Wednesday, July 6, 2016

PD Yoo Ho Jin to leave 1 Night 2 Days?

For the last 5 years, PD Yoo Ho Jin has been leading the KBS Happy Sunday Variety Program 1 Night 2 Days starting from Season 3. Ratings were gloomy at the start with the new casts however quickly it picked up and became very popular again with PD Yoo in the captain seat. Now PD Yoo has decided to leave the seat for someone else.

PD Yoo Ho Jin and PD Yu Il Yong
It started off with the incident when previous MC Kang Ho Dong and cast member Lee Soo Geun were caught up in hidden camera talking about the new PD for 1N2D.
They mentioned that the new PD might serve at the new 7th member for the program. Hah!
At first PD Yoo was meant to be serving as the 7th member but instead he was leading the entire crew for the first time. On 6th July, he sat and had a chat stating it's time to leave, laughing that he doesn't even know what he is doing. 

Yoo mentioned that previously he was just a rattling producer but now he's found the worthy successor PD Yu Il Yong who has suddenly replaced him when he took some time off. Yoo also said he's having some health issues and he's definitely not leaving KBS for another cable channel. He'll continue to guide through 1N2D program. Here's the Q&A session with him.

What's your feeling about leaving 1N2D?
Y: Complicated. Suddenly I lost that rhythm. Together with PD Yu Il Yong, we will just do half-half job where there's a mentor and assistant PD. Il Yong has asked me not to leave immediately but come back and guide. 

Out of sudden, you decided to withdraw from the program due to health issues have certainly raise concerns with company's friction..etc.
Y: Until today I am not married. I have health issues that I don't wish to talk about to the future father in law when I am married. I don't want him to worry and think that I am sick.
Last year I did a health check and I have to be careful on my health. 1N2D program is really good and interesting. For normal people to endure in that difficulty is not something to look aside. 

What are your future plans?
Y: I don't know. Either a new program of 1 Night 2 Days for the next coming 10 years.
I will still continue to learn new things. For now, PD Yu Il Yong and I will work together so it won't be a bad outcome.

What would you like to say to the viewers on the new PD Yu Il Yong?
Y: Il Yong lost 8 kg after joining 1N2D. That seat is quite a burdensome, however please look favorably on him and continue to support his work. And of course he looks better than me. 

So what does the viewers and fans of 1N3D think? 
Two PD Yoo are collaborating on 1N2D and there will be a time the 'tired lobster' Yoo Ho Jin will leave the program. 
For now PD Il Yong is doing just fine as I like his new strategic way of getting the members to do things- like the rap of the mission at Ulleongdo. 

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