Sunday, December 10, 2017

Reviews on The Unit and Mix Nine survival programs.

The trend of survival programs continue with The Unit: Idol Reboot Project and Mix Nine have contestants battling to get a spot on the top 10 positions.

What I can see from The Unit program, mentors Rain, Taemin, Hwang Chi Yeol, Jo Hyun Ah and San-E were considered more lenient in terms of coaching and nagging at the lack of skills teams.  The recent restart missions have the contestants choosing to dance the songs by their seniors. Unit Orange covered EXO's Monster dance and won it overall with its leading Donghyun. Unit White covered BTS's Fire with Suwoong winning high votes

For the female teams- Unit Green delivering Mamamoo's You're The Best won first place with Spica's Yang Ji Won as first. As overall the leading are Timoteo, U-Kiss Jun, Boyfriend's Donghyun and Bigstar's Feeldog In terms of dance- Ji Won lacked a lot as she often missed a beat. Timoteo's good in dance but vocals wise he is just average- pardon me...I wonder if the voters are just biased with him as Taemin's best friend. Personally I think Feeldog should be in the top two. He's a caring, genuine leader and best dancer. As for female, no doubt should be Melody Day's Ye-Eun is the most powerful vocal. 

As for Mix Nine, mentors such as Han Dong Kyun, Swing, Suran along with judges CEO Yang Hyun Suk, CL, Zion T and WINNER's Minho, things were harsher in this program. YG can be direct and mean towards the trainees he is scouting for the project. The top male and female contestant are Woo Jin Young and Shin Ryu Jin. Episode 5-6 featured the position battle among male and female groups. The boys group won by 1 vote. I must say I am impressed with the performance put up by the male contestants. Vocal group who belted out DBSK's Love In the Ice caught my attention. I was a Cassiopeia fan in those days of DBSK hay days.No doubt it's hard to beat Junsu's angelic and Jaejoong's soulful voices but these guys did it so well.

And what's more 2PM's My House dance cover was very sexy and charismatic. Love the choreography and the boys delivered it well on stage capturing 5000+ votes compared to the female's TWICE Knock Knock cover version. Meh...I am sorry, it's just that the female groups were not as exciting as it is. Except the female team who sang Ailee's Singing Got Better...sttill they lost out to the powerful team cover of DBSK's Love In the Ice.

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