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Two Yoo Project: Sugarman brings memories of late Park Yong Ha & Seo Ji Won.

Two Yoo Project: Sugarman 투유 프로젝트 - 슈가맨 hosted by nation's MC Yoo Jae Suk and music composer Yoo Hee Yeol is definitely gaining lots of success and attention.
Since the project started in last August 2015, it has been inviting many various singers and composers for the program. Two teams battle it out in re-making the original songs sung by new guest singers. To revive the glory and success of those original singers with 1 hit, each producer and artist will collaborate to sing the song again.

Each team also has a female emcee featuring Sandara Park from 2NE1 for Jae Suk's team and lyricist Kim Eana for Hee Yeol's team. I particularly love Episode 8 where it was a special episode summoning two 'Sugarman' are have sung beautiful songs but they are no longer with us anymore. The invited guests were female vocalist Lyn (Lee Se Jin) and 
Noel group singers- Jeon Woo Sung and Kang Kyun Sung. Lyn was famous for her singing in various drama OSTs notably Moon Embracing the Sun and My Love from the Star. Noel's hit fame came via the song Propose where they sang it in almost every wedding invitation they received. 

Composer Kim Hyung Seok and late singer Park Yong Ha
Episode 8 featured Hee Yeol's team who is the late actor/singer Park Yong Ha who made fame from the series Winter Sonata, Slingshot Man and On Air. In fact not many people knew the actor has turned singer as well with stage name WHO and he sang the theme song for the popular SBS drama All In starring Lee Byung Hun and Song Hae Gyo in 2003. However he committed suicide in 2010 and left many fans heart broken.

For viewers in their 20s, 30s and 40s, they are familiarize with Park. He was a big Hallyu star in Japan and close friends with actors Seo Ji Sub and Song Seung Hun. Since the original singer is not able to join the program, they played on big screen during his concerts. They even invited the original composer Kim Hyung Seok of the popular theme song 처음 그날처럼 (Just like the first day) for the All In OST. For those who remembered, composer Kim was in the first few seasons of MBC's The Mask King judges. Originally the song was not written for Park however after seeing Park's enthusiasm and even recording the demo- Kim decided to give the song to him.  And this has proven the song was found its way to the rightful singer. Composer Kim still misses Park whenever he sees his face on big screen.  

As for Jae Suk's team his Sugarman was the late Seo Ji Won who sang the beautiful sad
Top: Late singer Seo Ji Won with
composer Jung Jae Hyung
ballad 내 눈물 모아 (Gather My Tears) which had a few remake from various singers. As again it brought back sad memories whereby the singer was only 20 when he passed away, 1 year after he released this beautiful ballad. It was written by composer Jung Jae Hyung. 

They have invited Jung to play the song on the piano and sing the song together with the audience. It has brought many tears to old and young who knew the song and seen the real singer in those years. Till today Jung cries whenever he talks about Seo. He felt that Seo is just so young when he took his own life. He was so boyish looking and fitted into any idol boy band if he was alive today. Jae Suk pointed out the chorus part where it sings My love, I’ll be waiting for you, if my tearful letter reaches heaven.... oh wooh~ I believe you will eventually come back to me, oooooooh... (the highest draggy note) was the most difficult part to sing. In fact it was not sung by Seo as he cannot reach high notes so Jung was the one who sang the high note. However on the program he couldn't reach his own key and everyone laughed at him. Instead they found a fan in the 40s age group who sang so well and gave him a little gift. 

Now it was up to Noel who will sing the remake version of Park Yong Ha's Just like the first day and Lyn to ballad out Seo Ji Won's Gather my Tears in a cheery mood. Lyn's version was lighter with acoustic guitar version compared to Noel's sad and yearning version. Jae Suk's team was leading first with the age group students voting for Lyn's remake. However they were toppled over by the 20s age group who voted Noel's version. Composer Kim commented that even though the teens do not know who Park was and haven't even heard of the song or seen the drama All In, but it was momentous to see the audience still loved and remembered it. Hee Yeol lightly joked that perhaps in heaven, the two late singers might be battling and laughing out who has won the contest. 

Jae Suk said the program sometimes bring lots of emotions and turmoil of die hard fans/viewers on the late singers. When they first invited the two composers they were very hesitant as it stings out sad memories but it was a healing camp for them seeing how much people still remember the songs and their faces.

The vague memory and image of seeing Park Yong Ha singing this beautiful song reminded me how much we missed him all these years. I could still clearly remember his voice, his face and he was my favorite in Winter Sonata. I bought the All In OST because of his song.
As for Seo Ji Won, I have not really heard of him but his song was remake and sung by Fly to the Sky, U-Kiss, TEI and many others in programs which brought tears from the sad lyrics and lovely tune. 

May their souls rest in peace....and we will fondly remember them and their songs... 

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