Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Birthday wishes for Kang Daniel on NY Times Square.

Plank cards and LED lights are probably used in 80's and 90's during concerts or celebrations for parties or idols. Nowadays the scale has gone bigger to the extent whereby fans are willing to spend lavishly to advertise the birthday wish for their favourite pop idol members on major billboards around the world.

The Seoul Embassy in United States usually do not appear or mention anything unless it's something special or happening. However the embassy has mentioned Wanna One's Kang Daniel birthday present were advertised on the giant New York Times Square billboard.

Fans are celebrating the singer's upcoming birthday by introducing his photo and name on the giant outdoor billboard LED TV. It is very unusual that the embassy mentioned about other foreign singers that were advertised on the billboard.

                     Image result for 강다니엘 생일 축하 광고가 미국 뉴욕 타임스스퀘어

The birthday promotional videos started flashing away on eight New York Times Square electric signboards from 9:00 pm (Korean time) on the 4th to 3:00 pm on the 11th on the 10th ahead of his 22nd birthday which happens to fall on 10th December.

It is rather common for idol fans to post videos for singers' birthday celebrations and publicity on subway stations, busses and outdoor billboards however it is very unusual for fans to make celebratory footage at the Times Square where the attention of the world is concentrated.

This has become a hot topic for Kang Daniel's birthday but the US Embassy seems to be interested in it. His fans have his commercials floated across 30 screens of subway stations in Seoul, Gangnam, Mapo and his hometown, Busan. 

Meanwhile, poor Daniel is taking a break while cancelling his schedules on the 6th December as he is suffering from severe cold and fever. Get well soon, Niel-ah! 

"Imagine how much money the fans have splurged out to advertise on the major sign boards. With the amount of $$, I'd suggest to donate to charity under his name. Big ads on Times Sq is very expensive and it's no joke... 

Don't get me wrong as I adore him too, but I believe Daniel would be happier to have the money spend for something else more useful than advertising on billboards." 

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