Sunday, December 10, 2017

BTS Blood, Tears, Sweat- 3 years WINGS Tour ended in success.

Since 2014, they toured 9 cities delivering 40 performances, started from AX Hall in Seoul and ended at Geocheok Sky Dome. 

"My blood, sweat and last dance- take it all, my blood, sweat and tears, my cold breath- take it all.." (these are the song lyrics to the song Blood, Sweat and Tears)


Things have gone so fast like a dream... on the afternoon of 10th December, the familiar faces of Hallyu group BTS with their most representative song 'Blood, Sweat and Tears' had belted it all out in Gocheok Sky Dome. Their faces were covered in sweat, swarmed with different kinds of emotions- serenity, pride and commitment. 

The last stage of the day was '2017 BTS Live Trilogy Episode III - Wings Tour The Final' which was held at the same place since the 8th. From February, it was the day of the 40th concert tours of 19 cities in North and South America, Australia and Japan with the title "Wings Tour".
It was also the last show of the 'Live Trilogy Episode' that started in October 2014. It was played the first episode "Begins" and the second episode "The Red Bullet".

The Trilogy Tour was started at the AX Hall (currently the 24th Live Hall), which has about 2000 seats. The beginning was weak, but the end would be great. After three years of gymnastic stadiums, they have spent the history of trilogy touring at the Gocheok Sky Dome, which is 10 times the size of AX; where it accommodates 20,000 seats. As a result, the performances seem to compress the growth and maturity BTS over the three years. After winning the 'Top Social Artist' award at the '2017 Billboard Music Awards' in May,  releasing the 'MIC Drop' remix which recently ranked 28th on the Billboard single 'Hot 100'.

MIC Drop had a somewhat aggressiveness tendency as a team that failed to deliver the halo of its agency like other big agency 's idol group.But after receiving much attention, it was a song that made them happier without any more anger and sorrow.


Thereafter, a set list of the dynamic growth narratives of BTS was compressed. As a team based on black music, "We are BTS", "Hip-hop" and "Cypher Medley" followed by hip-hop songs.Starting with the stage of the youngest who has revealed his enthusiasm for not being tired of being seven, he solved memories with his piano and wrapped up his character and intuition. It was a time to get a glimpse of his personal history.

After the last song, 'Blood Sweat and Tears' in the performance, the guys have a chance to meet up with the fans by singing "You Never Walk Alone" in a moving car at Encore. At the end of "Born Singer," the members burst into tears. J-Hope stated, "Thank you very much for being with us."

"Billboard 200"- they were the first Korean singers to enter the 4th consecutive 'Billboard 200', with 'Love Your Self' winner, 'Billboard 200' K-pop group's first single performance at the '2017 American Music Awards' (AMAs) held at the Los Angeles Microsoft Theatre last month. The end of the last chapter of the first part of BTS, which has been playing K-pop history of this year.

BTS's producer Bang Shin Hyuk said, "I would like to be a model for BTS success story. The concert was also a well-woven prologue." PD Bang been dealing with youths that have not been noticeable in the idol market. It is interesting to see Bang has a lot of planning scope and how BTS boys will be handling in the future.

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