Thursday, December 7, 2017

I'm Not a Robot premieres at 4.5% ratings.

Ah, another drama by Yoo Seung Ho...this boy has grown so much...oops, he's no longer a boy. At the age of 24, he is now a fine young matured actor yet he possesses the charm for the audience. MBC's new drama I'm Not a Robot (play by Kim Sun Mi, directed by Jung Dae Yoon) is quite an interesting drama whereby a rich CEO is allergic to human contact. 

Kim Min Kyu (played by Yoo) is a rich entrepreneur of a large company with big mansion, servants, lots of toys to play, money but he's rather lonely in a sense he has to do everything by himself. He has a unique problem- he's allergic to humans! Literally he cannot have any direct contact with any human being. No medicine could cure him. 

He encountered Ji Ah (played by Chae Soo Bin) once and both have a big misunderstanding. She thinks he is a con-man who doesn't want to pay for the figurine she bought for him. He is annoyed the toy box didn't come as the original package and doesn't want any contact with her at all. Then comes a world genius professor Hong Baek Kyun (played by Uhm Ki Joon) introducing a great and Artificial Intelligence and android robot Aji-3 to Min Kyu. 

Min Kyu is interested to know more about Aji-3 that resembles like a real woman. He instructs Hong's squad- Santa Maria Team to send Aji-3 to his house for a test before he decides to invest in their project. Coincidentally Aji-3 broke down because of some water spill in the dungeon, so Hong quickly contacted his ex-girlfriend Ji Ah for a favour. He knows she requires money and gives her a mission. Santa Maria Team trains and disguises Ji Ah as Aji-3 to send to Min Kyu's mansion. Ji Ah was rather shocked to see her new 'boss' turns out to be Min Kyu who refuses to pay her for the figurine toy. He was also stunned to see the weird behaviour by Aji-3. 

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