Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Kang Daniel's schedules cancelled due to fever and cold.

Group Wanna One's member, Kang Daniel has received medical examination at the hospital for cold and fever.

YMC official has said that Daniel had severe dizziness, fever and cold so he had to go to the hospital for check up. All his future schedules have been put on hold depending on his situation. The singer is currently resting and recuperating for now. 

Wanna One is a project boy band formed through mNet Produce 101: Season 2. 
They have been sweeping many music awards this year for Rookie Award, Best Male Group with their debut album and title song 'Energetic'.

Anyone would have noticed the agency has overworked the poor 11 boys for the past few months with never ending schedules, come-back activities, appearance on music shows and advertisements...etc.

Daniel was seen appearing in fan-signing sessions looking dreadfully pale, mentally exhausted, lost his voice and had to sit down during greeting. He even apologised to the fans for being sick and everyone could sense the happy puppy has lost his energetic smile and mood.

We wish Daniel all the best in recovering to his best health. 

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