Tuesday, June 30, 2015

JYJ Exhibition Fan week in August

On the 30th June, JYJ's agency C-Jes Entertainment has explained that there will be '2015 JYJ Membership Week' held in the Museum within Seoul from August 17 to 30th, located in Jongno-gu, Seoul.

The exhibition will feature various images of the eJYJ members.  There will be photographs of that time together including drama filming of the members, behind the concert, album cuts. 

The remaining JYJ members  Park Yoo Chun and Kim Jun Su will be holding the meet up on August 25 at Jamsil Indoor Stadium. Currently Kim Jae Joong is serving in the army forces.

This exhibition will be the 2nd time as the last one was held in 2012 where the members celebrate their fourth year together after splitting up from DBSK group. The first meeting held at the time was the largest single event whereby foreigners tallied up to 7024 people. For three consecutive years almost 20,000 fans attended this event. 

On the other hand, Yoo Chun is holding his Sensory Couple drama fan meeting in Japan while Jun Su is rehearsing for his musical Death Note. 

For those in Seoul, this will be your opportunity to see Junsu on stage again after his last musical Dracula. And fans in Japan, it'd be your chance to see Yoochun for the last time before he is enlisted for army in August. 

Monday, June 29, 2015

Lee Hyun Woo's new film Northern Limit Line- battle of Yeonpyeong.

The Second battle of Yeonpyeong- directed by Kim Hak Sun has been released in the cinema gathered massive audience of more than 200,000. The cumulative attendance is 1,656,701 people. Sales of the day 'clash' was KRW$1.61108 billion. Screening at the same time in cinemas were second place- Top Secret Investigation followed by US's Jurassic World. This film- Northern Limit Line is focussed in the Yellow Sea along with North Koreans armed forces fighting in the vicinity of six people were killed and 19 people were injured at the Yeonpyeong island. 

Starring Kim Mu Yeol as Commander Yoon Young Ha, Lee Hyun Woo as Corporal Park Dong Hyuk and Jin Goo playing as Sergeant Han Sang Guk. It looks like child actor Lee Hyun Woo has broken away from his boyish and child actor image. He is all grown up and has been starring in many big films. In his early days he was already recognised as a cute child actor. Famous for his roles such as young Harry in the drama Lobbyist, Cha Dol Yi in The Return of Iljimae, young general Kim Yushin in Queen Seondeok sageuk drama, Hong Chan Do in God of Study and young Kim Seon Woo in Man from Equator

His breakthrough came when he starred in the two big films- Secretly Greatly with Kim Soo Hyun and Park Ki Woong as the youngest secret agent in North Korean. Then he played as the computer hacker expert Jong Bae in the interesting film The Technicians with Kim Woo Bin and Go Chang Suk. 

He was the main model in IU's music video. He has also appeared in several variety programs such as Running Man, Happy Together, Hwashin, Strong Heart and Invicible Youth Season 2. This year Lee Hyun Woo is back in this new film Northern Line Limit and a cameo appearance as a young Crown Prince in the MBC drama Scholar who Walks at Night. 

We do look forward for his young actor's drama and films in the future.
Best of luck to him! 

First Impression of The Time We Were Not In Love drama.

This popular Taiwanese drama remake In Time With You - I must say it started out with a unique opening. Oh Hana played by Ha Ji Won is cute as ever even though she is a Team Leader in the Marketing Dept under Tandy Shoes group, she has never failed to amuse me. Her friend for 17 years Choi Won played by Lee Jin Wook is handsome as ever and he is a air-steward.
Being best friends for so many years, he has kept telling himself he will never fall for Hana. One day she gets ditched by her boyfriend who married another designer of shoes in the same co. She vents her frustration in front of Won. He takes revenge for her by hitting the groom on the wedding day. Though she was mad at Won, she can't help to but thank him for making her feel better. Their houses are side by side and during young days, they used to go to school together (it's a co-ed school) and she used to bully him too. Thing have changed a lot since they are now grown adults and venturing into own career.

Hana thinks Won is cold and mean towards his juniors at work. However a junior stewardess So Eun seems to take an instant liking towards Won. From 'sunbae' (Senior), So Eun starts calling him Oppa after a meal together. It's clearly shown So Eun is interested in Won but he keeps a poker face in front of others. Hana then gets a new sales intern in the dept.- Gi Seung Jae played by INFINITE's L @ Myungsoo. Oh my god...he's bloody adorable! If I was Hana, I'd instantly fall for his chirpy dude...he's helpful, caring and takes good care of her. The other dept. women envied Hana who has a new young handsome intern while he follows
her around at work and even helped her in the branch sales. Won tells her this young boy must be good at social skills. Hana's parents are worried for her social life and invited Won over to spend more time with her. However the two were just like best buddies hanging around each other. She gets a bit annoyed when she thinks Won is dating his junior colleague. He then tells her her heart is wavering because Seung Jae calls her Noona (Sister) after working hours. She gets confused because he is younger than him 8 years and she can't imagine dating a 'dongsaeng'. Nothing is impossible... mmm... Anyway, if I were Hana, I can't decide which one. Hana keeps missing out on the timing of going out or meeting with Won...that's the reason why the two cannot date or fall in love with each other.

Hana's shoes are always pretty...since she works in Tandy shoes store...the blink sparky heels are gorgeous for party-goers. Even her dressing style at work are stylish and outgoing with her personality. As for Won, he's simple and yet he does have the aura which attracts the women to him. Oh what can I say from Seung Jae...he's an eye candy. His smirk and eye expression says it all... phwoaar.... I'm doomed if I ever stand that close to him... 
Anyway I can't wait to see more of these drama...it'd be very interesting to see how it progress with Hana and a younger man while Won settles with his junior at work. 

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Song Joong Ki's out from duty and back into Descendants of the Sun.

Pretty boy actor Song Joong Ki is out from his compulsory military services. So the flower boy actor is finally back to the small screen and aren't we all happy to greet him back to the entertainment world? Before even he's been released from army, writer Kim Sook Eun has already casted Joong Ki as the main lead for the upcoming drama Descendants of the Sun starring A-list actress Song Hae Gyo including supporting roles from Jin Goo, Kim Ji Won, Kang Shin Il, Seo Jung Yeon, Lee Seong Jun, Hyeon Ju Ni...etc.

As far as we looked back in those years, Joong Ki has come a long way to where he was. He was a former athelete in short
speed skating but after injuring himself he had to quit. His small roles started from films such as Frozen Flower, The Case of Itaewon Homicide including dramas Triple, Take Care of Young Lady and Will It Snow for Christmas? When he was casted in Sungkyunkwan Scandal as the playboy Gu Yong Ha...his popularity just exploded all over the place. Not only he gained lots of advertisements, he also won several drama awards. He played the younger version of King Sejong in Tree with deep Roots. Then he was casted again for main lead in Innocent Man with Moon Chae Won and Park Shi Yeon.

Joong Ki also starred in the movie Penny Pinchers with Han Ye Seul and Shin Soo Yul. His biggest film he has done was Wolf Boy along with actress Park Bo Young where it was his very last role playing as a teen or a boyish character. He hosted Music Bank for a year with Seo Hye Rim. He was also in Dream Team Season 2 for a while. Joong Ki was a permanent cast member in the variety program Running Man with the other members. However he quit the show when he was concentrating more on acting career. As always he was considered the most pretty looking cast member and even the brainy one in RM. Even Gary get petty and jealous when Ji Hyo is match up with Joong Ki several times. Well who wouldn't be? I mean look at this guy...he hasn't aged much even after 2 years in army- in fact he's quite buffed up after been released. He has one of the best skin complexion for men out there...  no wonder TonyMoly skincare signed him in as their main model. 

In real life, Joong Ki is close friends with actor Lee Kwang Soo and also Jo In Sung. He has mentioned before they went to each others' homes and Lee even visited Song at the army. These two actors bicker non stop as if they are the next Shin Hyung Jun and Jung Jun Ho. The two are same-aged friends except you might wonder why Joong Ki went to army later than Kwang Soo because our dear Giraffe went in earlier before his debut. The two besties have even appeared in Kim Jong Kook's Music video- 남자가 다 그렇지 뭐.

As a budding actor, Song Joong Ki remains the top favorite actor and most wanted man to
be dated in the voting polls. He has even won over female celebrities' hearts. Girl groups SISTAR especially Bora and Girl's Day members are huge fans of Joong Ki. They squealed in happiness the girls spoke to him personally on the phone. Even singer BoA was beaming away when actor Son Hyun Joo called Joong Ki so she could speak to him. Everyone admitted he's very friendly and down to earth person. Singer Younha expressed her happiness in SNS that she is very excited he's out from army. 2011 Miss Korea's Jung Sora admitted in public and in variety shows that she wants to marry him, while leaving him a personal video message calling him hubby- causing audience the studio in shock and laughters. 
(Well who wouldn't want him as a hubby? I would!)

Anyway I am excited and happy that we have gained another actor back into the industry after all I do miss him for 2 years. He was my bias when he starred in SKK Scandal. 

So let's wait for his new drama with Song Hae Gyo... ^_^

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Cuteness overload from ZE:A's Park Hyung Sik.

Lately ZE:A's Park Hyung Sik seems to be gaining lots of attention from netizens and media. First he was the baby soldier in MBC's variety show- Real Men and he has displayed an array of humble and weird characters. He is known to be very honest and respectful to his veteran in the industry. Veteran actor Jang Hyuk often praised him and once in an interview, actress Su Ae mentioned she watches Real Men because of Hyungsik. Comedian Sam Hammington always envies Hyungsik for being young, talented, good looking and does well in everything (apart from playing music instruments! Haha!

He's also the 2nd youngest in his boy band after Dong Jun. Fellow member Kwanghee envies him because of his looks and also his influential background since Hyungsik's father is a director in a B-foreign car company. 

And how do we forget his dorky role in The Heirs drama as Kim Woo Bin's buddy? 

Though he was a supporting role as a chaebol's son in this drama- he is super adorable carrying his camera everywhere to snap pictures of campus couple while poking his nose into everyone's business. Meanwhile he still keeps close contact with Kim Woo Bin. 

When he gained a 2nd role in KBS's long weekend drama- What's With The Family? as the the youngest and rebellious unemployed son Cha Dal Bong...his character was loud and sometimes pain in the a** but don't we all love him? He was innocent and petty with jealousy when he sees the girl he like played by Nam Ji Hyun is been wooed by Seo Kang Joon. 

Overall the years we have seen Park Hyungsik has matured so 
much from a boyband idol member to an improved actor. He has shed off his baby looks and innocent idol image to a more professional actor. This year he has been casted for second lead role in the drama High Society playing as a chaebol's son who is only interested in gaining a higher position in his dad's company while ditching all the dirty job to his fellow friend played by Sung Joon. His character Chang Soo is quite honest and opened as he started finding himself liking a poor part-timer girl Ji Yi at his food market mall. I even find the secondary roles in High Society are far more interesting to watch than the lead roles. We could guess easily what's going to fall on UEE and Sung Joon's characters later on but nothing beats the sweet straight relationship between Chang Soo and Ji Yi though it's a doomed love-thing to start with.

Besides that Hyungsik's endorsements on CFs were countless too. He models for Thermos, Nongshim noodles, Beanpole Bike Repair Shop, softdrink McCoL..etc,
He has even starred on the musical stage Bonnie and Clyde with After School's Kahee
For a young idol starlet to a budding actor- I'd really give him thumbs up. So far he has done very well to promote his group apart from his fellow members- Im Si Wan and Kwanghee.

He's one to be look out for this year...let's hope he wins some new star or rookie awards. 

Vocal group- 4Men- member Kim Won Joo to be enlisted in Sept.

One of the most powerful vocal groups- '4MEN' (Kim Won Joo and Shin Yong Jae) will be rounding up their activities- 4MEN Goodbye concert will be held before member Kim Won Joo heads off for compulsory military services.

On 24th June, their agency Vibe Entertainment has  announced that on August 29 to 30th for two days at Songpa-gu, Seoul Olympic Park Olympic Hall will be holding the 4MEN Goodbye concert. Kim Won Joo is due to enlist in September has decided to spend remaining time with his fans before he heads off for 2 years. 

He mentioned for the time being he has recalled memories of the past with 4MEN and has also enjoyed the present moment. He promised to have a meaningful arena.

Kim Won Joo started with his debut in year 2008 with the song 'Baby Baby'. He then worked with three people and ended up with 4Men along with remaining member Shin Yong Jae. Former member Kim Young Jae left the group in early 2014. The group has multiple hit songs specially from drama OST. Shin Yong Jae has contributed his voice to the dramas Secret Garden, President, Faith, All About My Romance and 3 Days OST.

In fact I particularly adored the OST Family Honour sung by the trio group. The group has also sung the OST from Bridal Mask, Bad Guy, Empire of Gold, Gu Family Book and Empress Ki dramas. What more can you ask for their powerful vocals to the hit dramas!
I must say they are one hell of a group who has contributed the most to weekend and weekday dramas! 

Last year Kim Won Joo was actively participating as a musical actor on the main character 'Temperature Control'.

Reservation of the concert tickets will be released on 26th June from Interpark website.

Singers Chae Yeon and Wonder Girls due for come back.

After hiatus of 4 to 5 years, solo female singer Chae Yeon and girl group Wonder Girls will be making their come back to the music industry again. Chae Yeon's new single - Ahn bwa do video (안봐도 비디오) featured more guitar strings and slight rapping. Chae Yeon was popular in the 90s along with singing idols such as Koyote, Lee Hyori, DBSK...etc. 

She was widely known for hit song in 2004 entitled "Two of Us". Everyone knew how to sing and dancing parody to that song. 

As for JYP's first girl group Wonder Girls- there was much hoo-haa over them when they first started with their hit single Tell Me. The girls then progressed further sending swoons among mens' hearts with the single Nobody, So Hot and Be My Baby. There have been switch of members where former members HyunA (who is now in 4Minute group) and Ahn So Hee left the group. As we all

know So Hee has ventured more into acting career now. Member Sunye remains still inactive after she tied the knot and delivered a baby in 2013.

In 2015, it has been annouced the Wonder Girls will come back as a band and not as a girl group. Respective members- Hyerim will be on guitar, Yeh Eun on keyboards, Yoo Bin on drums and Sun Mi will be playing bass. It'd be quite a change to see the girls on full band instead of dressing up in skimpy outfits and dancing to the beat. 
Wonder band...we will see... LOL!

Good luck to the women out there for their 2015 comeback! Fighting! 

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

1 Night 2 Days trip continue with Platonic Friends (Part 2)

After the race to obtain the Chuncheon delicacies of previous mission, it seems Defconn and Cha Tae Hyun's team are on the losing end. The Female Warriors team arrived first at the canoe lake for the next mission- row the canoe in the lake as teams to grab the flags consisting the Chuncheon delicacies. Jun Young quickly grabbed Jong Min and his team to row the canoe straight for the flags. Their rowing team was all over the place contemplating whether what to take. 

Tae Hyun's team quickly moved to row in the lake while grabbing some flags however smarty Park Bo Young noted the spelling of the food on the flags seem wrong. It was a trick and part of the trap whereby if the team brings back incorrect spelling flags, they have to row back again to find the correct spelling flags. Quickly Tae Hyun grabbed the potato cakes and makguksu noodles flag earning them an average lunch. Moon Geun Yeung proves to be very competitive when it comes to food. She was coaching her team how and where to row. Their team scored some kimchi, rice and another spicy dish. Overall Shinji,  Lee Jung Hyun's team were the winner as they won most of the dishes. However a writer of the program managed to catch Kim Jong Min eating a burger secretly with Kim Jun Ho.

So the rest of the casts told the PD to punish them by sending the two back to row in the lake while the rest enjoyed their lunch happily. To everyone's surprise Shinji wasn't that bad, she even kept a bowl of food for her partner. Kim Sook was flabbergasted that she wasn't that loyal towards Jun Ho as she kept nothing for him! Ha ha! Tae hyun laughed when he saw Jun Ho and Jong Min were splashing water at each other with the oars while rowing. The 2 idiots have sort of ended up comical fight in the lake instead of finishing their punishment. After lunch, they are off to their base camp where Geun Yeung was happily strolling along the house. They then rested while the ladies invaded the men's room. They decided to play human zero game. The loser will have to immerse in the water. Bo Young was unlucky since she lost to Kim Sook. So she and Tae Hyun have to go for the blop jump at the lake. The weather was cool and everyone pitied Bo Young since she was sick. Defconn took the punishment from Bo Young and send Tae Hyun flying off into the water on the blop jump.Bo Young felt bad for Tae Hyun and took good care of him while Defconn merely looks like a pig that fell into the water. LOL!

At night, they have to play the bukbolbok dinner game again. Before that all of them played musical chairs and it proved Geun Yeung is so strong in throwing off her opponents. Ju Hyeok was thrown off by Kim Sook from the chair sending everyone laughing away. So the PD told them each team has to sing duet to the songs they have picked. There are some common songs such as Some by Soyu and Jung Gigo, Hawaiian Couple, My Ear's Candy by Baek Ji Young and Tacyeon, That Woman That Man...etc. They have 20 mins to practise with their partners for this special singing contest. Kim Sook and Junho decides to pick the song and turned it funnier than ever. Jun Young and Jun Hyun picked My Ear's Candy despite she mentioned she has never sang the song when she was sober. Tae Hyun and Bo Young selected Hawaiian Couple by Humming Urban Stereo- that song is familiar as it was a ringtone from Kim Sun Ah's phone in Scent of a Woman drama. 

To be honest, Shinji is quite pretty - so is Minah and Bo Young as they are cute. Geun Yeung is not as pretty as it was- at times she is a bit cross-eyed...

Tune in again for Part 3 of the Platonic Friends of 1 Night 2 Days next week! 

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Ha Ji Won, Lee Jin Wook in 17 years... (The Time We Were Not In Love)

SBS station has lined up the latest drama- The Time We Were Not In Love (너를 사랑한 시간) starring big stars such as Ha Ji Won and Lee Jin Wook. The story is written by Jeon Do Yoon, Lee Ha Na and directed by Jo So Won. In fact it is adapted from the original screenplay from a Taiwanese novel In Time With You. 

Storyline is about 17 years of friendship between Oh Ha Na played by Ha and her best pal Choi Won played by Lee. It's a romantic comedy whereby it will be a breathtaking tightrope in relation for these 2 characters. On the 23rd of June during the press conference at Seoul Mokdong SBS station, the PD in charge mentioned since the original drama was well loved and viewed by the audience in Taiwan, they are putting all in for this production as well.

Actress Ha Ji Won already 34 years old is ready to play the honest and dignified career woman Oh Ha Na. Though she has been good friends with Choi Won for so many years it's always a missing gap where the two have never managed to develop any romantic relationship. 

Yoon Gye Sang, Shin Jung Geun, Choo Soo Hyun, Jo Su Hee are part of the drama as well. Also appearing will be INFINITE's L (Myungsoo) playing as Sung Jae in this series.

Ha Ji Won still looks pretty as ever even for her age despite she's the eldest among the main casts. She fits well with any actors playing opposite her. Oh...also the 2nd lead happens to be the same actor playing as Lee Jong Suk's long lost brother in Pinnochio drama. 

Lee Jin Wook looks sleek in his white suit and all of them looked great during the press conference. 

Monday, June 22, 2015

Film 'Assassination' movie briefing at CGV Apgujeong.

On the 22nd June 2015 in the afternoon, there was the movie opening premiere at CGV Apgujeong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul-  'Assassination' with briefing of its main actors Lee Jung Jae, Jeon Ji Hyun, Ha Jung Woo with the directors. 

The movie Assassination is based on the plot of government agent Yeom Seok Jin (Lee) where he got hold of the top sniper Ahn Ok Yun (Jeon) before she was sentenced to death in prison. Unknown to Ahn her fellow comrade Hawaii Pistol (Ha) is been hired by the Japanese to assassinate her. 

The movie is set to be released on 22nd July 2015 nationwide. The director himself Choi Dong Hoon is famous for producing big films such as in 2006 Tazza; The High Rollers gaining 6.85 million viewers, in 2009- Jeon Woo Chi- Taoist Wizard of 6.13 million viewers and in 2012 The Thieves at 12.9 million viewers. He has won many awards for best screenplay and director for The Thives and The Big Swindle. 

This would be Jeon's first film after she shot herself to stardom again in the drama My Love from Another Star earning her a Dae-Sang award in the Baeksang Awards. 

Lee Min Ho personally convey thanks via song on his birthday.

Actor Lee Min Ho (28) personally thanked his fans on his birthday on the 22nd June 2015.
Lee's entertainment company- Star Haus Ent. mentioned that the actor personally conveyed his thanks to his fans through his official fanclub website minoz.co.kr with the message- 고마워요'(Thank you)

The song 'Thank You' is a tribute to all his fans who have supported him and loved him where he is able to stand high as an actor all these 9 years. The first special album 'My Everything is composed and produced by Hwang Chan Hui. Lee marked the note of appreciation to fans in the lyrics, this song is going to be released in sequence to fans around the world.

Lee wrote the lyrics ended up- "In fact I did not know / Since we've met / accepting the love with happiness / Truly and sincere / in thy love / to pay back / and I don't know how to do it. Though I'm lacking / but the promise to wait for me and stay beside me". 

The fact that Lee Min Ho debut in his 20s made it more meaningful from his fans. He wanted to ensure that he has memories with his fans. 

Meanwhile, the actor is set to enter the Asian blockbuster movie 'The Bounty Hunters' when it starts filming. "Bounty Hunters" is a joint film from South Korea, China, Hong Kong, Thailand, the scale of 35 billion won blockbuster action comedy tells the story of water in many Asian cities bounty hunters in the background. 

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Producers end with ratings 17.7% highest of all

KBS short mini series drama Producers end its final episode with viewers' rating more than 17%- the highest of all time. According to audience measurement company Nielsen Korea on the 20th of June, the drama Producers screened its final episode on 21:00 (12 episodes) showed an average audience of 17.7%. on the 15th June the broadcast viewership ratings of 10.1% and overall average was 12.7%. 

Producers is a docu-drama revolving the TV stations and work of a PD. This is also the 2nd work for scriptwriter Park Ji Eun who also wrote the popular hit drama My Love from Another star also starring Kim Soo Hyun. 

And so we see the ending turns out to be quite a happy open ending for the 4 main characters. Joon Mo ends up confessing his true feelings to Ye Jin after 25 years of long friendship. It turns out he was the one following Ye Jin everywhere since they were kids. It wasn't a one sided love for her. The two were happy that they were true to themselves. Ye Jin also found out that Joon Mo was the one who threatens the community and new apartment  area where she was staying to fix the broken street lights. How sweet of him!

As for Seung Chan, he was rejected from his one sided crush of Ye Jin knowing she only treats him as a subordinate. However he still has Cindy who harbours hope on him despite he hasn't given her any answer. Cindy left her agency and marked her new journey on her own after Ye Jin cleared those lies CEO Byun has told the media. Viewers were hoping for at least Seung Chan to have a good ending. It turns out he was chirpy as ever and smiles now to Cindy. So it could be a hint there will be a budding relationship between him and Cindy. As we looked back since the first day Seung Chan started as a rookie PD, it was a journey of ups and downs. We see how juniors were bullied at work, they pull through the night doing editing of the program with captions, casting members into their program, waiting results for viewership ratings to disappointment when it fails...etc. It's a part of life... as what Joon Mo mentioned to Seung Chan- a variety show always end up in ruins, it cannot last forever- the same goes with popularity. Once viewers stop clapping or viewing it means that's EOL (end of life). How true... 

Well I am amazed how the variety program such as Running Man, Infinity Challenge, Happy Together and 1N2D can last for so many years. They are the long standing variety shows that gained so much attention from young to the old viewers. I have to salute the PDs, scriptwriters and staff who have worked hard to bring us these programs. 
Nonetheless Producers have ended with good epilogues and happy days for all...
Apparently there would be a sequel of this PD2- ...we shall see.... 

** Picture courtesy from NEWSIS website. ** 

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Actress Gong Hyo Jin with her string of A-List actors

Have you ever wondered how on earth did actress Gong Hyo Jin end up starring opposite these young handsome actors in the first place? Born on April 4, 1980 the actresses started out smaller roles in the entertainment industry. Her big hit came when she starred opposite Rain (Jung Ji Hoon) in KBS drama Let's Go to School, Sang Doo!. Then she managed to secure main leads in dramas such as Thank You with actor Jang Hyuk, Pasta with actor Lee Sun Kyun and The Greatest Love with Cha Seung Won. Her popularity skyrocketed to another level after Greatest Love and landed herself in The Master's Sun opposite So Ji Sub. In 2014 she played opposite the handsome Jo In Sung in SBS drama It's Okay, That's Love. Then in 2015, she was casted again for a short mini-series KSB drama Producers along with Cha Tae Hyun, Kim Soo Hyun and singer IU. 

Gong Hyo Jin has her fair share in Korean films such as in year 2001- she appeared in Guns and Talks as the persistent student knocking on the door of the 4 gunmen to hire
them. Guns and Talks have one of the best list of actors starting from Shin Hyun Joon, Won Bin, Shin Ha Kyun and Jung Jae Young. In that same year he was also in the film Volcano High starring Jang Hyuk, Shin Min Ah,Kim Soo Ro and Kwon Sang Woo. Her 2nd collaboration with Shin Min Ah is in 2008 film- Sisters on the Road

As for CFs and endorsements, the actress has been consistent model for North Face since 2008. Biotherm has even decided to use her face as endorsement in 2010. She has endorsed in Samsung Digital Plaza, Smoothie King, J.Estina, Uni-Qlo and Hats On. This year CLIO Professional has signed her in as the main cosmetics model alongside with 2NE1's Sandara Park. 

Being an established actress, Gong Hyo Jin has won several awards such as Best Actress, Best Couple, Popularity Award in the MBC's Drama Awards 2011 for her role in The Greatest Love. She won the Popular Star Award in the 33rd Blue Dragon Film Awards for her role in Love Fiction. She did missed out on winning some awards for Master's Sun but she picked up Top Excellence Actress Award and Best Couple Award in It's Okay That's Love in 2014 SBS Drama 

In her personal life, she has dated fellow actor Ryu Seung Bum for nearly 10 years before announcing the breakup in 2012. In early 2014, she was spotted going out with actor Lee Jin Wook (he's known to have gone out with Choi Ji Woo as well) but less than half a year, they splitted up and that was the end of her public relationship with celebs. If you look closely at Gong Hyo Jin- she's a natural beauty whereby she hasn't undergone any plastic surgery.

And come to know of it- her list of co-stars seem to be close or have known each another. Take example Jang Hyuk and Jo In Sung are Cha Tae Hyun's buddies. So Ji Sub and Jo In Sung were both in The Memories of Bali drama. 

From man's best friend to besties in real life...

It's Friday and coming to a nice sunny winter weekend in Melbourne. I've managed to find some photos online and they are quite compelling to me. It has sort of caught my attention and I'm going to recap something about it.

Actor Yoo Yeon Seok posing with a brownie dog at the neighbourhood houses at Jeju-do while filming his current drama "Warm and Cozy". It was a bit slow and childish at the start of the drama. But as we can start to see the plot starts to progress now with the real identity of Baek Geun Woo's biological father's dark past with Hae Shil's late husband. I am starting to give the Hong Sisters scripwriters thumbs up. I find Song Jung Geun and Hae Shil's storyline is rather interesting. I pity Mayor Wook (played by Kim Sung Oh)- he's such a dearie but I do know that he won't end up getting the main girl

This photo shot was uploaded personally by Yeon Seok himself on Instagram. What a cutie dog and himself! Love it!  xoxox....

Following pictures do show that real life celebs do end up being bestfriends for life!

Example comedian/MC Park Myung Soo and MC Yoo Jae Suk are besties for all their life. They have appeared together in tons of variety programs since they were young until they are married with kids. I cannot imagine them living without each other... such a hillarious couple! 

They are in Infinite Challenge, Happy Together and other programs. 
Love them both though Myung Soo is quite a fiery temper fella with a weird character but Jae Suk is the best humble MC I've ever seen in real life.

Another bestie friend couple would be singer Kim Jong Kook and actor Cha Tae Hyun. They have known each other for more than 20 years and their long lasting friendship could be seen in programs. They have appeared so many times in variety programs such as Yoo Hee Yeol's Sketchbook, Kim Jung Eun's Chocolate, Happy Together, Family Outing, Running Man, celebrities' weddings...etc. This year 2015 the two of them have appeared in the same popular KBS drama Producers. I am truly amazed by their friendship as Jong Kook even sang a congratulatory song at Tae Hyun's wedding day. They are also besties with Hong Kyung Min and actor Jang Hyuk

And the final one we would expect is Lee Kwang Soo-Jo In Sung- Song Joong Ki.
The trio are known to be close to each other since their young days. They have even gone travelling together and visiting each other when they were serving in the military. *Sweeet....*
The three of them have acted alongside each other in various dramas and even appearing in variety programs together. Ah....not to forget their other close buddy would be actor Kim Ki Bang who is In Sung and Cha Tae Hyun's bestie too. 

Sometimes I do wonder how many last long friendships with my school friends?...
As far as I know I have a bestie whom I've known since Year 1 (primary school) and till today we are still friends. Though we are not as close as we used to be in high school and college days, however we still keep in touch since we are both in different countries and leading different lifestyle. Though we haven't been travelling together but I still do appreciate those kind of friendships which I've always envied when watching in dramas or real life.

It's harder since I've migrated to another country and I am still looking for besties I wish I could confide in and spend more time with them. Anyway enough whinging from me...
here's to everyone...have a great and happy friendship to whoever close to you. :) 

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Park Bo Young remains humble as per advise from Cha Tae Hyun.

On June 10th, actress Park Bo Young had a sit-down one to one interview at Jongno-gu regarding her upcoming film entitled The Silenced directed by Lee Hae Young and scriptwriter Jeong Nyeon Pil. Until today the actress mentioned there is something she is always thankful and grateful is the advice given by her co-actor Cha Tae Hyun from Speedy Scandal movie. 

The movie itself skyrocketed her fame to a higher level when it drew 8.3 million viewers to become the number one top grosser of 2008 and one of Korean cinema's biggest hit. For that Cha Tae Hyun told her it was purely luck and it was released on the right timing. It wasn't because he or she did so well in the movie. Looking at what he has advised her is to become humble and not to be greedy. For that, she has earned herself Best New Actress awards in the prestigous 45th Baeksang Award, 36th Grandbell Award and 30th Blue Dragon Awards.

Speedy Scandal movie premiere 
From there, her other hit movie 'Wolf Boy' with Song Joong Ki (2012) has established her a spot for her acclaimed acting skills gaining 6.65 million viewers. Lucky girl! Tae Hyun has advised her in future do not think about getting 8.0 over million viewers in movies. Everyone seems to do well in their debut and it was just luck. Do not think of the ratings and how many people are going to watch it. She has always kept that advice close to her heart whenever she does filming. Remain humble as it is...what a great advice from her senior in the entertainment industry. She remains close friends with her seniors and Tae Hyun even names her caller ID in the mobile phone as his 'daughter'. 

Hah! Don't they look alike father-daughter as per in the movie? 

She is busy filming her new drama in tVN network entitled Oh! My Ghost alongside Jo Jeong Suk, Im Ju Hwan and Park Jeong Ah. We wish her all the best in whatever she does in the future! 

Park Bo Young and Jo Jeong Suk in tVN drama- Oh! My Ghost

Cable network tvN is screening its latest drama- Oh! My Ghost starring Park BoYoung as Na Bong Sun and her budding romance with the star chef Kang Sun Woo played by Jo Jeong Suk. 

On the 18th June, by looking at the photos published by the tvN's side the two people shared a story- staring into each other eyes tenderly at the kitchen restaurant kitchen in the background. It has caught many viewer's attention in particular, it seems to resemble each other, smiling look of the two actors they have on-site. This has increased much curiosity among viewers. 

Director Yoo Je Won mentioned there is a particular tension atmosphere among these two actors. In particular, Park Bo Young's sexy charisma that crosses the border with her sly character with enough charm indeed grab the star chef's attention. In the drama the character Na Bong Sun is a shy and quiet chef. She has a one sided crush on the handsome star chef Kang Sun Woo. Sun Woo hasn't got over his relationship from his ex-girlfriend and from nowhere Bong Sun's body has been possessed by a new female ghost played by Kim Seul Gi. This is indeed a romantic comedy from this cable network.

Seems lately Park Bo Young has been very occupied with dramas and films. Ever since she has appeared in hit movies such as Werewolf Boy and Speedy Scandal, her popularity has capulated into another level. She is not only talented in singing but has even appeared in some variety programs to show she is indeed capable to crack up the audience. 

Oh! My Ghost also has co-stars Im Ju Hwan, Park Jeong Ah and Kim Seul Gi. High School King of Savvy drama played by Seo In Guk previously has garnered lots of viewers from the same PD and writer. The coming 3rd of July will be the first broadcast at 8.00pm Friday. It will take over the slot earlier from My Ex-Girlfriend's Club.