Monday, June 1, 2015

Original My Sassy Girl movie vs 2015 New Sassy Girl

The movie My Sassy Girl -엽기적인 그녀 that brought actor Cha Tae Hyun and actress Jeon Ji Hyun successful fame and limelight is indeed a hillarious movie about a college dork- Gyun Woo (played by Cha). Gyun Woo encounters drunk and compulsive female student. Their encounter turns out comical where he ends up taking care of his so-called 'girl' and getting in trouble because of this girl. Their on and off relationship is strange whereby the girl is trying to run away from the fact her late boyfriend's mother tried to set her up with a new man. After all the years of running away and breaking off, the girl finally realizes that the man she is been set up is none other than Gyun Woo! My Sassy Girl was the highest grossed Korean comedy film of all time- millions of tickets sold over 10 weeks in the cinemas. And this wasn't the first time Cha and Jeon worked together- they were also in the 1999 drama Happy Together as a couple along with big stars such as Song Seung Hun, Kim Ha Neul and Lee Byung Hun

Cha Tae Hyun won the Best New Actor in 2001 Blue Dragon Awards and 2002 Golden Cinematography AwardJeon Ji Hyun took home the 2002 Grand Bell Award for Best Actress and both won the Popularity Award. The first ever Korean song I ever heard was sung by Shin Seung Hun entitled 'I Believe' which was covered in many language versions.
And I even learn hours to play the piano score Pachelbel's Canon in D where in the movie Jeon Ji Hyun was playing in the packed auditorium and he ends up giving her a stalk of rose after the performance.

This year 2015, they have released My New Sassy Girl- 엽기적인 두번째 그녀starring Cha Tae Hyun reprising his original role along with f(X)'s Victoria Song
This movie is a new South Korea-Chinese joint production film- sequel to the original film. This round Gyun Woo reunites with his childhood sweetheart in China and even marries her despite all the opposition of both families. But what he doesn't know is the aftermath of the marriage... I can imagine the forlorn look on Gyun Woo's face... the torture... haha!!! 

And to complicate further, Gyun Woo has his colleague- a Japanese girl who is also interested in him. Awww....that's a twist to the story for the first time he is appreciated by two women. Kekekek! Man...Cha Tae Hyun doesn't seem to age at all even he's nearing to 40...he still has that chubby boyish face with more matured look now since he's a real life dad. 

I was feeling excited when Cha Tae Hyun and Kim Soo Hyun are signed up to play in the current hit drama Producers as both have co-starred with actress Jeon Ji Hyun. Even her acting skills and pose hasn't changed much from the movie to dramas... with both men following her behind and she flicks aside her long black hair with confidence. First there's the dorky Gyun Woo and then we have stoney faced Do Min Joon... 
Now how we wish Jeon Ji Hyun would cameo in Producers whereby both male leads will be drawn to..she'd be the sassy girl everyone hopes for... mmm... 

And what I might start to rewind back the original movie seeing the young Gyun Woo with his fateful love... *Grins *

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