Saturday, April 30, 2016

MBC's Flower in Prison kicks off at 17.3% rating.

The 50 episode sageuk drama via MBC station Flower in the Prison 옥중화 has started its broadcast scoring 17.3%...not bad for a start. SBS's Mrs. Cop 2 recorded only at 9.2% while KBS 2TV Entertainment Relay scored at 7.1%. 

The last predecessor from MBC's drama Marriage Contract recorded at 19.6% ratings in average. 

Flower in the Prison is directed by PD Choi Wan Gyu who has worked for the past 16 years and his hit drama drama Heo Jun. 

Flower in the Prison is about Ok Nyeo who is a very talented young lady who gains wisdom and skills while encountering through many walks of life. Though she is born in the prison, it has never let her down due to her status. She starts to help the poor and finds herself into the caste system.

Jin Se Yeon plays as the heroine while Go Soo plays as Yoon Tae Won.

Other veteran actors include Jung Joon Ho, Kim Mi Sook, Park Ju Mi, Yoon Ju Hee, Kim Soo Yun and Jung Eun Pyo

Dreams turn into reality for GOT7's first concert.

Boy band GOT7 debut themselves as singer in 2014 as a multinational group as members come from various countries. They were scouted and debut under JYP Entertainment.

Fellow member Yu Gyeom mentioned their dreams have come last! Reason?
The group is finally holding their first ever solo concert. And it is still hard to believe they have debuted 2 years ago and now they are performing for their fans out there.

As trainees, they see their seniors 2PM holding concerts and they wanted to attend to see what it's like to be in real life concert. And that was 6 years ago and now it has become a reality for the members of GOT7. It certainly took them a while to debut after years of practising. 

Their title of the first concert- Fly in Seoul will be something memorable for the boys.
Good luck to them! 

Musical- All Shook Up feat. Wheesung, Kim Sung Gyu, Park Jung Ah as main cast.

Rock and roll King- Elvis Presley (1935-1977) main hit singles and songs will be belted out by singers Wheesung, INFINITE's Kim Sung Gyu and musical actor Choi Woo Hyuk.

According to Wheesung's agency, the musical will be held at Daehangno Hongik University in Seoul Arts Center.Since its 2005 Broadway premiere showed its domestic debut. The doors of the UK William Shakespeare was inspired such as "A Midsummer Night's Dream '.

Wheesung is found in this genre since his second musical debut through 'Zorro' in 2014. Kim Sung Gyu has appeared in musical "Gwanghwamun Sonata', Vampire. Choi Woo Hyuk is a rookie who debuted in the musical note to the end of last year and early this year show in 'Frankenstein'.

As Elvis free-spirited girl character- Natalie will be played by Park Jung Ah, musical actress Ahn Si Ha and J-Min. Ahn Si Ha has appeared in Frankenstein and Cinderella musicals. J-Min has also appeared in Jack The Ripper and Three Musketeers. 

All Shook Up will run from 17th June until 28th August 2016. 
The running time will be 140 minutes (including intermission of 20 minutes)
Ticket priced ranging from KRW $55,000 to KRW $110,000. 

Actress Kim Jung Eun releases her wedding photos.

The wedding pictorial of actress Kim Jung Eun (41) was released out to the media on 29th May. Her agency SIM Entertainment has released her official wedding photos via SNS.

Kim looks elegant in her white wedding dress and appeared to be smiling happily. The beautiful bride felt as if her dream came true whereby she embraced her groom. 

'City of Angels' was the main concept for her wedding photography. Kim was portrayed as if she has achieved her dream while dancing around the garden with her groom. 

She was also surrounded with flowers in a living room striking a pure innocent look. 

Congratulations to the newly wedded couple! We wish them the very best! 

Thursday, April 28, 2016

STAR Magazine Korea celebrated 2nd anniversary.

The Star Magazine celebrates its 2nd anniversary being a magazine widely read by locals in Korea and also online. For the past 2 years, the magazine has been acquired and considered been 'newly born' where the editors, writers have come a long way to be where they are right now.

The main covers from January 2015 featured Super Junior members Eun Hyuk and Dong Hae who are currently serving the compulsory military services.

It also featured actress Hwang Seong Ahn and cover shots of idol group GOT7.
There were articles written about BTS group, MIB Kang Nam, BTOB and actor Seo Kang Jun.

Photos all courtesy from THE STAR Korea site 

Gu-Won couple guests in Running Man sets record breaking ratings.

After surviving from the popular fame from the SBS drama Descendants of the Sun, actor Jin Gu and actress Kim Ji Won appeared as special guests in Running Man variety show.

On 28th April, SBS Running Man official Instagram account posted the shooting of the special episode featuring 'GuWon Couple'. The two posed for a commemorative photo shot for the show.

The two were seen donning on bright pink sweatshirts while filming for the show. The colors definitely attracted massive attention among the public audience.

After filming the special episode of Running Man, the two will be featured in the next special episode broadcast for Descendants of the Sun on 1st May at 6.25 pm. 
The ratings for the special episode soared to 14.11% because of the guests. When they did the reenactment of the teary scene of Myeong Ju parting away from Seo Dae Young, fans were in love with it.

Seems that lately anything with Descendants of the Sun will do well... LOL! 

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Kim So Hyun's girlfriend concept photo attracts all.

Child-actress Kim So Hyun has recently visited Taiwan for a holiday. She has uploaded a photo of herself taken in Taiwan during a break with the 'girlfriend' concept look which has attracted many viewers.

Kim has recently uploaded a photo containing a few hashtags of #Taiwancafe, #FollieFollie on her Instagram account. She was seated in a cafe drinking some iced coffee while staring at the camera lens. 

The view of the photo seems to look as if the actress is having a conversation with a boyfriend - that is why it has the concept of 'girlfriend' look in the photo. 

Netizens immediately commented that her photo is so pretty, they wish to be there to see it for themselves, the location...etc.

Kim is only 16 years old and she has matured so much ever since she was child. She became popular when she starred in the drama Moon Embraces the Sun, Rooftop Prince, Missing You, I Can Hear Your Voice, The Suspicious Housekeeper, Triangle, Sensory Couple, Who Are You: School 2015 and recently the short drama Page Turner

SISTAR's comeback in summer July 2016.

Girl group SISTAR is preparing for their summer album come back in June-July this year.
According to their management, the girls were busy preparing for their new come back album release. The dates of the come back were not confirmed and to be affirmed later.

It is coming close to a year since SISTAR released their 3rd mini album- 'Shake It' during last June. Every album they have recorded have proven to be successful and popular to fans and listeners as the girls have established themselves as group in Korea.

In 2011, the girls released the album 'Cool' with a summer image. Since their past hits such as Myself, Loving You, Give it to Me, Touch My Body, Shake It- fans are expecting another hit single from this mini album.

The girls have been involved in various variety talk shows, solo activities as well as dramas.
The youngest member Dasom is heavily involved in KBS2TV drama- My Freaky Daughter In Law. Meanwhile Bora was hosting as an emcee for My Fair Vanity. Main vocalist Hyorin is featured in MNet's Unpretty Rap Star season 2 series. 

Fans should be looking forward for the girls' comeback this Summer. 

INFINITE's Woo Hyun releases solo album on 9th May.

INFINITE group member Nam Woo Hyun (25) will be releasing his first ever solo album 'Write' after debuting as a singer 6 years ago.

According to the his agency Woolim Entertainment,  Woo Hyun will release his first mini album on 9th May 2016.

Nam Woo Hyun has always been one of the lead vocals in his group INFINITE when the boys started off in 2010. Seung Gyu been the leader of the group has also released his own solo album. Hoya, L (Myung Soo) and Sung Yeol has ventured more into acting industry while Sung Joo and Dong Woo were mostly in variety shows. Though they have sub-unit groups but Woo Hyun has also gone into acting as well.

He is to deliver a cool interesting show case in his first mini album.

Good luck to Woo Hyun in his first release album.

Song Joong Ki's war movie to start filming in July at Chuncheon.

The upcoming Hallyu spring festival is booming on tourism from the fame of actor Song Joong Ki and he is expected to start filming for his new project- a war movie titled Battleship Island 군함도 . The filming will take place at Chuncheon in July. 

According to the production set, the Chuncheon warships and camps will start building from 27th and be ready by end of June for the filming. The city will be supporting the film production to attract local and foreign tourists while promoting the Hallyu star.

New director PD Ryu Seung Wan has experience working with emotional movies and during the Japanese occupation. Since Song Joong Ki has earned his name on the plate as the new Hallyu star fresh from his Descendants of the Sun drama, he is paired up with fellow veteran actors Hwang Jung MinSeo Ji Sub and Lee Jung Hyun in this movie. 

Camp Page is a former base of US Army located at Chuncheon with space of 55 000 ㎡ will be used to depict the Hashima island in the Nagasaki prefecture of Japan. Hashima Island is a place where forced labor took place during the 2nd World War. The island is known for undersea coal mines. Hashima Island is now a UNESCO World Heritage site in July 2015. Camp Page has been closed off on 2005 but will be used as a set for the movie.

Chuncheon is looking forward to lead Korean fans into visiting the site during and after the filming. Good luck to the cast and production crew! 

For those who remember Hashima Island when Infinite Challenge featured a special episode where Yoo Jae Suk and Haha took a heartbreaking trip there to remember the late Korean forced labor victims in the island. There was an elder Korean grandfather who was the sole survivor and he revived the tale of how he suffered, he survived and lived till today.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Music Commander wins 7th times in a row for King of Mask Singer.

Can anyone guess the real person behind the voice of Music Commander in MBC's The Masked King? Music Commander has conquered the Masked King singer title for 7 consecutive weeks. 

He has beaten the record holders held by CBR Cleopatra,Young and Innocent Cosmos and Amazon Cat Girl.

As we all know fans King of Mask Singer knew the real identities of the title holders - Kim Yeon Woo, Gummy and Cha Ji Yeon.

Music Commander has this charming look in his toy-soldier uniform and wears the cute looking mask but behind his strong voice powers all.

The songs he has sung were just breath taking to the audience and celebrity judges.
He became the 23rd Generation of Mask King with his rendition of Jeon In Kwon's Don't Worry. He continued to wow the fans and audience with Big Bang's Fantastic Baby, Cross's Don't Cry, Park In Soo's Spring Rain, Seo Taiji & Boys's Hayeoga and recently he sung the late Shin Hae Chul's An Invitation to Daily Life. 

But most of all people have guessed Music Commander's real identity is rock band vocalist 
Guckkasten's Ha Hyun Woo.

The band started out from Hong-Ik university area in 2009 and performing in various music concerts. Their genre of music would be classified as indie rock band. 

Let's see how long Music Commander will defend his throne 

Park Shin Hye cameos in SBS's Entertainer without script.

SBS TV drama Entertainer 딴따라  had some interesting faces to preview for the audience. Actress Park Shin Hye makes her cameo appearance in the drama as Yeo Min Ju's junior in the entertainment field. Chae Jung Ahn who is currently filming the drama as Yeo Min Ju took a selfie shot with Park Shin Hye at the set.

Park has collaborated with the PD Hong Sung Chang who worked with her on an earlier 2009 drama You're Beautiful starring herself, Jang Geun Suk, Jung Yong Hwa from CNBlue and FT Island's Lee Hong Ki. 

Entertainer has now focused the story on Kang Min Hyuk from CNBlue as he plays the talented singer Jo Ha Neul.

Park is currently been signed up for the new drama 'Doctors' starring Kim Rae Won. 

EXO and Super Junior's travel TV attracts 1.3 Million viewers.

Mobile TV Station (Cookat TV) has announced on 26th April that KNTO (Korea National Tourism Organisation) has done collaboration with planned weekly promotional trips web video with record of 1.3 million views. 

The 2016 Spring Tour starts next week (1st May to 14th May) where group members EXO Xiu Min (26), Chen (23) along with Super Junior members Kang In (31) and Ye Sung (31) go on a travel tour without any borders and their managers.

The two SuJu members will head to Gangneung at Gangwon-do on the 29th April. Meanwhile EXO's travel will be scheduled to broadcast from May 2nd to 6th at Cheung Bok. 

Cookat TV said this time they have introduced a selection of local restaurants based on gourmet data which have been accumulated via polls and taste. The members will try out and share their personal experience with the viewers with other entertainment.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Song Joong Ki's new living bachelor pad.

The latest news trend is all about actor Song Joong Ki

After he has enjoyed tremendous fame from the popular drama he starred in, now the media are stalking him to the extent the properties he is intending to buy.

Song is currently staying with his family in a villa at S-Villa at Seorae Village in Seocho. This place has earned its own nickname as Montmartre- a small French area in Banpo-dong at Seocho-gu. Its surrounding area has various French supermarkets, bakeries and shops too.
Now it even has a French International School.

His new home is around 226m² and worth KRW$ 20 million.

S Villa is the 12th generation in which one would live in a luxury villa with the luxurious look and comfortable interiors advantages. The villa does contain stringent security systems, private security guards 24 hours a day and strictly regulate the entry of outsiders. Oh wow!

Now top star Song Joong Ki will be residing with new neighbors such as actress Go Hyun Jung, newly wedded couple Lee Na Young and Won Bin and actress Kim Jung Eun. 

The designed S-Villa rep Im Seok Jin said the interior comes with a minimalist design with no superfluous as a whole. The luxurious finishing and high wall does come with the advantage of access systems from the outside

Joong Ki has done well in purchasing a luxurious new home for himself and family.

CNBLUE's 6th mini album 'Blueming'

On 4th April 2016, South Korean band CNBLUE has released their 6th mini album titled 
'Blueming'- 블루밍. ELLE Korea fashion magazine caught up the band leader and vocal singer Jung Yong Hwa for a photo shoot.

The photo shoot of Jung Yong Hwa has caught much attention from readers and viewers online as it emphasizes on the warm spring sunshine look, unparalleled visual and dandy feeling down with the eyes expression. 

The magazine had a short interview with Jung himself after the photo shoot as it serves as a concept for the new mini album. In the past he had so much things in mind apart from the band. Now he has matured more as a musician. 

The band has recently completed their Asian tour concerts covering 11 countries including Hong Kong, Bangkok and Singapore. Frankly Jung mentioned it was like a mind management getting up to the stage. Now he just wants to sit, relax and have a drink all night. 

God of Comedy- Cha Tae Hyun is back.

South Korea's biggest comedian actor Cha Tae Hyun is getting ready for his upcoming release of movie 'My New Sassy Girl' reprising his original role Geun Woo last 15 years ago.

Cha Tae Hyun was in many big hit movies such as My Sassy Girl (2001), Lovers Concerto (2002), Happy Ero Christmas (2003), Two Guys (2004), My Girl and I (2005), Highway Star (2007), Speedy Scandal (2008), Hello Ghost (2010), The Grand Heist (2012), Slow Video (2014) and in 2015 he filmed My New Sassy Girl.

The actor has a sense of comical feeling and unique character that one can't help but to watch his movies. He has also starred in various dramas such as First Love (1997), Sunflower (1998), Into the Sunlight (1999), Happy Together (1999), First Love of Royal Prince (2004), General Hospital 2 (2008), Jeon Woo-chi (2012) and The Producers (2015).

He rose to stardom when he starred in the biggest film of his life- My Sassy Girl with Jeon Ji Hyun. At that time he was only in his 20's and he's already earning himself a big name. 

When he acted alongside actor Park Jung Hoon in Two Guys movie, he found more comic synergies and has widen his roles in comedy films. 

Cha Tae Hyun was a natural born singer too. He has released 2 albums and even sang for the OST for the movies he has starred in. Speedy Scandal movie has marked another success for him whereby he acted alongside Park Bo Young as her young singe 'father' with a little talented grandson. The movie has earned 8 million viewers after been released in cinemas. In 2015, he was offered the role as Ra Jun Mo in the KBS drama The Producers starring together Gong Hyo Jin and Kim Soo Hyun. He has won awards from the drama.

Cha was already a permanent cast member in the variety show 1 Night 2 Days since Season 3 when Kang Ho Dong, Lee Seung Gi and Eun Ji Won left the show. With the new movie My New Sassy Girl around his belt, this round Geun Woo has left 'the girl' played by Jeon and married his first love played by Victoria Song. The new film promises more laughter and comic relief from the new couple.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Track back the song by Pinnochio- Between Love and Friendship.

This song brings us back to the 90's made famous by the Korean group
Pinnochio-피노키오 .
And the title of the  song is Between Love and Friendship 사랑과우정사이

It was one of the top best songs sung and remake by various newer artists. Not only it has a deep meaning in its lyrics but it has a sweet melody. In my personal opinion, this song makes me very sentimental whenever I listen to it. Love it! Love it! Love it! 

SG Wannabe performed the song when the late member Chae Dong Ha was still around. 

Also, veteran rock singer Kim Kyung Ho and ballad singer Kim Yeon Woo sang a duet in the program I Am A Singer season 2. It is such a powerful song sung with beautiful vocals. 

The song did express the feelings of a person standing in the trouble of linking between friends and lovers in the song.

머리를 쓸어 올리는 너의 모습 
시간은 조금씩 우리를 갈라놓는데
어디서부턴지 무엇 때문인지 
작은 너의 손을 잡기도 난 두려워

어차피 헤어짐을 아는 나에겐 
우리의 만남이 짧아도 미련은 없네
누구도 널 대신할 순 없지만 
아닌건 아닌걸 미련일 뿐

멈추고 싶던 순간들 행복한 기억 
그 무엇과도 바꿀 수가 없던 너를
이젠 나의 눈물과 바꿔야하나 
숨겨온 너의 진심을 알게 됐으니

사랑보다 먼 우정보다는 가까운 
날 보는 너의 그 마음을 이젠 떠나리
내 자신보다 이 세상 그 누구보다 
널 아끼던 내가 미워지네

멈추고 싶던 순간들 행복한 기억 
그 무엇과도 바꿀 수가 없던 너를
이젠 나의 눈물과 바꿔야하나 
숨겨온 너의 진심을 알게 됐으니
연인도 아닌 그렇게 친구도 아닌 
어색한 사이가 싫어져 나는 떠나리

우연보다도 짧았던 우리의 인연 
그 안에서 나는 널 떠나네
사랑보다 먼 우정보다는 가까운 
날 보는 너의 그 마음을 이젠 떠나리
내 자신보다 이 세상 그 누구보다 
널 아끼던 내가 미워지네

정말 애절한 노래가

제 맘과 같아 더욱 느낌이 어필되네요

오늘하루도 여러분들은 잘 지내고 있나요?

Actor Park Bo Geum replies netizens questions.

In the recent April issue, Elle Korea has interviewed the rising hot star Park Bo Geum prior
his opening of Instagram account. 

Netizens have asked if he wishes to go travelling again and where would his honeymoon spot be?,- his answer is Yes he definitely loves to travel whether locally or internationally such as backpacking. When he left for South Africa for the Youth Over Flowers program, he wasn't prepared at all. As to where for honeymoon spot- he spins the question back which good place would be ideal for that event. Mmmm...

Another question popped up when he hosted the Music Bank program, how did he memorize by hard the scripts? Was there a secret to it? He answered he practiced diligently and when he left for South Africa, he kept reading too.

When asked what is his ideal type of woman? Park responded the ideal lady needs to be as comfortable as a friend - good style like his mother!

Having a boyish face but he has hands of a grown up man- how did he look after himself?
Park said these days he has applied a lot of hand cream on his hands! Ha ha! 
Indeed as what fans praised he has an angelic smile.

He has indeed made his name after starring in the tVN's Reply 1988 drama. Remember? He plays the younger version of Lee Seo Jin in Wonderful Days drama. 

There were many more questions posted by Netizens to the actor who has answered most of them. Good on him! 

All photos courtesy from Elle Korea.

The Top 3 King Sukjong roles in Korean dramas.

This round ELLE Korea magazine has picked some of the hottest King role- Sukjong in the Joseon dynasty. 'I am the King'

3rd Spot:
The most ever played by a charismatic, King Sukjong which cannot be refuted in the currently airing SBS drama 'Jackpot' starring Yeo Jin Gu, Jang Geun Suk and Choi Min Soo. Sukjong is determined to have Bok Soon (played by Yoon Jin Seo) who was later promoted to Consort Choi when she gave birth to a male heir. 

Choi Min Soo as King Sukjong has that manly subtle expressions, his strong eyes gaze and deep voice does give the shiver to the opponents. Every scene Sukjong has appeared is rather overwhelming.

2nd Spot: 

Actor Ji Jin Hee who plays Sukjong in the 50 episode drama Dong Yi is rather different than Choi Min Soo. His role is susceptible warm and friendly. When dealing with servants and politics affair, he is clever but still a scary monarch.

His romantic adventure with Dong Yi played by Han Hyo Joo satisfies all the fantasy of the court maids in the palace. His undying love for Choi Sukbin in the drama remains till the end when he believes her for what she has sacrificed to protect herself and Queen Inhyun.

1st Spot:
Uprising star Yoo Ah In plays as one of the youngest version of King Sukjong in the drama Jang Ok Jung played by Kim Tae Hee. Young Sukjong has to endure loneliness and sadness on the throne. With a boyish face, he appears to be tough, it is revealed that he dearly loved Consort Jang (Jang Hee Bin) but she became evil later on so he had to put her to death. In this drama, 

Sukjong shows his love and concern more on Jang Ok Jung than Consort Choi who turns out to be slightly cunning than the other vesions.

The young version Sukjong by Yoo Ah In is rather sexy and charming. 

What are your thoughts? Who played the best King Sukjong in this sageuk drama?

Be Who You Are in conjunction with Women's Day.

Actress Kim Soo Hyun (32) or better known as her English name- Claudia Kim has one motto in her life- "I have a healthy body and mind and positive mental relaxation so I can overcome anything."

She is currently starring in the drama 'Monster' with Kang Ji Hwan and Sang Yu Ri. She doesn't feel the fatigue while filming as she is doing what she likes to do. Thanks to her complete diet, enough beauty sleep she is able to withstand the long hours of filming. Working abroad did gain her confidence as well. She was in the Hollywood movie- The Avengers: Age of Ultron. She felt comfortable standing in front of the cameras.

With her outstanding height, Kim was a former model and still she is. Her face graces the South Korean beauty booths and magazines since she is selected as Asia's Bobbi Brown's cosmetics main model.

When asked what is the main factory to beauty of a woman?
She responded it's all about confidence that is a main factor to beauty of a woman.

The power of make-up - suitable colors does boost up the confidence and appearance of a woman. Also being in a foreign country, she mentioned that she fears the make up is ruined by the sweat from the heat. 

It's difficult to project that Claudia is already 32 but she doesn't look like one.

Her piece of advice to women out there- be strong, think positive in order to be healthy.

For actress Gong Hyun Joo (age 33), she isn't afraid when it comes to facing difficulties. While filming the reality program show 'Real Man' on MBC station, it was hard work.
Between army life and celebrity status, she has shown great effort. She does exercise regularly via aerobics and always on the spontaneous side. She even appeared in the series 'Law of the Jungle' and felt better than ever.

Gong has starred in several dramas such as Hotel King (2014), Dummy Mommy (2012), You're My Destiny (2008),Golden Bride (2007) and All In (2003)
She is quite a timeless actress that hasn't aged at all.

Her motto by Audrey Hepburn- "Nothing is impossible, the word self says I’m possible'.

Even when it's impossible, there's inner harbor means that the meaning itself possible.

Cha Tae Hyun's new sassy girl Victoria in China.

The movie 'My New Sassy Girl'- 엽기적인 그녀 2 (directed by PD Jo Geun Sik) started its opening premiere on 19th April in Beijing, China.

Victoria Song f(X) and Cha Tae Hyun in 2016's My New Sassy Girl
Group f(X)'s leader Victoria Song including actor Cha Tae Hyun (40) and Japanese actress Mina Fujii (28) attended the premiere. 

Following the sequel to the original version My Sassy Girl in 2001 (directed by PD Kwak Jae Yong) - the sassy girl played by Jeon Ji Hyun received some shock and disappeared. Reprising the original role Geun Woo played by Cha Tae Hyun finds himself a new girl played by Victoria Song who happens to be his first love in China. 

Jeon Ji Hyun and Cha Tae Hyun in 2001's My Sassy Girl movie
My New Sassy Girl movie is expected to screen in Korean cinemas from May 5th.

And as we can see Cha Tae Hyun's image has remained almost the same from his younger days to now. He hasn't aged much and stays pretty about the same except more matured.

Song Joong Ki to appear in Chinese version Running Man.

According to Blossom Entertainment agency, they have mentioned actor Song Joong Ki will be making his appearance in the Chinese version Running Man in China. 
It has been confirmed that Song will be participate in the Korea-China joint-venture performing arts for the episode 'Hurry Up Brother'- 奔跑吧兄弟. The filming has already taken place in Yongsan, Seoul.

In October 2014, the first broadcast of Hurry Up Brothers ratings have exceeded 5% through the 'Dream Audience' in China and has established as one of the performing arts show in the country.

SBS and China's Zhejiang Television has collaborated together to co-produce the Chinese version of Running Man. Prior to SBS's announcement of filming Hurry Up Brother, the Season 4 crew have arrived in Seoul on 18th April and have already started filming everywhere.

The shooting location took place in Gyeonggi-do featuring Chinese artists Deng Chao, Wong Cho Lam, Li-Chen, Chen He, Zheng Kai, Luhan and Angelababy.

Season 4 members from the original Korean version of Running Man- emcee Yoo Jae Suk, Ji Suk Jin, Kim Jong Kook, Haha, Gary, Lee Kwang Soo and Song Ji Hyo played a game together with the Chinese team. With Song Joong Ki appearing for this special episode, news were all over the place with excitement whether one can catch a glimpse of the handsome actor. However Song's appearance will be featured in the Chinese version and no original RM members are in it.

SBS does not intend to promote anything on the drama Descendants of the Sun because it was aired through KBS station. SBS also has rejected the proposal of organizing this show.
Ironically Song Joong Ki was one of the original cast member in Running Man program. It was planned for him to return to the program after he finishes his military services last year. Previous PD Im Hyung Taek of the RM invited Song since now he looks at the overall of Chinese version Running Man.

Now that Song will be appearing in Hurry Up Brother, it will be a stepping stone for the actor to promote more in China from his big fame from Descendants of the Sun. It is expected to receive great response from fans and viewers for our dear Captain Yoo appearing in a variety program for the first time.

Jo Ji Hoon, Ga In taking action on malicious rumors.

Fashion model/actor Jo Ji Hoon (34) and Brown Eyed Girls' Ga In (29) are taking legal action against the malicious rumors on them.

On 20th April, Jo Ji Hoon's agent KeyEast Entertainment rep has clarified that the unfounded rumors information on their privacy regarding some illicit photos. Despite coming out to confirm that it is untrue but still it was circulating wildly through the Net.

Not long ago, on SNS and Internet - the illicit sexual photos were reproduced and circulating around. Netizens purposely mentioned that it was the actor and the singer sparking controversy with the media and reports went on further. There were confirmation these were not them and there was no security in those magazines publishing the history of the entire rumor. 

Ga In's agent Mystic Entertainment also thinks the same to take the legal action.
Both Ga In and Jo Ji Hoon were in a long term relationship since they were seniors-juniors in the entertainment industry. Jo even appeared in Ga In's music video "Fxxx U" in 2014.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Lee Jun Ki sends his regards to earthquake victims in Japan.

Actor Lee Jun Ki is devastated to hear the recent earthquake which hit Kumamoto region in Japan. On 19th April, the actor has personally written in his blog stating he is concerned with the victims of the earthquake and people have lost their loved ones especially in the area of Kumamoto. He sends his condolences to the earthquake victims families. 

Lee has personally written the message on his blog in Japanese language.

He also mentioned he has just recently met his fans and people in Japan. He hopes to return back to Japan soon to see them smile and be happy again. 

Japan news have mentioned that since the earthquake hit Kumamoto, about 47 people were killed. The casualties and damages continue to increase.

We pray for all the safety and peace in Japan region. 

SHINee's Minho debuts in his first film- Gyechoon Grandma.

Group member SHINee's Choi Min Ho (25) finally debuts as an actor in his first film entitled Gyechoon Hael Mang 계춘할망

Min Ho has taken up the role a childhood friend who has a crush on Hye Ji (played by Kim Go Eun). Hye Ji is considered a trouble teenager and one day she is reunited with her grandmother Gye Choon (played by veteran actress Yoo Yoon Jung) in Jeju island.
Grandma Gye Choon works as a diver- hanyeo in Jeju.

The movie is directed by PD Chang and is scheduled to screen on local cinemas on 19th May 2016.

For those who remember who Kim Go Eun- she starred in the webtoon drama Cheese in the Trap with actors Park Hae Jin and Seo Kang Jun. 

Jang Hyun Seung finally leaves idol group BEAST.

Member Jang Hyun Seung (27) has decided to withdraw all his activities and leaving the idol group Beast. According to the agency CUBE Entertainment, Jang has already mentioned his thoughts of leaving the group due to irreconcilable differences within the members.

It has been said Jang has not shown his sincerity while performing on stage and has been missing for more than 2 months. 

The embroiled saga continues during the fan meeting session in Taiwan. 

The remaining 5 members Yoon Do Joon, Lee Ki Kwang, Yang Yoseob, Yong Jun Hyung and Son Dong Woon will continue on with the group activities preparing for the launch of new album within the nation.

They have been with the company for 7 years since their debut with a common goal to succeed in the music industry. It wasn't an easy road to success for the members. As for the future, we wish them all the best and good luck in whatever they do.

And to the Beast fans- please continue show your love and support for them. 
We also wish all the best to Jang Hyun Seung too.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Song Joong Ki explains why women are into Yoo Shi Jin.

Did actor Song Joong Ki expect such a day would come to his life? He has turned into a Hallyu star overnight after starring in the high popularity SBS drama Descendants of the Sun and his role as Captain Yoo Shi Jin who has wavered many women hearts out there.

 The drama has scored 40% in ratings in South Korea and also gained so much attention in China and Thailand. The new era has just begun. However the actor  remains very humble and pointed out that actress Song Hae Gyo is the real Hallyu star since she debuted earlier and is his senior in the acting industry. 

Joong Ki pointed out he is merely enjoying the popularity for the time-being and he is trying hard to work it all out. Rumors mentioned that his best friend Lee Kwang Soo (31) was part of the success of the drama since he made a cameo appearance. The two men signed up with Running Man variety program in 2010 and made a name from there. Song has even earned a nickname as 'Soccer Joong Ki' but due to conflict of filming schedules, he had to leave the program and concentrate on his other dramas. Further on, Song and Lee were acting together in the popular drama 'Mr. Nice Guy' in 2012 and that showed their deep friendship.

As for Song in his character Captain Yoo in the drama is like a revived 'phoenix' from the ashes. His character has returned from the dead. It was difficult to pull through that scene as every time he comes back alive like a sniper. The script was well written and the cast did their best to portray the characters- a melo-drama as we speak has reached its climax especially in Episode 15.

Song has debuted as an actor 9 years ago. What does he think when he looks back into his rookie years? Nowadays the actor is keen to experience and try out new projects in order to achieve his goal. He's in the midst of choosing new work scope. 

Meanwhile Song has been appointed as the 'new face' for Jeju-Air. Previously Jeju-Airlines have chosen the 2 famous Hallyu stars Lee Min Ho and Kim Soo Hyun for their models.

What does Descendants of the Sun mean to Song? 
He has a desire in playing this role from the start. Before filming, he told the manager and drama reps to make it well together. He knew there were high expectations from the producers and stakeholders. He was very careful in delivering the role and it was a satisfying result. The role Yoo Shi Jin has been portrayed well to capture the audience. 

Working together with Song Hae Gyo was a big advantage. He addresses her as Hae Gyo noona (sister) and he often looked on how his seniors work and learns from them. She was very caring towards her juniors and a memorable experience working alongside.
Nothing more than that...folks! Ha ha!

Yoo Shi Jin- is he a typical dude or a hero? 
Many of his married friends have popped that question. Song mentioned he has been acting for a while and he would agree saying Yoo Shi Jin is just any typical bloke. Heroes are quite a burden to be named but still he's a nice guy. Ha ha! Song pointed out the reason why many women out there adore and swoon over Yoo Shi Jin. He listens and sacrifices a lot for his love. Shi Jin is such a perfect man that every woman desire. Song has learned a lot from that role.

Most memorable moment?
Song said that the locations shot for the drama was breathtaking. The drama was entirely pre-production last year and he met Lee Kwang Soo couple of times at home. He has seen through these years for the filming of dramas. When he saw the reaction of it, he was curious to see the media's response. 

Future plans? Song would want a cooler role or something thrilling as he crawls into the age of 30s. He reckons that type of role would fit him better as he matured further one.

'It's not over yet'- the caption from Captain Yoo Shi Jin- spoken by actor Song Joong Ki.
The highly rated drama Descendants of the Sun has made its finale last week after 16 episodes on SBS channel. 

But this week on 20th and 21st April, the TV station will be screening its special 3-part special on the drama. It will be epilogues, making of the drama, behind the scenes where viewers can see some of the best scenes filmed. 

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Actor Lee Jung Jin leaves JYP Entertainment.

Actor Lee Jung Jin (38) left his agent JYP Entertainment after been signed with them for the past 3 years. 

The actor has established his own new entertainment agency that will concentrate and support rookie and upcoming new actors. 

Lee Jung Jin has continued the activities JTBC programs, appeared in tvN' SNL Korea as a host and so on. Soon he has begin shooting for the film "Come back to Busan port'.

Lee is also a keen photographer and has held photo exhibitions in Seoul.