Monday, December 11, 2017

OCN's Black wrapped up after 9 weeks.

OCN's suspense mystery drama 'Black' starring Song Seung Hun and Go Ah-Ra finished its run after 9 weeks airing.


On 10th December, the final episode of Black was aired where Grim reaper Black (Song) chose to cease of his existence as penalty in the underworld. He vowed to hide the truth of his real death from Kang Ha Ram (Go Ah-Ra). Black said, "From the beginning, she shouldn't have everything, then Kang Ha Ram will be happier in life."

Black also asked his partner in crime, Grim Reaper Je Su Dong to prevent Ha Ram's parents accident death. As a result, the young Ha Ram grew up into a fine young lady without any worries and didn't see any shadows of death. Everything was reset to where it was. Ha Ram graduated, worked, smiled happily with friends and family. She lived till she grew old to a grandmother age. Then her old companion friend Leo, handed her a box of Halloween gift.

The minute Ha Ram saw the red thread bracelet, her tears started falling. She was saddened by the fact of what happened and the memories came back. However it was time for grandma Ha Ram to pass away and she was then greeted by Black at the other side of the world. 
He asked if she lived happily all this time and she nodded. 

Through this drama, Song Seung Hun's character was well-received by the audience.
Go Ah-Ra got to re-examine her acting skills after the 2013 tvN drama Reply 1994.

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