Wednesday, December 13, 2017

My thoughts on KBS The Jugglers.

I started watching KBS drama The Jugglers and find it rather interesting, comical whereby it's set in a company office background with nosy team people, busy body secretaries and stern bosses. Somehow it reminded me of Misaeng, Radiant Office and Introverted Boss dramas.

It is Choi Daniel's first drama after he's out from military services and Baek Jin Hee plays the cute, efficient hardworking secretary to him under YB Company. Choi plays the cold and so-called boring director Nam Chi Won. Nam takes no interest in whoever or what's going in the office politics. He rides a bicycle to work and even looks for a cheap place to rent.

Baek plays the bubbly, positive looking PA Jwa Yoon Yi in YB Company. Of one event, she has been misunderstood as a mistress to her boss so she was switched to another department.
Nowhere to go, she ended up being a PA to Chi Won. At the start, the boss-secretary relationship didn't kick off well as he hated to be followed around. His young friend, Director Hwangbo Yool- played by Lee Won Geun taught him the difference of meddling and interest. What a coincidence when Chi Won became a new tenant inside Yoon Yi's roof top house! 

Yoon Yi has a circle of good friends- Bo Na who is also a PA to the mean Director Jo, the tomboyish Kyung Re and elder buddy Wang Jung Ae -played by Kang Hye Jung. Jung Ae is suffering a miserable life after getting married early and had a teenage son. She then struggles to find a steady job in the market. With the help of Yoon Yi, they disguised her younger working as a PA to Yool. Yool has been known to have many different PA's as he's never consistent in having people working under him. 
           '저글러스' / 사진=방송 캡처 
Yoon Yi gets to know more about Chi Won after pressure from the top management. They were rather surprised that he has an ex-wife and doesn't care much about others' welfare. But he can be caring and kind if he wants to. Hah! He sees through all the funny antics Yoon Yi has and tells her off if she pretends to be drunk...etc. 

Verdict? I will continue watching The Jugglers to see how Chi Won will develop to become a better boss though he's straight as an arrow. Yoon Yi will be the main guidance to assist him when there are office politics and things going around the department. 

Questions are popping up from my head: - ...

1. Chi Won is a journalist- how did he end up working as a director in YB Company? 
2. How is Chi Won related to Vice President Do in the company? They don't look like friends.
3. How did he got divorce with his ex-wife?
4.  Why is he renting at Yoon Yi's place? He didn't look as if he was struggling financially

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