang. The agency quickly responded there is no proper evidence and image that it's Gary in the video. Following from the video, the man's arm has a tatoo that is similar to what Gary has as well on his arm. However been looked closely it's different from a point of view and somehow been fabricated or not? ....we shall leave it for the investigators will look into it.

Kang Gary rose to fame with his duet group Leesang with fellow member Gil. The duo hip hop group won several awards in 2007, 2009, 2010 and 2011 Cyworld Digital Music Awards and Melon Music Awards. Gary is a permanent member in the popular variety program Running Man. Gil was part of Infinity Challenge members at one stage. 

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Interview with Jo Jeong Suk and his drama/film works.

"There is no mind beyond the character and I have to be grateful for this and will always be. The drama Oh!My Ghostess is an unforgettable work until I die." This is something mentioned by the actor Jo Jeong Suk during his one to one interview. 

Jo Jeong Suk sat down for a one to one interview at a cafe in Itaewon, Seoul on 27th August talking about his role played in the cable tVN drama- Oh!My Ghostess.

Prior to his hit movie 'Architecture 101' where he plays as Lee Jae Hoon's best friend in a comical role, the stern and cold bodyguard in King To the Hearts drama (2012), he has definitely built a colourful spectrum of characters for the viewers. 

In Oh!My Ghostess, he plays as a star chef Kang Sun Woo who is rather blunt but warm in heart. Until now Jo hasn't left the smile from the drama set. Everyone who worked in the drama seems to be congratulating each other for their hard work. He thanked every staff member who has cooperated in this popular drama. 

With his co-actress Park Bo Young playing as Sun Woo's love interest in the drama, he mentioned she is quite a fresh actress to start with. She has a bright character and interesting aura around her. Park Bo Young's timid Na Bong Sun character was tranformed and played so well when she was possesed by the virgin ghost Shin Soon Ae (co-played by Kim Seul Gi) He praised Park for her wonderful work and charms she has done.

He remembers the kissing scenes in the drama causing a big riots and jealousy among male fans of Park. The very final scene where Na Bong Sun returns from overseas after 2 years and asked Kang Sun Woo can she kiss him again certainly drew much attention of the lovey-dovey couple. He also thanks the director Yoo Jeh Won for his famous works include High School King of Savvy starring Seo In Guk who also did a cameo in Oh!My Ghostess at the final episode. 

While playing the role as Chef Kang, Jo had to learn cutting techniques and cooking skills. There were many types of pasta recipes from the drama as well. 

SBS new variety - Sprint Racer 질주본능 더 레이서 premieres at 2.8% rating.

The new SBS variety program Sprint Racer- 질주본능 더 레이서 was broadcasted on the weekend with a sluggish start. The ratings of viewership were only 2.8% compared to other programs aired at the same time.

The first episode showed actor Ryu Shi Won racing driving a fast paced car. 
At the same time MBC's Infinity Challenge scored 15.1% in ratings while KBS's Enduring Classics recorded 9.6%

Sprint racers is a program containing ten celebrities who love car racing courses with a super challenge in mind. 

Ryu Shi Won has been loving this sports and hobby for the past 7 years while other celebrities include Chu Sang Hoon, ZE:A's Park Hyung Sik, actress Jeon Hye Bin, KARA's Han Seung Yeon, actor Jeong Bo Seok, singer Kim Yeon Woo, Teen Top's Niel, Jeong Jin Woon and Jeong Da Rae.

Can you imagine a bunch of celebs doing a racing stunt? I don't think so....not my cup of tea no wonder the ratings were so poor... no doubt... 

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Tension arises and romance begins in Yongpal drama.

Episode 8 of SBS's popular drama Yongpal is definitely gathering lots of audience's attention. When chaebol heiress Han Yeo Jin (played by Kim Tae Hee) couldn't let go of her past with the plots and problems around her...Tae Hyun (played by Joo Won) sends her to the church to let her decide. She was frustrated and angry when Tae Hyun bids her farewell by giving her a handphone. As she browsed through the contacts on the phone she has no one else to trust and call except for Yongpal - the nickname for Tae Hyun. 

Tae Hyun has been hunted down by the cops to Hanshin Medical Centre for his previous house calls treating wounded gangsters. With his sick sister, Tae Hyun couldn't do much except to let Yeo Jin decide her own future. She rang Tae Hyun threatening him to come to the church within 1/2 hour else she won't see him anymore. Concerned for her safety and health, Tae Hyun rushes back to see her. Since they escaped the horror from the prison hospital, the two were becoming close friends. However Tae Hyun blasts back stating he will not envy the dead leaving Yeo Jin in tears. 

That night Yeo Jin tells Tae Hyun not to hate her dead fiancee- because of her he died for nothing in the car accident. When asked why did she call him back, so she confessed that she has no one else except for Tae Hyun. He reassures her by holding her hand tight and leaning over to kiss her. 

As what we can expect it's a start of the magical romance between Tae Hyun and Yeo Jin...aww... Okay...will Rain (Kim Tae Hee's boyfriend be jealous over this?)- who cares! I am all in for Joo Won, he's such a great actor for his age even around with Kim Tae Hee as his 'noona'. I bet his dark circles around his eyes will all disappear over the days once he starts filming more of these romantic scenes. Haha! 

Come to think of it, Joo Won does have chemistry for his older screen female leads...example Eugene in Baker King Kim Tak Gu, Choi Kang Hee in 7th Grade Civil Servant, Moon Chae Won in Good Doctor and now Kim Tae Hee in Yongpal. 

INFINITE as Korea Brand Entertainment Expo ambassador.

On 27th August, according to the agency Woolim Entertainment- INFINITE was appointed as an official ambassador for the opening ceremony in Shanghai for the 2015 Korea Brand Entertainment and Expo (KBBE-Hallyu Expo).

L, Sunggyu, Dongwoo, Sungjong and Woohyun (INFINITE)
Infinite group is aiming for a special concert with the Minister of Industry Award for attendance at the opening ceremony.

As a Hallyu Expo official ambassador, Infinite starts a variety of promotional activities to support the expansion of cultural industry in China enabling the exchange of local SMEs.

The agency rep said the boys being the official ambassador and promoting its Eco Bag plan to take the lead, led by the popularity of the Korean Wave Hallyu contents to the economy, along with fellow actor Lee Kwang Soo selected as a co-ambassador. Both celebrities are directly involved in the production such as welfare organizations to contribute to China.

Infinite is scheduled to embark on full-scale world tour including China, North America, South America, Europe and Taiwan starting in September 2015.

JTBC 'Hidden Singer 4'- first broadcast on October 3 ... "Former class Line-up" act.

JTBC's comprehensive channel music program 'Hidden Singer 4' has been organized on a Saturday night in October and its against up with MBC's My Little Television,KBS 2TV's Human Condition and also SBS TV 'I Want to Know That too'.

On 27th August, according to the reps the JTBC 'Hidden Singer 4' is first to be broadcasted on 3rd October at 11pm. Since last December the popular series of  Hidden Singer 3 lasted about 10 months. JTBC mentioned that Hidden Singer 3 recorded an average of 6% ratings and at same time with up to 10% and fierce competition is expected in the second half of the year's Saturday entertainment. Hmmm....interesting... 

'Hidden Singer' is a program to find a real singer among several doppledangers. The actual singer and their fans are caught throughout the stage to create a fun and impressive environment. In April it was awarded the Excellence in Broadcasting and Communications by the Committee of Broadcasting Awards after receiving a high evaluation. 

For the pilot program featuring veteran singer Lee Sun Hee (who is famous for her scouting of Lee Seung Gi and her OST song Fate in The King and the Clown film) garnered lots of attention from viewers. Following Season 2, Season 3 featuring veteran singers Lena Park and Im Chang Jung remains the hot topic from the cable channel.

The person behind the program Jo Seong Ok mentioned the program was well prepared and handled for the first class line up singers. This time it will showcase a special stage compared to the last season. 

The JTBC's upcoming Hidden Singer 4 will consists of Jang Yun Jeong, Lee Soo Young, Yoon Min Soo (VIBE), Im Chang Jung, Wheesung, Lee Seung Hwan, Lee Jae Hoon (Cool), Hwanhee (Fly to the Sky) to have duets on stage. 

Definitely looking forward to the performances from Hwanhee and Wheesung! :D 

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Fly To The Sky's comeback in September.

The country's best R&B duo- Fly To The Sky (Hwanhee and Brian Joo) are making their come back in September 2015. Woohoo! I am ready for this! It's been a while- almost a year since they last promoted their 8th album Continuum with the hit single You, You, You 너를 너를 너를 on music charts and programs. 

Brian's been a busy businessman with his flower shop and 4TP Fitness Reebok sessions on going in different states. Hwanhee has been keeping a low profile- I guess he must be busy training his boy group MYNAME. 

Alright- bring it on! Come on...we need some ballad songs to ease us through the year of 2015. I am definitely waiting for their new album. 

JYJ's Yoochun is off to the army for 2 years.

We say farewell again to another happy bloke from JYJ group- Park Yoo Chun. First it was Kim Jae Joong in March and now Yoo Chun has quietly enlisted himself for the compulsory military services. Apparently their ex-band label mate DBSK's leader Jung Yun Ho has also been enlisted in army as well. Soon to follow will be DBSK's Changmin entering as a policeman with Super Junior's Choi Siwon

This year is an entirely year of military services for idol members born in 1987 and 1986. It has also been announced that ZE:A's member Minwoo is due to enlist himself for military in September. 

Now leaving poor Kim Junsu alone from JYJ group, he has to see his fellow 'brothers' entering army while he continues his solo activities and musical thing on his own. The time comes, I hope Junsu joins his brothers soon so he won't be lonely. It's a bit strange seeing Junsu standing alone without Chunnie and Joongie. No doubt Junsu has his hotel business growing in Jeju-do but JYJ is nothing without 3 members.

Junsu and Yoo Chun wrapped up their JYJ activities with their 10,000 fans for the JYJ's Fan Club Week at Jamsil Stadium on 25th August. Must be a tearful moment for the fans and Yoo Chun bids farewell to all. Till then we won't be seeing Chunnie in any dramas or films for 2 years. 

We wish Yoo Chun all the best and hopes he returns from army in a healthy and better condition. Fighting! 

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Running Man Epi 261- 5th Year Anniversary Special

This episode 261 of Running Man featuring the 5th year annivesary (5주년 특집)  is promised to make one laugh off their heads. On the earlier episode featured the legendary singers of selling million copies of their albums- Kim Gun Mo, Cool's Lee Jae Hoon, DJ Doc's Haneul, G.O.D's Park Joon Hyung, DJ Koo of CLON and Kim Jong Guk's TURBO days. They were divided into 2 groups whereby the Red team consists of Jaesuk, Jihyo, Joon Hyung, Jae Hoon were on winning streaks against the blue team. The portable nostalgic karaoke booth set up in Sinchon district is gaining students' attention by singing the million dollar songs. 

The Red team were on behind the Blue team since Kim Gun Mo's and DJ Doc's song were the popular ones. However G.O.D's songs were not far from behind. Soon DJ Doc's Chang Ryul turned up to assist the Red team with group jumping rope. However Gunmo's childish acts of pranking them with his out of tune songs on the piano distracts them. COOL's Kim Sung Soo arrived also in time to assist the Blue team but failed the mission. However Blue team is winning lots from the karaoke public booth songs selected by the passerbys. Jaesuk maintains his victory in Ddakji game against Kookie.

Soon after the legendary singers left, RM team are brought to an amusement park to celebrate their 5th year anniversary filming for the series. The production crew brought in 3 cakes to celebrate Jaesuk, Jihyo and Haha's birthday that falls in the month of August. However their birthday celebration was cut short with lights turned off. Jihyo freaked out when the PD tells them to go to the building behind the park- all dark and dim lighted only with red lights. Kwangsoo is also a scaredy cat with Jihyo holding tight to him. Haha freaks out upon hearing the PD tells them their mission is to go inside the building and retrieve their name tags along with the VJ's. Haha pointed out Jihyo is the scariest as she debut in the horror film Whispering Corridor as a ghost to which she successfully scared the hell out of them!
Jongkook grabbed Sukjin's ankle resulting him screaming away as if it was a ghost! haha!

Their personal VJ's are also freaking out with heart monitor tagged to them. It showed Jaesuk's VJ- Gwon Ryul heart beat is racing so fast at 130. Jaesuk was chosen first to enter the building with his VJ. He gets to select another member and his VJ. Haha wins the Rock Paper Scissors game against Sukjin so he enters with his VJ. It was already a big fuss before entering the main entrance. It was very spooky, dark and cold in the old deserted girls' school. 

Jaesuk's VJ is a typical coward and hiding behind his back when he's supposed to be in front filming him. Haha! What a scene. Haha and Jaesuk were frightened by those mannequins dressed up in ghastly appearance. When Jaesuk tried to approach the ballerina in the room, she started marching fiercely towards him so he ran out for his life. VJ Gwon Ryul quietly followed him behind only to be shocked to death by another ghost stroller outside the corridor. The two fell and tripped on each other...a slapstick comedy to watch. 

Outsiders were laughing away and Jihyo mentioned Gwon Ryul's voice was screeching away. The mission is to get their name tags and leave the building. Jaesuk's team left the building safely after exchanging it with Haha's team. They came out in sweat and Jaesuk complained his VJ was the worst of all and even fell over him! LOL!

Jongkook and Kwangsoo entered the building with their respective VJs. The two were freaking out away while seeing the mannequins and shocking movements from disguised people in ghostly manner. Kook's VJ retrieved his own nametag leaving him inside. The outsiders laughed seeing the VJ doesn't appreciate any friendship and left his own team member inside. 

Kwangsoo was cursing away too and trying to find his VJ but he also left the camera behind after finding his nametag. Kwangsoo was desperate when Kookie left his nametag with the dancing ballerina. Haha! 

The Monday Couple enters into the spooky building to retrieve their name tags. They didn't betray each other and stick to the end. Big Nose brother Sukjin was the last to enter on his own with the PD and his VJ. However he was typical betrayer and after getting his nametag, he ran outside the building and apologized to his VJ. His VJ kept calling his name but he didn't turn back. I guess his life was shortened by 10 years after been scared by the mannequins and live people in the school. How typical of Sukjin- his fear and he left his buddy after all these years of been together of filming RM.

That's the end of a 5 year Anniversary special episode- 'Please Come Find Me' where the members were definitely scared to their wits to find their name tags, either to betray or stick to their VJ's to the end and go home. What a funny episode to has certainly made me laugh and jumped up from my sofa. 

Jo Jeong Suk and D.O together in a film as brothers.

Actor Jo Jeong Suk (35) and EXO's member D.O (22) are confirmed to play together as siblings in the upcoming film 'Brothers' (working title at the moment directed by PD Kwon Su Gyeong) According to CJ Entertainment rep, on 25th August the new film will be based on two brothers who will meet up after 15 years of separation.

Jo Jeong Suk will play as Do Shik who is a con man and he meets his long lost brother, Do Young who is exceptionally talented. And just what lies ahead for Do Shik as he doesn't expect the troubles he will bring to his younger brother.

The human love kind of story is due to bring much attention to viewers and is already having expectations from the public. Meanwhile D.O has mentioned this will be something new and he will need to strive harder to portray this role.

Jo has been famous for his roles in TV series such as The King To Hearts, You're the Best Lee Soon Shin and recently tvN's popular drama Oh! My Ghostess. He's such as loveable actor to where he stammers whenever he's nervous playing his love-hate relationship role. Love his acting! He's also won an award for 101 Architecture movie, Face Reader and My Love My Bride. Besides that, Jo started off as a musical actor in broadways such as Hedwig

As for D.O, he has appeared in the film 'Cart' last year and joined Jo In Sung and Lee Kwang Soo in the drama It's Okay To Love. He did a small role in I Remember You and is due to shoot a romantic new film with Kim So Hyun. 

I think both have some similarities in their facial features so it's a pretty good casting. Hehe!
Looking forward for this film where it will start filming in September. 

INFINITE's 2nd world tour kicks off from Taipei.

INFINITE group has definitely heat up the chairs whereby it has been announced their 2nd World Tour is taking place from September 2015. The first stop will be in Taipei, Taiwan on 5th September. Lucky for Taiwanese fans- this is your chance to see the boys perform.

On 25th Aug, their agent Woolim Ent. has confirmed the boys are setting out on their journey for their 2nd biggest concert event. They will be even heading towards some European countries such as Poland, France, UK and Germany. There are usually K-pop fans in France and UK but in Warsaw Poland? Mmmm...that's quite unique to begin with...

Not forgetting the South East Asian countries such as Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia and China. But they left out Malaysia- I guess it's too much problems and issues having K-pop stars performing in Malaysia after what happened earlier with B1A4 with the controversial issues of hugging Malay girls (fans) on stage...etc and what not. Seriously if I am the organizer I wouldn't be bothered to stage a performance in that country except I pity those who are yearning to see the boys. But no worries- fans can either visit Singapore or Thailand to see their concert.

The members will be wrapping up their individual activities by end of August as some have just finished filming dramas, variety programs and other things. 

As expected fans will be seeing the boys perform their latest single 'Bad' and other popular tunes such as Last Romeo, Be Mine, Paradise, Man in Love, Chaser...etc

So INSPIRIT fans- get ready for your world tour concert tickets as there are further dates and venues to be released soon!
I hope they do come to Australia for once to hold a concert... Keeping fingers crossed! 

Monday, August 24, 2015

Rumors dismissed again from Lee Jun Ki and Jeon Hye Bin.

All the hoo-ha and rumors surfacing when a netizen spotted actor Lee Jun Ki wearing the same necklace as his previous co-star actress Jeon Hye Bin. No doubt the two have worked together in the popular drama Joseon Gunman and are very close friends but they have denied any romantic relationship going among themselves. 

In many interviews Lee Jun Ki has mentioned before he has no girlfriends and not seeing anyone at the momentl. The staffs and members thought he was just pulling their legs. He complained before he was lonely and can't seem to find any way to date anyone due to his schedules and career. Thus he has turned down all romantic comedy dramas and insists on doing only action dramas that suit his personality. However strange rumors kept surfacing out on match-making him with actresses and girl group members. 

Both agencies confirmed and denied anything going on between the two. Lately Jun Ki has been appearing in the drama Scholar Who Walks the Night while Hye Bin has appeared in cameo in the drama Healer last year. She was last seen attending Park Soo JIn and Bae Yong Joon's wedding.

Well all we can say is Jun Ki is always friendly and in good terms with his co-stars. 
Personally I am a fan of LJK...if he ever ties the knot or engage with some girl, I don't mind as that's his personal life - well hopefully he gets a nice warm hearted girl in future.
All the best to both of their personal lives... :D 

Park Shi Hoo confirmed for OCN cable drama.

Actor Park Shi Hoo (37) has been confirmed to come back to small screen again. Hooray!

It's been a while since we last saw him from the drama Cheongdamdong Alice. 

He hit fame when he won awards for the sageuk drama- Princess' Man when he starred opposite Moon Chae Won. 

Then after a big scandal was exposed where a rookie actress claimed that he raped her, it blew out his career. Despite that he was still famous in Japan. The scandal has made him lay low for a while and he starred in a movie with Yoon Eun Hye. 

Now he has signed on with OCN cable drama for the upcoming drama- Neighbourhood Hero 동네의 영웅 directed by KBS 2TV 2010 actioned drama- Slave Hunters (Chuno). Park plays an ex-agent Park Shi Yoon hanging around the bars watching people. He meets neighbours, people around the area and symphatize with their pain and troubles they are facing daily.

Kwon Sang Woo and Sung Dong Il attends premiere 'Detective'.

Actord Sung Dong Il and Kwon Sang Woo were there for the opening of their new movie 'Detective' -탐정:더 비기닝  pn 24th August 2015 in Seoul Apgujeong CGV.

The movie "Detective" revolves the similiarity story of so-called Sherlock Holmes of Korea Kwon Sang Woo plays Kang Dae Man while Sung Dong Il plays as No Hyung Sa.

Kwon Sang Woo is famous for his dramas such as Stairways to Heaven, Sad Love Story, Bad Love, Queen of Ambition and recently Temptation where he collaborated again with Choi Ji Woo. 

His famous films which earned him awards in Blue Dragon and Baeksang Film Awards was Once Upon a Time In High School which he starred with actor Lee Jung Jin and actress Han Ga In. 
And moreover he's known to be a celebrity couple when he wed actress/ex-Miss Korea Sohn Tae Young in a glamarous wedding. 

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Recap on MBC's drama One Hundred Years Inheritance.

Something came into my mind on the weekend and I've decided to re-run my downloaded series of MBC drama- One Hundred Years Inheritance 백년의 유산 starring Eugene, Lee Jung Jin, Choi Won Young, Yoon Ah Jung with veteran actors Shin Goo, Jeong Bo Suk, Jeon In Hwa, Park Joon Geum, Park Yeung Gyu and Cha Hwa Yeon. 

 A 50-episode lengthy weekend drama but it proved to be good as ever. Eugene plays the soft, kind hearted Min Chae Won who was ill-treated ever since the day she got married to a mama's boy son Chul Gyu (Choi Won Young). Her evil mother in law President Bang (Park Won Suk) detest hers to she tried to put her into mental institution where Lee Se Yoon (Lee Jung Jin) saved her out. Se Yoon who has just returned from US is practically healing his own broken heart after his girlfriend died. He pities Chae Won and sees how she struggles to break herself free from the horrible household. 

After divorce from Chul Gyu, Chae Won moves back to her house to live with some nosy aunts, uncles and cousin together with her ailing grandfather who owns a noodle factory. Old gramps tell his lousy sons and greedy daughter in laws that he has a big land and big inheritance. So they must work their butt off to make the best noodles (guksu) so the winner will inherit the money. Grandma isn't pleased to hear that but least she is happy to see her granddaughter has moved back to stay with them. Meanwhile Chae Won's father, Min Hyo Dong (Jeong Bo Suk) is in love with a bar owner Yang Choon Hee (Jeon In Hwa). They went through many problems before getting the consent to marry each other. 

Se Yoon helps Chae Won to get a job as a nutritionist in his father's company. Unknown to her, Se Yoon is a chaebol's son and works as VP in the company. Joo Ri (Yoon Ah Jung) is Chae Won's mean ex-sister in law works in the same company too. Joo Ri gets super jealous seeing Se Yoon showering all attention to Chae Won so she gets ideas to frame and kick her out of the job. Finally the two fall in love and intends to even get married but was stopped by Se Yoon's mother, Seol Ju. She is anxious and worried upon seeing her orphanage friend Choon Hee as Chae Won's step mother. In fact the dark secret was out from the pandora box whereby Se Yoon is actually Choon Hee's real son. Seol Ju's son died after child birth so she swapped her dead son with Choon Hee's newborn son. Se Yoon was devasted hearing Seol Ju did such a terrible thing to his real mother. 

The leads did their jobs well apart from the nosy noodle making relatives in the factory. I must say Eugene became a little 'hobbit' compared to the 1.84m Lee Jung Jin towering over her. In fact she mentioned before they had to use a fruit box to elevate her up for poster shooting or filming because he's so tall. But most of all we want a happy ending and indeed it was.... Se Yoon recovered from the car accident and managed to walk back down the aisle with Chae Won. He now has two mothers after the forgiving process. Even mama's boy Chul Gyu ends up happily with his spoilt bratty wife. *Sweet...* 

And I do remember quite some time ago when I last visited 63 Building in Yeuido area I was lost and tried to find my tracks to Han River cruise while strolling along the streets. I bumped into this young gentleman crossing the pedestrian walk, he spoke to me in English and said Hanhwa is now the new name for 63 Building. Oh gosh...he was a splitting image of Lee Jung Jin (except a younger version of him). IF...If only I secretly snapped a pic of him that'd be great... haha! 

Joo Won suffers fatigue from sleepless nights for Yongpal.

The popular SBS drama Yongpal is definitely taking its effect on viewers who are basically glued to the TV every Wed-Thu. The drama has also taken top no#1 spot and breaking record of 20% ratings for Episode 5-6. 

However the drama has not only hit the top ranks but also drained the main leads. Leading actor Joo Won is suffering sleepless nights as he hasn't taken a nap for the past 6 nights after filming in a row. Poor fella! His eyes were looking like red blood shots too with dark circles under them. 

As usual the drama filming schedule is tight and until the 6th day, they have to keep shooting the scenes to ensure to be broadcasted out in time. Appearing in front of the media, Joo Won looks very fatigue yet he was still laughing away. 

He said he has to work harder to look good for the drama. When he saw the ratings skyrocketing, he has no choice but to keep it up as it made him proud of it. He also mentioned that for one scene he has to shoot more than 57 times to bring out the part.
Now that Kim Tae Hee's scenes have started to film, so he's very happy about it. He also hopes to have the piggy back scenes as soon as possible. Haha!

For the past few episodes it was all one man show of Joo Won running around to earn money for his sick sister, battling with gangsters and cops and even within the hospital staffs. Though Kim Tae Hee plays the chaebol heiress she was lying down most of the time in the state of art medical bed without doing any action. And to think of their reaction between the two in Episode 6 is quite funny. Yeo Jin gets haughty when Tae Hyun leans over to read the article on his mobile phone. She tells him to pick up his own phone to read it He shuts her off by saying she gets angry if he takes the phone away from her palm. 

Ever since debuting his dramas such as Baker King: Kim Tak Gu (2010), Ojakyo Brothers (2011), Bridal Mask (2012) and Good Doctor (2013), Joo Won has been a favorite with KBS TV Station as they were hit dramas. So this round SBS has scouted him over to film Yongpal.

However he felt he still has a long way to go. He is grateful and thanking SBS for scouting him over for this new drama and felt quite burdened at the start.  

FNC Entertainment secures in actor Jung Jin Young.

It seems lately FNC Entertainment has been signing in big celebrities into its company. The company's CEO Han Seung Ho previous singer turned PD established the company and signed in first few singers such as FT Island and CN Blue. They even produced the top girl group AOA who has been rather popular lately. 

Lately top nation MC Yoo Jae Suk has signed in with FNC resulting the stocks in the company skyrocketing like nobody's business. From there, comedian No Hung Chul and Kim Byeong Man also followed Jae Suk's footsteps. Already gag man Jeong Hyung Don and gag woman Lee Guk Ju are part of the family. 

Within FNC Entertaiment, they have secured many big celebrities such as actors Lee Dong Gun, Yoon Jin Seo, Lee Da Hae, Jo Jae Yun and Park Kwang Hyun
Recently news broke out veteran actor Jung Jin Young has been working without an agency for some time. He has already signed in with FNC Entertainment as well. Well done!

FNC rep has mentioned they are definitely looking forward to support and work well with Jung Jin Young since he is famous for his films and dramas. His big hits include Guns and Talks (2001), Wild Cards (2003) The King and Clown (2005), The Case of Itaewon Homicide (2009), Miracle in Cell No. 7 (2013) and Gangnam Blues (2015).

He also starred in various popular dramas such as Dong Yi (2010), Brain (2011-12), Love Rain (2012) and Angel Eyes (2014).
He is due to be filming the new movie Time Renegade. 

Not to forget Jung Jin Young is a brilliant student as his alma mater is Seoul National University where he majored in Korean Language and Literature. Not bad! 

** tos courtesy from official website FNC Entertainment. ** 

Thursday, August 20, 2015

1 Night 2 Days Episode 407: Summer Night Trip (Part 2)

The long hot summer nights await 1N2D team for the 2nd part where the grown up men have to complete their missions to gain either a digital or analog camera for capturing the most beautiful night views around Seoul.

First up was Cha Taehyun arrived at the base of Namsan and hike up the familiar streets where he fondly remembers he started out as an actor. Everything has changed so much around Seoul except for him who hasn't aged much. His mission is to cut up 15 pieces of pork katsu served to customer within a time frame. His first few customers were rather shocked to see the actor himself offering to cut their deep fried porkcutlet in front of them. It was a nightmare as he struggles to cut the katsu and some were stuck together. Kids were looking awfully unhappy seeing their gravied pork katsu butchered to an ugly scene but the customers were amazed to see a famous actor in the restaurant. Still the Taehyun manages to win the mission and gets a digital camera though he doesn't know how to use the focus feature. LOL!

Next was Kim Jongmin who arrived at Noryangjin Fish market hoping to snap pictures of sweats and fishes. He has a bad taste when it comes to everything. First mission is to arm wrestle among the fishmongers. If he wins, he gets the digital camera. It was such a shocking event seeing Jongmin winning against all the strong men at the market. Even the PD was stunned and offered to arm wrestle with him but lost out. Turns out the meat lover Jongmin is a clear winner when it comes to arm wrestling. Ha ha! Kim Juhyuk sits on the rocky yacht continues his mission and wins the digital camera to snap the beautiful bridges at night. 

Poor Junho lost 3 times to the villagers through ice-cream competition. He lost to a teenage kid and then to an elderly grandmother. He shook his head looking in despair but got a
 analog film camera. He quickly took the van up to Mt Eungbong to take the pretty night shots. Lucky for him a 16 year high school kid taught him the techniques to capture the beautiful scenes. Jongmin's snapping of weird photos and fishes were clearly seen to be a zero mark. It doesn't look impressive and no night views at all. 

As for Defconn, he heads into a bank building at Tehran street to play slamdunk (paper waste basket and rolled up paper). He mentions the working place just looks exactly like in the tVN drama Misaeng. If he wins, he gets the digital camera and pays for the pizza for the late night workers. If the employees win, they get to eat free pizza and drinks. First up was contender Director Lee and he is a fan of Defconn. Defconn clearly defeated the employees and the cast handed up free pizzas for the hardworking people. The night views of Tehran Street were captured well on the digital camera. 

Junyoung manages to secure a happy couple for their romance fortune reading of 90% and even foresee the couple will go to Heaven in their nextlife. How funny was that! He clapped in happiness earning a digital camera and started snapping night views of Bugak Skyway as a backdrop while getting his stylist and crewman to pose as an akward couple.From there the guys met up near yacht area to Han River to develop their best photos captured. They posted up the best photos and a title for around 100 public bystanders to vote. 

The best 3 winners will get a sumptous dinner while the last 3 will just starve. First off was Juhyuk who took the top spot with his colorful beautiful bridges with flowing fountain of water. Surprisingly Junyoung took the 2nd place where girls would pick the couple photos with the title Once in a Blue Moon. Junho looked utterly disappointed thinking his Mt Eungbong view would be 2nd place. Taehyun was 3rd runner up by just winning 1 vote ahead of Junho. The last was Jongmin and second last was Defconn. Lucky for Taehyun who won just for 1 vote for his night view from Namsan Tower he gets to enjoy dinner. Jongmin and Junho was hoping to get a piece of fresh sashimi. So Taehyun and Juhyuk wrapped a lettuce filled with wasabi and popped it into their mouths. The 2 were seen jumping around squirming while the wasabi hits their tongue palette. Haha! 

The 3rd part is to be continued where the 1N2D team will hold its night radio show with the public and getting them to participate together. Lucky them!

Recap on old series Love Letter 러브레터 by Jo Hyun Jae and Soo Ae.

After spending the past few weeks watching Yongpal, it sort of triggers my memory on watching an old MBC drama 'Love Letter' 러브레터 aired in 2003. This is one of the first few dramas I remembered my mother brought over from Malaysia to Australia for me to watch during my past time. She used to tell this new actor is very handsome..etc bla..blah.
I started watching this drama and amazed how it drew me from the start to the end.

Opening act has little Yoo Seung Ho (back then he was still a kid)- Lee Woo Jin was illtreated by his aunt at home. His parents were no longer around so his uncle Father Peter (Soh Hyun Joo) quickly rescued him and brought him back to church. From there Woo Jin spends his entire life with other orphans in the church along with Sister Gemma and Maria. Many years later Woo Jin/Andrew (Jo Hyun Jae) grew up to be a fine young man and meets his destiny Cho Eun Ha (Soo Ae) who was prickly like a porcupine at the start. She was badly hurt that her mother died and her father abandoned her. It was Andrew who brought her out and made her smile again. 

In school and college, Eun Ha is very fond of Andrew and she is bitterly sad when he tells her he dreams to become a priest later in life. The two managed to enter University and studied medical. There they meet a happy go lucky fella Jung Woo Jin (Ji Jin Hee) whose parents were both medical professors and doctors. He often have issues at home and confides in Andrew. The two become close buddies and made Eun Ha very jealous. Woo Jin tries his best to please and date Eun Ha but she rejects him. 

Soon Andrew finds out his biological mother is Woo Jin's current stepmother, he was disappointed. Before he leaves for Italy, he writes Eun Ha a letter telling her if she tells him not to leave, he will stay by her side. However Woo Jin destroys the letter before she reads it. Eun Ha and Woo Jin finished their studies and became doctors as well. Not long Eun Ha meets Andrew again at the church but this time he has returned from seminary in Italy without taking his vows yet as priest.

Feeling relieved that she has seen Andrew but he is now battling with another problem which he hasn't forgiven his mother. Whenever Andrew is facing dillema, Eun Ha helps him and he tells her he will never let her go. He informs his uncle and sisters in church that he will not become a priest since he has the woman he loves. They were dazzled at how fast he changed his decision but supported him no matter what happens. 

Their happiness didn't last when Eun Ha finds out she is suffering from a serious heart illness. She kept it a secret while taking meds. Woo Jin tries his luck to help her with the surgery and Eun Ha pushes Andrew to take up the priesthood before it's too late. To her she felt she was been punished for taking Andrew from God. Reeling with pain, Andrew and Woo Jin were the surgeons to operate on Eun Ha. 

She survived but slipped into a deep coma for a long time. Woo Jin decides to back out from the love triangle. Even though Andrew is a priest but he has vowed to take care of Eun Ha when she wakes up. 

Ending has Eun Ha finally wakes up from coma after Andrew is seen praying hard for her recovery. And we know she is living happily together with Andrew at the very end.
A very touching drama where one chooses and sacrifices for their loved ones. 

I must say I even bought the Original OST album from YesAsia after watching this drama.
Believe or not I love the song Tri-Be duo sang for the OST- Farewell to Heaven.
Love the song...i never get sick of it until today I still listen it to it in my mp3 and phone. 
Well this must be one of the favourite dramas I loved seeing Jo Hyun Jae in it. Apart from 49 Days, he was also great in the drama. Now that he has aged a bit and doing secondary roles and baddie characters- i cannot help thinking he was the young and naive Andrew I used to like in Love Letter drama. :D 

Lee Hyunwoo and IU models for Union Bay clothing.

Actor Lee Hyun Woo and singer IU has been chosen for the new Fall/Winter collection models for Union Bay Korea clothing. The clothes do not come in cheap prices though it's been modelled by idols.

Lee Hyun Woo's black jacket is priced at KRW 79,900 and even IU's long trench jacket (that looks more like a Matrix jacket for her since she is so petite and short), costs KRW 99,000.
Hyun Woo definitely has that model look and look he's now a grown up man. He's no longer the child actor we used to see in the late 90s and early 2000s dramas.

Btw- Hyunwoo has appeared as a model in IU's music video before. They are close buddies.

For those who wishes to buy at a lower range- the rookie tees are the cheaper range at KRW 19,900 each makes it more affordable for light summer wear. The new collection can be all viewed at the official website: 

And as for more of a subtle casual chic look, there are shirts and smart looking pants to go with it. Smart casual shirts ranging around KRW 29,800 each and pants are priced at KRW 39,900 each which makes it simple yet elegant to be worn for work and weekends too.
Union Bay stores are located across all areas of South Korea.

SBS drama Yongpal exceeded 20% in ratings.

SBS drama Yongpal has a massive breakthrough of hitting the 20% viewers ratings for the recent 2 episodes broadcasted on Weds-Thurs. The drama continued to be steady in its ratings sitting comfortably on the throne with Scholar Who Walks The Night at 7% and Assembly at 5.7%. 

In the recent episode 5-6 of Yongpal, it shows that Kim Tae Hyun (played by Joo Won) is finally getting the gist of what's happening in the real chaebol world of Hanshin Group with its people all gathering like hyenas towards the heiress Han Yeo Jin (played by Kim Tae Hee).
Yeo Jin who has been medically induced in coma for 3 years wakes up thanks to her new doctor Tae Hyun who attended to her. She strikes a deal with him that if she gives him the money for his sister's transplant treatment fee, he will need to wake her up and get her out from the so-called 'prison hospital'. 

It is one exciting battle whereby Yeo Jin suffered after shocks and pretended to be asleep to watch out for her enemies at the hospital especially the mentally unstable Nurse Hwang hired by her evil brother  Han Do Jun (played by Jo Hyun Jae). Meanwhile her sister in law Chae Young (played by Chae Jung Ahn) is forming an alliance with some directors to get hold of Yeo Jin in order to restraint Do Jun from getting Hanshin Group. All about greed...sighs...

Yeo Jin struggles to free herself from this mental prison and gets Tae Hyun to her side. The 12th floor for VIP and VVIP customers in the hospital proves the state of art medical system.

Doctors and nurses treat their patients as important customers than sick people. Yeo Jin faces the major crisis when Nurse Hwang sees that she can move and talk to anyone especially to Tae Hyun. Do Jun gets agitated and orders people to kill his sister off! Taking extreme major risk, Yeo Jin is putting her life to the line with Tae Hyun promising to protect and not to let her die. What lies for the next episode is going to be another exciting scene to viewers as to how Tae Hyun will save Yeo Jin and get her back to her original state. 

Yongpal is a story about a brilliant surgeon/doctor who does house calls to gangsters and weird people out there in order to earn money to save his sick sister. 
Viewers are intrigued seeing the chaebol heiress as a 'sleeping beauty' in the drama. Yongpal is definitely been recorded as the highest ratings for mini-series in 2015.

I think Joo Won has done a fabulous job in this series despite a few episodes. His expressions and character is something I look forward to. As for Kim Tae Hee, she hasn't done much as yet apart from sleeping and waking up on the bed. We will have to wait and see the following episodes... Also something to look forward is the newbie model/actress Cynthia played by Stephanie Lee is an eye candy. She is seen helping out Tae Hyun and assisting Yeo Jin to escape.