Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Kim Jun Su, Park Eun Tae in The Musical Dorian Gray.

Dorian Gray- The Musical trailer and video has been released online.
This year the Broadway Musical Theater presents Dorian Gray produced by Park Chang Jo which has gathered a lot of interest and attention from musical fans.

On 7th July a.m, C-Jes Entertainment released its first ever clip through Youtube on its short video of what to expect. It has left a very strong aftertaste for viewers. The high expectations of fans keep increasing.

The main lead is via JYJ's Kim Jun Su playing as Dorian Gray, Park Eun Tae as Lord Henry Wotton, Choi Jae Woong as Basil Hallward and Hong So Young as Sibyl Vane. This musical is based on the original novel by Oscar Wilde The Picture of Dorian Gray.

XIA Junsu starring at Dorian Gray in the musical
Dorian Gray is about a young handsome man arriving in London to inherit an estate left for him. He meets Henry Wotton who has bewitched him and asked artist Basil Hallward to paint a portrait of Gray. After looking at the beautiful portrait, Gray pledges that he'd do anything to keep that youth and immortality. This is a highly anticipating musical for Jun Su fans. The portrait of Dorian Gray kept locked but he has changed from time to time. His love for Sibyl changes and after she committed suicide, nothing has ever been fixed.

Gray was basically influenced by Henry who is enthralled by the aristocrat's weird worldview that is beauty and sensual fulfillment are the only things worth pursuing in life
Gray pursues on staying youthful and handsome for all these years while his painting starts to fade and crumpled due to his sins. 

Dorian Gray- The Musical will open in September.

Is it me or the lighting of the photo shot shows Junsu hasn't aged at all since he started off in DBSK? Man...he still maintains that youthful look, no wonder he has been cast as the main lead.

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