Monday, December 4, 2017

Running Man Global Tour Penalty heads to south.

Running Man Global Penalty Tour brings the cast and production people down south. Where? Yes- the RM casts were down in Australia and New Zealand for their penalty tours.

Team NZ heads to South Island with Jong Kook, Ji Hyo, Haha and Se Chan. Team Aus has Jae Suk, Kwang Soo, So Min and Suk Jin to Darwin in Northern Territory.

Team AUS goes to Croccove in Darwin CBD where Suk Jin and Jae Suk were the first two sacrifices in the cage of death. Ha ha! The two scaredy cats freaked for their lives when they were dropped into a steel cage floating inside the pen of scary big crocodiles. Kwang Soo and So Min were amazed by the huge sizes of the crocs. No joke... the two were jumping around in the cage while seeing up close and personal with the crocs. Evil So Min started writing notes showing to the crocs by stating 'Fighting' sparking annoyance from the two inside the cage.

Team NZ is in South Island New Zealand where they are driving towards Southern Alps in Queenstown. It's a beautiful scenery where the scariest 3rd highest bungee jumping in the world is situated. Nevis Swing stands at 134 height in the air between high suspension cords between the Nevis River Valley. Those having phobia of heights will be terrified crossing the high suspension bridge to get to the main platform. Even Jong Kook tensed up when he looked down from the main jumping platform exclaiming 'Oh My God'.'s terrifying for so high up in the air. Not for the faint-heart people. Instructors gave them some orientation and wearing helmets with Go-Pro camera on the top filming their expressions.

Team AUS has Kwang Soo being the last one to face his fear- the biggest attraction in the cove- Chopper- a 5.5m giant saltie croc weighing 790kg. It's almost 3 times the height of Kwang Soo! The annoying So Min kept bugging Kwang Soo for his last words and bank account (as if he was going to die)....So Min was a bloody prick and I wished the PD would switch and ditch her inside the cage of death instead. To this point, it ain't funny anymore 'coz she has gotten on my nerves. 

I know it's a penalty, it's a game but it's no joke facing Chopper. The giant saltie lived up to his name with battle scars on his two front limbs. I've personally seen Chopper in his play den when I went to Darwin in 2013 and he's really huge. The cage slowly moved Kwang Soo closer to Chopper's tank. They joked that the yellow play ball Chopper is biting has the same colour as Kwang Soo's tee-shirt! So if the ball disappears means KS is his new play ball. LOL!
Chopper was fed some food where he opened his jaws and circled around the cage. KS freaked out and leaned backwards. The keeper mentioned that Chopper likes KS.

PD Chul Min asks them to choose a Chance card where Suk Jin's bad hand picked the wrong card where it states they will not go home until they finish another penalty! Oh dear...
They were brought to Crocodylus Park at Berrimah to feed the crocs and collect their eggs.
The shock on their faces when they were told to take a selfie and one feeding the croc in the wild! So Min and Suk Jin were given the honour to get onto the croc's nest to pick the eggs to harvest them safely. It was quite a nightmare where they kept failing to take a selfie and continuously losing their bait into the water! At one stage Jae Suk's camera was stuck on the mangrove tree and fell halfway to the river. PD Chul Min was angry and lucky the standby rescue team managed to snitch back the camera and pole safely. Phew! 

As for Nevis Swing, PD gives them Chance card where they have to pick. They picked and surprised that Kookie was the one exempted from the jump. Haha went down on his knees begging Jong Kook to give him that card. After reminiscing times together, Kook decided to tear his chance card as to jump together. Haha was shocked and started punching Kook to losing that golden opportunity. Se Chan and Haha were the first two to do the swing together. Their legs gave way upon seeing the massive height as they head near to the platform. They were hanging in mid air and hands trembled. With the count of 1-2-3, the two were dropped down and swung across the valley. Ji Hyo pointed out Haha was so terrified that he couldn't scream as the swing rocked them to-fro the valley, cliffs and river below them. Kook tried to locate the swing but they were so tiny from far! Haha looked as if he lost his soul and collapsed as soon as he reached the top. Se Chan couldn't describe the feeling as their fingers were numb. Next up to do the Swing is Kook and Ji Hyo. They looked calmer than the first two. But Ji Hyo says deep inside, she is all nervous. Who isn't? It's not just a normal bungee jump.

The safety office began tying them to safety ropes and seat. Haha and Se Chan were surprised the two were facing towards the camera instead of facing the view. The two fearless people are doing the extreme swing which will be upside down! Whoa! Good luck! With the count of 1-2-3, the two were dropped instantly and swung upside down across the valley with Jong Kook laughing all the way- 'coz he's nervous too. Ji Hyo screamed a bit but felt the blood rush towards her head. Their faces were beet red! Se Chan applauded them for their extreme swing and earned a big respect from all. After the scary jump, the rest is history- the scenery around the Nevis River Valley is purely beautiful and serene. 

Team AUS and Team NZ has completed both missions and so it brings to the end of the Global Penalty Tour. Wow! They have done all the extreme things they have suggested... Cool!

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