Monday, June 29, 2015

First Impression of The Time We Were Not In Love drama.

This popular Taiwanese drama remake In Time With You - I must say it started out with a unique opening. Oh Hana played by Ha Ji Won is cute as ever even though she is a Team Leader in the Marketing Dept under Tandy Shoes group, she has never failed to amuse me. Her friend for 17 years Choi Won played by Lee Jin Wook is handsome as ever and he is a air-steward.
Being best friends for so many years, he has kept telling himself he will never fall for Hana. One day she gets ditched by her boyfriend who married another designer of shoes in the same co. She vents her frustration in front of Won. He takes revenge for her by hitting the groom on the wedding day. Though she was mad at Won, she can't help to but thank him for making her feel better. Their houses are side by side and during young days, they used to go to school together (it's a co-ed school) and she used to bully him too. Thing have changed a lot since they are now grown adults and venturing into own career.

Hana thinks Won is cold and mean towards his juniors at work. However a junior stewardess So Eun seems to take an instant liking towards Won. From 'sunbae' (Senior), So Eun starts calling him Oppa after a meal together. It's clearly shown So Eun is interested in Won but he keeps a poker face in front of others. Hana then gets a new sales intern in the dept.- Gi Seung Jae played by INFINITE's L @ Myungsoo. Oh my god...he's bloody adorable! If I was Hana, I'd instantly fall for his chirpy dude...he's helpful, caring and takes good care of her. The other dept. women envied Hana who has a new young handsome intern while he follows
her around at work and even helped her in the branch sales. Won tells her this young boy must be good at social skills. Hana's parents are worried for her social life and invited Won over to spend more time with her. However the two were just like best buddies hanging around each other. She gets a bit annoyed when she thinks Won is dating his junior colleague. He then tells her her heart is wavering because Seung Jae calls her Noona (Sister) after working hours. She gets confused because he is younger than him 8 years and she can't imagine dating a 'dongsaeng'. Nothing is impossible... mmm... Anyway, if I were Hana, I can't decide which one. Hana keeps missing out on the timing of going out or meeting with Won...that's the reason why the two cannot date or fall in love with each other.

Hana's shoes are always pretty...since she works in Tandy shoes store...the blink sparky heels are gorgeous for party-goers. Even her dressing style at work are stylish and outgoing with her personality. As for Won, he's simple and yet he does have the aura which attracts the women to him. Oh what can I say from Seung Jae...he's an eye candy. His smirk and eye expression says it all... phwoaar.... I'm doomed if I ever stand that close to him... 
Anyway I can't wait to see more of these'd be very interesting to see how it progress with Hana and a younger man while Won settles with his junior at work. 

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