Thursday, December 14, 2017

Oh Sang Jin and Kim Sung Ryung host MBC Drama Awards 2017.

Announcer Oh Sang Jin (37) is heading on with the hosting together for MBC Drama Awards 2017 with fellow actress Kim Sung Ryung

Oh Sang Jin began his broadcasting career in 2005 as an MBC 24th announcer. He then became an MBC representative announcer and declared as a freelancer in 2013. 

This is the first time that Oh is conducting the awards ceremony. He is also actively participated in the '170-day strike' in 2012, is very meaningful in that it will take the award ceremony MC along with the normalisation of MBC station. 

He married announcer Kim So Young in April 2017. Oh also starred in various dramas such as My Love from the Star (2013), The Family is Coming (2015) and recently in 20th Century Boy and Girl (2016). 
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