Monday, December 18, 2017

Steel Rain's Jung Woo Sung talks it all out.

"The strong tenacious attitude is exactly like me." 

Actor Jung Woo-sung (44) said, "I do not feel tired until the result comes out, but it seems to be the style that I've done my best," he said while pointing at PD Yang Woo-suk who directed the film "Steel Rain".

                     Image result for 강철비

In this film, Jung Woo Sung collaborates with Kwak Do Won. Most directors are nervous until the final film is been released. Director Yang Woo-suk has never been that way.They have done their best to complete the movie and now it is time to put the movie out to the audience. Results will be unknown until it's been released. 

Jung's role as Uhm Chul Woo was once an elite agent of the North's reconnaissance bureaucracy. In order to get out of poverty, he takes on a secret mission, gets caught up in an unidentified incident and takes on a wounded "North Korean Power 1".

Uhm Chul Woo's character is similar to Jung. He does his best in his perfectly for my family, he leads his sick body, doesn't express pain and tries hard to prevent war. Jung who had not been able to draw a good reputation for acting in recent series of works, succeeded in receiving favourable comments from this character. The most impressive thing in this film are the scenes of two people. Jung's Uhm  Chul Woo and Kwak's Kwak Chul Woo are not coincidental but they have a brotherly relationship with the same goal in mind. Kwak Chul Woo has a lot of bluntness, emptiness and loose but extraordinary responsible- making this movie called "Buddy movie". Actually, both actors are born in 1973. Jung Woo-sung did the second film with Kwak Do-won after 'Asura' (2016), expressed his love for his friends with jokes.

In a scene when both are resting, Kwak Chul Woo said to Uhm Chul Woo- "We are the same side. We are wearing handcuffs in one hand."

Steel Rain can be a controversial piece depending on how you view it. It is based on the extreme confrontation between the North and South, and it deals directly with the nuclear war. Jung said, "I would like to see it as a funny imagination, itt's funny that it's a fantasy story." 

Wedding bells for Taeyang and Min Hyo Rin.

Ever since Big Bang's Taeyang and actress Min Hyo Rin's relationship was announced publicly, it was a matter of time fans are speculating whether when they will break up or not. It's quite a norm lately that celebrity couples dating do not last more than a year or so. 


However good news came...the two have decided to marry next February. YG Entertainment has confirmed that the two have agreed to hold a wedding ceremony before Taeyang's enlistment. 

Taeyang and Hyo Rin have met on the set of solo MV 'Rise' and 'Dawn of Time' which was released in June 2014. Since the announcement, the two have been in the lime light and Taeyang's devotion continued for 3 years.

Taeyang debuted in 2006 with Big Bang members. Since then, he has made hit songs such as 'Lies', 'Fantastic Baby' and 'Bang Bang Bang'. He has been enjoying the highest popularity with his solo activities with hit songs such as 'Eyes, Nose and Lips' and 'Only Look At Me'.

Min Hyo Rin made her debut as an advertising model in 2006, starring in the movie "Sunny" and in the drama "Persevere, Goo Hae Ra."

SHInee's Jonghyun found dead- is it a Werther effect?

It's another sad day for the entertainment industry when it comes to K-pop. Tweets started pouring in after the sudden death of their favourite K-pop idol.

 "The Werther effect is the most frightening, especially the image of a young man like Jong hyun, and more celebrity fans who are supporters of it." (Twitter @ @ mo ****)

"I hope it will not lead to the effect of Werther on other people in favour of Jong hyun's sincerity." (Twitter Rihanna @ ah ******)

On December 18th, main vocalist and member of SHINee Jonghyun (Kim Jong-hyun, 27) has died. His death went frenzy over in Twitter, Facebook and other social networking sites are increasingly concerned about the 'Werther effect' (Copy-cat suicide)

The Werther effect is a phenomenon in which a celebrity or an opponent who wants to model himself suicides by identifying himself or herself.

It has already been proven statistically. In fact, the number of suicide victims was 78 after the death of actress Choi Jin-sil, who was a national actress in 2008, and on the 5th day after she died, it claimed nearly 90 lives. At that time, the average number of suicides per day in Korea was around 30.
Image result for shinee
                              Jonghyun (in front from Left) with SHINee members                                
SHInee is a popular idol among teenage girl fans. For fans who are shocked by sudden K-pop idols, the netizens are sharing their comfort through sharing the Suicide Prevention Hotline (1577-0199), Life 's Telephone (1588-9191), and Suicide Prevention Law through SNS.

A netizen wrote on an online community bulletin board that "the power of celebrities is a publicity issue and as such they are legally enforceable. If they see this, their mental loss to society is too great."

Another netizen wrote, "It should not happen, but if you are a fan of SHINee Jonghyun, you might have a Werther effect, so you should look around and your family." Jonghyun's elder sister found him unconscious in his Cheongdamdong apartment and later police pronounced him dead.
Speculations on whether Jonghyun took his own life but this has certainly marked the shocking part, stress about being on boy band.

RIP Jong hyun...what a great vocalist and it's such a pity he died at a young age.
Condolences to his family and members of the group. 

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Master Keys searches for master trucks and treasure box.

Once again Master Key variety show has changed its style of program after the usual finding the demon-angel key holders seem to bore the audience. First the members will work as a team in finding two keys to open up the treasure box. Their mission is to search for the master trucks parked all over the place and solve a mission. If they succeed a mission, they get a key however it can be a wrong key which cannot open the box. It's all a matter of luck.

Guests include actress Gong Seung Yeon, gagman Park Sung Kwang and remaining permanent members Lee Soo Geun, Jeon Hyun Moo, Kang Daniel, Ong Seung Woo and Key. The members ride a big van together, looking at GPS trying to locate the master trucks. First they arrived at a Hanok village- they are to move around the tables with 4 dishes without lifting up and arrange it exactly the same as what was laid out. It was like solving puzzles. First up was Daniel and Key but their teamwork was rather frail. Second was Soo Geun and Sung Kwang who failed miserably too. Third up was Hyun Moo and Seung Yeon who successfully solved the puzzle and everyone got to eat delicious Buan home cooked meals. Weather was cold and snowy out there in Buan. They received a key and surprisingly the key turned on the treasure box. They screamed happily that they have already solved one mission. 

The van drove passed some high school girls where Seung Yeon and Sung Kwang waved to them but received no response. When Seung Woo peeked to wave, there were screaming all over the place. This has proved Wanna One's big popularity! Hah! Soo Geun mentioned the girls didn't see Daniel sitting way behind otherwise the entire van will be put to a stop on the road. The next stop was at a petrol station. Three members must seek out 3 customers and get their names identified correctly to get the next key. Daniel and Seung Woo decided to stay out as they could sense the regional folks do not know Wanna One. Soo Geun goes first and was overwhelmed when an elderly man called out his name three times. Aww...he was so happy shaking his hand. They send out Sung Kwang who looked embarrassed but one man recognised him straight away. Wow! From behind they saw a bunch of younger man walking towards the stop. Sung Yeon headed straight to them and one of them called out her name. Success! Actress is easier to be recognised but they didn't know Seung Woo- dismay! Ha ha!
The key didn't turn the they moved to an onion field. There are 7 rows where the PD tells them to pick each lane and row to the end. That's it? They found it strange. Somehow Key wondered the lanes must be filled with some nonsense to welcome them!


Sung Kwang, Key, Hyun Moo and Seung Woo ran on the safe lanes but when it came to Seung Yeon, it was a slapstick comedy where she fell into a pit. The production casts have dug a hole in the lane and covered with lots of hay! Mission failed so they didn't get any key. Once again, the team drove to find another master truck which is a salt field. They were given fresh steamed red bean buns. Immediately they tried a few buns while Soo Geun asked Daniel what does it feel to eat a nice red bean bun. Immediately it reminded him of his mother. What a sweet son... however they continued teasing him it must be his 'girls'...he'd named the girls Mom 1, 2 and 3....he smiled innocently and said there's no such thing. Pat bing soo were served on the table. They could sense a few bowls of the pat bing soo must be shaved salt instead of ice. To their dismay Sung Kwang and Soo Geun picked the wrong bowls and mission failed. Again they drove to Buan Calderon Museum where they have to feel what's inside the Calderon without seeing it. They send Hyun Moo, Daniel, Key and Seung Woo for the mission. It was hilarious seeing their face expressions when they started to touch what's inside the big vase. It turns out to be steel sponge, pine cones, muk..etc. They received another key and successfully opened the box. However the mission states there are only 6 keys means 1 person has to be eliminated. The unfortunate person is Soo Geun who left in his big van. One of the keys is the main master key where it opens all the boxes of treasure. Sung Yeon's key is the real master key. 

In the van, Soo Geun was informed he holds the main treasure box but he has to find the real master key if he wants to win the entire prize. He lurked back to the village and searched for the real master key. He knew Sung Yeon's key was the real one but pretended hers was fake. He managed to convince the rest to hand over their keys to open the main treasure box. PD announced that Soo Geun wins the main prize when he uses Sung Yeon's key. She was shocked to know he tricked her and the rest! Daniel and Key who snugged several keys but it was no use at all. 

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Oh Sang Jin and Kim Sung Ryung host MBC Drama Awards 2017.

Announcer Oh Sang Jin (37) is heading on with the hosting together for MBC Drama Awards 2017 with fellow actress Kim Sung Ryung

Oh Sang Jin began his broadcasting career in 2005 as an MBC 24th announcer. He then became an MBC representative announcer and declared as a freelancer in 2013. 

This is the first time that Oh is conducting the awards ceremony. He is also actively participated in the '170-day strike' in 2012, is very meaningful in that it will take the award ceremony MC along with the normalisation of MBC station. 

He married announcer Kim So Young in April 2017. Oh also starred in various dramas such as My Love from the Star (2013), The Family is Coming (2015) and recently in 20th Century Boy and Girl (2016). 

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

My thoughts on KBS The Jugglers.

I started watching KBS drama The Jugglers and find it rather interesting, comical whereby it's set in a company office background with nosy team people, busy body secretaries and stern bosses. Somehow it reminded me of Misaeng, Radiant Office and Introverted Boss dramas.

It is Choi Daniel's first drama after he's out from military services and Baek Jin Hee plays the cute, efficient hardworking secretary to him under YB Company. Choi plays the cold and so-called boring director Nam Chi Won. Nam takes no interest in whoever or what's going in the office politics. He rides a bicycle to work and even looks for a cheap place to rent.

Baek plays the bubbly, positive looking PA Jwa Yoon Yi in YB Company. Of one event, she has been misunderstood as a mistress to her boss so she was switched to another department.
Nowhere to go, she ended up being a PA to Chi Won. At the start, the boss-secretary relationship didn't kick off well as he hated to be followed around. His young friend, Director Hwangbo Yool- played by Lee Won Geun taught him the difference of meddling and interest. What a coincidence when Chi Won became a new tenant inside Yoon Yi's roof top house! 

Yoon Yi has a circle of good friends- Bo Na who is also a PA to the mean Director Jo, the tomboyish Kyung Re and elder buddy Wang Jung Ae -played by Kang Hye Jung. Jung Ae is suffering a miserable life after getting married early and had a teenage son. She then struggles to find a steady job in the market. With the help of Yoon Yi, they disguised her younger working as a PA to Yool. Yool has been known to have many different PA's as he's never consistent in having people working under him. 
           '저글러스' / 사진=방송 캡처 
Yoon Yi gets to know more about Chi Won after pressure from the top management. They were rather surprised that he has an ex-wife and doesn't care much about others' welfare. But he can be caring and kind if he wants to. Hah! He sees through all the funny antics Yoon Yi has and tells her off if she pretends to be drunk...etc. 

Verdict? I will continue watching The Jugglers to see how Chi Won will develop to become a better boss though he's straight as an arrow. Yoon Yi will be the main guidance to assist him when there are office politics and things going around the department. 

Questions are popping up from my head: - ...

1. Chi Won is a journalist- how did he end up working as a director in YB Company? 
2. How is Chi Won related to Vice President Do in the company? They don't look like friends.
3. How did he got divorce with his ex-wife?
4.  Why is he renting at Yoon Yi's place? He didn't look as if he was struggling financially

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Ratings increase in Take Care of My Refrigerator with Gordon Ramsay.

British chef, Gordon Ramsay (51) has somehow raised the viewers ratings by 2% when he appeared as a guest in the JTBC program Take Care of My Refrigerator.

According to Nielsen Korea, a 15% rating of the nation's average audience rating of 5.9% for JTBC's cooking entertainment program- "Take care of the refrigerator" (director Lee Chang-woo) was broadcast on the previous day. Compared with last week's broadcast, it is a 1.7% increase. Normally this program has maintained a low 4% audience ratings in the latter half of 3%.

It has attracted viewers attention with one of the world's best chef, Gordon Ramsay's appearance. Ramsay is popular worldwide in 2005, leading the audition program "Hell's Kitchen". Hell' s Kitchen has churned out 17 seasons this year. He has also been one of the most famous chefs in the world including Master Chef. Ramsay is renowned for his talent for cooking, ridiculous hustle and bustle, harsh swearing in the kitchen. 

      ‘냉장고를 부탁해’ 고든램지, 이연복과 대결 전에 한 말은?

On this special episode Ramsay was given a challenge to cook a dish within 15 minutes where he's up against Chef Lee Yeon Bok. Both chefs were presented with a baseball pitchers' refrigerator containing many types of side dishes, main proteins- fish, prawns and beef.
The competition started off with both chefs looking relaxed and chopping their ingredients.
Ramsay's dish is crispy rice topped with beef strips, mushrooms, cabbage and asparagus.
Chef Lee had two dishes in mind- stir fry spicy beef with asparagus and steamed beef with cabbage that goes with avocado sauce. 

The cooking show started to get intense when Ramsay couldn't figure out the sauces on the table top, his crispy rice fell off from the pan he lifted and the beef strips were stuck onto the paper. He told them do not panic if anything fails in the kitchen...he was sweating though. Hah!  Everyone else were busy snapping photographs and taking videos of the world renowned chef in action. 

MC Kim Seung Joo tried to pick the remaining bits of crispy rice but was pecked by a fork from Ramsay. His 2nd attempt failed too. He was hounding around Ramsay like a shadow saying 'busy...yes...very busy...'  All went in awe seeing Ramsay sprinkled some salt as he splashed some over his shoulder before going into the pan. Mmm... a new way of sprinkling salt? 

Chef Lee finished plating up his two dishes and presented it well. It was the last few seconds and Ramsay finished up his rolled beef strips on top of crispy rice. He started chopping spring onions for top decoration on his dish. Out of nowhere, Ramsay splashed remaining shallots onto Seung Joo at the side creating massive laughter at the studio. Muahaha! He did mention Seung Joo was like a little girl screaming at his side when he was working. 

The baseball players tried both chefs' meals and complimented they were very tasty, flavourful with the taste of Korea. It's interesting that Ramsay uses the red pepper flakes and bulgogi sauce for a fusion style beef wrap. Ramsay likes Chef Lee's stir fry beef though it's spicy.
Winner goes to Ramsay and he thanked everyone for being there, it was an honour for him to appear at the show. He invited everyone to his restaurant in England for another challenge.
He vows to defend his title. Hah! 

Monday, December 11, 2017

BTS Ji Min on NY Times Square billboards.

Eleven decorated screens featuring BTS's Ji Min were advertised on New York Times Square, USA.

Ji Min's ads were shown on eleven screens of Nasdaq and Thomson Reuters in New York Times Square during the day on the 10th December 2017. The Chinese fandom was supporting the event at the end of the year.


Times Square, also known as the "World's Crossroads" has an average daily population of about 1.5 million people on a tripod that meets New York's 42nd Street, 7th Street, and Broadway. Usually the advertising cost is very high whereby an advertisement could cost up to tens of millions won a day! 

EXO, BTS, TWICE and Wanna One advertisements go live on the birthday or debut anniversary of K-POP group members. Few days ago, birthday wishes for Wanna One's Kang Daniel was flashing across the bright LED screens. Fandom has been promoting the advertisements in order to thank BTS member Park Ji Min who has showed his remarkable performances in 2017 at the same time as promoting in the USA during the music awards.

Meanwhile, BTS has held a concert for "BTS Live Trilogy Episode 3 Wings Tour: The Final" concert at the Geocheok Sky Dome in Seoul from 8th to 10th of October and finished the trilogy episode series in the trilogy.

OCN's Black wrapped up after 9 weeks.

OCN's suspense mystery drama 'Black' starring Song Seung Hun and Go Ah-Ra finished its run after 9 weeks airing.


On 10th December, the final episode of Black was aired where Grim reaper Black (Song) chose to cease of his existence as penalty in the underworld. He vowed to hide the truth of his real death from Kang Ha Ram (Go Ah-Ra). Black said, "From the beginning, she shouldn't have everything, then Kang Ha Ram will be happier in life."

Black also asked his partner in crime, Grim Reaper Je Su Dong to prevent Ha Ram's parents accident death. As a result, the young Ha Ram grew up into a fine young lady without any worries and didn't see any shadows of death. Everything was reset to where it was. Ha Ram graduated, worked, smiled happily with friends and family. She lived till she grew old to a grandmother age. Then her old companion friend Leo, handed her a box of Halloween gift.

The minute Ha Ram saw the red thread bracelet, her tears started falling. She was saddened by the fact of what happened and the memories came back. However it was time for grandma Ha Ram to pass away and she was then greeted by Black at the other side of the world. 
He asked if she lived happily all this time and she nodded. 

Through this drama, Song Seung Hun's character was well-received by the audience.
Go Ah-Ra got to re-examine her acting skills after the 2013 tvN drama Reply 1994.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Master Key- Episode 8 and 9

Episode 8 Master Key is finding the Angel and Demon Key holders. Permanent cast members along with guests NU'EST Jonghyun, Seventeen's Minkyu, Oh My Girl's Hyojung, Girls' Day Minah, Kim Jong Min, SHINee's Minho and Wanna One's Ha Seung Woon. 

Daniel wins again the Watchers Vote with a chance to voting twice for himself. Lucky him.
Mission had the relay of Hurry Up Awards. First member wins the pair of diving flippers, jumps up to grab a flower bouquet- passed it on 2nd member to dance twice of the speed of the song, 3rd spot with 2 members delivering the announcement speech with accuracy and last spot 2 members bounce the ball and entering into a trophy cup. Last but not least the entire group rushes to the podium to snap a final photograph. White team starts first with Minho's atheletic jump at the start and passing to Minah who danced very well. They failed at the 3rd round thanks to Jong Min's clumsiness of speech.

                           Image result for 마스터 키 9회

Blue team goes next with Minkyu runs fast with the flippers and delivers the bouquet to Daniel on 2nd position dancing off Energetic in twice speed. His moves were all accurate with bystanders admiring his skills. SHINee's Key just shouted he will vote all the way for Daniel. They failed too at the speech as Hyojung's carelessness in words. Again Minkyu fumbled with flippers to catch the bouquet. At this rate, Soo Geun said Daniel will lose a lot of weight by dancing twice speed to Energetic. Ha ha! Blue team wins the first round. White team goes next with Seung Woo with the flippers who failed at the start causing laughter. He took nearly a minute to jump catching the bouquet and passing it to Jong Min who resurrected his 90's dance moves. However it was Hyun Moo who failed his team by dropping all his balls before passing to Minho. 

Turns out Hyun Moo is holding the Angel key and Jonghyun is the Devil key holder. Jonghyun fails to keep his expression well. 

Episode 9 of Master Key featured new guests such as Eric Nam, Seventeen's Seungkwan, Kim Jong Min, Wanna One's Yoon Ji Sung, SHINee's Minho, Laboum's Solbin with permanent cast emcees Lee Soo Geun, Jeon Hyun Moo, Wanna One's Kang Daniel, Ong Seung Woo and SHINee's Key.

The members head off to the main podium room to receive instructions and it has been determined that there are 2 Demon Key holders and 1 Angel Key holder. Rules are simple- if one votes for Angel, then you win the prize together, vote for demon- you lose everything to the demon. The expressions from each member is just weird and ridiculous. They laughed at the joker Jong Min who fails to keep his expression well.


At the change room, as usual the angel and demon key holders started their mission in convincing others to vote for them. Soo Geun got hold of Minho first to say he's a key holder.
Unknown to rest, Minho is very excellent in searching for the real Angel key holder. At the start of the show, it's to determine who wins the Watchers Vote. Seung Woo lamented that they know who's the winner- for almost 4 consecutive weeks Daniel has won the Watchers Vote.
Aww...Soo Geun suggests that Daniel should share his winning vote with the last place of Watchers Vote. PD nods and says if Daniel agrees then he will go along with it. Everyone was taken back and laughed as that was not the right way to announce the winner! LOL! Daniel's fans are massive and they loved him so much that they will ensure he wins the Watchers Vote.

It turned out that Daniel and Soo Geun are the Demon key holders. They were impressive at the start with winning many games. Black team was excellent in balloon slamdunk game. Daniel was practically like a raging bull which struck to everyone's attention he might be the Devil Key holder. Indeed...Minho suggested to the rest that Jong Min is the real Angel key holder.

There was a mission there members have to sleep under the blanket and later find their pillow printed with their faces. Everyone scattered to look around for their pillows except one man.
Daniel dozed off as he lie down. Eric and Seungkwan giggled stating he must be really tired. Soo Geun didn't realise Daniel was sleeping and stepped on him causing him to woke up abruptly. His blank look made him felt apologetic and stated he's very tired. But Black Team won the find the pillow mission. White team was disastrous because only Jong Min got his pillow. Seung Woo started calling his members back and said it's enough, let's go home. LOL!

At last the voters who voted for Jong Min wins the golden key prizes. They already knew Daniel and Soo Geun were the Devil key holders. 

Hyun Bin, Kang So Ra break up.

What's new? The same old story of couples announcing their relationship in public and 3-4 months down the road- they announced they are going on separate ways. The reason?
They are busy with each others' activities.... meh....

So it Hyun Bin (35) and actress Kang So Ra (27) have announced they are busy with schedules so they decided to call off their relationship. The two were dating since last December.

Hyun Bin is busy filming a new movie entitled The Rampant 창궐 which is scheduled to be released next year and he's been in and out of movie premieres in cinemas for his recent movie, The Swindlers.

As for Kang So Ra, she has just finished filming the drama Revolution and looking for the next project.

BTS Blood, Tears, Sweat- 3 years WINGS Tour ended in success.

Since 2014, they toured 9 cities delivering 40 performances, started from AX Hall in Seoul and ended at Geocheok Sky Dome. 

"My blood, sweat and last dance- take it all, my blood, sweat and tears, my cold breath- take it all.." (these are the song lyrics to the song Blood, Sweat and Tears)


Things have gone so fast like a dream... on the afternoon of 10th December, the familiar faces of Hallyu group BTS with their most representative song 'Blood, Sweat and Tears' had belted it all out in Gocheok Sky Dome. Their faces were covered in sweat, swarmed with different kinds of emotions- serenity, pride and commitment. 

The last stage of the day was '2017 BTS Live Trilogy Episode III - Wings Tour The Final' which was held at the same place since the 8th. From February, it was the day of the 40th concert tours of 19 cities in North and South America, Australia and Japan with the title "Wings Tour".
It was also the last show of the 'Live Trilogy Episode' that started in October 2014. It was played the first episode "Begins" and the second episode "The Red Bullet".

The Trilogy Tour was started at the AX Hall (currently the 24th Live Hall), which has about 2000 seats. The beginning was weak, but the end would be great. After three years of gymnastic stadiums, they have spent the history of trilogy touring at the Gocheok Sky Dome, which is 10 times the size of AX; where it accommodates 20,000 seats. As a result, the performances seem to compress the growth and maturity BTS over the three years. After winning the 'Top Social Artist' award at the '2017 Billboard Music Awards' in May,  releasing the 'MIC Drop' remix which recently ranked 28th on the Billboard single 'Hot 100'.

MIC Drop had a somewhat aggressiveness tendency as a team that failed to deliver the halo of its agency like other big agency 's idol group.But after receiving much attention, it was a song that made them happier without any more anger and sorrow.


Thereafter, a set list of the dynamic growth narratives of BTS was compressed. As a team based on black music, "We are BTS", "Hip-hop" and "Cypher Medley" followed by hip-hop songs.Starting with the stage of the youngest who has revealed his enthusiasm for not being tired of being seven, he solved memories with his piano and wrapped up his character and intuition. It was a time to get a glimpse of his personal history.

After the last song, 'Blood Sweat and Tears' in the performance, the guys have a chance to meet up with the fans by singing "You Never Walk Alone" in a moving car at Encore. At the end of "Born Singer," the members burst into tears. J-Hope stated, "Thank you very much for being with us."

"Billboard 200"- they were the first Korean singers to enter the 4th consecutive 'Billboard 200', with 'Love Your Self' winner, 'Billboard 200' K-pop group's first single performance at the '2017 American Music Awards' (AMAs) held at the Los Angeles Microsoft Theatre last month. The end of the last chapter of the first part of BTS, which has been playing K-pop history of this year.

BTS's producer Bang Shin Hyuk said, "I would like to be a model for BTS success story. The concert was also a well-woven prologue." PD Bang been dealing with youths that have not been noticeable in the idol market. It is interesting to see Bang has a lot of planning scope and how BTS boys will be handling in the future.

Reviews on The Unit and Mix Nine survival programs.

The trend of survival programs continue with The Unit: Idol Reboot Project and Mix Nine have contestants battling to get a spot on the top 10 positions.

What I can see from The Unit program, mentors Rain, Taemin, Hwang Chi Yeol, Jo Hyun Ah and San-E were considered more lenient in terms of coaching and nagging at the lack of skills teams.  The recent restart missions have the contestants choosing to dance the songs by their seniors. Unit Orange covered EXO's Monster dance and won it overall with its leading Donghyun. Unit White covered BTS's Fire with Suwoong winning high votes

For the female teams- Unit Green delivering Mamamoo's You're The Best won first place with Spica's Yang Ji Won as first. As overall the leading are Timoteo, U-Kiss Jun, Boyfriend's Donghyun and Bigstar's Feeldog In terms of dance- Ji Won lacked a lot as she often missed a beat. Timoteo's good in dance but vocals wise he is just average- pardon me...I wonder if the voters are just biased with him as Taemin's best friend. Personally I think Feeldog should be in the top two. He's a caring, genuine leader and best dancer. As for female, no doubt should be Melody Day's Ye-Eun is the most powerful vocal. 

As for Mix Nine, mentors such as Han Dong Kyun, Swing, Suran along with judges CEO Yang Hyun Suk, CL, Zion T and WINNER's Minho, things were harsher in this program. YG can be direct and mean towards the trainees he is scouting for the project. The top male and female contestant are Woo Jin Young and Shin Ryu Jin. Episode 5-6 featured the position battle among male and female groups. The boys group won by 1 vote. I must say I am impressed with the performance put up by the male contestants. Vocal group who belted out DBSK's Love In the Ice caught my attention. I was a Cassiopeia fan in those days of DBSK hay days.No doubt it's hard to beat Junsu's angelic and Jaejoong's soulful voices but these guys did it so well.

And what's more 2PM's My House dance cover was very sexy and charismatic. Love the choreography and the boys delivered it well on stage capturing 5000+ votes compared to the female's TWICE Knock Knock cover version. Meh...I am sorry, it's just that the female groups were not as exciting as it is. Except the female team who sang Ailee's Singing Got Better...sttill they lost out to the powerful team cover of DBSK's Love In the Ice.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

I'm Not a Robot premieres at 4.5% ratings.

Ah, another drama by Yoo Seung Ho...this boy has grown so much...oops, he's no longer a boy. At the age of 24, he is now a fine young matured actor yet he possesses the charm for the audience. MBC's new drama I'm Not a Robot (play by Kim Sun Mi, directed by Jung Dae Yoon) is quite an interesting drama whereby a rich CEO is allergic to human contact. 

Kim Min Kyu (played by Yoo) is a rich entrepreneur of a large company with big mansion, servants, lots of toys to play, money but he's rather lonely in a sense he has to do everything by himself. He has a unique problem- he's allergic to humans! Literally he cannot have any direct contact with any human being. No medicine could cure him. 

He encountered Ji Ah (played by Chae Soo Bin) once and both have a big misunderstanding. She thinks he is a con-man who doesn't want to pay for the figurine she bought for him. He is annoyed the toy box didn't come as the original package and doesn't want any contact with her at all. Then comes a world genius professor Hong Baek Kyun (played by Uhm Ki Joon) introducing a great and Artificial Intelligence and android robot Aji-3 to Min Kyu. 

Min Kyu is interested to know more about Aji-3 that resembles like a real woman. He instructs Hong's squad- Santa Maria Team to send Aji-3 to his house for a test before he decides to invest in their project. Coincidentally Aji-3 broke down because of some water spill in the dungeon, so Hong quickly contacted his ex-girlfriend Ji Ah for a favour. He knows she requires money and gives her a mission. Santa Maria Team trains and disguises Ji Ah as Aji-3 to send to Min Kyu's mansion. Ji Ah was rather shocked to see her new 'boss' turns out to be Min Kyu who refuses to pay her for the figurine toy. He was also stunned to see the weird behaviour by Aji-3. 

                    Image result for 로봇 유승호

BTS snaps no.1 in Oricon Singles Chart 2017.

Hallyu group, BTS went straight to the top spot on the Oricon Chart shortly after releasing a single in Japan.

According to the Oricon Chart of Japan, the eighth single "MIC Drop / DNA / Crystal Show" was released by BTS on 6th December took first place in the daily singles chart with 269,981 points on the first day of release.


In 2015, BTS has previously released the single version of 'For You', 'I NEED YOU'  in  Japanese version. The Japanese Version was released last year with the seventh single 'Blood Sweat, Tears' released in May.

In addition, Soundscan Japan recorded 342,655 copies on the same day, proving the popularity of BTS in Japan.

The eighth Japanese single by BTS- MIC Drop / DNA / Crystal Show' features a DNA version of 'Love Your Self, Crystal Show' and so on. It has surpassed 300,000 prequel orders last month and attracted a lot of attention even before the release.

On the other hand, BTS will have be featured on stage of Japan TV Asahi 'Music Station Super Live 2017' on the 22nd December. 

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

tVN's Mr. Sunshine drama delayed.

tvN's new drama 'Mr Sunshine' has been delayed. Originally it was scheduled to air in May, it has now been changed from the end of June to the beginning of July.


On the 7th December, tvN  has said the composition of 'Mr. Sunshine' has changed from the end of June to the beginning of July as to it will show a higher level of perfection and work ability.

'Mr Sunshine' was originally scheduled to be aired in May 2018. The first filming began in early November, but the drama production was postponed because it was later than expected.

'Mr Sunshine' depicts what happens when a boy who was aboard a warship during the Joseon Dynasty (1871) returned to his homeland as a US military man. It is a human melodrama that is not recorded in history but will draw the story of the soldiers that all should remember.

Famed scriptwriter Kim Eun Sook and PD Lee Ong Bok are gathering their hopes for the third time following the success from 'Descendants of the Sun' and 'Goblin'. Lee Byung Hun, Kim Tae-Ri, Kim Sa Rang, Yoo Yeon Suk and Byun Yo Han are confirmed for the main characters which determines a super A-List on the drama.

Birthday wishes for Kang Daniel on NY Times Square.

Plank cards and LED lights are probably used in 80's and 90's during concerts or celebrations for parties or idols. Nowadays the scale has gone bigger to the extent whereby fans are willing to spend lavishly to advertise the birthday wish for their favourite pop idol members on major billboards around the world.

The Seoul Embassy in United States usually do not appear or mention anything unless it's something special or happening. However the embassy has mentioned Wanna One's Kang Daniel birthday present were advertised on the giant New York Times Square billboard.

Fans are celebrating the singer's upcoming birthday by introducing his photo and name on the giant outdoor billboard LED TV. It is very unusual that the embassy mentioned about other foreign singers that were advertised on the billboard.

                     Image result for 강다니엘 생일 축하 광고가 미국 뉴욕 타임스스퀘어

The birthday promotional videos started flashing away on eight New York Times Square electric signboards from 9:00 pm (Korean time) on the 4th to 3:00 pm on the 11th on the 10th ahead of his 22nd birthday which happens to fall on 10th December.

It is rather common for idol fans to post videos for singers' birthday celebrations and publicity on subway stations, busses and outdoor billboards however it is very unusual for fans to make celebratory footage at the Times Square where the attention of the world is concentrated.

This has become a hot topic for Kang Daniel's birthday but the US Embassy seems to be interested in it. His fans have his commercials floated across 30 screens of subway stations in Seoul, Gangnam, Mapo and his hometown, Busan. 

Meanwhile, poor Daniel is taking a break while cancelling his schedules on the 6th December as he is suffering from severe cold and fever. Get well soon, Niel-ah! 

"Imagine how much money the fans have splurged out to advertise on the major sign boards. With the amount of $$, I'd suggest to donate to charity under his name. Big ads on Times Sq is very expensive and it's no joke... 

Don't get me wrong as I adore him too, but I believe Daniel would be happier to have the money spend for something else more useful than advertising on billboards." 

The Merciless is favourite movie of the year.

Among the films that were screened this year, the Korea National Film Board (KCNA) announced on December 6th,  that the best movie was Korean film "The Merciless" and foreign film 'La La Land'.

La La Land was popular as the best musical movie and many fans regarded The Merciless is the life in the world of the bad, bad guys....

In addition based on the true story,  'The Taxi Driver' who brought in 10 million audiences and 'I Can Speak' which besotted the audience with the impression of laughter's and reversal were ranked 2nd and 3rd in Korean movies.

The Hall of Fame conducted a survey for visitors last month for two weeks, both on and offline, by selecting the best of the sector. The Best Film selected will be screened at the movie theatre for four days from 7th-10th December.

In addition, a special screening will be held in memory of the late actor Kim Joo Hyuk who died in a car accident on 30th October 2017. There will be a total of four screenings including 'Confidential Assignment, The Truth Beneath, Blue Swallow and Yourself & Yours'- all are these movies played by Kim. .

Kang's Restaurant kicks off at 6% ratings.

Comedian Kang Ho Dong has been settling down in his new joint- Kang's Restaurant 강식당 at Jeju-do with viewers ratings at 6.0%. at the start.

According to Nielsen Korea on the 6th December,  tvN's new entertainment program "Shin Seo Yu Gi Restaurant" directed by PD Na Young Suk and Shin Hyo-jung started together for New Journey to the West. As a result, Kang's Restaurant sort of cleaned up the sluggishness of the previous episodes of  'Youth Over Flowers- Winner' (1.7%). 

              Related image  Image result for 강식당

Kang's Restaurant is a realistic entertainment program featuring the members of New Journey to the West - Lee Soo Geun, Ahn Jae Hyun, Sech Kies' Eun Ji Won, Winner's Song Min Ho including Kang Ho-dong operating a restaurant in Jeju Island. This project has the similar format as 'Yoon's Restaurant' which was broadcast in March 2017.

During the first meeting, Kang and his members cracked their brains for a restaurant menu and decided to have a menu of pork cutlet (katsu) and omelette rice. The team had training and recipe from famous Chef Baek Jong Won. The tension of the first business day was also shown. 
                             Image result for 강식당
The team scattered around trying to figure out in handling customers and serving on time.
Chef Kang and Jae Hyun were in charge of cooking in the kitchen while Soo Geun does all the vege cutting and preparing sauces...etc. Ji Won and Min Ho were responsible for customer service and drinks section. Customers were overwhelmed with the large size of the pork cutlet which is indeed big enough for 2-3 person to share. The pork fillets has been tenderised, coated with egg, breadcrumbs and deep fried to crisp- served with fresh julienne cabbage, pasta and salad topped with special brown sauce. 

Omelette rice was another hit among kids and adults. The freshly cooked egg has been poured on top of the rice and served with sauce and vegetables. It's quite strange only 2 dishes on the menu...these people cannot handle more than 2 dishes at one time. LOL!

Kang Daniel's schedules cancelled due to fever and cold.

Group Wanna One's member, Kang Daniel has received medical examination at the hospital for cold and fever.

YMC official has said that Daniel had severe dizziness, fever and cold so he had to go to the hospital for check up. All his future schedules have been put on hold depending on his situation. The singer is currently resting and recuperating for now. 

Wanna One is a project boy band formed through mNet Produce 101: Season 2. 
They have been sweeping many music awards this year for Rookie Award, Best Male Group with their debut album and title song 'Energetic'.

Anyone would have noticed the agency has overworked the poor 11 boys for the past few months with never ending schedules, come-back activities, appearance on music shows and advertisements...etc.

Daniel was seen appearing in fan-signing sessions looking dreadfully pale, mentally exhausted, lost his voice and had to sit down during greeting. He even apologised to the fans for being sick and everyone could sense the happy puppy has lost his energetic smile and mood.

We wish Daniel all the best in recovering to his best health. 

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Kim Rae Won's Black Knight romance...

Actor Kim Rae Won (36) returns to drama land with romance genre.


KBS 2TV new drama "Black Knight" (written by Kim In-young and directed by Han Sang-woo) is a story about a man who loves a woman all his own way.

Kim has starred in many different genres from films to dramas and has proven to be strong in movie side. Doctors (2016),  A Thousand Day's Promise (2011), Which Star Are You From (2006), Love Story in Harvard (2004) were mostly romance dramas which Kim was the leading male actor. 

In Black Knight, Kim plays the role as Moon Su Ho- a young businessman. Su Ho has lost his parents in his childhood days so he gets very frustrated. However he succeeded in his own strength. Su Ho falls in love with a poor but talented travel agent, Jung Hae Ra played by Shin Se Kyung. It is a somewhat mediocre setting, but it attracts attention because it is a fantasy romance that goes beyond 200 years of time.

'Black Knight' attracts attention from the fact that writer Kim In-young has written mostly bold project dramas such as 'When A Man Loves' (2013), 'Equator Man' (2012) and 'Women of the Sun' (2008)

Produce 101's Wanna One sets 2017 trend.

What is the new trend within current South Korean society in the year 2017?

On 6th December, MJ People who runs job portal portal media job and designer job has selected top hot 10 keywords in 2017 through big data analysis.

                         Image result for 워너원 "올해 주인공은 나야 나

Wanna One- 'I am this year's main character- 올해 주인공은 나야 나!

The new project boy band was formed early this year via the survival program via Produce 101: Season 2. It was the catchy phrase in the song - 'It's me, pick me, pick me!' that drove the nationwide frenzy. The song was played in almost every variety show. 

Kang Daniel becomes the centre of the group and is currently the number one most scouted star enjoys massive popularity wherever he goes.

▲ Return of Lee Hyo Ri

Lee Hyo Ri, the female solo singer and an entertainer MC has made her successfully comeback after 4 years. Instead of just presenting a new album, she has also launched 'Hyori's Homestay' program and showed 'Nature with Lee Hyori' together.

Park Geun Hye impeachment ... booted out from Blue House.

Former South Korean president, first two-generation president and first female unmarried president, Park Geun-hye, who was the history of her election for the first time in history, became the first impeachment president in South Korea's history. 

The impeachment of Park Geun-hye, a former president of the National Peace Foundation, was the issue of politics as well as all issues in South Korea this year. Even after the impeachment, the investigation of various characters continues.

President Moon Jae In was elected as new leader. 

This year's presidential election was in spring, not in winter which was usually held during election. Moon Jae In who has succeeded in winning the presidential election in May 2017, rose quickly, reshuffling his cabinet, resolving major issues such as liquidation and job creations. 


▲ Evolving 'Virtual Reality (VR Industry)'

In the IT industry, the issue of Virtual Reality (VR) was hot. From the popular entertainment that enjoys games and video, to the fear of heights, driving practice, construction and even medical care, hopefully the future VR will bring much success. This year, the VR-related VR development showed a prominent position. The VR-related entrepreneurial market also grew significantly.

▲ South Korea Broadcasting Stations on Strike 

Two stations- KBS and MBC went on strike whereby all programs and show were cancelled. In response to a series of incidents that prevented high-ranking officials from releasing or participating in programs other than their own or when they spoke correctly, members of the broadcasting station staged a strike to correct their actions. At the end of November 2017, MBC who has been on strike returns to normal, but KBS has not backed down. 

YOLO- 'You Only Live Once

YOLO (You Only Live Once) which refers to the attitude that most emphasises and consumes your happiness now was particularly popular in the younger generation. YOLO was used as a kind of justification or excuse to induce bold consumption. Programs that realises the romance of modern people dreaming of a "YOLO" is tired of complex and intense city life has attracted popularity in the broadcasting industry.

                          Image result for 범죄도시

The Outlaws- Movie with a charm 

Unexpectedly, there is either one or two movies every year but this year, the hot topic and main character of 'The Outlaws' starring Ma Dong Seok and Yoon Gye Sang. The actor himself exuded the charm of one genre while Yoon Gye-sang plays the brilliant role of a Korean-Chinese.  

This year actor; Jin Sun Kyu won the the prestigious award in the Blue Dragon Film Festival.

Monday, December 4, 2017

Park Bo Gum, Kim Yuna for Coca-cola winter ad.

Queen of Ice- ex world figure ice skater Kim Yuna and actor Park Bo Gum has been featured for Coca-Cola thrilling winter sports ad.

The advertisement is based on the concept of sending a thrilling winter while enjoying winter sports, praying for a good success for the upcoming 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympic Games. The two also showed their support for the sport by being joining together with people in the arena with loud and enthusiastic cheering despite the cold weather. 

Kim Yuna's photo had her wearing a pair of red ear muffs and grey knitwear while Park Bo Gum dons a thick white padding coat and beneath a red check flannel shirt.

Running Man Global Tour Penalty heads to south.

Running Man Global Penalty Tour brings the cast and production people down south. Where? Yes- the RM casts were down in Australia and New Zealand for their penalty tours.

Team NZ heads to South Island with Jong Kook, Ji Hyo, Haha and Se Chan. Team Aus has Jae Suk, Kwang Soo, So Min and Suk Jin to Darwin in Northern Territory.

Team AUS goes to Croccove in Darwin CBD where Suk Jin and Jae Suk were the first two sacrifices in the cage of death. Ha ha! The two scaredy cats freaked for their lives when they were dropped into a steel cage floating inside the pen of scary big crocodiles. Kwang Soo and So Min were amazed by the huge sizes of the crocs. No joke... the two were jumping around in the cage while seeing up close and personal with the crocs. Evil So Min started writing notes showing to the crocs by stating 'Fighting' sparking annoyance from the two inside the cage.

Team NZ is in South Island New Zealand where they are driving towards Southern Alps in Queenstown. It's a beautiful scenery where the scariest 3rd highest bungee jumping in the world is situated. Nevis Swing stands at 134 height in the air between high suspension cords between the Nevis River Valley. Those having phobia of heights will be terrified crossing the high suspension bridge to get to the main platform. Even Jong Kook tensed up when he looked down from the main jumping platform exclaiming 'Oh My God'.'s terrifying for so high up in the air. Not for the faint-heart people. Instructors gave them some orientation and wearing helmets with Go-Pro camera on the top filming their expressions.

Team AUS has Kwang Soo being the last one to face his fear- the biggest attraction in the cove- Chopper- a 5.5m giant saltie croc weighing 790kg. It's almost 3 times the height of Kwang Soo! The annoying So Min kept bugging Kwang Soo for his last words and bank account (as if he was going to die)....So Min was a bloody prick and I wished the PD would switch and ditch her inside the cage of death instead. To this point, it ain't funny anymore 'coz she has gotten on my nerves. 

I know it's a penalty, it's a game but it's no joke facing Chopper. The giant saltie lived up to his name with battle scars on his two front limbs. I've personally seen Chopper in his play den when I went to Darwin in 2013 and he's really huge. The cage slowly moved Kwang Soo closer to Chopper's tank. They joked that the yellow play ball Chopper is biting has the same colour as Kwang Soo's tee-shirt! So if the ball disappears means KS is his new play ball. LOL!
Chopper was fed some food where he opened his jaws and circled around the cage. KS freaked out and leaned backwards. The keeper mentioned that Chopper likes KS.

PD Chul Min asks them to choose a Chance card where Suk Jin's bad hand picked the wrong card where it states they will not go home until they finish another penalty! Oh dear...
They were brought to Crocodylus Park at Berrimah to feed the crocs and collect their eggs.
The shock on their faces when they were told to take a selfie and one feeding the croc in the wild! So Min and Suk Jin were given the honour to get onto the croc's nest to pick the eggs to harvest them safely. It was quite a nightmare where they kept failing to take a selfie and continuously losing their bait into the water! At one stage Jae Suk's camera was stuck on the mangrove tree and fell halfway to the river. PD Chul Min was angry and lucky the standby rescue team managed to snitch back the camera and pole safely. Phew! 

As for Nevis Swing, PD gives them Chance card where they have to pick. They picked and surprised that Kookie was the one exempted from the jump. Haha went down on his knees begging Jong Kook to give him that card. After reminiscing times together, Kook decided to tear his chance card as to jump together. Haha was shocked and started punching Kook to losing that golden opportunity. Se Chan and Haha were the first two to do the swing together. Their legs gave way upon seeing the massive height as they head near to the platform. They were hanging in mid air and hands trembled. With the count of 1-2-3, the two were dropped down and swung across the valley. Ji Hyo pointed out Haha was so terrified that he couldn't scream as the swing rocked them to-fro the valley, cliffs and river below them. Kook tried to locate the swing but they were so tiny from far! Haha looked as if he lost his soul and collapsed as soon as he reached the top. Se Chan couldn't describe the feeling as their fingers were numb. Next up to do the Swing is Kook and Ji Hyo. They looked calmer than the first two. But Ji Hyo says deep inside, she is all nervous. Who isn't? It's not just a normal bungee jump.

The safety office began tying them to safety ropes and seat. Haha and Se Chan were surprised the two were facing towards the camera instead of facing the view. The two fearless people are doing the extreme swing which will be upside down! Whoa! Good luck! With the count of 1-2-3, the two were dropped instantly and swung upside down across the valley with Jong Kook laughing all the way- 'coz he's nervous too. Ji Hyo screamed a bit but felt the blood rush towards her head. Their faces were beet red! Se Chan applauded them for their extreme swing and earned a big respect from all. After the scary jump, the rest is history- the scenery around the Nevis River Valley is purely beautiful and serene. 

Team AUS and Team NZ has completed both missions and so it brings to the end of the Global Penalty Tour. Wow! They have done all the extreme things they have suggested... Cool!