Sunday, July 10, 2016

Mirror of the Witch drama exported to 8 countries.

JTBC's latest drama Mirror of the Witch 마녀보감 has sold its copyrights to 8 countries.

The drama written by Yang Hwak Mun and directed by PD Jo Hyun Tak, Shim Na Yeon were exported to eight different countries. 

On 11th July, according to JTBC- Mirror of the Witch was sold to Japan, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Myanmar and Thailand.

There were hot reactions from the foreign audiences when they have seen the preview in various channels. Mirror of the Witch has won first place in America, Europe and around the streaming platforms that services the South Korea drama and entertainment program such as VIKI under the K-Drama drama and fantasy genre category. Korea Drama overall ranked fifth spot.

With the crew, favorable assessment of the completeness and solid quality of CGI along with the unique charm has certainly been a main factor. 

Mirror of the Witch is currently airing in the cable channel. The climax is reaching with main leads Heo Joon (played by Yoon Shi Yoon), Yeon Hui (played by Kim Sae Ron) are faced with the evil shaman Hong Joo (played by Yeom Jung Ah) for the final showdown. 

As for my personal opinion, I think the drama was great the start but slowly it's starting to lose my interest seeing how weak people can be, I didn't expect King Seonjo was a sore loser who listens to the devil after all lessons he has experienced. 

Besides that, I was also hoping at least few good people with magical powers to aid Yeon Hui. But it turns out she is using her own powers to face off with the evil shaman. And the heroes are just running around...haiii.....  sighs... Hats off to actress Yeom Jung Ah as she has played the role so well that everyone hated her to the bones. 
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