Thursday, April 30, 2015

Hong Jong Hyun in the new movie 'Enemies in Law' with Jin Se Yeon

The new movie 'Enemies in Law 2 - 위험한 상견례2 starring flower boy Hong Jong Hyun, Jin Se Yeon, Kim Eung Soo, Park Eun Hye has its movie premiere at Seoul Lotte Cinema in Konkuk University groudns.

The movie plot is about the opposed marriage and preventing the youngest daughter of a police family from tying the knot with thief's son.
It is bound to be comical and light hearted romantic movie.
The movie opens on the 29th.

Jeon Do Yeon and Kim Nam Gil at movie premiere 'Tough'

On the 23rd April, actress Jeon Do Yeon appeared together with her cast member Kim Nam Gil for the opening movie of 'TOUGH*-무뢰한 ' at Apgujeong Seoul CGV. Both were present for photo session.

The movie is about a woman who suffered from hard work and been falsely accused for a criminal and the detective is played by Kim Nam Gil. 
The movie is scheduled to release in cinemas on 27th May.

Though Jeon Do Yeon is not as famous or being a Hallyu star as her fellow juniors, they still do look up to her since she was the first Korean woman to win the Best Actress award at the Cannes Film Festival in 2007 for the film Secret Sunshine. She was given the honour to become a member of the jury in the Cannes Film Festival 2014. Jeon has done more films than dramas. Her last drama she did was a cameo apperance as herself in the SBS drama On Air (as Lee Bum Soo's friend and actress)

Tears from Kim Jun Su after 10 years on stage...

사랑해 이 길 함께 가는 그대. 굳이 고된 나를 택한 그대여. 
가끔 바람이 불 때만 저 먼 풍경을 바라봐. 올라온 만큼 아름다운 우리 길'
<2012 6=""> '오르막길' 중

The path of love that we have been together, and deliberately chosen me...
Sometimes when the wind blows from a distance at a landscape 
It was as beautiful as the road we have walked through...
(Picked from veteran singer Yoon Jong Shin from year 2012- title: 오르막길)

For the past 6 years, it was a steep
 path for the group JYJ as Jun Su laughs it out.
Although he has been successful in musical but there're things that still lingers in his heart.
In 2004, he debut in the group TVXQ- one of the most successful boybands in Asia while appearing alot on TV. Along with fellow member Kim Jae Joong and Park Yoo Chun, Junsu left the company and formed the trio group JYJ (The first initials of their names)
However the three left the previous agency and encountered many difficulties including being shut off from broadcasting stations, music banks and fans had a hard time to listen to their new albums.

Even in that situation, JYJ managed to reach to their loyal fans via Internet, media while taking opportunities in several dramas, movies and musicals. As a result even their songs they sang for OST were not been promoted. On April 30th, Jun Su appeared in EBS program called 'Space Empathy' where last March he released his new solo album- Flower including some songs from OST and musicals he has performed in. He felt the pain when he first appeared on the broadcast with 150 people in the audience were moved watching him so tearful.

He sang the songs from his past musical 'Mozart' in emotional tone and the audience brimmed with tears. When he performed on stage around the world, it brings him one step closer to the audience. It was indeed a difficult road for him...
After 10 years and it has been a long time where now the public is able to listen to Junsu again on live broadcast. Phew... I am happy for him. :) 

For one thing...I feel Junsu looks like a peppermint candyfloss with his hair color...I guess this new hair color is for his upcoming musical Death Note as Detective L.
Remember? He used to dye it bright red for the musical Dracula.

Byun Yoo Han's Ex-Girlfriends' Club drama.

Fellow actors and actresses from Jang Eun Ji, Song Ji Hyo, Byun Yoo Han, Lee Yoon Ji and Ryu Hwa Young appeared at a day press conference on 30th April for their upcoming tVN drama entitled "Ex-girlfriend's club"- 구여친클럽

Ex-girlfriend's club drama is about he famous webtoon writer- Bang Myung Soo (played by Byun Yoo Han) and his past relationships with 4 ladies. When one of his ex-girlfriend Kim Soo Jin (played by Song Ji Hyo) who is a PD accepted a project, she was horrified to know it was based on the real life story of her and Myung Soo. With all new filming starts rolling, out of nowhere Myung Soo starts finding his ex-girlfriends are all coming back into his life!

This is going to be a light hearted romantic comedy drama and once again we get to see Byun Yoo Han in the small screen after the success in tvN's previous work- Misaeng where he was featured as the nosy colleague along with Im Si Wan and Kang So Ra.

The first episode of Ex-girlfriend's club will start to air on 8th May 2015.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Bluebird House Lee Joon Hyuk displays emotion and eyes expression

Bluebird House drama actor Lee Joon Hyuk has displayed an array of fine emotions and expressions through his eyes which has drawn the inner growth of his character Kim Ji Wan.
Viewers were drawn to his emotions and his portray for the role Kim Ji Wan.

He is now known as the KBS2TV's Bluebird House 'Mr.Nice Guy' since Kim Ji Wan is very thoughtful man, respectful towards elders and very calm. Though he goes into his bedroom filled with confusion or anger, he hardly shows it in front of his family members.
Lee Joon Hyuk who plays as Kim Ji Wan is a straight, calm, hard working young man with nice personality. He is sincere at work and even at home. He does all the hard work alone, bottles down any problem he encounters and doesn't blame others. He is pretty careful in what he does and because of this, at times it's quite frustrating to know if he is on par or not.

The fact that Ji Wan has delivered many stories than anyone else in the drama through his eyes and expression. The loving affectionate eyes when he looks at his sibling Eun Soo, the well mannered fella in front of his elders and the respectful caring colleague at the company.
When he is in anguished with mixed feelings, one could see through his eyes and facial expression that he is quite unusual and troubled. 

Lee Joon Hyuk has finely tuned his acting skills and polished the surface to get the viewers' attention. His character he portrayed is whereby he finds the deepest darkest family secrets, building a wide relationship in the working life and keeping the unhappiness to himself. He has done it so well to fit this role as Kim Ji Wan - the strong headed, patient and hero of this drama. 

Bluebird House ia story of the great love of the mother beyond the blood relation, the parents and children struggling to find work in reality including five generations. 
It is aired every Saturday and Sunday night at 19:55pm. 

** Photo courtesy from TenAsia Hankyung **

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Sensory Couple's Park Yoo Chun's eating gallore from cup ramen to chic skewers.

Let's start exploring the life of Choi Mu Gak (the character played by Park Yoo Chun) in the drama Sensory Couple. I bet Yoochun has to go over and over the scenes of eating in this drama. Poor him... haha! 

Mu Gak's appetite is enormous in every meal. His digestion burns faster than anyone else. The episode ratings for Sensory Couple is slowly climbing from the first episode at 6.1% but now it has climbed to 8.5% according to AGB Nielsen. Fans were enticed at Mu Gak's ways of eating since he is a detective trying to find out his sister's killer. 

To everyone's first impression of Mu Gak, they will think he's such a glutton but he has lost his taste palette and doesn't feel any pain. Mu Gak just literally swallows everything into his mouth (making me cringe coz Yoochun is adorable!) but it does attract many attention due to his eating ways and appetite. Nom..nom...nom! 

No#1. Eating cups of ramyeo, chicken skewers with coffee
Mu Gak being an undercover for the homicide division ate 5 cups of instant noodles, chicken skewers and finishing off with cups of coffee at the convenience store. Oh my dear lord! 

No#2. Venting anger at the Chinese restaurant
Once again Mu Gak dished down fried rice at the Chinese restaurant with 4 bowls of Jjambong noodles. Even where's no black bean noodles (jajjang myeon) to eat, he opts for the sweet sour pork dish (tang su yuk) Geez...he does love his food!

No#3. Cho Rim's side dishes (banchan)- are you a Pork belly style?
While grilling the pork belly at the BBQ grill, Mu Gak was pissed off and started venting at
Cho Rim (played by Shin Se Kyung) throwing the tongs away. Mu Gak's lips were smeared with the fatty oil from the pork belly grilled causing embarassment - it was a cute scene!

No#4. Sushi Eating Style
Mu Gak's sushi eating has gone nuts...the plates of sushi were going higher than their seating height. Even the boss of the sushi house was shocked and the empty bowls kept stacking higher after the refills. Thinking he doesn't have any taste buds, lots of wasabi was whipped into the salmon sushi. However it was a reverse when we see 'burn' fire!' on Mu Gak's eyes after he ate the sushi with wasabi. 

No#5. Fried chicken and beer eating 
It was a gag comedy seeing Mu Gak devouring Korean's fried chicken with beer. It seems to be a very popular meal among young people. 

No#6. The sexy sounds of Mu Gak eating Tteokpoki 
The fried spicy rice cakes (Tteokpoki) kiss scene is one of a favorite among fans. Mu Gak starts eating the spicy rice cakes and finally tasting the flavour. Even as a nerd with the eating sounds of 'jeop...jeop jeop' sounds sexy... haha! 

Sensory Couple is currently airing on Weds-Thursday night at 10.00pm on SBS

Kim Yoon Seo the villainess → Naive lady in jTBC's My Love- Eun Dong

Actress Kim Yoon Seo has been taking most roles as the villain in her dramas she has acted. This round she has taken up the new role in jtBC's new weekend drama entitled My Love- Eun Dong - 사랑하는 은동아

She is set to transform from her usual villain roles to a naive sweet character in the new drama. The recent long weekend family drama The Legendary Witch, Kim has acted as the 2nd sister Ma Joo Hee who pines for her senior Nam Woo Seok's (played by Ha Suk Jin) love. However when he doesn't reciprocate her feelings, she was filled with rage and jealousy upon knowing he is in love with her ex-sister in law, Soo In (played by Han Ji Hye)
And she was also the villain in You're the Best Lee Soon Shin drama starring IU and Jo Jong Suk

In this new jtBC drama My Love- Eun Dong, she plays as a neurosurgeon Baek Hyeon Ah. This round Kim Yoon Seo cut off her long hair to a short bop to emphasize a softer and more feminine image. Storyline is about a love relationship on a man-woman for 20 years and still lingering around.  

Jo Jin Mo and Kim Sa Rang will lead the drama along with fellow actress Kim Yuri, Kim Tae Hoon, Baek Seong Hyun and Yoon So Hee. The drama will broadcast around in July 2015. 

SBS new variety "Some Man Some Women 썸남썸녀" survives

After Roommate Season 2 has ended and left a vacancy slot on Tuesday nights, it was up to SBS to fill the spot. So they replaced it with the new variety program- 썸남썸녀 (literally translated as "Some Man, Some Woman") On the 29th April, the ratings based on Nielsen Korea recorded the new program hit 4.3% whereby it won a bit by 1.1% compared to the final episode of Roommate 2. 

At the same time, KBS2 TV channel was also airing their own show entitled - The Purpose of Our Neighborhood 우리동네 예체능'과. MBC's PD Notebook recorded 3.2% in ratings.

So it looks like Some Man Some Woman took the first spot rank for ratings among the 3 broadcasting stations. 썸남썸녀 is a reality program unpaired 10 celebrities- consulting with each other and process of finding mates for each other. Kim Jeong Nan (44), Seon Woo Sun (40), Chae Jung Ahn (38), Shim Hyeong Tak (37), Chae Yeon (37), Kim Ji Hoon (34), Kang Gyun Seong (34), Lee Soo Gyeong (33), Seo In Young (31) and Yoon So Yi (30) will be making their appearance in this new show.

In the first episode of this variety show, it is sharing an honest conversation, meeting up among new members, checking out which team they belong to and find the road of love for each other. 

In the recent press conference, the PD Jang Seok Jin was mainly responsible for directing the program- The Old Program 이전 프로그램인 took over the new slot and replaced it with Seom Nam Seom Nyeo. Good luck to the new show! 

** Photo courtesy from NEWSIS Website  ** 

Moon Soo Ri, Kim Woobin and Ryu Deok Hwan guests for Jeonju International Film Festival

Jeonju International Film Festival organizers have unveiled the invited guests on the 28th April for the upcoming 16th Jeonju International Film Festival opening ceremony.

On the 30th from 6.00pm onwards is the opening ceremony at Jeonju Stadium, actress Moon Soo Ri is to participate in the International Competition Jury and Director Invitation, including model/actor Kim Woo Bin, actors Ryu Deok-hwan, Lee Jung Hyun, child actress Kim Sae Ron, including Kim Hyang Gi will grace the red carpet event.

Opening ceremony will take place whereby SHINHWAH member Kim Dong Wan and announcer Im Seong Min will be the emcees for the event.

Opening Ceremony tickets are available and booking at the Jeonju International Film Festival website ( and day tickets at Jeep Lounge box office.

The 16th Jeonju International Film Festival is coming next month. 

Monday, April 27, 2015

INFINITE's Kim Sung Gyu's solo album in May 2015.

INFINITE's leader Kim Sung Gyu's new album '27' has Nell's Kim Jong Wan participating in it. After 3 years, the group's leader Kim Sung Gyu has made a come back with his solo album entitled '27' unveiling the new image and song tracks.

The album '27' is starting piece of majestic synth sounds and foreign vocals collaboration with Nell's Kim Jong Wan producing the album. This album is highly anticipated by INFINITE fans. Meanwhile this is not the first time for Kim Jong Wan to be producing album for he has done some projects before for singer BOA, Park Ji Yoon and Younha. Kim Jong Wan and Kim Sung Gyu are like senior-junior relationship in the music industry. Sung Gyu listens to his senior's advice and always looked up on his idol NELL group. So this new solo album is a a rapport between the two of them.

INFINITE has been busy holding concerts in Japan. In the beginning of May will be the beginning of Sung Gyu's solo album promotion and activities.

Cute pose from Kyung Soo Jin with Lee Jun Hyuk for Bluebird House

Everyone's waiting for the loveline for the family drama 'Bluebird House' which was crowned the best highest rating dramas for the weekend prime slot. Among all the audience is taken back with Kyung Soo Jin's adorable pose and she even posed with fellow actor Lee Jun Hyuk during rest time.

In the drama Young Joo (played by Kyung Soo Jin) is an aspiring drama script writer and she is Eun Soo's best friend (played by Chae Soo Bin). Eun Soo is the younger sister who is totally not blood related to the main lead Kim Ji Wan (played by Lee Jun Hyuk). At first Young Joo was a school teacher but she resigned to pursue her dreams. With Ji Wan's encouragement, slowly she started to work in broadcasting stations and even start to fall for her friend's brother! 

The photos published by the film set aroused laughters whereby Kyung Soo Jin posed adorably pining for Lee Jun Hyuk's attention as to in the characters they play in the drama. 

Ji Wan is unaware of Young Joo's affections for him since he is working hard in his new job. However tension starts to rise when Ji Wan's team leader Min Ji appears to a love rival for Young Joo in the recent episode.

Young Joo runs into trouble, the first person she ever thinks is Ji Wan. So she called him up for help. Ji Wan wasn't sure of the place and Min Ji knows the address so she went with him. When Young Joo discovers Ji Wan arrives with Min Ji, she looked rather disappointed and sad.

Kyung Soo Jin mentions that she hopes "Young Joo will find her dreams and true love. And hopefully Ji Wan oppa will realize her feelings for him too". Kekeke! 

Furthermore the drama is climbing to its peak when Ji Wan finds out Eun Soo is secretly dating the CEO's son Jang Hyeon Do (played by Lee Sang Yub) in the company. To complicate further Hyeon Do and Eun Soo are actually half siblings. 

Movie Salut d'Amour starring EXO Chanyeol and Han Ji Min tops 100 million.

Movie director Kim Jye Gyu must be smiling from ear to ear after his movie Salut d'Amour- 장수상회 tops the 10 million mark. The movie starring actress Han Ji Min, veteran actors Park Geun Hyung, Yoon Yoo Jung, Cho Jin Woong, EXO's member Park Chan Yeol and Moon Ga Young

The local movie even toppled off Hollywood's movie Fast and Furious 7 in the cinemas and despite the much long awaited blockbuster movie Avengers 2 was screened in the cinemas worldwide, the audience who went to watch Salut d'Amour surpassed 100 million. How interesting is that...

Salut d'Amour - 장수상회 is about Sung Chil (played by Park Geun Hyung) is a grumpy 70-year-old lonely man. He is a part-timer at the local supermarket. Jang Soo (played by Cho Jin Woong) is a CEO supermarket and president of the city's redevelopment project. He has been desperately trying to obtain Sung Chil's signature (delaying the entire redevelopment project), but the old man is super stubborn. Hee meets his new neighbor Geum Nim (played by Yoon Yoo Jung), an elderly woman who is a florist. When he tries to pursue Geum Nim, her only daughter Min Jung (played by Han Ji Min) is against the relationship. 

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Announcer Park Sang Do public apology to JYJ's Junsu

SBS Announcer, Park Sang Do publicly apologized to JYJ's member Kim Jun Su for his rude remarks on the 2015 Goyang International Flower Festival. Park further announced there was no excuse for him to comment rudely on Jun Su. In addition he said that he will support Jun Su's future activities.

On the 23rd of April, Kim Jun Su did a favour for his father since he was from that hometown to make a special appearance on stage. It was an unexpected arrangement and nobody knew Junsu was coming to perform. Jun Su performed the song he sang in the famous musical 'Dracula' entitled- Loving You Keeps Me Alive. After the short performance Jun Su had to leave the place due to his schedules. Park harshly commented that Jun Su left without saying goodbye with three VIPs still sitting around. He even criticized saying it's indeed expensive to hire a Hallyu star. So next year they will need to allocate budget in order to hire him to sing another three songs. 

Through Twitter, Junsu lashed out angrily that the announcer did not only critic him but was also disrepectful towards his fans. The announcer wasn't setting a good example and was also a nuisance. C-Jes Entertainment who is JYJ's agency defended the singer and said Jun Su has every right to vent his anger on SNS since Park being the announcer was the main problem. Therefore it was necessary for Park to make the apology. 

Once again Junsu took it to Twitter for his fans by mentioning though the result is no doubt disappointing but he has decided to let the matter rest. No grudges were held and that's it.
Poor fella...he must have felt embarassed when the MC said something behind his back and indirectly telling his fans to be good otherwise he won't come back and sing. 

Kim Dong Wan, Im Seong Min will open the Jeonju International Film Festival

Shinhwa group member, Kim Dong Wan and announcer/actor Im Seong Min will officiate the opening of the 16th Jeonju International Film Festival. 

In 2005, Kim Dong Wan was the official ambassador while in 2003, Im Seong Min was the moderator for the closing of the 2003 Jeonju International Film Festival.
The opening ceremony of the film festival will be held at 7.00pm on 30th July at Jeonju Stadium. 

 ** Photos are courtesy from Newsis website **

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Group EXO changed due to Tao's injury.

SM Ent. official has stood out to explain further on EXO member Tao's father leave some remarks and comments on Weibo site. SM Entertainment mentioned that they are in the process of discussing further with Tao's father regards to his son's activities in China. 

Unfortunately after Tao's father explosive comments posted in Weibo, the spotlight is back on SM Ent. again. 

SM Ent. is seeking to discuss properly with Tao's father since as a parent he is worried on the well being of his son. He knows Tao loves being part of the group EXO and cares a lot for his activities while making a tough decision to allow him to participate in the entertainment industry in South Korea. Tao's father has lashed out on his remarks that if his son continues to suffer from ill health, it'd be better to bring him back to China.

Having to chose between fame-idol status and health, as a parent he would definitely prefer to have his son back for good. It has been barely 3 years Tao debut as part of EXO group in South Korea and he's already suffered injuries to his body. Tao's father expresses his main concern for his son's health. If this continues, his father sort of hinted that rather to have Tao withdraw from all EXO's activities to recuperate in China.

Last February, EXO suffered an ankle injury while filming Idol Championships. Not long after rehabilitation, he returned with EXO's group activities on MNet Countdown in April for their comeback stage performance and his injury has not improved. SM Ent. dismissed all strange rumours that Tao is leaving the group. 

Tao himself has taken into Instagram account that he will never leave the group and to ask the fans to believe in him. 

Fly to the Sky's Hwanhee contributes to Orange Marmalade OST

Fly to the Sky's Hwanhee has contributed to the first track song of the upcoming drama 'Orange Marmalade' OST

The song's title is 아프다 (In Pain).His participation to the OST has captured many netizens' attention. 

The song will be aired together with the first episode scheduled on 15th May 2015 with the leading casts Yeo Jin Goo (I Miss You, Moon Embraces Sun), CN Blue guitarist Lee Jong Hyun (Gentleman's Dignity) and AOA's Seolhyun. The OST has been recorded 3 weeks in advance before the premiere of the drama.

Hwanhee is known to contribute to many popular dramas OST such as Beethoven Virus OST- 내 사람, Fashion 70's OST- 가슴 아파도, Road No.1 OST- 바람이 되어서라도, Padam Padam OST- 가지마 and Over the Rainbow OST- Tomorrow serenading all fans and women out there with his low husky voice. He has been receiving many great response from netizens and music lovers. Recently Hwanhee and member Brian sang for the OST- "Years Apart" for the movie No Tears for the Dead starring Hallyu star Jang Dong Gun and Kim Min Hee.

He is known as Korea's best R&B vocalist has previously released single hits and been nicknamed as OST Ballad King whereby his unique voice combining with his expressions in singing has captured everyone's attention. Recently the first teaser of the drama shows the tears and heartbreak of actor Yeo Jin Goo and everyone is anticipating the OST to blend well with it. 

I definitely can't wait to watch this drama since Hwanhee has contributed to it. *swoons*

Park Shi Hoo stars in movie 'After Love' with Yoon Eun Hye.

Actor Park Shi Hoo (aged 32) is to return to the screen in the 2nd half of this year with the movie 'After Love- 사랑후애(愛)' - directed by PD Eoh Il Seon. 

After finishing the drama Cheongdamdong Alice in 2013, Park Shi Hoo was in the spotlight of the big scandal of him and an underaged woman. He was embroiled in the sexual case and ever since then he has ceased from the entertainment industry for 2 years.

This is the first time he will be appearing on the big screen opposite actress Yoon Eun Hye. They have just finished filming the movie few days ago and it will be released soon to the public in cinemas. 

The storyplot is about a man who is living a dream of getting to know how much he loved his wife after her death. In 2012, Park has starred in the movie 'I am a Killer' and this is the second time of him collaborating in a film alongside Yoon Eun Hye.

Director Eoh has undertaken a few movies before such as 사이에서 (year 2012) and Plastic Tree 플라스틱 트리 (year 2003)

                ** Pics courtesy from Newsis website. ** 

BEAST to hold its first ever fan meeting in China

Korean idol group, BEAST is finally holding their fan meeting in China after debuting 6 years ago in the music industry. On 22nd April, BEAST's management agency CUBE Entertainment has advised on the 25th April, the group will be expanding their doors to the first ever official fan meeting in Shanghai and a open stage for the fans.

The group has not visited much in China so it'd be a good chance and opportunity for the boys to proceed with a proper formal fan meeting to interact with the public.

Approximately 4000 seats were allocated for the event and the group will perform for around 90 minutes. This showcase will be colorfully decorated with their hit songs all over the years.
Early January this year the group has completed their fan meeting in Bangkok attracting 4000 fans and completed the tour in March.

CUBE Ent. has announced that they are going to expand to Chinese-speaking countries so the first fan meeting will be held in Shanghai for now. In addition to that, they will be having open large fan meetings in Japan cities such as  Yokohama, Osaka, Nagoya, and Fukuoka.
Each members are currently busy with their individual schedules. 

Member Jang Hyun Sung is debuting as solo singer in May while leader Yoon Do Joon is currently shooting the popular drama Let's Eat Season 2- 식샤를 합시다2

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

JTBC's new drama 'Mom is Watching' holds its press conference

On the 21st April in the afternoon, jtbc channel held its press conference for the upcoming variety show 'Mom is Watching- 엄마가 보고 있다'.

The drama casts include CN Blue drummer Kang Min Hyuk, comedian Yoon Se Yoon, actress Yvonne, Won Gi Jun, Hwang Suk Jung, Yeom Dong Heon...etc.
This will be a high stage entertainment program whereby it features the observation of a mother and child in their daily lives while sharing their own frustration including process of overcoming their problems. 

The first episode will be aired on 25th April 2015. 

The Avengers: Age of Ultron holds its press conference in Seoul.

On the 17th April 2015 at Yeuido, Hollywood actors all arrived in full force for the press conference at a hotel for the upcoming blockbuster- The Avengers: Age of Ultron.

On the 16th April, Hollywood actors such as Robert Downey Jr, Chris Evans, Mark Ruffalo, director Joss Weedon including Korean actress Kim Soo Hyun (Claudia Kim) were present at the Seoul Incheon International Airport. 

The Hollywood actors expresed their liking and love for South Korea and what they have in common with the country. In 2004 when Robert Downey Jr. shot the movie Iron Man. He started to realize the reality is a dream. He also mentioned the fans in South Korea are passionate and he appreciates them. He also praised that Korean foods are delicious.

He pointed out that Chris Evans who plays as Captain America who has filmed together for The Avengers 2 purposely picked South Korea as a filming spot as they wanted to come around to see the country. Chris Evans commented that from the day he arrived at airport he felt very welcomed and comfortable as his own home. He felt very satisfied and working at ease in Korea as well. 

It was a first time visit for actor Mark Ruffalo in South Korea. He praised that the city of Seoul is very nice and good. He mentioned for the first time he learned 'hanguk galbi' (korean ribs) after all he's been eating them for so long and they even toasted away with glasses of beer. 

Also the actors were all spotted wearing a yellow ribbon as a memory to remember the lost lives for the tragic Sewol Ferry that happened last year. 

                           ** Pictures courtesy from OhMyNews website  ** 

Monday, April 20, 2015

High reaction and anticipation on KBS drama Producers 프로듀사.

Before even the new KBS drama 'Producers'0 프로듀사 is scheduled to air on the TV screen, it has already been gaining explosive reaction and response from the public. 

On 20th April, via the SNS (Social Network Sites), the drama's teasers and ongoing images were posted everywhere and went viral on Twitter and Facebook sites. 

A KBS official has confirmed this upcoming drama has been receiving great support and response from the public. 

The trailer of the drama previews the strong headed characters of Hallyu star Kim Soo Hyun, actor Cha Tae Hyun, actress Gong Hyo Jin and singer IU boarded the bus ride. The story takes place in a KBS broadcasting station where Kim Soo Hyun plays as a rookie PD. 

Cha Tae Hyun and Gong Hyo Jin were veteran PDs who directed the famous variety shows 1 Night 2 Days and Music Bank shows.

IU plays as the rising singer Cindy in this drama. 

The new drama is slotted to air in the month of May on every Friday and Saturday at 9.15pm. Tune in to watch this new exciting drama! 

Lee Jun Ki confirmed for MBC"s new drama - A Nightwalk Scholar

The entire cast for the new MBC sageuk drama has been confirmed. The leads are none other than actor Lee Jun Ki, Kim So Eun, Lee Yoo Bi and TVXQ's Max Chang Min. First of all I must applaud for Jun Ki is very suitable to play roles in costume period dramas. He has done it so well in Iljimae followed by Arang and the Magistrate. He nailed it off in Joseon Gunman last year. Now he has confirmed to return to the small screen with the new titled drama 'The Nightwalk Scholar- 밤을 걷는 선비'.  On the 18th April 2015, the entire casts attended the first reading script session. The actors and actresses seem to be comfortable with one another and it was a friendly atmosphere. 

Based from the popular manga (cartoon) themed series- The Nightwalk Scholar is about a mysterious gentleman who ventured into the book trade. With his handsome appearance he has captured the attention of the rich man's daughter. The drama is set during the time of Joseon dynasty and the story unfolds the mysterious story of the vampire scholar's romance with the leading lady. 

Lee Jun Ki plays the role of the vampire scholar Kim Sung Yeol where he often hides his grief and love to himself. And by coincidence and fate, Lee Yoo Bi's character meets the night scholar. Chang Min plays the role as the Crown Prince while Kim So Eun's is one of the yangban's family daughter. 

Lee Yoo Bi has taken a bit of spotlight ever since she appeared in Mr. Nice Guy as Song Joong Ki's sickly sister to the nosy fan-craze reporter in Pinnochio alongside Park Shin Hye and Lee Jong Suk. I seriously have doubts in Chang Min's acting skills as it was so poor that I never bother watching any of his dramas. I hope he has brushed off his acting this time in order NOT to drag down the entire cast. 

The Nightwalk Scholar, The Moon Embraces the Sun and Empress Ki are dramas co-directed by PD Lee Sung Joon. The scriptwriter Jang Hyeon Ju has written the famous drama Coffee Prince. The first episode is scheduled to air in the month of July 2015.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Kim Woobin's handwritten letter to Sewol Ferry tragedy fan

Actor Kim Woo Bin has once again showed the public of his warm and kind hearted pose.
He has handwritten and send a letter to one of the tragic sunken Sewol Ferry victim's family member. Awww....

Woo Bin's agency SIDUS HQ official mentioned on the 15th April, he wanted to do something to his fans and friends. So he personally requested that for his fans, he will sacrifice the time to do something for them. The tragic sad news about the sunken ferry made him think alot of his friends. 

Woobin has personally written a letter to the victim's friends and it was photographed and posted up in social network. The written letter is shown as per below... 

'To the beautiful XXX (name)'
Yesterday I (Oppa) just came back from a fan meeting in China and thanks to you. 
I wonder if the place is more beautiful to where you've been to? Next time when we do meet up, will make sure we will take many photos for good memories. Until then, please do support me well. I will be carrying out lots of projects and work for XXX (name) to see. I am grateful and thankful towards my fans. Meantime I amsorry as well. Let's meet up soon. 

Signed by Woo Bin dated 13/04/2015 

The personal handwritte letter ends with a heart sign... *how sweet* 

Meanwhile Kim Woo Bin's new movie "Twenty" released in nationwide cinemas is enjoying massive success with 2.77 million people watching the movie - a box office movie for South Korean fans.  

EXO's Suho challenges himself in the movie "Glory Day- 글로리데이"

Idol group EXO's leader Suho has confirmed to appear and act in the independent movie entitled "Glory Day- 글로리데이". One of SM Entertainment officials has confirmed that the idol leader wil challenge himself for acting skills in this new movie.

Other EXO members such as D.O and Chan Yeol have tried their hands on acting in various dramas and movies. So this round Suho will start his first ever movie in the industry. For EXO fans, you might noticed that Suho has made his first guest appearance in the drama 'President and I' with label mate Girls' Generation Yoona and veteran actor Lee Bum Soo. 

He was a typical eye candy cameo in the episode whereby the President's 2nd little daughter Na Ra adores him while he was playing piano in the church. 

The movie 'Glory Day' is about a 19 year old bunch of friends - directed by Director Choi Jeong Yeol famous for his movies such as "Nagging- 잔소리" and "Self camera- 셀푸카메라".

The movie is expected to start rolling on May 2015.  Good luck to Suho! 

Running Man Epi 242 Global Missions (Jung Il Woo, Jung Yonghwa & Lee Hong Ki)

Running Man decides to use some of their fans favourite games for the new mission for the cast this round. Within 2 hours of posting up for ideas, they received 2000 emails with tons of suggestions from fans all over the world including US, Australia, Europe, Taiwan, Algeria, UAE...etc. The guests featured are Hallyu stars - actor Jung Il Woo, CN Blue leader Jung Yong Hwa and FT Island Lee Hong Ki. These stars seem to be more popular in overseas with their acting and singing. First mission is 3 vs 7 people. Tiger Kook leads the 3 man team by choosing Kwang Soo and Jung Il Woo. But Il Woo doesn't seem to look happy with his slow reaction for his first time in a variety show. Yong Hwa thought he would be picked but the rest settled in with Jae Suk. First mission is from Nilla in Singapore entitled 'What time is it, Mr. Wolf?''s a favourite childhood game where the wolf stands right front and the rest are lambs. The lambs asked the wolf  the time and he is to spit out  between 1 to 8 o'clock. The times are the steps the lambs need to step forward towards the wolf. The closer the lambs get towards the wolf, they can rip off the tag. BUT! Mr. Wolf has an advantage by saying it's meal time and he turns across to rip off any of the lamb's tags before they get out from the muddy water. The rest freaked out when Kookie easily rip off Big Nose Brother's tag. The rest scattered away like lost scary lambs from the water. LOL! 

Jae Suk angrily pointed out Yong Hwa and Hong Ki shortened their steps as they inched closer towards Kook afraid they will be oust. Gary pretends to play dumb as he stood the furthest of all the lamb team. However with Yong Hwa's sprint and quick run took over Mr. Wolf's pace so the lambs win the first race. Jong Kook can't play the next mission since he completed the first one. 2nd mission is World Tour at C-cafe at Gimpo. Jae Suk starts reading all numerous fans suggestion of games scaring the hell out of the casts such as falling from 3-4 meters height, climbing a slippery bamboo tree. The casts pointed out they are not superheroes with powers or Spider Man. Il Woo picks the red paper mission suggested by Indonesia/Malaysian fan- it's about 2 members tie a pencil around the waist strapped to the back. The first to place the pencil into a bottle and lift it up wins the game. 

Il Woo won over Hong Ki but lost to Jae Suk. He has to win over 4 members from the other team. He won easily over Suk Jin on the third round. Jae Suk gave Il Woo a nickname- Now Glad, Now Sad.  It was Yong Hwa's turn as it turned out to be his 12th time in RM and Ha Ha said he won more times than Suk Jin. Looks like Il Woo's pilates experience helped in this game. Kookie's team wins the bottle fishing game so they get to choose the next mission which is Zombie Game suggested by a fan in USA. Il Woo gets to play as the blind fold zombie as he tries to bite and eliminate the 7 members standing on the blue mat within 2 minutes time frame. Haha and Yonghwa were the first to be eliminated in the zombie. game.

Water Gun Kill Game starts off with Hong Ki lost to Il Woo. However when it comes to Ji Hyo's turn, she ends up spraying the water at Il Woo's face and teeth. LOL! Then when it comes to Suk Jin's turn as expected Il Woo sprayed the water gun easily to his face. However the pot lid from the table flew and hit against Jae Suk causing him to cringe. Kookie's team won the World Tour mission. They get a hint word- WORLD. 

Final mission at night at Taehyeon KBS center where Team Seven is rushing around the building to find the English letters to spell out Running Man- it's 3 vs 7 Bell Hide and Seek Game. Il Woo begins to feel happy that they are the chasing team with bells. Il Woo and Kook ripped off Yong 
Hwa and Gary's name tags in a blink of an eye. Suk Jin found letter-m while Jae Suk frantically found letter-M. Il Woo begins to feel tired after all the running. He stops for a gulp of water when he heard a sound from the corner. It was Jae Suk who avoided him so he didn't see him. However it was bad luck for Ji Ji Hyo who hid behind the stairs. Kwang Soo

praised Il Woo for his unstoppable act and scarier laugh. Suk Jin tries to betray Jae Suk but found out he's been abandoned by his team. Kwang Soo felt hopeless as he aimlessly walked around without contributing anything. Tiger Kook found Jae Suk hiding after running towards the sound of the bell instead! How silly of him! Meanwhile Haha found another letter N at the wardrobe but bumped into Kook.

And it turns out Hong Ki is the remaining last member of his team to survive when the restwere eliminated. He starts cracking his brain to find the rest of the alphabets.After finding another N-alphabet he forms the word GNA and starts thinking of female singer G.Na! LOL! Useless Giraffe is freaked out again upon seeing his own team mates. Finally Kwang Soo bumped into Hong Ki and done his bit. Hunter bell team wins the final mission. 

Jae Suk thanked the guests for playing in this global fan games and thanked RM fans for all their wonderful games and ideas. Everyone gets to sign off on the camera screen with gold pens. Cool! It was Jung Il Woo's first variety show and he won it. Good on him! 

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Fly to the Sky's Brian explains on the rumours going between his male friends.

On the 11th April 2015, during the broadcast of Quiz Change the World 세바퀴, Brian Joo was selected in a poll for a celebrity meeting the most male friends of all time. MC Shin Dong Yub pointed out news has reported that Brian has met and dated the most male friends in life and apparently he has dated 4 men! 

So Dong Yub reminded them that actor/restaurant owner Hong Seok Chun is apparently also on the waiting list for Brian. The whole studio broke into laughter! Ha ha! 
FYI- Hong Seok Chun is known for his attraction to young single guys since he isn't straight and very open about his sexuality. 

Brian who is part of R&B duo Fly to the Sky has been hearing the constant rumors about him dating with his fellow member singer, Hwanhee. In the past it was joy but it created a rift between the duo. Because the two were living in the same dorm with some skinship, more misunderstandings and rumors surfaced up. In order to stop the speculation of the two drifting apart, Hwanhee has to show everyone that they were not in that situation. 

The men involved around Brian is singer/actor Seo In Guk then followed by Super Junior's Choi Siwon. Siwon happened to visit Brian's place quite often with people snapping photos of him entering in and out. The photos were then uploaded on social network with headlines stating Siwon with women scandal and created more misunderstandings. The scandal surrounding him along with Hwanhee, Seo In Guk and Siwon created such a perfect and friendly atmosphere where guests were admiring for his courage to bring up this matter.

Hwanhee has always been considered the 'man' and Brian being the feminine one as the 'wife'. Previously when the two released the 2nd album 'Sea of Love' due to visa problems and Brian's father trying to drag him back to US, Hwanhee has to promote the album all by himself. When the two met, they told themselves that they should never be apart again. More weird and never-ending rumours about the two were always posted on sites and by media.   

Brian has mentioned before as a close buddy, he loved Hwanhee to death...(as in bromance) since they debut in 1999 and started from scratch to where they are right now. Hwanhee also pointed out in Hidden Singer- without one or another, there won't be Fly to the Sky. Though Brian does his silly acts and showing his affection openly for Hwanhee in concerts but fans adore it... 

Strange captions and photos were shown on SNS during a recent music award ceremony whereby Hwanhee was walking front and tried to get a bottle of water from Brian who was behind. But the image was somehow captured as if the two of them were holding hands together. 

Both have mentioned over and over there is nothing going on between them apart from being very close friend and family for the past 15 years. 
In my opinion, the rumours will continue as it was in the past years until one of them eventually gets married and have kids. So long as the two men are still single, there will be no end to it. Anyway all I could say to 브라이언 and 환희, 

            플라이 투 더 스카이... 우리에게 아름다운 음악을 가져 주셔서 감사해요... 
                                  그리고 사랑한다...화아띵!